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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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blocking several lanes of 880. >> we are hoping you get through the morning commute and alexis smith has the traffic alert. >> i have been talking about this for 15 minutes. coming through the richmond area, it is on westbound 80 before you get to mcbraid beyond san pablo dam road. it is in the two right lanes. we have sky 7 looking for it. i don't know if they have discovered it. they are having trouble finding it and the two right lanes are blocked but not a backup on the traffic flow. it is a mystery. we will keep watching. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. you found fog? >> a little in the south bay. so far at mineta san jose international airport at six miles around the shark tank sit down to a mile. the rest of us have high clouds on live doppler hd and gorgeous
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sunrise developing. with high clouds we will reach temperatures above average 66 to 72. reggie? >> breaking news, america's first female attorney general, janet reno, has died, this morning after long battle with parkinson's disease, surrounding by family and friends at her home in miami. she was appointed by president clinton in 1938 and served longer than anyone in the job's 150-year history and faced the including the return of elian gonzalez and the branch davidian case in waco, texas. >> bay area voters are reacting to the news that hillary clinton has been cleared in the fbi
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investigation. the fbi director announceed this yesterday offer an investigation over former disgraced congressman weiner. democrats and republicans we spoke with have strong opinions on both sides. >> grateful the voters before election day have this information. secretary clinton is cleared. >> it was not handled you would expect a national security crisis involving a presidential candidate to be handled. trump is questioning how the fbi got through the e-mails so quickly and maintains the investigation is far from over. >> all hype, anticipation and aggravation building with the number of registered voters at an all-time high with big early voting numbers. amy hollyfield is in san francisco at difficult hall with
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a new poll. >> a lost election news, a new poll from abc showing hillary clinton is up over donald trump by four points and shows voters are ready to accept the election results. in san francisco the election director hasn't been hearing of any concerns about voter fraud. >> it is in the conversation, concern of the integrity of the election process. we take it seriously. it comes down to not changing our process but we put this in place and it has been in place over times and try to get more information. that is the main thing to do to provide people a higher legal of trust. >> there were good-sized crowds at the voting booths with thousands investigating in san francisco and they had to make
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room for extra voting boots. volunteers from both parties have been working the phones encouraging people to vote in battleground states and are wanting they could face long lines. >> an impressive group of bay area movers and shakers will speak in support of rr the bond measure designed to raise $3.5 billion to repair and replace systems on bart over 40 years old. the lieutenant governor and mayor schaaf and mayor lee will attend the rally. bart has done nothing but give out enormous worker contracts and mismanaged the billions it received from state and federal government. >> many of you are working on will ballot for tomorrow. we have a special tool to help you out, the voters edge
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election guide. plug in your information on the front page including zip code and give personalized ballot not only what to vote for but information on each of the measures. there are a lot of them. go to our website >> fairfield man booked on chaps of sexually assaulting four young girls is scheduled to appear in court. the prosecutor say 32-year-old molested the girls under the age of 14 during a two week period. two incidents were reported october 30, one happen here and another across the street at "spirit halloween." witness descriptions of the suspect and his car and surveillance video led to his arrest. >> driver was involved in a crash that took the life of a uc santa cruz student. she died on saturdays after being struck by an s.u.v. the 20-year-old was walking home from a halloween party october
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30 and someone hit her. the crash happened at 2:00al on highway one between river and mission street. the driver did not stop. investigators are asking auto body shops in santa cruz area to look out for an s.u.v. that looks like this, a 2010 to 2012 silver monday ask crv. san francisco could be crawling with more uber and lyft drivers as the city tries to answer the crushing traffic problem. according to the "san francisco examiner" there could be 45,000 ride hail drivers based on data from the san francisco treasurer. officials are trying to figure how much the continues of thousands of cars impact traffic. the short answer is possibly a lot. all the effort that could end with california becoming its own countries. >> a seven for a california mom who went miss after going for a jog near her home in
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or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >> now the act wet forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. most of us waking up cooler but the south bay we have fog from gilroy. temperatures are cooler but warmer than average. in the mid-to-upper 40s along
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east bay shore. alameda is warmest at 58. we have 58 in mountain view. san jose is 59. 54 in concord and livermore. novato and napa at 52. mid-to-upper 60s along the coast in san francisco and low-to-mid 70s elsewhere and upper 70s tomorrow and wednesday 70s reaching the coast. we will look at the fog in the south bay and how much warmer it will be. alexis? >> we will go to sky 7 over the bay bridge toll plaza and it looks more dramatic and more terrible from the sky. we have had the metering lights flipped on for 40 minutes, 5:32. the crew flew westbound 80 from the richmond area and we have been looking for the crash and never saw it. it was reportedly in the two right lanes and came through berkeley and emeryville to the toll plaza. you are congested here. we will look at drive times at 6:20.
