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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  July 29, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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"good morning america." resign and replace. the white house shake-up. president trump praising the new guy, john kelly. >> john kelly will do a fantastic job. >> as reince priebus now speaks out. what he is saying about his departure as chief of staff. the new power shift in the west wing. and the promise of more changes to come. missile launch. north korea's latest test traveling higher and longer than last time, raising concerns here about the possible new targets. >> we're talking seattle, denver, chicago, maybe as far as new york and washington, d.c. >> what are president trump's options? outer banks exodus. mandatory evacuations on north carolina's hatteras and ocracoke islands. the power outage pulling the
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plug on summer plans and the new efforts to get the power back on this morning. and ride of terror. survivors speaking out about the deadly accident at the ohio state fair. fire ball ride breaking apart. the chaotic moments that followed. >> there was a gentleman helping me and we put her down on the ground. and i was checking for a pulse. >> and new legal action this morning. live from abc news in new york, this is "good morning america." >> good saturday morning, everyone. dan, as you can see, has the morning off. i don't know what we owe this honer to but we are so glad to have chief white house correspondent jon karl in the house. >> yeah! >> good to be here. >> like the white house briefing room. >> a little, just as friendly. we are so glad you're here. we have been waiting for this moment for a long time. i love the tie by the way. dan never wears colorful ties. jon, great to have you. we are going to begin with morning with the white house shake-up.
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the president's chief of staff reince priebus resigns and is replaced by homeland security secretary john kelly, a four-star general. >> it's been six months of chaos in the west wing. not just priebus. before that, sean spicer gone. the communications director gone, the deputy chief of staff, gone. the national security adviser gone. >> we're not done yet. the fbi director also gone. all of this happened in just six months. >> and now the president is turning to a trusted former general to impose order in the white house. >> the big question, can the change effectively reset the administration and what is reince priebus saying about this? abc's wright begins our coverage for us at the white house this morning. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and jon. the president is clearly hoping the shake-up will bring some order and discipline to a white house that has been ridden by division and back biting chaos that comes at a cost to the president's agenda.
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the scapegoat this week, reince priebus who left the white house last night. he told fox news he wouldn't comment on the attacks by communications director anthony scaramucci. >> i'm not going to get into that subject. it's getting in the mud and i think the palace intrigue stuff is annoying and i think it's a distraction. it takes away from the president's agenda. i think everyone needs to focus on the president and what he needs to get done for the american people. >> reporter: the announcement expeblgted all week came abruptly in a presidential tweet last friday. priebus said he resigned thursday. >> i think going in a different direction, hitting the reset button is a good thing and the president did that. so i think he's happy. i have to tell you, it's always a little mix when things like this happen. i generally feel good. >> reince priebus, a good man. >> reporter: his replacement starts monday.
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a retired four-star general from the marine corps who in his current role as secretary of homeland security was a steadfast supporter of the president's plan to strengthen the borders. >> the president has executive orders to the homeland security mission. the orders will secure the borders and enhance the enforcement of the immigration laws and keep our citizens safe. >> general kelly has been a star. he's done an incredible job thus far. he is respected by everybody. >> reporter: general john kelly is well liked in the west wing. with a proven record at command. his new unit badly in need of some discipline. but kelly has no prior political experience which could make it tough when it comes to issues like health care. the white house is still reeling over the senate's failure to pass an obamacare repeal. a signature campaign promise
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defeated with a thumbs down by senator john mccain. a crushing blow to the gop leadership. the new chief of staff starts monday. in the meantime, the number two in homeland security, elaine duke, she will take over as acting secretary. but there is some talk of possibility of attorney general jeff sessions eventually heading over to homeland security. that would be news to the department of justice and it would certainly raise some eye brows here in washington. paula? >> that would be intriguing. david, before i let you go. i have to ask you about the president. he raised eye brows with this comment during a speech yesterday in law enforcement. referencing cracking down on suspected gang members. take a listen. >> like when you put guys in a car and you are protecting their head. you know,the way you put your hand over -- don't hit their head and they just killed somebody. don't hit their head? i said, you can take the hand away, okay? >> the president is taking a lot of heat for that comment. you can give us a little context? >> reporter: well, he was
