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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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vehicle including a taxi hit the pedestrian, the taxi and passengers were terrified. the c.h.p. interviewed the people and the taxi driver. and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision. >> someone crossed the vehicle and they could not see the vehicles oncoming. we are investigating this potential scenario based on the clothing, the other drivers even with a safe speed or headline may not see a pedestrian until it is too late. >> c.h.p. is not identifying the pedestrian. that will come from the coroner. the weather did not appear to be a factor with clear conditions at the time of the collision. >> suppose police are searching for the gunman who tried to gun down two officers when one fired. the others ran off.
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the officers were not hit or injured and did not run fire. police sevens for several hours but did not fine the shooter. authorities in stanislaus county are promised justice will be done in a well loved sheriff deputy. 53-year-old dennis wallace shot at point-blank range while investigating a stolen car near me casey to yesterday. authorities launched a manhunt and found this man, 37-year-old .com, an emotional vision el was held at a football field where wallace was a volunteer referee. the 20 career veteran was well-known in the community. >> president-elect donald trump is shedding light on first orders of business, the first in-depth interview since the election. we break it down. all the future of the government is taking shape, president-elect donald trump announcing chairman of the republican party reince priebus will be chief of staff.
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>> you probably heard me say it. >> choosing a washington insider with deep ties to republican leadership and on the other, a fierce critic of the g.o.p. establishment, announcing foam head of conservative breitbart news, steve bannon will be chief counselor firing criticism because of his alleged ties to the white nationalist movement. >> we protect the president-elect donald trump. our we see signs of trump backtracking on key campaign pledges. on 60 minutes he said he will now focus on criminl undocumented immigrants planning to deport or lockup two or three million. the millions of other undocumented immigrants? >> after the border is secured, and after everything is normalized we will make a determination on the people you are talking about.
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>> as for gay marriage he said it has been decided by the supreme court. >> more on immigration, the bigger issues of concern for many people in the bay area. immigration attorney said everyone needs to foe their rights dealing with immigration agents. >> a lot of fear. understandable. exaggerated. there will not be massive deportation. people are protected by the united states constitution. they do not have to talk to the i.c.e. officers or let them in their home. >> building a wall on the mexican board? president-elect donald trump said it is a priority and leaders say it is not part of their agenda and talked of other issues, repealing and replacing obamacare without gap in coverage for americans. he said he will not take the $400 paycheck for president and will pay himself a dollar instead. when asked of same sex marriage he said it was settled by the
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supreme court and he is fine with that. >> protests again the president-elect donald trump are becoming more peaceful. yesterday, thousands geared to form a human chain stretching three miles around a lake, far cry from violence after the election. >> it is a great way to make your voice heard in a way peaceful and nonviolent so everyone can participate. we have seen the violence and destruction of property. >> the events "hands across lake merritt," brought out families and friends and artists. >> hundreds mannered in san francisco, with a group gathering in the castro marching to the ferry building. the protesters were peaceful making their way through the mission downtown. >> president obama is holding the first news conference since the election. we will carry it in a special report at 12:15.
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later today, he leaves for europe and peru to assurance allies about the future of united states foreign policy. >> if you drive near san francisco's van ness avenue, prepare yourself. the first morning weekday commute on one of the business of the streets with a look at what it will look like crossing the barriers. the left turns are eliminated: broadway, almost -- lombard and hayes street. the project is expected to take three years. when complete drive times along van ness corridor are going to be quicker. and safer. >> relief for caltrain commuters headed to the peninsula in the south bay: more room. the agency is adding an extra car to three lines during the southbound morning and evening commutes. that, withs out to 200
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additional passengers on each trip. it is an attempt by caltrain to deal with ever increasing ridership, with 60,000 passengers riding each week. >> necessary south island was, woulded by more after shocks. according to the u.s. geological survey there are more than 40 after shocks since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake yesterday morning. two were killed. it appears the island was spared from major devastation. crews are looking through rubble for more possible victims. officials are working to accommodate hundreds of stranded travelers, triggering a small tsunami and landslides. three cows were stranded on a small island of grass after 9 earthquake ripped the land around them. officials are working on a plane -- plan to regulation cue them. >> we have new video from the new zealand earthquake. look at the surveillance video: from inside a gulf warehouse.
