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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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definitely my wife. wait, i know what i want. make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. >> good morning, bay area. let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning on friday november 4. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. mike, what is the weekend looking like? >> behind the scenes, join us at 6:30. today, you do not need the umbrella. live doppler hd is bone dry. 45 to 56 as cool this morning. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s at noon and hang out in
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the upper 60s to mid-70s at 4:00, and 58 to 65. we have issues to deal with as far as rain, timing is ahead. alexis? >> the bay bridge is looking okay. the lower deck has a couple of lanes blocked. the east bay has construction wrapped up in the san francisco area. in major slow downs anywhere. just a slight delay westbound 580 tracy to dublin at if 3 minutes. in green southbound 680 out of dublin 15 minutes and 101 to cupertino is 15 minutes. we will look at the south bay in less than ten. >> a body found in a shallow grave on the campus of sonoma state has been identified. >> he is 18-year-old missing for than two weeks. amy hollyfield is on campus in rohnert park. >> look behind me, the sheriff is not finished with the scene. it is roped off.
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they have stationed an officer to watch it although they have taken the victim from here and identified him. investigators say it was the body of 18-year-old kirk kimberly of weeks. kimberly's body was found buried in a shallow grave. students say this has shaken them. >> my mother called me as i walked up here and said do you have pepper spray, are you locking your not run alone. do not be alone. >> his body was discovered on wednesday afternoon by a landscaper. it was caked in mud. kimberly's family has been notified. investigators are meticulous with the scene looking through
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each grain of dirt looking for hair, fibers, collecting, anything that could lead to the killer. from rohnert park i amy hollyfield. >> in four days we elect our new president. both candidates are maxing out schedules to scan up every vote. hillary clinton and donald trump held rallies 30 miles apart in north carolina yesterday. they brought in big films to help with melania making the first solo campaign stop. >> some call us minority but we are not minorities we are majority. our influence is everywhere. >> we cannot call ourselves fully developed or advanced nation with 50% of our women live in poverty. >> trump has rallied in new hampshire, ohio and pennsylvania and clinton is in pennsylvania
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and michigan. she has president obama campaignings vice president biden, senator bernie sanders, bill clinton and chelsea, jay-z and cher. >> volunteers for both candidates are trying to get-out-the-vote. we were at the hillary clinton campaign headquarters in san francisco. the phone bank will operate 15 hours a day. trump volunteers are getting out to the swing state voters. we have a valuable tool at abc7 to help you prepare for election day. click on the election guide and put in your address for a comprehensive resource with the measures on your ballot. >> south bay families are lining up to get help for the holidays. matt keller is in san jose for the sacred heart food and toy program. >> good morning. you would think with the booming
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economy there is a need for something like this, but check outline it goes around the corner on south first street in san jose at sacred heart community service. this is what they are signing up for, christmas and thanksgiving day. it is around the corner. 7,400 turkeys will be given away. workers say a big reason no the need in silicon valley is the costs of living. many families spent 80% of their income on rent. >> it is a hard time of year. people are saving trying to make ends meet and this is when extra help is needed to continue the family traditions. >> the parents will sign up kids for the toy give away with 6,200 spots available 200 more kids this year compared to last the you can make a donation to sacred heart community service and go to
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>> new details of the sexual harassment comment from a university of california regent. it does not break current rules. the comic released a statement from the regent who said he wanted to held her breast as she recorded a bra commercial in a studio. he is a radio and podcast executive. according to officials the comment is highly offensive but policies do not apply to regents when they are not on university business. the official will write new policy to containing that. he has so far not responded for comment. >> former wells fargo workers may soon be getting their jobs back after the fake account scandal. the new c.e.o. said it will rehire workers inappropriately files for missing sales goals. the bank is bringing in an identified consultant to make sure the sales culture is up to par according to the business
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journal. employees opened up to two million accounts without concept to meet unrealistic sales goals^. >> in los angeles area, we have breaking news. >> jessica? word of a huge fire burning in san bernardino with huge flames from abc station in los angeles. this is video coming in you can see the massive flames. very little information is available at a pallet yard. the wooden pallets are making for tinder with fires in less than an hour. it just started. massive flames. we have no reports of injuries. little information is available. we do not know the cause. we are working on images because they are battling the blaze. i will pass the new details on. there are no injuries.
