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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  March 2, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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donner lake. chain controls are in effect, schools in the lake tahoe and reno areas were cancelled, they cancelled classes today because of all that snow. now let's give you a live look outside, our east bay hills camera on the left. our east bay hills camera covered up. and on the right, our emery ville camera that could bring showers any time. >> let me show you live doppler 7 right now. it is really coming down across parts of the bay area, we have had some lightning move across the bay area, you have seen some lightning strikes along the coast, and right now i want to take you radar. petaluma hill road, as we head into parts of larks spur, mill
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valley area, it is also moderate pockets of rain, turning to snoefr over mendecino lake. it is not going to be an easy commute over mt. hamilton. this has been mixed precipitation all afternoon long and as you take a look over mt. diablo, same thing. it's a level one storm today through tomorrow, showers with brief downpours, thunder, hail, snow over the peaks, here's a look at the hour by hour forecast. 5:00 tonight, if you are stepping out, make sure you do not leave home without the umbrellas. you'll use them at 6:00, and then at 7:30, a little bit of a breather, but more showers and snow move in. i'll let you know whether this will stick around for your weekend plans. we're following breaking news near lake tahoe, deputies are responding to an avalanche at squaw valley, according to
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their tweet, all involved are believed to be accounted for. just a little over an hour ago, saying they are on the scene at squaw valley for an avalanche report. a search and rescue team found the body of a snowboarder who went missing in the blizzard at squaw valley ski resort. friends reported him missing last night chgt this is a look at conditions at squaw valley yesterday when he went missing. the sheriff's office said in a twitter post that the search was aided by a tracking program that reads a computer chip attached to the clothing, boots or helmets of snowboarders. >> here's what it looked like at kirkwood mountains, video showing the crews digging out. i couldn't tell if that was a table and chairs there. but they got three feet of snow in 24 hours. a little farther south, look at
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the snow at kings canyon national park, that's near fresno. this was posed on the king's canyon facebook page, claims they have 18 inches of snow there right now. you can get the nabc7 news app and you can customize the weather for where you are. it happened overnight on north point park way in santa rosa, jonathan bloom is live there right now to explain what happened. jonathan? >> well, there's no sign on the front of this building, but the armored cars parked in the back gives you a pretty good idea that there's a large amount of cash stored inside. two men showed up with a gun and one of them left in an ambulance. >> i got woke up by a succession of gunshots. >> what i thought was firecrackers because people have a tendency to shoot them off
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around here. >> i just yelled at my wife and kids to get in the closet. >> reporter: it happened just after dawn as two men showed up at this armored car facility demanding cash. >> the suspect raised the firearm toward the officer, the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds at the suspect. >> reporter: police say he was hit twice and fled to a nearby creek bed where he collapsed twice, the suspect is expected to live. >> located the second suspect hiding inside the armored car. >> reporter: though they caught the bad guys, it's not a victory for the neighborhood. >> one of my neighbors in the next building got their window shot out last night and a bullet lodged in their tv set. >> reporter: that nash didn't feel like talking but let us inside to get this picture of the damage. >> scary for me, scary for my kids and everything. >> this is the third time in seven years that this truck company has been hit with a
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robbery. >> reporter: police confirm in 2011 and 2012 hit this same facility twice, the first time he got a load of cash, the second time he got life in prison. >> they need to be in an industrial area that's not residential. if this had happened during the daytime, who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: police have not yet released the names of the two suspects or the officer involved in the shoot-out. they did tell us the one suspect who was injured did undergo surgery and is now in stable condition. san jose garbage truck driver was killed after he was hit by his own truck. sky 7 was over the scene on camden avenue near elpasseo drive. that crash happened just before 8:00 a.m. green waste recovery says the driver was a 12-year veteran of
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the company. they have grief counselors at their facility to help staff and co-workers. a social media threat that caused fear across 27 school camp campuses. >> reporte >> reporter: relief this morning for parents and students in the allen rock union alameda school district in san jose, police say they have identified the person who sent out a threat to the district was a 12-year-old. the police are not releasing her name. although it didn't threaten a specific school, it did say the person wanted to shoot up all of them. >> one of the things i know about children and individuals and investigations is that we cannot judge until we have all the fastbacts. >> reporter: a search warrant was served at the 12-year-old's home last night. officials have been telling police and the public they
