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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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wants them to know they are grieving with them. >> just that i'm thinking about them. we're all thinking about them. the whole town is thinking about them and praying for them. >> reporter: police are doing over the car right now doing a safety check on it. they also tell us the 13-year-old who was hit and the 12-year-old who was in the car were taken to the hospital to be checked out for injuries, but they were released a few hours later. they are okay. reporting live in benicia, answer 7 news. capital corridor service back up and running after a fatal accident this morning. a southbound train hit and killed a pedestrian in albany just before 8:00. it happened in the area of bu cannen street, near the berkeley border. authorities closed the tracks
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for about an hour. headed from sacramento to san jose. concern and frustration from kanye west fans after he cancels the rest of tour. toubl started in bay area after a long political rant. abc news joins us with more. how many shows are we talking about here? >> the rapper has cancelled all of the remaining shows as part of saint pablo tour. from what we counted, that's 21 shows. scheduled to run through new years all across the u.s. and toronto, canada. spokesperson told us weekly kanye was just exhausted and attributed the cancellation to him being a workaholic. he also said time away from family is putting stress on kanye. cancelled the show because he doesn't want to give his fans anything less than the best. abc 7 news learned overnight he had cancelled tomorrow's show in fresno. yesterday cancelled a show in
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los angeles with just hours to go. plus recent outrage about rants on sacramento and san jose. fans are upset. >> i was really just disappointed because i dove hro here in the rain. i bought the tickets. >> i'm very disappointed. i just have have no words. it's the last time i'll come to a show. >> it's just ridiculous. >> ticket master tweeted it's giving refunds to the fans for the rest of the tour. those refunds should arrive in the next 5-7 days. president elect donald trump is off to a busy start this week. after jam packed weekend of meetings. the parade of possible administration candidates continues today with former texas governor rick perry. he's believed to be a possible contender for energy secretary. over the weekend, mr. trump held more than 20 meetings. former critic mitt romney is now a possible contender for a
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cabinet position. >> we had a far reaching conversation. >> the president elect met with real estate developers from india. now this meeting is raising questions about how he'll separate out his business interest from his new government responsibilities to avoid a conflict of interest. a spokeswoman for the trump organization tells the "new york times" the meeting with the indian developers was brief and congratulatory in nature. >> bay area back on storm watch today. fresh off all the rain we got. mike is tracking next storm. here's a look at camera. showing clouds hanging over san francisco right now. by this time tomorrow, you might need to bling out umbrellas. >> clouds leftover moisture from yesterday. look at live doppler. it's quiet right now. looks to be dry. for about the next 24 hours or so. storm impact scale goes tomorrow evening as a one. that's light on scale from light
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to five, severe. let's take a look at what's going to happen. start tomorrow during the evening kmoout. y commute. you can see the rain moving in. moderate to heavy rain. 8:00 moves into the heart of the bay. by 1:00 in the morning, it's gone. fast moving storm. that will have a few leftover showers for wednesday morning commute. by 9:00, those are already gone. rainfall amounts about a half inch in the north bay to a tenth in south bay. got a lot of snow. have a look at tonight's football game in mexico too. >> sounds good, mike. looking forward to that. track the storm with the abc 7 news app. you can enable push alerts to get weather alerts on your phone or tablet. happening today, more turkey, please. sa sacred heart is starting food distribution. allowing on faith that more of your will donate. live with the look at the need this year, matt?