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did you say dramatic or traumatic? >> both! either works. >> if you want to meet people trying to separate california from the rest of the united states, you have a chance the independence campaign host as meet-and-greet to drum up support on the steps of the capital. the members want california to secede from the yawn because they feel the united states represents so opinion things that conflict with california values. they will put the referendum for secession on the ballot in 2019. if you have an overdue library book the library in san francisco knows and wants it back. you can avoid paying the fines. all the long chase in southern california that came for a crashing end. >> over the bay bridge a look at the eastern span and it is slow but moving.
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>> abc7 mornings, all news all morning. >> you can see sky 7 over the freeways for us, the maze at 6:14. not too bad. yet. >> you can be thankful this did not happen on the commute, a car highlighted on the screen. watch it. watch it.
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watch it. terrible. it crashed into a sand barrier. this is how a police pursuit helped yesterday starting after authorities spotted the stolen car near downtown los angeles. the driver was arrested. he did not have a weapon but a gun belonging to the owner of the stolen war was found in the glove compartment. >> we hearing from the husband of a missing woman, described as a super mom, going on a jog on wednesday and not seen sin. her husband said he knew something was wrong when she did not pick them up and found her cell phone that day. >> it was definitely, she was taken against her will. she could drop her phone but she would never in a million years not pick up our children on a time she normally would. >> more of the interview with her husband is on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right
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here. >> livermore and pleasanton need your help. look at the screen, this guy stole $10,000 from a victim at credit unions and assumed the victim's identity and october 2 and obligate 4 made five withdrawal from the saving accounts. call police if you have information. all the san francisco library wants their books back. they need to recover 100,000 to overdue books and will give readers a break. they want to wave $4.5 million in unpaid fines, and will offer amnesty program. fines are forgiven if you return between january 3 and february 14. 55,000 library users have had check out privileges revoked because they owe more than ten bucks. >> that is a low threshold. the board will approve the
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amnesty so dash shark you have to return "babar," and "amelia >> and i referenced amelia. >> you pulled this out early on monday. >> i have no idea who that is. >> we will talk later. >> in san jose the fog is thick from the south and can you see we near the shark tank 280 and 17 with fog and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s so be careful. this is our thickest fog. as far as our highlights high clouds and sun and warming trend today and through thursday. we will have cooler weekend weather and a chance on saturday of a light shower across the north bay. the high pressure is bringing us the warmer-than-average temperatures with the wind coming from the southeast
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through the santa clara valley you can get fog up to 237. mid-to-upper 60s half moon bay and san francisco and richmond low-to-mid 70s elsewhere. temperatures above average again and low-to-upper fists and we should be in the 40s, my seven will push 80 inland on tuesday and wednesday and 70 near the coast but temperatures are in the low 60s to increasely 70 on saturday with the slight chance of rain in the morning. alexis? >> we back to sky 7 an oracle arena 880 with a vehicle on the shoulder. the hazards are on. no major issue through 880. south of there in hayward heading to the dumbarton bridge it is congested between there and san mateo but we will take it in an area where it is moving smoothly. our drive times westbound 580 tracy to dublin an hour and three minutes from the
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tri-valley, westbound 4, antioch to concord 31 minutes and southbound 101 san rafael for san francisco looking great from the north bay in the green at 17 americans. the south bay is coming up. >> student loans can be a big burden but there is relief and michael finney has tips to reduce the amount you owe. >> keeping the weight off new research that could help you maintain a slimmer figure.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >> we back at 6:22 with a look from sky 7. this is southbound 880 in hayward. plenty of traffic. but that is a regular monday. alexis said there is a problem. we the talk to her in a couple of minutes. >> toys 'r us will open thanksgiving day and stay open for 30 days at 5 o'clock p.m. on
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thanksgiving day and keep them open until 11:00 p.m. on black friday. officials say customers show up and spend enough to more than justify the 30-hour stretch. miami why criticized scores for being open on the holiday. >> now ask finney. today we have a question on student loans. michael finney has the answer. >> what is my --. [ inaudible ] >> great to meet you at our ask finney event in fremont. it is hard to get out from under student debt. there are a couple of opens. they don't happen overnight. if you get a government job or one with a nonprofit agency and you pay your bill on time for 10 years in a row every single month, the rest of the debt is waived. there is a program for teaching in schools that serve low income
