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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning, cornell. the first thing you notice is how cold it is. it is low clouds of that brought some fog to our valleys in the north bay. 49 santa rosa. 48 livermore, as well as half moon bay. that is 11 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. dewpoints are lower. it feels chillier because the atmosphere is dryer w that we will warm up quickly today. half-mile visibility santa rosa. less than a quarter mile petaluma. napa has a quarter mile. you see from the golden gate bridge it looks be good here with 50s and 60s by noontime. totally sunny with a beautiful afternoon. low 60s coast. mid-70s inland today. cornell. >> thank you very much, lisa. we begin with breaking news out of new zealand where a major earthquake has rattle the the city near christ church. it was 7.8, struck after midnight local time so the tumbler was so strong it was felt 120 miles away in the capital city of wellington. new zealand's civil defense has issued a tsunami warning. people near the island's east
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coast are being told to mov to higher be ground. new zealand sits on the ring of fire. shockwaves were felt 120 miles away. in the capital city some minor damage is being reported. more breaking news from san mateo. one person dead, three others injured after their bmw a crashed into a tree off highway 101. chp responded a little past 2:00 this morning to the accident scene on northbound 101. the off-ramp was closed until the scene was cleared. hang today, more protests against president-elect donald trump are planned in the bay area. one of the more unique will be at oakland's lake merritt. thousands are expected to line the lake and join hands around lake merritt. the protest begins at 3:00. a peaceful demonstration that mirrors the mood of yesterday's bay area protests. sergio quintana has details.
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>> reporter: this group of demonstrators were met by lines of highway patrol officers. they have been loud and fast-moving but smaller than those organized in past nights. for some business owners, the demonstrations are putting them in a tough situation. >> a lot of our guests come from outside of oakland. afer the demonstrations stops, it doesn't mean our guests come back immediately. >> michael said he supports the message, but it is important not to damage the businesses and customers often stay away for months after a protests. on a typical saturday night his place would have been packed. in palo alto a group of hillary clinton supporters held a vigil. a group at san francisco city hall did the same. earlier they marched from the castro to city hall. it was the second demonstration of the day, with those participating saying they are concerned about civil rights under president-elect donald trump. >> we are going to need to fight
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every single step he makes along the way to take away our rights. i know he would take away immigrants' rights. he will take a way the rights of many other people, including women. >> the demonstrations often pass by here. >> i would do anything for the city. and the fact that my business is down, i'm just going to deal with that. >> it's just something he will have to manage through. sergio quintana, abc7 news. >> while thousands of protested against trump on saturday, many demonstrated peacefully for hours outside new york city's trump tower. on the vegas strip 7 people were arrested in a protest that numbered northern 1,000 people. and many rallied in front of the trump international hotel. up in portland, police took 19 people into custody after protests there turned rowdy. a news cameraman was attacked, but he is okay. police used flash-bang grenades to clear protesters off of
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streets. 50 have been arrested there. and the largest donald trump protest to date happened yesterday in los angeles. 8,000 people filled the streets downtown. demonstrators forced officers to shut down several freeway on and off ramps. officers say protesters have marched peacefully and respectfully. friday night people arrested 187 people when about a thousand demonstrators marched there. >> new details about a heated political exchange on an airplane. >> if anyone has a problem with this, a rant or rave, there's another flight tomorrow. >> that was the pilot friday calming down a plane full of passengers before taking off from sfo to peurto vallarta. one talked to us from mexico. she said it started when a man sitting next to her mediocrity asked us what she thought about donald trump. and then he tolder, quote, at least i get to keep my guns, and
