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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 19, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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a muddy mess in the oakland hills, but believe it or not, the recent rain had nothing to do with this mudslide. instead, a car crash is to blame. thank you for joining us. all happened late last night at tunnel road and buckingham boulevard. it's not only an inconvenience for drivers, it's also causing major damage. in fact, there is a home there that is pretty badly damaged. we'll check in with abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield live at the scene. amy, what can you tell us?
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>> reporter: hi, jessica. look behind me at all of the mud on buckingham boulevard. it's tough to get through here. but it is nothing compared to the damage inside the home here. the bathtub is how the water made entry. the rush of it was strong enough to lift this bathtub up. now thick mud coats the floor. it is everywhere and it is very thick. this is this man's bedroom. he says he wasn't able to save much, just a few electronics. his furniture and clothing are ruined. >> i was panicking, you know. i grabbed some stuff, you know, as quickly as possible and tried to get it to higher elevation. just called 911 asap. >> reporter: he heard a noise last night but never expected this. >> i started hearing a lot of thrusts. i looked in the backyard and all this water started coming over the barrier.
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at first it wasn't anything like serious, you know, just -- i thought it was like the rain or maybe, you know, started raining really hard. >> reporter: his neighbors heard it, too. >> i heard a roar. it was raining. i thought, gee, that must be a huge downpour. i opened the door and it wasn't raining. i heard the roar. >> reporter: it wasn't rain but a car crash that caused the rush of water. a car hit a hydrant last night. east bay mud could not shut the water off right way because the car was on the hydrant so it flowed downhill toward his house for two hours. >> disbelief. i'm shocked. like i said, i've never seen anything like this happen. >> reporter: he's a renter. he rents the bottom level of this home. the man who rents the upper level, no damage up there. he says, though, he's staying in a hotel right now. he doesn't think he'll stay
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here. he thinks his next home will be somewhere on level ground. reporting live from the oakland hills, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> can't blame him. thank you. what a mess. at we did see some rain last night in the bay area. a quick look outside where the sun is shining right now above the bay, but changes are on the way for the weekend. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. hi, mike. >> good morning, jessica. hi, everybody. did you see the vertical development of those clouds as the sun is starting to energize the atmosphere, they'll start dropping showers, perhaps lightning over the top of us. i'm showing live doppler radar with the cloud layer and you can see the sandwich of sun between the clouds and storms brewing out to the north and west. we have a thunderstorm about 120 miles to the west of us. it's moving southeast and will move away from us. the area of low pressure is the center of the energy needed to create more showers and possible thunderstorms. you can see over the next six hours, the most likelihood of those happening is going to be
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over the ocean. several could develop over land and move from northwest to southeast. even with a snow level down to about 3,000 feet, we could have some snow like we had earlier on mt. hamilton. the storm is a one for our impact scale. i think i'm going to bump sunday's up to a two, jessica. i'll have details on that coming up. >> thank you. sky7 was in half moon bay this morning. we spotted a few surfers in the water waiting to catch a big wave. right now huge swells at popular san mateo county surf spot -- look at that. despite conditions, organizers much the famous maverick surf competition have decided not to call the event. they have until the end of february to hold the event. developing news out of washington. the clock is ticking toward a government shutdown. lawmakers have until midnight eastern time to pass a budget. this morning president trump invited chuck schumer to the white house to try to make a deal.
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a >> reporter: senate showdown. lawmakers are pointing fingers just hours before a possible government shutdown. >> hold the entire country hostage until we pass an immigration bill they haven't even written yet. this is completely unfair. >> shame on the majority party, the republicans, for saying that's the best they can do. we can do better. >> reporter: president trump tweeting this morning, democrats want legal immigration, weak borders. shutdown coming? we need more republican victories in 2018. the white house holding a rare midmorning press briefing. >> he's continuing to make calls this morning. he's called bipartisan members today. he'll continue to do that. he's leading on this issue. >> reporter: the one deal to fund the government passed the house last night. without a fix for nearly 800,000 young immigrants, the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> senate democrats do not oppose anything that is in this bill. they're just holding this critical funding hostage for a
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deal on a completely unrelated immigration issue. >> reporter: but not every senate republican is on board. there's a bipartisan immigration proposal on the table, but trump has rejected it. >> and you need to be a street fighter in many ways to clean up washington. but you also need to be the president of all of us. there's a time to fight and there's a time to deal. it is now time to deal. >> reporter: if the government shuts down, a long list of things will happen across the country. 800,000 federal employees will be off the job. no paychecks. service members also wouldn't get paid but essential military operations will continue. abc news, washington. another issue, if there is a shutdown, the cdc would likely suspend its flu program. this comes as the season is picking up with even more deaths being reported. also if there is a government shutdown, some of the most popular spots to visit here in the bay area could get hit. alcatraz and muir woods would likely close.
