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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> the clue
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live, where you live, this is abc 7d news. now at left, a violent hit and run crash leaves this bay area bicyclist bruised and seriously injured. tonight police say there's an important clue that may help them track down the driver who left her on the side of the road. >> the bicyclist was hit by the car earlier this week in san francisco. it happened on pot rero avenue. and that's where we find sergio quintana with the story. >> right over there is where she was riding and got hit, actually where the bicycle is passing right now. that's the bike lane. a vehicle hit her, left her in the street. the vehicle drove off. a few minutes later, people in
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the neighborhood found her and walked her across the street here to san francisco general hospital. at first glance, dana ferney looks to be recovery pretty well, but when you take a closer look, you notice her bruised eye and a serious head injury. >> unfortunately, i don't remember anything. i remember getting on my bike and then i can't remember anything until waking up in my overnight room at the hospital. >> reporter: tuesday night at about 10:15, she was biking home on pot rero avenue and she was hit. the driver left the scene. a few good samaritans found her and walked her to the hospital. >> the negative thing is that somebody did something horrible, but four people did something fantastic. >> reporter: investigators don't have many clues because no witnesses have come forward and there aren't many surveillance cameras on this stretch. but a side view mirror was found
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at the scene, it may have come from the suspect's car. >> we believe that the vehicle that struck her is a dark-colored, mini would be the make. we believe that the model is the cooper. >> reporter: dana had been an avid bicyclist, she's thankful to those who helped her get to the hospital. >> it's very rare nowadays that people stop and help other people. and i'm very grateful they stopped and helped me. >> reporter: this is an ongoing investigation, so anyone with information can call san francisco police. we have developing news from los angeles where a faculty member has been stabbed to death on the campus of the university of southern california. and police have arrested a student in connection with the murder. paramedics arrived at usc just after 4:30, and found professor bosco gio dead at the scene near the psychology building. police believe the victim was specifically targeted. and from the north bay, firefighters rescued several dogs from a burning home in
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sonoma, this is new video from the last hour. the fire started in a barn on san lewis drive. it took them an hour and a half to get it under control. no one was hurt. also, deputies believe a gunman shot himself in the head while driving away from a crime scene. it started in kenwood this afternoon. sky 7 was above this home on adobe canyon road. the man is expected to survive. officers followed a black suv to east santa rosa. he crashed into this home. investigators have not announced his condition. also in rohnert park tonight, police are looking for the man who tried to kidnap a young girl, it happened on adrian drive. the girl was walking home when a star stopped and offered her a ride home, she declined. the man grabbed the girl by the arm, pulled her across the street, hugged her, kissed her,
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and then bit her. the girl was able to break away. a pair of demonstrations marked the first anniversary of the shooting death of mario woods. protesters urged the district attorney to charge the officer who shot woods with murder. in the bay view district, a group of people marched to third and fitzgerald streets, where woods was killed. his mom wants justice. >> just begging for them to throw us a bone. i don't think any grieving mother should have to beg for some type of justice. i just don't. ngets woods, who was armed with a knife, was shot 20 times. no one has been charged in the case. today president-elect donald trump did something that has not been done in nearly 40 years. he talked with the president of taiwan. now tonight the chinese government is reacting. abc 7 news is upon live in san jose with that, plus the bay area reaction. katie? >> reporter: larry, chinese foreign minister calls the phone call, quote, just a small trick
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by taiwan. he also says he does not think it will change long-standing u.s. policy toward china. professors i talked to in the south bay, call it a calculated move by president-elect donald trump. >> china, i promise, will be really, really mad. >> reporter: robert wood is a professor of strategic management and global business at san jose state university. he says by talking to the president of taiwan, president-elect trump is sending a message to china. >> what he's clearly showing is that we are going to have a different relationship, between the u.s. and china from what we've had through republicans and democrats since 1979. >> reporter: that's the year the united states broke diplomatic ties with taiwan. greg corning at santa clara university agrees, this is mr. trump setting himself apart. >> china is the second largest economy in the world. it's our major security competitor. making china happy is perhaps not his main priority. >> reporter: mr. tump took to twitter saying, the president of
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taiwan called me today to con grat me on winning the winning the presidency. >> november 19th, the trump organization was in taiwan, trying to close a real estate deal. so here we have not only this issue of international diplomacy going on, kbut you also have ths issue of conflicts here. >> reporter: the u.s. has maintained an economic and security relationship with taiwan, something donald trump acknowledged in a second tweet. interesting, how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i should not accept a congratulatory call. hundreds of people were feeling the bern in the north way tonight. abc 7 news was at the dominican university of california, where former democratic presidential campaign spoke. sanders said the democratic party needs to work together to fight bigotry and climate change. >> if millions of people stand
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together and say, sorry, mr. trump, you're not going to undermine american democracy, we'll succeed. >> at both locations he spoke, he pushed for a new head for the democratic national committee. we know san francisco's millennium tower is sinking, but another part of the bay area is rising and that's good news for people who have been suffering through years of drought. >> reporter: following the rolling ball, it's evidence that san francisco's millennium tower is sinking. but in pleasanton they're seeing ground that's rising because of water. >> the suggestion is made that it's due to the ground water in charge. it should be quite logical. in other words, local reservoirs are filling enough for the city to rise probably half an inch or less. it's measurable using new technology to scan satellite impages from the european space agency. >> it's a combination of