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then her mother asked him, quote, why are you sag this to a brown woman? of the man continued to make angry, racist and hateful comments with the mom and daughter eventually asking to change seats to get away from him. >> my mom tried to de-escalate, look, i don't want to talk to you about this. >> obviously i was indignant, and i felt on the verge of tears but unable to actually cry life goes on. i mean racism is -- it sucks and it's there and it sucks that it's there. >> she said the man later apologized. her mother and the man's wife then ended up hugging each other. one bay area lawmaker is outraged after seeing people hold confederate flags at petaluma's veteran's day parade. the congressman took this picture as he rode in a vintage jeep on friday. one man holding a confederate flag and the other appear to be
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a army of virginia battle flag and one reading "the south will rise again." and at least two wore donald trump shirts a high school teacher has been suspended for comparing donald trump to hitler. the school's principal asked the scholar to hear wednesday after parents complained about the parallels he was drawing in his world studies class. the teacher says he stand by his comparison and reminds students that history is clear. it's not clear when he will be allowed back into the classroom and environmentalists are also worried. they fear some undone battles will be undone with the new man in the white house. >> at the green festival like-minded people come to learn, educate and explore all aspects of green living. many here worry their way of life will change significantly once donald trump is in office. >> policies, changing laws, rules and regulations,
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certifications for food. i mean, we we were going in the right direction and we don't know. a big unknown where it's going. >> mr. trump has already vowed to roll back obama's clean power plan and is looking to fill key environmental director roles with people who have questioned the validity of climate change. in 2012, trump tweeted the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese. in order to make u.s. manufacturing noncompetitive. >> i think it's a little crazy, and a little frightening, yeah. >> this professor studies climate change. he's examined trump's 100-day plan which calls for increasing fossil fuel extractions. >> if you are increasing fossil fuel extraction and consumption, it has big implications for clean air and water, particularly if things are reduced.
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>> people have the power to do something about addressing the issue intelligently. or if they are burying their heads in the stand. >> meanwhile they pledge to protect the environment on a larger level but they just aren't sure how. abc7 news. >> president-elect donald trump is vowing you will hear less from him on twitter once he takes the oath of office in january. as the clock ticks down his team must fill about 4,000 jobs. contenders for top cabinet posts includes former new york city mayor rudy giuliani and the republican party chair may be considered to serve as white house chief of staff. >> there are several people being considered. it will be mr. trump 's decision ultimately. >> tuesday's runner-up, hillary clinton, is blaming the fbi's
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decision to revive her e-mail probe for her defeat. download the abc7 news app to stay on top of prose elect's transition into the white house and get updates while they happen. >> drivers getting used to big changes on one. san francisco's busiest streets this afternoon. we were on van ness avenue where "no left turn" signs were put in. all left turns are eliminated except in three locations. par of the van ness improvement project. starting tuesday van ness will go from three lanes to each direction to just two lanes. crews will install new dedicated bus lines in the middle of the road. happening today, the annual veteran's day parade. this is the 96th year that the city by the bay has honored veterans with a parade. this is video from last year's event. it will start at north point street and embarcadero.
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it will wind down the embarcadero to jefferson street and finally to aquatic park. no traffic will be allowed on some of those streets. it will start at 11:00 and end at 1:00. i will check that out after work. it will be a beautiful day. >> testimonies above average everywhere but starting off this morning much, much cooler than yesterday at this time. in fact we are will five to ten degrees cooler. 57 in san francisco with upper 40s in our inland east bay, as well as the north bay. so a chilly start. fog foggy in some parts as well. a warmup, cool down and rain in the seven-day outlook. all coming up. >> and also bay area musicianings ditching an overseas tour to stay right here in the u.s. to try to heal wounds left behind by a divisive election. and a look i
