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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  March 12, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several breaking headlines. the string of bombs left on doorsteps. three separate homes. two dead tonight, one in critical condition. authorities now warning an entire community, do not touch suspicious packages. also tonight, the horrific helicopter crash here in new york city. five dead. the pilot just before the crash. >> mayday, mayday. >> tonight, what we've now learned. the pilot, the only survivor, now suggesting something got caught on the fuel switch. and the video of the passengers just as the chopper took off. the major storm tonight. the third nor'easter in less than two weeks set to hit this evening. 40 million americans from the carolinas to new york city to boston. where the mayor tonight has issued a warning. rob standing by with the new track. president trump and his plan for gun safety.
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after the president said it doesn't make sense you have to wait until 21 to get a handgun, but you can get a weapon like the one used in florida at 18, why don't his plan raise the age? the adult film star and her ultimatum. giving the president until noon tomorrow. the o.j. simpson interview that was never seen. saying what he's about to describe is only hypothetical. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a monday night. and we begin tonight with a string of deadly bombs. police investigating if there is a serial bomber on the loose in austin, texas, tonight. two attacks today. police say a teenager was killed and a woman badly injured when the device went off at their front door. a third blast, daves ago. and while police were at the second scene today, the third went off elsewhere. abc's alex perez leads us off from austin. >> reporter: tonight, austin,
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texas, on edge. investigators scrambling to track down a possible serial bomber. three mysterious explosions in ten days, just miles apart. >> we got two people down, it looks like one in the door entry. >> reporter: 6:44 this morning, a deadly blast. a 17-year-old african-american teen killed, an adult woman injured when they opened a package they discovered on their front porch. neighbors horrified. >> i saw ambulance with my neighbor on a stretcher, so, that was terrifying to me. >> we have a trauma activation. penetrating trauma, head and torso. >> reporter: then, at 11:50, another explosion just three miles away. authorities rushing from the other crime scene. the package device detonating when an elderly hispanic woman handled it. she's critically injured. >> we just heard an explosion and it just felt it, like, move the ground. and that's when we walked out and we saw the smoke and the lady laying on the floor.
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>> reporter: police evacuating the neighborhood, putting small children on pulses, alerting everyone not to touch any suspicious packages. >> we've got a pattern of incidents that have occurred in this community over the past ten days, and so, we believe are related. >> reporter: it's the third bombing since march 2nd. all within this 14-mile radius. the first killing, 39-year-old anthony house. police saying the packages not sent in the mail. they believe they were left on front porches in the middle of the night. >> these devices can explode in many ways, either by being moved or opened. if you see something that's out of place, do not handle it. >> reporter: federal and local authorities searching for surveillance video in these neighborhoods. they have no description of the suspect. >> you have heard something, however trivial you may believe it to be, that may be the piece of information that we need to crack this case. >> alex perez joins us live tonight from the scene of the third bomb. and alex, authorities are not ruling out the possibility of a
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hate crime? >> reporter: that's right. authorities still on the scene here. investigator says a possible hate crime is one of the possibilities on the table right now. two of the victims were black, one of them was hispanic. authorities say at this point, they're not ruling anything out. david? >> alex perez leading us off on a monday night. now, to new reporting this evening after that awful helicopter crash here in new york city. the final images of the five passengers killed, recording their flight just minutes before the tour helicopter went down in the east river. tonight, the pilot, the only survivor, now saying one of the passenger's bag straps or a safety harness tether got caught on the fuel. abc's david kerley is on the scene for us. >> reporter: tonight, new images inside that helicopter flight. smiles all around during takeoff. just minutes later, tragedy. >> zero-lima-hotel, mayday, mayday, mayday. >> zero-lima-hotel, what's the matter? you okay? >> engine failure. >> reporter: the sunset photo and sightseeing tour going down
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in the east river. >> marine 6 does have one diver in the water. >> reporter: the five passengers unable to escape the sinking chopper in icy water. >> it almost looked very surreal. and next thing we know, it's approaching the water, slowly. and then it just completely crashed and then sunk. >> reporter: the lone survivor, the pilot, telling authorities that a tether or part of a passenger's harness snagged one of the fuel levers, shutting it. bleeding the engine of fuel. tethers are used to allow photographers, or in this case, a coast guardsman, to move around a chopper in flight. but the ill-fated flight may have suffered another disaster. it was equipped with floats used for emergency water landings. but as the new york chopper nears the water, the pilot says the right float fails to inflate properly. the helicopter slams to that side. >> if those floats had worked properly, we would have had five people probably still alive. >> reporter: the five passengers in their late 20s and early 30s. among them, a journalist, a firefighter, an argentinian
