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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 8, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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amid resistance from republican lawmakers, economists and his own staff, president trump is sticking with tariffs. >> today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum. we will have a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum. >> earlier this week the president said he was ready to announce the tariffs. but there was confusion today if he would followthrough. though republicans have been silent about other policies. today they ranks. >> you'll have a lot of unintended consequences. >> reporter: the issues of his own staff, gary cohn, a free market capitalist, announced his resignation this week, at a cabinet meeting today, trump
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called him out. >> he wasn't as strong on tariffs. >> it would be damaging to the trans-atlantic relations, as well, but potentially also to a global rule based trading system. >> reporter: the eu said they would strike back. trump offered a carve out for mexico and canada, that's if they come to the table on nafta. >> due to our relationships with canada and mexico, we're negotiating right now nafta and we're going to hold off the tariff on those two countries. >> reporter: president trump said he's willing to negotiate with other countries as well. but many say they're ready to strike with retaliation, raising fears of a trade war. >> tara, just to give us some perspective here, how much steel does the u.s. currently import from china or other
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>> reporter: interestingly, china only makes up 2%, but canada 8%, so from the eu, we import 20%. it's interesting that this all started because of a trade war with china and it only makes up 2% of our imports. tesla ceo elon musk is weighing in on the battle deficit with china. president trump quoted musk when he announced the tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> we send our car over there, pay 25%, they send their car over here, 2.5%. that's from elon, but everybody knows it. >> musk tweeted he's against import duties in general, but the current rules make things difficult. he likened it to competing in an olympic race while wearing lead shoes. musk says he just wants tariffs that are reasonable and moderate. in a recent report, tesla cited
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tariffs. not the kind that manufactures steel from raw materials, but they do transform it for all kinds of uses. wayne freedman found one such company in pet that lum ma. >> reporter: far from a political crowd, in a land known more for chicken processing, you've enter -- >> most people drive by this place and they have no idea what it is until they walk inside and they're like oh, my gosh. >> reporter: the fifth generation boss of family owned vanbeber brothers. this is a small but well establish established fabrics company. >> steel prices are starting to increase very rapidly. we have seen as much as 10% to 15% in some of the steel mills just in the last 30 days.
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>> reporter: prices for steel this company turns into everything from tractor parts to pipes and beams. until the tariff became official today, any price increases came from speculation. >> in actuality, nothing's really been done, but it's more fear factor, it's panic buying and everybody's starting to raise prices. >> reporter: to hear president trump describe it, the tariff will boost american industry and jobs. the 31 employees here are craftsmen not economists. carl edwards supportses h his fy by working here. he's not sure what to think about a tariff. >> it's counter productive. but if it's going to bring more jobs and more money back to america, it seems like it would help the economy. >> reporter: how that plays out here, if it plays out here, to be determined. in petaluma, wayne freedman,
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abc7 news. since 1901, van bebber brothers have survived two world wars, a recession and a depression. they say they'll get through this, for better or for worse. now, here is a live picture from the white house where we're monitoring the situation closely. you can see all those microphones set up, because we are waiting for that announcement from south korean officials. we'll have an update coming up in this newscast. breaking news. a person was hit by a train just after 3:00 this afternoon. b.a.r.t. tells us the trains are still running, but they're skipping macarthur because the station is close to passengers right now. b.a.r.t. passengers will need to change trains at the 19th street or the 12th street stations while macarthur remains close. vallejo police are looking
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for the driver of a hit-and-run accident. we have surveillance to show you of an suv rolling backwards and tumbling end to end hitting a 28-year-old woman and killing her. the driver ran from the scene. police say they want to talk to this man, vincent fitser, they're calling him a person of interest in the case. the victim has been identified as aires bufman. the parents of sielene tinde say that their son was wrongly killed by a police officer. >> reporter: the issue wasn't even on the agenda for the b.a.r.t. board this morning, but dozens of outraged speakers made sure the death of selene tindle dominated the board meeting. >> why isn't he not on the agenda today?
