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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 12, 2018 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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law enforcement officers from marin to sonoma county are conducting searches right now for a group of home invasion robbers. necessity violently attacked victims in several homes this morning before leading officers on a chase and escaping. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. several neighborhoods are on lockdown as the search continues. let's show you the areas affected. the home invasions happened on eugenia drive in petaluma. authorities believe the suspects are about 12 miles away in novato in the firemen fund campus. >> reporter: we're at the staging area just down the hill from the neighborhood in northwest novato where officers
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are going door to door searching for armed robbery suspects. this all started in petaluma just after 3:00 a.m. when they got calls for several home invasions. >> a group of men went door to door kicking in residents' doors and tying up some peep, pistol-whipping people in search of marijuana. >> reporter: one of those cars pulled over on the side of the freeway and five men jumped out and ran into the hills. one of those suspects was arrested after he went to a house and asked the resident there to call an uber. that resident, instead, called police. the other suspect vehicle was spotted at costco on vintage way. three people were taken into custody and one woman got away. so far three people are in custody, four outstanding. they found firearms in the vehicles and asking people in wood hollow area to shelter in
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place. we found some people turned around by the closures. >> trying to go to work, told to turn around and go back. >> reporter: what now? >> i'm going to call the simpos see what he wants me to do. >> it's keeping me from getting to work. we have a training at the days inn starting at 9:00, and so this is keeping me from getting there. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says these people flew in from the east coast to commit these crimes here. they were in search of marijuana but it turns out the homes they targeted were not growi shootin. the veterans home remains closed after a former client killed those three employees. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in yountville with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, kristen. as soon as they pass by here, the phatway home, there's a reminder of what happened here. you see all of the flowers, the heartfelt notes and the candles that have been left here for the victims. employees and residents say they
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are prepared to support each other as they deal with what happened here. the it home is surrounded by crime tape and closed indefinitely. those who live around the ground on the veterans home said the mood is solemn. some employees will be here for the first time since the shootings and that could be a tough day for them. >> i talked to my section leader and she said she was a little nervous but not for the shooter but just coming back. >> reporter: when it comes to questions of security, some long-term residents see this tragedy as an isolated incident. >> 21 years, nothing like this has ever happened. so, do we need to anticipate it? i don't think so. i take -- they take pretty good care of us here. >> reporter: no word on if the
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pathway home will reopen. it serves veterans who have just returned from combat and are reintegrating into civilian life. one respect told us he hopes it reopens. >> this is what it's about. i mean, these guys are coming from afghanistan and iraq. they need something like this. >> reporter: the director of the veterans home told me she's not authorized to talk on camera about this, pointing out that the pathway home is a tenant of the veterans home . she said deciding whether it will be reopened it a complicated process and many layers of decision-makers. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. we're learning more details about the gunman's final days leading up to friday's tragedy in yountville. a relative says albert wong told them he was angry at the staff at yountville. he was found with knives two weeks ago. his brother told "the press
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democrat," quote, whatever happened out there, he didn't say he was going to shoot anybody. he said he wanted to get back at them, talk to them, yell at them, not to kill them. as part of abc7 action to find your ally. you can help families of the yountville victims and pathway home. links to go fund me page can be found on our website, by the way, we're getting word that at noon jennifer golick's house will speak for the first time since his wife's death and we'll be bringing you his news conference here on air and on our news app and online. hundreds of fertility patients are waiting to hear if their eggs and embryos are okay after a freezing malfunctioned in san francisco. the company suffered a liquid
