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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  December 31, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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. on abc news at 5:00, two bay area cities are about to leave the nation when it comes to the minimum wage. plus the barriers are up and san francisco is ready to ring in the new year. we have your latest fireworks forecast. there, you heard it, every single person is screened at new york city's times square. and police are trying a new tactic to keep the crowd safe there tonight. >> we're the most expensive region to live in the country. we felt we had to act. >> thousands of workers in the bay area will start the new year with a pay raise. and in some cases, we'll help pay for it. good evening and thanks for joining us.
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minimum wage is set to hit the highest rate in two bay area cities. sunnyvale and mountain view. tonight, abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live forness mountain view where cornel, many people are hailing this move, but there are also many different opinions. is that right? >> yes indeed, deion. happy new year for you. it should be a happy week for neighbors in mountain view and sunnyvale. they are about to make $15 an hour. that's one of the highest minimum wages in the nation. business owners already figuring out how they will pay for it. it's music to the ears of many workers in mountain view. it is so expensive to live here. brother and sister, jordan and naomi, zimmerman, happy to hear minimum wage is jumping from $13.50 to $15 on new year's day.
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>> i'm looking for a job second semester. >> so extra money that will help. > yeah, definitely does. >> mountain view and neighboring sunnyvale made it a joint effort by raising minimum wage to $15. servers and cooks just learned they are getting a raise. >> very happy. more money. very happy. >> both cities wanted to give workers a fighting chance in a region where sky high rents and million dollar real estate is the new normal. >> the country is doing very well and silicon valley is doing very well. but that hasn't translated to worker wages and we're the most expensive region to live in the country and we felt we had to act. >> prices will be going up in the next two weeks. >> restaurant owner tony valley is happy to pay his workers more but says he has no choice but to pass the increase on to his customers. >> it impacts us. but we're ready to take some action to make sure that we're here for next 20 years. >> neighboring businesses are considering raising their prices, too. >> minimum wage still isn't a
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living wage. all we've done is hopefully make it better. >> other cities including san jose are expected to make the jump to $15 an hour in the next year. in mountain view, cornel bernard, nbc 7 news. >> the wage increase will also be in several areas in 2018. some breaking news, coming out of costa rica tonight. we are learning a plane carrying 12 people crashed, killing everyone on board. now among the dead, ten u.s. citizens including a family of five americans and two costa rican crew members. that private plane went down in a wooded area in the northwest part of the country. local media there do report the aircraft had problems after take off and almost immediately caught fire. still, no word on the cause. in developing news, a deputy has been shot and killed. four others wounded, after responding to a domestic
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disturbance at an apartment complex in suburban denver. linda lopez has the story. >> douglas county sheriff deputies lined up along the passing modor cade to honor a fallen brother, killed this morning in highland's colorado. 2 t 29-year-old zacharierish responded to the scene of an argument between two roommates. >> we have one deputy down in an apartment. i'm not getting anything from him. all of us have been hit least once. >> suspected gunman, hitting five officers, killing perish, and wounding four. >> the shooting took place almost immediately after the arrival of the officers. >> the suspect seems to have barricaded himself into a room. >> there were over a hundred rounds fired in this engagement. a hundred rounds from the suspect. >> two civilians were also hit.
