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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 4, 2017 1:37am-2:08am PDT

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run derby as part of the eight-man field july 10 in miami. the 260 pounder leads the majors with 27 home runs this season, a .330 batting archld r average and 62 rbi. tomorrow, san jose's joey jaws chestnut will look to win nathan's hot dog eating contest for a record tenth time. here he is at the weigh in in coney island. he chowed down $70 last year. mega towed, also a san jose native, chus net's primary competition. the event is live on espn 2, our sister network, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. marshawn lynch playing some football, the soccer variety. picks up the ball, takes it to the house, back of the net. playing with the seattle sounders. beast mode gets red carded for using his hands and as always playing by his own rules, decides to take the red card two. is this guy going to be fun with the raiders?
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- ( snaps, clatters ) that sounds awful. ( music stops ) but a lot better than last week. ( rock music playing ) ♪ we weren't born to follow. ♪ . all right. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for schuh, drew, thinks for joining us. on time for an all-new show "right this minute." viral video proof that --
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>> when guys go fishing, they always come back with an incredible story. >> see a bad mood buffalo. >> [ bleep ] off man. >> and what has a kayaker asking what is that. >> it's like the kind of fish i drew as a kid. it's not quite right, but it looks like a fish. the birthday girl's in for a big surprise. >> she never saw it coming. >> the moment she's blindsided by love. a grandpa puts a child -- >> on his electric scooter. >> why that was a dangerous decision. and a girl on a mission. >> where you want to go? >> why dad just doesn't understand. >> where? >> in no time, she's not even going need his ride. she's going to need his credit card and that would be good. when guys go fishing, they always come back with an incredible story. the fish that got away. the bear that walked through the woods. something's swimming in a river in australia. and these guys have a story to
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tell and people are going to believe them because they got video. >> whoa. >> that is a wild buffalo. >> look at this. >> oh, no. >> okay, okay. back up. back up. >> no, no, no. [ bleep ] off man. >> oh! >> i'm glad they think it's so funny. >> it's like ha-ha, laugh now, cry later. >> humans say get off my lawn. buffaloes say get out of my river. >> [ bleep ] off man. >> oh! >> he was angry. a much more docile animal in this video. out kayaking with a couple of friends, he spotted this. this is a sun fish. but watch when he puts his
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camera under water. look how wrinkled it is. zb it's like the fish i drew as a kid. it's not quite right but looks like a fish. >> your mom is like, that's so good, baby. >> put that on the fridge. >> and it's huge. it's like 3500 pounds. >> wow. >> and to maintain that girlish figure, they have to eat these. they eat copious amounts of jellyfish. it's just amazing the variety and the different species that are just under the sea alone. >> look how much you learn watching "right this minute." >> very informative show. everybody loves a surprise except charity bailey. she hates them. but most people love surprises. >> it depends. it's in a box, that's one thing. but if it jumps out the box. >> don't worry. these are the good kinds of surprises. this young lady celebrating a
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birthday. she's in incredible shape. she's in the military been serving the nation. this is a complete reverse of what we see. very often we see people coming home to surprise their families. in this case, somebody else has taken out of the military book. using the element of surprise -- >> no, no, no. >> mom has come all the way out to surprise her for her birthday. i'm pretty sure there are words being spoken is there, but i can't identify any of them. it's mostly just excitement. >> well, they understand each other. that's all that matters. >> mom! what are you doing here? >> but obviously very successful surprise. as was this one as well. this young lady, she's in aruba with her parents and dogs, but her brother and sister have gone off to europe for college.
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see if you can see the moment she realizes she's surprised. maybe need ear plugs for this one. [ scream ] >> oh, there it is. you can see just how surprised. her sister as well is on her way in a couple of weeks. i'm sure we'll see another surprise just like this one. >> that's so cute. kids and scooters don't mix. this kid her and grand dad are riding on her electric scooter when suddenly -- >> oh, what? >> i can't believe this driver, honestly, i blame the entire incident on the driver. >> it was a crosswalk. >> you got to slow down. >> and they were in plain sight. the car goes crashing into them and they both go flying off.
