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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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that after going through what we've been there. that's after some issues. we're dialed down to street level in petaluma to show you some of the streets blanketed by visibility that could be down to a couple of hundred feet. it's going to be like that throughout the morning commute. it does stretch from santa rosa down to san rafael. be careful there. as far as the accuweather 12-hour forecast, we'll get to that next. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. the san mateo bridge, no fog there. dry pavement this morning. things are moving along really well on westbound 92. for folks in the hayward stretch, you should be fine. quick check of drive times, overall, pretty good. about 19 minutes across the bay bridge and of course the metering lights are on. they've been on since 5:18 this morning. san francisco to sfo, you look great if you're headed to the airport in the green at nine minutes. things are improving on 680 in the pleasanton area. we'll check on that next.
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>> thanks alexis. one of the most talked about speeches of the oscars from frances mcdormand. you saw a piece of it a moment ago for her best actress win. three billboards out of ebbing missouri. >> let's go to dion lim covering the oscars. >> reporter: reggie and natasha good morning to you. even though the oscars are over, still an active scene behind me outside the dolby theatre. you can see crews taking down the sets from last night and ripping out the famous red carpet. everyone is still talking about frances mcdormand and her speech last night focusing around the theme of inclusion. take a listen. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. >> so much passion. really off the cuffee motion al and raw. that term sparked so much interest that twitter blew up
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with more than 7,000 tweets on the subject in just about 20 minutes. so the inclusion initiative sent out this tweet. shortly after explaining more. it says for those of you asking about the inclusion rider, it's designed to ensure equitable hiring in supportive roles for women, poc. people of color and lgbt community and people with disabilities. mcdormand elaborated more backstage in an interview after accepting her award. >> the fact that i just learned that after 35 years of being in the film business, we're not going back. the whole idea of women trending, no. no trending. african american trending. no. no trending. it changes now. >> all right. now a fun fact. reg and natasha, you can claim frances mcdormand as part of being in the bay area in a roundabout way. she lives here part-time because
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she has a home in marin county. as much as i want to talk to you more, i have to go inside the dolby theatre right now because we're going to be sitting in on a taping of kelly and ryan and their after oscars show. i'll have a preview at 6:45. dion lim, abc 7 news. thank you, dion. we will claim anyone in the bay area. >> claim shape of water. >> i will not. >> the best picture win. a lot of people happy for "the shape of water." not everyone, though. josh dick i is happy. truly happy for its rabid fin base. kind much made me laugh. entertainment reporter, evan mcmurray saying not a single person in my life has mentioned shape of water to me. almost nobody could shut up
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about "get out." a lot of people on social media are saying get out should have won. i just found this tweet. reggie and i were talking about this throughout the morning. matthew bell own i, a reporter, he spoke to tiffany hadish at the governor's ball saying you and maya should host next year. tiffany responded, hey i agree with those people. it could happen. and a lot of people saying tiffany hadish really should maybe host next year. maybe do it with jimmy kimmel. >> she was a bright light. >> she and maya were adorable. they were wonderful together. not a bad idea. we'll see what happens. oscars coverage continues online at and also our abc 7 news app. we have the full list of winners and the most talked about moments there for you. moving on right now, santa clara county fairgrounds hosts two gun shows a year and there's a push to ban them. >> they suggested the board of
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supervisors read the constitution. we're live in san jose. katie? >> reporter: this is not the first time they've tried to restrict gun shows. county supervisor ken yeager says that the people are approaching him about this issue. they're upset when they see advertisement for gun shows at the county fairgrounds. he says quote, allowing firearms to be sold at the fairgrounds is contrary to one of the main missions, promoting the health and well-being of our residents. he cites the shoot shooting in parkland, florida as part of.reason for the ban. the code of the west san jose gun show, the executive director of the group responded to the ban, proposal in the mercury news saying, quote x owning a gun is legal in the united states each when politicians do silly campaigns like this. we suggest he reads the