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didn't think the threat was credible. the district superintendent says this is a good educational opportunity for families. >> an open and honest conversation with our children about this is very, very overdue. because they need to know that there are consequences, that once you pull something, it's out there in the world and you never know how many people you're going to affect. and that'swhat happened to us. >> reporter: superintendent bower says she still doesn't know if the student is a suspect in her district. she says she's going to wait for more information on the investigation before moving forward with her response. in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. that was one 12-year-old, meanwhile and different 12-year-old was arrested yesterday for sending threatening text messages to sill van dale middle school. that student was arrested and put in a san francisco juvenile
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hall. abc7 news was at city hall where ferrell spent the day talking to residents to hear about issues they're most concerned about. these chats are by appointment only, each person gets ten minutes to talk. ferrell expects most conversations to center on housing and public safety. but he hopes he hears more than that. >> i hope we hear some really off the wall comments or some ideas that we might not have thought of here at city hall. >> san francisco residents can put their names into a lottery system on the mayor's website. available slots are from 8:30 to noon the first and third friday of every month. a dmv office damaged by flooding will remain closed until further notice. the dmv at the coliseum was
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closed due to water damage. the dmv is still conducting driving tests at the east oakland location, but other things like renewing registration must be done elsewhere. >> the flu epidemic is easing in california and nationwide. according to the california department of health, flu activity decreased last week, but remains elevated in every region of the state. a total of 12 people died from the flu last week, bringing the season total to 214. nationwide, the cdc reports that just 5% of doctors visits last week were for flu symptoms, the lowest total in the last two months. public health officials expect the flu season to continue into mid-april. well, we are counting down to oscar sunday from the big movies to the local nominees, we have a look at all things oscar. >> even down to the wine zbrgrag the table at the lom oscar paca
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party. it's cold and it's rainy, but who cares? we're at the oscars. i'm live from the red carpet with a preview of sunday's big show coming up. . >> let's take a look at our afternoon commute, san mateo bridge, you can see the road is slick but not raining at the moment, gray skies in the background, oncoming traffic heading back to the east bay, and that is pretty slow moving at this
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it's soggy outside the dolby theater in hollywood, which is why they have that cover over it to protect that very important red carpet. the weather is expected to clear up in time for the big show. when you think of the oscars you may think of awards for best actor or best directing, but. >> dion, we're going to talk about the sound mixing awards here, but i know that it's cold, but you decided no jacket. i'm tough enough for this. >> reporter: let me tell you, you got to be hardcore, right? i mean, everything for fashion, take a look at this, ta-dah, you just wait until sunday, larry, check it out. lights glamour and right behind me, how cool is this, live from the red carpet with michael strahan. i actually got to meet michael strah strahan, well it was michael
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strahan's stand in. you're right, i did get a chance to speak to two sound mixers who are nominated for the movies dunkirk and "star wars" the last jedi and they are from right there in the bay area. george lucas himself once said music and sounded is 50% of the movie going experience. and for sound designer red clyse getting to work on a movie like sky walker is a dream come true. he's been nominated six times before, for movies like girl with the dragon tattoo and fight club, but he said that this nomination for "star wars" holds special meaning. >> it is because growing up here in the bay area, and being part of -- you know, "star wars" as a child and going to see "star wars" here in marin county,
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where george lucas is from was very exciting. >> reporter: we also meant one of his friends, gary rizzo, nominated for his work in the movie dunkirk. and like radfield's, this one is especially meaningful. >> this year was super magical for me, because my dad was with me on nomination morning, so we were having a little cup of coffee, we were nervous, we weren't sure what was going to happen and we got to celebrate a little bit together which was very sweet. >> reporter: dunkirk and the last jedi joined films like blade runner. >> history is amazing and the universe is amazing and he did the original mixes on those two films. so the fact that i got to collaborate with him on a couple of projects recently, but mostly
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this one, the fact that he's finished out his career on this film, and we have been nominated, is magical. cosmically magical for him, and really special to me. >> two very cool guys, right? something very special about gary is that he's actually bringing his 10-year-old daughter luciana to the red carpet, so she is going to be the coolest kid in school, i can't wait to check in with him and with wren on monday, we wish both of them a lot of luck. >> deon, i've got a picture of your dress. do you want to reveal any details about the dress for sunday? >> i have been dreading this banter with you, back and forth, larry, no, i'm not going to share any details of my dress. no, actually, it's on my facebook page, i will post all of the lovely details there.
