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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 30, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. striking back, president obama laying out an unprecedented punishment, cracking down on russia in the wake of those election hacks. kicking dozens of russian operatives out of the country, shutting down two russian compounds in the u.s. and now the kremlin with its new retaliation. saying good-bye. abc news learning overnight that carrie fisher and her mom, debbie reynolds, will have a joint funeral bringing all of hollywood together to celebrate these stars. ♪ words wouldn't come in an easy way ♪ >> the new details from the family this morning about the final farewell. times square on high alert. new york officials stepping up security for new year's eve. giant trucks set to secure the
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perimeter. thousands of extra officers on guard. we take you inside the command center and the massive operations to keep the millions prepared to watch the ball drop safe. ♪ talk to me baby and we're counting down to the biggest party of the year. ryan seacrest is here live in times square only on "gma." as we get ready to rock new year's eve taking you behind the scenes for the very first look at the times square crystal ball as it's lit up for the start of the big party. ♪ crazy crazy hey, good morning, t-minus one day till new year's eve and we have an upclose look for the final preparations for the big party in times square where millions of people are expected to watch the ball drop.
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>> and there is the famous crystal ball weighing in at 12,000 pounds. it's got 32,000 l.e.d. lights which are about to get turned on for the very first time in for a special treat and turn those on before the big drop. you're going to see it here only on "gma." they've been doing this since 1907. >> they'll be charging the batteries as we speak. new york city, by the way, taking no chances with security beefing up its so-called ring of steel to keep the millions of people who are going to come out here safe tomorrow night. >> yes, and dan and i reveal that we will both be in bed by 8:00 or 9:00. big plans for new year's eve? >> my wife and i, we'll be in matching onesies watching tv. >> thank you for the visual. we'll have much more on that, not dan in his onesies but more on the preparations. and we begin this morning with the escalating tensions between russia and the united states. you are looking live at the kremlin. that's the center of the russian government. >> this comes after president obama announced new sanctions against russia, payback for the alleged hacking of our presidential election. abc's mary bruce is at the white house with the latest on this story. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning.
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>> a russian spokesman promised retaliati retaliation, but the russian president himself says there will be no reciprocation, and nobody will be kicked out of russia. he says he won't stoop to what he calls an irresponsible diplomacy. he thinks everyone should be alarmed by the cyberhacking of u.s. officials. it's an unprecedented strike, the white house punishing russia in part for interfering in the u.s. election. president obama taking executive action expelling 35 russian diplomats. giving them and their families just 72 hours to get out. and shutting down two russian compounds. a 45-acre estate on the maryland shore bought by the russians in 1973, and this long island mansion, a beach front manor once owned by an oil executive bought by the russians in the '50s. in moscow, two leading intelligence agencies slapped with sanctions. four top officials, too.
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including the head of military intelligence. the u.s. also targeting two notorious cybercriminals wanted by the fbi. one accused of stealing $100 million. not on the list, the russian president. even though president obama has strongly suggested putin was aware of the attacks. >> not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. >> reporter: and there's also retaliation we don't know about. no details on any covert cyberattacks, but the president promising the actions announced are not the sum total of our response. russia is blasting the measures. a kremlin spokesman calling them unpredictable and aggressive and they're accusing the white house of trying to undercut the incoming trump administration. the president-elect suggests the crackdown is misguided saying in a statement that while he'll meet with intelligence leaders next week, it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. trump has repeatedly questioned whether russia was behind the hacking. >> they have no idea if it's russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >> reporter: but the white house
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says there is no question russia interfered. the administration releasing new declassified details explaining how russian groups hacked the democratic party. at times, tricking officials into handing over their credentials by hmimicking their employers' e-mail systems. now in just three weeks, a president trump could undo these measures, but that could be politically difficult. both sides of the aisle support these tough actions. dan and paula. >> the sanctions appear to be the one thing that both republicans and democrats are agreeing on. mary, thank you. we want to bring in colonel steve ganyard, and abc's political analyst, matt dowd. gentlemen, thanks for joining us on this friday. >> good morning. >> and, steve, let's start with you. this appears to be the beginning of a new cold war. you just heard in mary's piece the russian foreign minister is proposing expelling about 31 diplomats there in russia. >> yeah, i don't think it's a
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new cold war, paula. i think this is more like cold war 2.0 and been going on for several years and so i think what we're seeing at the end of the obama administration is playing out the last chapter in the putin/obama saga, but it's a cold war that's been going on for several years. the 35 people we kicked out, that's a strong message. they will retaliate today. the sanctions aren't very impressive. the irony here is that the reset button that obama was looking for at the beginning of his administration is really going to be president trump's here in the next few months. >> do you think these sanctions go far enough and do you think a president trump will roll them back anyway? >> we don't want know that, and we'll see what he does. i was thinking this morning, dan, about how we've lost so many stars from the 1980s in the course of 2016, and now we have a president-elect who is burying the foreign policy of ronald reagan who called russia and the soviet union an evil empire, and he is basically saying, we're
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done with that. it's time to move on. i find it fascinating that donald trump said it's time to move on from a cyberwar, an active cyberwar with russia but he actually can't move on from a bad restaurant review or not winning an emmy for "apprentice." it is an amazing situation. >> it is curious for sure. steve, you know, the trump administration said it could take covert action. what exactly does that mean? >> well, covert in the sense that we would do something and we wouldn't have our fingerprints on it, but since you've signaled it, that doesn't make much sense either, so i think if they do something, there's the real danger with an offensive cyberattack on russia because we really don't know what the second and third order effects of one of those attacks are. it could blow back on the united states and the clock is also ticking here, paula. the current administration doesn't want to create a mess that has to be cleaned up because then it would become part of their legacy so it's -- something going to be hacked back it has to happen in the next days, if not, weeks. >> could turn into a mess.
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steve ganyard and matt dowd, we appreciate your analysis and happy new year. all right. let's bring the focus back now to times square where unprecedented security measures are being put in place for new year's eve. an army of police officers are set to guard the millions who will be right here outside our studio watching the ball drop and abc's linzie janis is covering all of the safety precautions for us this morning. hi, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, paula. these are just some of the 65 sanitation trucks the nypd is packing with sand. they'll form a kind of ring of steel around times square. it is the first time they've been deployed at the new year's celebration to prevent the kind of attacks we have seen in france and germany. this morning, the nypd preparing an unprecedented level of security for the 2 million people expected to gather in times square to watch the ball drop. >> this will be a very well-protected event. probably our most protected event with multiple layers of security. >> reporter: the plan months in the making includes that perimeter of 65 sanitation trucks packed with sand.
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plus, 100 blocker vehicles designed to prevent terrorists from driving trucks into the crowds like they did during those attacks in berlin. killing 12, and in nice, killing 86. there will be an extra 7,000 police officers, from highly visible special ops units to rooftop surveillance teams. authorities putting up 65 viewer pens from times square to 59th street. each holding up to 3,000 people. all of them required to pass through multiple checkpoints. we visited the nypd joint operation center where dozens of representatives from city, state and federal agencies will coordinate on new year's eve including monitoring over 10,000 security cameras across the city. what will be on the screens? >> you'll see a lot of times square, obviously, we will have our aircraft up, they're flying over an area and can send a direct link of what they're seeing here. >> reporter: chief monahan tells me the main difference between last year and this year, again,
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are the sanitation trucks. they weigh 16 tons empty. double that when they are full. the aim is to make times square a fortress. dan. >> linzie, thank you. another big question as we head into new year's eve, the weather. our rob marciano is on top of number one times square right where the ball will drop. hey, rob, good morning. good morning, dan. hello, paula. this is going to be the star of the show for sure, the big ball that will drop on new year's eve counting us down to 2017. and as likely over a million people gather here in times square, it will be chilly. here is the storm that is bombed out, meaning it has really intensified in the last 24 hours, now heading into brunswick, windy behind this thing and lake-effect snow showers are going to continue to crank up down to the carolinas and much colder than it has been. windchills well below freezing this morning with teens in parts of michigan and western new york. all right. here we go. the ball drop for new year's eve looking at 39 degrees here in new york city with a windchill of 30. that's seasonable.
