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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> ing, everyone, on friday, november 18, i am jessica castro. >> and i am meteorologist mike nicco. >> i am regular. i am here with alexis smith. >> ready to tackle the last day of the week. >> want to jump out of bed and get to it. >> so fun. >> the north bay, you are under a frost advisory until 8:00 this morning. rohnert park is 33 and santa rosa is 33 the likely neighborhoods with frost. our east bay hills camera we have 7:00 temperature videoing from 33 to 47. sunshine and low-to-mid 60s at noon. low-to-mid 60s at 4:00 and a few high clouds and breezy. grab a coat this evening in the low-to-mid 50s with rain rolling in after midnight. alexis? >> trouble in walnut creek area. we zoomed in on the traffic
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camera and found a crash southbound 680 before main street. a couple of video are involved. one has hazards on. we don't have message crews on the scene. i expect that to happen soon. one vehicle involved in this is saying the tire is blown out. we will knee a tow truck. backup is next. >> breaking news of president-elect donald trump cabinet filling a flurry of positions this morning. retired army lieutenant general michael flynn is the new national security adviser. flynn is well-known for his exit from the defense intelligence agency and a registered democrat. representative mime potomac -- pompeo is c.i.a. director and the future president has offered the position of attorney general to alabama senator jeff sessions
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and he has accepted. senator cruz was a candidate. president-elect donald trump is talking with mitt romney in a healing meeting and the two had quite the war of words during the campaign. romney is under consideration for set of state after the soon-to-be president said he absolutely considers former provide values for top positions. >> this morning, rebound is continuing what is likely the last trip abroad before he leaves office. right now he is on the way to peru after wrapping up the trip to germany. he will meet with to improve trade relations after republicans stalled a proposed free trade agreement on capitol hill. >> a supporter of president-elect donald trump said there is precedent for create a muslim registry, the internment of japanese americans during world war ii.
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congressman mike honda say it was the result of racism and hysteria in the unanimous 40s un-american values that have no place in society. many muslims believe the run of the registry would be deeply concerning. >> burdensome, ineffective and massive pro-filling of people who are muslim or perceived muslim. all the transition team issued a statement saying the president-elect trump has never add vehicled for registries. >> in san jose concert goers on got kanye-ed big time after another rant with no surprise he does that. however, this rant lasted a long time, at 30 to 40 minutes. in the recent rant, west told black fans to step focusing on racism because america is a racist country and said if he voted in the election he would
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have voted for donald trump. that got the crowd going. fans booed. people were throwing shoes. others walked out. like this fan tweeting "just walk out early with a bunch of other concert goers since kanye west decided to talk the whole concert, ticketmaster, refund us." >> dublin high school alumni is meeting with students to hear their opinions after a number of walkouts protesting president-elect donald trump. students in the bay area and across the country have been staging walk intermediates it show us transition. now is returning to dublin high school to hear from students and upgating they will on the roll of congress in the new administration. >> can your iphone be made in america? apple is looking into willing products in the united states
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after causes from president-elect donald trump to do just that. >> what is the catch? it could cost a lot. >> amy hollyfield? >> consumers we are talking to this morning have a hard time answering this, saying this is a tough one. there is a report that said that apple is now considering moving iphone manufacturing plants from chicago to the united states, curing to a report naming "unnamed sources." bringing jobs here but it would be expensive. the cost would trickle to customers with the 15 doubling and maybe going up more than that. what should apple do? customers have a hard time answering that. >> like i said, part of me is like, stay over there, so i could buy an iphone one day but another part is say, bring it here so we can put our people
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back to work. >> you cannot make up my mind? >> i cannot. it is a real question. obviously something they are not going to decide overnight. >> this is a victory nor president-elect donald trump who said during the campaign he would do what he could to force apple to make the products in the united states. apple did not comment on the report. >> the threat of a strike by california's largest labor union has not led to much progress 20 them and the governor. adown want as 17% wage increase for workers over the next three years. the state is offering 2.9% raise over four years. the union representing more than 90,000 workers wants gender payee quality at department of human rather sources revealed
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female state workers earn 19% less than men and there is in date to strike and hope it does not come to that. >> many a's fans are hopeful of a future for the team after they announce the co-owner lew wolff is stepping aside. the move has created a sense of optimism that rap they will get a new ballpark trying to will one for a decade. the majority owner john fisher will handle the stadium search with the new a's president. >> having success on the field, that is the stadium. this happens in san jose when i had the team this. it will happen here. we have to unlocked revenue that comes with the new building. that will be able us investing more in the product. >> he take over as a's president next month. >> if you ride bart there are some days it feels more crowded. a report shows that may not be the case.