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tourist and two tour company employees. none of them able to free themselves from the harness system under water. passengers on a similar flight complained about those harnesses. somebody who flew in a sister helicopter last night said it was not easy to get out, when they're on the ground, to get out of their harnesses. >> we will be looking at this helicopter to see whether the harnesses were functioning. >> reporter: liberty helicopters, according to federal authorities, has two incidents, including a 2009 crash with a small plane that killed nine. >> david kerley with us live tonight along the east river here in new york city. and david, you mentioned those harnesses a moment ago. they were difficult to get out of. that the police divers had to cut all the victims free? >> reporter: these are multi-point harnesses come over your shoulders and other parts of your body, that passengers may not have been familiar with the release, of course, the pilot wore it every day, he was able to get out of the craft. david? >> david kerley with us tonight. david, thank you. and developing at this hour,
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the third nor'easter to slam the east coast in less than two weeks. set to hit tonight. the system stretching from north carolina to new york city to boston to maine. icy roads and poor visibility for the ride home near fayetteville, west virginia. this is the system tonight, set to bring up to two feet of snow in some places where they have already lost power for days already. abc's adrienne bankert from massachusetts tonight. >> reporter: tonight, round three. a winter storm already bringing heavy snow to the ohio valley downed frees to the car lies, roads dangerous to drive on. the storm is moving to the north and east, where communities brace for what has become a never-ending story. the third nor'easter in 11 days. millions in the northeast are still recovering from back-to-back storms that left some in the dark, no power to charge their phones. without heat or hot water for over a week. >> we will be enacting a snow emergency starting tonight at 7:00 in the city of boston. the boston public schools are
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closed for tomorrow. >> reporter: in quincy, massachusetts, paul kopp's basement destroyed by last week's storm. >> never had a problem until this last storm. and now you feel a little bit of unease every time you hear about another one coming. >> reporter: more than a thousand flights canceled through wednesday. eli swan was headed to orlando. >> there's no way that i'm getting out. >> reporter: the south hammered this weekend. up to 90-mile-an-hour winds downing trees, killing two in texas. >> and adrienne bankert with us from quincy, massachusetts, tonight. and i know they're worried about the high winds, because they've been batters now in two nor'easters already. >> reporter: that's right, david. we're talking over 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts. and up to two feet of snow, with the high tide rolling in, there's the concern for flooding again. david? >> an also already those loos loosened power lines. adrienne, thank you. let's get to rob. he's live along new york's west side highway tonight. and unbelievable, a third, rob, ten days. >> reporter: indeed, david.
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this one's a little bit different. the good news is, it will track a lot farther off the coast. the bad news is, it will be mostly snow for most people and folks that live on the coast are going to get rid hard. right now, it's taking shape off the carolina coastline. still snowing in raleigh and richmond. it will intensify tonight. from atlantic city to albany to boston, just a miserable one. blizzard conditions potentially. for the evening come mute, in and around boston, with heavy snow continuing there. could see 12 to 20 inches in eastern new england. 6 to 12 inland. 3 to 6 just outside of new york and it's almost st. patrick's day. david? >> all right, rob marciano, thank you. and at the white house tonight, president trump revealing his plan for gun safety, and critics are now asking about a promise he made that is not in the proposal. also at this hour, breaking news from the white house on the russia investigation. we have it all, involving what a committee in the house is now saying. here's abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: less than two weeks ago, president trump boldly
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declared he's not afraid to take on the nra. >> some of you people are petrified of the nra. you can't be petrified. >> reporter: but now, the president seems to have caved entirely to the gun lobby on school safety. the most glaring example, raising the minimum age to buy an assault weapon. >> we're going to work on getting the age up to 21 instead of 18. it doesn't make sense that i have to wait until i'm 21 to get a handgun, but i can get this weapon at 18. didn't know. >> reporter: parkland survivor sam zeif pleaded directly to the president for the age increase. >> i turned 18 the day after. woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. and i don't understand why i can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. >> reporter: a week later, nra officials came to the without, and the president tweeted, "good -- great -- meeting in the oval office." but now, the just released white house plan on school safety