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>> happening today a townhall in oakland to address what is called out-of-control illegal dumping issue. neighborhoods in east oakland are full of abandoned cars, dirty clothes and dead animals. mayor schaaf and leaders will hear f and answer questions. last month the city start add reward program for those who report illegal dumping at 5:30 tonight. >> golden gate officials are close to a new plan to build a suicide barrier extending 20' below and 20' out costing $204 million. officials are expecting to vote on the new funding package to pay for $120 million of the confident. they were stun when bids came in higher than the original estimate of $76 million. five new officers will patrol to look for suicidal people. >> at sfo it is back to normal after a scare.
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a false alarm forced evacuation of terminal one yesterday. josh johnson shared the video of the smoke alarms going off with people forced to stand on the runway. a experience said there was no smoke or fire. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> our temperatures inland east bay neighborhoods 46 in danville and san ramon and dublin the cool spots and livermore and pleasanton and walnut creek at 47. a few 50s in pittsburg and the hills, and mt. diablo at 61. warm air is lurking and lighter sit on the cold heavy area. san jose is 51. hayward and san carlos at 54. novato is 48. san francisco is 59. we are all over place with the microclimates and most of us
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will be in the 70s. the average high in san francisco is 67. at noon at 63, and 70s at 3:00, and 69 at 4:00, and 61 this evening. the temperatures are sausalito at 69 and all of us in the 70s and the highs descend tomorrow but inland it will be dry and 70s and a slight bump down into to low 60s to low 70s with a chance of rain on the way. >> off to a quiet start on the roads. 280 and 17 no issues so far. on the traffic patches, -- maps, heads up 80 between san pablo dam road and san pablo avenue between 11:00 p.m. saturday to 700 a.m. on sunday. you will want to use san pablo avenue for the alternate. that is in the overnight hours.
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a delay building from the central valley. we will look at that at 5:20. >> this is an incredible story, searchers find a kidnapped woman alive, surviving under horrible circumstances. coming up the other crimes authorities fear the suspect committed. >> pg&e will remove trees in a neighborhood and some homeowners
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>> harvard university does not play when it comes to sexual harassment. the school suspended the men's
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soccer team for the season for comments made toward the women's soccer between. in 2012 it was discovered they raided the attractiveness of female recruits and included lewd comments. the men's team called this the "scouting report," and put it on-line. the school president said the scouting report continued through the current season. the soccer team is ranked number one in the ivy league. >> megyn kelly is claiming roger ailes harassed her. she claims this in a chapter added last minute to the autobiography say he suggested she could climb the ladder faster in she left with him and he repeatedly tried to kiss her. she rejected all of his advances. >> stunning allegations. >> in the first look police find a south carolina woman alive two months after she mysteriously disappeared. authorities are investigating inned suspected kidnap
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certificate a serial killer. >> in the first look, investigators are pouring over the rural south carolina area for evidence of a possible serial killer's playground, todd christopher kohlepp, a registered sex offender, is behind bars after they found kala brown held captive on his 100-acre property. >> one charge will be kidnapping it could be murder. >> acting on a tip police heard brown bang on the inside of a storage container in the wooded area surrounded by a chain link fence on thursday. police found the car at the crime scene but no sign of him last seen leaving word the day they disappeared. brown said there could be multiple bodies on todd christopher kohlepp's property. more at 7:00 a.m. from south
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carolina. >> homeowners are considering going to court to stop pg&e from cutting down trees in a neighborhood in alamo as the contractors cut down 40' pine trees yesterday. nays were so upset the utility had to bring in security guards. members of the save trees committee said pg&e break a promise to look for ways to save the trees. pg&e is inspecting a major gasoline and said they got permission from property owners to clear the trees and it is relocating them, not chopping them down. a neighbor accuses pg&e of coercing the homeowners. >> under duress they forced to sign a tree removal contract based on limited information and legal advice pg&e gives to the individual homeowners that is not necessarily true. >> neighbors may seek a court injinx to stop the tree removal. all the united states attorney war on medical marijuana is over in berkeley. the patient group claims to be
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the old build we medical marijuana dispensary and has been fighting to survive. the justice department threatened to take action against the land already to shut it down. they were at berkeley's old city hall when they announced the end of the battle. >> we expected pg&e's case could be dismissed earlier than it has but it is better late than never. >> we have reached out to the justice department but "no comment," from the united states attorney. >> good news during the five year drought in california the drown monitor said a rainy fall has pulled 12% of the state out of the drought condition. the area is north of the bay area. 12% of the state including the bay area is abnormally dry. drought conditions are extreme in most central and southern california. >> we can always use more rain and we will get more. mike? >> the key is "a little bit."