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speaking to local law enforcement officers and he seemed to suggest that a little police brutality is not a bad thing. joking at least. and there was a little put back from the suffolk police department. for one, they were among the groups he was addressing and they tweeted out immediately, as a department, we do not tolerate the roughing up of prisoners. >> thank you. and speaking of white house, jon, we are usually talking to you via satellite in d.c. i want to pick your brain. reince was never really a good fit for the administration. but over night, taking the high road. saying this is a much needed reset for the administration. do you think a four-star general will get the administration back on path? >> look, the problem is the white house is the chief of staff is donald trump. he acts as his own chief of staff. he acts as his own
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communications director. nobody really reported to reince priebus. the senior staff had direct line to the president. that's the way he liked it. my question what kind of authority is general kelly going to have? >> he has the respect of the president. maybe that is step one. all right. thanks for your analysis. >> i will stick around a while. >> we want to bring in abc news political analyst cokie roberts from the nation's capital. good morning to you. >> good morning, and jon, we are missing you here. >> don't go back any time soon. >> i wanted to be away from the chaos so i game to weekend gma. >> we said if you can handle six months of chaos in washington, he can handle weekend gma. so, cokie, i just asked jon about this. i want to get your take on this. with priebus replaced by kelly, do you anticipate there will be less chaos in the administration? >> no, i agree completely with jon. no, the problem is not the chief of staff. the problem is the president.
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and nobody can stop him from tweeting whatever he wants to tweet at all hours of the day and night. and whether that contradicts some policy the white house is trying to put out, the president doesn't seem to care about. but in addition to that, we have not had good experiences with generals as chiefs of staff. the last one was general alexander hague and that was pretty chaotic. and by the time that gerald ford became president and inherited him as chief of staff, it didn't work at all. he did not want that chaos in the white house and it lasted a month. >> but cokie, republican leaders practically begged the president to name priebus in the administration. saying he needed a washington hand. somebody with contacts in congress. >> someone who is a republican. >> now a general -- >> they are no republicans in the white house. maybe don mccann the lawyer. but there really aren't. last year at this time, at the republican convention, we were
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saying this is not a republican convention. this is a trump convention. now we have a trump white house. it's going to be heavily new york, heavily his administration. he loves what he calls my generals but these are not republicans. these are not people who have been in the party who have been working in the vineyards for years, who helped elect the people in congress. all of these things. so does that make the relationships with congress any better? i don't think so. >> speaking of the relationships, we talked about this earlier off camera. the democrats, the republicans and then you've got the trump administration. do you anticipate that making the president's agenda tough to actually go forward? >> it's already tough. the health care is the most obvious of the agenda items. general kelly has been very supportive of the wall, which is
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something president trump really got out there and ran on last year. but the people in the house are ready to put in a little money to build a wall. that's going to run up against a wall, so to speak, in the senate. and that's going to keep happening. the senate is very evenly divided and they -- members of the senate did not run on the same issues that the president ran on. >> all right, cokie, always great to have you on a saturday or sunday morning. we'll take you whenever we can get you. >> always nice to be here. >> thanks. we want to move now to the other big story this morning. the latest move by north korea involving another intercontinental ballistic missile. >> kim jong un claims they are able to hit the united states at any time. gloria riviera is here with more on the launch and how the united states is responding. good morning, gloria. >> good morning. north korea delivering on its promise ignoring warnings from the u.s. and going ahead with
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his 11th missile test this year alone. we are learning more about the launch site which came as somewhat of a surprise. it's a mountainous region near china where the regime is believed to hide numerous missiles in underground tunnels. blasting off a launch pad near the chinese border, this launch pad for the first time being capable of reaching across the u.s. north korea later releasing photos with kim jong un posing next to a missile. >> they have a missile that can hit the lower 48. but now we're talking seattle, denver, chicago, maybe even as far as new york and washington, d.c. >> reporter: moments after learning after this alarming development, the president on a conference call with his national security team. he called it reckless and dangerous saying the united states will take all necessary steps to make sure of the security of the homeland. and protect our allies in the region.