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i will say there's a lot of bling, i modeled it after the oscars statuette, how about that? >> you're giving me a hard time yet you all right posted it for the whole world to see. deon great to see you, more tonight and saturday and sunday. >> we just like giving you a hard time, larry. there are a lot of reasons to tune into hollywood's biggest night. jessica castro takes a look at the front-runners for best picture. >> reporter: hopefully the right envelope opens for the academy awards. the famous for best picture is the shape of water. >> i think it has two big rivals, i think three billboards has that kind of zeitguiest kind and then there's get out. in 2017, it was the most talked about movie of the year. >> and people are still talking
4:18 pm
about social movements, empowering women and people of color. we'll likely see an acknowledgement on stage, not just grassroots efforts. >> do you think movements like the me too movement are part of the reason people tune into the oscars, especially as of late, as the more popular movies, like "wonder woman j are not getting such big nominations for big categories. >> i wouldn't be surprised because one of the reasons you just mentioned. i also think it's like the super bowl of entertainment in a way, i think you see people performing under high legvels o pressure and expectation and i think the unexpected tends to happen. >> he does not think meryl streep will take home best actress this year, he thinks it will go to frances mcdoormand for three billboards. coppola's winery in
4:19 pm
geyserville made a special oscar's 90th edition label just for this occasion. they'll only be pouring it during the awards ceremony and at the governor's ball after party. although coppola owns the winery, the wine was created by his winemaker's cult collection. >> this is just one of his favorite wines and i have had a thumbs-up from that and i really appreciate that. >> the coppola winery is providing 2,400 bottles of wines for the oscars including several directors cut wines that are sold to the public. if you go to the winery, you can also check out coppola's five oscars and other coppola memorabilia. >> our coverage of the oscars begins on sunday at 5:00 p.m., it's the 90th annual academy
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awards with host jimmy kimmel. >> and some people have big oscars parties, and if you have to get to a party, i think the weather is going to be decent? >> yes, it is going to be dry here in the bay area for oscar sunday which is good. it's also dry by doppler 7, and it's a real active scene, so we do have a thunderstorm that's developed just off the coastline here, you can see it's near john daly boulevard. if it holds together, daly city, 4:24, head inside, especially if you hear that thunder, obviously not safe. skyline boulevard, burling game, some moderate rain and high elevation snow. as we take a look at the north bay, pen grove, you're seeing some pretty good downpours heading into the east bay around berkeley, emeryville, yeah, the
4:21 pm
afternoon/evening commute is not going to be an easy one. chain controls right now heading up to the sierra. bad idea to travel up there, there are avalanche warnings for the back country of the central sierra until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. hold off on travel, because that winter storm warning is up for a reason until 10:00 tomorrow. at night, heavy snow, gusty winds will mean tough travel conditions and dangerous conditions. up to 46 inches in spots, so far they have seen 1 to 3 feet of snow. it is beautiful. no question about it. temperatures in the 30s to the 50s. a live look from our kgo roof camera, here's a look at the forecast, showers, thunder, hail and snow through saturday, freezing cold this weekend, and dry on oscar sunday, followed by warmer weather next week. still a level one system, some heavy downpours, hour by hour,
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tonight between 5:00 and 8:00, those scattered showers continue, by 11:00 p.m., some snow over the higher terrain. tomorrow morning, be sure you have the umbrella. scattered showers through 10:00 a.m., and then the showers will start to shift by the afternoon/evening hours, you'll see some sun breaks as well. so it's not a complete washout, tomorrow look for temperatures just before freezing, you're looking at 30s, 40s, snow over mt. hamilton and certainly more snow over the lake mendecino areas. here's a look at what else you'll have to watch out for, high surf until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. breakers could reach as high as 25 feet. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, it's a 1, scattered mix for tomorrow. dry sunday, and then most of
4:23 pm
monday with warmer conditions, going into thursday night, a light system coming our way. you can download the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7 any time you want. >> we're keeping you close by right now. wild weather not limited to the bay area, a never slor'east slamming the other site of the country. san jose 101 heading out of the silicon valley going south,
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a tiny house in sunnyvale just sold for a huge amount. the two bedroom, 84800 square feet sold for $2 million, more than 500 grand over asking price, that's $2,300 a square foot which is nuts. the home sits on a 6,000 square
4:26 pm
