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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 9, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and three
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the gunman now identified, tonight authorities confirm albert wong of sacramento took three women hostage at veterans home of california, kept law enforcement at bay for hours until all four were found i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. dan and ama are out tonight. gunman and three women ged. christine loeber, jennifer gonzalez and the and td jen golick. >> reporter: the veterans home
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of california is grieving after a sad and tragic day. a veteran treated for ptsd and took hostages in the same office which may have been trying to help him. napa county sheriffs department identifies him at albert wong, a former inp fantryman. decorated soldier. earned medals for marksmanship. now employees and police sefrping for motive. >> i come before the public with tragic news. >> reporter: military veteran armed with rifle stormed an office at veterans home of california, shot three female hostages and turned gun on himself. >> law enforcement personnel made entry into the room we felt the hostages were being held by the suspect, unfortunately made
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the discovery of three deceased females and one deceased male suspect. >> nonprofit treating iraq war veterans for ptsd. friday morning employees were having a going away party for coworker. larry's wife works there. >> cake and little bit of celebration and man walked in with a gun. my wife and three other women were able to leave. >> reporter: but three female employees were taken hostage. senator bill dodd confirms the subject had been treated by pathway home. sky7 was overhead as police and s.w.a.t. surrounded the building. initially napa county sheriff's deputy exchanged fire with the suspect. he was unhurt. >> credit him with saving lives, eliminating the sfubt suspect
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being able to find further victims. >> searched by bomb sniffing dogs. found nothing. can't say why the suspect targeted his three victims. yountville. abc7 news. 9,000 acre veterans home campus. pathway home. highlighted in the middle of the map. residential program that helps veterans with deployment related stress transition back to civilian life. >> houses about 1,000 veterans and hundreds of people who work at home. katie utehs talked with people about the emotional day. >> reporter: eric, within the last half hour, chp escorted us closer to the building where this all happened. step out of the way to show you. that's where the hostage situation took place. chp has maintained a rather
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large crime scene area, blocking off entire parking lot. we've been told that shooter's vehicle was found on the property and searched for bombs by a bomb sniffing dog. just found with a cell phone in it. but they have not pointed out to us which vehicle it was or if he was towed from the seen. pathway home confirmed the names of the women killed. all work with veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan. >> you can't put it into words. hurts our community, the families have been just shaken to the core. >> congressman mike thompson knew christine loeber, the executive director of pathway killed today, dr. jen dr. jennifer gonzales, also found dead. with the gunman, seen nogt this
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picture. >> somebody knocked on the door, there's a shooter on campus, we're in lockdown. that was that. >> reporter: hundreds of residents locked down with staff. >> check if members are okay. >> reporter: kate learned her 96-year-old father was safe in the eisenhower wing. >> relieved my dad is okay but i'll stay here until i can actually see him and give him a big hug. >> reporter: started letting staff leave in the evening. >> stressful and scary. wanted them to end soon. they're family. wouldn't want them to get hurt in any way. >> reporter: no other staff were injured and all the residents appear to be okay as well. napa county sheriffs office says it's crime scene well into the night. abc7 news. tonight governor brown says
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his heart goes out to victims and their families. adding that anne and i are deeply saddened by the horrible violence which tragically took the lives of three people dedicated to serving our veterans. flags will fly at half staff at capital tomorrow. >> as part of the take action campaign, vetted comprehensive list for veterans and families on our website. to find your ally. weather, a string of rainy days on the way. sandhya patel with more. >> yeah. just around the corner. live doppler 7 right now. fog and cloud cover over the bay area. tracking a system just off the coast. wider picture, moisture trail stretches all the way to hawaii. will this impressive system actually deliver this weekend?
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i'll have time line and answer coming right now. eric. >> thank you. san francisco police are searching for group of suspects who pulled off a brazen armed robbery on the freeway. 280 connecter ramp to 101 in the city. boxed in silver hyundai and attackers confronted occupants before 2:00 this afternoon. smashed windows with a gun and robbed them. >> we don't think it was drive-by robbery, it was a targeted matter. whoever robbed that vehicle knew what the parties were carrying and targeted them. >> the suspects sped off after taking the belongs. chp says no shots were fired. looking for more victims of suspected armed robber. under arrest and could be responsible for bay area crime spree. katie marzullo with more.
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>> reporter: surveillance video of robbery in progress. pull pulled gun out of pocket and grabbed cash from register. gas station on snell avenue. not working but striebd coworker told him. >> $20 bill. open register, want to give $10 back. opened register and showed the gun. >> daniel mendoza is said to be the gunman in the video. responsible for at least five robberies, jack in the box and gas stations and 7-elevens san jose. deputies believe he's committed other robberies throughout the bay area. mostly points gun at clerk and takes cash or lottery scratchers. 2017 black jeep renegade with black and yellow plates. call san jose police with
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information. abc7 news. national rifle association has filed a lawsuit to block new gun control legislation in florida. saying violates the second amendment by raising age to purchase guns to 21 for rifles. hours after rick scott signed the landmark school safety and gun control bill. prompted by parkland school massacre that killed 17 people on flenltine's day. >> looks like president trump will get a parade after all. wanted one after attending bastille celebration in france. but saying no tanks, minimizing the damage to the streets. planned for veterans day, november 11th. east bay coffee shop stirring up controversy. no shirt, no shoes no police uniforms.
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a whale washed ashore. scientists tracking down clues. it's because of her. >> hug after life-savng act of generosity. story ahead. >> and coming up on jimmy kimmel tonight. >> back from the oscars with this. here we go. >> aim down,
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there's a controversy brewing in hasta muerta, until death. >> taking a stand, refusing to serve officers in uniform.