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constitution. yeager says it would not infringe on legitimate gun owner's rights to use firearms on private property. they question whether it would affect the gun buy backs at the fairgrounds which has happened in past. as far as a financial impact, yeager says the last gun show brought in hoenl $6,000 revenue for the county. the proposal is slated to go before the board of supervisors at tomorrow's meeting. live in san jose, abc 7 news. >> katie, thank you. a woman and her dog are safe after being rescued from the cliffs off of fort fun ston. photos tweeted shows the rescue last night. a ball went over the cliff and a pit bull named blueberry went chasing for it. when the dog went over the cliff, so did the dog's owner. both became stranded and the owner called 9-1-1. they were rescued without injuries. robert mueller's investigation is escalating. what we're learning about it this morning. >> the extension into the south
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bay ran into another problem. we have a couple of days of spring-like warmth ahead of us. i'm still trackin
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people waiting to ride b.a.r.t. to san jose may have to wait longer. the mercury news reports that the projected opening date could be pushed back now until next year. b.a.r.t. previously said it wanted to open the milpitas stations in june. issues, including delays and testing are stalling things now. officials say the opening looks closer to january, maybe even march of 2019. take a look at the peninsula where we are freezing cold in menlo park. 32 degrees there. frost developing as we speak. redwood city and foster city at 35. we've got san mateo at 37. pacifica, belmont at 39. everybody else in the low to mid-40s. look at palo alto, 34. san jose at 36 along with concord, mid-30s in antioch and livermore. frost in san ramon. fairfield and santa rosa at 31. mid-40s in san francisco. looks like a gorgeous day developing. here's the 12-hour planner. you will need the sunglasses. after a heavier coat this
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morning. temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s at 7:00. look at how tight the spread is. one degree different. at noon, 58 to 62 at 4:00. 48 to 54. extra blanket if you're going to watch the kids and their activities. out andb it's going to be dry all day. watch the pollen if you're exercising and a small chop on the bay if you're playing today. >> a check on the east bay possibly. >> we're improving in the pleasanton area, mike. a large piece of metal debris. not sure how it got there. a lot of people trying to avoid that. things starting to improve a bit. still stop and go from 580. up to 29 miles per hour approaching, i think that continue to improve. capital corridor, not looking great. a strike in the east davis area earlier this morning. sacramento to davis are delayed. about an hour behind schedul.
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welcome back. we're watching breaking news in southern california. police right now investigating a credible threat at cypress college. that's located in the city of cypress, near anaheim. a tweet from the school was sent overnight. it says the text or e-mail distribution from the college sunday night is authentic. no classes will be held on the morning of monday, march 5th. we'll update the situation before noon. they sent this out overnight. a lot of people were sleeping. cypress college, a community college with 16,000 students. i'm watching for updates and an investigation is under way right now. i'll let you know as we get details. investigation ramping up. looking at influence peddling from the middle east. he's focusing on george nader, a businessman with close ties to the united arab emirates. he had frequent visits to the white house ahead of president trump's trip to the region.
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he med with steve bannon and jared kushner. >> jared has done an outstanding job. i think he's been treated very unfairly. >> bracing for another tough fight when he formalizes his decisions to slap tariffs on imports. we're learning -- james comey will sit down with george stephanopoul stephanopoulos. he served as fbi director from 2013 to 2017. his controversial firing was blamed on the handling of the investigation into the private e-mail server of hillary clinton. the president was thinking of the russia thing, referring to the russia investigation that comey was overseeing. you can watch the interview during a special set to air april 15th at 10:00 p.m., two days before the release of comey's memoirs.
