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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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in california are putting law enforcements in danger just to score political points and specifically called out oakland mayor libby schaaf, who warned the community that an i.c.e. raid was coming. >> here's my message to mayor schaaf, how scare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open borders agenda. >> reporter: he made his comment at the california association of californ association. >> it's not cpoa's role to endorse what the attorney general says, i think the attorney general has his viewpoint and he represents the federal government. >> reporter: plenty of strong opinions could be heard outside the hotel, protesters were outraged that the state is being sued and the attorney general came here to announce it. >> i think it's just a bully
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tactic. we're definitely not surprised, but we're not going to, as the speaker stated, we're not going to stand here and just let it happen. >> reporter: organizers were pleased with today's turnout, since they just found out yesterday that the attorney general was coming. the protests were peaceful. the reaction to the attorney general's comments today was shift. >> leann, what did the mayor have to say about sessions specifically calling her out? >> reporter: let me just say this, that it was apparent to reporters today, larry, that mayor schaaf is not comfortable being in this position. during today's press conference, she said, quote, it was not my intention to get caught up in a national debate. now having said that, the mayor said she was defiant. he said oakland's agenda is a
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thriving community, trump's agenda is bigotry and vindictiveness. now schaaf once again insisted that less than half of the people detained by i.c.e. during the most recent raid did not have criminal charges. jeff sessi and this is how she responded to the attorney general's how dare you remarks. >> how dare you vilify members of our community, by trying to frighten the american public into thinking that all undocumented residents are dangerous criminals. >> reporter: mayor schaaf also reveals that the oakland city attorney's office which of course represents her is now working with linda hague, the attorney for northern california
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and i am being told by city hall that hague has offered her services to the city of oakland pro buono. >> so the question stands is who do you think will win the lawsuit, we did post that on >> it's 50/50 right now. keep in mind, this will likely be decided and appealed and decided and appealed before we get all the way ultimately to the supreme court. keep voting and we'll continue to check out the evening. governor brown called on attorney general sessions to apologize to california after today's speech in sacramento. >> this is completely unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out here and engage in a political stunt, make wild accusations, many of which are based on outright lies, that's unusual. >> governor brown also told
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reporters shortly after the speech that sessions acted more like fox news than a law enforcement officer. you can hear more of the speeches by governor brown and attorney general jeff sessions, we have them for you on as well as the abc7 news app. in the meantime, president trump will make his first visit to california since being sworn into office. he'll travel to san diego next tuesday to inspect border wall prototypes. he's also expected to attend a fund-raiser in loons angeles. president donald trump is the first president to skip a visit to california during his first year in office. >> why has it taken him so long? he's been busy, creating jobs, defeating isis, i would be happy to name off some other successes, but that's probably enough. let's turn to the weather now, boy, does it look beautiful
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behind us. but more rain is actually coming. >> taking a live look outside to our east bay hills, talk about a gorgeous scene outside, our meteorologist drew trktuma. >> live doppler 7, the satellite showing the showers well offshore at this hour. you kind of see the motion of the moisture, moving kind of in a north/northeast fashion. 66 in san francisco, 70 in freemont and concord, 65 that number in santa rosa. some light showers, the best chance is really along the north bay and along the coast. minimal if nothing will make its way into the south bay. later on this evening by 8:00,
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probably a few light sprinkles around santa rosa. around 10:00, those showers trying to approach the city of san francisco. but as this front moves through in the early morning hours, it's really just going to fall apart. but we are tracking more chances for rain and when those chances for rain to fall over the weekend. now to a dramatic officer involved shooting in san francisco. >> gunshots rang out in the mission district late last night as police shot and killed an armed robbery suspect who was in the trunk of a car. it all started after two victims flagged down officers and they located the suspect vehicle at 21st and capp streets. >> capp street between 21st and 22nd street covered with dozens of evidence markers after an officer involved fatal shooting in the mission district captured on cell phone video.
