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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning, everybody, i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. it is a cold start. here's live doppler 7 and looking at dry conditions this morning, but boy, numbers are below freezing in santa rosa, 32 in novato, and danville 45. livermore 37 on the coast. so this morning anywhere from 2 to 7 degrees cooler than yesterday, and we'll be looking at a slight warmup today, but not for a while. we're going to be in the 30s through the 7:00 hour. looking at 50s by noontime and low to mid-50s today.
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plenty of sun. we'll have a warmup in store before rain returns end of the week. carolyn? a bay area couple is feeling fortunate to be alive this morning after an avalanche trapped them in bear valley. it trapped five people in the snow. we have the remarkable tale of survival. >> reporter: it's great to be alive. >> reporter: he hav huck are feeling fortunate after tackling their first run of the day at squaw valley. kaylen shot this video minutes before the avalanche hit. zero visibility, but lots of fresh powder. >> i heard someone yell and looked back and saw about an eight-foot wall of snow, and a second later it had hit us. >> reporter: that wall of snow was like a tsunami, overtaking
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evan. >> i was conscious for about 45 seconds while i was under the snow at first, and i kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out. >> reporter: somehow kaylen was able to free herself from the snow. >> i was hysterical and wonder wondered if that was it and if i lost my husband. >> skier joe bro was one of those theheroes who dug him out. >> he opened his eyes and looked right at me and said, where is my wife. >> evan and kaylen were reunited. luckily neither of them were hurt. three other people were buried by the avalanche of t. two of them went to the hospital with injuries. evan says he has a new lease on life thanks to those
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snowboarders who helped them. this couple says they're not afraid and will be back on the slopes this weekend. an avalanche buried another popular ski area. it happened in mammoth near yosemite. this skier snapped this video right before it happened. they were working on clearing it out in fear of an avalanche. two skiers and six employees were partially buried. there were no serious injuries. >> and at 10:10, i was on a chairlift looking directly at the run that the avalanche occurred on. one guy was buried up to his, like, i would say chest area, and that was completely before the avalanche. the snow was very deep. >> mammoth mountain should be open for normal business today. a croatian sailor is stable this morning after suffering
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life-threatening injuries. the high-risk rescue of the man from the pacific ocean included four aircraft and many challenges. we have more from moffit field. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of the military helicopter carrying a sailor with life-threatening internal injuries directly to san jose's regional medical center. the painstaking 13-hour mission is finally complete. and the 54-year-old patient is stable. >> i was really impressed by those guys. they dealt with a lot. >> reporter: it took 25 people to save the man who was on board a large panamanian cargo ship, sailing some 700 miles from california's coast. >> i would say it was probably the most challenging mission i've had. it was about five aerial refuelings and a challenging hoist about 30 feet over the superstructure really high in the air.
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>> reporter: the wind and the distance weren't the only issues. one of the fuel tankers had a malfunctioning hose. it wouldn't retract. the crew opted to cut it off midair. >> we weren't sure in that situation if we were going to have to return to bals earse ea which meant the patient was at risk if we weren't able to go out and rescue him. >> reporter: that's when the marines showed up with another fully loaded fuel tanker. after a final four and a half hour flight back to the bay area, this operation is over. and this crew can finally have some down time. at moffit field, krir cia, nbc news. emily peters suffered a postpartum hemorrhage and kneeled a massive amount of blood. yesterday all of the people who donated blood for her met emily in person. she's clearly thankful for their
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gift. >> i mean, these people are my heroes. they took their time out of their day to give blood, to go through that process of going to the blood bank and getting screened, taking a couple hours out of their day to save somebody that they didn't know and that they had no idea who they were going to save. >> emily has a husband as well as a young boy. she says the entire family is doing well. and she donates blood as well to pay it forward. in just a matter of hours, hollywood's biggest night will take place. the 90th oscars are today at the dolby theater in hollywood. we're live on the red carpet early this morning what with we can expect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, carolyn. the long road that is awards season is coming to an end tonight with nominees hoping to take home that coveted oscar statue. and the big question that remains is which film will win
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best picture. the glitz, the glamour and the celebrities all coming together for hollywood's biggest night, the oscars. for the second year in a row, late night host jimmy kimmel is leading shoet withe show with a politically charged show with me too movement and time's up. he's worried about setting the right tone. >> i do worry about that because i have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life. >> reporter: in one year after that unforgettable envelope snafu -- >> i'm still not clear how the wrong envelope got into warren beatty's hands. color coding might be something to think about, but i will be honest, i'm worried about it happening
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>> reporter: . >> best actress certainlily looks like francis mcdorman. >> while experts have their top picks, the most talked-about category, best picture, is still a toss-up. >> "the shape of water" could win best picture but it's not a lock. >> "the shape of water" would be good but it could be a surprise. >> reporter: the person who counts the oscar ballots but we can to make reference to last year's blunder. carolyn, back to you. >> dawn, first of all, you look beautiful out there, so just want to say that for you. >> thank you. >> what do you expect in terms of political statements from the celebrities? they made statements for the golden globes dressing in black and with the rib bones. what about tonight >> reporter: you're right, they did dress in black for the
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golden globes, and i was able to speak to me too creator donna burke earlier this week. she says she does not know about any oscar surprises or any dress code on the red carpet, but "people" magazine is reporting that some celebrities will be wearing orange pins from every town for gun safety. apparently that represents gun violence and gun safety. >> thank you, donya. have a good time there on the red carpet. you can get dressed to the nines to watch the oscars tonight. the 39th annual friends gala represents aids organizations. it started out as a small oscar party but it's now one of the largest contributors to hiv/aids services in the bay area. tickets start at $300. the party begins at 5:00 tonight at city view at the metrion.