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luckily they were not jird, but this driver is going to be held responsible for hitting them. >> good. >> and coming from a distance, i was looking. was there somebody blocking them or not? nope. you could see them clearly coming from the other direction. >> yeah, this driver totally screwed up. the woman on this next scooter messed up badly too. you'll notice she comes through that intersection. >> huh-uh. >> straight into the truck. >> look. right at the top of the shot, you all saw it. that big green light. >> did you see the other thing on her scooter? >> there's a child there as well. >> yeah, there's a young child the person in the truck jumps out, picks up the child. >> it was clinging to mom. >> there's nothing else to do in that situation. >> it's the wild west on the roads out there sometimes. >> it looks like she gunned it. you'd think she'd be more careful with her child on the back. she's going to be held responsible for this instead of the person driving that truck. >> yeah.
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because the driver of the truck had the right-of-way. >> this video proves. this dude is up in the sky in the uk having a pretty amazing hang gliding flight. >> he looks like a superhero. his equipment is ninja. >> that's okay. but maybe, maybe that is exactly why he's confident today. feeling good about his skills. >> if he is, he needs to stop drinking. >> i do believe that is his flight path. and we see his altitude shifting on the lower right-hand side. but watch this. as he's up there flying, he spots something that he then chooses to get close to. see if you can see it. you see that? >> yeah. >> you see that right here? that is a military aircraft with the wingspan of roughly 150
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feet. and off in the distance decided to fly toward it to see how close they could get. >> he's like 1,000, 2,000 feet above it. does he everyone know he's there? >> it could be the enemy. >> fortunately this 44-year-old dad got close to the plane, got curious. but there was no incident to report because of it other than this really cool video. >> yes. but mi-6 will be knocking on his door after watching "right this minute." do you know the difference between juice and sauce? >> this guy also known as the sauce guy on twitter is going to break it all the swag down for you, okay? >> see if you can wrap your mind around this swag knowledge. >> you got the sauce, it lasts forever. and the l.a. beast is about to beat a record. >> have a good day. >> watch and see if you can
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into here. >> i know that guy. that's mclovin. >> yeah. that's chris also known as mclovin. everybody is going off and he's holding it up. >> if you're wondering what i'm talking about, it's the movie "superbad." >> wait. you changed your name to mclovin? >> i am mclov initiatiin. >> chris walks up to him and is jamming out. >> he's also got facial hair and the glasses -- >> because he's aged. >> chris is talking to him. it him. he's like, bro, what's good? and they share a moment. that's just super cool. this guy also known as the sauce guy on twitter is going to break all the swag down for you,
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okay? >> juice is temporary. you know, anyone can obtain juice. you can say that just because you got a nice car, man, he got the juice. it's something that kind of comes and goes. sauce is forever. you buy you a simply lemonade, how long is that going to last in your fridge? couple days maybe? that's a juice. how long does barbecue last? awhile. that's a sauce. i'm telling you. there's a difference. >> wisdom from the geek squad. you got the sauce, it lasts forever. maggie is a water dog meaning she loves the water. what's funny, today i was
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watering my lawn and realized i hadn't drunk from the hose for a long time. and when you used a jet, it hurts. >> you don't have video of that? come on. >> but maggie, no problem for her. these two dogs have water time coming in this little pool. >> making his point made. >> i like how you don't even have to put water in the pool, the dog just wants to play. >> the other dog walks past like, oh, that's crazy brutus. >> at it again. >> i thought he was going to use it for a toilet, but no, it was play time. i am the l.a. beast. and don moses lurman, i salute you. >> not a name you're familiar
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with, but in 2002 he set a record for eating the most sticks of butter in five minute pc s. >> okay. when did he die? >> the l.a. beast is looking to break that record. he's tried this butter challenge once before. but that's just when he was the l.a. man. now he's a full grown beast. set the timer, ladies and gentlemen, the record was seven quarter pound sticks in five minutes. the beast has eight in front of him. >> i like to watch zits get squeezed but this is making me feel queasy. >> what? >> that's disgusting. look at that. >> there's approximately 6,000 calories of butter. what we know about the beast is once he sets his mind to it -- >> he does it. >> he does it. oli, you're not the only one that's gagging here. because the beast starts to run into a wall a couple of minutes in. >> oh! >> so nasty. >> he starts to struggle a little bit, but he pushes through. this, ladies and gentlemen, is a
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world record in the making. that 2002 record 15 years ago is about to be shattered. eight quarter pound sticks of salted butter gone in just 3:16. >> just for the street cred. just for bragging rights. >> well, i think the beast is building a brand here. and i'm absolutely loving it. this guy is legitimate. it's time for real or fake starting with the world's dumbest criminal. then a crazy water fountain -- >> gets a big spray of water. i think what they're doing is just projecting video onto the water to create this huge kind of hologram. >> and who said you need your hands to rock climb? >> you have got to be kidding me. >> watch and decide. ebaum's world is next.
