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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 17, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. now at 11:00, scary moments
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tonight for residents in a high rise building in san francisco after the seventh floor catches fire. good evening, i'm dan ashley, the flames started at a high rise right next to san francisco state university. two people inside that building were displaced. live from the city's park merced story tonight. katie? >> reporter: dan, at first the young women who live in the unit next to the apartment that caught fire, these young college students didn't believe it was an actual fire. but as they evacuated the smoke was coming out of their neighbor's doorway. you can see the side of the building following the fire. flames shooting out of a seven-story window of a high rise caught the attention of matthew mill. around 7:30 he drove headed towards 19th avenue and recorded
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this video. san francisco state university students who live in the building did not realize how severe the situation was at first. >> we have a lot of false alarms, but never actually the real thing. >> reporter: the 12-story apartment building is on cambum drive, the fire broke out on the other side. erica said they left without jackets thinking they would be let right back in. >> in roommate said it actually smells like smoke. we thought they were joking, but we got inside and there was smoke coming out of the door. >> reporter: the fire extinguishers put out the flames just in case. >> as a precautionary measure as a high rise, we were able to put the fire out quickly with two hose lines. >> reporter: firefighters dumped burned debris from inside the unit while investigators worked to determine the cause. the red cross is helping the
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residents that are displaced. breaking news now, police are looking for a shooter who opened fire near a san mateo bowling alley just a short while ago, one person hit about an hour ago. authorities have not said what condition the victim is in or released a description of the suspect. download the app and you can find breaking news on this story and any other. we're getting a new look tonight at the very scary moments after a car ran into a bus stop in china town this afternoon. still photos taken by a witness show the aftermath of this accident that injured ten people at stockton and clay streets at about lunchtime. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington has more from the hospital where they were taken to be treated. >> rporter: well, dan, five of the victims were taken here to san francisco general hospital still in serious condition tonight. we still don't know what caused the driver to lose control and slam into a group of people in
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one of the city's busiest neighborhoods. >> reporter: an anxious crowd watches from behind police tape as the workers take apart the muni shelter piece by piece, ten people were injured in a terrible crash in china town when a car came running down there and slammed into the bus stop. raymond heard it happen. he stepped out of his photography studio and took pictures of the immediate aftermath. the toyota crushed against the support beams. a man with a bloody face missing a shoe, a woman dazed and hurt on the ground next to her grocery bag. a man comforting her. first responders tending to injuries. and raymond said an elderly woman was driving with passengers when she suddenly lost control. >> the lady she drove the small car. they hit this mercedes, and the white one. and then after them, she hit the
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full gas and hit the bus stop. >> reporter: security video from a grocery store shows the impact and people screaming to get out of the driver's path. this supervisor was in the area when it happened. he helped to load one victim into the ambulance. >> there were a lot of victims on the ground, many of them bleeding. there is blood all over the sidewalk. it was kind of a -- pretty horrific scene. >> reporter: all of those injured are expected to survive. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. and california's attorney general has issued a warning to uber to stop testing its self driving vehicles from the state's roads until uber complies with all applicable statutes and warnings.
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the warning came after the dmv issued that they get permits before they can test the autonomous vehicles. >> there were questions about how much they have, but the attorney general has the ability to go after the company. >> in a conference call, uber said their vehicles were not autonomous and should not be regulated as such. a bicycle group from san francisco calls uber's response disheartening. >> the troubling thing about the cars operating on the city's streets, they're doing so illegally and unsafely. uber said the accident was human error. and now, fearing there could be another ghost ship. city officials claim the warehouse houses an underground
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nightclub called burned ramen, but it's not licensed to be a concert venue, richmond's mayor said they will be cited with a list of things to get back inside. and a roaring fire that started could have started in one of the vehicles. firefighters were called into the auto yard at west gertrude road this morning. the fire quickly spread on vehicles stacked up on one another, waking the neighbors with a popping sound. >> i was sitting there and heard a big explosion and got out of my car and heard billowing black smoke, i was very startled. crews used so much foam to put out the fire that it looked like it snowed. and serious cold on the way, abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma
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has more. yes, it will be one of those mornings you don't need the coffee. just step outside, and the cold outside, widespread, good idea to bring the pets inside and keep the plants warm. and here we go, 37 concord, same in san jose, 35 in napa, 38 antioch, 38 ramon, you thought it was cool, even colder air will arrive for the second half of the weekend. we'll detail those numbers in the fair accuweather forecast. drew, thank you so much. to the north bay where people spent the day cleaning up downed trees and soaked belongings, crews had to use a crane to remove this oak tree. the public safety dispatch center received more than a thousand calls for help in marin county during the storm. and a large rock slide has forced the closure of highway 21 between wooden valley road at
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least until monday, sky 7 overhead showing the trees, mud, rocks that fell onto the lanes south of wooden valley. caltrans suggested using highway 28 as an alternative route. and storm crews cleaning up, it may take them a while. katie marzullo has more. >> reporter: hey, dan, well drivers having an easier time here on highway 17 since the road is dry. but there are plenty of hazards still on the roads here, public works said the storm had a tremendous impact on the county. cars have to go single file on this washout on jarvis road, when you look on the jagged edge of the asphalt you can see the earth washed below. it is one of two places that public works says suffered permanent damage in thursday's storm. steve wisener says it will
