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tv   ABC7 News at 430 PM  ABC  March 3, 2018 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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we begin with the unpredictable weather. the day started with sun and a little weather. this was the view from the mt. tam camera in marin county. a sudden burst of hail hit, including here in martinez. we needed both umbrellas and sunglasses today. taking a live look at conditions from the exploratorium camera at pier a 15. meteorologist drew tuma is tracking all of it. what can we expect tonight? >> some areas are seeing rain hail and sun. milpitas had a downpour move through. in the higher elevations, the pink and the white on your screen, that is some snow that is falling. into the east bay and inland we go. we had a couple of cells move through. this is the region that saw the hail earlier today. showers offshore this entire system is moving on shore. we're not out of the woods just yet. the storm impact scale this
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evening remains a 1. a light system with the scattered showers at least through 9:00 tonight. the threat of small hail is there and each some snow in the hills the next couple of hours. hour by hour on future weather, time out the system and a cold night on the way. that's in a few minutes, eric. >> drew, thank you very much. we'll keep track of the changing weather conditions with the accuweather app. get instant weather notifications by enabling push alerts. new details now on a man trapped in an avalanche in tahoe. we're hearing from the bay area couple whose trip ended in a life or death struggle. cornell b core bernard is here with more. a couple was buried alive. the snow piling up. check out this picture from alpine meadows. snowfall, 29 inches bringing avalanche danger to extreme there. >> super stoked to be alive.
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it's an awesome feeling. >> snowboarders caitlin huck from san francisco are feeling lucky after surviving their first run of the day at squaw valley. >> whiteout. she shot this video minutes before the avalanche hit. zero visibadvicvisibility but f powder. >> someone yelled and saw about 8 foot wall of snow and a second later, it hit us. >> that wall of snow was like a tsunami overtaking evan. >> i was conscious for 45 seconds while under the snow at first and then i kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out. >> somehow caitlin was able to free herself from the snow. >> i was inconsolable. i was hysterical. i wondered if that was it and my husband was gone. >> luckily the tip of evan's snowboard was sticking out of the snow. good samaritans knew where to dig. watch as his face was uncovered.
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a skier is one who helped. >> he was looking right at me. he says where's my wife. >> they were reunited remarkably, both not hurt. >> i was under there for 4 to 6 minutes. >> the ski patrol says three other people were buried by the avalanche. two went to the hospital with injuries. evan says he's got a new lease on life thanks to the fellow boarders and skiers who jumped in to help. >> i was just so impressed by their preparation and their training. i want to thank them for really being heroes and saving my life. >> this couple is not afraid. they'll be back on the slopes this weekend. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. a major avalanche closed down another california ski area today. mammoth mountain said it happen as they were performing avalanche prevention work. this was provided from earlier in the season. three people were partially buried and were able to free themselves. there were no reports of anyone missing. the mountain, though, will be closed for the rest of the day.
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a suspected gang member from richmond wanted for a number of crimes is now in police custody in reno. cardell waters has been wanted for nearly a year. he's accused of 17 counts for crimes that include murder, robbery and carjacking. police in reno arrested waters thursday when they served a search warrant in a burglary and drug case. investigators say waters is a member of the swerve team gng that's connected to crimes across at least a dozen cities. a bay area man is helping out a family that lost their car in the san jose floods one year ago. abc 7 news was in san francisco where the family received their car today. ian i will yas inherited a second car after his mother died. he remembered seeing a story about the family's lost car so he decided to help. >> it's going to help her get to places to and from, take her kids places. >> one of the teachers from the school, she mentioned how they have to walk to school.