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stupid. i'm willing to agree. please come out the side. >> i love it. we've seen some dumb criminals. i'm going to say real. >> totally real. >> 100%. >> i'm not going to fight you guys against this one. this one definitely looks legit. you can see the disappointment even though it's so far away, you can see how disappointed he is with his head down walking away. just one quick check on the door handle as he leaves like maybe it's still open. it's not, i'm going home. this was a defeat. i'm going real. >> video number two. >> oh. >> nice. >> as you guys know, i used to live in asia. i've seen stuff just like this. it's like a spray of water and i think what they're doing is projecting video onto the water particulates and it creates this huge kind of hologram. >> the world of color at disneyland does something like this. i definitely believe this is real. >> that is cool though. look at that. >> yeah. >> and it's not special effects because you can see through it.
2:02 am
you can see the reflection off the water. you know it's genuinely out there. >> i'm a believer. real. >> i'm with you guys on this one as well. it all looks real. it looks like they set up a video to look like it's having an effect like it's in water. i think this projected above a water source, it's spraying on this fountain. everything oli said. this one's real. >> last but certainly not lea least -- >> wow. >> and i'm done. >> you have got to be kidding me. >> you know what's cool about this video is it proves that climbing is not about your upper body. it's all about your balance and using your legs. >> this is incredible. this is so fun to see. i'm going to go with real. >> yeah, me too. we think it's real. is it? >> yeah, so look. this one looks like it could have been one of those clips where the wall's on the side and they tilted the camera so gravity is working and helping the guy. thought it might be that. but it didn't look like he's
2:03 am
being pushed against the wall. looks like he's balancing there. i'm going with real on this one. this one's impressive. i probably couldn't do that with my hands and legs. so i'm going real with you guys. >> all right. that's it for today. see you next week, sir. >> all right, y'all. peace. we need more men like 27-year-old rodney smith jr. check him out. he's mowing this lawn. oh, i should also mention he's mowed lawns across 50 states. he's doing it to raise awareness for lawn care service. it takes kids aging 7 through 17 and teaches them about lawn care. he decided to go mow the lawn in all 50 states. he left on his journey from mississippi on may 10th and completed it in hawaii on june 18th. >> why does he have a passion for lawn care? >> he wants to help seniors or the disabled who can't afford to
2:04 am
keep up their lawns. with this lawn service, they take kids to teach them about community, about giving back, and teaches them skills. they know how to maintain the lawn. so these kids work with their groups and they go out and help people. >> that's really great. and not only that, i love that people are welcoming him into their environment and letting him do this. >> it's a great cause. i mean, i think it's so noble. we're not going shopping today. >> it starts at a young age. >> she just really wants to go shopping. >> see how this father/daughter shopping discussion ends. >> think about this. she has nothing to wear. for colon cancer? i don't have any symptoms. [female announcer] of cancers affecting both men and women, colorectal cancer is the 2nd leading cancer killer in the united states. and it doesn't always cause symptoms, especially early on. but i'm only 53. i'm too young. [announcer] screening is recommended for men and women beginning at 50.
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visit... or call your doctor. because... connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. all right. and i have a lot of things to paint. >> it's cool. it is a total stereotype that women are born to shop. >> yeah. >> however -- >> shopping? we're not going shopping today.
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>> but this little 1-year-old, she just really wants to go shopping. >> where you want to go? >> shopping. >> she has nothing to wear. >> exactly. she's already kind of ready. got her hair done at least. and she's got her boots. >> baby, we can't go shopping today. >> she's like, i'm not listening to you, dad. she's going to put her shoes on and she's ready. she goes to the door. i'm going to get my backpack, open the door. let's go! shopping! no! >> see, the thing is in no time she's not even going to need a ride. all she's going to need is his credit card and it'll be good. >> there's also a total stereotype that men are terrible at shopping. >> no, that's true. >> no, no, no. we're efficient shoppers. jamison here, he's running things. he's also found the pudding. >> and that is all you need. >> we're definitely going to need a couple of


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