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conservation of water by our residents and businesses that have allowed our reservoirs to stay fuller. >> reporter: city officials don't think anything is bad because of the rising and falling water table, and they're thankful for using 45% less water than before the drought, but they don't want them acting as though the drought is over. >> it appears we're emerging out of the drought, but conservation is still a way of life and we're encouraging all our residents to still conserve. >> reporter: meantime, scientists are marveling over the new technology that is also attacki tracking seismic activity in the bay area as well. >> in order to analyze this data, you need repeated measurements over a period of time. and they are collecting these measurements more frequently than has been done before. >> reporter: and in earthquake territory, being able to measure the movement of the ground to a few millimeters could be a life saver. eric thomas, abc 7 news.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- ♪ imagine all the people >> the san bernardino massacre, one year later. the moving tribute tonight in southern california. and hooded robbers rush into a popular bay area store. tonight police want your help in tracking them down. >> i'm sandy patel, the winds are relaxing. a big chill is coming. i'll have your weekend forecast straight ahead. and the cast of "full house" returns to their iconic san francisco home, but not
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potrero. . ♪ imagine all the people hundreds came together tonight to honor the 14 people who were killed in the san bernardino attack one year ago today. the city sponsored a night of remembrance with stories and music. one survivor said, because of
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tonight, she feels a sense of closure. >> i missed all of the funerals of my friends and all the services. i never got to mourn them properly. because i was in the process of fighting for my own life. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what the shooters did immediately following the shooting. they were later gunned down by police. a man who provided them with assault rifles will face trial next year. take a look at this surveillance video. tonight, san francisco police are looking for thieves who rushed an apple store, grabbing expensive iphones and ipads, not once, but twice. people in hoodies came in and ripped the devices from the display tables. thieves targeted the store on black friday, then again this past tuesday. a similar incident happened at the store in korda maddera. in the south bay this woman is under arrest accused of steeling
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packages from porches. they arrested sara loretz this morning at her san jose home help officers were able to track her down after releasing pictures and video to the public showing the theft of a package. she confessed to the crime. today, bart took don't posters that said, racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination are prohibited and get your [ bleep ] together. a bart spokesperson said the signs were not authorized. they were removed there all trains, but many riders approved the message. >> something like that feels like a good, positive, strong answer, this is not skpeabl behavior. >> i think it's a pretty interesting one as an act of civil disoobedience. >> bart is working on its own anti-hate campaign. the stars of "full house" are now immortalized in cement. >> one, two, three, go!
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>> check out the cast members casting their hand prints earlier this evening at the san francisco homemade famous by the '90s tv sitcom. >> the show's creator is its new owner, but not everybody is happy with that arrangement. >> reporter: who says the tanners don't 11 at 1709 broderick street. jeff franklin is the new owner and he brought part of the cast to san francisco to kick off the next season of the netflix revival "fuller house." >> there's a connection with fans. they connect with this house. it's become iconic. and i understand that 500 people a day stop by here. >> it goes without saying, residents here are not feeling the love for the hollywood cast, and the creator of the series jeff franklin, who now owns the home. this is what infuriates neighbors. the double parking while people get out of their cars to take pictures, and the total
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disregard for the people who live on that street. it's especially bad on weekends. >> no, it's not pleasant to live here with all of this going on. and it's an attractive nuisance, and it's gonna get worse. because the word's out that he's bought it back. >> reporter: a few months ago, franklin took a picture of himself sitting on the steps of the house and posted on twitter that he was in the market for a home. that was after the show's revival on netflix. now more tourists than ever drop by. >> we walked two miles. exercise and then childhood memories all in one day. regular friday. >> reporter: with people like that, neighbors are saying, have mercy on us all. >> are you going to bake a cake for the neighbors or a pie? >> cup of sugar. >> dave will make them a pie. >> reporter: with the tanners in san francisco, leanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> we'll see how that goes. >> yeah. >> see how the weather goes too. really windy today. >> yeah, it's been pretty gusty, but the winds are relaxing. what we're going to have to deal
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with is cool conditions in the morning. those temperatures are going to bounce tomorrow afternoon near 70 degrees. >> wow. >> get ready to enjoy, and it's going to be a good weekend to do some holiday shopping. if you're getting started early, i haven't gotten very far, but i've gotten started. it's going to be good weather for biking, sailing, and even hiking. just about everything. so comfortable with lots of sunshine and a light breeze this upcoming weekend. here's a look at live doppler 7, you will notice the skies are pretty clear across the bay area. the temperatures are falling down to the mid 40s in our coldest spots as the winds have relaxed. santa rosa, you're already down to 42 degrees. it was gusty and still breezy as we look from our cam. city by the bay is sparkling. a winter-like chill early next week, and a chance of rain for next friday. not a strong system, but an opportunity for rain. tomorrow morning starts out in the 30s and 40s with the coldest spots inland.
