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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 6, 2018 1:07am-1:43am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> a san francisco mother and
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her young son die while skiing in tahoe. it didn't happen on the slopes, but just feet from where they were staying. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. dan and ama are off tonight. the mother and son were discovered under feet of snow near the kirkwood condo complex where they were staying over the weekend. >> the snow just slid from a roof, burying them. lilian kim is live in the newsroom with more on what happened. lilian? >> reporter: kristen and eric, the mother and her son were calling it a day yesterday, heading back to their condo when the snow came crashing down on them. 50-year-old olga perkovic and her 7-year-old son aaron goodstein had finished their last run of the day at kirkwood mountain resort. deputies say they took a different path to get to their condo, through a wooded area. but moments after reaching the edelweiss condo complex seen here on the website, snow slid from the roof. they ended up buried in three feet of snow.
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to those who know and love the mother and son, this tragic accident comes as a shock. aaron was a first grader at mensch american high school in hayes valley. the school's community was alerted this afternoon. >> we are just devastated by this loss in our community and are working together with our faculty and staff to support one another during this challenging time. we have plans in place to communicate with our students tomorrow and help support them as they process this. >> reporter: photos from the alpine county sheriff's department show just how much snow there was in the sierra over the weekend. it led to an avalanche at squaw. while the five people trapped in it survived, a snowboarder who was reported missing during a blizzard nearby was found dead. as for olga perkovic and her son aaron, the two were skiing in kirkwood with olga's two other children and her mother. live in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> lilian, thanks a lot. a santa cruz man is being called a hero for helping stop a woman who was stabbing people on a bus. they were headed from las vegas to oakland and then to oregon today.
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after boarding at bakersfield, police say a woman suddenly grabbed a 3-year-old child and put a knife to the girl's neck, threatening to kill her. the mother was stabbed trying to fight back. the bus driver and two passengers jumped in. those passengers were wounded. nathan walhala of santa cruz was one of the men who stepped in. his wrist and finger were badly cut. >> just trying to stop her from hurting the mother and the daughter anymore than she had already trieded a done. the adrenaline was going. i just didn't want her to hurt anybody. >> reporter: the woman stabbed herself in the neck. she is undergoing surgery. the 3-year-old was not cut but had minor injuries when she was dropped. stunning video shows airline passengers who flew out of sfo wrestling a woman to the floor after she tried to open a door mid flight. >> i am god, i am god, i am god. >> that woman can be heard yelling i am god over and over as the passengers restrain her with zip ties. it happened on a skywest flight
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from sfo to boys it is. airport officials only told police they had an unruly officer. officers were waiting for her at the gate. >> i'm not surprised the passengers got very involved here. that's precisely what's been happening any time we've had a disruption in a commercial airliner since 9/11. >> the woman is now in the care of idaho health officials. prosecutors have not yet decided whether they'll press charges. would you share a bathroom with a stranger? how about a kitchen? one bay area entrepreneur thinks shared living spacesis a solution to affordable housing. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen gives us a look inside. >> reporter: communal kitchens, shared bathrooms, and a long hallway to bedrooms. feels a lot like a college dorm. >> that's a very different experience. >> reporter: or maybe not you. might call star city an experiment in urban living. the three community homes located in the mission, soma and north beach aim to make the city more affordable for working san franciscans like chris maddocks
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who quit his job in tech so he could pursue writing. >> we talk a lot about gentrification. one of the challenges is people just can't live here. can't compete with the salaries being paid to tech workers and that drive up the rents. >> reporter: chris was the first star city mission resident, cutting his rent from $4100 a month down to $2100. >> i continue to write and be in the same area i otherwise would have wanted to live in. >> our goal is to be in the heart of san francisco. >> reporter: john founded star city two years ago and is developing 14 other properties in san francisco along with one in oakland. he tells me his aspirations extend beyond affordable housing for. >> there is a nanny share or grandma lives with the group that would obviously bring the cost of child care down significantly. >> there is a wait list. almost 9,000 applicants long. he plans to deliver another 2,000 units by 2019. in san francisco, kate larsen, abc 7 news. now imagine sitting in an airplane at 35,000 feet when
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suddenly the passenger next to you starts groping you. it is a scary situation that appears to be happening more often. now some angry passengers and flight attendants are demanding the airlines do a better job responding to sexual assaults in the sky. >> about three hours into the flight, as i was falling asleep, i felt a hand in my crotch. >> he grabbed my arm and my side right under my left breast. >> he started to touch my legs, stroke my leg, tickle it. >> he grabbed my upper thigh like the crotch area. >> all these women say they were sexually assaulted on different flights, and all say the airlines did not do enough to protect them. allison was on a delta flight when she says a man groped her. >> i immediately -- i hit him and started to try to get out of the seat. he grabbed me again. i hit him again. and the third time he hit me as i was trying to get away.