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chance of rain or snow showers but most should hold off until after midnight and be a disturbance across the southeast and also across the northwest and the southwest. maybe some unusual rain across parts of hollywood. speaking of hollywood, l.a.'s own ryan seacrest will be here later in the hour where we will fully light the ball scheduled to drop in less than 48 hours. dan and paula, back to you. >> all right, rob, thank you. i bet you he has an amazing view from up there. >> we'll see it later. now to that snow emergency in parts of the country causing a winter gridlock on highways this holiday weekend. let's go to adrienne bankert in northampton, massachusetts for us. hi, adrienne. >> reporter: hi to you, paula. yes, they've had a chance to clean up in northampton and in communityi communityings surrounding here, they received up to about half a foot of snow. it's been a messy ride, plows have been out all night.
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as that major winter storm creates a travel nightmare in the northeast. >> unless you have four-wheel drives i suggest not even getting on the roads. >> reporter: commuters struggling to brave the 30-mile-an-hour winds. plows hitting the streets in full force, working through the night to try to clear the roads for millions of drivers. vehicles sliding on snowy roads in parts of new england. others left stranded. one man hoping brute force will get his car back on the road. in maine the snow causing this truck to roll over. and these two cars to lose control and collide. the capital of vermont already under nearly a foot of snowfall. in saratoga springs, new york, cars grinding to a halt in the white stuff. and amid this massive gridlock on the highway in pennsylvania, one family choosing to pass the time by building a snowman. you know, we stopped by the public works department early this morning and plows will be out all throughout the day. of course, they've got to prepare for the new year's eve celebrations planned for this weekend. 10,000 to 15,000 people will descend on downtown northampton
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to watch their own ball drop and rob has been in times square, i know, paula, back to you. >> it looks so pretty as we're watching from the studio. we're nice and warm here. stay warm. breaking news to get to. the coast guard is actively searching for a missing plane with six people on board. the cessna jet like this one was heading from cleveland to ohio state university in columbus with three adults, three children on board. it lost radar contact over lake erie just after takeoff. coast guard boats and aircraft have been actively searching throughout the night and this morning, we'll make sure to stay on op of this breaking story for you on this friday. meanwhile, a fatal accident on the slopes in colorado. a mother and her two daughters on a family ski trip when they fell out of a chair lift. the mom did not survive. how did this happen? abc's clayton sandell is on the story from aurora. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: and good morning, dan. we've here at the children's hospital where one of those
7:14 am
girls was injured and medevacked and she is in stable condition this morning, injured in an incident that experts tell us is extremely rare. in morning authorities are investigating a deadly accident on the slopes. >> ems station one respond to ski granby ranch. three patients fell from the trailer. approximately 35 feet. >> reporter: a 40-year-old mother from texas and her two daughters falling thursday from this chair lift at the ski granby ranch in colorado. >> we do know they fell from the chair lift, and immediately, ski patrol was on scene. >> reporter: paramedics rushing the injured family to hospitals, transporting one 9-year-old girl by helicopter. her 12-year-old sister by ambulance. their mother did not survive the fall. investigators are now trying to determine exactly how and why the three fell out. >> it's a sad day in the ski business. this type of incident is extremely rare. >> reporter: statistics show chair lifts are normally very safe. over the past 40 years, just 12 people have died from a malfunction. the ski industry says lifts are safer than elevators. but accidents do happen.
7:15 am
last year, seven people were injured when this ski lift in maine suddenly started rolling backwards. >> ow, my arm. >> reporter: and just last week in utah, this boy's backpack got caught leaving him dangling and rescue workers quickly pulling him to safety. >> you're all right. >> reporter: now this morning we still don't know whether this was a mechanical issue or rider error possibly, but until investigators figure it out, that ski lift will be shut down. dan, paula. >> just so incredibly sad. clayton, thank you. thinking of that family this morning. we do want to shift gears this morning. this might unequivocally be our favorite story of the day. >> let's see. >> may seem like science fiction but amazon is working on high-flying plans for future deliveries. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the company's plan to take flight with floating warehouses, yes, t.j. >> yes, and, paula, let's be clear about what we're talking about. you place an order on amazon and the merchandise you order and the drone that brings it descend from the sky from a floating
7:16 am
warehouse where they have been stored. so in a case like this, if you want to track your package, all you have to do is look up. >> reporter: we have heard all about drones dropping packages, pizza and presents at your doorstep. now amazon has plans to take it a step further. the online behemoth hoping to move your big box store out of the strip mall, and into the sky. complete with an army of drones to deliver directly to your door within minutes. ♪ sound a little like close encounters of the drone kind or something dreamed up by "the jetsons." these airborne fulfillment centers as they are called would fly 45,000 feet in the air, storing all your favorite amazon goodies inside. once the order is placed on the drones would be released delivering your dvds, books, yoga pants, whatever, directly to your door. but tech experts say that despite amazon's grand plans,
7:17 am
shoppers shouldn't be looking to the skies just yet. >> it's not uncommon at all for companies to file and receive approval for dozens and dozens of patents that they may have no intention of putting the resources behind to bring them to fruition. if there's one company that can make it happen, it might very well be amazon. >> reporter: so again, they have been experimenting with this already, but the drones we're talking about, some of the deliveries made have been drones that pick up something from a warehouse and bring it to you. these would be stationed in the sky and, again, let's be clear -- >> will we all pretend there is no drone here? >> focus right here. i need you to focus. i'm a pro. no, but like she said, they apply for the patent just in case down the road they want to do it. this is where we're headed. amazing that, yes, technology all of it is right there these days in the palm of your hand. >> speaking of in the palm of your hand -- >> oh! we need to get a replay of that. how many times did you practice? >> you saw me in here. i was not practicing. didn't i just say i was a professional? >> you are a professional.
7:18 am
>> my drone operator. he goes with me everywhere. >> he's leaving now. because hi doesn't like -- >> can we put it in dan's hand? dan harris, you were so close. >> oh. >> sorry. i broke the drone. i'm so sorry. i'm getting the evil eye here so we should probably -- actually he said i'll get a bill in the mail. >> yeah. you did break it, dan. come on. could you be gentle just once? >> i'm being told we need to go to the weather. rob, can you save me? you're out there in times square. what's popping? i'm giving you the evil eye as well because i'm freezing up here. temperatures are feeling well below the freezing mark but if you think that's cold with this windchill look at this out of mt. washington from yesterday. this worker going out to check things out, winds gusting over 100 miles an hour, and windchill below 20. and that's the kind of stuff that happens at 6,000 feet. active weather pattern, rain. more on that in a sec.
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now your weekend getaways. brought to you by mazda. good friday morning, i'm action 7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. another nice and mild day ahead of us. temperatures milder this morn. by 9:00 in the 40s to near 50. then some clouds linger for lunchtime, temperatures climbing into the upper 50s through the afternoon to near 60. clouds will be increasing tonight and then get ready for a cooler weekend. it should be dry for most of tomorrow for new year's eve, if you do have
7:20 am
we should say, dan didn't break the drone, just the propeller came off. >> i'm in the shame corner. >> you're okay. coming up, we have new details overnight on the final farewell for carrie fisher and debbie reynolds. the plans for a joint funeral. plan for a joint funeral. s for. i just bought a book. and while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date.