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nbc 7 is a proud sponsor. there will also be an oscar watch party in oakland. tickets are $25. it includes the awards show a watch party. you know all the oscars exclusively here at nbc 7. our coverage begins at 1:30 on the red carpet, at 3:30 the oscars opening ceremony, and at 5:00 it is the 90th annual academy awards with host jimmy kimmel. i know yesterday, lisa, it was range out there. what about today? >> it's definitely cold out there, but we'll see some sunshine. we have a nice break not only today but a slight warmup on the way. that's good news if you're looking for that, and also rain for the end of the week. a live look outside in the explore
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we'll look at the accuweather forecast which really has a lot in it. i'll explain coming up. the one movie that snagged the award no filmmaker really wants to receive. and the special charity concert in the east bay last night featuring our own dan you're still here? we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement.
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welcome back, everyone. it is 5:13 on this first sunday in march, march 4th. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. if you're wondering about the weather today, it's going to be a bit warmer which is great, because it has really, really
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been cold. also dry. lisa along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. an on-line petition to save a beloved mineral restaurant has about 60 signatures. it is scheduled to close on wednesday. katie usis has the story. >> reporter: i'm from fort collins because i just had to come one more time. >> reporter: the johnson family traveled great distances to eat and drink one more time at the oasis in menlo park. >> my son and daughter came out from fremont. they've been here since forever. she was on the bar since she was 10 years old. >> i had to come and have a grilled cheese and beer and call it good. >> it used to be grilled cheese and apple juice. >> reporter: a disagreement over the lease led them to notify the
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landlord they'l be leaving after 60 days. >> the owner told me it was like a death in the family. it's really sorry to see it go. >> reporter: for decades people have charged their names in the woodworking around the restaurant. locals tell me this place should be a museum. >> reporter: many are not giving up their beloved water hole without a fight. the on-line petition got 600 signatures. >> the city thought they had a new concession that was going to come in and buy the name, the oasis trademark and so forth, which would be good, but it's never going to be the same. >> reporter: how could you duplicate a place that's woven in family memories? >> we were married in '56 and this is where we came to set a date. >> reporter: many are heartbroken at the thought of letting it go. the razzy awards which represent the worst films in hollywood had an in memoriam
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segment for mena kusd of sexual misconduct. the video shows disgraced mogul weinstein including bill cosby, steven segal. all of them have encountered accusations of assault in the last year and a half. the razzy for worst movie went to "the emoji it featured a star-studded cast but also got worst cast and worst screenplay combo. if you're wondering what anchor dan ashley does when he's not here in the studio, well, take a listen.