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today was deadline for daca recipients to sign up for renewal. the students called dreamers are now in a legal limbo of sorts. lower courts are still accepting renewal applications but some students could experience a lapse in their protections while waiting for approval. meantime, dreamers did get a shout out at the oscars. >> like everyone in this room and everyone watching at home, we are dreamers. we grew up dreaming of one day working in the movies. dreams are the foundation of hollywood and dreams are the foundation of america. >> to all the dreamers out there, we stand with you. >> lupita nyong'o is of kenyan mexican heritage and he's a pakistani american from iowa. lower court rulings require the government to continue renewing permits under daca while legal challenges make their way through the courts. >> one. largest oscar parties was here in san francisco. last night was the 30th annual
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academy of friends oscars viewing party. hundreds dressed up for a fun, festive viewing party benefiting local organizations helping those with hiv and aids. part of it included get tg ready for primetime. >> we had 200 volunteers staffing this for two days straight and working nonstop from morning to night. >> all that hard work made for a glamorous evening. abc 7 has been a long-time sponsor of the party which began at a home nearly four decades ago. oscar host jimmy kimmel gave away an $18,000 jet ski as a grand prize to the person who delivered the shortest acceptance speech. >> so the winner is. >> costume designer mark bridges. bring it out. helen mirren, we'll see you in havasu, mark. thanks for watching until the end. >>. mark bridges won an oscar for his work on phantom thread and had the shortest acceptance speech and snagged the grand
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prize, which included a trip to lake havasu and presenter on stage with helen mirren. his speech was around 30 seconds. >> helen really sold that thing. >> doing the whole -- >> funny bit. >> the whole thing. >> we have this bit for you to do. we know -- >> she's game. she's the best sniept she's fantastic. i love her. let's talk about this morning. this is one of our more fervent viewers, me. it was frosty cold when i walked out to the kafr car this morning. i had to scrape a little bit of ice. if you don't have one, sometimes a credit card will do. that's the case today. this morning is the coldest morning moving forward. here's a look at san rafael where it's clear. sunny and 38 degrees. in fact, we'll have sunshine, dry conditions and almost average temperatures this afternoon. spring returns for tomorrow and wednesday and then we'll have chances of light rain and showers that will pull our temperatures back closer to
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average. today, 59. that is richmond. we've got 60 in san francisco and half moon bay and lakeport. everybody else 61 to 64 degrees. with the warm spot san jose. concord, napa and santa rosa. tonight almost as cold as this morning. a few high clouds will keep the temperatures in the mid to upper 30s inland and around redwood city. low to mid-40s for the rest of us. let's talk more about san francisco. 53 at noon. we'll be at 57 at 4:00. look at that, 7:00, everybody else around 60. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures tomorrow, pushing the mid-60s to 70. the same thing with increasing clouds sunday. most of the rain will fall wednesday night into thursday morning. we'll be keeping an eye on thursday's morning commute as alexis is this morning's commute. >> we're doing okay tot today. weather not a major factor unless you're in the north bay. we have fog and reduced visibility there.
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that is not an issue. we have a new problem in richmond. westbound 80 past san pablo avenue. report of a two-car crash. at least one of the vehicles in the right center lane. starting to see delays build toward highway 4. as soon as i have more information, i'll pass that along. a quick check of drive times. westbound 580, trace toy dublin. not great. one hour, 3 minutes. a disabled vehicle was blocking the stretch for a long time. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, each with that fog, you're okay in the green at 15 minutes. i do have an update on capital corridor. that's coming up next. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00. amy robach is live with a look at what's ahead. good morning, amy. >> good morning to you natasha and reggie. >> it's the morning after the golden night and our team was right there for the oscars action. we're going to show you the pack stage interviews with all the big winners.