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# >> the united states is also advancing its capabilities to what is called ground interceptors. to intercept the missiles before they reach land. >> reporter: the missile went higher on this july 4th test. it was airborne for 45 minutes shooting approximately 2300 miles into space before coming down in the sea of japan, 620 miles from its launch site. but the north koreans can lower the angle to vastly extend the range, potentially all the way to the east coast of the u.s. this latest test did not test whether north korea can arm the missile with a nuclear war head. but just this week, they said it could happen within the year. in a response, the united states had a joint military exercise with south korea. but some experts say only getting back to the negotiation table will help. >> military threats won't stop them. it's time for the president of the united states, the great dealmaker, to see if he can make a deal. >> reporter: the north korea media is reporting the leader
7:13 am
vows he will continue these tests targeting the u.s. the president of the united states' closest ally in the region wants to talk to the united states about deploying more anti-missile defense units in the region and tougher sanctions from the u.n. jon, paula. >> thank you. now a power outage is messing up vacation plans in the outer banks. >> vacationers are ordered to get out or face legal action. and abc's erielle reshef has the story. good morning to you. this is ruining a lot of vacations. >> reporter: it is. the outage prompting the governor of north carolina to declare a state of emergency. visitors will be breaking the law if they don't evacuate. this summer a summer vacation nightmare. >> we had another day left. we wanted to be on the beach fishing. >> reporter: a power outage forcing at least 10,000 tourists off the outer banks. >> hoping the power will come back on. >> reporter: the outage
7:14 am
prompting an evacuation order on the north carolina islands of hatteras and ocracoke with no word on when power will be restored. officials ple sideing over popular tourist island ocracoke island, misdemeanor warnings for visitors who will not leave. >> seems they are trying to get out as we request it. >> reporter: the black out began thursday after a construction company on this new bridge drove a steel casing into an electric transmission cable. >> it's kind of a damper on the fun to cut short the family vacation. >> reporter: despite bringing in backup generators to power communities, they are asking people as they prepare to leave to turn off their ac and conserve electricity. the generators are providing power to ems and fire. crews are now around the clock to get the power back up and running. it could be days or weeks before the power is restored in the area. >> that is a tough pill to swallow if you plan to vacation in the outer banks. which so many are doing right now. >> and bad for business.
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>> great to have you. >> good to be here. we want to move to parts of country that are facing dangerous weather from alabama to new jersey. >> major downpours with flash flooding. rob is here with the latest. >> jon, you got out of d.c. in time. they got hammered yesterday with heavy rain. this is an unusual storm for late july. this comma shape. something we will see in september or october. and heavy rain has come along with this. and multiple reports of four and five inches of rainfall. a flash flood warning in washington county, pennsylvania, south of pittsburgh. you see this area back building. this is going to be trouble for parts of west virginia as well. the flash flood watch midday. for more on the storm, let's get to eva pilgrim in rehoboth beach, delaware. good morning, eva. >> reporter: it's a nonstop here in delaware. we're in a little bit of a lull right now but you can see the wind has a good push to it. the area can't seem to catch a break this week, and now flood
7:16 am
warnings for this area at least through midday. dangerous storms up and down the east coast flooding streets, turning deadly. tens of millions in the mid-atlantic affected by the powerful systems. a thousand homes in virginia left in the dark by a toppled tree. in pennsylvania, heavy rain overnight coming on top of several inches of rain earlier in the day. the sudden flood waters trapping this man on high ground making this road impassable. >> i came out and car started to float a little bit. just that fast. >> reporter: washington, d.c. streets submerged. swollen with rain water. drivers turning around after police shut down roads. hail pelting parked cars in maryland. drivers barely able to see in front of them. farther south in kentucky, residents in this neighborhoods waking up to a street-turned river. and in florida a lightning strike on the beach killing one
7:17 am
man and injuring another. >> just sitting on the beach and lightning came in quick. >> reporter: the wind really is picking up out here. again, another major concern with this storm are -- brings a high risk for rip currents. you can look out here and see just how angry the ocean right now is. they're expecting that -- the waves will break any where from five to seven feet, at least through today. rob? >> all right, eva, high surf behind you. the high winds. again, reminiscent of a nor'easter almost like september or october. it's a coastal low that is developing. it will scoot out relatively quickly. across virginia and north carolina, maybe another batch of rain that could be heavy at times throughout the day today. two to three inches already the area that is saturated. flooding still an issue. this front by the way gets down south in the gulf of mexico. that doesn't happen until late september usually. folks in new orleans, lake charles, mobile, alabama, not going to be cooler but it will be feel drier. less humidity. enjoy that. that is a treat this time of year.