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but also here, with a rewards credit card, to help life go right. state farm. good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. we are tracking developing news on the peninsula right now. a house fire, firefighters now cleaning up after the fire broke out at a home in palo alto. the homeowner is safe. it took crews 20 minutes to put out the fire on lewis road near california avenue. a fire investigator is on their way to the scene to try to figure out a cause. let's get over to alexis smith with a check of your commute. >> good morning. we are still really, really light out there this morning. exhibit a., check out the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights so we'll take it. we did get word of a couple of canceled trips for san francisco bay ferry, the 7:to alameda and 7:40 to oakland san francisco is
7:24 am
not happening, the next trip is at 8:00 and 8:10 respectively and i'm betting those will be more full. we do see lighter volumes today with a lot of folks out. >> thanks for the
7:25 am
7:26 am
hi, i'm abc 7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. we have a range of temperatures. cool in the flonorth bay. 47 in san francisco. 44 in san jose. it will be nice and mild this afternoon. much like yesterday, upper 50s to low 60s. cool for this weekend and really cold for 2017. natasha. >> thank you, frances coming up, a base jumper's close call caught on tape. he is talking about it on "good morning america." we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news app.
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join us for abc 7 mornings week days from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. a live look from
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with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. ♪ raise your glass ♪ raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways ♪ welcome back to "gma" on a friday morning, it's i guess new year's eve eve, looking live at the crystal ball in times square. its 32,000 lights will be fully fired up in a few minutes. the first look at that right here coming up. and sara, did you know that dan plans on -- >> you're going to go there again. >> getting into his onesies with his wife on new year's eve. what do you think about that? >> does that happen? >> yes, in the harris household. >> that's adorable. >> it does happen. >> are there feet? >> there are feet, yes. >> we need a visual. >> we got them from tory. tory smith right here on "deals & steals." >> tory johnson. >> have you met her before? >> yes, sorry. there is a tory smith who
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works for abc in my defense, i love you. >> awkward. >> first, i broke the drone. now i broke my relationship with tory johnson. i don't know where this morning is heading. >> it's all right, dan smith, we love you. also right now, we want to take a live look at the kremlin. russia reacting after president obama announced that the u.s. will indeed shut down two russian compounds and expel operatives from the country. now president vladimir putin saying that russia will not expel their diplomats from that country. and havoc on the roads thanks to a snow blast throughout new england. an incredible 27 inches falling on naples, maine, wind gusts are expected to drop temperatures into the teens for this new year's weekend. sara, i love this story you're going to talk about. >> oh, yes. ufc superstar, ronda rousey, looking to make a big comeback tonight after that jaw-dropping knockout last year. what's objects line as she enters the ring coming up in
7:32 am
just a few minutes. i'm a big fan of hers. >> a lot are. that's coming up on the big board. we start on the details of that one-two gut punch out of hollywood. carrie fisher and her mom debbie reynolds dying within hours of one another. overnight, hollywood's most famous chinese theater dimming its lights to honor reynolds in a rare tribute. and matt gutman has more from l.a. matt, good morning. >> reporter: legions of "star wars" fans holding vigils, lightsabers at the ready, no detail yet on where and when a service will take place for the plucky film icons, but family members tell us it will be a dual service honoring them both, and since both liked a good party, we are told to expect a celebration of their lives and love for each other. this morning, the family of debbie reynolds and carrie fisher planning their final farewell to the two hollywood legends. reynolds' son, todd fisher, seen visiting this los angeles cemetery thursday as abc news has learned that family members are planning to hold a dual funeral service for the "singin' in the rain" star --
7:33 am
♪ singing in the rain >> reporter: who died wednesday and her daughter who played the indomitable princess leia who died just a day earlier. todd fisher telling abc news that just 30 minutes before her fatal stroke, reynolds said she wanted to join her daughter. >> the stress of losing a child is unnatural to leave the earth before your child. i think she said to me a couple of times, she is not going to go to carrie's funeral. now she gets to hang out with carrie. she doesn't have to go to the funeral. >> reporter: fisher saying that reynolds' children were the core of her life. >> she was amazing at so many things, but i think her children were her pride. >> reporter: and they adored her. this 1964 photo going viral this morning. a 6-year-old carrie fisher mesmerized by her mother as she performed on stage in las vegas. there had been rough patches including a decade of estrangement brought on by fisher's battle with drugs and mental illness.
7:34 am
>> my mom, she's a little bit eccentric. >> reporter: in recent years, the two icons had found the antidote to those difficult moments. irreverent humor and proximity. they were neighbors and best friends as seen in hbo's upcoming documentary "bright lights." >> mommy, mommy, i'm home. >> reporter: and overnight, todd fisher tweeting out this picture with the caption, i miss them both so much. love is everlasting. that picture, of course, princess leia and reynolds from "singin' in the rain," reynolds never stopped performing even despite a stroke and fatigue and in a memorial service, we're told to expect something that will pay homage to both of them being the unsinkable molly brown like the rest of us, just trying to bounce back from hardship. dan. >> matt, thank you a quick note tonight a special edition of "20/20," debbie and carrie, a hollywood love story.
7:35 am
that's at 10:00 eastern right here's on abc. thanks, dan. and now to a remarkable story. a b.a.s.e. jumper lucky to be alive taking a disastrous turn into a cliff right here. now he's speaking exclusively to abc news about theed a v advent gone horribly wrong. abc's diane macedo is here with how he indeed survives. good morning. >> i want to you keep in mind when you see this man that he slammed into the side of a cliff, then fell about 100 feet and yet in morning, we're not only hearing from him but also the complete stranger who helped save his life. >> reporter: watch as b.a.s.e. jumper, landon dirnberger, takes a death-defying leap 300 feet off this mountain. >> there he goes. >> oh. >> reporter: his parachute opens as planned, but then disaster. >> oh, no. >> oh, god. >> oh, no. >> oh. >> reporter: you can see his body crash against the mountainside then fall to the ground below. yet somehow, dirnberger
7:36 am
survived, and this morning, he's opening up exclusively to "gma" about those fateful final seconds. >> when the parachute opened it was -- it opened 180 degrees so instead of flying away from the cliff, i was flying towards the cliff so when i made an attempt to fly backwards -- >> reporter: he describes the crash as a large jolt and he says he knew right away something was broken. but luckily, firefighter david baumgardner just happened to be hiking nearby. >> i was just blessed to be able to be part of expediting the process to get resources there to get this gentleman off the mountain safely. >> reporter: doctors say most people don't survive a fall like this. dirnberger shattered both heels and broke an ankle, now recovering from surgery but says despite it all this won't be his last leap. >> i'd rather be jumping than sitting in a hospital, but when i'm better, i'll go out and go again. >> he says he still has no idea what caused the parachute to turn that way, but get this. the firefighter says he wasn't even supposed to be on that part of the mountain. he was there because there was a rescue going on at the same time on another part of the mountain.