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monday night just after 10:30 p.m., san francisco police say two armed robbery victims flagged down officers in a marked car and provided a suspect vehicle description, a black honda civic. >> they asked him to put his hands up. >> reporter: after one shot fired, officers telling the system to show his other hand, that they were going to shoot at him again, then this. [ gunshots ] >> shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: the suspect died at the scene. police say a mannhand gun was located in the trunk of the vehicle. the investigation continued well into wednesday afternoon, the black honda with it's back windows shot out and paper plates was towed. a woman identifying herself as the victim's cousin --
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>> we're ready for some accountability, something needs to be done to stop the killings. >> reporter: san francisco police have not confirmed how many shots were fired, but bullets hit cars, and homes. police asked to search through cook's apartment, his apartment windows were shot out. >> there was a bullet fragment in my apartment. which is very spooky, wondering what would have happened if i was there. . >> reporter: one neighbor who did not wish to be identified said he believed the use of force was justified. >> he was not complying with what the police were telling him. >> reporter: police say a third suspect in the car was also detained. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> this is the first officer involved shooting of the year for the san francisco police. last year there were 6. a trial began today for a san francisco police officer known as the hot cop of the castro. he's accused of running away after hitting two men with his car in the city. now abc7 news was inside the
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hall of justice when chris coors walked into court. investigators say coors hit the two men with his personal vehicle and abandoned the car on broadway in november of 2015. coors was offduty at the time. before that, coors generated a social media following while walking the beat in the castro. caltrans says it's investigating how a small fire started yesterday in some netting under the western span of the bay bridge. sky 7 captured some incredible video of a fire boat shooting water into the air trying to douse the flames. you see the water hitting vehicles before the westbound lanes were shut down. wild weather moving through the northeast and it's having a big impact on travelers right here in the bay area. we'll have the details. plus, could soon be a lot more water front water, the warning about rising sea levels and the bay area land that could
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make things worse. and "7 on your side's" michael finney is taking your questions as we speak on facebook, post those questions with the #askfinney. >> let's get a live look at the afternoon commute. starting with the sky way in downtown san francisco, trying to get to the lower deck of the east bay. folks coming off the bridge on to 101 south. that's actually movin
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the ross spring dress event. it's here. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. whether you want to stand out from the crowd or dance the night away. from a weekend getaway to that special celebration. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event, on now. ♪ you're gotta go to ross. immigration law is the promise of the federal government, it's in the
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constitution. your refusal to apprehend and deport those, especially the criminal element effectively rejects all immigration law. it's a rejection of law. >> that was attorney general jeff sessions this morning in sacramento. there was so much rhetoric in the immigration sanctuary debate. we're going to try to cut through all of that right now. our guest is usf law professor bill hain, as well as a member of the police commission, so well qualified on both sides of this issue. let's start with the law here, this sounds like a case that's going to go all the way to the supreme court, but how long might that take? >> reporter: well the process start to finish in filing a lawsuit and going through trial and then going to the court of appeals and then ending up in the supreme court if that, would probably take at least three to four years. >> with appeals all along the way, correct?
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>> absolutely. this is not something that's going to be resolved overnight. >> all right, bill, police in sanctuary cities say they need these laws protecting undocumented immigrants because crime would go up and arrests would go down in those communities if people are fearful, they may get deported for reporting a crime or testifying. based on your experience with the san francisco police commission, do you feel that's a valid case? >> absolutely. san francisco police chief and police chiefs across the country understand that when immigrants are in fear, they don't report being victims of crime or being witnesses of crime. and we saw that actually a year ago when the trump administration first announced that it was going to start conducting sweeps and raids, reporting of crimes actually went down in certain communities and certain zip codes and so pit's a legitimate concern on te part of the police. >> do you see a compromise
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anywhere here where, yes, we detain and deport undocumented immigrants who commit crimes, but we're still able to protect those people who are law abiding citizens with jobs, who are paying their taxes. in some cases, we have seen people who have served in our military, fought for our country and still get deported. how do we get a compromise? >> i think the governor really did try to work out a compromise. he actually was not happy with the original version of what's called s.b. 54, which is what mr. sessions is going to challenge the so-called state sanctuary ordinance. the first version of that did not have carveouts that satisfied the governor. those carveouts somebody's been convicted of very serious violent crimes, those folks actually will be turned over to i.c.e. so that was a very difficult debate that went on, a similar
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kind of debate went on in san francisco when mayor ed lee was alive and two or the sanctuary ordinance was modified. this is not about letting somebody out on the street with a proven track record of being a violent criminal, that's not what's going to happen under these laws. >> short answer because we're up against the clock here, but we're asking our viewers who do you think is going to win this case. you have more expertise than the rest of us. how do you it plays out ultimately? >> ultimately the sanctuary ordinances will be upheld. this is not about regulating immigrants, it's about public safety. >> professor, thanks very much for your time. >> some great perspective there especially from him and his point of view and when we take a look at how everyone is voting at, you can see the
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percentage is staying the same here, just about half of who will win this lawsuit, people saying the federal government, 48%, and people who say the state will win, 52%. >> it's very complicated. >> so much debate. >> but we're going to continue to take your votes and monitor them and show them all the way through our newscast tonight at 6:00 p.m. shifting gears now, it looks like adult film star stormy daniels says she wants to set the record straight about the relationship she had with president trump in 2006. the suit claims the agreement is not binding because mr. trump never actually signed it. daniels attorney says there is no question the president knew about this agreement. >> the idea that an attorney would go off on his own, without his client's knowledge and engage in this type of
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negotiation and enter into this type of agreement quite honestly i think is ludicrous. >> michael cohen paid stormy daniels $130,000. today the white house denied the claim against the president and claimed the case had already been won in ash strags. nancy pelosi donated some items to the smithsonian national museum of history today. she handed over her burgundy dress she wore when she received her gavel as speaker of the house. pelosi says she was humbled that her colleagues had the courage to elect her as speaker. >> we need the voices of all women, we need their courage and their strength, because when women succeed, america succeeds.