6:22 am
lara was backstage. we'll speak live with a lucky audience member from jimmy kimmel's surprise stunt. then our fashion experts joining us with the best red carpet moments. it's the dpchlt ma after party. you don't want to miss it coming up on gma. i'm sure some of us might not have stayed up for the whole show, reggie and natasha. >> did you see what your buddy ad adam rippon was wearing? >> anything he does was great. >> we're jealous you got to talk to him at the olympics. amy, good to see you. >> nice to see you. the act of kindness. meaning every kid in san francisco can
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something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. 6:25. check out the warming sunshine today. the blast from winter is gone. temperatures will jump about 4 to 8 degrees compared to yesterday putting us at 60 in san francisco to san jose 64. >> thanks mike. did you notice a new face in the giants dugout during the game yesterday? that is long-time espn legend chris berman. he served as an honorary manager. he wore number 83 to honor his wife. she passed away in a car crash last may. they were married in 1983. berman is a lifelong giants fan and said it would be an honor for him to be in the dugout. >> wow. happening today, big announcement much a $20 million donation to allow every kid in
6:26 am
san francisco to take a free field trip every year. >> this is incredible. that field trip will be to the california academy of sciences courtesy of arthur and tony rock. the chronicle reports that the program will cover all students, kindergarten through fifth grade forever. it pays for transportation, tickets and just about everything else. >> i love that museum. it is great. it is a rap for the oscars and a lot of local artists are waking up with new hardware. black panther approaching a billion dollars at the box office. kids in oakland were treated to a special screening thanks to a warriors star. some good news for your commute if you're planning on taking capital corridor. service has been restored between sacramento and davis. there was a vehicle and train strike there. we do have a couple issues on the roads, including a crash in richmond
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and the oscar goes to several stars from the bay area. sam rockwell there. everyone who worked on coco at pixar in the bay area and gary rizzo among the local winners from the biggest you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's cold to start, mike. >> it definitely is cold outside. grab a coat and the sunglasses
6:30 am
and don't worry about the umbrella. what i do want you to worry about, black ice. we have too much moisture in the air. fog is forming from gray to white. it's thick enough that elevated surfaces could be below freezing. be careful through 9:00. here's a look at the 1-hour planner today. look at the temperatures. 34 at the coast. not much of a difference at noon. 55 to 56. a little bit of a spread. 58 to 62. another cool evening under stars. upper 40s to mid-50s. how about that monday morning commute? >> hi alexis. >> it's starting to ramp up in the richmond area. a two-car crash on westbound 80 before san pablo avenue. we got the all clear been pushed off to the shoulder. 33 miles an hour, 11 miles an hour now. it's pretty slow. also a quick look outside the bay bridge toll plaza. typical delays approaching.
6:31 am
the first fastrak lane next to the carpool lanes. something blocking there in the left lane. i'll dig into that and a new problem in south san francisco as well. next traffic update in less than ten minutes. >> thank you, alexis. this morning, san francisco police are looking for suspended raiders player aldon smith. >> police say that he's connected to a domestic violence incident. it appears that he may be responding via social media. amy hollyfield is live at the raiders practice facility in alameda. amy? >> reporter: we've been watching his social media account this morning. no posts. but there was one on instagram. he wrote, you are all wrong. he posted a picture of the sidewalk, just a picture of pavement. here is a picture that appeared on tmz of smith proposing to his vehicle at restaurant last month. on saturday night there was trouble.
6:32 am
the san francisco police department responded to her apartment on bush street. when they got a call of a domestic violence. they're looking for smith. here is audio of the 911 call. they made the call from her apartment followed by a plea from police. >> on the window. >> vert tors are reaching out and asking for the suspect, aldon smith to contact them to arrange for an interview. of course, if anyone knows his whereabouts, we'd like them to give us a call. >> smith was a first round draft pick for the 49ers seven years ago. but he was released in 2015 after a number of arrests. then he moved to the raiders. he was suspended for a year from the raiders for substance abuse. smith's fiance says she does not want to talk to the media at this time. the raiders have not gotten back to us and our request for a comment. reporting live in alameda, amy
6:33 am
holly fe hollyfield, abc 7 news. the 90th oscars went off without a hitch. "the shape of water" took home the oscar for best picture. >> the director, guillermo del toro won. his first oscar win after four nominations. gary oldman won for his performance as winston churchill in "darkest hour." in his acceptance speech, he thanked the man he portrayed. frances mcdormand took home the statue for "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> she lives part-time in marin. >> mcdormand one of several oscar winners with bay area ties. daly city native sam rockwell got the oscar for best supporting actor. gary rizzo who works at lucas film in marin, won for sound mixing for dunkirk. he gave a shoutout to his daughters. >> to my daughters, i love you. hang on to your dreams. they are so, so valuable am. >> being here was really cool.