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>> reporter: the line is moving this midday. hundreds of people will be going through. while they will be getting a turkey today, more are still needed so they can feed all the families. the tower of food boxes were packed and ready to go at sacred heart community service in san jose. this morning was just the beginning. over the next three days, 4200 families will go through the line. >> they provided turkey and -- >> all the fixings, right? >> yes, yes. very helpful. thank you. >> more than 2,000 turkeys were still needed this morning. people from a church helped fill the freezer by dropping off a big donation. >> how many do you have? >> we have about 50. >> 50 turkeys. >> and some cash. unemployment numbers are down, housing prices are up in silicone valley making it hard
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for some to set aside money for a holiday celebration. >> having trouble making rent. when they can make rent, it's little left for food or healthy food. >> the rent is expensive. the bills, have to pay everything, so that's why we come to sacred heart every year because everything is expensive. we have to do something. >> safe way is moving turkeys right now and i just got the count. still need 2,000 more turkeys to feed all the families this thanksgiving. the if you would like to help, go to our website. we have a link set up to show you how to donate. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. saint anthonys in san francisco is also in need of turkeys for annual thanksgiving meals for the needy. if you would like to help, blocked off for convenient curb side dropoff. golden gate avenue and jones street. organizers expanlded
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organization to keep up with need. >> bigger freedsers and bigger refrigerators. people are stepping up to fill them. that's great. >> a lot of people don't have much. and we just want to help out and do our part. >> reporter: if you want to help, the turkey drops continue 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day. no car, no problem. just log on to the website, abc 7 news and donate a virtual turkey. >> the count down is on. looking forward to tonight's raiders game. going be aired right here on abc 7. >> in fact, we're helping you track hours and minutes until court and ju coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. five hours and 50 minutes to go. >> game is a big deal for raider nation. he's the founder of forever o y oakland. a push to keep it in the bay area. he also founded make oakland
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better. he and about 20 of closest friends are in mexico city for today's game. >> meeting with oakland raider fans worldwide, just like make them open. feed them and they spend time with us. we break bread and breaking with them in a city this weekend. >> interesting to see how both teams handle the elevation there. it is much higher than what we have in denver. the stadium is nearly a mile and a half above sea level and also the pollution has been a real issue because it kind of traps the city pollution into this little ball around the stadium. >> have oxygen ready. >> i hope they will. don't forget we can watch it from the comfortable nice air in the bay area on your own koch right here on abc 7. pregame coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. >> after the game, stick around for night of dancing with the stars tonight's finale. approximately 8:00 after coverage of the game ends.
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then at 10:00, an all new convicti conviction, and, of course, stay tuned for abc 7 news at 11:00. still to come, a manhunt underway after a tragedy in texas. the evidence police are hoping to use to zero in on the person who killed one of their own. looking live right now at sfo. what you need to know before traveling for the holiday. looks nice and clear right now. wh
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police in east bay are searching
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for the person who killed a teenager outside popular bowling alley. opened fire saturday night in the back parking lot of amf south shore lanes. rushed to oakland high land hospital where he later died. investigators have yet to release a subscription of suspect and haven't released a motive. arrest add driver who had a loaded gun and plenty of ammo. pulled over 26-year-old richard viarda this weekend. they say he was acts suspiciously. the officer found this semiautomatic handgun along with two high capacity magazines and drug par fa kneelia. sober reminder of the danger officers face every day. look at this surveillance video. it happened october 26, but investigators are just now releasing the video hoping someone recognizes the suspect. you can also see his car was caught on camera. if you have any information, you
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are asked to call walnut creek police. a dangerous weekend for police after four separate shootings in three different states. one officer was killed in texas, two in missouri is recovering and so is one in florida. investigators say in each incident t officers were ambushed. detective benjamin ma cony was murdered just outside of headquarters. in his patrol car writing a traffic ticket when he got gunned down. car pulled up behind him, man got out and shot him twice in the head through the passenger window. >> able to develop a suspect from this video surveillance. suspect is described as a black male in his 20s. thin build with a goatee. officers are going to be working in pairs until further notice. next on abc 7 news, taking a political stand on music's biggest stage. most talked about moments from
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the music awards that has everyone businessi ibuzzing tod also time to secure a spot on the giant's team. live look outside at the golden gate bridge. clear and gorgeous outside. little
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this morning the thanksgiving travel rush is on. get ready for extra company. triple a expects 3 million flyers to fly this year. increase from last year. weighing those bags. talking about united airlines new basic economy.