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>> pelosi's dress joins sally ride's dress suit. and do you see what's a little bit different here? mcdonald's, a mcdonald's franchise near los angeles has flipped up the golden arches upside down to make it a w. there are about 100 other restaurants will turn their signs upside down to mark they are owned by women. drew, we do have some rain coming? >> and that was the same storm that got us feet of snow in the sierra. now it's on the east coast, burying them in snow. right now it's warm, a little bit of rain, but it's after dark for most. live doppler 7 will show you that rain is still off the coast. live doppler 7 showing you that
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rain kind of moving in a northwe north/northeast direction. clouds are building off the coast and we will turn cloudy overnight tonight. but ahead of that front, it's warm out there, 60s and 70s the name of the game. 67 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. overnight tonight, the clouds will continue to increase, and it's going to be a rather mild night, overnight, 52 the overnight low in san francisco, only 50 in san jose, 48 oakland. but there will be some spotty showers in the next 12 hours. the bigger picture, here's the storm system, you can see that swirl on satellite, that is the low pressure system, but much of that is going to move up to the pacific northwest, we're just going to get a tail end scrape of this storm overnight. it's a 1, a light system, light
4:21 pm
showers and the best chance of this moisture is really going to be in the north bay and around the coast. minimal if anything would fall in the south bay, if this storm system just fall it apart as it crosses the region. 8:00 later on tonight, showers very light in nature, just beginning to fall around santa rosa. as we advance the clock towards 11: 11:00. you notice the showers still light in the north bay and beginning to approach the coast and parts of san francisco. and then overnight, as that front moves through, it just really falls apart. you see the moisture just evaporate, the cloud cover stays in place, and we will have a dry commute tomorrow morning. in terms of total rain with this storm system, very light in nature. future track of rainfall shows the highest amount will be in the north bay, generally less than a quarter-inch. but you look inland, likely ending up with nothing out of this system. so your 12-hour planner, a lot of cloud cover early on, you're dry in the morning and more sunshine by the afternoon, and
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once again, temperatures will be on the mild side with most spots in the 60s. 68 in concord, going for a high of 70 in san jose, 64 the high in santa rosa. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we'll show you morning clouds will sweep out to sunshine tomorrow afternoon. friday will be mainly dry, there is a chance at night there could be a shower in the south bay. but the best chance for everybody will come on saturday night, a system that's a 1 on the storm impact scale. those mild temperatures hang around until early next week and then another chance of rain. the man accused of francis mcdermocdermott's oscar statue.
