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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 8, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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lo cpaign season. >> thank you thung for joining up tonight, breaking news. election night in america. from abc news election headquarters, right here in times square. the first clues coming in right now. what voters are revealing already. just as the first polls are set to close. tonight, hillary clinton, donald trump, the sprint to the finish. clinton in the wee hours of the morning. finishing in north carolina. >> i believe that we will win! >> just hours later, casting her ballot. will she become america's first woman president? donald trump after midnight, finishing in michigan. >> we're hours away from a once in a lifetime change. >> flying back to new york, then casting his ballot. a thumb's up. and this image peering over his wife's ballot. and tonight, trump in a new interview. will he accept the results? he says, we'll see.
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we're in the battlegrounds, florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, nevada. our powerhouse political team all live right here in times square. a special edition of "world news tonight" starts now. and good evening from abc election headquarters on this historic night. a presidential race unlike anything we have ever seen. will it be the first woman president? or will it be the billionaire outsider when this election is all over? 47 million americans casting their votes early. that's a record. nearly 100 million expected at the polls today. millions voting across this country as we come on the air tonight. this room will be abuzz here in just a moment, when the first polls close. but look at the lines in the meantime. across this country, they've been enormous, in the battlegrounds of pennsylvania. they are still waiting to vote at this hour. in ohio tonight, lines several
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blocks long. no republican has won the white house without ohio. and in florida tonight, a razor thin race going in. early voting setting records there. millions more turning out today. and tonight, the first clues from the exit polls. this is preliminary information, but take a look. it could reflect some of what we'll see later on this evening. first, on the question of race in america, when you break down the voters at the polls, 70% white, 30% nonwhite. that's the lowest white number we've seen, and the highest nonwhite we've seen, sort of the changing face of america. on the honesty question going into tonight, candidates honest and trustworthiness, voters were asked, and 35% say only clinton is honest, even lower for trump, only 30% say donald trump is honest. and on perhaps the most important question of the night, when voters were asked which candidate is qualified to be president, 48% said only clinton, 32% said only donald trump is qualified to be president. george stephanopoulos standing
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by right here in the studio with what he's watching at this hour. what he believes all of you at home should be watching as we move throughout this evening. but first tonight, with these battlegrounds so tight going into election day, we begin with abc's cecilia vega, out in the field. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. hillary clinton has spent 576 days on the campaign trail. shell has made 280 campaign stops. she's visited 37 of these states. and tonight, she's trying to make history. hillary clinton holding her husband's hand as she walked in to vote. her campaign ending on a high note. more than 33,000 people on philadelphia's independence mall. the nation's first african-american president, hoping clinton breaking barriers, too. >> i'm betting that men across this country will have no problem voting for the more qualified candidate, who happens to be a woman. >> reporter: then, the passing of the torch. the president helping clinton to
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the podium. >> see, when it's not -- when it's not -- going to be permanently there for you. >> reporter: that presidential seal 'em playsonned on the front. >> we have to bridge the divides in our country. i regret deeply how angry tone of the campaign became. >> not your fault! >> reporter: the night ending with a midnight rally. ♪ clinton looking on. her family by her side. >> i believe that we will win! i believe that we will win! >> reporter: some in tears, witnessing the moment. and today in chappaqua, one last promise to voters. >> i'll do the very best i can, if i'm fortunate enough to win today.