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>> she says she had a panic attack and ran down the aisle to the flight attendants. >> and they weren't sure what to do. they asked me what i wanted them to do. but in that moment, i wasn't thinking clearly. >> the crew eventually moved her to another seat, but tried to get her to move back next to her attacker for landing. she refused. she says the airline did not call law enforcement, and the man just walked away. delta would not comment on the incident, but sent an e-mail to abc 7 news saying in part we continue to be disheartened by the original event ms. dvaladze described. delta says it does train crews to handle harassment and assault. ayana was on a different flight when she says she was groped by a man who was drunk. >> the flight attendant said don't worry about him. he flies with us all the time. he is delta platinum. >> she sued saying the crew failed to stop groping and
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continued serving alcohol. skywest actually operated the flight. the case against skywest is moing forward. neither airline would comment. >> come on. >> this cell phone video was taken on a united flight in december when a man was accused of groping ovther passengers. in this case law enforcement was called and the man was charged with disorderly conduct. but just how often do these incidents happen? no one seems to know. >> we checked a major bay area arports and found that they do not track in-flight sexual assault or harassment, and none of the six largest airlines will provide statistics or talk on camera. the fbi has jurisdiction over in-flight sexual assault. the number of investigations is up 65% in the past four years. but many cases are not investigated because they are not reported. >> i would definitely encourage any flight crew that knows of a crime that happened on board to notify law enforcement. >> the association of flight
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attendants says crews are in a tough spot. in a union survey last year, 20% of flight attendants who responded said they had witnessed or taken a report of passenger sexual assault. but 86% had no knowledge or were uncertain about airline policies on how to respond. crowded planes may add to the problem. >> there is the ability, being so close together for the perpetrators to have an oops factor there oops, didn't mean to touch your breast, oops, didn't mean to put my hand on your leg. >> a new bill making its way through the u.s. senate will require airlines to do additional training and report statistics on sexual assault. in the meantime, there is something you can do. >> we need to call on all of the traveling public to say that this is not okay, to use their eyes and ears to look out for it, and to also respond to flight attendants and be willing to step up and help us move passengers around so that anyone who may experience this can be in a safe place. >> if you experienced sexual
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assault on a plane and the airline does not call law enforcement, the fbi says call 911 before you leave the airport. and the major airlines sent statements about their policies concerning sexual harassment and assault. they are posted on where you can also find local resources and information about your rights either on a plane or anywhere else. day care workers facing charges tonight. wait until you hear how police say these three were getting toddlers to fall asleep. and people who have certain prior marijuana convictions in sonoma county are wanted by the sheriff's department, but they have no reason to worry. >> nice firm wrist on that forehand volley. >> now here is a rare sight. bill gates playing tennis with roger federer? the cause that got them out on the court together tonight in san jose. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. the accuweather seven-day forecast will feature two seasons. i'll show you which one, come right up. all right. first here is a look at what is
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bill gates joined roger federer tonight on the tennis court in san jose, but tennis was not the only reason behind the match. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo has the story. >> starstruck tennis fans were treated to an incredible show. >> i want to see him serve. i want to see how fast it really is. >> champion roger federer and top ranked american jack sock headlined the event at the sap center in san jose. but first federer teamed up with bill gates for a doubles match. the two talked with the tennis channel. >> stand right here here in san jose is very, very special for me. so thanks for coming out. i know there is a lot of traffic in this part of the world. so really, really appreciate it. thank you. >> it's great to hear the energy here. the crowd made it a lot of fun. they were nice, even when he we missed a few shots, they were very friendly. so thank you. >> they came for more than tennis. this match for africa raised money for children's education in africa. >> it's very exciting to really measure how these children now
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enroll better, perform better, don't drop out of school. so that's our success. >> the u.s. tennis association also had young students in mind. the northern california section brought 100 kids from underserved communities. >> one of the key components of his foundation is sportsmanship. and that's one of the main factors we want to instill in these kids is developing the child before the athlete. >> this great person usually is a good person, even though he is not on the court. >> the foundation has a goal of reaching one million children by the end of this year. at sap center, katie marzullo, abc 7 news. three day care workers in illinois are accused of giving the sleep enhancer melatonin to toddlers. police say the women fed gummies infused with the calming chemical to 2-year-olds just before nap time. the women said they didn't think the chemical was dangerous. doctors say there is no evidence proving that, but supplements have unreliable measurements of melatonin. the women face child endangerment and battery charges.