6:34 am
>> what do you want to say about your dad? >> he's really good at what he does. and i hope he does other great things in the future. >> isn't she mature. she's going to have so many stories to tell in school. it's great. >> berkeley born james ivory won for screen play. coco won for best animated feature. >> still trending this morning. frustration in northern california that lady bird didn't win anything. despite five nominations. greta dper wgerwig was born in she was the only -- only the fifth woman to be nominated for best director. in some ways the oscars were all about change and diversity and a new day in hollywood. jimmy kimmel touched on it several times talking about sexism, the pay gap and joking about harvey weinstein being kicked out of academy. donna i wu is on the cover of
6:35 am
time. along with four other women who have spoken out. she spoke about time's up in hollywood. >> they're working on procedures within hollywood to give more women levels of autonomy, better methods of accountability. >> in a powerful moment, frances mcdormand asked all of the female nominees in the audience to stand with her. she ended her acceptance speech with inclusion rider. when an actor can stipulate in their contracts with a certain number of position this is a film can be filled with diverse cast members. now a live desk update. >> speaking of the oscars, i want to show you the newest video that we have from overnight where the oscar winners nominees and guests all went to the annual governor's ball. take a look. they spent the night partying away. this is actually the place where those winners can get their golden trophies engraved. allison janney was in the line. she won best supporting actress for her performance in i, tonya.
6:36 am
>> it's an extraordinary moment i never thought i would have. here it is. i have this oscar. i can't wait to get home and get in bed and take oscar with me to bed. >> obviously, a long ceremony. a longer party overnight. they had champagne, they ate really tasty food. in fact, master chef wolfgang puck has been hosting this for many years. he created the menu the last years. they were no doubtful when they went to bed. >> and tired. thank you, jessica. the complete oscars coverage here on abc 7 mornings and a full list of winners on the home page, it is 6:36 now. san francisco police stepping up security at a twin peaks elementary school this after an adult made threats against the school was released from jail over the weekend. according to the chronicle, san francisco police officers and security guards will be on patrol at rooftop elementary
6:37 am
today. police say an adult community member made threats of violence against the school last week. that person was arrested after making the threats but has since been released. a district spokeswoman says there's no reason to believe the threats are credible. this morning, the chp is investigating an apparent freeway shooting in oakland. chp officers responded to reports of a two-vehicle collision along the highway near the oakland coliseum at 6:00 p.m. last night. there was no collision, just an abandoned car there. police notified the chp that good samaritans found a shooting victim walking along 880. he was taken to the hospital. no word yet on his condition. in the south bay, we're scraping frost also if your car is outside. alum rock, 32. santa clara and campbell 33. san jose about 36 degrees right now. we've got 37 in san carlos and newark. low to mid-40s in san pablo.
6:38 am
alameda, san francisco. half-mo moon bay and bodega bay. danville, fairfield, 31 with is baas poll. it's dry and cloud-free this morning as we look from east to west along the san mateo bridge. potential for black ice up in the north bay from san rafael to petaluma. mass transit, cold this morning. but this evening or this afternoon, it's goes to go mild outside. on the bay, light breezes. president trump i good there. getting the kids ready to head back to school? dress them warmly this morning. especially around the bay and inland. 44 at the coast. they'll need jackets if they have recess if they're lucky enough. 52 to 55. after school, it's sunny and mild with 59 to 63 degrees. we're looking south. walnut creek, 680 right there. use this backdrop to talk about tree pollen out there. ash, juniper and pine. it's only going to get worse the next couple of days.