feet lot making it likely the new owner is going to tear the house done and build a brand-new one. and drone 7 got a bird's-eye view of a mansion that's now on the market. five bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, it's on the corner of broadway and buchanan streets, it's about $18 million. the art deco property offers some breath taking views of the bay. and drone view 7 is fantastic of golden gate bridge and the background there. if you have the extra dough for this lovely property, the agent at kocoldwell banker says he's happy to show you the property. i'm sure he is. this weekend, you can go back in time at the old mint in san francisco, much cheaper, with the third annual san francisco history days at the historic building at 5th and mission streets. today hundreds of local school
4:27 pm
children got a look at the dozens of exhibits that are going to be set up. >> they can learn everything from our ancient past, all the way through to our remarkable rich diversity of the city. >> history days runs tomorrow from 11:00 to 5:00 and sunday from 11:00 to 4:00, it's free to attend. new fallout from that gymnastics sexual abuse scandal. and the new details we have learned about the southern california parents arrested for child abuse after their three children were found living in
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and here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. right now rain is coming down all throughout the bay area, we also saw hail in the north bay, snow in the higher elevation areas. abc7 news meteorologist sandy patel warned you just before the storm hit this afternoon, she said get indoors. she's tracking the storm and that's coming up in just a few minutes. amy holyfield tweeted from the scene of a botched robbery in
4:31 pm
santa rosa that led to a police shooting. one person is injured and expected to survive and another is in custody. the lawsuit abuse happened at locations all around the world, including san jose. abc7 news reporter david louie takes a look at this complaint. >> reporter: san jose hosted the national olympic trials last month. alley raisman was sexually abused by dr. larry nassar in june of 2012. we spoke to her southern california attorney via skype. >> even though usa gymnastics had a policy of not allowing adults in children's rooms, dr. nassar had free access to their rooms. both at the olympic trials and at the olympic games.
4:32 pm
he even abused ms. raisman at the games. >> a civil lawsuit has been filed in santa clara county civil court naming usa gymnastics and several others for sexual battery, sexual harassment and inflickation of emotional distress among other claims. >> at some point we need to act with legislation. >> reporter: nassar last month was sentenced in michigan to 140 to 155 years for molestation. >> i'm here to tell you that i will not rest until every last trace of your influence on this sport has been destroyed like the cancer it is. >> reporter: the lawsuit argues that usa gymnastics and the olympic committee failed to enforce policies to prevent sexual abuse of minors, usa gymnastics issued this statement, we are very sorry that any athlete has been hurt by the despicable crimes of larry nassar, the u.s. olympic
4:33 pm
committee did not respond to a request for comment. david louie, abc7 news. >> this case is not expected to go before a jury for at least a year or two. this according to alley raisman's attorney. a university of michigan gymnast became the first male to accuse larry nassar of abuse. jacob moore has filed a civil complaint saying that nassar used a needle in his genitalia, this took place when moore was only 17, moore's sister was also allegedly abused by nassar. three children that were found living in a box in san bernardino county have been charged with child abuse. the family has been living in the middle of joshua tree for the last four years. the children ages s 11, 13 and
4:34 pm
slept together on a mattress. there was no water and no electricity and mounds of trash and feces. the parents said they had no choice after losing their home in the last recession. >> this is not a situation where they're criminals, these people are poverty strict en and they're afraid to have their children taken from them. >> the children were not enrolled in school and it does not appear they were homeschooled. they're now in the custody of children and family services. the governor declared february 14 as national school shooting day in florida. the florida senate will hold a rare saturday session tomorrow to consider a bill addressing school safety and gun sales. lawmakers plan to hear the bill today. but leaders delayed any action until they came up with a
4:35 pm
version that could pass both the house and the senate. a final senate vote will not be held until monday. a funeral took place today for the reverend billy graham. 2,000 people filled the massive white church in charlotte, north carolina. >> the service was filled with emotional tributes from graham's children and loved ones. ♪ he holds the keys keys ♪ >> reporter: the world remembers pastor billy graham, this memorial, part of graham's final burial today personal reflections from international christian leaders and his five children. >> he wrapped his arms around me and he said welcome home. >> he was faithful, he was available, and he was teachable v . >> i will live my life and
4:36 pm
glorify the name of the lord jesus christ. so i love you, daddy. >> reporter: graham's oldest son gave the eulogy with this message. >> my father preached about heaven, and wrote a book about heaven, and today he's in heaven. the circumstance m is complete. >> president donald trump was the only president who attended friday's service, after a week of tributes and public vigils, the final resting day for the 90-year-old protestant preacher. he built an empire to aid the poor and powerful. graham's grandsons carried hiss cassette kacasket to his final place. his tomb will read preacher of