7:18 am
the monsoon out west with heavy good saturday morning. l low clouds and fog keeping us cool. by late afternoon typical summertime pattern. as we look at your hour by hour, you'll notice we get a little bit of sunshine but overall we'll see mostly cloudy skies there. numbers on the cool side. >> it's the karl effect. >> it is the karl effect. we were pushing to have jon karl live in the d.c. area with the rain. >> we saw the president with the umbrella. i think it's the first time we have seen a chief of staff fired in the pouring rain. >> all sorts of new firsts. >> mr. trump was holding his own umbrella?
7:19 am
>> i looked that way. >> is that supposed to happen? >> he is a take charge kind of guy. >> i know a take charge kind of guy. >> this is a transition, jon, to me. >> thank you. teeing me up. bump, set, spike. >> good morning to you, paula and jon, adrienne, robert. good morning to you. we are going to begin with breaking news in the west bank. the middle east, a palestinian president mahmoud abbas has been hospitalized to under go a routine checkup. the 82-year-old has had heart problems in the past and an emergency heart procedure a year ago. a spokesman says he is expected to be released later today. and back here in the u.s., the white house says that the president, president trump will sign new sanctions against russia along with north korea and iran. congress overwhelmingly passing the new legislation after russia's alleged meddling in the presidential election last year. the kremlin already retaliating
7:20 am
by seizing two u.s. compounds in moscow and ordering the embassy to reduce the staff by hundreds of people. and overseas in england. charlie gard, the terminally infant whose parents tried to desperately take him to the u.s. for experimental treatment, he has died. little charlie right there. pope francis tweeting i entrust little charlie to the father and pray for his parents and all those who loved him. the fda says it plans to regulate the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. the plan aims to curb addiction and bring nicotine to nonaddictive levels. the fda saying that cigarettes are the only consumer product, that when used, they kill half of the long time users. shares of tobacco companies declare 10% after that announcement on friday. in freemont, california, tesla unveiling his model three sedans, making plans to make a relatively affordable car.
7:21 am
it would go on sale for 35,000 bucks. the first 30 vehicles will go to employees. the krrngs eo saying tesla will be building the vehicles as fast as they ask with a goal of a half million of them by the end of next year. finally, it's five down and two to go for a russian base jumper for a quest to fly down the highest peaks on each continent. they are seven of them if you're keeping track. >> no, gosh. >> that is 22,000 feet off of a mountain in peru. he began his seven continent journey in 2009 jumping in europe and a peak in antarctica. next year, kilimanjaro and last year, asia. next year, australia and north america, they are next on the list. >> you can do that for me and all of my children and grandchildren. i will never do that. >> my stomach -- that is hard to watch. >> enjoy. >> all right, coming up on gma this saturday, two survivors of
7:22 am
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lot. later today in walnut creek a rally and march will be held. that's at 1:00. we'll head to lisa for a look at our weekend forecast. >> good morning you to. here's our east bay hills camera. you can see the fog. it is going to be a cool day at the coast. partial clearing. 59 in san jose. from mt. tam it should be a nice afternoon. cool start. mid 50s for most of you. high today in the low to mid 90s. >> thanks so much, lisa. the
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we want to welcome you back we want to welcome you back to gma on this saturday morning. and happening right now, white house shake-up. president trump's chief of staff reince priebus resigning and replaced by john kelly. it's six months of chaos in the white house. last week, sean spicer, gone. the communications director also gone. the deputy chief of staff, gone. the national security adviser, gone. and of course the fbi director james comey also gone. all of that in just the six months. also right now, hard landing. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a water taxi to slam into a pier in new york city. at least 30 people are hurt. many passengers taken away on stretchers. and alcohol crackdown. mexico is promising to improve the inspection of alcohol at its resorts following the death of
7:31 am
american abby conner. dozens are saying they are victims of alcohol related sickness while drinking in mexico. earlier this week, the state department says, if you are going to drink in mexico, have canned or bottled beer or wine. >> and always keep your eye on your drink. great advice. great to have you on this saturday morning. >> you know. also coming up, off the road. the concern over incidents like this, patrol cars that have a police department taking action this morning. we are going to begin this morning with a tragedy at the ohio state fair. where some rides are now running ach that fatal accident. >> some of the riders are speaking out about their terrifying experience. ron has the story. >> reporter: really harrowing accounts of a chilling moment when the ride suddenly broke apart. one survivor telling how in the terrifying incident what went through his mind was the thought, this is going to be us next. one survivor said the thought this is going to be us next. >> it was terrifying.