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>> reporter: and then, both clintons riding off to prepare for another election night. >> and cecilia vega right down on the electoral map tonight. se cecilia, you said hillary clinton is watching the returns come in, and you learned she's superstitious? >> reporter: she is famously superstitious, david. so much so that she's working on two versions of that speech, right now, in that hotel room. not too far away from here. and that is where she will be watching returns with her family tonight, david. >> cecilia vega with us tonight. cecilia, thank you. we saw hillary clinton voting today. donald trump, too, with his wife, melania. he was out of sight for most of the day. his campaign did file a legal complaint over voting in nevada. and trump did a phone call with fox news. still refusing to say if he would accept tonight's results. whatever they might be, we'll see as the night progresses, but abc's tom llamas on the final 24 hours of the trump campaign. >> reporter: today, amid cheers and boos from his fellow new
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yorkers -- donald trump walking in to the polling station to vote for himself. on the biggest day of his life, is he nervous? >> not nervous. very excited. it's a great opportunity. >> thank you. >> reporter: ivanka trump there, as well. the billionaire signing his name. casting his vote, even sneaking a peek at melania's ballot. >> so, who did you vote for? >> tough decision. >> reporter: in the final hours, trump sounding confident as ever. >> this is not the sound of a second place finisher, that i can tell you. >> reporter: firing up his supporters. >> we are just one day away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. >> reporter: and taking shots at hillary clinton. >> hillary is the face of failure. >> reporter: even touting an 11th hour celebrity endorsement from patriots quarterback tom brady. >> he said, donald, i support
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you, you're my friend and i voted for you. >> reporter: no public comment from brady. on instagram, his wife giselle asked, "i heard you and tom were backing trump. is that true?" her response? "no." today, after voting, trump heckled in the hallway. >> you're going to lose! >> reporter: late this afternoon, he still won't say whether he'll accept the election results tonight. >> we're going to say how things play out today and hopefully they'll play out well and hopefully we won't have to worry about it, meaning hopefully we'll win, but we're going to see how they play out. >> reporter: at the end, win or lose -- >> bye, everybody. thank you. >> reporter: he did it his way. >> no question about that. tom llamas with us tonight, as well. he's outside our times square studios. and donald trump still not willing to say whether he'll accept the results of tonight's election? >> reporter: that's right, david. donald trump says he's going to take a wait and see approach, but the campaign tells me they have legal teams ready to go in any state where they think
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they've been treated unfairly. tonight, donald trump is in the exact spot he started this campaign, trump tower, watching returns come in. david? >> tom llamas will be here with us throughout the night. and george stephanopoulos will be leading the coverage here in primetime, and george, i'm just curious, you've seen the preliminary exit poll results. what are you watching? >> this has been a bitter, angry campaign all the way through. and i think you're going to see that played out in the results tonight. what you'll see in the results tonight, what it will reveal is a nation divided. by race. by gender. by age. by education. and the big question for either one of these candidates, as you pointed out, they are both disliked. they are both distrusted. can either one of these candidates, if they win tonight, do something to bring this country, which is so divided, back together? >> this country waiting for either speech tonight, to accomplish the beginning of that work tonight. >> and a huge split between clinton and trump voters. most clinton voters say the country is going in the right direction. trump voters think it could not be going in the worse direction. >> george, can't wait to join you in a short time from now.
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let's held over to jon karl, who has been studying the battleground map. jon, i'm just curious, as we head into tonight, where do things stand when you look at the race to 270? >> well, we are where we've been. this map favors hillary clinton. what look what donald trump has to do tonight to actually win, david. if you look at our race ratings, he has to carry every single one of the gray states. the pure tossups. and even if he does that, even if he wins every single one of these states, he comes up short of the 270 he needs. so, he's got to find a way to win some place that's favors democrats. >> we've been talking about that, he's got to flip something blue and a major state. >> absolutely. the one state to watch from a trump perspective on that, the one that he has the best chance of flipping would be the state of michigan. this is a place that both campaigns spent time in, the final days. it's a state that hasn't voted republican since 1988. he has led in no public poll since the conventions, but this is the state that if he can turn blue and they believe he's got