6:39 am
uv index is moderate. we'll look at chances of rain and snow in the sierra coming up next. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we checked in with chp. they don't have much information about theish uf at the bay bridge toll plaza. we can see it right here. looks like a disabled vehicle. two in from the left outside of this carpool lanes, the cal trans truck on the scene giving them a little protection. i have not seen a tow truck yet. i'm not sure if they're able to hook it up to truck there. taking a look at the traffic maps, we have a new problems in the south end of san francisco. northbound 280 before the 101 merge, reports of a vehicle going over a hundred miles an hour and crashing on the shoulder. calling for an ambulance to the scene. i believe that was the only vehicle involved. keeping an eye on that one too. we'll check drive times at 6:50. alexis, thank you. lieutenant governor gavin newsom will officially file paperwork
6:40 am
to become a candidate for governor. it is no secret that he is running. in fact, he made the announcement that he was running three months after governor brown's reelection. recent polling shows the race for governor is very tight. the poll last month from the public policy institute of california shows that newsom has 23% of support of likely voters. 21% back former l.a. mayor antonio beer gose a. documents will officially be filed today to rename kearney street to mayor ed lee street. mayoral candidate angela al oto is leading the charge. when london breed was aking mayor, she also proposed to rename portsmouth square after lee. do you support more housing near public transit? we want to hear from you this morning. so go to right now and let us know when you think. you can watch the update in real
6:41 am
time on the bottom of your screen. we'll explain why we're asking to you do this and update the poll results in a few moments. could you pull off a dress you wore 56 years ago? this eg o. t winner can. this is the big board. down 67 points. 24,469 right now. we'll bring you another update on the markets coming up. the fbi investigating more claims of sexual assault on commercial airplanes than ever before. are airlines doing enough to stop? stop? an
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
let's talk about what's going on around the state today. look at that. sunshine, just about everywhere. a few clouds around los angeles and palm springs. they're in the low to mid-70s. 69 in san diego. the low to mid-60s through the central valley and monterrey. eureka has sunshine today. sunshine in yosemite. let's look at what happens the next seven days no tahoe after 5 to 7 feet from the last storm. wintry showers, valley rain, mountain snow on thursday. they'll be light. saturday, some rain and sunday a stronger storm with a little more rain and snow. alexis? who do i go to here? >> back to us. the fairgrounds hosts two gun shows a year and now a push to
6:45 am
ban them entirely. the. >> the executive director suggested that the board of supervisors, quote, read the constitution. reporter katie utis is live for us in san jose. good morning. >> senn yeager says people are approaching him. they're upset when they see billboards posted at the fairgrounds. he says the shooting in parkland, florida, is part of his rationale for the gun ban. just last month they hosted the gun show. the executive director of that group who hosted the event told the mercury news that, quote, owning a gun is legal in the united states even when politicians do silly campaigns like this. we suggest he reads the contusion, references supervisor yeager. he said it would not interfere on lawfully possessing them on private property.