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a warrant has been issued for the arrest of former oakland raiders linebacker aldon smith. he is suspected of domestic violence. smith's fiancee told tmz she is the victim. they gotten gauged about two weeks ago. police say he attacked her saturday night at his home in san francisco. smith is facing four misdemeanors. his fiancee said her parents helped him check into rehab. police are working with smith's attorney to arrange a surrender. the raiders have released him. thousands of cannabis convictions in sonoma county could be dismissed. riht now prosecutors are reviewing at least 3,000 prior convictions. they've already reduced or dismissed several dozen. the d.a. said it's in response to this year's legalization of recreational pot. time now for a check on the weather forecast. i think there is nor rain in our future. >> yes. but maybe we just get a little couple of days to dry out. wouldn't that be nice, sandhya? >> it would be. eric is right there. is more rain in the forecast. live doppler 7 right now not
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tracking the rain, which we so need in the bay area. but soon we will be seeing that rain returning to the region as a storm system is developing. this one is going to move in from the west. so it's not going to be a cold storm like we've seen last time around with low snow levels. this one is going to be a milder system coming in from the west. so here is a look at our rain chances. they're coming up midweek. you'll notice wednesday, thursday, and again, later on this weekend. to the weekend and early next week. we need the rain. we need the snow in the sierra. as you take a look right now, temperatures, they're in the 30s to 50s. so quite a range. it's comfortable across most parts of the bay area. by tomorrow morning, you'll feel the chill. kgo roof camera. a beautiful view looking out towards the bay. visibility is terrific tonight. but it will be chilly in the morning. spring-like warmth the next two days. and then here is a sign of winter. rain returns the middle of the week. tomorrow morn when you get going, don't leave home without a jacket or a sweater because it will be near or a little bit above freezing in some of our coldest inland valleys, despite
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the fact that we're going to have some high clouds around. for the afternoon, really mild and spring-like. you can get away with short sleeves in san jose and santa rosa, low 70s. oakland 67 degrees. 65, san francisco. so definitely mild weather for your tuesday. we're going to go with a change in our weather pattern wednesday night into thursday morning. a light level one system coming your way. light scattered showers are expected. anywhere from .05 to half an inch. hour-by-hour by wednesday afternoon, still fine. by wednesday night, you start to see the rain moving in to mendocino county. 6:00 p.m. it's in the north bay. we start to see the rain line shifting by 8:00 p.m. it's going to take a while before we see the showers moving into other parts of the bay area by 10:00 p.m. and in the overnight hours going into thursday morning's commute. you're still going to be seeing damp roadways throughout before this thing moves on out, and it does produce some snow in the sierra. a couple of inches there. we're expecting most of the snow to come later on this week. here is a look at the rainfall
1:27 am
totals first. some of you in the north bay could be picking up close to half an inch there as you'll notice. but some of you on the peninsula, only about a few hundts of an inch of rain. in the mountains, it does turn to snow. this time around a couple of inches by thursday. as we head towards the weekend, we'll be talking about maybe 5 inches at donner. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it does feature spring-like conditions tuesday, wednesday with the 70s inland, 60s coast side. light level 1 system wednesday night into thursday morning. you will see damp roadways out there. friday you get a break. and more systems come through over the weekend. all light level 1 on the impact scale. don't forget you spring forward. sunday morning, daylight saving time begins, which now there are two schools of thought. you lose an hour of sleep or you gain an hour of daylight. eric and kristen? >> i think it's a worthwhile trade off. it's one day's pain. >> i'm in the former school. thank you, sandhya. all right. cupid hits the target in more
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ways than one for this newlywed couple. >> up next, see why their wedding photos are a hit on social media. and tomorrow on "good morning america," an exclusive with chris harrison about tonight's bachelor finale and the kickoff of "american idol." gma starts at 7:00. you have to take a first step to take a stand. >> it's the job of everyone here at abc 7 to share your story. to tell the truth. help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you're worried about your daughter or work or your son at school, we're here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. because anyone can cover local news. but it takes a trusted ally to do your story justice. >> find your ally at