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you can see the shaking and it is more violent. you can see how strong the shaking was in the 7.5 magnitude earthquake. you can see the golf clubs down to the ground. those are bags of clubs. there were golfballs flying off the shelves. it was on the southern tip of the necessary necessity's northern island several hours away from the epicenter but it did a lot of damage. >> grief counselors are available at san jose city hall to coach with the death of a colleague hit by a suspected drunk driver. 61-year-old died as he left city hall on thursday, crossing the street to go for pizza. a truck ran the light and hit two cars and pushed hid body under neath one of our news vans parked on the corner. the 41-year-old gomez arrested
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for felony d.u.i. admitted he downed eight beers in the hours before he got behind the wheel. >> a berkeley professor is barred from teaching facing allegations of sexually harassing a female student. he is an architect professor and it is claimed he harassed her from 2012 to 2014, touching her inappropriately, proposed they become "close friends," and suggested they go to las vegas. five month vision upheld her allegations and he denies them. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> now, temperatures in san francisco, west portal is the cool spot at 55. 55 in bayview. castro and vision and glen park at 56. marina is 55. financial district is 61. san francisco downtown 55 so quite the microclimate. 49 in palo alto, pleasanton, the cool spot and fairfield at 46 and most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and the exploritorium, we
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cannot see the embarcadero at pier 15. on the water it will be foggy. the low visibility on the roads so allow extra time. exercising, mild this afternoon. san jose and 280 at 17, less than quarter-mile visibility and dangerously low. mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco and the peninsula and low-to-mid 70s the rest of us. tomorrow, only low-to-mid 60s and wednesday upper 50s for low 60s with a cold front promising a chance of rain. here is the commute. >> foggy. >> the bay bridge commute, c.h.p. issued a travel advisory because of the fog at 4:00. slow down and drive for conditions. the embarcadero, another spot where we seeing big fog. some of it is not showing up on the visibility layer with live
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doppler hd but the rule of thumb is the the southern part of san jose is socked in. >> he compared president-elect donald trump to hitler and got suspended for it. we will hear from a peninsula high school teacher now being allowed to return to school. >> moon like we have rarely seen, breathtaking.
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and get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives! >> a high school teen whoever was suspended for comparing president-elect donald trump to adolph hill her will run to school. he said that the support has been overwhelming. here are the details. >> i was instructed i was to leave the campus. >> what happened to world studies teacher on thursday made headlines that spread around the nation, the 40-year veteran in mountain view said he was told to go home while the administration investigated the complaint from a parent calling trump hitler can he claim he never said. >> i said is that there is a parallel between donald trump and hitler especially from 1930 to 1933. hitler claims that he would make
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germany great again, donald trump said i'll make america great again. >> he said the parent accused him of repeating an inappropriate word, trump has used described a woman's genital and he denies that but toll the class that trump was accused of misogyny and gave examples. >> i said fee speech is squashed here, a serious issue. 20,000 people agree and signed a petition on showing support. the school district? the superintendent said the teacher has the all clear. >> my heart and soul i believe i did the right thing. >> berkeley police are investigating an armed robbery at a restaurant. the robber barged into a restaurant at corner of san pablo avenue and height demanding wallets and valuables. the suspect took money from the cash register. police say the marked man
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escaped. no one was hurt. >> san jose's project will get the green light looking like this, two office towers a million square feet of office space and 325 apartments. the project slighted to be built on a parking lot concerned over dwindling parking a lawsuit was filed but the business journal said the suit will be dropped in exchange for giving the developers $4 million to buy land for more parking. san jose city council will discuss the agreement tomorrow. >> the santa barbara reservoir is only a few months away from running out of water. the historic drought left the lake at only 7% capacity, the "washington post" reports that it could be too low to distribute water by january impacting 500,000 residents. cities are looking at tighter restrictions and planning alternative water sources including ocean salt water into
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drinking water. >> the navy will expand so far testing off the pacific coast critics were worried about the military activity and it could be dangerous to whales and other marine animals. however, the national marine fishery service did a lengthy review of the so far and decided the training won't have a major impact on sea life. the navy promises it will follow strict guidelines and take action to reduce impact on the wildlife. >> a bright monday morning, the super moon. it is gorgeous. the prettiest moon in 69 years. this is the moonrising last night at 30,000 miles closer to earth than normal. this is the closest it will be until 2034, so get out there. we reached the most bright face at 3:30 this morning. we would love to see your foes #abc7now. you can see the figures or video on air or line. >> it is too foggy to have a
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live shot. >> we will try on tamalpais we could have a good look reaching the largest side at 5:52. we look at what is going on, walnut creek, to 24, you can see fog so be careful. and on the golden gate bridge you can see it is fogged in. fog to sunshine, mild highs sprinkles possible tomorrow and the weekend storm is more promising. the storm track is well to the north today. that will slide and weaken and bring us a chance of wet weather possibly tomorrow and wednesday. until that time, mid-to-upper 60s for not of the coast, throughout the bay, low-to-mid 70s inland with the fog this morning. you can see through time, we will have a chance of light rain and very light. you can see on wednesday we will have scattered showers with the