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♪ >> abc 7 news was at the lesher center for the arts last night as dan put on his rocker concert. there were a couple big names helping him win money including guns n roses susan adler. ♪ close your eyes. >> the money from last night's event goes to contra costa ta ta county. both helped underserved children. good sunday morning. starting out with some clouds and a little bit of fog in the north bay, but we're dry. that's the important thing, right? half mile visibility napa. it is really down to nothing in
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petaluma and a quarter mile in santa rosa. temperatures this morning, wow, are you sure you want to look? we're in the low 30s from danville up to santa rosa. freezing in novato, 37 in half moon bay and we'll reach our lowest temperatures in another hour or so, so these could drop another degree or two. 39 in hayward mountain view, 35 in morgan hill. a live look outside where it's i pret pretty clear here. we'll see some rain at the end of the day and we will see some increasing high clouds from time to time. otherwise showers return the end of the week. so you've noticed how cold it is, and for monday morning another chilly start in the north bay valleys at about 30 degrees, but notice as we warm up slightly during the afternoon, we'll allow for those overnight readings to modify just a bit. so we have that to look forward to, and in terms of monday, if you like it just a bit warmer, we will be near average with low 60s around the bay.
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into tuesday that looks like our warmest day. upper 60s and mid-60s around the bay. plenty of sunshine. but as we go towards wednesday, some coastal cooling. the clouds increase. still mild inland but we'll also be looking at a chance of rain heading our way late on wednesday. here it is 3:00 entering the north bay, and it continues to push on through the bay area late wednesday. a few residual showers into thursday, and it looks like at this point not a real impressive system. 56 in santa clara. highs today mid-50s on the peninsula. looking at about 50 degrees downtown. yesterday barely made it out of the 40s and all that wet weather. certainly better underneath the partly cloudy skies in calist a calistoga. plenty of mid-50s city. and we'll see the low 50s in
5:20 am
pleasanton and we'll see pleasant the next couple days. late wednesday a chance of showers. 1 in our storm impact scale thursday and friday. high elevations of sonoma county, we could see a slight sprinkle today, but that's why we have that icon there on sunday. but otherwise we're looking at most of the bay area returning to a sunny and dry afternoon. so download the app. you can stay up to date. >> yeah. well, we got quite a walloping last week so we can sort of dry out. just ahead, a big weekend for bargain hunters
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do you have a realistic view of what a prescription should cost you? 7 on your side michael finney looked into that question for an east bay woman. she was quoted three different prices for the same drug. >> reporter: jessie joseph tells me she's underemployed and uninsured. she takes drugs for high blood pressure. she still had her prescriptions on file there. >> 90 days ago i filled my high blood pressure meds and the cost was about $40. i went in a couple days ago and was told it was going to be $680. >> reporter: she was shocked and concerned. the pharmacy suggested she check
5:24 am
prices at the local costco. >> i go over to costco and got the prescription for $20. so my question in reaching out to you is why is this happening? >> reporter: a good question we put to kaiser permanente. it declined an on-camera interview but in an e-mail told us in part, our pharmacy benefits and services are designed with the kaiser permanente members in mind. under federal law, we are limited in our ability to offer that pricing to those who are not eligible as kaiser permanente members. i asked alameda physician and medical consumer advocate dr. david brk elk for his take. >> 90 pills are no more worth $672 than this pencil is worth $672. all right? it's not even close to that. >> reporter: he says kaiser,
5:25 am
like most members, have a member price and a retail price. any pharmacy can charge whatever they want, so a consumer should shop around. check prices of drugs and cthe co-pays. he said sometimes drugs can be purchased below the price of your co-pay. >> the biggest problem we have in this country with prescription drugs that there is this rather poisonous myth -- poisonous myth -- that all prescription drugs are incredibly expensive. and the reason this is a poisonous myth is because it's not true most of the time. >> kaiser permanente told me it is concerned about the growing price of prescription drugs and the strain it places on families. you can read kaiser's full statement on our website. dr. belk has an amazing website called "true cost of health care." i'll post a link to that as well. i'm michael finney.
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7 on your side. san francisco police chief bill scott among the hundreds of people who took the polar plunge yesterday at aquatic park. the shivering was all for a good cause. the frigid dip helped the special olympics of northern california. in order to participate, people needed to raise at least $125. the event started with a fun run. bargain hunters will be back out in the east bay today. abc 7 news was along the oakland estuary for the legendary white elephant sale which began yesterday. it's not just about bargains, it's also about finding antiques, collector sets and one of a kind items. admission is free. it starts this morning at 10:00. proceeds will help support the oakland museum of california. still to come here on abc 7
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mornings, a delay for commuters hoping to ride bart to san jose. when the new stations will hope.
