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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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fireworks, teargas and marching in the street. thousands turn out on both sides of the bay to protest president-elect trump. >> let's take you live to sky 7 in oakland live at this hour. at least 150 people are still out on the street. earlier as many as 7,000 were demonstrating. some set fires. a police car has been van do leaded and one officer injured. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. protesters marched in san francisco and oakland. we begin in oakland. >> anti-trump protesters grew to 7,000 strong. they took over webster street in downtown oakland and marched. all as peaceful. >> police surrounded them and then they splintered and suddenly a thrum pinata was up in flames. >> now there are reports of looting and building fires are coming in even as we speak. katie is live in oakland.
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it all started as a peaceful march. >> reporter: right, and some six hours later since that protest started people are still on the streets. police have made arrests, but it is hard to say how many people. they are still trying to round up the people who are vandalizing downtown oakland at this moment. the protest started peacefully with people who say they are sincerely concerned about the actions and the view points of president-elect donald trump. >> donald trump go away -- >> reporter: chanted people about president-elect donald trump. >> to me i kind of like lost faith in america. >> we don't have ebbing hua tooy and we don't -- equity and justice, we will resist. >> reporter: as a newly elected oakland unified school board member she is concerned about students. >> many of our teachers had to
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be with young people who are scared to death of what may happen, latino children, arabic and muslim children. >> reporter: others are scared about the message to their daughters. >> two girls going to sleep believing they would wake up to the first woman president and they woke up to a nightmare. >> we had to show them that there is hope and they are the future and we have hope. >> reporter: the oakland police department estimated some 7,000 people marched. most peacefully until people started spray painting and smashing windows and starting fires. an officer was injured. >> this whole election had me jittery. just the whole thing watching it unfold how could it even get that far? >> reporter: anger, sadness and genuine confusion for those protesting the president-elect. abc7 news. >> and let's continue our coverage with abc7 news reporter lilian kim. >> she is live where
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anti-trump protesters marched in the streets. legal -- lilian? >> reporter: they made their way to the castro and then the mission. it has been a smaller crowd than what we were seeing in oakland, but a large gathering nonetheless. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> reporter: shock has turned into anger. a crowd took to san francisco streets to send president-elect trump a message. >> we are not going to make life easy for him. just like they didn't make life easy for obama. same thing. >> we are a country to say we are against hatred and against homophobia 1k3 -- and sexism. >> reporter: some are finding comfort in solidarity. >> to see that there are still people who live here. >> i came up from the station and there is a woman giving out free hugs. it was a glimmer of hope in
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all of this. >> what effect will this have on children? rapt other disappointed voters turned to their faith. at grace cathedral there was a service for healing and unity after a stream of parishioners stopped for prayer throughout the day. >> i think kris tie kwany too will be misunderstood, but it is not a message of unity and that's what is hard about what is happening. >> reporter: an election outcome many san francisco voters are struggling to accept. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> and there were other demonstrations against president-elect trump. 10,000 people marched in new york city and many showed up outside trump tower. thousands turned out in philadelphia, chicago and seattle. new at 11:00, one peninsula high school student in support of donald trump may have made her a target.
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>> abc7 news reporter spoke with the woodside high school student attacked in that video and her mother. katie? >> reporter: dan and ama, the student and her parents tell me they are shocked that something like this could happen. she says all of her friends were potting their feelings and thoughts on election night, but it looks like her post got her beat up. cell phone video captures the moment a female student attacks the sophomore. >> this girl comes up to me and says do you hate mexicans? i said no. she said you support trump and you hate mexicans. they hit her and threw her to the ground and pulled out her earrings and her hair. she was left with a bloody nose and scratches and bruises. jade posted on instagram she hoped trump would win. >> i don't think i could name one person on any of my accounts, social media accounts who didn't say their opinion last night. >> reporter: jade's parents are mortified by what happened. >> my husband and i don't put
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our political views on social media, but the kids still do it and that's their life. we try to tell them don't do that, but even if she does, she should never, ever be hit like that. >> the principal of woodside high school issued a statement that reads in part the recorded incident was investigated in conjunction with law enforcement and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken. she is now the target of social media hate mail. >> in high school if you care what every person thinks you will be torn apart. >> reporter: they are keeping her out of school until they know she will be safe. abc7 muse. >> in the midst of the protests, president obama and hillary clinton are urging all americans to give donald trump a fair shot. >> we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. >> reporter: an emotional hillary clinton addressed supporters after the ultimate disappointment. >> this is painful and it will be for a longtime.