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the best chance -- could turn red, look what happens. he gets to 264 -- i'm sorry, north carolina, as well, 279. >> that would get him there. a lot to accomplish tonight. >> run the table on the tossups and pull off a state he's been an underdog the entire campaign. >> he's convinced he can do it. let's get to the battleground states here tonight, jon. first, to florida, a state that could determine the winner and one that has seen record early voting already, millions more at the polls today. paula faris on the ground in coral gables tonight. ta paula? >> reporter: polling stations like this will be closing shortly, they've been sparse all day, because half the state participated in early voting. 6.4 million. just to put that in context, that's more than the total vote in florida back in 2000. digging into materially votes, democrats traditionally have an edge over registered republicans, right now, they have a slight edge, but no one knows where those 1.2 million independents are going to skew. hillary clinton's campaign telling abc news, they feel it's
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going to lean heavily hispanic, thus giving her campaign the edge. but david, just to give you a sense of how important florida is to both campaigns, they visited the sunshine state more than any other state in the final month. david? >> many have said if hillary clinton wins in florida, it's lights out for tonight. donald trump needls florida. so many other swing states there on the map. north carolina is also pivotal tonight. another very close race, also an early voting state. and one where the african-american vote helped elect barack obama in 2008. he won there by a sliver, and then lost to mitt romney four years later. abc's linsey davis is in raleigh tonight on north carolina. >> david, voter traffic is once again starting to pick up here in raleigh, north carolina. according to the most recent poll here in north carolina, trump and clinton are tied neck and neck. it's all going to come down to voter turnout. more than half of the registered voters here in north carolina voted early, about 42% of them registered democrats, about 32% of them, registered republicans.
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now, what helped president obama to eek out a victory in north carolina in 2008 was the extremely high voter turnout, but he lost in 2012. and based on what we're hearing as far as early voting here in north carolina this year, we're talking about nine points lower, as far as black voter turnout than in 2012. david? >> which is why hillary clinton, the president first lady were right there in pennsylvania last night, and that's where we're going to take you next. known as hillary clinton's firewall, the keystone state. but there are two pennsylvanias, and abc's deborah roberts is in the western part of the state tonight, in the city of johnstown. deborah? >> reporter: david, this state has gone democratic in the last six elections. donald trump is hoping to pull off a surprise mere. we're at a polling place in cambria county. but with unemployment here higher than the national average, this is trump territory. kind of a tale of two pennsylvanias. with large swaths of red and blue when you look at pittsburgh and philadelphia. where last night, hillary
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clinton urged her base to get out the vote. saying everyone in philadelphia lives within five blocks of their polling place. pennsylvania in play tonight. david? >> no question about that, deborah roberts in pennsylvania for us, deb, thank you so much. and next to michigan this evening, and as we said, to win, donald trump must turn one of the blue states red, and michigan is one of those states that jon karl circled right here on the board. he's convinced he can turn michigan. his running mate and family visiting regularly over the final days of this campaign. clinton and her sure galts including the president, also in michigan in the final 24 hours before election day. and abc's david kerley comes to us from detroit tonight. david, to you. >> good evening, david. the question tonight, will the blue firewall of hillary clinton crack here in michigan? this is normally a democratic state, but as voters are coming to the polls tonight, there are questions of whether or not that firewall can be broken. so important that both candidates were here in the past 24 hours. in fact, donald trump was here early this morning, trying to break through in this state, targeting the voters he's been
3:44 pm
looking for throughout the campaign. hillary clinton sent president obama in the past 24 hours to e are mind voters of his support for the auto industry during the great recession. the big question tonight is turnout. can donald trump turn out enough voters to turn this state to a color other than blue? david? >> david kerley standing by in michigan for us. david, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on this special edition of "world news tonight." hillary clinton and the moment on her plane, frozen in time. take a look. bill clinton, the campaign staff, hillary clinton and bon jovi. what had everyone suddenly stuck in place. and the message they were hoping to send in the final hours of this campaign. and then, ivanka trump's mother, daughter, moment at the polls, with grandfather donald trump looking on there. the trump family heading out to vote today. and then, paying tribute to an american pioneer. honoring the woman that helped make it possible for millions to go to the polls. the historic gravesite covered in stickers that proudly said, "i voted." we'll be back with our election night coverage from times square right here in new york, right after the break.