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families for five years. when you do that you are allowed forgiveness of $17,500 in student debt. there are a bunch of rules and conditions so double check. good luck. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on smartphone or tablet and share it # askfinney. you can see your question answered right here. >> i have bad news. a big health headline, why it is difficult to keep the weight off after you lose it. if you eat healthy, exercise and still feel lake your body is always fighting against you, it is because it is. a new study said losing weight makes you more hungry because people consumed three times as many calories as they should to maintain their work. >> if you take two people pound for pound weighing exactly the
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same one at ideal body weight and the other person lost weight. the person who last weight is more hungry less full and burn fewer calories. >> this is depressing. >> i want some pancakes. coming up on "good morning america," the senior medical distributor will bring down how to use that information to achieve successful weight loss. there is light at the end of the treadmill. all the final push to election day with a boost for hillary clinton at both candidates make pleas for votes. >> a deadly crash in the south bay. >> a new story a push to get a zika vaccine in the united states. >> sky 7, beautiful shot, above
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the fog so fog is becoming an issue in the south bay and we found the problem southbound
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>> good morning, south bay. let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> we goal back over the weekend. the sunrise is early this morning. this is a look at sky 7 headed
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to dublin. >> now it is dark at 5:00 p.m. >> it does. all the least it is brighter earlier. you are up with us >> we are showing issues with traffic. >> we have sky 7 over this and they found it a moment ago, southbound 880, around industrial. according to c.h.p. someone called in a semi rear ended the car on purpose. they made it off to the shoulder and it does not sound like injuries. westbound 92 jammed heading across the san mateo bridge. before you get to 880, westbound 92 a report another crash. we are working on confirming that. you will see something very beautiful, a pretty sunrise or
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fog in the south by. meteorologist mike nicco discovered that. >> tracking it with live doppler hd visibility at mineta san jose international airport a mile. but it is anybodier headed deeper into san jose. this is 280 and 17 where you can barely see what is going on as the fog thicker by the moment. we are waking up mile, mid-50 handing out in the upper 60s to 70s at noon and coast inland, lie clouds and sunshine temperatures are warmer-than-average. but it is warmer in my seven-day forecast. >> this is it, today is the -hillary clinton and donald trump. people are relieved. elizabeth hur is in washington, dc. >> on the eve of the election we are talking about the october surprise turned into a november
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prize with the revised investigation of the fbi on the e-mail. it is over. no criminal charges. >> this morning, the final fight for the battleground states with donald trump and hillary clinton making a last push in a campaign gulf surprises. the latest from the fbi clearing clinton. again. fbi director now telling congressional leaders based on the review we have not changed our conclusions we expressed in july. clinton's campaign saying they are glad the matter is resolved but no public comment while wrapping up the weekend of star-studded campaigning leading in the latest tracking poll but with the race close, both campaigns are fighting to the finish. >> i want to be the president for all machines those who vote for me and those who do not vote for me. >> november, we are going to do
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something so special. >> good morning, after the october surprise many doubted we would hear from the fbi again before the election but nine days after announcing the renewed investigation the age said their work is finished and charge against clinton are not warranted. the final fight for the battleground states with donald trump and hillary clinton making a last push. the latest from the any toy clearing clinton. again. fbi director now telling congressional leaders based on our review we have not changed our conclusions we expressed in july. clinton's campaign say they are glad the matter is resolved but no public comment from the candidate wrapping up a weekend of star-studded campaigning, clinton is leading. >> so interest we decided to play it twice. >> the anticipation continues to build clearly toward election day. in california the number of
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registered voters is at a high. the word to get out vote is working as the early voting numbers are too. amy hollyfield is at city city hall. >> people are glad it is finally here. they are ready to have a say in the election with thousands of people showing up to vote in san francisco. this weekend alone. the election director say they had to make extra room to handle the crowds but they did expect the town out. he isn't hearing voters are concerned about voter fraud. the elections director said hacking and fraud is impossible because of the setup. voters say they are relieved the election is finally hear. i feel good. i have a say in the process and i can tackle situations.