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>> a bay area music tour has been dropped in favor of stayin right here in the u.s. trying to heal the wounds left behind by last tuesday's results. abc news reporter alyssa harrington has the story. >> the san francisco gay minutes chorus seen in this video from their website was planning to take their 40th anniversary
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tour to far-off places like china and cuba. >> in response to the election, we decided we have as much work to do at home as we would do abroad. >> he rehearses with some of the members at their castro street office. ♪ >> the chorus is now planning to tour the red states instead. places like mississippi, alabama and tennessee and visit communities faced with discrimination. >> we want to go to those places that are still strongholds of this style of discrimination and bigotry and bring our voice and encourage the people there with our music and also hopefully change some hearts and minds. >> the tour will begin in the summer of 2018, right before midterm elections. chorus members say their songs are a form of activism. singing together has helped them heel and they say the fierce many in the gay community fear
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about a trump energy. >> there was such a change in energy in the course when we started thinking about this. all of a sudden we were engaged, active, we were doing something. >> meanwhile on mission street, rebecca and friends pass out what they call notes of peace. they say "we love you" and "we are here for you." >> i'm hoping we pass out the notes and people see that the other people around them within their communities care about them and love them and are looking out for them. >> at dolores park, strangers embrace for a giant group hug. another way some activists are trying to spread love, not hate. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. hundreds of people protesting the construction of a pipeline in north dakota are getting ready for a long, cold winter. a large encampment is set up on the standing rock sioux reservation. the tribe is suing to stop the point line's construction. they say he would endanger sacred sites and drinking water sources and accuse the
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federal government of violating the clean water act. volunteers drove here all the way from north carolina to help and are building temporary shelters that can protect the protesters from the harsh north dakota winters. >> they can handle 100 miles per hour winds,heavy snow loads, and it seems like that's some of what they are getting here. >> the shelters are called yurts and they are made of canvas, wood and reflective foil for insulation. >> on this veteran's day weekend, pleasanton has a new way to honor those who serve and protect us. ♪ >> yesterday a dedication ceremony was held at the new pleasanton veterans memorial at the cemetery. it feature a bronze statue of a world war i marine kneeling to honor his fallen comrades. there are flag poles to honor each branch of the service. >> the time is long, long overdue that we here in pleasanton pay our proper respects to those men and women
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who have defended us and our freedom. >> that memorial took two years to complete. it cost $320,000. most of the money was raised by local veterans. a familiar site to many history buffs and tourists is back at their home port in san francisco's fishermen's wharf. the uss ship returned to pier 45 after undergoing maintenance. the world war ii vintage submarine serves as a floating museum. the museum curators plan to reopen it to visitors this coming wednesday >> if you look up to the sky at tonight's super moon, you are in for a rare treat. this was a look from our roof camera earlier. through tomorrow the moon will be the biggest and brightest it will ever be until 2034, believe it or not. that's because the moon is about 30,000 miles closer to the earth than it usually is. it will reach it's closest point just before 3:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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>> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. the weather is cooperating with the beautiful site. you may have noticed how bright it was yesterday. we have fog in the area but it's a huge dome of high pressure that's building into the bay area, allowing for a bit of a warmup. today the warmest day of the week and a look at the fog. theres a little bit by half moon bay. but most of it is in the north bay from a quarter mile to a half-mile napa, petaluma, santa rosa. livermore has fog as well. a beautiful shot from mt. tam where we enjoy full sunshine today all across the bay and the sun coming up at 6:47. san francisco, good morning. one of the warmer locations. san jose checking in at 52. 48 gilroy. half moon bay. you see the low cloud deck here with the city in between. this evaporates throughout the midmorning hours. early on you may run into a little bit of dense fog out there. so two take your time.