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the man accused of stealing frances mcdormand's best oscar appeared in court today. he was seen holding the statuette at the official post oscars party on sunday. his lawyer said the images don't rise to felony grand theft. bryant could get three years in prison if convicted. nfl legend peyton manning is cutting back his ties to the papa john's pizza chain. manning sold his shares in the papa john's company. mana manning will remain papa john's spokesperson. speaking of manning, he could be in line for a big payday if he
4:26 pm
heads to the broadcast booth. sporting news reports that fox and our sister network espn are both prepared to pay mananing u to $10 million a year to be an analyst. fox will begin airing thursday night football this season. music legend and new american idol judge lionel ritchie is now immortalized in front of the chinese theater in hollywood. the ceremony was held today for ritchie to put his hand and footprints in the cement there. lionel ritchie is one of the best selling artists of all time. his family joined him at the event. you can join lionel on the season premier of american idol this sunday march 11. that same storm that pounded the bay area is now really pounding the rest of the
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country. still having an effect right here as well. plus more fallout from that spy drama in the uk just days after a former
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an armed robbery suspect was killed in a police shooting in san francisco's mission district. police say two victims flagged down officers at 20th and capp street last night. police say one of them was in a car, ignored commands to show his hand, the officer opened fire and the suspect died at the scene. and dwyane wade surprised students at stoneman douglas high school today. president trump is going to be in san diego on tuesday to inspect border wall prototypes. attorney general jeff sessions called california radical extremists for resisting the federal policies. he said that california's willingness to work against i.c.e. raids comes from it's -- >> sam ricardo is a mayor of a
4:31 pm
city with 1 billion residents, he estimates 80% of them or 800,000 of them are undocumented. we took a walk with mayor ricardo. because he specialized in sexual assault crimes, he said he saw the benefit of fostering trust and cooperation between police and undocumented residents in order to get convictions. >> to enable witnesses the brother or the sister or the best friend to come forward to give a statement and to testify in court, without that trust that you build up, those are people who would never have come forward and as a result we would have a child molester out on the street, otherwise not convicted for the 30 years that we got him for. >> reporter: the mayor also recalled how trust between undocumented residents and police helped sue press gang activity east of downtown. neighborhood leaders tipped police on gang activity.
4:32 pm
>> that was really the peak location for gang activity in the city, and it's now become much more quiet and much safer because we have residents who are undocumented communicating every week with the local police. >> reporter: the mayor joined those same neighborhood leaders for a weekend cleanup. >> we took a photograph after the event and we had probably 35 people out there helping to clean up the community trash and so forth. and someone said to me, you know, there are only two people in this entire group that are legally present in this country. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> mayor ricardo also also alsoo that no decision on daca but no decision has made been to take action in the city's lawsuit against the state. jeff sessions, we have a simple message, your threat also
4:33 pm
not change who we are, they will not change our missions or our values, our sanctuary city policies make all cities safer. kamal kamala -- >> that storm that pounded the bay area last week, is now causing problems in the northeast, where they could get up to a foot of snow. zachary joins us live in the northeast with the very latest. >> reporter: you know, this morning it started off as rain and some people were questioning if it would even materialize. it certainly has, we're told that there's two bands just above us now, so this is going to continue for at least the next couple of hours, some places along the east coast have already seen up to a foot of snow. >> reporter: it's coming down now, heavy snow in pennsylvania, new jersey and new york. >> not liking it at all.
4:34 pm
i hope the wires stay up, the power stays on, it's going to be a rough weekend. >> reporter: and flights cancelled around the northeast. new york's laguardia showing this board, full of cancellations. here's the latest forecasts, you can see the storm hugging the coastline, marching up the i-5 corridor, with 60 million americans in its path. this was king of prussia, pennsylvania making the morning commute a tough go. states of emergency have been issued in rye -- thunder snow already reported in parts of new york city and new jersey. many still without power after being punched in the mouth by last week's storm. >> filling up my gas for my generator, we lost power this morning about an hour ago. >> just this morning? >> we had lost it last week for about 20 hours, but right now we're out this morning, i don't know how long.