4:37 pm
the gospel of the lord jesus christ. >> following the funeral, president trump and the first lady went to their mar-a-lago estate in florida. the president hosted a round table with republican national committee supporters right now speaking at a dinner for the rnc's spring donor retreat. he's scheduled to return to washington tomorrow. reports out of washington, d.c. say the state department is reducing staff at the cu cuba. more than two dozen americans in cuba suffered cognitive issues and memory loss shortly after the 2016 elections, several dep low mats reported hearing high pitched sounds after the election. still ahead, the bay area connection to sunday night's supporting actor oscar favorite. plus -- >> reporter: a massive
4:38 pm
nor'easter is barreling up the east coast with more than 70 million americans in its path. we'll have the latest from long beach, new york, coming up. >> we are tracking a mix of clouds,
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boston, massachusetts as a nor'easter hits the east coast. >> many are battling against snow, wind and dangerous conditions. >> reporter: that monster nor'easter barreling up the east coast. >> this is really impressive. >> reporter: soaking, ripping and wreaking havoc on the more than 70 million people in its path. as the northeast battles the torrential rains and coastal flooding, upstate new york is shuffling out from a heavy snowfall. more than 600,000 people are now without power. the storm bringing travel to a stand still. amtrak has shut down all service in the northeast corridor. more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled. this plane in d.c. was forced to aboard its landing after getting hit with 50-mile-per-hour winds. in many areas, wind gusts are nearing 70-mile-per-hour. people lining up in rhode island to take a look at the storm can
4:42 pm
barely make it out of their cars. >> i was going to take some pictures, but, i was out for ten seconds and i says, nah, i don't think i'll do that, so i came back in. >> reporter: the coast of massachusetts is taking a direct hit, heavy rain and coastal flooding have turned this neighborhood into a river. front-end loaders are being brought in to help with rescues near boston and officials there are urging people to stay indoors. >> it's a heck of a storm and people need to take it seriously. >> reporter: fearing this storm could be even worse than january's nor'easter. water has come up right to the edge of this boardwalk and this time officials are not taking any chances, crews were out here overnight building these massive piles of stand, trying to fight erosion and to protect the homes that are just along the coastline here from flooding. now the storm is affecting frooil flights right here in the bay area, right now delays at san francisco international airport, averaging about 45 minutes, this
4:43 pm
is a live view at sfo, 35 flights have been cancelled, 37 of those are to and from the northeast because of bad weather there. at oakland airport, only three delays, 30 flights delayed by about an hour. san jose airport reporting no delays right now. hi there, i have to show this to you, look at this rainbow, when there's rain, there's a little bit of sun, you get a little bit of rainbow over the sun right there. we are tracking moderate rain on live doppler 7, it's coming down pretty heavily, getting comp confirmation on skyline boulevard, high elevation snow in the north bay, mixing in with the rain at the lower elevations, you'll notice around south santa rosa, santa rosa, and it is south all the way into the peninsula, more than 2 1/2
4:44 pm
inches in scan rafael, san francisco, oakland, 3/6 inch in napa, tomorrow it is going to be chilly, snow at the higher elevations and a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast, level one, scattered mix tomorrow, we dry out on monday, and keeping it dry until midweek when another system comes in, and that one is going to be milder in nature. building for the future in oakland, the ground breaking today that could improve one of the city's biggest problems. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney, an eye
4:45 pm
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
oakland's mayor libby schaaf has been in the spotlight since the tip-off of i.c.e. raids. today she recommitted to those vulnerable people in her county. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf consider s arres s
4:48 pm
ment mentor. in the early '90s, nearly half of the businesses on international boulevard were boarded up. >> and we were able to say what we're going to do is revitalize fruit veil, economically, physically and socially. >> she and others took on b.a.r.t. who wanted to -- >> she stood up and said b.a.r.t. should not be protecting its riders from this community, it should be benefiting this community. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. sold the land to the city of oakland which helped to create a public and private partnership to build affordable housing for seniors and in the fall of 2019, a four-story apartment building will serve about 400 residents, represe
4:49 pm
appropriately named casa ararbella. >> and across the street is another public-private venture, this one will have even more units, 185. in oakland, leann abc7 nude. a viewer says i've been warned agains using generic phone and tablet chargers. >> not all generic chargers, there's some standard or dangerous, some aren't, they may use parts in the original manufacture and they can harm your device and actually even cause fires. many don't have quality components and have undergone testing by underwriter's laboratory, so before buying, read reviews online, know what