6:19 am
48 in map paw. chilly at 47 had concord, livermore. our exploratorium camera shows it's going to be pretty calm out there on the bay with some light winds. and that will cooperate and allow for today to be sunny and mild. so the patchy fog and a slight chance for showers coming into the north bay on tuesday. it lingers into wednesday. but we are still looking at some interesting weather right before thanksgiving. so let's take you through the forecast hour by hour. notice we've got the fog in the north bay and by about 8:00 we could see a little bit of it over the bay. that's it then. it's sunny and mild and temperatures well into the 70s once again. that's about 8 degrees above average for some of the outlying areas. you talk about -- we talked earlier about the larger and brighter moon. it hasn't been this way since -- in about 730 years since 1948. you have an opportunity to see it tonight and again tomorrow. you may have already noticed with the clear sky. so we will have that again. but check out the high today in
6:20 am
livermore. this really sets the stage for what's ahead. average high is 66. we will see a big dip after monday. then look what happens. temperatures will be even cooler. i don't know if i really believe that 59. but still we will be looking at the coolest weather right behind a vigorous storm system that could bring a little snow in the higher elevations. the energy slips into the mountains, and by wednesday still looking at some showers perhaps right along the shoreline. it will be cool and breezy. it will feel more like the season. in case you are wondering, this is how much we are expecting. very, very little into wednesday. so in terms of your highs today, mid-60s half moon bay. it was warm yesterday. today even warmer. upper 60s around the bay. mid-70s inland today, tomorrow, even around the bay very pleasant. at the coast sunshine.
6:21 am
chance. showers tuesday mainly north into wednesday. after that it's breezy, chilly, it's fall-like. and i've been checking out the forecast models another week out and looks like we could see some rainy weather as folks try to go to grandmother's house next weekend. >> wow. but gorgeous yesterday and another beautiful day today. >> yeah, soak it all in. >> just ahead, a winter tradition in the east bay in full swing even
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>> dan harris is joining us from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> we may know soon who donald trump will pick as his chief of staff. it could tell us a lot about how the outsider plans to golf northwestern washington. this, as thousand of protesters, packed the streets coast-to-coast for a fourth straight night. and the emotional reactions a of a judge in ohio declares a mistrial in the case involving a white police officer and an unarmed black driver, all cot on the officer's body cam. and believe it or not, oscar season is beginning and the stars were out in hollywood. chris connerly on the red carpet. we will have all the news of that coming up for you on a very busy sunday morning on gma. thank you, dave. >> animal activists are fighting back against an animal track being program in lake tahoe. >> to take an established bear
6:25 am
away from his established area and take him to a foreign area and he doesn't know where the food or water it, that's a crime against nature. >> what is going on here? the abc7 team vehicles tonight. most of us finds it difficult, not to mention excruciating for just a moment to do. it's called planking, retired marine corps officer held his plank for 9:11 at the uss midway museum in san diego. he tweeted this photo showing his world regard certificate. it's endurance raised money to help veterans who were critically wounded overseas and now he has abs of steel for sure. >> just because we live in california doesn't mean we can enjoy one of the winter's biggest pleasure.
6:26 am
we were at walnut creek for the opening week of walnut creek on ice. it's on pacific drive and north broadway. the young skaters have advice for those hitting the ice for the first time. >> stay calm and don't get upset if you fall because it doesn't matter how good you are, it just matters that you have fun. exactly like i do. just stay close to the railing. yesterday was the children's winter festival at the rink. the first 250 people got in free. regular admission is $15 for the rest of the season. still to come on abc7 mornings, today marks the one-year anniversary since the devastating terror attacks in paris. the french president commemorated the anniversary. >> why did the bay bridge metering light seem so slow? i'm in sky 7 with answers coming up
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>> good morning to you. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. mayowa, lisa >> hey, cornell. beautiful pictures to share with you this morning. we have fog and it's colder. but from mt. tam you can see the sun ready to rise at 6:47. it is cool with upper 40s in many locations. san francisco is 57. low 50s oakland and mountain view. saving the best more last, check
6:30 am
that out from sutro. very pretty with locally dense fog in the north bay. 50 novato. 52 concord. just 47 livermore, 49 in santa rosa. and the fog, you can see it there from santa rosa, petaluma and napa. no delays like yesterday at sfo. at the beach plenty of 70s today. today the warmest day of the week. light waves, mid-70s in the warmest inland valleys. 4:59 the sun sets. >> thank you, lisa. >> today is the one-year anniversary of the terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people. now a national day of commemoration. the french president and the mayor of paris in each. seven locations where the attacks happened. the plaques are etched with the names of the victims.