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>> mysterious disaperrance of >> mysterious disaperrance of john conyer's
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>> now a traffic alert. there is a situation in walnut creek. this is our traffic camera on southbound 680. this is before north main. all traffic is temporarily stopped. we will move again with a crash on the left-hand side and the right-hand side. we have a backup forming behind this. coming from concord to 242 and 680 we will see how slow it is in a few minutes. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco with another chilly start. mike? >> we do, frosty inland. especially the north bay. san francisco on the roof camera it is breezy with temperature at 50 degrees downtown. we look at the financial and the ferry building at 54 and 50 at west portal and sunny side and 50s around portrero hill and bay you have and everyone else in the 40s. 36 in santa clara and walnut
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creek and petaluma and pleasanton, temperatures mid-to-upper 60s a jump from yesterday and cool rain so low-to-mid 60 tomorrow and upper 50s to 60s on sunday. more on rain next. >> has bart felt less cramped? there is a reason, ridership is down for the first time in since years from july to september on weekdays this were 2,100 fewer people riding bart and more substantial on the weekend with approximately 20,000 fewer riders. bart said ridership rises and falls with the economy with the employment rate and it depends on traffic congestion. what is going on? >> next, a health alert on alzheimers what your sense of smell could reveal. smell could reveal. >> a heart stopping stunt
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breaking news, fiat chrysler is recalling 89,000 cars because of fuel leaks or problems with the windshield wipers covering 35,000 dodge and jeeps from 2016 model year. officials say a fuel tube may have been damaged in manufacturing. that could cause a gas leak. and near. the other recall covers 54,000
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dodge dart compacts from 2016 model year. electrical vote spikes caused by windshield washer pump can cause short circuit talling failure. >> all clear at baton rouge after a shooting shut down the campus. police say the gunman shot a 19 year old around 11:00 p.m. near the law center. he was critically injured. the cam pat because placed on lockdown. all entrances were blocked for hours and students were urged to shelter in place. it was lifted two hours ago. policecy neither victim or suspect attend the school. >> new details on the missing son of a michigan congressman who was found safe in the houston apartment. the 21-year-old carl conyers was reported missing on tuesday action student at the university of houston and the youngest son of the longest serving member of congress john conyers. the circumstances of the disappearance are "under investigation." an officer said conyer responded to a tweet of him being missing
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and that is what led police to him. >> a san francisco servicer said major changes are needed in the wake of the millennium tower controversy. san francisco supervisor peskin held a hague of the destruction and disappearance of documents related to the tower which has sunk 16" and tilted since being built. he is not mincing words of the department of willing inspection practices. >> it is clearly a dysfunctional department and it was dysfunctional then and remains dysfunctional new. they see themselves as a permanent processing department now as a life and public safety department. [ inaudible ] >> he is furious that the professor who vouched for the soundness of the tower in 2006 refused to ahere at hearing and
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the board of supervisors is considering a subpoena. >> a person's sense of smell could predict the risk of alzheimers. researchers at massachusetts general hospital found poor sense of smell could signal a risk of the memory sapping disease. study value materials were tested on their ability to recognize a number of odors including leather, clove and smoke and lemon. the brain area that processes smells could be affected by alzheimers. >> now, alexis smith has tracking a serious accident in walnut creek. >> yes, southbound 680 is looking boater than 10 minutes ago with all lanes stopped. the collision is on the shoulder. this crash is cleared. i heard after new collision in the same area involving a downed motorcycle in h.o.v. the first incident was before north main.