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i will show you what happened, nothing for us, all rain in october and the drought monitor, it did not change. where it changessed, the little strip on the western slope of the sierra was in a severe or moderate drought and now it is "dry." the 12% of the state is not ready, eureka, crescent city. in more drought. filtered sunshine today. warmth parkways and extend the dry and warm weather next week. the water is calm. breezy in the hills, low-to-mid 70s in most neighborhoods and san francisco is 70 and the 77 in san jose and morgan hill and livermore behind it at 76. tonight the temperatures are light this morning high clouds and a last inland and 50s elsewhere. storm-impact scale is a light storm ranking from "1" light to "5" severe. spotty light showers from 11:00
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until 7:00 saturday evening to sunday morning. the temperatures are in the low-to-mid 70s warmer-than-average. set back the clocks. we get an extra hour of sleep! >> looking forward to that. good luck to the runners doing the half marathon on sunday, things will dry out just in time and an extra hour of slope. everything is okay on the golden gate bridge. there are local street closures around fort mason and the marina you could be dealing with closures and a lot of pedestrians. we have red on the traffic westbound 205 to 580 ahelp -- approaching the altamont pass. but this is not too bad. bart has 36 trains in service. no delays. ace train one and three ready to eleven. caltrain has no issues.
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we are off to a good start. riff times are coming up. >> no news is good news. >> nasa is preparing to lunch a new weather satellite to be able early warnings for severe weather developed right in palo alto at a laboratory. the instrument will capture lightning bolts in space 5 to 13 miles high in a giant digital camera. why does that matter? lightning at that altitude is a good predictor of severe weather especially tornadoes and is scheduled to be launched on november 16 from cape canavaral. >> art loveers have a treat a multimedical exhibit opening in chinatown with a back story. >> i was fascinated, at historical society, a traveling exhibit from new york that now here is permanent. it is a southwest water colors,
5:21 am
12, are simply amazing commission oned in the 1950s for a restaurant located in chinatown ground breaking when it opened because it turned authentic cantonese dishes. they were missing in the 70s but they showed up when they were at auction and the historical society bought seven and this weekend you can see the full set of 12. you can see one of the water colors, what you seeing is the angel island barracks. the entire display is interactive. we will have much more on the grand opening tomorrow morning at 10:00 on hood line so catch that segment at midday. the entire display is fascinating but the water colors have a rich history.
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>> great reason to visit chinatown. >> driving from coast to coast in an electric car is about to get
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>> these are the seven thing need to know before you go. developing news, the body found buried in a shallow grave at the campus of sonoma state has been identified at 18-year-old kirk kimberly. it is a homicide. all the big story with the weather is the warmth that climaxes. we will be from three to eight with a lot of low-to-mid 70s around san francisco and the coast. rain is on the way saturday night. >> we are friday "lite" and westbound 580 tracy to castro valley is looking good, and 12
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minutes to the san jose airport from highway 85 and northbound 180. >> police have arrested an east bay nanny for allegedly beating a six-month-old baby. berkeley police say 44-year-old ingrid perez caught on nanny camera hitting a child. >> five, from the live desk a huge fire burning in southern california, fires are on the scene of a pallet yard fire in san bernadino. it started an hour ago. >> a celebration 108 years in the making, outside wrigley field, they will leave from there at 8:00 our time and head to the start of the parade route in downtown chicago starting at 9:00. >> you will not believe this, a spa-themed park in japan opened up, wine hot tubs what it sounds like. they fill them up with merlot
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and you can soak. they claim to have health benefits. >> how did napa not pete them to that. white house is hope a new coast to coast network of charge stations will boost electric car sales. the administration wanted to see a million plug in cars on the road last year, with the sales way below that. one reason is a lack of charging stations, and the plan putting 48 charging networks in 35 states covering 25,000 miles of united states highways with charging station every 50 miles. it would include new roadside signs to help drives find the stations. >> something to get you in the mood for the holiday season. in san francisco at union square schools were set up the great trims tree. the tree lighting is three weeks away. santa arrives today in palo alto with the local day makers market starts tomorrow in san jose.