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definitely, if you have early morning plans, grab those layers, you'll need the extra layers. for the afternoon, you'll be shedding those. santa rosa, napa, you're flirting with 70i degrees, a little bit above normal. rest of you in the 60s, plenty of sun, the winds are gone. for your sunday, temperatures in the low to mid 60s. at the raiders game, 62 at kickoff, 59 degrees later. great looking weather for the raiders game. things are really going to change, cold canadian arrives on tuesday. as that plunges south, temperatures will plunge as well. morning lows on tuesday, mid to upper 30s for the coldest spots. even some low 30s showing up as we head towards wednesday. it's going to be even colder. mid to upper 30s will be gone and we'll be seeing low to mid 30s on wednesday morning. so frost is pretty much likely.
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if you have pets, bring them inside. if you have particularly frost-sensitive plants, a good idea to start taking those precautions as we head to early next week. 52 in san francisco, but look at this. billings, would degrees f billin billings, 8 degrees. bismarck, 4 degrees. you can track those temperatures with our live doppler 7 for the rain, and the temperatures with the abc 7 news app. here's your seven-day forecast. a big drop in the numbers are coming as we head towards the early to middle part of next week. so, 60s, fewer on monday. we're all in the 50s tuesday and wednesday. and in the mornings, we'll be looking at 30s. friday we bring in a chance of rain, a light system on our storm impact scale. so there you have it. >> 68 and sunny,
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a big thank you to everyone who turned out today for ask finney. michael finney was at the broadw broadway plaza to hear your questions. you can post your questions with the hash tag ask vinnie. how about some cute on a friday night. look who is turning one month old tomorrow. this cute bundle of white fur is a polar bear cub at the berlin zoo. the cub has begun to open its eyes, but can't see much yet. the cup without a name or gender has been gulping down polar bear milk and is receiving great care from its mom. it's the only survivor of a pair of cubs born last month. the first birth of a polar bear at the zoo in 22 years. >> he's really cute now, and he's going to get really big. >> huge claws.
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>> yeah. in sports tonight, despite popular belief, there's some good football being played at levi's stadium. >> the niners? >> i didn't say that. played by p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
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abc 7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. the washington huskies are hoping the road to the college football playoffs runs through levi's stadium. the huskies met colorado in santa clara tonight. mike mcintyre, only about ten miles away. lufao was sacked and had to leave the game.
11:29 pm
a hit on darryl daniels, powers in, 14-7. lufao comes back to start the second. paul is picked, 35-yard pick six, dogs up 21-7. and this play coming up here, is unbelievable. brownie, he's trying to throw the ball away, throw it out of bounds. john ross, says, no, i got that. one-hand snatch and score. the coach goes, wow. 41-10. huskies win, they're the pac-12 champions and hope that gets them into the four-team playoff. after playing ten games in 18 days, the sharks are in for a nice four-day break. but first, tonight a date with the canadiens in the tank. "star wars" night, but check out this tiny shark who steals the show. one-timer beats carey price and the sharks take a 1 -0 lead.
11:30 pm
joe to joe, thornton to pavelski. sharks leading 2-0 after one. martin jones was great, using the force on "star wars" night, to keep montreal from finding the back of the net. 31 saves for the win and the sharks hold off the canadiens 2-1. if draymond green was in the ufc, his bionic leg kick would be a tremendous weapon. but in the nba, it's made him a target for officials. and even steve kerr, admitted, he's gotta stop that. he was called for a flagrant foul last night, he barely brushed james harden's head, but green now feels like he's a marked man. >> i really don't have a perspective on it. that ain't my job. they got a whole replay center. they got like three officials out there. they got a league office that make rules. that ain't my job to assess it. i just play. >> and with that, he was out.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> well, all right. >> he's gotta stop. >> i know. >> even though it's accidental, it's a problem. >> definitely. all right, larry. abc 7 news continues now online, on twitter, facebook, and all your mobile
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we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. one more check of the weekend weather. chblt that's right. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. take a look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures in the low to upper 60s. sunday a few more clouds. temperatures go down. it's still going to be nice. >> keeping you guessing. >> on your toes.
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>> for all of us, thank you for joining >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, jamie dornan -- khloe kardashian -- parents eat their kids' halloween candy part two -- "this week in unnecessary censorship" -- and music from kings of leon in nashville. and now -- places, everybody -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. hi, there. i am jimmy. i'm the host of this show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming.


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