6:31 am
last night "sting" performed at a concert at the theater. the first event at the theater since the night when 89 people were killed. a new abc news "washington post" poll finds that 74 americans accept donald trump's election as legitimate. president elect trump stayed out of the public eye again yesterday. he worked privately to build a white house staff with his transition team. this comes as activists showed no signs of stopping his protests against his upset win. we have the report. >> reporter: as protesters strain at the barricades surrounding his namesake tower, donald trump's guilded penthouse may feel more like a guilded cage [chanting] >> for a fourth straight day crowds in the streets raising their signs and voices against the president-elect. >> i don't want him appointing supreme court justices. >> democracy is lot more about voting, it's been getting out and protesting, making your
6:32 am
voice heard. >> from coast-to-coast, signs and resistance to the populist president in waiting. demonstrations mostly peaceful but some protesters clashed with police. donald trump was out of the public eye for a second day saturday in his manhattan penthouse that now resembles a guard house, surrounded by concrete barriers. patrolled by heavily-armed police. headquarters for team trump, as they put together their new administration. >> the mood is excellent. we are working really hard to help form a government. >> when will we hear from the president-elect trump? >> the next couple of days. right now he's enjoying times with his family, receiving many visitors, receiving many phone calls. his senior team is with him almost nonstop. exciting times. >> meanwhile trump telling 60 minutes that when he's president he will be more careful about all those tweets. >> i will be very restrained, if i use it at all. i will be very restrained. >> chuck severson, abc news, new york. >> the anti-trump protests will likely be discussed on "this week."
6:33 am
one of george's guests will be rudy giuliani, the vice chair for the transition team. he's rumored to be in line for attorney general. "this week" with george stephanopoulos airs right here on abc7 at 8:00. happening today the election of donald trump has spawned yet another call for unity. a national day of healing and reconciliation is being held today in washington, d.c. a call for the country to come together in a spirit of unity and forgiveness. a local heel event is being held in the south bay. the event will be held in san jose at the center for spiritual living. that's in the willow glen area on clark street. the viewing begins at 12:30 this afternoon. >> the u.s. embassy in kabul is closed today following the suicide bombing at a u.s. air force base in afghanistan. the bombing at bagad airfield
6:34 am
killed some and injured many others. the suicide bomber somehow managed to get inside the base and targeted an area where the soldiers were getting ready to go for a run. [explosions] >> in iraq, gunfire and an explosion and rising smoke came from the city of mosul. iraqi forces are work being to reclaim the city from isis. the joint operations command said they killed 30 isis fighters and destroyed nine car bombs yesterday. yesterday morning we found out what lane is faster to the bay bridge toll plaza. fast track or cash? but getting that far was okay part of the commute challenge. once you make it through the toll plaza, you have to deal with the metering lights. alexis smith gas insight into why certain drivers have an advantage on their morning
6:35 am
drive. >> reporter: ask my commuter and they will tell you how much they hate the bay bridge metering lights. >> they are the cause of traffic if they let it go flow-free like everywhere else we would be fine. >> i understand what they are trying to do by sometimes it makes things worse. >> i believe they are very, very poorly run and they really cause a lot of congestion. >> but are they? from sky 7 you can see what happens. cars come through, as many as 16 lanes at the toll plaza. that narrows to 12 at the metering lights and just down to just 5 lights across the bridge. we wanted to know how much time those metering lights may be costing drivers. so we used sky 7 to find out we conducted our own time challenge with two abc7 news cars. the car with the red 7 took the fast cash lane. >> the blue car, the cash car, approaching the tollbooth right now. >> despite the stop and go traffic, the red car played it from the toll plaza to the metering lights in
6:36 am
three minutes. not bad. the cash lane took nearly four times as long, 11 minutes. >> the metering lights cycle a little faster for the fast track only lanes. >> john goodwin is request the met poll it toon transportation commission. he said fast track drivers are given an advantage. the no-merge lanes and faster metering lights. >> we need to increase the through-put, make the whole operation more efficient for cash payers and fast track customers. >> the metering lights were installed in 1974 to help keep the bay bridge from being gridlocked. since then the bay area grew by 2.3 million people and there's been only one significant change to the lights. that was a minor hardware and software upgrade in 1980. now, 36 years later, bay area traffic managers are looking to upgrade those blinking lights. >> inside caltran's traffic management center in oakland they keep close tabs on the bay area roadways. when traffic increases on the bay bridge, they turn on the metering lights manually. >> all we do is we punch in the metering rate and hit the send button, and the lights will start cycling. >> as you can see, it's pretty low tech.