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welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn. it's clear, cold and dry out there. we do have some fog santa rosa and napa, but temperatures are continuing to drop in the low 30s in many locations. we're 31 in danville and santa rosa, 32 novato, 34 fremont and 37 on the coast. half moon bay, 43 in san francisco. as we go through the day, you'll
5:30 am
notice the cloud cover in the sonoma mountains. not going to rule out a slight sprinkle in some of the higher elevations, but otherwise we'll call it partly cloudy today. as we move to the 10:00 hour, numbers in the upper 40s. by 2:00, we'll have low to mid-50s. a few clouds around you'll still see. you'll need a jacket going into the later evening hours. it's going to be another chilly night tonight because we have a clear sky to start monday and tuesday. no rain there. but rain returns late on wednesday and should be with us for the end of the week. i'll detail the forecast coming up. carolyn? >> you know what's happening on the east coast. they are digging out following a powerful nor'easter. the governor of massachusetts has declared a state of emergency. that storm is being blamed for at least nine deaths. it's left many people without power. abc's elizabeth herr reports. >> reporter: the y
5:31 am
nor'easter slamming all the way up to georgia. flooding, we wits force. >> reporter: it's high tide and just take a look at the incredible force of this storm system even as it leaves the area. >> reporter: the powerful storm leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. one of the victims just six years old. anthony hamilton was asleep on the top bunk when a tree crashed into th through his family's home. >> it was just a freak accident in the middle of the night that took the baby from us. >> reporter: more than a million homes without electricity with power lines down everywhere, including this mess in watertown, massachusetts. the storm also proving to be a nightmare for travelers. so far more than 4,000 flights have been canceled and around 7,000 delayed. trains between washington, d.c. and boston completely shut down
5:32 am
for a while with only limited service now restored. elizabeth herr, abc news, new york. heavy snowfall in alaska has opened up a new route for the iditarod. the race started with 67 mushers leading their dogs across yesterday's 11-mile route. this year organizers opened up the southern front which hasn't had enough snowfall to be used since 2013. overall these teams will trek 998 miles from anchorage to nome. this year anchorage has nearly 2 feet of snow. in 2016, racers had just 2 inches. commuters hoping to ride bart to san jose may have to wait just a little bit longer. according to our media partner, the mercury news, the projected opening date could be pushed back until next year. bart previously said it wanted to open the new barry essa and melpita stations in june.
5:33 am
but testing is stalling things. officials say the opening looks closer to january, even march of 2019. this morning hollywood is mourning the loss of actor david ogden steers. he's best known for playing charles emerson winchester iii on the television show "mash." he joined the show in its sixth season in 1967, earning two emmys on the series. he also did voiceovers, including "beauty and the beast." his agent said steers died at his home in newport, oregon after battling bladder cancer. he was 65 years old. we're just hours away from the 90th oscars. the rush is on to make sure everything on the red carpet is perfect for hollywood's biggest night. abc 7 news anchor
5:34 am
in >> reporter: when the carpet comes up, you know it's almost showtime. no detail too small making sure the oscars go off without a hitch. more than 225 countries tune in each year with media flocking in from around the globe. >> the u.s. is really, really interesting to the rest of the world. >> peter yee from taiwan believes the me too movement has helped women empowered in asia. but the day was not without protest. just outside the red carpet, the national hispanic media coalition making their voices heard for more latino representation in hollywood. >> we make up almost 20% of the population and we deserve to have a seat at the table, we deserve to have our stories told and told by us, not by anyone else. >> reporter: the social statements being made at award shows not affecting the stars inside like michael strahan, who
5:35 am
we saw rehearsing for "live on the red carpet." something you don't see on tv is how the red carpet actually has three lanes. the one i'm standing in right now is for the a-list celebrities, because its closest to the press. think of this middle one as kind the the express lane. it's for pr, the handlers, or for celebrities who have an interview down the road and they know where to go. finally this third one, this is only reserved for friends and family. by sunday the rehearsal actors will be done strutting their stuff, the velvet ropes all in place, all leading up to the dolby theater and the 90th oscar ceremony inside. in hollywood, deion lim, abc 7 news. >> deion will report from the red carpet tonight and tomorrow morning you can see her next update from hollywood tonight at abc 7 news at 11:00. you can catch all of the oscars exclusively here on abc 7. our complete coverage begins this afternoon at 1:30 with "on
5:36 am
the red carpet." then at 3:30 we have the oscars opening ceremony, and at 5:00 p.m., it is the 90th annual academy awards with host jimmy kimmel. less than a month after the florida high school shooting that left 17 dead, several celebrities are reportedly planning to use the oscars as a platform to raise awareness about gun control. "people" magazine reports a group of a-listers will wear orange pins for the organization and every town for gun safety. orange is the color that's become associated with gun causes. every town sells orange american flag pins on their web sites, but it's unclear if those are the same pins that will be worn tonight. more on the gun control debate coming up this week. democratic senator chris murphy responds to president trump's shifting stances on that issue. you can watch this week with george at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7.