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♪ ♪ hello? hello! ♪ hello? hello. hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪ they walked down the aisle and hit the aisle of target thinking couple in miami, florida, took their wedding photos at the popular retail store. the bride says while dating, they went to target so often, they felt it was only right to include it in their big day. she said they liked long walks at target instead of on the beach, though they were a little
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bummed that they couldn't throw their reception there. >> well, it's got everything they need, right? and when they have a baby, they'll have all the diapers right there, along with the baby needs, formula, all right. yeah. i don't know how we transition from that. >> there is nothing there. >> okay, roger federer and bill gates. >> there you go, there you go. >> the odd couple. >> we have some more tennis from tank on deck, but not a target. in vegas, courtesy of byu, putting a major dent in
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> steph curry expected to be in the starting lineup tomorrow when the dubs host brooklyn. he is not even listed on the injury report after tweaking his ankle friday in atlanta and then playing augusta national on saturday that would be golf. jordan bell played in santa cruz last night, will rejoin for tuesday's game at oracle. after missing almost six weeks with a sprained ankle. his ankle seems to be stable. he just needs to get his conditioning back and his confidence that he can be as athletic as he has been after a
1:36 am
major ankle injury. college hoops. flavor flav looking on in vegas. 18-17, byu in the first. gives the gaels the lead with the two-handed jam. jordan ford at top of the key. he had 13 in the first half. good. byu now down two. dalton nixon gets the ball under the hoop. finish and the foul. byu goes up one. second half. cougars up 43-37. child was a huge two-handed jam, and byu upsets st. mary's 75-82 that final. all right. top seeded gonzaga taking on the dons. usf alum in the house. gonzaga up eight early. jordan but all gonzaga. gonzaga goes up 33-17. zags run away in the second
1:37 am
half. killian made his first nine shots and was 5 of 5 beyond the arc. the bulldogs advance and will face byu in the conference finals. all right. tennis at the tank in san jose. roger federer along with fellow tour player jack socks squared off in a doubles match with bill gates and savannah guthrie, a charity event to support children's education in africa. this point was the highlight of the match. federer engaged in the near court. watch federer and sock, this exchange at the net. federer down on his knees, gets that one. tries to hit it over his head. look at federer. over the top. finally, into the net. and federer would go on to win. a big night for everybody involved. money raised, and a lot of fun. you can see tennis at the tank. this is abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. big fun for everyone. roger, 36 years old and he is ranked number one in the world. >> have to back off the serves tonight. >> a little bit.
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that's going to do it. thank you so much for watching. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. right now guillermo del toro. good night. tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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>> it's crazy. he's obviously not from here. >> an irritated bison sends a message to a pest. >> let's go. >> how the staring contest comes to an end. >> oh boy. >> oh boy. >> oh! you go to the left. we are going to do a 45-degree turn. >> a guy gain his girlfriend's trust. >> maneuvers. >> you're not being serious right now. a teacher tells them to pay attention. >> because we're going to do an experiment. >> how students are getting more than one lesson. >> burn the whole classroom down? and videos for all those who have heard -- >> let's have a baby, they said. it will be fun, they said. >> why fun may not be the right word. pretty sure they didn't just fin shall an ice cream cone. close encounters of the animal kind. sadly it's close encounters with the stupid kind, too.
1:42 am
>> this guy is crazy. >> this man was recorded facing down a bison at a wildlife refuge near the wichita mountains near lauten, oklahoma. >> why would anyone want to do this? >> because people are dumb, for whatever reason they see an animal behind a fence and they think oh they're pets. i can get close. this guy at one point sits down, completely taking away his ability to run in case this bison decides to charge. all of it looks stupid. the people behind the camera who live in the area seem to agree. >> yeah, go on. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] there's your [ bleep ] warning [ bleep ]. >> the bison is tired of the staring game and decides let's go. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> people like this are too stupid to realize they are wild animals. just because they're in refuge it doesn'tea


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