7:37 am
maybe time to take a break from that mountain for a little while. >> i think so too. just incredible timing for the firefighter to be at the right place at the right time. >> a lot of luck. in light of everything that happened. >> diane, thank you. dan has a preview on what's coming up on the bb. the big board. hey, dan. >> the bb, that's what we're calling it now. what can you do about crazy uber surge pricing rates on new year's eve? we're back with that info in two minutes. ♪ you could spend the next few days weeding through w2s, pay stubs and bank statements to refinance your home. or you could push that button. sfx: rocket launching. cockpit sounds. skip the bank, skip the paperwork, and go completely online. securely share your financial info and confidently get an accurate mortgage solution in minutes. lift the burden of getting a home loan with rocket mortgage by quicken loans. (whisper) rocket
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welcome back to the bb, the big board. welcome back to the bb, the big board. we are breaking down more of this morning's top stories. t.j. holmes is here at the table and, t.j., the first topic is for you talking about uber. the ride hailing giant is expected to have a record-breaking night this new year's eve which could mean surge pricing where customers pay as much as ten times the normal rate. so not only do you have to wake up possibly with a new year's hangover, but you will get a huge bill. why do these rates jump so high? >> simple supply and demand
7:40 am
issue and in a case like this they are expecting some 15 million rides to be given out on uber this year. that would be just a huge record for them at least, but let's go through the scenario. you're ten drinks in, it's 1:30 in the morning on new year's. you can't find a bathroom. i got to get home. surge pricing, ah, i'll take it, whatever it is, and you hop in, and you're not really paying attention, and the next morning, you get up and you have a $150 bill, and you're upset about it, but you should have known. they do have things in place so you can see the price before you take off. so you need pay attention to that, but it's a simple supply and demand. they claim it's an algorithm that is supposed to keep the system in balance, if you will. people think they're gouging you. >> ten drinks in? what kind of party -- >> not speaking from experience. >> a spokesman from uber says, no judgment by the way, but they said, dynamic pricing helps to ensure a driver is nearby and you can get a ride when you need one in times of high demand. how can you avoid this? >> people hear that and call it
7:41 am
hogwash and say you are just gouging us but say we're trying to decrease your need for us so you see that high price, no, i won't do it, and it puts the system back in balance, they claim. here are tips for you, don't take the ride on peak hours. that's tough to say, certainly on a new year's. the peak are 12:00 to 3:00 a.m. that's when you don't want the take the ride, but that's when you need the ride. nothing you can do about that. try to split the fare. ride with another drunkard you see on the street. yeah, ride together. have a good time, and then the other thing is give it a second. just be patient because these things fold a cycle through the higher fares and surge prices only supposed to happen for a few minutes at a time. >> is yours going to take you home? >> no, i walk. i walk from bar to bar, baby. >> now we know. >> there is none smoother than t.j. holmes. love ya. now to one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year. ufc star, ronda rousey set to return to the octagon tonight.
7:42 am
her first fight since a brutal knockout loss against holly holm more than a year ago and gilbert menendez joins us so, gilbert, good morning and happy new year. how big a fight is this for ronda rousey? >> oh, this is the most important fight for ronda rousey's career. i mean she was on top of the world until she got defeated by holly holm and fell off the map. she was under the radar. came out and said how depressed she was and how hard it was to lift herself up. what's on the line for her? her pride and her legacy. and, of course, she wants to prove to everyone she can overcome adversity, you know, aside from that, you know, it's going to affect her movie roles, you know, her career in commercials and sponsors. this will all be impacted by the results of this fight. >> also on the line, ronda rousey is fighting for the title and judging by this before and after photo she posted on instagram, she looks pretty ready. do you think this is the beginning of her comeback? >> absolutely. she looks fantastic. i saw that side-by-side photo
7:43 am
and she looks great out there but she's definitely fighting a tough competitor. amanda nunes capable of doing as much damage as ronda rousey but the thing i'm most concerned with in ronda rousey, is the mental baggage she brings into the octagon. she suffered a severe defeat against holly holm. is there going to be hesitation in the octagon? if there is hesitation, it could be fatal in there for her. but in my opinion, she is ready. she is focused and not doing much media right now and looks great. as for a comeback, though, she's been hinting this may be one of her last fights win or lose but i really like to see her get the win here and challenge holly holm for a rematch. >> oh, i like that, gilbert. okay. so next up up, it is a huge weekend for sports fans. the college football playoff kicking off tomorrow, when 'bama faces off against washington followed by ohio state and clemson. espn's tom rinaldi, one of our great friends of the show joins us now, tom, good morning to you. let's start with 'bama and washington. what's the big story line heading into this game?
7:44 am
>> well, the big story is exactly what you describe and that's 'bama. trying to win its fifth title in the last eight years all under nick saban. 'bama has become essentially the team that you either love or you love to hate. they are the yankees, they are general motors at their peak. they are apple. they are the absolute standard in the sport right now. a 14-point favorite. vegas not giving washington a lot of love, even though they're the pac-12 champions. they're a very complete team, but 'bama has not lost in its last -- let me check. 25 games. >> incredible. >> so 'bama is the heavy favorite here in the first one. >> tom, by the way, great to see you. happy new year. thanks for doing this. what about ohio state versus clemson, the buckeyes fresh off a big win against a team known as the wolverines that someone known as paula faris likes to root for. >> stop. >> what can we expect with this match-up? >> dan, that was a gratuitous shot, and i want you to know i just won't stand for that. >> okay.
7:45 am
>> thank you! >> for one yard on fourth and 1, this could be the wolverines -- paula, i'm here to defend your honor. could be the wolverines in this position, go ahead. >> i was going to say thank you for defending my honor, not sure there's much honor to defend but thank you. go ahead. continue on. >> you got it. ohio state is in an interesting position on that fourth and 1, double overtime the only team of the four teams in the playoffs, which did not have to play in a conference championship game. >> yep. >> more rest, more time to prepare. and that usually adds up to success for urban meyer. why? he has the highest winning percentage in the history of college football in bowl games of any coach who has gone to ten bowls or more, 10-2. here's the problem. one of the coaches who beat him, coaches the team he plays now, dabo sweeney and clemson. for a lot of people, this shapes up as the game of the year. should be a fantastic one here out in the valley of the sun. >> all right. let's quickly go around the big board. who is your pick for the college
7:46 am
football national championship? tom, let's start with you because you're my new favorite. >> i tend to be as a prognosticator, the kiss of death so, for the good of the sport, i will abstain. >> oh. you talk about smooth. >> can't be neutral. gilbert, real quick? your pick? >> i'm going to go with alabama. such a stacked team so i think they'll do it. >> t.j., arkansas is not in it. >> 'bama. >> i'm going with ohio state. >> wolverines. >> they're not in it. thank you. thank you. >> i was trying to defend your honor. >> can we have tom rinaldi more? >> yes, love tom rinaldi. coming up, we are up above times square getting ready for new year's rockin' eve. we're right back. getting ready for new year's rockin' eve. we'll be right back. earching fod car? yeah! you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported
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7:49 am
celebration and right now, our own rob marciano is all the way at the top of one times square ready to flip the switch on the 2017 ball for the first time before it drops. we miss you, rob. how is it going up there? >> well, it's chilly. it's going great for me, but it's not going so good for ryan seacrest, who was supposed to be standing right here right now, but he is stuck in the elevator trying to get up here. >> no. >> yeah, i think -- he just posted on his instagram he is in there with his crew, and he's stuck. he's been in there for, like, a half an hour. >> you're kidding. >> he's not going to make it here. that's for sure. we hope he makes it into the studio in a second. >> he's smiling in that picture. i'm not sure he's actually smiling at this very moment. >> no. >> he may be slightly annoyed. doesn't bode well for new year's eve. >> yeah,but rob -- >> we've known each other for awhile now, and i'm taking it personally. >> it's not you. rob, we promise it's not you. i know pretty much everybody would do anything possible. >> we can't get there.