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it is cleared. we have a four mile backup. it spills to 242 down to 25 and 11 miles per hour approaching the collision scene. this is going to take a while to bans back. i will have more information on the second crash. had was a problem in the north bay with an update next. right now, mike nicco has the forecast. >> a we will start with a clear and dry live doppler hd. voice is scratchy, hands are dry, lips are chapped. san jose is 40 degrees, and clear sky and sunny and mild and breezy but warmer breeze coming from the south. first way of rain arrives tone and more rain on sunday and a chance on wednesday. tonight, focus on these temperatures in the low-to-upper 50s at 15 to 20 degrees warmer. yellows and oranges show the storm-impact scale at "2", moderate because of the moderate
6:20 am
rain falling overnight through the morning. winds will gusts from 25 to 35 best chance at mid-tight to 8:00 in the morning. a few light showers in the north bay but the steady and moderate rain, yellows and oranges moving in by midnight and heavy at times. from 5:00 to 9:00, it will move through the heart of bay and at noon through the south bay and transition to showers through 7:00. rainfall amounts are the same at two-thirds in the south bay and half an inch to three-quarters around the bay and 1" in the north bay. hoyt rain on sunday, a break on monday and tuesday and more wet weather on wednesday. >> "good morning america" is coming up at 7:00 right here. amy is in new york city. >> happy friday. next on "good morning america" president-elect donald trump hitting the gas on the
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transition. lieutenant general michael flynn contender for national security adviser and gearing up for a meeting this weekend with mitt romney the strong of the critics during the campaign and he could be in the running for secretary of state with the top contenders for the new white house team with announcements made as you have been reporting. and a major mumps outbreak affecting thousands, and we let you know what you need to know abut the health alert. and a road rage incident a woman begging a sunday operator for help as another driver chases her for miles slamming into her car. that story is ahead all on "good morning america" next. >> happy friday! >> "7 on your side" and michael finney is next on the fall intermediate from the wells fargo scandal. >> a wrong team for a car thieve leaves thousands in damage at a michigan dealership and the michigan dealership and the crook without a car.
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>> thursday was the world record day and a man in england celebrated with a cup of tea and biscuit but took a different
6:25 am
take on the occasion. he decided to jump and dunk the biscuit into a steaming cup of hot tea 240' straight down and there he goes, the dunk. >> amazing shot. see receive add certificate from guinness as "totally awesome," and the owner of the highest bungee jump. ever. >> okay, that is creative, and it worked out. he is alive. >> alive. and. happy. now, ask finney. >> pat in fremont has questions on bank of san francisco. does that make sense? let's listen. >> there is program called bank on. [ inaudible ] what will happen to accounts with wells fargo?
6:26 am
great to meet you, pat, at our event held in fremont. bank on san francisco is a program refers low income people to low confident bank accounts. wells fargo used to be part of the program but the city said, no more, because of the banking scandal. they did notices the wells fargo accounts. those are still open. they are in longer referring to wells fargo. great question. >> i was not farm with bank on san francisco. it is real. >> if you have a question pore michael finney share it on social media # askfinney. you can head to abraham >> shaquille is helping toys for tots make christmas day special for kids in need. shaquille is raise awareness for the program providing christmas gifts for those who would not be
6:27 am
so fortunate. yesterday three was in land there. there is a shack-claus list. if you purchase a toy it goes directly to the charity. >> we are tracking the breaking news on president-elect donald trump transition to power with the cabinet taking shape with big announcement in the last few hours >> the effort to toss out guilty veries in the san bruno explosion is be thrown out. what a rule means for the utility company. >> frosty cold inland with help toes and how long they will last in 24 hours we will deal with in 24 hours we will deal with moderate to heavy rain l
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>> good morning, east bay. let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, everyone. happy birthday to mickey mouse. 88 years old. friday november 18. i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith and mechaniccy is our boss because we work for disney. we are happy to wish the 88th birthday. >> we have been complimenting him, he looks great for his age. >> this is the best mickey mouse operation ever. >> i will get in trouble for that? >> love it! >> how is the weather? >> nothing goofy about it!
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>> 6:30, in the north by, keep the pets and plants protected for another hour and 30 minutes. we have a frost advisory and east bay hills is 36. cold in the hills. we have temperatures in low-to-mid 60s by noon. a light breeze but warmer breezy and today is the warmest day moving forward because you can see the high clouds at 7:00. that is the beginning of what will be a soaking rain tonight and through the weekend. how is the commute? >> not is great in walnut creek back to the traffic alert that was cleared and the right lane was blocked, southbound 680 before north main pushed to the shoulder and we hear reports we have a motorcycle down in the backup so before you get to treat boulevard in the h.o.v. lanes. c.h.p. is on way. the backup is ahead.