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sun coming out, rainfall is less than .1" but near the chest and in the north bay mountains .1". the seven-day forecast, fall is back with temperatures in the circuit through friday and possibility of wet weekend. alexis? >> i looked at our san rafael camera, and mike mentioned at the golden gate bridge you are totally socked in. this is what a lot of the traffic cameras look lies slow down. live doppler hd shows visibility layer and the brighter the white the denser the fog with fog in the north bay including santa rosa and petaluma. we had a problem around the maze southbound 880 beyond 7th street a disabled temporary in the right center lane. it is cleared. we. look at drive times next. >> brand new coming in, samsung is getting into the auto
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business. they announced they are paying $8 billion to buy harmon international industries a connecticut company that makes ought eye, safety, and security systems for cars. the firm struck big deals with general motors and fiat chrysler. by july they had back bog of orders worth $24 billion. this is on the heels of the battery-fired fiasco wit samsung galaxy note 7. it could be a rebound for the company. with other technical companies like apple and google this puts samsung into the mix with apple. >> unlimited buffet, comfortable seats and internet access? you had me at "buffet." you could not fining oakland international airport but now you can. >> a popular arthritis drug had
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good news. >> now the techbytes. >> facebook is apologizing for a glitch that posted death noticed for users who are alive. >> a banner appeared on a number of pages including facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg's asking friends and family to share, remember, and celebrate their lives. >> yikes. >> emojis keep up with the times with apple emojis and now a purple one a breast feeding mother, if approved they are available in the middle of next year. >> can't wait to hear what people think about that. technology helping fans find the elusive mcrib outside for a few weeks each year at select locations. the app allows fans to find participating♪
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and if i come away with anything from the wounded warrior project, it's them giving my life back. my name is norbie, and yes, i do suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, but i'm okay. >> city is paris is quiet and solemn this morning, a day after the one year and was of the deadly isis attacks. yesterday, thousands of people lit candles and left flours -- flowers in the square. isis extremists killed 130 people including 89 in one concert hall. the prime minister announced the government may extend a state of
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emergency imposed after the attacks. >> bands are mourning the death of three on russell. ♪ the hand those that play >> the biggest hit was "tightrope," in 1992 and wrote rolling stones "shine a light." he started playing backup for the beach boys, frank, and dozens more bands as part of the wrecking crew. elton john posted that he was a mentor and inspiration. he had been recovered from bypass surgery at 74. >> the election is prompting a change at facebook. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg said they are launching an effort to flag hoaxes and fake news and denies any phony reports on the site may have helped president-elect donald trump's campaign. stuck d.c. said 99% 6 the content on facebook is authentic ending a post saying and i quote, "believing in people leads to better result over the long term."
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>> if you like the airport of an airport long you have a ton of choices at sfo. one choice at mineta and zero in oakland. until now. now there is a new lounge called "escape." like many lounges you get cocktails, beer, wine, and food included in the entry feed with burritos, pastries, roast beef, et cetera. if you book ahead of time it is $4, and ahead time it is $45. i was curious, tell to that is charging $59 for their lounge so competitive pricing for flakey pastries. >> what is the name? >> escape! >> escaping from the fog is hard today, starting at 9:00. the thick of the fog is the darker gray in the south bay along 85 and up to 280 and 680.
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be careful. friday we are getting off okay with the rain falling saturday and sunday looking dry. i. going with the dryer of the two models giving us sunday, saturday all rain is from a third of an inch in the south way to two-thirds in the north bay. >> i an getting worked of a serious situation at golden gate field at buchanan, we have another fatality. a pedestrian was hit. i will have a lot more on that. we are looking at a lost thick fog, san jose, 280 at 17, and i want do slow down and so far we do not have slow spots, westbound 580, 41 minutes, dublin to mission boulevard is 15 minutes and northbound 85, light at 101 and cupertino at 16 minutes. >> if you have suffered from arthritis a new study finds
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celebrex is just as safe as other drugs. one drug was pulled from the market for fears of causing heart attacks but a 10-year study finds the drug is no risk for the heart than other painkillers and caused fewer stomach problems. the study is in the new england journal of medicine. >> vandals hit a school with racist graffiti. >> he vowed do abolish obamacare and president-elect donald trump is now going back on some of his opposition. >> a deadly shooting in san diego still being investigated. it happened last night. we have the
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. this is abc7 morningings. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have alexis smith here and meteorologist mike nicco. >> a it is foggy in san francisco. >> it is foggy. now, it is foggy in napa. 12 or 29, around napa and american canyon quarter-mile visibility the western span of the bay bridge is looking like this from south bay. 47 to 57. hazy with sunshine. 68 at noon, 5959 the cost and 70 inland and total sunshine by 4:00.


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