7:32 am
>> reporter: survivors are speaking out about the moment a thrill ride turned deadly at an ohio state fair. >> the ride started. we were having a good time. we saw the floor rising up. >> reporter: they were strapped into their seats on the fire ball ride as it broke apart in midair. >> it bumped and people went flying. >> reporter: the floor of the car coming unhinged. >> i thought it was going to be us next. >> the seat belts are locked. we are like, get us out of here. >> reporter: amid the chaotic aftermath on camera, you can see sally carrying an unconscious woman on her shoulder. >> we put her on the ground and i was checking for a pulse. >> reporter: he is limping behind her. >> my body was just numb. i wasn't feeling my body. >> reporter: 18-year-old tyler jerrel was thrown 50 feet. the columbus, ohio, native who
7:33 am
recently listed in the u.s. marines died at the scene. his family now filing a wrongful death lawsuit and several others recovering from their injuries. riders demanding answers. >> i want to know what went wrong. >> reporter: the fair parentally reopening to a wary public. >> you have to weigh the risk versus award. >> reporter: as invers gators comb the wreckage for clues on what caused wed's fatal accident. at least one of the injured remains in critical condition. the mother of the boy who died said the family wants to know how and why this happened and whether it could have been avoided. that is what investigators are looking into. they want to know also. >> it passed so many of the tests even that morning. thanks, ron. just a tragic story. we want to send things over to rob marciano. another look at the weather. >> good morning, we will start with the west and in response to what is going on in the east with an unusually strong trough. we are heat that is building through sacramento and southern oregon, heat watches starting early this week through the end of the week. so these numbers for today are actually going to pale in comparison to what will happen tuesday and wednesday.
7:34 am
temperatures in the 90s and up and over 100 degrees in portland, oregon. tuesday and wednesday. they are going to an approach all time high temperatures midweek. seattle getting in the 90s. that doesn't happen often. and warm in dallas. enduring heat this week and a heat advisory continues on this saturday. meanwhile, once we get rid of the cool front, it will bring cool interdrier air. cleveland and syracuse, new york. temperatures in the 70s. in the 30s in maine. all in a this weather report was brought by who? >> carmax? >> really? >> that is our sponsor. >> thank you.
7:35 am
i was curious. >> thank you. >> team effort. >> all right. >> such a great team. >> coming up on "good morning america," concerns about carbon monoxide in police cars. one department ordering hundreds of their police cars off the road. and she is wonder woman for a reason. gal gadot is hoping to go where no superhero has gone before. you want to know? >> where? >> it's coming up, stay tuned. gone before. you want to know? >> it's coming up, stay tuned. i know this because i'm from seven days in the future. now don't be frightened, seven days in the future is a glorious place. after all you had two good hair days in a row... perfect. right out of bed. and this car you reserved on is still being held for you, for free. pretty sweet. or as we like to say from seven days in the future... ah...we still say pretty sweet. it's basically the same.