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"the san francisco chronicle" says the national park service plans to order visitors to leave the park immediately. there is a little bit of hope. "the washington post" says the interior secretary is working to keep the gates open to some national parks but they would not have any rangers or staff on site. happening now, b.a.r.t. is unveiling its new train cars. take a look here. on the left a live look at macarthur station. sky7 is also overhead as b.a.r.t. gets ready to officially debut the first train. riders will immediately notice a difference. there are three doors instead of two to board. inside digital signs will show the next stop. currently those trains don't have that feature. and the new cars will also have fewer seats, which means there will be more standing room. >> the idea of new trains is just spot on. it's the time for new trains because these aren't in their best shapes. looking forward to it. great news. >> b.a.r.t. had planned to roll out its fleet of the future in
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2016, but the date kept getting pushed back. more cars are expected to be pressed into the service soon as they can with the goal of replacing the entire fleet by 2022. new this morning, we're learning more about the arrest of an alameda county sheriff's deputy accused of allowing jail inmates to attack a fellow inmate. joseph bailey is due in court this afternoon. prosecutors say he told several inmates to take care of another inmate, but made it look like he fell in the shower. prosecutors say bailey had gotten into an argument with the victim before the attack. bailey denied to investigators that he ordered that attack. happening now, more victim impact statements are being given at the sentencing hearing of a former u.s. gymnastics team physician. among them, gold medalist jordyn
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wieber and aly raisman. >> larry nassar is accountable. usa gymnastics is accountable. the u.s. olympic committee is accountable. my teammates and friends have been through enough. and now it's time for change because the current and future gymnasts do not deserve to live in fear, anxiety, or fear unprotected like i was. >> nassar faces at least 25 years in prison for molesting girls at michigan state university and his home. he has already been sentenced to 60 years for child pornography crimes. happening today, an appeals court in chicago is set to hear arguments over whether the government can withhold public safety funds from sanctuary cities. a judge has already put a freeze on the policy for all 50 states. the trump administration is seeking to get a lower court's ruling now reversed. and a judge here in san
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francisco has already blocked an executive order that cut money to sanctuary cities. former 49ers colin kaepernick just revealed a local superstar is going to be helping him finish his million dollar pledge to organizations fighting social injustice. >> today i'll be donating 10k to united players, the organization that my brother steph curry chose. >> i appreciate calling me to help support the bay area and keep doing what you're doing, man. >> kaepernick tweeted that video out at 4:00 this morning. steph is matching kaepernick's $10,000 donation to the bay area organization, united players. it spent the last 20 years in violence prevention and youth development. 10 grand is going to a summer program for kids. the other $10,000 will go to a mentoring program. kaepernick made a $1 million pledge in 2016 to help organizations that work in oppressed communities. still to come on abc7 news,
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new details about a shocking abuse case out of southern california. what we're learning about the children. and a sign of the times. the surprising plan being floated around because
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which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. the riverside county parents accused of holding their 13 children captive in their perris home have pleaded not guilty. they face 75 counts for
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torturing, abusing and imprisoning their kids for decades. the kids were allegedly tied or shackled for months at a time and starved. i spoke to abc news correspondent matt gutman about a special investigation about what happened inside that house of horrors and how those kids are doing. >> they were so isolated here that they are barely literal. when officials went in there for the first time, they didn't know what a police officer was. they didn't know what medicine was. they've never been to a dentist. they don't know how to write a check. it will be a long time before they're taught the ways of the world. again, the hope is from officials to keep them together as long as possible because that is what is keeping them strong, at least right now while they're in the hospital. >> yes, a long road ahead for that family. abc's "20/20" will have an in-depth investigation of the turpin family tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc7. we want to take you back
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with sky7 live over the first new b.a.r.t. train to go into service. a ribbon-cutting ceremony is under way. you can see the train there. that's at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station. the new train will make an inaugural run and it goes into service today. do you want to satisfy your sweet tooth? this is the weekend for you. i put together some ideas for your weekend. >> have you heard the saying life is short, eat dessert? this weekend eat to your heart's content at sweet tooth, the first sweet fest located near third and townsend. why didn't we think of this earlier? >> delicious. >> thank you. >> what can people expect at the festival? >> we're at 18, almost over 20 vendors and cheese school, hog city bakehouse, alexander, we'll be there. so many great names. everyone will be featuring a little bite. the restaurant will be passing