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>> you sound like you don't believe he is there. >> i have nothing to say. >> we will have a full 90 minutes of news including thousands of disable people stranded in the south bay. >> an east bay nanny accused of a terrible crime and people want to know if you have hired this woman. i wanted my skin to be...t i said bright, smooth, you know, with a little glow. new bright reveal from l'oreal.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> good morning on friday, november 4th. you made it. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is leader and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco has a chance of rain. >> perhaps. >> perhaps. >> perhaps. a chance. wraps and a chance. that is exactly the way i would say it. we have a chance. mainly saturday might and sunday
5:30 am
morning. that is coming up in 15 minutes. the high clouds near 30,000' on live doppler hd. sutro tower has a temperature of 59 in san francisco. the warm spot and the prosecute of us in the mid-40s to mid-50s. and upper 60s to mid-70s today, the warm of the day this week. how is the traffic? >> still light. knock on wood. we hope we do not have a commute like last friday with that flipped semi. the metering lights are not even on. 880 had paving work on the foreign side around davis next to the oakland airport and it has cleared with a mile backup. we will look at light drive times to less than ten minutes. >> developing news in sonoma, we note identity of the young man found buried in a shallow grave
5:31 am
at sonoma state. amy hollyfield is on campus with details. amy hollyfield? >> yes, the body is going. students have to face a reminder this happened. that section of the parking lot is proposed off with tape and an officer is stationed here to watch the scene. this is the teen who was found here, 18-year-old kirk kimberly of cotati buried in a shallow grave next to a parking lot on the campus much investigators have been here since wednesday. students are having a hard time coming to terms with want. >> it is hard to process. we hear of these things in the news but we don't think it will happen to you or you would experience it.
5:32 am
>> investigators did not say how kimberly was killed. he was reported missing two weeks ago october 17 and found by a landscaper on wednesday. police have not caught his killer or mentioned a possible motive. report are from rohnert park i amy hollyfield. >> in the south bay police are investigating a double shooting that left a man dead near an east san jose school. it happened at 6:30 last night with an elementary nearby. the other man want to the hospital and is expected to survive. no suspects have been arrested or identified. >> an important warning from berkeley police. is this richmond woman ever worked for you? 44-year-old ingrid perez, the popular nanny arrested on monday for boating a six positive old baby. the parents of boy installed a nanny camera and captured video of the abuse on friday.
5:33 am
officers arrested ingrid perez as she was on the way to another nanny job. >> given she has been a nanny for a long period of time and she works with a number of different families we felt the need to bring it failure. >> police say the baby boy is the only victim. he was treated at a local hospital with no obvious injuries. if you have hired ingrid perez and suspect abuse detectives want you to give a phone call. >> more fallout from the sex scandal that rocked several agencies, the district attorney is holding a news conference at 11:00 a.m. and discuss the investigation of police officers connected to the sex scandal involving jasmine abuslin. she had sex with dozens of officers in exchange for money and information. >> an oakland police officer is facing charges related to the same young woman. the charming documents say smith
5:34 am
accesses the criminal database five times to look her up and give the information to jasmine abuslin. five other officers are facing charges. the crimes range from obstruction of justice to percent with a minor. richard police department has fired four officers for their role in the scandal. >> four daze until election night and hillary clinton is wideening the lead on donald trump. this morning's just released washington post/abc news poll has hillary clinton up three points. she was up two year, a big day. people plane trump made the first solo campaign speech and clinton held a rally with a musician and katy perry and stevie wonder are scheduled to perform and campaign. >> in california in the historic senate race involving two democrats, representing sanchez has a long way to get to --
5:35 am
kamala harris showing 28% in california have a favorable impression of sanchez. kamala harris is at 41%. the poll shows harris with a 17-point lead on sanchez bringing us to filling out your ballet. have you done it? i haven't! i will certainly be using our your voice voter guide. plug if your zip code and you get the never ending list of measures and candidates and the information needed to vote. it is on the front page of >> back to the lived for breaking news from southern california. >> what is happening? >> look at the massive flames. i got the live images so this is from our station in los angeles.