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calls only to study the issue of age reinstructions. in the immediate aftermath of the parkland shooting, the president said he supported several other initiatived opposed by the nra. >> he talked about universal background checks, taking guns away from those identified as a threat, even without due process. what happened to all those proposals? >> right now, the president's primary focus is on pushing through things that we know have broad bipartisan support or things we can do from an administrative perspective that we can do immediately. >> reporter: is there anything in here that the nra opposes? >> look, the president still has in this plan the age limit increase, and that is part of -- >> reporter: not as federal policy, right? >> one of those things will be reviewed on what the best path forward is on that front. >> so, let's get to jonathan karl live at the white house tonight. and some of the lawmakers in that meeting that day with the president are now responding to this. >> reporter: dianne feinstein, who sat right next to the president and seemed pleased with what he said back then
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looks at this new proposal and calls it a shame fful. adding, shame on you, mr. president. >> and i mentioned a moment ago, late word coming in from the house intelligence committee, that they are moving up to wrap up their russia investigation? republicans on the committee saying they have found no evidence of collusion? >> reporter: these are the republicans that control that meeting. the finding is hardly surprising. and given how partisan that committee is, it's not going to have any impact on the overall debate over russia and it certainly won't stop the investigations that continue, david, in the senate and, of course, robert mueller. >> jon karl starting another week at the white house. jon, thank you. meantime tonight, president trump is fashion an ultimatum from that adult film star and the deadline is noon tomorrow. here's abc's chief national correspondent tom llamas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, stormy daniels trying to cut a new deal with the president. the porn star, seen here in a photo she shared on social media, offering to return the $130,000 payment she received
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from the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, but with the stipulation that she would wire the money by an account designated by the president. if accepted, daniel's attorney says it would resolve their "pending disputes" and daniels would free "to speak openly and freely about her prior relationship with the president." and to be able "to use and publish any text messages, photos and/or videos relating to the president that she may have in her possession." did your client, stormy daniels, have sex with president trump? >> yes. >> reporter: there's no doubt about that? >> no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: daniel's attorney says the president has until noon tomorrow to accept the offer. this latest move, another attempt by daniels to prove the president, who has denied the affair, is trying to shut her up. daniels' lawyer has already argued the agreement signed 11 days before the election is null and void, because then-candidate trump didn't sign it. why is that so important? is she trying to sell her story? >> she's not trying to sell her story.
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it's important to her because the amount of misinformation that has been put out in the press and the media, especially over the last six weeks. and mr. cohen and others associated with mr. cohen are directly responsible for that misinformation. and she wants to set the record straight. this is about the truth. it's about a search for the truth. >> reporter: and david, tonight, neither the white house nor the president's personal attorney, michael cohen, have responded yet for comment. again, that deadline is tomorrow at 12:01 eastern. we shall see, david. >> all right, tom llamas with us again tonight. thank you, tom. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the russian poison plot. also, the o.j. interview that was never seen. simpson saying what he's about to describe in this interview is only hype threat came. also tonight, the nursing student murdered. tonight, police now identifying a person of interest and where they think he is. and new video coming in tonight. tim mcgraw collapsing while performing on-stage and what his wife, faith hill, then tells the
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crowd. we'll be right back.
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overseas tonight, and the british government is now puts russia on notice. theresa may leaving little doubt that she believes russia is most likely to blame for the chemical attack against a former russian spy and his daughter. and there is news tonight on the chemical agent that was used. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran on this again tonight. >> reporter: chilling scenes in the quiet english city of salisbury. troops donning chemical warfare gear, securing sites contaminated by the nerve agent used to try to kill former russian spy sergei skripal and his daughter, yuliya. and today, prime minister theresa may told prlment the weapon was russian made. >> it is now clear that mr skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia. it is highly likely russia was responsible. >> reporter: called a novichok agent, a next generation chemical weapon up to ten times deadlier than vx or sarin.