6:32 am
>> breaking news, trump transition is in full swing, filling several key positions. retired army lieutenant general michael palestinian is the new national security adviser. flynn is a registered democrat. he emphasized the view that threat posed by isis requires more aggressive unmilitary approach. representative michael pompeo is the c.i. director a major critic of president obama's iran knock tell. trump has offered the position of attorney general to alabama senator jeff signatures and cnn reporting that sessions has accepted. senator cruz was a candidate in the position. president-elect donald trump looking at mitt romney as potential secretary of state, getting together this weekend with what is called a healing meeting, romney calling trump a gone any and a fraud during the presidential campaign. the soon-to-be president said he is absolutely considering former
6:33 am
rivals for the top positions. >> president obama is on way to peru after meeting with european leaders for likely the last time he does that before leaving office. this is video from overnight, boarding air force one, meeting with leaders of britain, france, itsly, spain, and germany the past few days discussing security, economy, what donald trump election means for nato and efforts to for it climate change. he will attend an economic summit in peru with asian countries. all the san francisco public defender is preparing for president-elect donald trump's promise of mass deportations asking city to fund a multimedical initiative to hire lawyers to defend undocumented immigrant with the public defend are jeff adachi saying 30,000 immigrants reside in san francisco and could become targets. the pair said the city is funding community-based lawyers helping immigrants understand
6:34 am
rights to become citizens. >> a string of available incidents is prompting lengthy conversations between parents, students, teachers racial throughs found at least now times in the past month, including in danville and three in san ramon. there was one found "no n word allowed," particular to racist bathroom found in danville, and parents and students met for el emotional and candidate conversation about race. parents were shocked this was happening at their schools and others insist it has been beginning on far too long. law is no empathy for other voices in the community. >> these are symptoms of what is going on in the larger society. >> students voiced opinions at assembly yesterday morning. the principal said that whoever is responsible could face suspension and possible,
6:35 am
pulling. >> the number one trending topic in san jose this morning: kanye west. >> not for good reason. people booed and threw things at the rapper at s.a.p. center but nothing to do with the music. matt is in san jose. can you explain? >> good morning, people paid $1630 a ticket for the concert at the s.a.p. center in san jose but rather then a lot of music, they get a lot of talk. here is a transfers am things he had to say. >> specifically to politic people, stop focusing on racism. this world is racist. okay? stop being distracted focusing on that. it is a [blank] fact, we are a racist country. period. all the video posted on social
6:36 am
media showing him talking not performing, and the audience was not happy and some threw shoes on same. he said he did not vote but would have vetoed for donald trump and said he would run for president in 2020 and many wanted to hear the music. >> you are amazing but, next team you rant do it on director own time. >> we went to church, we got five songs and a church sermon. we got the whole convention and five songs from kanye. we don't getting in but a speech. >> a concert goer walked out because kanye was talking the whole concert and asked ticket misstep for a refund and the tour rolls on playing, or talking, in sacramento tomorrow. >> he always knows how to make headlines. >> on the peninsula investigators in san mateo are
6:37 am
trying to figure the cause of a building under construction to go up in flames. this is a 20th and wyoming, crews knocked it down and no one was sure. police are hunting for shooters behind a rolling gun battle and horrible crash in a quiet neighborhood yesterday afternoon near interstate 580. the shootout ended a minute later with a car getting away but the driver of a nissan crashed head on into couple who received serious injuries. the driver of the nissans with arrested. right now officers hope to get surveillance video or talk to witnesses would may is seen the other car. >> san jose police is a man in custody who opened fire on would officers. the officers were not hurt in sunday night at the counter, a 20 year olds with arrested during a car stop.