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we're back tonight from times square. and here's the really interesting thing tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump are both right here in new york city. clinton's election night party is at the javits convention center, with its literal glass ceiling. trump's election night party is at the hilton midtown hotel. so, let's get right to robin roberts, who is at the javits center tonight. and robin, the big question, will she be able to say she broke through that glass ceiling? >> reporter: david, you can't help but notice the glass ceiling here at the javits center. remember, the dnc, when hillary clinton was officially nominated, they used special effects to illustrate the shattering of the glass ceiling. now, we hear that she has two speeches prepared, just in case, like everyone, the clinton campaign is aware of how close this election is, and as you
3:48 pm
mentioned, also close, trump's headquarters, just a few blocks from here, but the two presidential hopefuls are much farther appareart when it comes the issues the voters are concerned about, david. >> no question about that. preparing two speeches, you heard there. robin, thank you. in the meantime, hillary clinton and trump are actually on the same block at this hour, as they wait to head to each of their headquarters. they could practically wave to each other from their windows. trump at trump tower, clinton waiting at a hotel before they each go to their headquarters. abc's amy robach is at trump headquarters tonight. amy? >> reporter: david, trump will be watching election night coverage from trump tower, and that's at 725 fifth avenue. hillary clinton is the at 700 fifth avenue. trump will be traveling here to the hilton at some point tonight to greet his thousands of supporters who will have gathered here. security already tight, as they're anticipating a big number. but a lot of people are asking, why the hilton and not a trump
3:49 pm
property? well, we're told that trump was considering having his election night party at his brand new d.c. hotel, but ultimately decided he needed to be in his home state of new york, and trump tower just wasn't big enough. the hilton was the closest venue and the biggest venue, it's as simple as that, david. >> all right, amy, thank you. when we come back, our coverage of election night in america. take a look at the clinton campaign plane overnight. everyone seemingly frozen, from bill clinton to hillary clinton to bon jovi. the message behind this moment. and then the family affair on this election day. three generations of the trumps at the polls. we'll be back with much more right after the break. just serve classy snacks and bew a gracious host,iday party. no matter who shows up.
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit to the index on this election night. and so many images of the trump family together during the campaign. this is one of the many to catch
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our eye today. ivanka trump placing an "i voted" sticker on her daughter. donald trump and melania right there. ivanka has said in the past that trump dotes on his grandchildren. hillary clinton and her staff getting one last laugh on the campaign trail. everyone on board her campaign plane taking part in the internet sensation the mannequin challenge, holding a dramatic pose as long as possible. you see bill clinton, the staff, hillary clinton, bon jovi frozen in place before breaking into laughter. their message, by the way, with that. don't stand still. vote today. on this election day, hundreds of people lining up in a cemetery in new york, paying tribute to susan b. anthony. she fought for women to have the right to vote. her gravesite covered with flowers and stickers that read "i voted." when we come back here tonight, from times square, george stephanopoulos, diane sawyer, charles gibson all here for election night, and we'll take you right back outside to that giant electoral map. we're back in a moment.
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and finally tonight here from election headquarters, you don't need me to tell you, it all comes down to the electoral map. 270 electoral votes. will it be hillary clinton, will it be donald trump? the first polls set to close in
3:58 pm
just moments. george stephanopoulos leading our coverage, i'll be joining him in just a moment, right after the break. stay tuned for abc news election night coverage, right here from times square in new york. good night.
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just blocks apart in new york city, and just hours from now, you will see the next president at one of those podiums. a night of history starts right now. the time has finally come. they've made their case. >> we will make america great again. >> we're going to prove to the world we are stronger together. >> so, who will be your next president? right now, live from times square, the crossroads of america, with our country at the crossroads, this is abc election night 2016. now reporting, from abc news election headquarters, george stephanopoulos. >> good evening, and welcome to election night 2016. what a crazy campaign this has been. bitter, ugly, always unpredictabl


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