7:50 am
>> ring that alarm. ring the alarm. >> he will get there. he will get to the studio. we have an hour to play with. >> help, help. >> oh, my gosh. >> they rang the alarm. >> underneath the ball in times square. we're stuck in the elevator, everybody. >> this is classic. >> rob, here's the baller move for you. you have to go down there and rescue him. >> you want to rescue ryan seacrest? >> great idea. like a "mission: impossible" dangling in the elevator shaft. >> then rob would get stuck. >> are you kidding me? i have none of those skills. the only skill i have right now potentially is to flip this switch. this is the ten-year anniversary of phillips with l.e.d. lights in this ball. 32,000 of them. all right. i'll see what happens. it's on partially. is it -- oh, boom. 32,000 l.e.d. lights look like that. >> that looks so beautiful. >> weather in a little bit, hopefully ryan will be here. >> having satellite issues. rob, thank you very much. we're right back with more "gma." re "gma." back with more "gma."
7:51 am
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welcome back to one times square on "gma" where we're celebrating new year's eve in times square, but out west they're celebrating the snow, durango, the snow sculpture and they will get another foot. enjoy that. this weathercast brought to you by silk.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible.
7:56 am
good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings, frances dinglasan is in for mike nicco and she's here with our end of 2016 forecast. >> we have everything right now. 28 degrees in santa rosa where there is also fog so very cold still in parts of the north bay but milder numbers around the bay in the 40s. this afternoon, look forward to another nice one, under partly sunny conditions. we have temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and just get ready for a big cooldown for next week. natasha. >> actually, i'll take it from here. we are looking at some really light volumes still. here is a look at westbound 80 through emeryville and nobody out there this morning but we are not complaining. you will like the drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze 18 minutes. nine minutes across the bay bridge and southbound 101 san francisco to the airport in the green at 10.
7:57 am
are you ready to say good-bye to 2016. ryan seacrest has a preview of tomorrow night's new year's rocking eve. and that is coming up. join the whole team every week day from
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. new year's eve security. times square on high alert as millions prepare to watch the ball drop, thousands of extra officers and trucks securing the perimeter. the unprecedented security measures to keep 2017 celebrations safe. ♪ and we are counting down to 2017 with the top trends for the new year. plus, celebrity trainers chris and heidi powell are here live with three exercises to kick-start your weight loss journey. floating on cloud nine, the new stress relief making waves, zero gravity and total relaxation. why stars like steph curry and emma stone swear by the ultimate chill-out technique. ♪ wave your glass
8:01 am
it's the biggest party of the new year. new year's rockin' eve and ryan seacrest is here to kick off the celebration early as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] the new year's eve revelers as we're counting down to new year's eve in times square and, interestingly, the guy who is going to be in the middle of the action at least in theory, ryan seacrest is still stuck in an elevator right now, take a look at this video he sent just a few moments ago. >> hey, from underneath the ball in times square, we're stuck in the elevator, everybody. >> hello. >> hi. we're supposed to be on "good morning america" but we can't get there, so ring that alarm. ring the alarm again. make sure. yeah. [ alarm ringing ] help, help. from underneath the ball. [ cheers and applause ] >> still stuck in the elevator.
8:02 am
they just summoned the fire department. >> and they just passed. >> we can hear the fire engine. >> ryan, help is on the way. >> you can't hear us but we'll try to rescue you. we can't wait to find out what he has planned for the biggest night and biggest party of the year. i would imagine this might be woven into the narrative a little bit, but we are already getting things started up in our studio. look at our studio audience and we want to go to our control room. look at that. >> all festive. >> all the producers, technical directors, directors that make the show happen. also ready to ring in 2017. you guys, we still have an hour left of the show, okay. >> settle down in there, you guys. >> that doesn't give me a lot of confidence in the people running the show. >> everyone let go of their buttons and put their hands in the air. this isn't a roller coaster. also this morning, a grand slam announcement from one of the greatest athletes in the world. how tennis star serena williams got engaged and we'll tell you all about that in "pop news." >> all about it. >> really cool. >> oh, my gosh, i can't wait. >> coming up in "pop news" but first inside to t.j. holmes for the morning rundown. hey, t.j. >> hey, gang, good morning to you. we start with the big story
8:03 am
which is russia poised to retaliate after president obama unleashed a string of new sanctions as punishment for meddling in the election. moscow plans to announce countermeasures against the u.s. but president vladimir putin says he won't be expelling american diplomats. that's after the u.s. ordered dozens of russians to leave the country and shut down two russian compounds. president-elect donald trump is still not acknowledging russia was behind the hacking and says it's time for the country to move on and announced plans to meet with intelligence leaders. we turn to syria now. a fragile cease-fire in syria between forces and rebel fighters and could lead to a peace agreement, well, to halt the civil war that has killed more than 250,000 people. back here at home now, unprecedented security is being put in place for new year's eve. a live look now at the ball set to drop in times square tomorrow night. abc's linzie janis shows us what police are doing to protect the crowds at street level. hey, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. the nypd is preparing to provide an unprecedented level of
8:04 am
security for the 2 million people expected to gather in times square for the ball drop. the biggest difference is that this year for the first time, 65 of these sanitation vehicles packed with sand will be deployed to form a kind of ring of steel around times square and they'll be backed up by another 100 blocker vehicles, all of this designed to prevent an attack like the ones we've seen in nice and berlin. there will also be an extra 7,000 police officers on patrol in times square and across the city. t.j. >> all right, linzie, thank you. millions will ring in the new year with a pay hike, 19 states have minimum wage increases taking effect this weekend. another big change on sunday, the border between north and south carolina moves ever so slightly putting 19 homes in a new state. this is a result of a land dispute that's been going on there for years. check this out, in one house the master bedroom and kids' rooms will be in different carolinas. police in texas are looking for a pair of thieves who broke out the heavy equipment, a
8:05 am
skylift to steal an atm. once they knocked the atm off its foundation, they picked it up, loaded it onto a u-haul truck. no word on how much cash was inside. a major recall to tell you about affecting the nation's top-selling minivan. the notice involves more than 600,000 honda odysseys. a defect may cause the second row seats to shift during a crash. the recall affects 2011 through 2016 models. no injuries have been reported. and a slice of vintage new york is fading into history tonight. the city's famed carnegie deli known for those oversized sandwiches will close its doors for good after almost 80 years. mm-mm. finally, a woman in montana says she got the best christmas gift ever and says it was thanks to a moose? she spotted it, look at this. the highlight of her year here, folks, it is racing beside her car and ran for at least 40 seconds before darting into the woods. now, jessica richards, the lady's name, says she always
8:06 am