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still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a big donation thanks in part to a hollywood hit. how one bay area community group is going to benefit. and here is a live look from our sutro tower camera. clear, cold and dry today. low 30s right now and many places around the bay area. how much will it warm up? lisa has the answer c we use so, why do we pay toters have a phone connected,. when we're already paying for internet. shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so, all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited
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. welcome back, everyone. 5:39. how is your sunday morning going? thank you for being part of ours as we bring you the abc 7
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morning news. this is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you see a few raindrops there, but it is going to be a dry day. lisa along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. happening today, san francisco's chinatown ymca will hold its 40th annual chinese new year run. it's the scenic route that starts on grant avenue at sacramento street, winding it way through chinatown, north beach, the embarcadero and downtown. proceeds from the run benefit the ymca community center which serves 1600 youth and families with wellness and community programs. the race starts at 8:00 this morning. and they should probably bundle up, lisa. >> uh-huh. we had temperatures at freezing yesterday. we had snow on mt. tam, and this morning mt. tam just as cold although it's not snowing. we're looking at a clear start in most areas, but we will have some clouds around the higher elevations. i'll talk more in detail aout
5:41 am
that in a few minutes. but after a chilly start, we've got a slight warmup today and a spring-like feel to the air in the forecast. i'll have that forecast in a few minutes. are you ready for some football? the san small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. at&t doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. at&t, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. at&t, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month.
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call 1-800-501-6000.
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. it is 5:43 on this sunday morning. welcome back, everyone. this is a live look from our san jose camera. we've got a new view for you here showing you the airport. you can see lights of the runway. no other delays today, at so far. no rain.
5:44 am
we are high and dry. lisa along shortly with all the facts and the figures. right now let's check out sports. tonight the sharks will try to win their third straight as they try to continue their playoff push. san jose hosts the columbus blue jackets at sap center. the puck drops at 6:00. the major league soccer season is under way in the south bay. yesterday the earthquakes kicked off their season against minnesota united at avia stadium. here's shu. he's got the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the san jose earthquakes opened their season last night against the minnesota united who brought his team from europe. they have a good start as the quakes off to a great start. danny husen drills it for his first of two goals on the night.
5:45 am
1-nil quakes. vocca with the goal. but quakes hang on to win 3-2 your final. >> i think they followed the game plan in a good way. we controlled the game, especially the first half we were really good. >> we play with a lot of confidence and we know we can create chances on goals, so we just keep going and try to find the right guys. i think when it goes well, it will keep going well. cardinals 14 points. cardinal up two. cody justice got fouled on the other end. pickens for the rebound. he fouled. pickens can end the game here but misses both free throws. however, josh sharma misses the
5:46 am
rebound. another chance to tie, misses his first. asu down 1. asu gets the ball back. four seconds left. on the inbounds pass, his shot is tipped up in the air and nearly goes in. stanford survives 84-83, finishing the year 17-14. cal facing 19th ranked wildcats of arizona. bears played the cats tough. cal down just three at the break and actually took the lead in the second half. but arizona did just enough thanks to diondre aiden. cats finished on a 13-1 run to win 56-54. take the turney next week in vegas. they will face stanford wednesday in las vegas to tip off the pac 12 tournament.
5:47 am
ross fisher teeing off at the third hole. he'll get the bounce and the roll. you know where this is going. we call that an ace hole-in-one. he's five under on the tournament. adam hadwin also had a five under par. he had his own magic on the third hole. tough break to read about a 15-foot break, but he'll catch the slope, and almost -- oh, it does go in for a birdie. phil mickelson made a run, tied for second at 11 under two shots back of 21-year-old sharma from india. he shot a 69. they head into today's final round. tune in for the oscars here on abc 7. i'm mike shumann. have a nice day. could see a few sprinkles.