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>> the election is tomorrow if you want to void you have to go night your precinct but you can vote today early voting is still open in san francisco you come to city hall and open today from 8:00 to 5:00. >> if you are trying to decide measures go to enter your address and you will get a comprehensive resource with information on the candidates and the measures on your local ballot. >> breaking news from miami, former attorney general janet reno has died at 78. she was the first female to be the top law enforcement officer. she served under president clinton from 1993 to 2001 and oversaw the high profile conviction of the unit that
6:35 am
bomber and mcveigh. she died after a battle with perform disease. >> a deadly crash in santa clara. the two cars weration. matt? >> what a devastating crash. check out the damage on the tree and as you come closer to the wall you can see the debris left behind including part of the windshield. this happened in broad daylight on a sunday afternoon. look at the video c.h.p. said witnesses saw the 2010 chevrolet racing another vehicle going up to 100 miles per hour after 12:30 yesterday afternoon. the scam marry jumped the car on the expressway and crashed into the tree and wall approaching the intersection. the car caught fire. it was put out by firefighters. investigators believe the driver died from the crash now the fire. the c.h.p. is looking for the
6:36 am
other alleged racer, a driver of a vehicle with a sunroof. if you were unfortunate in sonoma county late you may have felt the shaking a 3.2 earthquake hit eight miles off the coast of sea ranch. there are no reports of anyone hurt and no major damage. the last 24 hours we have seen 20 smallers hit near the geysers with the largest at 1.9. people in oklahoma have been hit by several after shocks after a 5.8 earthquake northeast of oklahoma city and the largest after shock was 3.8 earthquake hitting at midnight. yesterday the earthquake caused damage to several buildings in curbing and raised concerns of the oil storage terminal the largest in the world. there is a news conference this morning to discuss the impact.
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we are looking at a man arrested for having a sexual relationship with a minor after being arrested on friday, co-owner of a soccer academy, and graham is cooperating and his statement corroborated the victim's allegations. officials believe this could be isolated. >> one of two people arrested in the murder an a shiver volunteer will appear in oakland courtroom. the body of the woman was found on thursday at a park in oakland. the alameda sheriff explorer was brutally beaten, stabbed and set on fire police say her degree was the result of a personal matter not her association with the alameda county sheriff. headquarter a rogers who worked with her at a fast food straight has been charged with the murder. >> the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about temperatures in san jose, the warmest in san jose at fat and
6:38 am
everyone else is 53 to 58 and as we look around danville 52 in forward and 69 inned san francisco and novato at 50 and half moon bay is 54 and san carlos is 56. wherever you look, goingous sunrise is just one at pier 15, on the road, good and immediate, and the waters light breezes, out and about and warmer that average, another beautiful shot from mount tam and pending sunrise, hacking around in the mid-to-upper 60s in san francisco the next three days and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 70s and warmer after that. alexis? >> looking outside this is dublin/pleasanton 580 and 680 merge. we had a crash reported southbound 680 around stoneridge but we never spotted it. it looks as if it is cleared.