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nitrogen failure which destroyed a tank saving thousands of embryos. dr. carl hebert sent a patient to the patients letting them know about an unfortunate incident. >> the nitrogen level in that tank was very low. that meant an emergency filling, which began immediately. >> it's a real shock because, you know, you put so much faith in the process. >> katie miller is currently undergoing fertility treatments hoping for a third child. pfc's website explains how they monitor the tanks. this will now have an alert system until somebody gets to the lab so it's unclear what happened in this case. a similar mishap happened on the same day at a fertility clinic in cleveland, ohio. the problem with the liquid nitrogen cooling system might have compromised 2,000 eggs and
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embryos. some heartbroken patients plan to sue. >> it's beyond devastating. it's like a spiritual, emotional, physical loss. >> what i this is gone, so -- and there's no way to recreate it. >> at this point, we do not know the viability of all of the stored eggs and embryo, at we do know some have been impacted. >> a similar mishap -- i should mention university hospital has brought inning out l outside experts to see what went wrong. they'll determine if the eggs and embryos are viable, must be fully thawed and cannot be refrozen. let's get over to meteorologist mike nicco to see how wet it's going to get for us this afternoon. when will it be coming down? >> that's a great question because most people on social media are going, look, this is what i'm seeing right now. tons of sunshine but it will change quickly heading into the
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afternoon hour. things are quiet on doppler. let's show you what happens coming our way. this whirling dervish of clouds is coming our way. it will bring us waves of showers, lightning, hail and a snow level that could dust some of our mountains. here's what i'm looking at for the next seven days. holy cow. 70% to 100% coverage of rain. let's talk about today's. it comes in this afternoon as sporadic rain, increases, then heaviest overnight and into tomorrow's morning commute. don't get caught in the rain. you can keep an eye on live doppler 7 through the app. i'll give you an hour by hour look at the rain coming and how much to expect in your neighborhood. >> thank you. the white house's new plan to improve school safety comes nearly a month after the florida school mass shooting. republicans have been waiting for the president's official direction. in this new plan, he appears to
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be backing off some previous bills he supported. >> reporter: it's not the same plan. the president got behind just a few weeks ago. >> you guys, half of you are so afraid of the nra. there's nothing to be afraid of. >> reporter: following listening sessions and meetings with congress, it was a bold statement. >> they're allowed to buy them at 18, so how does that make sense? how does that make sense? so, i say it should all be 21. >> reporter: now it's the caving. the president's white house plan does not include raising the minimum age or universal background checks. instead, the cornyn/murphy bill with improved background checks, expanding mental health programs. the president creates a new commission on school safety, chaired by betsy da voss to raise the issue of raising the purchase age.
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>> we can't just keep setting up blue-ribbon committees and they talk, talk, talk. two hours later. then they write a report. >> reporter: da voss on "the today" show argued the commission is just the first step. >> everything is on the table. >> reporter: and the president out tweeting his own defense, saying legislation moving forward, bump stocks will soon be out. when it comes to age limits, watching court cases and rulings before acting. states are making this decision. >> republicans on capitol hill were waiting to see what kind of political cover the president could lend when it comes to guns. but with his morning tweets, it seems clear when it comes to the age issue, he's not going to lead. an end may finally be in sight. we're getting new details about when the massive trans-bay project will be finished. would you pay more or less for congestion in san francisco? i'm not talking express lanes. the proposed bill
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seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto delays this morning for commuters in fremont after a deadly crash. the tracks over stevens spring way where a truck crashed. there were 450 passengers and three crew members on the train when it happened. no word on any other injuries. new details about the trans-bay transit stir in san francisco.
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a final completion day has been set. contractor for the project says the work will be done on june 15th. it would then open to the public between june sa15th and august. it will bring 11 bay area transit systems together in one location. it will feature a five-story building with a bus, plaza, retail pop-up spaces and rooftop park. still ahead, the reason beyonce and jay z fans are losing their mind this morning. are you sick of the san francisco traffic? sorry, rhetorical traffic. would you be willing to pay for a smoother commute? the idea is tossed around. >> if that commute could get rid of the rain just during the commute, that would be nice, but that's not going to happen. look how much rain is possible from today through saturday, from an inch and a half to nearly 2 1/2 inches.