6:38 am
san jose mayor likely said he is relieved an arrest has been made. >> someone is willing to take a shot at police officers. that is doubly dangerous to the rest of community. it is critically important we made this arrest. >> the police officers association called the shooting an assassination attempt. he is held without bill. >> san jose police are investigating the 45th homicide of the year with a man body's outside a home in evergreen area, and investigators were at scene, and police have future released the identity or said how he died. >> if you can take a moment to stop and look at the screens, do you know this man, he goes by several names including adam and juan, an unlicensed contractor would victimizes older homeowners by taking money for landscaping and tree removal jobs. then he belts. he has hit two dozen hopes in
6:39 am
danville, san ramon, alamo, lafayette and orinda and walnut creek. a judge dismissed pg&e's attempt to toss out the six guilty verdicts again the company in connection with the failing explosion in san bruno. last night's ruling means the utility company will be sentenced in judge, each counsel carries 500,000 fine so the maximum that pg&e could pay is $3 million. pg&e earned that much money in 30 hours according to our media partner. the pipeline explosion killed eight people and caused millions in damage. >> volkswagen scandal is causing 30,000 workers their jobs. the company announced the cuts will save $4 billion a area. volkswagen is paying $15 billion to settle lawsuits and fine over software in 500,000 vehicles that turned off emission controls. 23,000 of the job cuts are in
6:40 am
germany. volkswagen is not saying not other 7,000 cuts happen at the only united states manufacturing plant based in chattanooga, tennessee. >> a traffic alert. >> i take you to walnut creek and the trouble starting 45 minutes ago on southbound 680 before you get to north main, flashing lights are on the shoulder with a two-car crash blocking the left lane and reports of a milk down north of here, north of treat boulevard we zoomed the camera but not able to find that on camera. strange we do not have an update from c.h.p. but here you go, southbound 680 the first crash is on the shoulder where the second crash is, clearly, we have a significant backup spilled over to 232 and southbound 680, culling along at 24 miles per hour or 16 miles per hour approaching that and still trying to get in touch with c.h.p. and confirm the detail on the second collision. we had trouble in the north bay,
6:41 am
southbound we we had an s.u.v. go up the roadway and it does not sound like it is blocking but we have backup with the driver transported and a look at the toll plaza the metering lights have been on an hour and it is very slow. meteorologist mike nicco, it is looking chilly on the trailer charges. >> in the south bay it is as cold as it will be, 38 in campbell, and, santa clara, saratoga, and sunnyvale, everyone else in the 40s and los gatos at 50. milpitas is 48 and san pablo at 50. san francisco 51. clearly the warm spot. danville is 35! alameda at 48. lafayette at 37. san rafael is warmest in the north by at 43 south on 101. thethethe commute is
6:42 am
the waves are...bigger through the afternoon. temperatures mid-to-upper 60s. warmest today. low-to-mid 60s tomorrow. rains on way. here all weekend and that is coming up next. >> thanksgiving dipper could be easier on the wallet and how much you can expect to pay for turkey ands fixing. >> apple could be planning a major move for the iphone production but it could cost you. stay tuned.
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>> the search for a missing mother from shasta county is now taking a strange twist. there is an anonymous letter offering money for her safe return causing concern with police. the letter was posted on a new website called www. sherripapin. she disappeared 16 days ago while jogging. the person offering the money is only in town for a few dayses on business and will pay the aged kidnapper however they want. they do not offer specific amount. but they did give the number of a negotiator who said he is a kidnap and ransom consultant.
6:46 am
investigators have not trillion said some is a kidnapping and they are saying this letter could jeopardize their vex. >> this morning, a man accuses of being a child predator is scheduled for court. robert teager posed as a teen agency boy on social media to lure a then-year-old girl for sex. the 40-year-old claims to be 14 years old on social media app. a san leandro girl believed it and the two chatted for two weeks. he convinced the girl to meet him before school. >> when he showed up in the vehicle he was still able to lure her away and get her to the east oakland motel room where it went sour very quickly. >> police say teager drove her to the quality inn off 888 and she was sexually assaulted. the girl was able to escape and call for help. investigators fear more possible victims are out there. >> apple is considering a big change. the cupertino-base company considering building the
6:47 am
products in the unafter calls from president-elect donald trump to do just that. >> here is the catch: it could come at your expense. amy hollyfield is at the apple store in san francisco at union square. amy? >> yes, would you walk into this store and pay twice as much for an iphone? if it was made in the usa? there is a report out that apple is considering moving the manufacturing from china to the united states. this is according to the nikkei citing "unnamed sources," and some say apple should go for it. >> it would be good for apple to move manufacturing plant to the united states to help create more jobs for us. why like the idea of the price doubling...but the consumers would still buy the iphone even with the price officer. >> you do? >> yes. it is a good product and good:
6:48 am
easy to use. it is reliable. >> president-elect donald trump said on the campaign trail he would try and force apple to make the products in the united states rather than china. apple has not commented on the report. >> a new report shows san francisco is very good for certain type of business owner. >> jane king has that story in the money report today. >> jane? good morning, san francisco stands out for two types of small businesses. it ranks number two in the nation for female-owned businesses. and number two for business owners age 55 to 64. overall the foundation ranks san francisco 4th best in the nation for small business owners. consumers are getting a break on thanksgiving dinner with the average cots of a feast for ten is $49.87. that is 24 corner drop from a year ago looking at turkey,
6:49 am
stuffing, potatoes, rolls, pumpkin pie and are less this year as are milk and vigil -- vegetables. san francisco costs the most for a cup of coffee, an average of $2.39 for a cup and seattle has the cheapest coffee in the nation at $2.26. stocks quiet and mixed, the dow is down 14 and s&p 500 down half a point and the dow is 30 points away from another record high. >> a lot of us wonder where you can buy coffee for $2.39? i have not seen that number... >> it must include the cheapest ever. >> a really short cup. >> today a big birthday: 88 years for mickey mouse. he started the whole empire.