wanted to see a bull moose, hey, everybody has their bucket list, right? she called it an amazing experience and she probably thought it would be something else if that thing took a left into her car instead of a right into the woods, guys, but this all worked out. >> i didn't know they could move that fast. >> no. >> it's really cool. >> standing there all regal. i didn't know they used those kickers. >> you know what the plural of moose is. >> not meese. >> meese, no. mooses. it's moos. >> can i just say why are goose geese but moose aren't meese? >> what is it? >> thank you, t.j., very much. we appreciate it before we get into this animalogic -- >> you don't do anything to moose? >> it was a trick question. no trick questions for "pop." >> no, we keep it simple. but i want dan to introduce me. >> "pop news" now with sara haines. [ applause ] it's time for "pop news" and we're starting out with such a good story. wedding bells for serena williams. the tennis star is engaged to reddit co-owner, alexis ohanian. making the announcement on the
8:07 am
news site, she detailed how she said yes posting an illustration of her future husband or mr. knothing as he's called on the site on bended knee. the internet tycoon responded with, quote, you made me the happiest man on the planet. the couple reportedly first started dating in 2015. >> good for her. >> that's cool. >> she's accomplished so much on the tennis court. it's nice to see she's in love. >> i know. >> i love a good engagement. i do too. >> did you have a good story? >> of getting engaged? >> yeah. >> i don't know if it was as good as that. i didn't have to beg a little. i proposed in our living room. >> was it like romantic? >> it was a surprise and then all of our closest friends showed up and we had dinner right there. >> dan actually put some thought and planning into it. >> i did put some thought and planning into it. >> i love you but >> you married up with bianca. i just wanted to know how you got that deal. >> it was a great deal. she's a doctor and i'm a hypochondriac. >> i have a spot right there. next up there have been calls for a "mean girls 2" since
8:08 am
the film's debut in 2004. but the star is now making peace herself. lindsay lohan spoke with cnn on facebook live saying she has been pushing for a sequel and that while it's not in her hands she is doing what see can saying, quote, i have already written a treatment for it. i just need a response. while we love her as a leading lady, katie or datty, when it comes to writing the film, lindsay, you can't sit with us. there is no way you knock tina fey out of this equation. come on, but if all the original players came together, that would be pretty great. >> i didn't see the movie. did you see the movie, dan? "mean girls." >> i just broke up with you, paula. you haven't seen "mean girls"? >> can we watch it together? >> we only wear pink on wednesdays. >> i never wear pink. i didn't get the memo. >> i'm sorry. that was like a -- oh, my gosh. you've seen "mean girls." >> i'm in the middle of two girls having an argument in a language i don't understand. >> you have seen it, dan? >> i have not. >> you'll have to follow me over here. most of us have heard of the
8:09 am
bottle flip challenge where players attempt to land water bottles upright but this winner's skills are particularly impressive. take a look. >> oh! [ cheers ] yeah. yeah. now dab, dab. >> she's pulling off the trick on just her second try and even better was that sweet little reaction. look at that. >> how old is she? >> she's 3. sara, are you going to come back to us? >> no, you need to see "mean girls" andy maybe by the end of the show i'll be back. >> we could do a youtube clip job and be -- >> i could reenact the whole thing for you. >> actually -- >> play five characters. >> i feel like you are doing that right now. >> she is. she's in character. >> coming up on "gma," new year, new you. lori bergamotto is here with some of the hottest trends for 2017. [ applause ]
8:10 am
>> sara may or may not join us for the next part. we've got the latest total relaxation trend that will make your anxiety literally float away. we're right back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. just a cough. ♪ it's just a cough. sfx: woman coughing you'd see how often you cough all day. and so would everyone else. robitussin 12 hour delivers fast, powerful cough relief that lasts up to 12 hours. robitussin 12 hour cough relief, because it's never just a cough. come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event.
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8:14 am
♪ we're back with our countdown to 2017 here with "good housekeeping's" lori bergamotto. she's here to show us some of the hottest new trends. we are talking home, fashion and beauty breakthroughs for the new year. lori, it's great to have you in studio. >> hi. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> we have almost 48 hours, right, to the new year but we have trends we'll show you. what we love about these, we can incorporate them into your life.
8:15 am
sometimes trends, you're like, i can't do that. these are accessible and affordable. start with the home. used to be about chrome, right, the silver and everything with that high shine, but now -- >> this is beautiful. >> this is like we're on a game show. >> we're doing copper. so it's all about those blush tones of copper everywhere in your home. >> gorgeous. >> it just makes everything feel a little bit softer and it's a nice blend of modern and vintage. >> yeah, warms it up. >> everything. >> now marble is a huge thing but marble is not always affordable. >> exactly but let me show you this. contact paper. >> oh, wow. >> under $10. so we're seeing so much marble. like you said, this is something that's really timeless. and we're seeing it on countertops but from serving trays they're doing it to their walls and bathtubs and affordable. >> marble, we have a little stand and it's porous so you can't set anything on it. this is awesome. >> you can wipe it. >> spoken like a true mom. >> yes, she is. >> clean everything up. okay, so let's move on to fashion. so now you guys may have seen a similar look. we're calling this the
8:16 am
flashdance shoulder. >> oh, i love that. >> i want to see it. >> it's asymmetrical and the new white shirt, you guys. showing a little bit of shoulder. the buttons are a little bit displaced. oversized. this is available at h&m. really affordable. you'll see a lot of that. >> you did the neutral black and white but what about colors? >> two colors for the spring, bubble gum pink. >> yes! pink is back! >> on wednesdays we wear pink. i've seen "mean girls." >> i know. >> beautiful. >> you'll look beautiful and yellow. a lot get tripped up with yellow because of their skin tone. that's a yellow anybody can wear. >> that's great. >> now we move on to beauty trends. don't be scared. charcoal is the ingredient of the -- >> i love charcoal. >> do you? >> i do. >> you can see we've tested this out in the "good housekeeping" beauty institute and what's so great about it is it draws out impurities, so if you have oily skin or acne prone skin, that's the thing to get. >> are we back to chrome again? >> we are back to a chrome nail so this is -- >> oh, my gosh. >> this is the manicure of 2017, you guys.
8:17 am
can you see it? high shine, really luminous, what's cool about this, because it is so reflective, it almost acts like an accessory. you don't need a ton of bracelets, a ton of rings. this is it. >> so cute. >> sort of like a gel manicure where it lasts for like two week. >> you're kidding me. >> without the lights and things. >> it's without all of that. it's like a nail design, i would say. >> you have brightened up our new year. lori, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. coming up, the new stress relief technique making waves. [ cheers and applause ] eed is l my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often
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all right, we are here celebrating 2017 early and the fact that ryan seacrest has been rescued from the elevator here at one times square. take a look at the ball drop forecast. this puppy will be raised up and dropped down in less than 48 hours, maybe a shower or two after midnight. windchills seasonable for this time of year and northeast, southeast, showers across parts of hollywood as good friday morning, i'm action 7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. another nice and mild day ahead of us. temperatures milder this morn.