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we want to welcome you back to gma on a saturday morning. and austin police are concerned this morning about their patrol vehicles. the removed 400 of the ford suvs from their force due to concerns about possible carbon monoxide leaks. >> abc's stephanie ramos is in dallas with more about exposure to the toxic gas. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. for months, some police officers say they have been exposed to carbon monoxide fumes while on duty, and now one police department here in texas is getting rid of more than half of their fleet. some police officers
7:40 am
patrolling in ford explorers say that accidents like this may be caused by carbon monoxide exposure. the washington state patrol releasing a statement overnight saying since january six troopers experienced these symptoms. dizziness, sickness and shortness of breath and two of the troopers were hospitalized. across the country in at least four states, there have been issues of ford explorers with carbon monoxide leaks. starting today, the austin police will pull nearly 400 ford explorers from its fleet. 69 suspected of being leaking poisonous gas have already been yanked. >> we need to remove these vehicles from service immediately. >> reporter: sergeant zachary lahood is one of more than 60 austin police officers to file complaints about possible carbon monoxide exposure on the job. and one of three still off duty as a result. he says he started to feel the
7:41 am
effects of what he suspects are the toxic fumes as he was on patrol in june. >> i almost hit a bus. it scared the [ bleep ] out of me. >> reporter: he was able to avoid an accident. back in 2015, officer brian mcdowell said he blacked out while driving this police suv in california. >> i began to get a severe headache and began to feel nauseous. >> reporter: watch as he is driving across lanes and crashes into a tree. >> i had absolutely no clue what was happening. >> reporter: the national traffic highway safety administration says it's investigating, while overnight, ford officials saying they are taking action. >> we are announcing that we are cover the cost of specific repairs in every police intercepter utility vehicle that may have this concern. >> reporter: federal safety regulators are also looking into reports of exhaust odors in civilian vehicles and not the police vehicles. ford says that is a separate issue. jon, paula?
7:42 am
>> thanks for your reporting this morning. coming up, actress jessica alba. you may have heard of her. a little bit? well, her honest mistake. what her company forgot to do when she was trying to get it off the ground. no matter what your career, to do when she was trying to get it off the ground. weekends are my time. i need an insulin that fits my schedule. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ (announcer) tresiba® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. don't use tresiba® to treat diabetic ketoacidosis, during episodes of low blood sugar, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. don't share needles or insulin pens. don't reuse needles. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause dizziness, sweating, confusion, and headache. check your blood sugar. low blood sugar can be serious and may be life-threatening. injection site reactions may occur. tell your prescriber about all medicines you take and all your medical conditions. taking tzds with insulins like tresiba® may cause serious side effects like heart failure. your insulin dose shouldn't be changed without asking your prescriber. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness,
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7:46 am
some great advice from powerful women like jessica alba and how to get to the top. >> reporter: this morning, advice from some of hollywood's hottest star speaking candidly about the road to success. the creator, co-writer and star of hbo's hit series "insecure". >> so sorry. >> reporter: along with jessica alba, actress and co-founder of the multibillion dollar honest company at the american express open success makers series, addressing their biggest technologies. >> the back end technology wasn't speaking to the back end and we weren't charging people for a while. things like that are going to happen.
7:47 am
>> reporter: alba's most important lesson. >> finding the right team and having people who have the same focus and mind set. >> you need other people to come into the mix to support you. because no one does anything alone. >> reporter: ray, who created three separate web shows before landing her hbo series says it's taken patience and perseverance. what is your biggest pitfall? >> i remember the show was not going to come this year and i remember, what's going to happen now? i have no money and i have no show. >> reporter: instead, she said she kept hustling. and she said it's worth following. >> reporter: what advise did you receive. >> to do it the traditional way. >> reporter: what do you think would have happened? >> i wouldn't be where i am. >> reporter: rebecca jarvis, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to rebecca. and you can hear more of rebecca's interviews on her no limits podcast. i would say you could be a candidate but you have to be a woman to be on the podcast. they are fantastic by the way. >> sexist. okay. we are going to be right back with the reason why am i here today.