6:50 am
>> looking good for 8 and -- 88 and we are celebrating. the parks are decked out in christmas lights delighting kids of all ages transformed into the "small world holiday," celebration of children and their cultural holiday traditions all over the world. >> never been here during the holidays, but we have been bitting for months. fantastic to be here. the environment...magical. >> the little girl in the cinderella outmidnight, it feels like the holidays! all the nighttime world of color season of light which has changed name as few times. >> used to be called winter dreams not that i am obsessed with disneyland. >> that guy has a phone of fun facts. we will let you know how he is
6:51 am
celebrating. >> it is looking better in the walnut creek area, southbound 680 two separate crashes, one before north main and one in the same area before you bet to -- get to treat boulevard. there were report as motorcycle was down on the secondary crash but c.h.p. said that was minor and it is cleared. however, the backup not minor from concord and heading southbound on 80 from 242 it is a steady five mile backup and bart could be the good option. san jose is light northbound we at 80 and fairly quiet in the south bay, although we heard of a 10 minute delay for bart at balboa why park in the east bay distribution because of an earlier problem that is resolved. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. mike? >> good morning. i wanted to do a brown nosing if you give me a second. happy birthday to the boss
6:52 am
upstairs in our break room. this is chalk. it is absolutely phenomenal. >> super tall -- talented. >> i thank whoever did that. >> we have big changes on the way with weather starting tonight as we strike midnight. we wake up to chilly conditions and the bay bridge is soft and nice looking this morning. mostly sunny. warmer. dry. moderate to light rain and rain not so heavy sunday through wednesday. washington and oregon and northern california, but we have to wait until midnight and it comes in hard so it is a "2" moderate, and it will fall during the overnight and morning. showers are possible in the afternoon and gusts up to 25 to 35 miles per hour from midnight to 9:00. by 9:00, a few sprinkles in the north bay but the yellows and oranges are moving in to midnight through action, and action to 9:00 moving through
6:53 am
the heart of the bay and transitioned to showers and steady rain on the light side for most of sunday. so it is a "1". a break on monday and tuesday. more rain on wednesday. possible rain on black friday. guys? >> with that weather forecast it feels like the holidays. time is run out to donate turkeys for deserving families in the bay area in time for thanksgiving. second harvest food bank of san mateo and santa clara need 5 there 400 frozen turkeys with the goal of 19,000 the holiday season. we frozen turkeys must be donated by monday and today gin. our weather forecaster spencer christian with thed if bang of contra costa county from 3:00 to 7:00 and help by texting "feed," to 80077. for $10, you can help those in for $10, you can help those in need this holiday season.
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>> here are the seven things you need to know, the latest in the trump transition, michael flynn has accepted the position of national security adviser and national security adviser and kansas rentive mike senator jeff sessions attorney general. and kanye rent has a rants and
6:56 am
only sang five songs last night. >> string of racial slurs is sparking conversation between teachers and students and parents meeting in danville where a slur was fund at a high school. >> four, santa clara university is holding a symposium on campus on sexual assaults and actress sharon stone will read part of letter from employ dough assaulted by brock turner. >> dogs and cats in need of a good home are on displace at macy's today at union square starting today at 5:00, the holiday a addition is in the 30th year. >> in recovery mode in walnut creek and you can see the flashing lights southbound 680, but the crashes have cleared and 20 meant delay from concord. >> frost is possible in the north bay vietnam until we -- bay valley until 8:00. 35 to 50 at the bus stop. get outside today. it will rain most of the weekend. >> you were invisible. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
6:57 am
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come join us this season,orld at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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good morning, america. breaking news. donald trump offers jeff sessions attorney general, and michael flynn, national securitied adviser. he is set to talk with mitt romney for secretary of state as we kick into high gear. blizzard warning. the first major snowstorm of the season. shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from what she calls her 25 minutes of


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