4:35 pm
>> communities doing their best to prep, clouds and salt trucks out in full force. school >> reporter: schools closed, fights cancelled, it's not a good day to be getting around out here in new york. >> what a mess out there, good time to be in california, i guess. quick question, is the worst of the storm over with? >> reporter: that's a good question, we're hearing reports that this is going to last at least the next couple of hours, and we're seeing a few people move through central park here on their way home from work, a lot of people were sent home early, but it's fair to say this will continue through the next few hours and we'll probably wake up to it tomorrow morning. >> those people moving slowly through the park. in the meantime, we are taking a live look outside at san francisco international airport where travelers nationwide face those delays des
4:36 pm
zachary mentioned because of the weather in the northeast. 25 flights have been cancelled most of those involving east coast airports. a live look at san jose international where four arriving flights from new york have been cancelled already, we also have checked with oakland international. so far there have been no major delay there is. british authorities say a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned by nerve gas, or a nerve agents. this surveillance video shows the minutes right before sergei skripal and his daughter became critically ill. one of the police officers that responded to the scene is also in the hospital. there are suspicions it was an assassination attempt, russia is denying any involvement. here's a question, do you like to shop online? but how about with a glass of wine in your hand? america's shopping problem and the sobering statistics. how about saving instead of
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spending? how you can start putting money away for your child's education right now. and clear skies, giving way to cloud cover this
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oh, boy what a story. america has apparently a drunk shopping problem. this is according to
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amount americans averaged spending $444 in drunk purchases last year. men, larry, are more likely than women to spend while drunk, an average of $564 compared to $282. we have so much restraint. generation x spent more than triple that amount that millennial's did. the most common purchase, 61% of drunk shoppers said they bought food. the next popular thing to spend money on, clothing and gambling at about 25% each. time for ask ask ask ask ask peter asks is it legal for an employer to deduct t$2 from your check to pay for insurance. >> yes, they can do it and they need to get your permission in
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writing, and you do not have to participate. i'll post some links to the labor commission. i lo >> i love this question, a lot of people ask it on the next door app. is there a city law in san francisco where a homeowner will have to pay for not cleaning up animal feces on their property? >> yes, it is in the san francisco health code. it is illegal to have animal, urine or biological excrementses on your property. there is a fine but you can contest the fine by going to a hearing. this is like the anti-graffiti law, the owner of the building has to clean up the graph fffif even though they didn't do it. elisa says, is there a way to
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start saving for my child's college? >> yes, yes, yes. there's an education investment account, it's called a 529 plan, it allows free. interest paid on that money is not taxed as long as you use the money for education, we're talking about college, trades schools, things like that. since you just had a child, we're talking 18 years of tax free growth. that's amazing. and anyone can contriute to a plan, i want you to think in terms of grandparents. i'll post a link to the irs website information you need. and if you have a question for me, you can report a 10 to 15-second long video, post it on social media. if you use the #askfinney, i'll find it. you can also reach me through my facebook page and
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>> 18 years. that's a long time. 18 years. now your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. >> act accuweather tracking some light showers you can see off the coast on live doppler 7, they'll be moving onshore tonight. on our storm 77al pact scal storm will be a 1, little if anything falls in the south bay. 8:00 at night we have some showers around santa rosa, probably around 10:00, those showers trying to make their presence known along the coast. and then watch as the system falls apart early tomorrow morning. tonight, a lot of cloud cover overhead, a sprinkle in the north bay. so it's a rather mild night in terms of march numbers.
4:44 pm
highs in the 60s if not low 70s. the accuweather forecast shows you mostly sun, there's a chance of showers, but a widespread chance on saturday, and sunday is mild, definitely the better of the two days this weekend. just ahead, getting back to work, the effort to help bay area veterans find jobs. and get ready to scream for more ice cream. what's new it's the ross spring dress event. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event. on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross tesla's semiheavy duty trucks are really moving now. the trucks have been spotted on california highways and now they're officially in action, elon musk posting this photo. the trucks are going from nevada to the car factory in freemont. it's the final few hours of burgers and beers for a beloved menlo park oasis and pub. the elk camino royal are set to close tonight. according to an online petition to save the o, the land lords
4:48 pm
are looking for anyone who would like to take over the restaurant. and the value mont in couper teen know, the movie theater change said that due to the mall's status, it determined further investment in that location is not feasible. two ballot measures to redevelop the property failed in the last election, it is possible amc could return if a viable plan to revive the mall is in place by the end of the year. veteran over 4%. a job fair will be held at levy's stadium from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. so joining us on is sam durant. we have to talk about unemployed or under employment, what does
4:49 pm
that mean? >> you know, 4% is definitely low, and it's the lowest in a decade. the difference between unemployment and under employment, is that somebody may be in a job opportunity that they may be necessarily overqualified for, whether they took that job just coming out of the military because they were nervous, they just didn't know what they wanted to do so they just took a job opportunity or they're maybe working two jobs right now just to make ends meet. or they may not be getting paid the salary that they should be getting paid. that's what under employment is. >> let's talk about what's available at this job fair? is it entry level positions? what type of employers will be there seeking what type of employees? >> everything from entry level positions to high legal leadership positions. there's a lot that the military workforce and the military talent brings to the table and
4:50 pm
that's what these companies are looking for, companies like lockheed-martin, home depot, they're looking for a lot of the leadership that the military brings to the table. >> i'm sure there are people out there who want to attend, but aren't sure that there are employers they would want to work for and there are a significant amount of them that will be there. >> i would say half the battle is just showing up. i myself am a success rate from showing up at a job fair. i was leaving the base at ft. hood and saw a recruitment sign for a military job fair and i answered an ad for a good company and i'm still here at the same company. >> let's talk about veterans families, they also are encouraged to be a part of this. >> absolutely, the spouses, children of the veteran, they're definitely invited to attend this. because let's face it, they served as well. >> i love that. sam lorents. thanks for joining us today.