6:37 am
now the m. t.c. and caltrans are working on a $7 million upgrade of the bay bridge metering light. when complete, they say traffic will move more smoothly on to the bridge. the new lights will take advantage of the latest smart metering technology. sensors embedded on the highway talk to sensors with the toll plaza. >> it's hard to think the bay bridge toll plaza as an on ramp, but the idea is to take proven technologies of that been used to meter traffic flow on existing on ramps. just make it big and put it out there on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> they hope to complete the metering grade upgrades by the end of next year. alexis smith, abc7 news. >> alexis has your traffic covered every morning is that righting starting at 4:30 a.m.. still ahead on abc7 mornings, a hidden killer of one of the most popular breeze of dogs. a desperate search to find a medical breakthrough for golden retrievers. here's a look from the sutro
6:38 am
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sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. >> a man had plenty of company when he walked his dying dog for when he walked his dying dog for the last time. thanks to a post on social media. hundreds of people turned out at port beach in southwestern england to join mark woods and his dog, walnut.
6:41 am
woods tweeted, "walk with walnut" and invited others before the terminally-ill whippet was put to sleep. the crowd stood closely together as wood cradled walnut. despite his illness, he lived to a ripe old age of 18. that's pretty old for a dog. i'm sure he had a really good life. >> i'm sure he did. so sweet. we are watching the fog move around the bay this morning. it could be causing issues for you if you are headed out for a bike ride or dog walk. here's a live look outside from our emeryville camera. you see the fog over oakland. it's 53 there. we have a mild start to the work week. then a cool-down. looking at some rain as we head toward thanksgiving. your forecast is next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, stanford's christian mccaffrey runs wild against oregon up in eugene. mike shumann is going to have the highlights coming up in
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this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. >> in sports the 49ers have the spotlight today with the raiders on a bye. the niners will try to snap their seven-game losing streak against the arizona cardinals. kickoff is at 1:25. big game week is officially here with rival stanford and cal battling at memorial stadium next saturday. no kickoff time is set for the 119th meeting. last night the bears were hoping to snap a two-game losing streak against washington state. here's mike shumann with the
6:45 am
sports. >> cal bears hosted by washington state in a battle of air-raid offense. the head coach sonny dykes and mike leach worked together. this is like two brothers and their teams facing off. cal started with a game with three and out. and on the ensuing punt, caleb gets it to the 25. finds the seam. gone. second quarter cal down 14-0. davis web to jordan. 18-yard touchdown pass on the quick post. later in the quarter, the 22-yard strike. 21-7, and is the route on? he's just getting started. cal's missed field goal and a pickoff in the end zone -- cal down 28-7 at the half. third quarter. to the end zone for the third time. 35-7. web finished 34-51, 425 yards, 3tds, 19 yards. the nephew of the head coach made it 35-14.
6:46 am
however, he isn't done yet. 16 yards. had two t. d. catches and became the pac-12's all-time reception leading with 295. they lead the pac-12 north. stanford and eugene facing oregon. who are you going to call? christian mccaffrey. wild caf on second and short. he has speed. 61-yard store. 7-0 stanford. collin kris, 19 of 26. 258 yards and three touchdowns. 68 yards here. whiteside with 168 yards receiving. 21-0 cardinals. justin herbert able to get his team on the board right before the end of the quarter. johnny munt breaks a tackle. he goes 41 yards. 21-6 ballgame. but stanford extends their lead in the second quarter. kris, 7-yard toss to michael richter. 31-6 cardinals. mc caffery, who had three tds the first half.