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i'd rather give it to someone in need rather than just sitting there or even selling it, quite honestly. the flood caused more than $100 million in property damage. oakland public schools are getting nearly $2 million to provide services to refugee students. the oakland unified school district announced it received a state grant totaling $1.8 million over three years. it will fund a bilingual session along with other services from refugees, and unaccompanied students. we're now about 24 hours away from the academy awards. abc 7 news was in hollywood today as the national hispanic media coalition held a protest. from 2007 to 2016, latinos only landed just over 3% of the speaking roles in major films. they had only one of the films directed by a latino. the coalition is threatening a boycott if none of the six major studios will talk with them. oscar anticipation is building. abc 7 news reporter deon lim is
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on the red carpet. today she spoke to a bay area native who hopes it brings him a win. dion? >> reporter: hey there, eric. tuning in from the red carpet, which is actually red now. take a look. the white plastic protective covering is being pulled back and the red carpet being exposed. another sign that things are picking up along here in hollywood, check it out. we'll swing the camera to my right-hand side. the stand-ins are being accompanied by the actual cel celebriti celebrities. we saw michael strahan rehearsing getting ready for tomorrow afternoon. when it comes to preparations, yes, like you mentioned, there is one man born in the bay area getting ready for a special nomination. >> with one day to go before the big night, the oscars red carpet is buzzing with last minute preps. also getting ready, nominees
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like berkeley born james ivory for best adapted screen play, call be by your name. >> i've been nominaed three times. but never a writing nomination. >> the three directing nominations for a room with a view, howard's end and the remains of the day. but despite working on other films with more than 30 nominations, never a personal win for the 89-year-old ivory. >> one of the things it will mean is people will offer me other writing jobs. >> back outside the dolby theatre, last-minute rolling of the 3 foot wide carpet and protective plastic. the oscar statuette, 5 1/4 inches high and weighing 8 1/2 pounds. estimated value of the 24 gold carat plated awards, 900 bucks. to put on the shindig, a $44 million. >> reporter: one more number for all of you. 52. that is the number of years abc has been airing the oscars.
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reporting live in hollywood tonight, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. dion will report from the red carpet all weekend. you can catch the next update tonight at 11:00. all of the excitement of the oscars is exclusively here on abc 7. our coverage begins tomorrow at 1:30 with on the red carpet a the 3:30, the opening ceremony. at 5:00 p.m., 90th annual academy awards hosted by jimmy kimmel. you still have time to catchall the films up for an oscar for best picture. that's right. all the films in one night. we'll take you to the ultimate movie marathon straight ahead. from the best movies to the worst movies. the one movie that snagged
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film fans in san francisco got a chance to see five best picture contenders just before the academy awards. abc 7 news was at the van nest 14 -- moviegoers have a chance to see dunkirk, call me by your name, the post and get out. the first at noon, the last at 8:15. amc has done this 12 years in a row. next year, if you're not oscar ready, this could be your shot. >> i love movies. i love tv. i love that i found this. i've done it two years in a row. >> we bring our blankets and pillows and get comfortable and have a movie marathon. >> bring your stamina. the one shown last is saturday. razzies announced the worst picture. >> welcome to the world inside your phone. >> the razzie goes to the emoji movie. featuring a star studded cast.
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but it only scored 9% on rotten tomatoes. also worse director for screen play and worst screen combo. if you're not a fan of the cold, you may not want to see what's next. yep. that's people braving frigid bay waters on a stormy wirpt's day. a bay area tradition sure to get your blood flowing. all these people say it's worth it. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. still tracking showers this evening. we'll go hour by hour and show you when the s
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and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. abc 7 news was at san francisco's aquatic park for the annual polar bear plunge. hundreds of people braving the chilly weather and temperatures to take a quick dip in the water. in order to wade into the frigid
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bay, participants had to raise $125. the police chiefs of san francisco and oakland also took part. the money benefits. special olympics of northern california. if you captured any of the blast of wild weather, share them with us. a viewer posted thi she can't remember the last time it hailed like this in walnut creek. use the abc 7 news now when you post videos or photos so we can find them on social media. >> you notice, you didn't see drew tuma in the frigid bay water. that's because he knew what it would be like. >> i would never. it's so chilly this time of the year, it's a shock to the system. today, it was a shock to some of us in the east facing all of that hail. live doppler 7 tracking the activity. this winter storm brought rain and hail. get you down to streetville. in the south bay, a couple of showers move out of milpitas. into mt. hamilton, that purple