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require long-term repair, the road serves as a popular bypass for commuters trying to avoid highway 17, it will be down to a single lane indefinitely. county crews and pg&e continue to tackle several of the other spots where repairs can be made. for example, bear creek road has opened again after this mudslide forced a closure, but public works says it will take weeks to clean up the debris. and coming up next, questions about russian interference in our election only more intense tonight. president obama makes perhaps his most revealing comments so far on a potential hack. plus. >> this means the world to me. dishing out smiles. throwing down high five's. the warriors take over a bay area school to spread a little holiday cheer. and the force is strong with
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this group. the special battle, playing out
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in his final news conference of the year, president obama promised to retaliate if russia continues to interfere with our democracy. the president says he is positive that highest ranking
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russian officials were involved in hacking to undermine the election. he says he didn't take action against russia during the election because the hacking stopped after he warned president vladimir putin in person. president obama is also depe disappointed with americans who are warming up to vladimir putin. >> ronald reagan would roll over in his grave. >> and a poll found that just 2% viewed putin favorably. a new poll shows that 37% of republicans now view putin favorably. and today, the golden state warriors paid a visit to the team in the bay view area. >> let's welcome in to san francisco, 35 forward kevin durant. >> for these kids in the bay
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view, the holidays came early. for one whole afternoon they shot hoops, played games, and made lasting memories with members of the team. >> they win all the games. >> and is this the best gift ever to see them? >> yeah. it was exciting. because like on a real game three so short but when you see them in person they're so tall. >> you need opportunities bigger than basketball, just want to give them positive reinforcement in their lives that anything is possible and just have fun and enjoy your youth while you can, because it goes like that. >> steph curry and others joined the kids. >> this means the world to me. i wouldn't miss it. >> today's event is part of the warriors giving to children who live in under-served communities. >> to see these kids have fun with their heroes, that is what
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this season is all about. >> the kids were not the only ones having a great time. it seems like you are doing a great job with the kids. >> i'm just a coach, i'm interviewing. >> can't argue with a team that is spreading a little cheer. in san francisco, abc 7 news. and energy swords were aglow in san francisco as an epic battle happened this week, helping people who suffered a great loss in recent weeks. abc 7 news was at spark's social in mission bay for the globe battle tour. it used to be known as the light saber battle, but our parent company forced them to change the star wars name. organizers were not upset by the name and said hey, the spirit is what counts and that stays the same. >> people are the best medium for arts and so if you take a show you people and give them a glowing sword it looks amazing. >> this year, 10% of proceeds
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will benefit the family of ghostship fire. it was a nice image. on to the forecast, meteorologist drew tuma was here, glad they didn't hold it last night because it was a mess. it will get more chilly as we go to sunday. here we go, live doppler 7 showing you a quiet picture out there. this time yesterday we were tracking the exit of our soaking rains and tonight it is nothing but clear skies out there. we'll take you outside and show you the live east bay hills. a pretty picture but it's chilly as you step outside and the numbers are falling quickly at this hour. the forecast not even calling for a cold morning on saturday. we'll repeat it once again on sunday, mother nature gave us a carbon copy of the next four hours, the next chance of wet weather coming on thursday, out there the winds are light, but it's the direction that is key, did you notice the winds are coming out of the north,
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draining the cool canadian air you allowing us to settle in the 30s and 20s overnight. 36 in fairfield, 44 at san jose, 46 san francisco, down to 39 in san ramon, and livermore coming down at 39 degrees, the big story, the big weather maker, the chilly air, 20s from napa to santa rosa, dropping to freezing, 39 san mateo, dropping to about 40 in oakland. we do have that freeze warning in effect for the locations, a frost advisory in effect right along the immediate bay waters. highs on saturday. it will be a bright day but rather cool. 50 in san francisco in the afternoon, about 51 for san jose, 52 the high in oakland, up to 51 in the afternoon, for concord. so we take a look, we'll break down your day and start off with the cold temperatures in the morning. a couple of 20s, 30s around the bay. a chilly but bright day by 4:00,
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still stays cool, upper 40s to low 50s, the name of the game for the first half of our weekend. future tracker picking it up on sunday, sunday morning, back in the 30s, cooler spots, freeze warnings are up for sunday morning along with the frost advisories as well. in san jose, dropping to 35, sunday morning, then we're on our way up, tuesday, wednesday, mild air moving back in, the morning lows will rebound into the mid-40s. could be worse, just want to show you this, the same storm system that brought us the showers yesterday will bring arctic air to much of the united states. this is the feels like temperature. sunday morning in sioux falls, 42 below zero. will feel like that in chicago. when you start out in the third doesn't sound bad take a look at the numbers. lot of sunshine, chilly, all
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over again on sunday, a sunny but cold day, a chilly day on monday as we get you into tuesday, and wednesday, winter begins wednesday and we start to warm up. the slight shower on thursday, partly cloudy, when you see 42 below it doesn't start out too bad when you see it in the 30s in the bay. >> thank you, drew. well, even bobcats want to take up this view. up next, the
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i can't wait to show you this, a bobcat triggered a remote camera hidden in the ridge in the forest, and this was the result, the iconic picture on the golden gate bridge. the national geographic photographer hoped to get a picture of a cougar roaming in
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the area, instead it got this much smaller cat, striking a pose, national geographic always gets such great photos, this is amazing. >> that was amazing, well, after taking two weeks off for finals the stanford men's baseball team passed an easy test tom
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after being taken ninth overall in the draft last year it was finally temo time, as he made his debut in montreal.