5:36 am
the fire has spread. we learned the fire at a pallet yard has spread to a strip mall located nearby but we do not know what stores or businesses are located in the strip mall. san bernadino said they are starting to make some progress. they have a long way to go. the wood pallets are perfect tinder for the fire. the fire department has five units. i saw two ladder trucks. there is no word on the cause of the massive blaze. we know it started an hour ago. there is an active firefight right now. i will let you know of anything that happens. there are no reports of injuries a long way to go. natasha? happening now in the south bay hundreds are families are registering for much needed help
5:37 am
for thanksgiving day and christmas. many are camped out for the big holiday food and toy program at sack credit heart with people sign up for 700 turkeys and gifts for the holidays and they expect 1,400 toys requested for 6,200 children. >> mike nicco has the forecast. >> the high surf advisory is extended until 3:00 today. warm sunshine at the coast. be careful near the water. the large breakers and rip current and waves are getting up to 15' at half moon bay. that is the latest on the weather. here is santa cruz the waves are smaller in the shoal -- sheltered area. a lost sailboats today. calm and warm. warm sunshine if you are out and
5:38 am
about. the grass will be very tall right new. we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s inland. low-to-mid 50s through the bay to the south bay and san francisco is remain withest at 59 and novato and santa rosa at 40. degree going has the winds northeast at 15 and the breeze is taking away any chance of fog with low-to-upper 70s and 60 in san francisco, tomorrow, the rest of us flirting with 70 and cooler on sunday with the transition wet on saturday fight. alexis has the commute. >> when you done with your yard come to my house. 101 san rafael yesterday at this time it was right where we had the rollover crash with massive delays through the north bay. today we are wide open. we do not have any blocking incidents. we have not since 4:30. a light start. we are not complaining.
5:39 am
we got the peteering lights flipped on after 5:30 this morning. that is certainly starting to fill in. not too bad through the maze. southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma is 14 and westbound 580 castro valley to the maze is 14, as well. highway 85 is in the green at thin minutes. >> chicago cubs about to celebrate, fans, management and the employers preparing. >> the team leaves wrigley field at 8:00 a.m. headed to downtown, hop on parade floats at 9:00 a.m. >> look at bill murray. >> so happy "cubs win." the last time they enwould the world series in 1908 there were only 16 teams in the colleague. there are now 3 teams. henry ford produced the first model t. and the floats probably will lack different. >> a san francisco police officer who was shot in the head
5:40 am
and left partly paralyzed is looking so good. we have a new photo that gives you an idea of his remarkable recovery. >> a woman ris
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make sparkling water at home. and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water. >> all news, all morning. >> we have new details on a plane crash near pittsburg, initially reported that one person died. now preliminary ntsb report shows two people were killed.