4:51 pm
a quick reminder for everyone out there, this is tomorrow at levy stadium, this is in santa clara, make sure to bring your resume as well. apparently it is true, when you scream ice cream we do get more ice cream. the museum of ice cream in san francisco has been so successful, they're extending their run for three months. they have two new installations now, to ride a pink elephant, like this, or sniff your way through the mint jungle. and cure raators say there's so other surprises as well. >> we have upgraded every single room. at ice cream museum we switch things up and add new surprises. >> tickets are online through the end of may, they cost $38 a person. the museum is open wednesday
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through monday and it's just off of union square. scientists say that rising seas could pose a big problem over the next few decades. now a new worry, it has to do with some hot spots like treasure island and how it's likely to get worse. coming up new at 5:00. >> some homeowners could expect to lose over the course of a 30-year mortgage over $100,000. >> one city is getting hit harder than everyone else. plus how a book of poems is raising money and bringing people together in the north bay. also a big thanks to a former stanford football star, a colorado man says without his help he would have died. >> it's the job of everyone to tell their story. >> tell the truth. >> unts the truth. be whether you're worried about
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your daughter at work or your son at school, we're here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. because anyone can cover local news, but it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. >> find your ally
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tonight in prime time on abc7, 8:00, it's the goldgoldbe, followed by speechless and a
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brand-new episode of dead natured survivor and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. we have all heard how there may be a sea level rise and- >> rising water and sinking land are not a good combination. >> reporter: when seen from drone view 7, it's not quite the lost city of atlantis, but sections of the bay may feel that way in 80 years or so. the bad news came from a well meaning scientist. dr. roland bergman now finds that his -- he projects the consequences of their happening together. rising water is going to be a problem all across the bay area, but especially in areas built on landfills, like here on treasure island, it's already sinking a half an inch away, by 2100 the
4:57 pm
entire northwest section could be under water. >> the information appears to be in -- >> work will soon begin on some 8,000 new homes, the plan to build back hundreds of yards from the present shoreline, already they're importing dirt to race the landfill level. >> we're going to pile a lot of dirt on the existing soil to add weight. >> reporter: but treasure island isn't the only area of concern. without modification, plan on sinking wat ining land and risi around san francisco airport and big problems for homeowners in foster city. around san francisco bay, the study says to expect a foot of sea level rise by 2030, two feet by 2050 and six feet by 2100. now add other factors. >> peak water level, during king tides or during big rain events,
4:58 pm
or a really wet winter will be even higher than what we use in our study. >> reporter: the question now, what to do about it. on treasure island, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> among the possible solutions, seawalls, you saw that in wayne's story, the other building on top of existing landfills, but all this will be expensive. a relic found on an australian beach turns out to be the oldest bottled -- the date on the message, june 12, 1886, the bottle was one of thousands thrown into the ocean by the german scientists to find faster shipping routes. >> get the latest news any time with personalized push alerts so you can get more of the news you want delivered to your phone and get it in real time. with that thank you for
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joining us for abc7 news at 4:00, abc7 news at 5:00 starts now. here's my message for mayor schaaf, how dare you? >> the attorney attorney atto mayor of oakland. >> it's not my intention to get caught up in a national debate. >> she's right in the midd it. state officials tell libby schaaf, we have got your back. and the political endorsement that could cost two judges time and money. and a new warning about what you catch in bay area waters. california absolutely appears to me is using every power it has, powers it doesn't have, to frustrate federal law enforcement. >> and like so many in the trump administration, this attorney general has no regard for the truth. what he said earlier today is not true. it is a lie.
5:00 pm
>> the governor says the white house is going to war with the state of california. the administration also has oakland in it sights. >> here's my message to mayor schaaf, how dare you? how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers to promote a radical open boards agenda. >> a showdown tonight over sanctuary status. >> attorney general jeff sessions was in sacramento today to officially announce a lite against california over its sanctuary state policies. >> the attorney general strongly criticized oakland when the mayor notified immigrants about an i.c.e. raid in oakland. >> reporter: during today's press conference, the mayor of oakland said she was not looking for this kind of attention. with that said, she then lashed ou a


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