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out some specialty cocktails and special wine. >> yes, you heard that right. adult drinks to wash down your sweets. it's guaranteed to be a sugar rush. the festival goes from noon until 4:00 p.m. also this weekend, join the women's march oakland this saturday. meant to be a bipartisan and peaceful event to shed light on women's rights. starts at 10:00 a.m. there's a rally and march. posters, signs and flags are allowed, but you cannot use wooden, metal or even plastic sign posts to carry them. backpacks and large purses are also a no-no. happening all weekend long is the sf sketch fest. it's in full swing featuring more than 230 shows in three weeks at various venues all around the city. this sunday they're spotlight abc speechless with several cast members including actress minnie driver. tickets are available online. and for more information on these events and others, just go
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to and we'll link you up with hoodline. next on abc7 news, some big changes for travelers on united. the new class of seating the airline is adding and it comes with a pretty steep price tag. a live look at the bay bridge. it's sunny out there but some
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good morning. the temperatures are up 12 degrees than they were yesterday. concord we're seeing a little more sunshine and out towards
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bre brentwood. let's take a look at why it's so much cooler up north. the fog. it's just starting to lift. we went from an eighth of a mile to two now in petaluma so it will rapidly dissipate out there. what we're seeing -- the inverse to that is showers are developing over the santa cruz mountains and off the marin county coast. those will slide into san francisco and over the peninsula over the next hour or so. here's a look from south beach. you can see some cumulus clouds starting to develop. even with those we'll have more sunshine than yesterday but the sunshine will give the air the energy for showers and possible thunderstorms today. seeing stars and feeling freezing cold in our deepest in-line valleys and you want the umbrella next week. several chances of rain. you can see the green sprinkled through my forecast. temperatures mainly around 50 in clear lake to about 56. we're pretty close to where our highs will be right now in places like san jose and up towards fairfield. here's a look from
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explorato exploratory. chance of showers are developing right now. that chance will linger through 4:00. once we lose the sun, we lose the energy so we lose the thunderstorm threat and clouds by 8:00. mid to upper 40s and low to mid-40s by midnight. cooler this evening. grab a coat. north bay, santa rosa at 32. we could have neighborhoods in the san ramone valley. a lot of us in upper 30s. from san mateo to san rafael, low to mid-40s. the storm impact scale, i put it at a two because the rainfall amounts are getting high enough we can get to this. we won't have any damage or flooding. it will be breezy at times. that's about it. the heftest amount of rain for a lot of us will come in as we're going to bed. light rain in the north bay noon on sunday. you can see as we head sunday into monday, the yellow rolling through and exiting the south bay by monday morning. it will leave plenty of puddles behind. even half inch of rain in the south bay up to an inch and a half in the north bay.
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that's a two for sunday. then we'll have a chance of rain tuesday into wednesday. that storm will be weaker, perhaps a one. we'll also get snow in the sierras, but not as much as yesterday. >> mainly a dry weekend? >> if you have outdoor plans tomorrow, it will be the best day, also the brightest and warmest. >> thanks. today's money morning report. united airlines has announced it will soon add a new premium economy class on select international flights. it's called premium plus. customers will receive a more spacious seat, more leg room, upgraded food and alcohol service. and also a saks fifth aeft pillow. the new premium will set travelers back as much as $2,000. traffic at the hollywood sign in los angeles is causing more and more problems. one solution that's been tossed around is simply build another sign. that's just one of several
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suggestions from a study looking at ways to ease traffic. the second sign will be on the other side of the hill from the original and face toward the suburban san fernando valley. other ideas include a shuttle to ferry visitors to trails near the sign and a tram for a bird's-eye view. looking for a what it's like to be a boy mum. >> oh, goodness. >> see it next right this minute.
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welcome back. a reminder we're on 24/7 on the abc7 news app and today on our website, with the government shutdown looming, we have posted a list of what would stay open and what would close. if you're logging onto from your phone, also be sure to download the abc7 news app to get those breaking news alerts. then tune in for the latest news and weather right here on our next newscast, abc7 news at 4:00. it's time for our favorite segment of the week, perfect pet. mike it here to introduce us to a new friend. >> time to find that friend a forever home. our perfect pet is from the east bay spca. let me introduce you to little drummer boy. he's 11 months old and a domestic shorthair. our little drummer boy cat loves to play, explore and test his limits to make him part of your family, call the east bay spca or visit the dublin shelter.
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the number is on your screen at 925-479-9674. he's a curious little guy. he looks like my guy. he looks like oreo. >> is that why he's called little drummer boy, knocks it over? >> he likes to make noise, i guess so. he looks adorable. >> he's very adorable, yes. looks like a wonderful pet. from all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for joining us for midday. be sure to download our app, check have a wonderful weekend. it's beautiful outside right now. >> you'll need the sunglasses more than the umbrella. but there may be a stray shower for the evening commute. >> keep it handy. have a wonderful friday. we'll see you at 4:00.
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