5:43 am
this plane hit power lines after taking off two weeks ago. according to our media partner a certified flight instructor died on the plane. the plane went down six miles east of buchanan field airport. >> there should be relief soon for throughs of disabled people in the south bay suddenly left without a ride. last night the board voted on an emergency contract with a transportation company to use their transit service for five months. here is why: the service was disrupted for customers after the fbi raided the office of outreach incorporation in milpitas, a provider. the contractor managers 2,500 trip as day for 7,000 people with disabilities. >> i will have to call yellow cab, i was supposed to get banks services done, supposed to get...i don't know if i can get to the market. >> they have been working to find a new contractor after the
5:44 am
audit shows millions in undocumented charges. the board filed a lawsuit accusing outreach of fraud. >> look at your screen: that is a hotel on a las vegas strip blacked out. the paris las vegas lost all power. it is back on now. it caused tense moments. a dozen guests were trapped in elevators. the entire resort was evacuated. it started when a construction crew accidentally drilled into a power lynn. officials plan to release more details at 6:00 a.m. but time is money in las vegas. a gaming expert said the casino probably lost $2 million during the blackout. >> can you imagine if you are about to hit a jackpot. >> without hesitation this woman, victoria, running toward the scene of a rollover crash in texas. this is what she saw from her work window, an s.u.v. fly
5:45 am
through the air. she jumped into action she climbed inside the crushed s.u.v. and pulled out the elderly driver. she said the victim was dazed. with a gash. she was conscious and talking. victoria said it does not sink in until after the driver was loaded into the ambulance and the adrenalin wore off. >> a woman in alameda, sheriff explorer program is missing and investigators are calling her disappearance "suspicious." she dropped off a friend at 10:00 on when night at 13th avenue in san leandro. that is the last time she was scene. the car was found in her hard yesterday. investigator say she doesn't know anyone in hayward. >> a positive update on the san francisco police officer shot in the head and partly paralyzed. you can see he is right there on right side of scene in the red t-shirt. this is officer downs on the right side, tweeted by the san
5:46 am
jose police chief, so officer downses with shot exactly three weeks ago by a mentally ill man who was reportedly threatening people. mcwhorter died, and the chief writes, god wasn't ready for this guard beyond, he still has work to do down here. downs is in physical therapy and determined to work as an officer. >> there is a solidarity march in the east bay tonight to support the profit g.p.s. the dakota access pipeline. organizers will pete at 25th and tell -- telegraph in president obama administration is considering re-routing the 1,200 mile crude oil pipeline. >> a bay area chef said he will fight his d.u.i. arrest. the c.h.p. officers arrested the chef in napa on window for driving under the influence and
5:47 am
possession of a will control substance. the 54-year-old owns restaurants in san francisco and yountville. the respond said he is embarrassed by the arrest but denies the charges. >> san francisco's four department is about to get dozens of fresh-faced firefighters, 51 entry level firefighters this morning will be sworn in. 11 are firefighters paramedics. the group want through the first academy, a tough 20-week training course that includes former military personnel and e.m.s. responders. >> now, mike nicco with a chance of rain, how is it looking? >> not like much in the north bay but it is look impressive on live doppler hd with a huge swirl 120 miles per hour jet stream pushing this more to the forth than to the south. we are getting the scraps. the leftovers. on mount tamalpais northeast wind at 12 to 20 miles per hour.
5:48 am
mostly sunny. warmest today. light showers tomorrow. into early sunday. dry and warm next week. we go from californiaest in san francisco at half moon bay at 70 to remain withest in san jose and morgan hill at 77. oakland is 73. and napa is 74. tonight temperatures are in the 40s and low-to-mid 50s elsewhere. more cloud cover along the coast as the winds are coming on shore rather than offshore. storm-impact scale is ranked mainly a north bay even and very light with light wind and spotty light showers. 10:00 tomorrow, nothing. 11:00, a little bit up in santa rosa and by 2:00 it is down to half moon bay and san carlos and oakland but nothing inland and the south bay and as we head to 9:00 on sunday morning a few
5:49 am
trips. when we get to the afternoon hours it is gone. you can get outside. remember, the sun is setting an hour earlier because we get the center hour of sleep. alexis? >> everyone heard the forecast today and decided to take east day. we have light volume. a few slow spots, no surprise, the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights flips on at 5:30 finning in influence the maze with no blocking issues and golden gate bridge is wide open. the golden gate half marathon on sunday killing off at 7:00 a.m. the runners will contract the bridge and local closings at ft. mason. look out for that. it is quiet so i give you information on caltran work tomorrow night. full closure of 80 between saturday night at 11:00 through sunday morning at 7:00 a.m., to
5:50 am
san pablo avenue you will want to use san pablo avenue for the alterate. drive times in less than ten. >> "fly me to the moon," coming closer to the ethan any other full moon in seven years since 1948. it is called a super moon. it will not be like this again until 2034. don't miss it. >> a man accused of posing as tesla c.e.o. elon musk said the charges should be dropped for a surprising reason. >> cosmetic bust in the south bay. >> overw
5:51 am
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lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile.