6:39 am
heading south on 680 we have the typical stop-and-go traffic, no majors issues justin california delays. a lot of pretty sunrise shots. the metering lights have been on an hour. westbound 80 albany to the maze is 11 minutes, and southbound 880 at fremont is okay in san jose at 17. northbound 280 between 101 and cupertino in the yellow at 16 minutes. >> if you ride muni, you could fine yourself with elbow room because the transit age is adding additional trains. muni will put two extra one car trains between embarcadero and west portal stations during the commute to ease crowd, underground subway on the heels of recently added service where commuters were passed by included cars. tonight, there is a silent killer stalking a favorite pet,
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half of all golden retrievers will die from some form of cancer. the 3,000 of us who participate, maybe we can help find a cure. we will learn how owners are volunteering time and dogs to concord cancer all the raiders are number one in the afc west with a big victory over the broncos to mount a campaign to keep the team in oakland. >> a warning if you use apple's app store people could be stealing your personal information. stay tuned.
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proposition 61 is a very, very important step forward. for tand i thank the people of california for putting it on pharmacepathe ballot.ry. e... it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. >> we have to many beautiful sunrise shots, monday is greeting you and this is the altamont pass with a wind farm against the orange sky. pink in the east bay and the bay bridge toll plaza and orange. gorgeous. >> if the windmills were giraffes they would look like "lion king." >> investigators who are asking
6:44 am
for help whoever is responsible for murder of kirk kimberly stopped multiple time. a landscaper found the body buried in a shallow grave in rohnert park at the sonoma university. it is not believed to be random. it hadding in to do with the university or the students. >> and now, jessica castro, the united states national institute of health will test an inactivated zika vaccine in humans, testing 80 healthy volunteers 18 to 35 part of a three year study, just the first of five trials landed in the united states with more than 6,000 zika cases reported. zika is especially dangerous during pregnancy and can cause a serious birth defect where a baby's head and brain do not develop and remain small. the human trial will take place at the natural institute of health's clinical center in
6:45 am
maryland. reggie? natasha? >> thank you, jessica. a new weapon in the battle against the bulge by hacking your senses. if you eating a cookie weighing -- while wearing a device that tricks you into thinking the cookie is larger than it s it could reduce the amount of food you eat by 10%. >> a good day to be raiders and fans, they have the week off and in first place. check out this photo of quarterback carr tweeted out by the nfl after moment beat the super bowl champions, the broncos, 30 to 20. the nfl changed the know to to carr! before the game a group called stay in oakland hand out signs with the message to keep the team in the bay area. they want do quinn the nfl and the owner to develop a new
6:46 am
stadium for the silver and black in oakland, not las vegas. >> 24 owns in the nfl say it is too late, it is not too late until they say so. we will we hopefully reach someone who can make a difference. >> an airplane towed a banner above the coliseum say "las vegas if you build it we will not come." fans held signs demanding the we owner fire the general manager. the 49ers fell to one in seven with a loss for new orleans. 49ers have not had a winning season since leaving candlestick in 2014. some apps could steal your personal information on apple. >> good morning, hundreds of fake retailer product apps have
6:47 am
been popping up in the apple app store in time for the holiday. necessity appear to come in established on-line. brick and mortar stores and some are annoying, but others steal your personal information. the fake apps have red flags including nonsense menus and written in butchered english. silicon valley has higher credit scores, the median credit score in the san jose area is 754 the second highest in the country only madison, wisconsin, had high are credit scores. uber and lyft offering discounts on rides tomorrow, with 45 to the voting place. the mexican performing well with
6:48 am
the peso. >> hundreds of people came together to find a cure for cancer. jessica? >> incredible. an amazing night honored to be part of it, the light the night walk held in walnut creek on saturday night these are pictures i took at the event. everyone gathered to raise for the leukemia society and we are a proud partner and, again, alexis took part in the san jose walk a few weeks ago and i was there for the east bay in walnut creek with another walk scheduled no thursday in san francisco and it is a big one, at at&t park starting at 5:00 p.m. we will be there so come by and say hello. i tell you the stories from the people inspiring heartbreaking but overall inspiring event. great to be there. >> look forward to it on
6:49 am
thursday at at&t. >> now, a check on the weather. >> how are you doing? it is monday but check out this, a pink sky above the golden gate bridge. it is turning to baby blue and winds from the necessary at it will miles per hour. the flag is flowing offshore and warmer-than-average with an issue with the fog you and barely see it, so be careful, not lifting until 10:00. the warm the hangs around until thursday and cooler weekend and a chance of showers on saturday. the storm system is looking impressive but it will head north. it will leave us with high clouds and warmer conditions. the winds show the high pressure on top of us, calm to six miles per hour. the temperatures today, a lost low-to-mid 70s but richmond and san francico and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast. we should be in the 40s but we will be low-to-upper 50s.