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at home.ld generate your own energy,
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or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. thought we'd start with a time lapse that was ebbing and flowing underneath the golden gate bridge. you can see going out towards the ocean and all of a sudden it makes an about turn and comes back and gets a little thicker. and then it goes back out over the ocean and gets a little lighter. it was a tricky commute if you were coming across the golden gate this morning. isn't that absolutely cool, watching weather in motion sped up like that? let's see what it looks like right now. you can see it's making another return as it's starting to push off to the east. the high clouds coming in, signifying that next storm is trying to make its presence felt. clouds are coming. rain and breezes to follow.
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heavier rain tonight and the fastest breezes will be during the overnight and as i showed you into the weekend. for this afternoon, very mild out there. mid to upper 60s and 70s in the east bay and south bay. a little spring flavor to it the forecast. you can see from the south there's a little more cloud cover come. no need to worry about getting wet at lunch. look at the temperatures from near 60 at the coast and have the umbrella handy if you're heading out this evening. about all of us are going to get wet during the evening hours and it will increase as we get from 8:00 to 12:00. it starts at the beginning of the commute and builds through the commute. temperatures mild at midnight, upper 50s to low 60s. we'll be in 50s through cloverdale and the rest of us mid to upper 50s tomorrow morning. you can see the cloud cover out
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there at noon. still need the sunglasses, but let's roll up to 4:00 and you can see the scattered nature of the rains developing sxee how they get broader and heavier. some yellow starts to show up. moderate rain as we head towards the end of the evening commute. it keeps going. a little break maybe. quietness for an hour or two. let's start tomorrow morning with the commute, wet with moderate rain all the way through 9:00 everywhere. it will transition to thunderstorms. our first chance during the afternoon and evening hours. 7:00, maybe not a lot of rain in the south bay or inland east bay but as we get deeper quloefr night and into tomorrow morning, can you see the rain building as we head through the day. look at that, 1 to 2 feet above 4,000 feet. three feet at higher elevations.
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as we get more rain getting into wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, they're going to get more snow. the heaviest of the snow in the sierra could be thursday and friday with some of our heavier rain rolls in. our snow level will drop in to about 3,000 feet by friday. so, our best chance of seeing snow would be friday. hail will mix in tomorrow and possibly with some of those thunderstorms all the way through friday. >> by the end of this week, are we going to be doing better with rain totals? >> we'll be better but we'll never make it up. we're trying to stave off the drought. if we get a couple more inches, that will help. >> thanks, mike. here's the question -- would you pay to drive into downtown san francisco. a proposed state bill would allow the city to charge cars to enter downtown. co-authored by scott weiner from san francisco, it would allow the cities to implement so-called go zones. they say it will reduce traffic. opponents say it's just another way to raise taxes.
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institute next week, march 20 is international day of happiness. what does location play? wallet hub released reports on happiest cities. turns out fremont is the best place to be, ranking number one of happiest cities in u.s., followed by bismarck, north dakota. san jose is number three. a few other bay area cities made the list. san francisco coming in at number 13. oakland is 18. santa rosa ranks 22. so, what makes a city happy? it's not just money. researchers say emotional and physical well-being, job satisfaction and commute time all play a part. beyonce is coming to the bay area. the tour just announced and when you can get your hands on tickets.
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we are on 24/7 on the abc7 news app and today on our website, we posted a link to live doppler 7 so you can track today's storm. if you're log onto from your phone, be sure to download the abc7 news app to get breaking news alerts and tune in for the latest news on our forecast.
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it's official, beyonce and jay z are coming back to the bay area. the power couple announced a joint summer tour. on the run too begins in uk and europe before arriving in north america on november 25august 25. they have two other performances in southern california. beyonce and jay z last toured together in 2014. tickets go on sale on wednesday. very exciting. everybody will be getting on their computers on wednesday. >> log jam, absolutely. >> thanks for joining us here on abc7 news. who wants to be a millionaire is coming up next. we'll leave you with a live look outside. >> look at that, sunglasses now, a couple hours from now, you hope you have an umbrella. >> that's a quick change. be ready. have a good one. bye-bye.
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