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>> welcome back, you may have heard how popular a cosmetic is and a woman is charged with trying to sell make versions. you can see the lipsticks and eye sad dough that were found in her house. she had more than $50,000 worth of fake items branded as high end cosmetics, they could have arson ice and mercury posing a serious risk. >> donations are pour in to repier a mississippi church set on fire and vandalized with "vote trump." a campaign has raised $200,000 way more than the original $10,000 goal. this is after tuesday's arson attack. vote trump spray painted outside and the fire destroyed the sanctuary pews and pulpit. the congregation is
5:54 am
predominantly african-american. >> in southern california a church publish add news weather this said people would vote democrat are going to hell. obviously it raised concern. the father from the catholic church in san diego said he wrote the page long article called voting catholic and a spokesperson for the bishop said the letter misleads memorial and they clarify people will not go to hell for voting democrat. he will have a talk with the father. >> glad for that clarification. >> my sister is catholic and she votes democrat... >> good morning, everyone. here is what is going on. san jose has average high at 70. we will top out at 77 at 3:00. nonrouse of us -- numerous people are at 68. tomorrow, in walnut creek, we
5:55 am
are a big sponsor of walk for leukemia. whose picture is that? would that be jessica castro? shutly. temperatures are going to be in upper 60s and falling in the low 60. and dry. 63 in lake tahoe. low-to-mid 70s through the central valley. to los angeles, 83 and palm springs is 89. alexis? >> we have a couple new issues in the east bay. zooming in on the traffic maps in walnut creek, northbound 880, we hear about a collision, possibly overturned on the wheel on the shoulder. still working on the detail on that. hearing of a hazard, do not know if it is disabled or debris at stone valley in alamo area blocking the left lane. >> today, look at google's answer to amazon's echo.
5:56 am
it will be on sale. google will spend to spoken commands and answering questions and checking the calendar and turn on the tv. our reporter jonathan bloom is a tech guru. he liked it. if you want to get his review, go to his facebook page. it is a fun video. >> the united states military. s you even if you are overweight, covered in tattoos and smoke marijuana, as they scramble to keep up with the changing social attitudes part of a birthday review of recruiting standards, defense secretary carter said high wants to ensure the rules do not leave people out who want to serve our country. in the last year the pentagon has opened combat positions to women and opened restrictions against transgender.
5:57 am
>> a major safety recall washing machines that could leave you with serious injuries. >> wells fargo fired thousands of acre and now is hiring some of them back. >> from the live desk we have images from chicago. they are ready for a big celebration today. stay tuned. >> they are dying the river blue. >> the pallet yard fire is
5:58 am
for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury.
5:59 am
>> this is abc7 mornings. >> welcome to 6:00 on friday. sky 7 is over the east bay. this is a look at the friday commute at the toll plaza. we want to see the weather as you head out the door. >> we will talk about that with alexis and mike on this friday morning. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> we have the whole team, jess yes is here, alexis smith, they
6:00 am
deal with that each morning. >> more dramatic for us. >> mike nicco bringing always chance of rain. >> what happened to friday "lite"? that is friday "lite". >> that is friday "lite". >> you make a good point we have rain coming. the high clouds are up 30,000'. we have an east wind at 12 to 16. if you are hive through the east bay hills check out our day planner today, 45 to vick milder this morning. even the coast is 65 to 67 with filtered sunshine. by 4:00, 69 to 74 and 58 to 65 headed through the evening hours^. we have an issue at the beaches, supposed to under but it did not. that is ahead. >> the roads show we do not have blocking issues. look at the green on the map. most areas are light. up to the walnut creek area.


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