6:47 am
a 14-yard run here. to the thirty quarter after an oregon turnover. kris hit as he throws. connects again for the 15-yard touchdown. stanford wins big, and improving to 7-3. sharks and lightning in tampa. first period, he springs him with the pass. initially stopped by ben bishop, but three players crash into the net. check it out. the puck ends up inside after a long replay review. they will call it a goal, 1-0 sharks. no doubt about the goal later in the period. chris tierney fights for the puck. finds wingels in front of the net. goals in back-to-back games, 2-0. second period, sharks on the power play. 2:10. they screen their own goalie. marc-edouard vlasic goes top shelf. sharks win their third straight, 3-1, the final. raiders have a bye week. and 49ers in arizona. we will have those highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day!
6:48 am
>> good morning. dense fog forming around the bay. here's a look at live doppler 7. precip well to the north and the pacific northwest. high pressure building in in the southwest. in between the fog is creating quite a bit of trouble in the north bay from a quarter mile to a half-mile visibility. now we have it over the san pablo bay and over in oakland, as well. look at san jose, eighth of a mile visibility. from mt. tam you see it looks pretty nice but we will be looking at the fog to stick around for the next few hours. 51 mountain view. good morning, gilroy. it's 47 for you. a chilly 48 on the coast where it's clear. and the city getting swallowed up in the low clouds here from our sutro tower camera. it's going to be with us but then it will evaporate quickly for a sunny and mild day today. the warmest day of the week. 48 napa, 49 santa rosa. upper 40s in the livermore valley and 50 novato and fairfield. you put that together and compare it to yesterdays
6:49 am
morning. low temperatures. it's 10 to 11 degrees cooler. livermore at the coast and in between ask oakland, yeah, you are feeling the change. pretty chilly out there. here's another look you can see from the east bay hills camera atop vollmer peak. it's pretty cloudy in spots. keep that in mind as you head on out early this morning is grab the extra layer. by the afternoon it will be another mild day today. we had 70s yesterday, more 70s today. by tuesday things change. a slight chance of showers in the north bay. we will see it cloud up throughout much of our north bay and that will bring some cooler numbers. but not as cool as we will get through lout the rest of the work week. hour by hour you notice the fog. it's here. 8:00, 9:00, it begins to see evaporate and we have full sunshine with a very nice day but well above average. anywhere from 3 to about 8 or 9 degrees warmer than you should be. numbers come down a little bit for your monday afternoon. you probably won't notice that too much inland. but around the bay the breeze
6:50 am
will kick up and by tuesday here is when the front arrives. and that's going to bring breezier conditions. in fact, much cooler as we go into the latter part of the work week. so here's the only opportunity of rain this coming work week. it's a chance of showers in the north bay, well north on tuesday. and then into tuesday night you can see not much going on until wednesday. another piece of energy there could bring a few showers. but overall we are looking for temperatures today well into the 70s. san jose, santa clara, low 70s redwood city and men show park. 68 downtown. warmer than yesterday in the north bay with more sun. 74 novato. 68 hercules. it's one of the cooler locations with mid-70s pits burr. the accuweather seven-day forecast the. today and tomorrow lots of sunshine. tuesday and wednesday cloudier. a slight chance of showers and much cooler, breezier by the end of the week. we are going to i think bring in some considerable rain.