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posted a message on instagram page, talk with your neighbors, not police. >> all they do is harm and threaten people and harass people. >> i know we may have personal situations but i can tell you that police officers, majority are good individuals. >> the police officer's association sent them a letter asking to talk. so far, no response. gray whale washed ashore on angel island. 28 foot juvenile whale, malnourished with little in stomach and not much muscle tissue. believe newly on his own and not experienced enough to forage for himself. rain on the way, this ain't it. broken water pipe in san lorenzo. a transmission main ruptured, no word yet on what caused that
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break. it's been a tough news day. can use heartwarming story. anonymous bone marrow donor saved a live and now can show appreciation. >> the story. >> everything that i get to do now from this point is because of her. and i'm so grateful for that. >> 19-year-old corinne bass finally met young woman who saved her live. >> diagnosed with aplastic anemia. immune system is down and can't fight illness. typical cold could kill somebody. >> reporter: only hope a bone marrow transplant. as minority, finding a match wasn't easy. but across the country in california, kiana howardana howh
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registered. new nothing about corinne but didn't hesitate. >> 17 and had aplastic anemia and needed my help. >> donated blood marrow. >> like sisters. forever family. >> you'll never regret saving someone's life. >> now can live the life she hoped was possible. >> get to go to college, be a doctor, get married and have kids all because she made that selfless decision. i'm super grateful for that and i hope she knows that. >> great story. >> it is. weather forecast now with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> when is the rain back? >> early as this weekend in form of a drop or two. but really have to wait until next week for the wet pattern to
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unfold. wanted to show you this afternoon and evening. emeryville camera. gorgeous view. what we expect to see in summertime, but yes, we know it's winterment and i'll remind you in a minute. golden gate bridge camera, misty and foggy. this is how the weekend will begin. tomorrow morning watch out for the fog. cloud cover on live doppler 7 and visibility is dropping down to two miles in half moon bay and eight in hayward. be careful. temperatures, 40s and 50s across the entire bay area. clouds keeping us insulated and fog is covering parts of san francisco. dense fog in the morning. mild and muggy in the afternoon. a few showers tomorrow afternoon/evening with wet and cooler weather setting up for
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next week. remember to turn your clocks forward one hour. begins this sunday morning. 6:12 sunset saturday, 7:13 on sunday. at least we gain an hour of daylight. foggy spots. you'll notice cloud cover but mild. low to upper 60s. hour by hour forecast. dropped the storm impact scale because i don't think it's going to impact everyone. isolated at best. noontime, cloud cover. 2:30 around monterey bay, coming from the southwest, milder system, 2:30 there. 4:30, can't rule out sprinkle or two, showers in gilroy. lull before sunday. pop-up shower or two sunday
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afternoon into the evening hours. game changer? absolutely not. hang on to umbrellas in case you need them. dew point, measure of mugginess will be coming up. 50 to 59. muggy. tomorrow morning, low 50s. might feel sticky to you at our area. here's -- before that, all important rain chances. monday through friday next week, a given we're going to see it. here's hour by hour time line monday to tuesday. wet. snow level is down. sierra getting snow. storm is stronger and colder wednesday, thursday, friday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. time changes sunday morning. clocks forward. level one systems
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monday/tuesday, thursday/friday and moderate strength on
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elon musk has reworked his quote/unquote boring plan and it's exciting. original plan was roadways under los angeles for traffic problems. released new video showing more than that. thousands of small stations throughout the city and pods take riders underground to connect to a grid, moving at 150 miles per hour. >> that's going to cost more than $20. >> maybe less than high speed rail. >> we'll see.
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♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. good evening warriors took the court knowing they had a chance to take over first place in the west but had to beat the red hot blazerss in portland without steph curry, out with ankle injury. dame lillard, pride of oakland. lighting up from steph curry range. 15 in the first half. portland would jump out to early
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lead. c.j. mccollum, couldn' couldn' ' him. kevin durant time, 22 at half but dubs down nine. third quarter. double-team durant. finds javale mcgee with authority. warriors take the lead. durant with 40. but lillard to ed davis who killed the warriors on the boards. blazers by four after three. pull ahead against the dubs missing five players including steph. dame would finish off, 28th. blazers win eighth in row, warriors win streak ends and lose the chance to grab first place. rockets, chris paul and james harden and company going for win. here harden with step back.
11:30 pm
tie it. raptors, one seed in the east. demar derozan, fade and fire. rockets down three. trevor to harden and launch from the logo. raptors 108-105, snapping the houston win streak. stay half a game up on warriors. spring training. giants playing mostly regulars in this one. buster posey is hurt most of the spring. 3 for 3 and scored in front of belt. evan longoria scratched. panda is 3 for 3. rbi singles. tied up 6-6. eighth, prospect chris shaw. i think putin saw this on russian radar, he launched it. giants win 10-7. a's and brewers, one play for
11:31 pm
this game. call him crush for a reason. khris davis, deep in the first. only scoring that game. a's win 2-0, and signed catcher jonathan lucroy. seahawks rebuilding defense, released richard sherman today. question is how much does he have left? great with seattle but 30 and coming back from torn achilles. 49ers said to be very interested in richard
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i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. on jimmy >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, katy perry, oscar-winning director guillermo del toro, and guillermo on the oscars red carpet. and now, hold fast, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. [ cheers and applause ] sit. sit. relax. it's embarrassing.


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