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>> reporter: body cam video released from b.a.r.t. shows what led to the death of 28-year-old tindle, b.a.r.t. police officer joseph matu responded to a call outside the b.a.r.t. station and saw two men in a struggle. he screamed for them to show their hands and then fired one shot, killing behitindle. >> he was on his knees, trying to get up after being in a scuffle with somebody who started an altercation with him. and he was shot in the back three times. >> reporter: speakers called on the board to pull the officer from duty. >> we want to hear your logic for why that man is stilt walking tstill walking the streets of our cities and our towns. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say they followed all policies returning the officer to duty. the oakland police department is
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still investigating the shooting. these friends and loved ones, including his mother say they will keep speaking out until something is done. >> i'm here to ask once again justice for selene tindle, the life that i have given birth to, the live that i cher rich, the life that i love. >> reporter: their passionate speeches this morning made a difference. the b.a.r.t. board agreed it would put the issue on its next board meeting agenda. we now know the name of a robbery suspect who was shot and killed by san francisco police in the mission district. 19-year-old jesus delgado duarte died after being shot by a police officer tuesday night. investigators claim they discovered a hadn't gun inside the honda's trunk. officers detained two other people who had been riding inside that car. turning to the weather.
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we want to show you a live look outside right now. this is from our emeryville tower camera. you just want to lie down on that fluffy fog layer rite therther right there. >> you do know you like to dream. we are drying off a little bit, let's check with christian for our forecast. >> here's a look at live doppler 7, and we do have bright skies over much of the bay area, but right down at sea level, we have this, the view fromtower camera. 57 in san francisco. here's our brighter view of the western skies from our east bay hills camera. it is 65 in san that rosa, 66 in concord and livermore. and our rainfall is depicted here in amounts, totals. .02 inch here in san francisco.
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.07 at sfo, so some of the north bay locations were a little bit wetter. we still have some showers well to our north up around eureka. we may see some little patches of light precipitation working their way down into the northern most part of the bay area. but we're going to be dry, and i'll have the full forecast for you in just a few minutes. california's bullet train project will likely require even more time and lots more money to complete than last estimated. however, the new chief executive is promising more transparency with the public about its challenges. tomorrow the california high speed authority will release its latest business plan, the last plan that keeps ballooning in cost, the last price tag puts it at $64 billion.
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chief richard lucero joined the freemont police department and worked his way up through the ranks until he became chief. i'm sure you have heard the term fake news, especially in the last couple of years. apparently it spreads faster than real news. the question is what can be done about it. peace, prosperity, dignity and opportunity for all depend on it. >> celebrating women around the world on this international women's day. and a new twist on vaping, this one is leaving parents and school officials in the clouds. their big concern. your big concern if you're heading east on the san mateo bridge right now, is it looks like you're hardly moving at all. there is gridlock right now,
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westbound you're doing fine. we'll be right back.
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well rkwell, false informat turns out traveling six times faster than the truth. mit researchers said the average false story takes so hours to reach 1,500 users. it takes got 60 hours for true stories to do the same. what's interesting here is it's not bots that are responsible for all this, researchers say it's humans that are spreading the bogus stories. a producr at cnn shows us a
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so-year study, so they went into some serious depth on this issue. >> mit researchers looked at 20,000 stories and they looked at how many of these dubious stories are repeated. as you noted, the falsehoods traveled way faster than the truth. >> what does this tell you about human nature, because i think we were under the impression that there are these bots and they're spreading information around, it's not the bots, it's the humans. >> this was a 10-year study that ended in 2015, and we really have seen the rise of bottls in the last year or two, but we looked at what's causing all this false information to spread and it's people. and there were two big reasons that the researchers found. when you see the truth and you're inundated with it all day, you just kind of gloss past it. but if you see something interesting or something that
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evokes an emotional reaction, or you think oh, my gosh, i can't believe this is true, and you want to share it immediately, without taking a wait a minute, is this really true? >> it's like the ole story, if you see a sale or something that if seems too good to be true, it probably is. but do you think this evokes so much more emotion than facts? is what that causes people to hit retweet? >> you want to be first, and share something with your network. otherwise why are you on twitter. the tools make it super easy, you can just hit that retweet button. so you're probably doing it before you even think that you're doing it because you're just kind of like going through your feed and hitting buttons all day. it's super easy to share that information. and again, it is something that evokes an emotional reaction from you, where you say if