6:51 am
>> wow. so i shouldn't hold my breath for rain on tuesday or wednesday? >> yeah. >> unless i get in the car and drive north? >> you got it. get our app. that will keep you up-to-date, as well. >> thank you so much. dozen of bay area dog owners are trying to save one. breeds, golden retrievers. america's most popular breeds, golden retrievers. they are joining a nationwide study to fight back against the disease that's killing half the breed to cancer. here is natasha. >> you know the drill, man. >> for jerry life isn't quite complete without a golden retriever but through 25 years and 8 dogs he also knows what it's like to lose them. >> i mean, i always cry. and it takes weeks to get over it. >> pam kennedy has experienced the same pain. three of her golden retrievers died from three different types of cancer. >> all i can think of is god needs more angels. >> now pam and jerry are taking action. >> my breeder said get him into this morris study for his entire
6:52 am
life. i said sign me up. >> researchers at the morris animal foundation in colorado are trying to get answers with a ground-breaking $32 million national study. it will track 3,000 purebred golden retrievers through their lifetimes. >> the owners track every aspect of their dog's life from where they live to what they eat to where they exercise. meanwhile they collect blood, fur and other samples during regular visits. >> the most important clues will likely be inside the dogs' bodies. >> brennan is a veterinarian. >> we suspect in breeds that are predisposed to cancer, as the golden retriever is, there are genetic factors. and one of the goals is to identify that in this breed. >> if they could identify genetic markers, it could provide a breakthrough for the entire breed. >> the ceo of the morris animal foundation. >> maybe we will find a genetic link, which unlike the human population, you can breed those out of the population.
6:53 am
>> it's so important to me that maybe the 3,000 of us participants can help find a cure. >> that's the breakthrough pam kennedy and jerry are hoping for so they can eliminate a hidden killer from the breed they love so much. natasha zouves, abc7 news. while golden retrievers are the focus of the study, several other breeds, including labs, have higher than average cancer risks. we have more information on coming up, why today is an especially great day to be outside along san francisco streets and along the waterfront.
6:54 am
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clerk it out. hearby are the winning numbers from last night's $258 million power play drawing. the powerball number 24. nobody picked all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $293 million. here are the winning numbers from last night's $51 million super lotto plus drawing. nobody picked all six numbers in that draw either. wednesday jackpot increases to $52 million. >> san francisco's popular sunday streets program wraps up today on the embarcadero. sunday streets is a car-free zone featuring dozens of free activities, including a rock climbing wall, food demos, free blood pressure screenings and live music.
6:57 am
you can walk, jog, run, skate, anything you want to do down the embarcadero. the fun begins at 11:00, the same time as the veterans parade, but the events do not intersect. it will be a great day to be on the embarcadero and no cars. >> isn't that a treat. nice and sunny out there. it is chilly this morning and foggy in spots. just 8-mile visibility for you in santa rosa, in san jose. in between not too bad. but we have the clouds. a quarter mile visibility. petaluma, you are noticing how chilly it is from the east bay hills camera. that's beautiful. numbers from 47 in gilroy, 57 in san francisco. and from our sutro tower camera look at all that fog. 49 in santa rosa and 48 in livermore. so highs today really rebounding with upper 60s in the city, mid-70s for most of you in the outlying areas and the accuweather seven day forecast, almost at warm tomorrow. chance of showers in the north bay tuesday. wednesday looking at maybe a few drops and cooler, breezier the
6:58 am
end of the week. >> lisa, thank you so much and thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm colonel barnard in for carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. we want to thank you for this gorgeous picture of the super moon over sutro tower in san francisco. thanks so much for that. you can share your pictures with us on social media. just use the #abc7now. >> you may it on our newscast or online on abc7 the news continues online. we are back at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is coming up
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. this morning, trump transition. the president-elect holed up in trump tower to choose his cabinet. who's on the short list to help run the government? and the name that could cause an uproar as trump reveals whether he'll kick his twitter habit. meanwhile, the protests coast to coast, demonstrators sending their message to the president-elect. michael moore right on trump's doorstep. >> they haven't stopped me yet. >> this confrontation turning ugly. protesters hauled away in handcuffs. hung jury. jurors deadlocked trying to decide the fate of a white former police officer accused of murder in the death of an unarmed black driver. >> stop, stop.


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