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meyer was the target of hazing as teammates let him take the ice by himself, hey, where did everybody go? san jose took the first power play, schlemko scores his first goal as a shark. joe thornton behind the net feeds patrick marleau for his eighth goal of the season, going to the net, the 20-year-old gets a rebound and scores his first nhl goal on his first nhl shot, sharks led 3-1 after one, montreal's carey price may be the best goalie, but then took a seat. san jose wins 4-2, meyer was pleased with his debut. >> it is something you dream of. it feels real special to get that first goal. and more importantly we got that win. and still can improve a lot on my game, it's the first game, you make some mistakes being nervous.
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it was a great experience, i really enjoyed it and really happy we got that win. >> well, stanford made its fans feel like dancing. the cardinal had its way with east bay, robert cartwright, the team's nine steals he lays it in. he takes this one back strong to the hoop stanford led by 20 at half time. now michael humphrey with the two-nine flush, the cardinal improves to 7 and 3, and high school football has madison playing valley christian, they take the lead here, kendrick to flores, who makes a nice catch in the end zone. 17-14, warriors, but couldn't stop buchanon. the warriors win 21-17, st. mary's of stockton took on
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cathedral, down by seven with just over a minute left, st. mary's response, jenkins, it's a 70-yard score they go to overtime tied at 35, in overtime, cathedral catholic wins it, though, on a 20-yard field goal by cane, 38-35 was the final. some exciting football, this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> great football. >> almost as good as that cougar. >> came close. >> thanks. >> all right. abc 7 continues now on line, twitter, facebook, all of your mobile devices
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all right, that is our report, we appreciate your time, i'm dan
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it's december 16th, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a woman hops on an escalator. what happens when she takes a tumble and can't stop. >> she would have been there all day. nana gets a gift that needs unwrapping. >> she's taking her sweet old time. >> why what's inside needs out fast. slippery conditions makes slow going. the bold moves of an e great on ice. we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bringing the best on the web, including a husband making a video. why it's putting money in his wife's pocket. >> clean breeze. >> even though he's broken the rules, he's now in the clear.
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>> every time i step on an escalator i think about this very thing. this woman in china steps on the escalator. she loses her balance. and starts tumbling from there. and she never quite catches herself. instead, she tumbles and tumbles until a person cleaning walks up and hits the emergency switch. >> she would have been there all day. like she was in the tumble dry, constantly going. >> that had to have hurt. >> not clear what exactly happened, but it all went downhill after she lost her balance. the woman in this next video, she's doing it wrong. she looks like she's on a stair climber. >> that's the thing, you're misunderstanding, she's doing that training pre-christmas. she's thinking about the big christmas meal. if i'm going to do my shopping, might as well spend 20 minutes on this. >> yeah, i'm with you, oli.
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i think this is intentional. she's getting a workout in while she shops. >> you can think what you want to think, but you clearly see that the other escalator is going up and going down and she's walking up it. so she's not going anywhere fast. >> gift surprises are the absolute best. this grandmother in arizona is getting a very early christmas gift. it's on her front porch, and it's pretty sizable. >> i love how she wants to analyze it instead of opening it. >> she's just taking her sweet old time. >> you have to open it now. >> urgent gift. she continues opening it up. >> surprise! >> that's actually her granddaughter. she was supposed to be in germany with her fiance's family for the christmas break. >> they broke up?


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