8:22 am
by 9:00 in the 40s to near 50. then some clouds linger for lunchtime, temperatures climbing into the upper 50s through the afternoon to near 60. clouds will be increasing tonight and then get ready for a cooler weekend. it should be dry for most of tomorrow for new year's eve, if you do have plans out, but temperatures all right, all right, time now for our project wellness series, this morning we're taking a closer look at the ultimate way to relax, apparently floating. everybody gets stressed out but this new treatment could be a way to feel your anxiety literally float away and abc's kayna whitworth gave it a whirl. >> reporter: it may be the ultimate way to totally chill out. popular with celebs like emma stone, minka kelly and sophia bush. >> there are three actresses that love floating among others. >> reporter: and steph curry shows us how it's done on espn's "hangtime." >> it's an opportunity to just relax and get away from all the
8:23 am
stresses on the court and in life. >> reporter: and many physicians are also praising the practice. >> i'm a big proponent for anything that allows to us get out of our own mind. if we can turn off the thought process, we have less anxiety, we're going to have less stress and we're going to live healthier lives. >> reporter: relaxing in a sensory deprivation tank, no gravity, no light, no noise. i had to give it a try. this is 11 inches of highly salted water, so i should be able to float no matter what. i shouldn't have to force myself to float, so you just kind of slide in. okay, so before you know it, you're floating, and this is when your relaxation starts. jim hefner, an experienced floater and owner of just float, has seen a trend of clients coming in not just to relax but for a variety of health issues. >> something about floating in water with no effort, the spine gets nice and long and no pressure on your joints
8:24 am
or body. a fair bit of research has been done on floating but is in its infancy. what it can do with people with severe depression. and severe anxiety. >> reporter: anne mccloskey is one of those cases and she started floating to help with stress and high blood pressure. >> now that i've been floating for a year, i'm off my blood pressure medication. my ability to manage the stress of day-to-day living is so much better from floating, i can't imagine not doing it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. so many questions. abc news senior medical contributor dr. jen ashton is here. is there any science on this and what does the science say? >> there is some science but as we heard in the piece, it's really we need a lot more data and we need rigorous scientific studies but they're studying it actually in the field of neuroscience using eegs or electrodes to measure brain activity and then they're comparing functional mris to see if different areas of the brain light up, per se, particularly they're looking at it for anxiety and ptsd, but as you
8:25 am
heard maybe hypertension. i will say medically whenever you hear that something is good for everything, my medical cynic ears kind of poke up. >> your antenna goes up. >> but, again, risk/benefit, i don't think it's that risky. >> you just mentioned it doesn't seem that risky. almost feels like meditation in water but it doesn't seem like there could be many down sides. are there any? >> i think the only down side is if you were to pursue flotation as your sole treatment for something that requires standard, you know, and proven medical therapy. i think if you're going to add it, i'm always a big fan of adding, not taking away or either/or, that's the true benefit of something complimentary, i think it could be fine. cost would be a factor. claustrophobia. i don't think there is a real risk of drowning because, again, that's the whole point of this buoyancy. >> but would you recommend it? >> i mean i would try it. as long as you're not claustrophobic because some are in tanks but the rooms we saw had kayna in, i think better, go ahead and give it a shot.
8:26 am
i think we'll learn more about it in the future. who knew there was something called an experienced floater. >> who knew. >> it's right there on my business card. [ laughter ] dr. ashton, i have to interrupt. we have some breaking news on elevatorgate. apparently ryan seacrest has freed himself from the elevator. [ cheers and applause ] and we have proof of it. he's finally out of there and he's going to be -- there he is. there he is. he is going to be live here on "gma" after a very quick break. what is going on there? >> oh, my gosh. they're making out. >> that is weird. >> all right. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. at least two bay area cities are trying to figure out what caused a rotten egg or sulfur smell over the last couple of days. we were in richmond where the mayor said there have been more than 100 complaints about the bad smell. we told you on abc 7 mornings yesterday that the odor has drifted into san francisco. so far no one is taking responsibility. let's get over to alexis smith with traffic. >> and it is quiet all morning. we've had a few minor issues come and go in the last 20 30 minutes but the main story is it is wide open. no bay area metering lights. and all of the drive times in
8:28 am
the green. i can't find
8:29 am
good friday morning. temperatures in the 40s right now. san francisco 44. san jose 46 degrees. we'll have another nice mild and comfortable day. upper 50s to low 60s and then get ready for a very chilly 2017. >> frances, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our free abc 7 news
8:30 am
app. join, reggie, mike, alexis, jessica and me week days ♪ just want to make you feel good ♪ ♪ tell me all your problems ♪ maybe i can solve them [ applause ] ♪ welcome back on this friday morning. are you ready to count down to the new year? >> yes, of course. >> ryan is ready too. he made it safely. >> he has been freed from the dredges. >> i was just practicing in the elevator. and i said to rob over the phone, we were talking about doing interviews i guess from the elevator, and i said, look, if i don't get out, just go from ten and one and say happy new year. >> that's all you need to know. >> how long were you in there? >> this is what's funny. we were going up to the ball and to get to the ball, you have to go through a walgreens, and you go inside the walgreens, is the
8:31 am
elevator. that's the elevator we got stuck in. we didn't make it to floor two. we got stuck at the first floor for about 40 minutes. >> did anyone have snacks? that's why you want friends with snacks. >> funny you ask. lou, one of your camera persons and we had annie in there, as well as pat, and we started going through our pockets to see what we had. and we had altoids and cough drops and one advil. >> that's not going to get her done. >> that won't take you so far. don't you need this elevator to be working for the actual show to go on? >> it seems like that would be a good idea. there are stairs, so we could always take the stairs. >> okay. >> i'm saying go with the stairs. >> but i will tell you this, if you've ever been stuck in an elevator, it's funny and cute for, like, ten minutes, and then about 20 minutes in, it's not so funny anymore. but thank you to the fire department who came and rescued us and pried those doors open. >> there's only so many snapchats you can take. >> yes. [ applause ] it was funny because
8:32 am
anastasia, your producer, she called the control room here to say we were stuck and they said, we know and hung up. where is the concern? [ laughter ] >> we're going to roll on it. >> can you make it your 8:30 piece? >> welcome to the television business. tell us about the party tomorrow night. who is going to be partying with you? >> we will start at 8:00 live. we'll be in every time zone broadcasting. we will have jenny mccarthy with me here. >> i love jenny. [ applause ] >> mariah carey performing live, dnce. we're going to st. maarten with demi lovato, lionel richie in las vegas and a whole slew of popular artists in hollywood. it's hard to keep up with all of them. there's so many people on the show. >> we name dropped a little bit. >> paula has been calling me out for the fact that my wife and i will be watching tv in matching onesies, but we will be watching you. don't let that get in your head while you're -- >> it's a little creepy but -- >> we think it's adorable. >> but that makes three of us at the desk that have onesies so -- >> really? nice. >> you have a onesie as well?
8:33 am
>> i have -- yeah. i have one for the 4th of july, and one for another holiday. >> another holiday. >> those were gifts. >> which holiday is that, arbor day? halloween? >> i didn't see the 4th of july one coming but jenny mccarthy has been kissing donnie wahlberg every year at midnight. she said she will get you to kiss someone. is this year going to be the year we see you kiss someone at midnight? >> well -- [ cheers and applause ] it sounds a little pathetic when you put it like that. >> no, it's not pathetic. it sounds more like a dare. >> i can guarantee you i will not be kissing donnie. that i can promise you. >> see, i think that's a pretty good one. >> he looks like he would be -- >> talk to jenny. >> i don't think she's going to give him up. >> what if he walks up in a nice o onesie? >> still not -- >> he has a million people to choose from. ryan seacrest could go like this and just kiss anyone he wants. >> you know, they actually met on this show, jenny and donnie. >> wasn't he coming in as a guest?
8:34 am
>> yeah, they were performing. i mean she is hitting on the talent once again. that jenny. >> she can do that. >> a lot of great guests. >> it's true. >> what do you have for your new year's resolutions? >> i was going to try sort of like a digital diet by putting my phone down. i don't know if i can do it for a day, but maybe for a couple of peoples each week. >> clearly you didn't do it on the elevator. >> on the elevator we had the phone. we had signal in the elevator, too. >> i think starting small on something like that with a digital diet where you're not saying i'll put it down all the time but for a few specific times, that's more likely to work. >> you find yourself reaching and then realizing you don't absolutely need it, although i do -- i love staying connected but i don't need it -- >> think about what we did 20 years ago. we were fine. >> we weren't around. what did we do 20 years ago? >> so like ten years ago. >> those old switchboards. >> ryan, you're the best. we're very much looking to your show tomorrow night. >> great to be here. >> thank you very much. >> thank you.