7:48 am
pop news is coming next. and what is next about ice cream and lasagna? >> i see chicken wings. >> i started in on them. >> chicken wings? >> it's ice cream lasagna? >> we'll explain. >> all right. it's ice cream las sanagna? >> we'll explain. >> all right. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it will be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that. ♪ for threeget the lowestpetsmart prices of the month. buy one, get one 50% off on select dog and cat food like blue buffalo, purina, and nutro. plus, get 2 pails of tidy cats litter for $20. for three days only, at petsmart. oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal)
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"good morning america" is brought to you by kohl's. >> i have to sit for this. >> you have to sit for this? you're just full because we have food today. >> now the moment that i have been waiting for. pop news, adrienne. >> thank you, jon. thank you for that lovely introduction. >> it's good. >> i'm going to build up to the moment you have been waiting for. >> i never get to see pop news. >> you did pop news one time. >> i know! >> this is why you are waiting
7:53 am
for pop news. >> i need to find out what's going on? >> first of, if comicon is any indication, wonder woman, one of the most popular costumes there, they might be entering thes on cash race in an attempt to go where no superhero film has gone before, the academy award stage. the execs hoping to make the film stars gal gadot and chris pine the first superhero movie. and the best director. she would only ever be the fifth female in the awards' 90-year history to make that distinction. >> can we get to the wings? >> almost. >> patience! >> here we go, this wicked this is 16 years since the princess of genovia graced the big screen and now the princess die areas there is interest going forward with princess diaries 3 and it is a tribute to director gary marshall who passed away last year. earlier this year, julie andrews who plays the queen, the queen and lead actress anne hathaway
7:54 am
would be on board to honor marshall's legacy. >> there was a princess diaries 2. >> well, i watched one over and over and again and i think every little girl dreamed of being a princess after that movie. >> your enthusiasm is noted. >> this is the moment that jon karl's been waiting for. >> the wings? >> not the wings. >> i thought this is why jon was so excited about pop news. mixing politics and sports in a bipartisan washington, d.c. tennis event. there he is with the congressman for the annual washington charity classic. jon front and center, having a bit of a breakdown. >> you had to show that shot? >> that shot? >> there's the good shot. >> okay, bumping the chest there. bring it. bring it, he says. the cool thing, this raised money. all the ticket sales going to
7:55 am
worthwhile charities and again, you are a little dicey on the serve. according to spectators. >> yeah. >> but a very strong backhand. >> you mean business. >> that is roger federer right here. >> look at that smile. >> yeah, roger federer. >> the moment ron claiborne is waiting for. >> yes! >> wings you have been eating all morning. okay, first off, it's national chicken wing day. >> amen! >> hooters have smoked wings now. they are half the calories of the original buffalo style wings. paula, i don't know if they are gluten free but they are lower calories. >> they are okay. i will eat them. >> you can get them with different flavors and rubs, texas barbecue, caribbean jerk. and today is 10 for 10. you buy ten wings, you get ten free. it's also national lasagna day. we don't have the salty one. the one with the meat. because we are still in national eye cream month. we have the sweet version.
7:56 am
it has bacon and klondike bars and peanut butter and bananas. you can see it's multilayered. >> what do we do now? >> what do we do now? we eat this? >> peanut butter and bacon? >> we have to say good-bye. jon will be back tomorrow, right? >> i think so. if you will have me. >> cheers. >> good morning. if you will have me. >> cheers. good morning. i'm kate larson. james taylor will perform at at&t park tonight the five time grammy award winning singer is at several balm park show this is summer. his most recent release in 2015. bonnie rait will open the concert. it begins at 7:00. you should expect lots of
7:57 am
traffic near the ballpark because of the show. tickets are still available on ticketmaster. happening today delores park comes alive with music. 15 local bands will perform live music. the festival will take place in the north eern part of the park. three people who rescued their midfielder. the 24-year-old nearly drowned on july 4th but two paddle boarders dragged him to shore. the heroes will be thanked during a pregame ceremony before the quakes face the colorado rapids. the match starts at 4:45. we'll head over to lisa who has a look at our weekend forecast. >> kate, good morning you to. fog has really made its presence felt this saturday. as you look out live you can barely make out the tower.
7:58 am
chilly numbers. 59 mountain view and oakland. from the golden gate bridge, not a whole lot of clearing here today. mid and upper 50s. concord is at 55 degrees. tomorrow night into monday the waves are kicking up. we'll have a look at your afternoon highs in just a few minutes. >> up next, shakeup at the white house after a week of turmoil. president trump tries to hit the reset button. and a big debut for tesla. the car company puts the first model threes on the streets and why you may not get yours just yet.
7:59 am
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