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>> shortly after ready what president obama urged americans to come together prioritizing a smooth handover to the next president. >> we are now all rooting for success. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. >> trump officially captured the presidency late last night in a historic upset turning pennsylvania and wisconsin red for the first time in years. inside headquarters there was jubilation from his staff and just before 3:00 a.m. in new york the president-elect flanked by his family tried to strike a unifying tone. >> ours was not a campaign but an incredible and great movement. i will be president for all-americans. >> thanks in large part to california trump lost the popular vote to clinton. >> this was tough. this was tough. this political stuff is nasty
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and it's tough. >> as per tradition, tonight president obama permitted trump access to his daily intelligence briefings. and tomorrow morning trump is meeting with the president at the white house while his wife melania will sit down with michelle obama. download the abc7 gnaws app to stay with the transition to the white house. enable push alerts to get updates as they happen. we are moving on. how would you like to get your credit score to sore? >> michael finney says there is a whole new way to make that happen. >> we are talking about people who have a lousy credit score or no credit at all. coming up next, a whole new world of credit is now emerging and how it is helping those who need it the most. >> and new accusations that the silicon giant knowingly put user information at risk. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. the week and the warm weather is almost over.
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i'll show you what is coming for your weekend straight ahead. >> thank you, sandhya. first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after the news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama, this is what is left of america tonight jievment are you still going to punch donald trump in the face because now you will be arrested for that. >> i can't do that now.
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more on the protests in oakland. at one point somebody threw a molotov cocktail. 7,000 people demonstrated. it started peacefully, but once the groups splintered they started vandalizing buildings. 150 people are still out there. protesters are in the streets of los angeles right now. this is a live picture where a large crowd is gathered on 101 in the downtown area of l.a. right now traffic is at a stand still as the protesters are on the road. it has been that way for a longtime. the highway patrol is trying to clear things up. no credit? bad credit? no problem. the low rent advertising slogan is going upscale. >> very good. there is a new credit world emerging that you haven't
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heard about. >> michael finney knows it inside out and joins it to explain. >> there are a lot of credit worthy people and with new systems they may soon see their their -- see their credit scores sore. >> did you know if you miss a medical bill payment 2 can ruin your credit score, but missing a mobile phone payment doesn't. if you pay your mortgage on time it helps your mortgage, but paying your represent on time doesn't. credit histories, scores and lending guidelines are subjective and that is nothing new. these concerns stretch back decades. lenders used to physically draw a red line on a map. color in the area in the middle and then refuse loans to anyone living in the shaded area. it puts minority communities at a disadvantage. >> we have algorithems to make
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that happen. >> he was awarded a genius grant for his work with the san francisco mission asset fund. >> you basically need credit to get credit. if you don't have a credit score you can't get credit. >> they lend and barrow with each other so he and mission asset fund make sure the credit reporting companies hear about it. >> i am telling you right now it is hard out here for a brother to get his credit score ratings. it is hard. >> he is now getting results. >> this is a different type of credit that supports the rising of my credit score. >> and now the biggest player, fica has come up with fica-xd. a way to score the tens of millions who are called credit invisible. >> it looks at data like how people pay their phone bills and utilities and other
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property. >> they ruled out about six months ago. >> it is being received very well by 11 deers. they are -- lenders. they are in the process of validating it. >> she works to overcome the lingering effects of red lining. she is not so sure a new score by the same old players players is progress. >> a solution would be the credit reports and scores accurately reflect the experience of all consumers and not just your cookie cuter consumer, but looking a the folks that are working toward getting to the american dream or their version of the american dream. >> for more information go to my facebook page. you will find a conversation dan and i had that goes into more detail. >> interesting stuff. >> thank you, michael. >> yahoo! uh paryntly -- apparently knew more than it fessed up to. they revealed some of the
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employees knew a hacker breached the network in 2014. they announced the breech saying they learned of the extent of it a month earlier. half a billion accounts were compromised. >> and now your accu-weather forecast with sand yaw patel. with sandhya patel. >> we are tracking fog and visibility is down to just over a mile in half moon bay. there is even patchy fog in places like santa rosa. the temperatures are pretty comfortable. 50s and 60s and it is still 64 in san francisco. this afternoon it was a record day for downtown oakland. 78 degrees and broke the previous record. many parts got up to 80 in napa and we will do it all over again tomorrow. we are looking toward the port of oakland. patch edens -- patchy dense morning fog. there is a chance of showers in the north bay on saturday morning. in case you have a three-day weekend veterans day is dry
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and cooler. showers in the north bay on saturday and if you are doing stuff in the bay area on sunday traveling around the region it will be mainly sunny. low 60s to the mid70s. now let's check out your morning. the fog could slow down your commute. mid40 tots mid50s. for the afternoon we will go with 80s in places like san jose tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at 70s for the rest of you. warmer than average by a good 10 to 15 degrees. it will not last. for the big event, the light the night walk for the leukemia and lymphoma society, it is perfect walking weather. 64 degrees and 61 at 8:00. spencer christian emceeing the event. i will be there walking with many of you so i hope you can join us. here is a look at the storm impact scale. we have a one for early saturday morning.