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you're scanning your headline and you're reading one headline after another, in this case, the study saw that a lot of the false information was about politics, when you see something that is really just wow, oh, my gosh, i can't believe this, i got to let everybody know, you hit the button. >> now that we know this, and the bot factor is another thing we need to add on top of it. what do we do about it now? >> well, there are, as an individual, think before you retweet, and know who the source of that news is and don't be fooled into thinking that you're retweeting from a legitimate source. at cnet, you think that maybe you're retweeting a legitimate source but you're not, so now what you're doing, take a second to check. and the other thing, from a platform perspective, as i mentioned, these tech companies have made it super easy for us
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to hit the retweet button. and they don't give us any way to get a clue of is >> so some responsibility on both sides? >> absolutely. >> thank you for coming in. it's no surprise that the majority of monuments across america are centered around men. but in honor of international women's day today, a santa clara county supervisor has announced her plan to give women their rightful place in history. >> reporter: it's spirit week at notre dame high school in san jose, and these students are tackling some of the topics that matter most of them. future leaders all engaged in the present. >> i personally am really
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inspired by all the powerful women in our society and how they're all speaking up now. >> reporter: across campus, a separate gathering on this international women's day, some of the current leaders of our community coming together for a big announcement. >> it's very difficult for people to be what they can't see. >> reporter: supervisor cindy chavez has asked the board to allocate monuments in women's honor. >> we are going to put our mark on this county. >> reporter: and there's some significant history behind the proposal. in the 1970s, san jose was known as the feminist capital of the world, electing the first female mayor of a major american city, inspiring a generation of women who have since given their life to pup liblic service. >> these days you hear about the
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culture of harassment in silicon valley, but i think it's important to hear about women leaders who have had an impact as well. supervisor chaves will form a public committee with representation from each of the five districts in the county. now women celebrated all over the world today. 2017 saw the rise of the me too and times up movements. all you have to do is go to to learn more about international women's day, if you're logging in from your phone, also be sure to download the abc7 news app to get breaking news up to the minute. spencer christian, so glad to come back to work today and
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know that we don't have snow. >> thnew york got hit by two storms. >> now the rain is coming back in? >> i don't know how we'll survive that. here's a look at live doppler 7, we have partly cloudy to mainly cloudy skies. it's a beautiful sky from our mt. tam camera, only a few thin high clouds, we have a few mid level clouds and lots of low clouds moving through the golden gate right now. forecast features, we'll have another mild day tomorrow, rain arrives saturday night and continues into sunday and we'll have an unsettled and wet weather pattern into virtually all of next week. overnight look for increasing clouds, temperatures mainly in the upper 40s, then tomorrow, well to the north, we may see a few patches of isolated showers, mainly from the north county and northwards. now let's talk about our
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approaching storm. it will be coming in saturday afternoon or evening into sunday. it ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, it will produce mainly rain and showers, although there could be some brief, locally heavy downpours. a quarter inch to half an inch for most of the bay area, here's your forecast animation, starting 8:00 saturday morning, clouds increase, and you see this moisture coming up from our southwest. this mild rainfall will continue overnight saturday into sunday, and there will be more rain to follow as we look at the seven days ahead. our rain chances 100% on saturday, 70% on sunday, the lowest chance is on tuesday and that's a 50% chance. so we're looking at a pretty wet week ahead. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. when i say wet week, after tomorrow of course. tomorrow has a slight, slight chance of an isolated shower well to the northern most part of our viewing area, each of the
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next 60 days, we have storm rankings, mainly 1 on the storm impact scale. and don't forget to set your time pieces ahead over the weekend. >> time pieces? >> clocks, you know, nobody hass watch es anymore. mark hamill hamill hamill hl the hollywood walk of i have type 2 diabetes. i'm trying to manage my a1c, and then i learn type 2 diabetes puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told me about non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar, but for people with type 2 diabetes
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change the course of your treatment. ask your doctor about victoza®. breaking news. in the last 20 minute it was announced that president trump has pledged to meet with the leader of north korea by may to eliminate nuclear weapons from the korean peninsula. one of south korea's top officials spoke outside the white house a few minutes ago.