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their injuries nonlife-threatening. the suspect shot and killed by officers. deputy perish had been with the force for seven months. sheriff spur lock visibly emotional over his loss. >> zach was a good kid. smiling kid. up and down the halls. you can see his face. eager to work. eager to serve. >> douglas county sheriff says this suspect has no criminal record but was known to them from other incidents involving police. they haven't positively identified him yet and are waiting for more information from the injured officers. >> linda lopez, abc news, new york. >> sad way to end the year. >> man involved in a chase with is a la cy lano county deputies. it all happened at tennessee and tawalamie streets. a car hit a pickup struck that intersection then struck the man p. police say they found a gun
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inside the mercedes and they arrested the driver, man from vallejo. a man survived a crash but is suffering a life-threatening injury. he was trapped by a live wire after taking down a power pole. the chp had to wait for the power lines to be deenergized before the man could open the door of his truck. he had to choice but to wait it out. you see there, maybe even getting a little nap in. eventually the driver got out safely. >> the driver of a fuel truck apparently didn't follow safety protocol and drove in front of the taxiing alaska airlines plane this morning. an airport spokesperson tells abc 7 news the truck should have given right-of-way to the plane and there will be a discussion with that driver. neither the plane nor the truck was hit. the faa says since there was no damage or injuries they probably won't investigate. >> happening tonight, a few hours until new year's eve
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celebrations get into full swing in san francisco and the city is ready. taking a live picture now from drone view 7, our camera showing the embarcadaro. you can see the crowds gathering on the ground there. if you are coming into the city, you can expect huge crowds and lots of visible security. the sfpd cancelled all discretionary leads for officers, all hands on deck. restaurants, as you can imagine, are packed with many offering special new year's eve menus. >> expecting to see five courses. we have two different seatings. but final seating to midnight will find dominik and i and the rest of the team throwing a fantastic party. each course has a different unfolding for the new year. >> sounds confident. also, the city set up safety alerts. you can test nyesf 17 to the number 88877 for any new year's eve emergency alerts. >> san francisco is ready to
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bring in 2018 with a bang, literally. the team of pyrotechnic experts worked some 48 hours to get the fireworks show ready. the pyrotechnics will be launched from a barge a thousand feet off-shore from pier 14 along the embarcadaro. if you're not heading out to catch the show, you can watch it live on our website, a we want to take a live look at the embarcadaro where thousands will gather to watch fireworks. as you can see, they will brave chillily temperatures. let's get to abc 7's spencer christian with the latest on the forecast. got to bundle up. >> okay. you should bundle up. cooler out there tonight and you can see that some clouds moving over contained moisture. we have isolated spotted drizzle up in north way. we are going to have clouds at viewing conditions for the fire work display should be fair to moderate. temperatures as we approach the
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midnight hour in low to mid 40s inland, about 50 around the bay. upper 40s elsewhere. you might want to bundle up a little bit. clouds, as i mentioned, mid and high level, but viewing conditions are okay. when i say okay, it means fair. there will be some breaks in the clouds. so they won't be dense and low, completely obscuring your view. i will have a look at the complete forecast a little bit later. >> spencer, thanks. people are all bundled up as we mentioned as they make their way it times square to claim a spoot for tonight's new year's celebration in new york. it could be one of the coldest celebrations on record there. the windchill expected to dip below 0. security is extremely tight. the "new york times" reports for the first time police are using reflective markers on the outside of buildings so that in the event of an attack, officers can figure out what floor a gunman is on. every person entering times square is going through a metal detector. some people arrived 14 hours
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before the ball dropped to get got spot. you can celebrate 2018 with abc 7 and dick clark's new year's rockin eve with ryan seacrest. the fun starts here on abc 7. then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00. then at 11:30, countdown to midnight as new year's rockin eve continues. just ahead, raiders coach jack del rio just let go from the team. mre in sports. that breaking news is ahead. plus, australia makes a political statement during its fireworks show tonight. we will have a look. in just hours, recreational marijuana becomes legal in
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>> oh, what a party. australia is one of the first countries to ring in the new year. security was tight but officials said there was no particular alert. during the fireworks, a rainbow water fall and colored lights appeared off the sydney bridge to celebration the legalization of gay marriage in australia. >> a blaze set in hong kong as people welcomed in the new year there. fireworks set off across the city skyline reflecting in the water of victoria harbor below. crowds were entertained by a series of performancis before the ten-minute fire work show started. people around the world have already enjoyed an over the top new year's eve celebration. live from dubai, thanks to a san francisco company. take a look around 11:30 a.m.
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our time. twitter live streamed dubai's 2018 speck cal. featuring a water show, very impressive lights, choreographed in music and that stream included a twitter time line even featuring new year's eve related realtime conversation and direct message feature. letting viewers learn more about the festivities. recreational pot sales begin tomorrow in california. and more than 70 businesses across the state have received their permits to begin sales on january 1st. one of the first businesses looking to make a sale is the harbor side cannabis dispensary in oakland. they are set to open monday at 6:00 a.m. the dispensary's website said they will offer gift and prizes to the first 100 people in line. the law allows people 21 and older to grow six marijuana plants at home. smoking in public is still banned. >> some people aren't waiting until midnight to celebrate the new year.
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>> coming up, taking you to a local party for those whose bedtime comes way before the stroke of midnight. >> i'm spencer christian
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thank you for staying with us. some people will be fast asleep by the time the ball drops in times square tonight. but a lot of kids in the bay area rang in the new year anyway. abc 7 news is in oakland at the space and sigh encenter for a colorful balloon droop. the center held three drops to celebrate sfroetrokes of midnig around the world. kids counted down and cheered as you heard, then watched in awe as balloons dropped from the ceiling.