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light showers in the north bay. little to no accumulation. and we are looking at a gentle breeze. here is a closer look at where the best chance of showers will be. saturday morning it is the north bay around solano county. an hour by hour look. saturday at midnight fort ross and ukiah, we head into the morning at 5:00 a.m. light showers across the north bay. it stays right around there at 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. it is the tail end of a system going well to the north, but it will dampen the roadways. only in the north bay. this you are seeing in half moon bay it looks like drizzle. the rest of you will be dealing with dry conditions for saturday. download the abc7 news app to help you track the weather changes. it is changing quickly. from the 80s of tomorrow we are going 70s on veteran's day. even cooler for your saturday
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when we bring in a one and chance of rain north bay. increasing cloud cover on monday and then tuesday and wednesday we have a cold system and a 1 on our storm impact scale. it is time to bring back the boots as we go to the 50s and 60s again, dan and ama. >> thanks, sandhya. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, give where you live. it is not too late to make sure bay area families have a great holiday season. >> and tomorrow o on abc news at 11:00, fast track or cash? what is the fastest way through the bay bridge toll play plaza. it is our abc7 time challenge. how to speed up your rid
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thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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see? asthma. this one? contaminated food. this one? west-nile virus. this? five billion dollars in property damage. and how about this one? lime disease. [male announcer] once you know the serious threats they pose, you'll never see household pests the same way again. learn more at pestworld dot org. here is a great and meaningful way you can get involved. abc7 news was at the sf marin food bank for the give where you live food drive. spencer christian presented a check for $15,000 to paul ash on behalf of abc7 and our parent company, disney.
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there is a tremendous need out there. you can text the word feed to 80077 to make a $10 donation. it literally just takes 30 seconds and it can really help out. >> lots to talk about in sports tonight. >> warriors and every time steph curry tweaks his ankle we gasp in fear. he is probably icing it at home. he would not let it stop him
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good evening. the warriors welcomed the old friends harrison barnes back to oracle arena. the bad news for the mavs, klay thompson has fond his touch again. it is the new baby-faced assassin. barnes and bogit in the house. klay thompson is claying and claying well. the warriors will move the ball all the way around the court to klay for the three ball and once he caught fire, look out. abc7 sports has declared the slump is over. thompson had 18 points in the
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first quarter alone. durant leads the way and then steph's little brother seth, the warriors build a 32-point lead. a scary moment as curry rolls his right ankle and left the game. we were stress i -- stressed and he came back and we felt better and drains the three. mavs chip away and seth with the left hand and it was a 15- point game. the mavs were resting a bunch of players. 25 for hb. you might want to guard the best shooter on the planet. he had 24. dubs roll 116-95 and they are 6-2 and visit denver tomorrow. a lot of people wonder what america will look like under president trump. >> it reminds me of football so much. no matter how you feel or how you believe, what should have happened or what you wish happened or you are happy it
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happened, however you are or wherever you are at, we have to come together. there will be a coach sometimes that you like and sometimes it is a coach you don't like. sometimes there is somebody you wish you had before. all i know is if you want to be successful and dominate, you have to come together. >> he speaks for the majority of the people in this nation. his attitude is about -- his attitude about black people and muslim people and about women and about -- just about every sort of political group you can name, folks agree with his positions, and you can't deny that because folks voted for him. >> interesting times. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. one more warrior note. they had four different players make four three's. that's never happened in nba history. they can shoot. >> thanks, larry. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and


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