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and white on the screen, that is snowflakes flying pretty much above 2500 feet. this is where we saw a lot of reports of hail. we have a couple of isolated showers working from a west to east fashion. each a lightning strike detected there in rio vista near live doppler 7. you can see the action moving out of the region. as it moved through, look at the storm reports we had. some in san rafael and mill valley. a cluster of hail as well as far to the east as antioch. this picture from east dublin hail, it blanketed the grassy surfaces. this was a popular skeep in the east bay, especially sass we had the winter cell pop up but bring down rain with it as well. the next couple of hours, through 9:00 tonight, we'll keep this system of 1 on the storm impact scale. it's not everywhere. where we see the showers pop up, still that threat of small hail
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is there. as the showers move over our hills, not out of the question again to get a little bit of snow. speaking of snow, this has a blockbuster snowstorm for the sierra. look at these totals over the past couple of days. kirkwood, 75 inches. 59 inches at soda springs. king vail, 51 inches of fresh powder. a winter storm effect until 5:00 tomorrow morning, could see an additional 4 to 8 inches of snow. isolated spot, up to a foot of additional snow is likely and reduced visibility. this is good news for the snow pack that's been so low this time of the year. temperaturewise, it's chilly out there. we've been stuck in the 40s in most spots. it will be a cold night. the showers will be diminishing. 20s and 30s widespread. it will be a chilly start to your sunday. you see the mix of sun and clouds early on. by 4:00, there could be a pop-up
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shower in our especially around like diablo, hamilton, mt. tam. could see a wintry mix. most areas will remain dry. not as widespread of an event right now. 56 for san jose. about 56 the high for concord. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days, most of us a blend of sun and clouds. it's a frigid start to our monday. a sunny afternoon. look what happens on tuesday. we warm up here. 70s return and then our next chance of showers wednesday night into friday. it's really on and off and light. not an all-day event. >> only light showers on thursday. >> light showers. >> you can still drive -- you couldn't drive 300 yards. looks -- >> true. >> let's talk a little basketball. steph curry was testing his bum right ankle at augusta today. hope it holds up.
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stanford did everything they
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all right. two days off going 3-0 on the final east coast road trip. the only news that's potentially damaging, steph curry tweaked his right ankle again. but it wasn't bad enough to keep him off august national. not sure that's a good idea, but i would have done the same thing. the final game against atlanta when steph stepped on zaza
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pachulia's leg. he left the game being went to the locker room and returned and threw down 15 points in the second quarter. in the third, coach kerr had seen enough. took him out due to a slight limp. he threw down 28 points in the victory. he would not call out his teammate that caused the injury. >> i don't know. i don't know whose foot it was. [ laughter ] >> did you ask if it was intentional or not. >> i don't know whose foot it was, man. lot of traffic in there. stuff happens. >> loyalty. college hoops, final weekend of the regular season for men. trying to position themselves to the respective conference tournaments. stanford ends in tempe against arizona state. fans at asu are a rare breed. all right. stanford loss 14 points second half lead. 42 seconds left. te'jon davis. cody justice fouled on the other end. pickens the rebound. he's fouled.
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asu fans with the curtain of distraction. in the game here. he misses both free-throws. average out against the rebound. misses the putback. still a two-point game. justice fouled on the other end. another chance. he misses the first, makes the second. asu down one. 84-83. stanford's inbound pass through the arms of travis. asu gets the ball back with four seconds left. martin gets the ball. the shot tipped in the air. nearly goes in. stanford survives, 84-83. finishing 17-14. wildcats of arizona, the cats try to go into the pac-12 turp amount on a roll. for the slam. double double at the half. 14 points, 11 boards. cal hangs on. don coleman the three before the first half buzzer. cal down three at the break. 38-35. asu or excuse me arizona up 42-39 in the second half. all right. best store ift day at the nfl combine. the linebacker prospect did 20
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reps on the 225-pound bench press. the impressive part. he doesn't have a left hand. shaquem griffin from central florida uses it for weightlifting and gym work he doesn't use it on the field. his left arm was amputated at age 4 because of a prenatal condition. >> starting off, i could feel the energy from everybody. my adrenaline was going over the roof. i'm going for 20. i'm like i got to grind this out. felt amazing to reach that goal. >> rockets and celtics on deck. stay tuned for after the game. usual suspects. larry beil, yours truly, we look ahead to the post-season with the dubs. >> asked how many times i had done 225. >> not in the same time. >> different days. you heard of the winter and summer olympics. what about the bra
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it's considered the olympics of braille. 2 dozen young blind students competed at the braille challenge in san jose. they're tested from writing speed to reading tactile charts. this is one step towards the national finals in l.a. this june. organizers told us for some blind students it's the first opportunity to earn a trophy. way to go. >> that's great. that's it for abc 7 news. for drew who are these people?
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