4:50 pm
you're getting, they're not that more expensive to buy. stan in pittsburgh asks me i got a letter from a credit card company that asked for a copy of my driver's license and social security card to make sure my info had not been stolen, i'm thinking it's a scam. >> absolutely it is a scam, your credit card company will never ask you to send copies of anything like that. whenever you get a call like this and you think it could be real, just say, look, i'm going to call the number on the back of the card, and if it's actually the credit card company, they're going to go, good idea. whenever they call you, write you, email you, just call the number on the back of the card. >> and jackie asking, i reervcey left my job and now i'm wondering about my 401 ks 0 01( earnings. i think i made this mistake in my 20s. >> if you get a payout, a clock
4:51 pm
starts ticking that could cost people a fortune in taxes. don if you don't put it in eat retirement account within 60 days, you have to pay income tax on all that money. move that next account's or your new employer's 401(k) without taking possession of the money. actually there's a lot of information online about this, charles schwab has got a great page, check that out. if you have a question for me, you can report a 10 to 15-second video on twitter. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through >> roll it over. >> i wish i had funny known to o you, michael, thank you. lego is going green, the toy manufacturer is making pieces like leaves, bushes and trees
4:52 pm
from sustainable plant based plastic. the material will be sourced from sugar cane, you'll see them sometime this year, lego has committ committed -- according to forbes, jay-z has a net worth of $900 million, up nearly $100 million from last year, the increase came mostly from his interest in champagne and cognac. rounding out the top five behind jay-z, sean did did comdy combs5 million, while dr. dre is at third with $823 million.
4:53 pm
and we head to shamrock where students are excited about the actor's chances to win this weekend. > and this is what we have coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. numerous i.c.e. raids are -- levi jeans at the center of a potential trade war. what the company is now saying about getting targeted. a and scientists discover a penguin colony so large you can actually see it from space. wow. those stories and more when kristen and eric will join you for abc7 news at 5:00.
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tonight on abc7 at 8:00, catch once upon a time, then at 9:00, marvel's agents of shield, at 10:00 p.m., 20/20. we're only a day away from the
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oscar awards. chris visited his old high school in san francisco where they can hardly contain their excitement for the beloved actor. >> reporter: inside this glen park classroom these students in the school of the arts. they're drawing inspiration from a famous alum. >> i just think it's so crazy, i watched sam rockwell stuff when i was younger. >> reporter: sam rockwell >> rtarted back in the mid '80s before moving to new york and los angeles to pursue his dream of making it as an actor. >> if sam rockwell who came from here can do it, you know, we have a chance of doing it too. >> reporter: in three billboards, rockwell had the complicated role of jason dickson, a smalltown police officer, and a hero character in one of oscar seasons most
4:58 pm
divisive films. he was nominated for best supporting actor. >> he was always big. >> reporter: some of rockwell's old classmates aren't surprised by his success. >> he started his career slowly through independent work so people could get to know who he was and write specifically for him and get the interest of people who are big in the business. >> reporter: students here cheering on the man who they call one of their own. >> i would love to he wins, that would be amazing. >> and it's easy to understand why rockwell is a favorite, won the best supporting actor prize as the screen actors guild award as well as the golden globes. we have all the details on the a abc7 news app and more on those
4:59 pm
nominated for oscars. i couldn't get out at all, trapped indoors, swirling wind all day long. >> now he's digging out from yesterday, and getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow. we're in the sierra where skiers are thrill and motorists, not so much. rumors about possible i.c.e. raids are hurting businesses. a show of defiance is about to get under way. i heard seven shots ring out? >> one of the bullets put a hole in a woman's tv. a neighbor grabbed her kids and ran into the that is the wind blowing in the sierra, gusting to nearly 150 miles an hour over the ridge tops. >> it was some of the most
5:00 pm
intense winds that i have seen in my 25 years here in south lake. >> it also dumped three feet of snow at kirkwood resorts, crews spend the day at 10,000 feet to make sure they could get it ready for skiers. >> and we saw some snow here in the bay area as well. we caught this burst falling on mt. tam this morning. >> and hail in sausalito. >> and a viewer sent us this picture from westbound i-80 near the university avenue exit. >> with so much going on in the weather, let's get right to the weather. >> seeing a potpourri of weather conditions out there, check out live doppler 7 right now. i'm going to take you into where we're seeing some snow at low elevations in the hills of the north bay, right around our radar site as well.


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