6:46 am
the last gun show brought in $6,000. >> it's slated to go ahead in the meeting tomorrow. katie, thank you. it's 6:46 now. at the oscars, common called out the national rifle association during the song, stand up for something, from the movie marshall. it was adopted by several gun violence prevention organizations. it was played last month at a florida town hall for the grieving students at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> tell the nra, they're in god's way. and to the people of parkland, we say i say sentiments of love for the people from africa, haiti to puerto rico. >> some stars wore this orange american flag pin on the red carpet. they were created advocacy group every town for gun safety. >> students in the east bay are getting ready to make their
6:47 am
voices heard in the name of gun control. students held a fundraiser yesterday to help the vic tichlts florida school shooting. they're going to join others nationwide in a walkout later this month to raise awareness for gun reform in the wake of the shooting. they're going to wear these orange t-shirts with messages on them the day of that walkout. >> our hope is that the lawmakers will listen and we can pass common sense gun reform to make the schools safer. >> i found out one of my best friends was killed in a shooting, i don't know what i would do. i think it's important that we can use our voices to spread awareness and make sure no one has to go through that again. >> the walkout is scheduled march 14th. it will last 17 minutes, one minute for every victim who died in the attack. new data shows millennials reported losing money to financial scams more than their grandparents. >> this is interesting. the federal trade commission reports 40% of americans in their 20s who reported fraud last year say that the lost money -- they lost money to scams. that's compared to 18% of
6:48 am
americans 70 years or older. the average loss reported by those in their 70s is about 600 bucks. for millennials, about $400. black panther is a cash cow. the march shell superhero movie topped the box office for a third straight week and taken in $1 billion in the global market. black panther is the third fastest movie to hit the $500 mark in domestic ticket sales. disney officials will be releasing a wrinkle in time. a look at the stock exchange. trading gets under way. we are down about 86 points. 24,453 this morning. oscars may be over but the good times just continue rolling this morning. kelly ripa and ryan seacrest taking over the oscars stage for their annual after oscars special at the dolby theatre. >> that's where we find reporter dion lim. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. i've been here in los angeles since friday and i almost don't
6:49 am
recognize where i'm standing because take a look behind me. hollywood boulevard being taken apart as we speak. those crews taking apart the sets and ripping out that red carpet. now, in front of me is the famous dolby theatre where inside kelly and ryan are hosting their after the oscars special as we speak. they usually have a big name winner and this morning, their guest is allison janney who won big last night for best supporting actress in i, tonya. >> let me tell you, even though it's bright and early in the morning, the crowd was loving each and every minute. standing up and cheering. >> natasha and reggie, i have to admit, it was a geek-out moment. there's something about seeing the oscars on television and then going inside the dolby theatre. it's so grand and spectacular. it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. and the special events continue in just a little bit. i'm going to be talking with kelly and ryan themselves. we'll have that part of the interview coming up tonight on
6:50 am
abc 7 news later on in the newscasts. for now, reporting live in hollywood, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. she can't see it, but there's jealousy raging out of our eyeballs right now. >> she's been doing so great, though. allison janney had a fake bird on her shoulder during of the interview. so great. >> you can watch the show, live with kelly and ryan from the dolby theatre starting at 9:00 a.m. here on abc 7. there is going vintage on the red carpet and then there's rita moreno. >> first of all, she's 86 years old. i can't believe that. >> looks amazing. >> wore the same gown to last night's awards as she did in 1962 when she won on actress for her iconic performance in west side story. that is a 56-year-old gown there. moreno proudly said it was made in the philippines cut from a material traditional used to
6:51 am
make japanese kimonos. she's one of only a dozen performers to hold the egot designation. ng, that means, she has won an emmy, a grammy, an oscar and a tony award. i cannot get over this woman. >> did you see when she came on stage, she struck that dramatic pose as she was waiting to come out. she was amazing. >> very talented. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> the glamour, the though throwbacks. >> he does that off camera all morning. >> i thought you were my friend. >> i'm sorry about that. welcome back. hmm. >> let's look at what's going on outside. all right. big concern actually, got to switch gears and get serious for a second. i overlaid the fog and the temperatures. rohnert park, petaluma, novato and even ukiah have fog this morning. temperatures below freezing. that's where black ice will be an issue up until 9:00.