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>> i told president trump that in your meeting, north korean leader kim jong-un said he is committed to denuclearization, kim said that north korea will refrain from any further nuclear or missile tests. >> so the plan, as it stands right now is that president trump is supposed to meet with kim jong-un. south korea also praised the white house and japan for imposing the north's development and use of nuclear weapons. there's a question as to whether -- former lsu running back darius geist revealed yesterday that he was asked about his sexuality and whether his mother was a prostitute during interviews at the combine. i can't imagine anyone asking that question. geist didn't say who asked the question, what team was involved. the league issued a statement saying such questions are completely inappropriate and
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contrary to league workplace policies. this was actually the third time in recent years that a prospective rookie has been asked similar questions. tom brady had his head shaved today. he was the mystery guest at a fundraising event for the dana farber and brady showed there, wow, he didn't shave it down completely. more than $7 million was raised for cancer research at today's events. there's a nor'easter, he's got to keep warm. an intense con fromation. >> the berkeley bookstbookstboot
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here again, the stories making headlines at 4:p30, the last 10 minutes or so, the south korean leader has said -- the invitation was extended in a letter and president trump
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responded that he will meet with kim jong-un by may. earlier today president trump signed orders imposing tariff on steel and aluminum, he said he's addressing the assault on our country. the police are looking for this man in connection with a deadly hit and run. an 18-year-old girl was killed yesterday. leslie brinkley will have more on this on abc7 news at 5:00. a protest at a berkeley bookstore when things escalated when protesters threatened to burn this place down. >> i support our president of this united states of america. of the. >> reporter: this past saturday, right wing activists targeted the bookstore near the university campus. >> you are so ignorant. >> you know i'm going to burn down your bookstore, right?
4:32 pm
>> that was the first time a protester threatened an employee at the store. >> these are the same types of people who have committed violent acts all over the country. >> reporter: people in the store had recorded the entire incident. >> we have you on a recording saying that you're going to burn down our bookstore. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: they say protesters have showed up at the store 10 other times. the store sells an array of books, it also promotes those on the revolutionary communist party. >> we stand against this fascist trump regime. >> reporter: this i video given to abc news of one of the first protests outside the bookstore. volunteers who work at the store say besides berkeley police they are relying on the community to protect this local institutions
4:33 pm
which has been in the neighborhood for three decades. >> we have a text alert system and we are encouraging people to actually come in and volunteer to be in the bookstore. >> reporter: other independent bookstores in the bay area, like san francisco city lights books have expressed their support for revolution books. still no word from florida's governor as to whether he will sign a controversial school safety bill. republican rick scott says he'll read the entire bill and then talk to some parents who were victims of the parkland school massacre, before he takes action on the bill approved by the state house last night. that bill raises the minimum age to buy rifles from 18 to 21. it also creates a 3-day waiting period. it establishes a a a a program to arm some teachers. scott has opposed arming teachers. this also would allocate
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millions of dollars to make buildings more secure and to hire more school based police officers. gun control activists are now calling on credit card companies to stop processing payments on gun sales. protesters deliver eed petition with 140,000 signatures. they say companies like visa and mastercard have the power and responsibility to curb and even stop the sales of assault weapons across the country. >> if people wants to own them, there should be as many speed bumps and impediments to buying a gun. >> payment processes like pay-pal and apple pay have already banned using their services to buy firearms. visa did not respond to a request for comment. three bay area lawmakers want to raise the legal age to buy long guns in florida.
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the lawmakers held a news conference to introduce their bill. it raises the age to buy long guns from 18 to 21. lawmakers say the bill is in response to the parkland shooting. controversial video out of ashville, north carolina, it shows a police officer showing a stun gun on a man for jaywalking. marcie gonzalez in los angeles with the story. >> put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: body cam video obtain bid the citizen times captured the moment a police officer appears to use a stun gun for a man wanted for jaywalking in north carolina. the video recorded in august, going viral when it was leaked and published last week, sparking outrage. >> the issue isn't a black or white issue. the issue is that we all -- >> reporter: at this community
4:36 pm
meeting, questions about why the police didn't release the window. the police chief said she's willing to resign. >> just like everyone has been vetted willingly to come to the table. >> reporter: the chief goes on to say the acts demonstrated in this video are unacceptable. it is the policy of the asheville police department to use any excessive act of force and said that the officer is no longer employed by the police department and a criminal investigation is under way. she also apologized to the man seen being injured in that video. charges against him have been dropped. a deceptive new trend, this small device that's letting teenagers sneak a vape even when they're at school. 1.3 million without power, post cleanup is in effect.