3:48 pm
it attacks the nervous system. assuming it is russia, would it have to have been ordered from the top? >> yes. there's no way that somebody within the middle ranks could have got their hands on this. it would have had to have come from the very top. >> reporter: in russia, putin brushed off questions about the attack in britain. "first, get to the bottom of it there," he said, "then we'll discuss this." the british government summoned the russian ambassador today and gave him 24 hours to 'em police station how this advanced chemical weapon came to be used in an assassination attempt in england. david? >> terrill moran, thank you. when we come back tonight, tim mcgraw collapsing on-stage. and the nursing student murdered. late today, a person of interest identified. we'll be right back. right back. . ♪ you don't like my lasagna? no, it's good. -hmm. -oh. huh. [ both laugh ]
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possible suspect. authorities said in a statement that the victim and the suspect had been in a previous relationship. the never before seen o.j. simpson interview that aired last night with simpson says that what he was about to describe was only hypothetical. in an interview recorded in 2006. >> this is very difficult for me to do this. it was very difficult for me, because it's hypothetical. >> you've put on a wool cap and gloves. >> and hypotheticahypothetical, cap and gloves. i grab the knife, i do remember that portion, taking the knife from charlie and, to be honest, after that, i don't remember. except, i'm standing there and there's all kind of stuff around and -- >> what kind of stuff? >> simpson was acquitted in 1995 in the double murder of nicole simpson and ron goldman. he was found responsible in a civil case. and a scare involving
3:53 pm
country star tim mcgraw. mcgraw collapsing sunday night during a show in dublin. that video now emerging. the singer receiving treatment right afterward. his wife, faith hill, coming on stage to tell fans he was dehydrated, but okay. when we come back on a monday night, rare video this evening, look at this. the sharks so upset that the scientists they believe were too close to their dinner. you got to see this.
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3:57 pm
>> reporter: using advanced technology, producers of bbc america's "planet earth: blue plan et 2" were able to explore the world underneath the ocean's surface like never before. >> the ocean is such a giant part of our planet. >> reporter: what was your favorite part? >> it was the day that we filmed this volcano. it's like i went to another planet that day. >> reporter: filming on every continent, cameras attached to suction caps placed on on whales, following their every move. >> oh, my -- >> reporter: hungry sharks reminding the crew that this is their territory. >> oh, he's pushing us. go! >> reporter: they were bumping at the sub? >> yes. they got very territorial. but once they realized, no, that's a big yellow electronic thing, then they carried on just getting on with it.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: producers followed these tusk fish for six weeks, discovering new behaviors, using coral to crack open a golf-sized clam shell with his tiny mouth. it also highlights the effects of global warming an pollution. in sarasota bay, dolphin's calves are dying. >> clearly, something else is going on. >> reporter: an estimated 8 million tons of plastic are dumps into the ocean each year. and the american scientist from the university of georgia hopes this will make people think. >> there's a native american phrase, we don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our grandchildren. everybody can do little things, and those little things add up and collectively, they make a huge difference. >> our thanks to james longman. and you can see it all at bbc america on demand. i'm david muir. i hope to see you tomorrow. good live where you live. this is abc 7 news.
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a group of men went door to door, kicking in residents' doors and tying up some people. >> developing news in the north bay as a police swarm a neighborhood, looking for suspects in several brazen overnight home invasions. i'm deion win. >> this is a story we've been following. >> police tracked the suspects to novato, arresting most of them, but five people are still on the loose tonight. >> wayne freedman has an update on what exactly the suspects were trying to steal. >> reporter: good afternoon. it looks as if they were trying to steal marijuana, at least that's what the sonoma county sheriff's department says. what's more interesting, this is not the first time. in normally quiet marin county, this is a rare sight, and this morning there were plenty of
4:00 pm
them. armed officers blocking intersections. and in the hills above, looking in and under everywhere and everything. using dogs, going house to house, in search of five armed suspects. >> they'll probably get out of here, you know, honestly. there's no point to really stay. >> reporter: the trouble started after 3:00 this morning. as many asinine suspects went on a rampage in three homes at least, on eugenia drive. they then headed south. >> it sounds like a group of armed men went door to door to three different residences, at least one man has been tied up and pistol whipped. and a group of men were in search of marijuana. >> reporter: the mos eerily similar to home invasions in santa rosa last month. one resident died. the suspects in that case came from out of state before being arrested in vallejo. in this characteristic the four suspects arrested so far appear to have come


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