6:52 am
watch out on elevated surfaces. worst case scenario, best case scenario, you have to scrape ice off the car if it's outside. from the east bay hills, it looks delicious outside. look at all that sunshine. milder highs this afternoon. partly cloudy, not quite as cold tonight. a few degrees milder. a chance of lighter rainfall several times through the extended forecast. not today. look at this. 60 to 64 degrees. richmond 59 the exception. tonight's temperatures still a lot of mid to upper 30s inland and redwood city and morgan hill. the rest of us in the low to mid-40s. here's this low. this is what i'll be tracking the next couple of days. it's going to bring us sunshine today as it helps an area of high pressure develop in. as it gets closer, we'll see cloud and then a chance of rain wednesday night. in fact, here we are on wednesday evening. wet in cloverdale and ukiah. heading through the overnight hours, that's when the bulk of the rain falls. less than tenth of an inch in mountain view.
6:53 am
.10 to .15 in the bay. quarter of an inch in the north bay. not very much rainfall but it's going to mess up thursday's commute. a slight chance of a shower in the commute. clouds and sunshine for friday. more showers sunday. when the sun will set an hour later. here's alexis. is that better? >> that's great. way to keep things on the pos tiff side, mike. no mission of the loss of sleep this time around. last time we checked, we had that disabled vehicle in the first cash lane. inside from the carpool lanes. saw a tow truck arrive and they cleared that out about five minutes ago. a little extra delay as you approach the maze. things are img proving through the toll plaza and through the metering lights. now looking better, northbound 280 before the 101 merge. high-speed solo vehicle crash. possibly the reason for a new crash, just south of there near allememan alemany. maybe stick to 101. i know it's rare that 101 is the
6:54 am
better choice. still delays about an hour, just under that tracy to dublin on westbound 580. stop and go from dublin to mission boulevard south. northbound 85, 101 to kuper contin continue owe, slow at 30 -- cupertino, slow at 30 minutes. one of the warriors showed his big heart by treating a group of oakland kids to a movie they will likely never forget. they hosted 150 kids from east bay agency for children's after school programs for a private screening of black panther. it helps low income families by providing low cost and free services. it's about giving back to the community he says. >> it's all black movie or all black director. i feel like that's really empowering especially for kids in the inner city to see. people of color doing great things. >> the marvel movie portrays the heroic citizens of a rich african nation. it's owned by disney, abc's
6:55 am
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6:58 on this monday. seven things to know before you go. i have concerns with black ice in the north bay until 9:00. it is definitely cold. 30 to 36 in my accuweather 12-hour planner. 44 at coast. enjoy warmer sunshine this afternoon. number 2, san francisco police are looking for suspended raider aldon smith. he is wanted for questioning over a domestic violence incident in the city saturday night. number 3, a call to end gun shows at the santa clara county fairgrounds is getting pushback from a gun show organizer. he suggests the that the board read the constitution. an ishe you with a freight train vehicle strike. service restored sacramento to
6:59 am
davis. hollywood's newest oscar winners are waking up after parting at the governor's ball. they celebrated 90 years of oscar history and had their golden statues engraved. no envelope flubs this year. they announced the best picture the shape "the shape of water." the bay area represented and won at the oscars last night. sam rockwell took home best supporting actor and attended a school of the arts in san francisco. coco won big, right? >> yeah. >> frances in marin. talks of tiffany haddish and maya rudolph making an appearance next year. >> they're air bright spot as far as i was concerned. make it happen, universe. we'll be back in 25 minutes with an update. not that jimmy didn't do a
7:00 am
great job. he always does. "good morning america" starts right now. good morning, america. show-stopper at the oscars. >> all the female nominees in every category, stand with me. >> best actress, frances mcdormand, celebrating sisterhood and solidarity, as the time's up movement takes center stage. "the shape of water." >> and the groundbreaking "shape of water" winning major oscar gold. and jordan peele also taking home a groundbreaking win. >> i thought no one would ever make this movie. >> "gma" with exclusive access. >> are you ready? excited to be here? and backstage with the biggest winners. also this morning, winter storm warning. a blizzard is pummelling the midwest. a new nor'easter moving in after that devastating storm. and a major new


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