4:37 pm
>> we have lots of blue sky above, as you can see from mt. tam, but all kinds of clouds below, what's coming our way? i'll answer that with my accuweather forecast in just a moment. a big problem in your commute hometown. eastbound 92, san rafael bridge complete areally stopped. this is because all lanes are closed out of the toll plaza was of a four-car
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closed roads, power outages, frustration up and down the east coast. >> yeah, for some, it could take several days before power is restored. abc news reporter zachary kiesh has the latest. >> reporter: in the tri-state area alone, more than half a million households without power. in morris plains, new jersey, work crews cutting down branches over the railroad tracks. in franklin lakes, around 9:00 this morning, after driving around a barricade on to live wires, the man behind the wheel of this car was killed. in new york, i-287 south looked like a parking lot. lawrence james sat out there for three hours this average. >> i was there about three hours, traffic started moving, then we came to another stand still and that went on until
4:41 pm
about 8:15. >> reporter: in westchester county, residents and businesses still reeling from the last storm. >> to a great extent what has been done has been undone. >> reporter: check out this transformer explosion. >> whoa. those are lines in front of us. >> reporter: in that same part of the country, i-95i-95i-95i-95 temporarily closed for several hours in both directions as a power line came down across the highway. >> it appears that all the seawalls held, all of that paid off. >> the seawall remained intact, but several areas still flooded. >> reporter: this part of the country bracing for another nor'easter early next week. zachary kiesh, abc news, new york. i was caught in that storm, back there in new york and new jersey the last several days.
4:42 pm
i was happy to discover, i still know how to drive in snow. i was upset to discover i had to drive in snow. we have no snow here in the bay area, just a few gathering clouds, we'll see temperatures mostly in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow we'll have cloudier skies up to the north than other parts of the bay area, most of the bay area will be dry and mild tomorrow, highs ranging from low 60s at the coast, 70 inland. and here's your three-day weekend forecast for tahoe, tomorrow mostly cloudy, rain on saturday and a mix of rain and snow on sunday as our next storm moves in, producing rain here in the bay area and a mix over in the sierra. so we have six consecutive days we have been getting some periods of rainfall, don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour over the weekend, as we spring forward to daylight-saving time. next wednesday looks like it
4:43 pm
would be the rainiest day of the week. >> did you make snow angels? >> i did not make snow angels. i had enough of that. >> grandkids did, though, didn't they? >> i have made snowballs with my grandson, but on this trip we didn't do that. a warning about scam phone calls and a scam that might actually keep you from answering your phone. plus -- >> this is an active crime scene. >> sir, you cannot be here. >> your cameron black. >> just who is camer it's the ross spring dress event. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event. on now!ou gotta go to ross. ♪
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if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross issuing a consumer alert about scam phone calls. you may have received one. it's for something called neighbor spoofing, it's somewhere scammers manipulate information to show that -- if you get one of those calls, officials say don't answer it, and certainly don't provide any personal information if you do. it's also a good idea to review the blocking tools on your phone to help stop those calls. the american embassy in
4:47 pm
mexico city is preventing u.s. employees from traveling to playa del carmen because of a security threat. 25 people including two americans were injured in that explosion on a ferry linking the resort town with the island of cozumel. a few hours later, mexican authorities uncovered undetonated explosive devices on another ferry. both incidents remain under invests. you take a tv show and you mix in a little bit of magic and you've got "deception" it's about an illusionist that's hired by the fbi to help solve crimes. >> were the two of you really into magic before the show? >> i have always enjoyed watching it, yeah. >> yeah, i mean it's hard not to be a fan, i think. if there's any wonder left in you from childhood, just -- you know, the kind of curiosity you
4:48 pm
watch something and it's our nature to want to know, to want to figure things out. and i think that's part of the beautiful thing about the show is that that kind of follows us for 13 episodes of this how do they do that? and well, there is a peek into how these things work, we're always kind of left with a little bit of wonder. >> i should explain that jack's character is an illusionist and he is hired by the fbi to try and help them solve crime and you work for the fbi. are you a little skeptical of his magic? >> he introduces himself on an active crime scene, where we're inspecting wreckage, and he weasels his way on to the crime scene and so there's some scowling and eye rolling from a woman in her position, to solve
4:49 pm
these crimes because they're high stakes. but she kind of relaxes into the relationship and she realizes how valuable they are to the fbi. >> what sort of magic do you have to perform in the show? >> pretty much all the sleight of hand, all the closeup magic that you see is me, that's real, it's not c.g.i. or anything like that. but there's definitely some movie magic, that happens once you've seen the pilot. but there are also these larger scale deceptions which i continue magic and illusion and also what we can do for the camera. it but the both the imagimagicians who wor the show and those that created it, everything we do on the show, if you had the time, the money and the resources, you could actually do, there's no
4:50 pm
harry potter magic in it, it's the david copperfield brand of mag magic, that it is feasible if you have the time. >> intriguing. deception airs sunday on abc7 at 10:00 p.m. following the premier of american idol. actor mark hamill was honored today with his own star on the hollywood walk of fame. he was joined by co-star harrison ford. two storm troopers and r2d23 paid a visit. >> from jedi to joker and back again, it's been a fantastic ride, thank you so much. >> there are now more than 2,600 stars by the way on the walk of fame. if you're looking for
4:51 pm
something fun to do this weekend, we got you covered. >> chocolate bacon, beer and bicycling in the buff. you've got a wide range of options this weekend. head to the oakland water front saturday for the fifth annual bacon and beer festival. sample bacon inspired dishes like these. beer from some of your favorite regional breweries. this year's festivities will be at jack london square. all proceeds will go to supporting local businesses. if you prefer to burn your calories and not eat them, you can participate in the ride around the marina, lombard and the haigth.