6:50 am
my seven-day forecast shows 80s inland, and cooler this weekend the mostly dry. >> betake that. we have beautiful sunrises this morning with sky were on the move, in the central valley, we are looking at the slow crawl from tracy 205 to 580, this is what you deal with. i checked our drive times tracy to dublin takes an hour and four minutes and we do not have anything blocking the stretch just the heavy values making their way to the bay area out of the central valley. you probably do want your sun glasses, a big difference from the south bay a looks outside as mike explained we have thick fog filling in for san jose and areas around there 101 at 880 socked in. just a story of two commutes on the conditions. maybe and san rafael.
6:51 am
in the south by i have the live doppler hd radar on top of the traffic map with visibility mayor and heavy traffic northbound 280 and 101. we will be at the drive times next. >> spacex is taking flight next month. the c.e.o. emsaid this -- the c.e.o. elon musk said this is after they figured out what caused the rocket to burst into flame damaging $200 million israeli communities satellite and grounded the fleet. emsaid liquid oxygen caused a problem with the helium fuel system which has been addressed. >> a drone is giving us a look at highway construction is going at apple's future, apple campus two in cupertino is $5 billion protect. you could foe it better as spaceship campus because it looks lick -- like a spaceship. the new campus will be ready
6:52 am
next year 280,000 square feet facility him for 13,000 the big top is back in san francisco. the crews finish raising the tent for circumstance sick yesterday. it takes eight days to set it up. cirque du soleil will debut november 17 with a united states premiere of a new she. it runs through january in san francisco and moves for san jose in february. stay tuned.
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if you are heading out to work here is what you need to know. a new poll shows hillary clinton has a four-point lead over donald trump. the poll factors in the 40 million americans would have already voted early tomorrow. all the 40 million plus early voters is a record. several million came from right here in california, another five mill came from florida a battleground state. local polls open tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. >> three, from the live desk the nation's first female attorney
6:55 am
general, janet reno, has died, in miami, after a 20-year battle with perform disease. she was attorney general during the bill clinton administration. she was 78. >> traffic has been quiet. no major blocking incidents, heavy traffic westbound 580 from sky 7 so tracy to dublin is slow. westbound four antioch is looking good. >> 280 to 17, thick fog in san jose, and the south bay, so watch out for that. if the kids are heading to school, 47 to 59, warmer-than-average, 57 to 72. all the search is expanding near missing mother of two. the mother vanished after going for a run last wednesday. her husband said he found her cell phone hours after she disappeared. >> if your holiday plans include driving, brace yourself, gas
6:56 am
prices are expected to climb. this is despite a huge drop in crude oil prices. the average cost for a gallon of regular is $2.54. refiners are keeping prices high in order to recover from any previous losses rather than passing the savings on to you. >> we are at the end of this election cycle. >> really? >> can you believe it? >> and it is 6:56, not 7:56. see new 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. race to the finish. hillary clinton and donald trump. making their final push for president on this final day before a historic vote. trump blasting the fbi after the stunning aboutface. clearing the cloud of suspicion over those new clinton e-mails. >> she's being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. our brand new poll this morning shows a four-point race as donald trump travels across the country to flip states to red in a midnight rally. clinton calls on serious star power. >> everything you care about. everything i care about and i've worked for is at stake. >> both making the final plea to voters. and our powerhouse political team is here. breaking down the final push f


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