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>> well, i don't have a balloon drop for you, but there are rain drops in my forecast. not quite yet, though. this moisture in the clouds overhead right now, as you can see, and there were a few isolated sprinkles in the north bay. most of the green you see on the screen erap vated before hitting the ground. let's take a live view of hazy conditions. looking out from the tower over san francisco. currently 58 degrees here in san francisco. we've got mid 50s or mid to upper 50s also at oakland, mountain view, san jose, gill roy. here is a dramatic view of the western sky from emeryville. lots of clouds there but sun is breaking through as well. temperature readings in the low to mid 50s at santa con co concord and livermore. these are our forecast features, mostly cloudy for fireworks viewing. but clouds at high and mid level. so the view might be pretty good. partly cloudy with sun breaking
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through to tomorrow afternoon and dry for new year's day. and we have a rainy pattern that will develop by midweek. now air quality has not been good lately. today is a spare the air day. air equality is porous. tomorrow, central bay and inland and east bay and in santa clara valley. let's look at overnight conditions. fog at the coast and in the central valley as well. partly cloudy off the bay but clearer in inland areas. inland lows in upper 30s. low to mid 40s just about everywhere else. few upper 40s along the coastline. and tomorrow, as we get into the midday and afternoon hours, we will see skies becoming and sunnier with linerigering h. this month, december, has been the fourth driest december on record here in san francisco. this month produced only .15 inch of rain compared to the average december which is over
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4.25 inches. that is about to change. storm coming in wednesday bringing light rain fall to one of the storm impact scales that will continue into thursday. here is the forecast animation starting in midday wednesday. notice all parts of the bay area will get west. from late night wednesday into thursday and we will see more rain coming in on friday. so the week will bring us wet weather as we get into the middle of the week. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after dry weather tomorrow and tuesday, we will see showers or light rain, wednesday, thursday and friday. welcome rain fall, we love it. >> i love it because meteorologists get excited about it. >> we do. >> we are looking at breaking raiders news. >> little bit of a surprise. head coach jack del rio after the game announced that mark davis said he will not bring him back next year as his head coach. so kind of surprised. this just came down the pipe.
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starting with breaking news. raiders head coach told after today he wouldn't be brought in for next season. raiders first game in l.a. in some 20 years. this is kind of raiders season in a nutshell. first quarter, gordon fumbled, bounces to keenan allen, former cal bear. finishes it off with a
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touchdown. there's del rio, can't believe it. longest drive of the year only took four plays. deep to cooper. 87-yard touchdown. wide open. tied at seven. and mark davis is going to like that. apparently not enough. after taking the lead on a field goal, chargers put up 23 straight. a td pass to no one expected it to end like this today, including del rio. jack del rio is now looking for work. niners are the hottest in the nfl. jimmy grap the tone. jimmy g. trying to do well as a starter. niners up 10-0 just like that.
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getting clocked here by blake, bam, he is out. ended up being carted off with a concussion. meanwhile, carlos may have his last game as a 49er. niners are on a roll and then grap low had two picks today. but also two touchdown passes. this one to robinson. first team it start 0-t9 and wi more than three games. finish with a 34-13 victory. seahawks needed to beat the cardinals to have a chance at final nfc wild card. seattle battles back to take the lead in the fourth quarter. russell wilson and doug baldwin touchdown. dawson kicking four field goals, including game-winner with just over two minutes go. there it is. and cardinals eliminate seattle from the playoffs. with a 26-24 victory.
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all right, could browns beat the steelers and avoid going 2-16. schuster on the return. anyone? anyone? somebody? 96 yards to the house. steelers up 28-21. final minutes, brown down four. fourth and two. keeping the drive alive. finding corey coleman and he drops it. brutal finish to a brutal season. 28-24 steelers. browns second team to finish 0-16. wild card weekend in the afc. titans in kansas city. carolina at new orleans. colts fired their head coach. and of course jack del rio just let go. he kass towas told after the ga won be brought back. but he signed an extension so
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. new jersey woman really fell m love with her new fiance. fortunately, though, she wasn't hurt. we'll explain. the crowd watched in the cell phone captured all of this and this woman's boyfriend proposed to her at @an ice rink at new
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york's rockefeller center. se lost her balance and fell. she was unscathed. she d tonight, breaking news as we count down to the new year. deadly ambush. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all of us have been hit at least once. >> five deputies shot seconds apart. at least one dead. the suspect firing more than 100 rounds. the neighborhood on lockdown. our team on the scene. times square on ice. more than 1 million people bracing for possibly one of the coldest new years on record. the potential danger for the crowds watching the ball drop. plus, extreme cold ring of steel. times square surrounded by unprecedented security. snipers in position. special police dogs on the street. new year's scare. the arsenal seized inside a hotel room. police recovering an assault


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