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you get in here the ferry at 11:00 a.m. to wrap things up on a sweet note. master chocolaters and once you've had your fill of tastings. you just might learn something by sitting in on the chefs and baker talks. you can get details on these events and more just go to our website, and we'll link you up with hoodline. now to a different kind of bird's-eye view. check out this view of penguins posing for self-ys. a man lost his camera near a research station, and when he returned, he discovered these curious penguins looking into the lens. teenagers, they have a new
4:53 pm
trick to hide vaping from parents and teachers. >> like behind the teacher's back, and then just like try to -- >> yeah, there's a little gadget that's causing big problems in schools. and dana's here with what's come up on abc7 news at 5:00. new at 5:00, we have contraband -- students walk out of class in the south bay, there's talk about money being mismanaged and an investigation by the feds. also ahead, the number one reason you should file your taxes early. and the animate for who won an oscar alongside kobe bryant talks about his new exhibit in san francisco. those stories and a lot more when kristen and i see you for abc7 news at 5:00. you have to take a first step to take a stand. >> it's the job of everyone here at abc7 to share your story, to tell the truth, help you understand the truth. empower you. >> empoower your family.
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murder and abc7 news at 11:00. p school administrators want them to talk to their kids about this product, they say it's dangerous. it looks like a usb drive. >> lincoln high school in san francisco is a smoke free and vape free campus, but students say that doesn't stop people from using jewel, a vaporizer that looks like a usb drive. >> they sneak under the table and take a little puff. >> reporter: san francisco yuan fighted the trying to educatory students. >> reporter: jewel is a san francisco based company. according to their website, juul accommodates nicotine like levels. >> you just can't notice it all the time. it's easier to do. >> reporter: in an email to abc7 news, a spokesperson for juul
4:58 pm
writes, quote, we strongly condemn the use of our product by minors and it is in fact illegal to sell our product to minors. no minor should be in possession of a jewel product. >> we do it in class, like behind the teacher's back, and then just try to -- >> reporter: youth outreach student students want to educate their peers. jewel says it limits website sales to age 21 and over, and working with schools, law enforcement and community leaders. sfusd said it would not accept an invitation to work with juul or any other big tobacco company. anonymous sure way given to san francisco students says the use of electronic vaping products has gone down that that makes them believe that the
4:59 pm
youth outreach program has been effective. abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> she just started screaming. >> reporte >> this woman says her daughter was face timing when she was hit and the driver ran away. plus -- >> what the mayor of oakland did the other day was a disgrace. >> it seems both the president and the mayors still have a lot to say. students walk out of class in the south bay, there's talk of money mismanagement and an investigation by the feds. i didn't intend to be in animation. >> theanimator, he just won an oscar and is the star of the latest exhibit. the breaking news is about north korea. >> president trump has agreed to meet face-to-face with north
5:00 pm
korean leader kim jong-un by may. >> one of the top security officials shared the plans in a meeting outside the white house an hour ago. the talking between -- >> no sitting president has ever met a north korean leader. mr. trump had ruled out direct talks unless the north drastically reduces its nuclear arsenal. >> meantime president trump took a swipe at mayor libby schaaf the same way that jeff sessions did yesterday when he was here in california. >> reporter: and you're right, the chief critic of mayor libby schaaf today is the commander in chief, who as you heard, said she was a disgrace for alerting that i.c.e. would be raiding for undocumented immigrants. today had his words to say,


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