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now that's a new line of cheaper no frills fa s fares and that launches in january. travelers don't get free carry on. last to board and assigned seat they cannot change. that means you could be separated from your group. >> traveling alone, i would do that. with family and kids, i would not do that. absolutely not. >> travelers say, willingness to make that sacrifice was what, depend on the price. and that's what united is banking on. >> want to go to tahoe for the weekend. somehow the weather looking? >> several storms headed our way and also going to touch tahoe. what a delightful picture. especially if you haven't head the trip up there yet. talk about the 7-day forecast first. see today and tomorrow okay. wednesday 3-6 inches of snow at least. snow starts again friday evening. hangs around saturday and through sunday morning. best travel times over the next
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couple of days, you don't want to go starting at 6:00 tomorrow evening through noon wednesday. you might want to go starting about 1:00 wednesday afternoon through about 4:00 friday afternoon. then heavier storm comes in 5:00 friday to 11:00 in the evening saturday, and, again, snow showers on sunday. going to be a bear, but look at all that powder you're going to get. sbi switch gears. the talk about monday night moo football in mexico city. look at the temperatures. the raiders will feel very comfortable. dropping to 54 under mostly clear psychiatrysky. huge clouds tomorrow. the key to this one coming in so fast. at the top of the show, not going to get a lot of rain out of this. will come down within a 3-4 hour window. here's a look at the window right now. mostly sunny today. foggy again tonight. better chance of heavier rain with friday and sunday storm. if you're heading out right now,
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temperatures in the mid 50s to mid 60s. here's what's going to happen this afternoon. 58 at half moon bay. santa cruz 60. the rest about 61-63 degrees. see san jose, woke up cloudy, already sunny now. temperatures by 2:00 upper 50s to near 60s. mostly sunny. mid 50s at 6:00. low to mid 50s for bay and coastal communities. drop down to cooler conditions tonight. 30s inland once again. 40s for the rest of us and fog. it's going to be dense. it's going be patchy out there once again. take a look at accuweather forecast. if you're traveling around here, wednesday and thursday look fine. friday in the evening hours is when the rain starts to roll in. linger to saturday morning. sunday looks like another chance. that's going to move in during the evening hours also.
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going to have pretty quiet days. evenings when you're out, that's when it's going to be wet. temperatures stay in the 50s around the coast. 60s for the rest of us. >> weather is going to be about the same in mexico city. >> as here, absolutely. >> that should be a good thing for the raiders. i'm going to say it is. >> that's right. i like that. sports fans looking forward to raiders game in mexico city. there's reason for baseball fans to be excited today as well. ticket sells for the giants 2017 just kicked off at 10:00 this morning. get your hands on individual game tickets from april to june. something cool this season, giants having a special night for students and alumni of each of the local universities. more details on it all at abc 7 the american music awards may go down as one of the most politically charged music shows we've ever seen. >> no trump, no kkk no fascist usa ♪ >> well, green day took aim at
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the president elect while singing their new song bang bang last night. the host, gg hadid and took aim at the president. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. >> that was spot on. >> the reaction to that was mixed as you might imagine. some thought it was really funny. others called the impersonation tasteless. there's christie who made what appears to be a fashion statement in the black dress. . held together by two large safety pins. become a symbol of solidarity against hate speech and violence. >> cooking up tasty thanksgiving
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play basketball like seth curry. the odds of that happening are. >> we can eat like him. especially on thanksgiving. >> better half stop by to share her three slam dunk thanksgiving dishes. >> one secret in her mack and cheese is sugar. another is the topping which includes parmesan cheese and pan chet ta. >> mix it all together. >> how does this sound? roasts brusle sprouts or spiced butternut squash mash. find the recipe on >> i'm not sure i can get behind the sugar
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