8:35 am
>> i want to tell everybody, "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve" with ryan seacrest 2017" starts tomorrow night at 8:00. before you take off, we want to thank you for your support every year since 2007 you've donated a coat to the warm coats and warm hearts coat drive with burlington. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'll do it again. thanks, gang. >> thank you very much. happy new year. >> same to you. >> hope you find somebody to kiss. if you want to get involved in our coat drive, go to [ cheers and applause ] coming up, chris and heidi powell here live, the fitness couple reveal their three favorite workout moves for the new year. up next. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:36 am
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8:38 am
♪ all right! new year's eve eve i am down from the platform of the ball drop just across the street. how are you guys doing? how will you celebrate new year's? >> we're going back home. >> there's no place like home for the holidays. how about you? you have your gear on. >> i'm ready. just came from houston last night. >> all right. so you're staying here for the holiday? >> yes. >> welcome to new york. how about you? you got your gear on. what will you do for the big holiday? >> i don't know. >> you're going to be here in new york? all right. that's what we like to here. so glad to have you here visiting "gma" and we have snow out west. it's not going to snow here i don't think until after midnight. oh, yeah. rip it, shred it up in vermont. they got dumped on. hi, i'm abc 7 meteorologist
8:39 am
frances ding lass an. temperatures comfortable and mild. temperatures 50 to 60. and oakland 60, comfortable in san jose at 62. they are geared up and ready for 2017. this weathercast brought to you by pantene. paula, sara, back up to you. thank you, rob. we're here now with chris and heidi powell, host of the hit tv show "extreme weight loss." their co-authored book "extreme transformation" has been a huge success. it's now been released in paperback, and they are about to show us how to kick-start our new year's resolution. thanks for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> chris, i have to ask you, with the new year approaching a lot will get frustrated they haven't reached their goal. what do you want to tell them? >> not just tell them, we want to beg them, please start out small. just take on one small attainable commitment at a time. in fact, it's been proven if you can take on one small change, you have an 85% chance of success. that's amazing. >> that's great. >> when you take on two, it
8:40 am
drops to 33%. >> oh, wow. >> so just one small thing at a time. that's it. >> we have some small things. because i think you're -- were you going to say something? >> i was going to say we're so used to failure. year after year we forget resolutions but the reality is we don't have to be perfect. it's about when you fall down you get back up. you don't fail until you quit, so just never quit and you're good. so the very first workout we have going on -- >> we have three audience members here. >> we have them sweating over here. >> come on. >> you guys are doing great. keep it going. >> the very first workout we have going on, this is what we call tabata, a four-minute workout. four minutes. >> i do these. i love them. >> they're resting right now. >> it's eight rounds of 20 seconds of work. ten seconds of rest. repeated eight times. for four minutes. they're doing tabata burpees. because that's, like, the ultimate -- >> it's a go to. >> works every muscle in the body. >> can we move to the second platform? >> keep going, guys. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> all of these little
8:41 am
challenges, they're resting five minutes. less is more. less than five minutes a day. that's it. >> we can do this. >> yes, so right here we're looking at something called a stepladder. they're doing two different movements. that's it. they're doing dive bombers. carving up those shoulders and biceps moving into back lunges. all they do is do two then four then six and eight and go as far as they can. >> on a ladder. >> it's a stepladder in less than five minutes. that's it. >> do it, just the ladder and done for -- >> you see how far you can get in five minutes. >> what is it called again? >> this is a dive bomber right here. >> that sounds hard. >> ask them. >> plunge into the ground with your shoulders. >> your shoulders and triceps, it's amazing. >> a full body workout. >> and these back lunges. carves up those. >> how long do you do it for? >> five minutes. >> a ladder. >> do two of each and then four of each then six of each and you go as far as you can in five minutes. >> all right. the third station. >> yes, keep it going, guys. >> here at the third station, they are doing what we call an amrap.
8:42 am
amrap is as many rounds as possible. we set the clock for four minutes and give them three moves. we have -- they're going to be doing five push-ups, ten swing-ups and 15 air squats. >> is that like a bend? >> nice, spatial movements, total body workout that will also spike the heart rate. they do as many rounds as they can in that four-minute period and they are done. >> that's so simple. so easy. >> yes. yes. >> such good advice. "extreme transformation" in paperback is available in stores now, and for a breakdown of these moves plus additional tips, go to our website. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, we'll be talking about our resolutions when we come back. >> keep it going, guys. keep it going. come on. >> i love tabatas. >> isn't t
8:43 am
8:44 am
zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. welcome back. it's almost time to ring in 2017
8:45 am
which means everyone is talking about new year's resolutions. so, you guys, who is making them? what do you think? >> dan, you start. >> my resolution is to try to cut back on sugar to one meal a week. >> and you've been doing this how many years? >> i've been making this resolution since i was, like, 7 years old and it's not going well but i feel like i'm just going to keep it up. on more serious notes i think that we are in a tumultuous time in the country, and i think everybody should resolve to do their best to heal the wounds in the country rather than exacerbate them. >> got you. [ applause ] >> okay. i just know -- i think a lot of parents out there can relate to, you know, when somebody asks what do you like to do, we've lost sight of ourselves so much that we don't know what we like to do anymore. i'll just do one thing. tennis, i never played before. it was so empowering. this year, i want to join a book club. >> great. [ applause ] >> we're working our way out of the corner. sara. >> i always resolve to be more
8:46 am
present and in the moment, so i'm working with the help of dan actually on meditating every day starting small but consistency is key not perfection. >> starting small and consistency is perfect. already perfect. >> meditation helps with one of my resolutions, one of which i fail every year to become a private pilot. get my license and my dad and brother are pilots. that's going to fail again because i don't have the time but -- >> maybe this is the big year. >> every year i try to be more patient and understanding which i mostly fail at, but i hope to be more successful. >> no, you don't. you're very patient and understanding. >> i just don't believe that. you are super patient and understanding. >> you're with me a very short period of time. my wife would argue that differently. the other thing i'm going to do, i promise to stick up for dan more because these two girls just gang up on him all the time. >> thank you. >> you are a victim, man. it's me and you and i know t.j. feels the same way. >> you're protecting -- >> i don't know if that jives with the first resolution to stop with the divisions in america, but -- but i still stand by you. >> t.j.? >> family. for sure. i usually don't make a
8:47 am
resoluti resolution, but as we all in our late 30s, i'm not 40 yet, but everybody around us gets older as well and two grandparents, i lost one, one is in bad health and don't take enough time to spend time with family. sometimes it's just a phone call. i think we could all do better about that. as we get older, our family gets older, and i don't do a good job. >> there's a good one. i like t.j.'s the best actually. >> he always -- >> i would just say i like t.j. the best. we'll be right back. keep it here. [ applause ]
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"good morning america" is brought to you by publisher's clearing house. [ cheers and applause ] rob stopped me from drinking. it's not time to drink yet. what a party we had this morning. thank you very much for joining us as we end 2016 and ring in 2017. paula, rob and i will be right back with you here tomorrow. >> that's right, but first we want to give a shoutout to the people who make all this magic happen here at "gma" 365 days a year. they're the true anchors of this show. >> that is true. thank you for watching. >> cheers. >> have a great day and a happy new year. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ these are our hours ♪ this is our time
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good morning, i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. frances dinglasan is in for mike nicco and she's here with our forecast. >> good morning, everyone. still cold in the north bay, only in the 30s right now but san francisco at 46 and san jose at 45. we'll see conditions much like yesterday,
9:00 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today the one and only martin short. and we get a visit from actress ana gasteyer. plus, kevin hart is our co-host for the day. all next on "live." [upbeat music] ♪ and now here are kelly ripa and kevin hart. [cheers and applause] [hip-hop music] ♪ [cheers and applause continue] >> kelly: yes!


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