5:48 am
as we look outside at our exploratorium camera san francisco, sitting in the low 40s with a clear sky. let's look at those numbers in review. we're looking at 39 on the coast, 33 in gilroy, 39 for you in san jose. as well as mountain view, oakland checking in at 38. certainly a cold morning. in the north bay, even colder with low 30s, santa rosa. it's freezing in novato. napa at 35 as well as livermore/concord holding at 39 and 36 by the delta. the dew points are low and the temperature in the dew points spread are very similar in the north bay, so a possibility exists with some black ice out there so do be careful. live look outside emeryville right now where we are looking at a pretty quiet start to your day. here's live doppler 7. i said mostly the day will be dry and sunny, but we still could have a few light sprinkles that want to ride over the higher elevations. of course, this is the wider
5:49 am
perspective in the atmosphere. maybe unstable enough to squeeze out a renegade shower. perhaps sonoma county, the santa cruz mountains. otherwise we'll be partly cloudy and temperatures will be coming up a few degrees today. petaluma at zero, and you can see the breeze outside from our roof camera. partly cloudy. cool today. looking at warmer days tomorrow. tuesday not bad but showers will arrive late in the day. we're at about 53% of normal in san francisco and just about the same everywhere from san jose, mountview to santa rosa. surely yesterday's rain helped us but it didn't make a dent in the water year. it looks like we would have to really do some outstanding rain to make up for time. it doesn't look likely but we still have showers in the forecast for the week ahead. but for tomorrow, we'll see temperatures near average on monday with low 60s around the
5:50 am
bay, so should be a nice afternoon. a few high clouds, and once again on tuesday, high clouds but even milder. upper 60s to perhaps near 70 in some spots. so feeling like spring on tuesday, and then by wednesday, we get a bit of a sea breeze. the numbers come down, the clouds increase and this is also wednesday by about 3:00 in the afternoon where rain wants to push in to sonoma county. then by the evening commute, we could see a few showers. it looks like they will linger perhaps into thursday. highs today under partly cloudy skies. a slight bit warmer. 54 in san mateo, 53 in san rafael. it looks like a nice afternoon in livermore for you, 53. then tonight another cold night. 30s for most, maybe 40 right near san francisco, and the accuweather 7-day forecast looking at sunny skies. maybe a sprinkle in the higher elevations today. otherwise it will get progressively warmer tomorrow. tuesday on the mild side. rain late in the day on thursday
5:51 am
and friday, and downloading that accuweather app, you can check out live doppler 7. that was fun, i think, yesterday, live doppler 7 with all the active weather. >> yeah, and people don't like us to complain about how cold it is in the bay area when you look back east, but it's been cold. thank you, lisa. disney has announced it will donate $1 million to the boys and girls clubs of america to expand and create new youth stem programs. p12 communities will benefit frm this donation and oakland is one of them. abc 7 news reporter leanne melendez takes a look at what the boys and girls clubs are doing to advance science, technology, engineering and math. >> reporter: the boys and girls clubs of america have been trying to close the gaps in science and math achievement for african-americans. oakland has three centers. >> they've seen technology they haven't previously seen, and
5:52 am
that will help provide, i believe, some of the impetus for them to get involved in our stem programs. >> reporter: cal stanley is the president of the boys and girls clubs of oakland. thanks to tech companies and universities who partner with the clubs, students here learn some of the skills to pursue stem degrees and careers. those high-techskil skills will expand from a donation from disney which produced the movie "black panther." the movie takes place in a fiction allocation called wakonda, the most technically advanced country in the world. the technology in the film has inspired young audiences, so it's fitting that we show our appreciation by helping advance stem programs for youth, especially in underserved areas of the country, to give them the knowledge and tools to build the future that they want. in the movie women are depicted as strong and technologically
5:53 am
savvy. but in reality, according to a u.s. department of commerce report, only one-quarter of women hold jobs in stem fields in the united states. cal stanley hopes these kids will see themselves in these characters. >> the kids with get a feel for the technology, seeing themselves there and seeing themselves behind the scenes creating it going forward. >> reporter: in oakland, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. coming up, a special dedication ceremony today for a histor
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5:56 am
civil rights leaders including dr. martin luther king jr. the late leader named the church a city landmark. at 6:00, a daring rescue mission. hundreds of miles offshore is all that stands between a badly injured sailor and the possibility of death at sea. we are less than 24 hours away from the 90th annual academy awards. i'm donya bacchus in hollywood. i'll have a preview of the show, coming up.
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good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, march 4. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. we're certainly chilly out there. here's our live doppler 7. we're looking at a beautiful shot of walnut creek where it's 43 san francisco, oakland 37, gilroy at 34. from mt. tam, freezing cold with napa, novato with fog. liver skmmore and concord at 38 degrees. we're on our way to a nice


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