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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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occurring. >> a very short, talking microsecond, spikes in voltage. >> reporter: meaning those experts are exceptionally close. >> we are systemically laying out every possibility and then one by one eliminating them. >> reporter: one team focuses on finding and fixing the electrical problems, another team is working to repair the damaged cars. b.a.r.t. says it fixed 36 cars this weekend. still, commuters say the buses are crowded. >> you know, some people are upset about it. they should be really, really happy that b.a.r.t. is giving us the buses. >> they should have had a better handle on this. >> reporter: whether you're understanding -- >> this is going to take a while to pinpoint where it's at. >> reporter: -- or not, until b.a.r.t. isolates and fixes the problem, your rush hour commute will likely require some flexibility. >> if they can't figure it out, they have to replace it. if they can't replace it, we have to think of something new. >> reporter: from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. tuesday only the train will run here. from 9:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., only the buses will run.
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in concord, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. meanwhile b.a.r.t. said today there's no guarantee the power surge issues will disappear once their new fleet of trains takes over. the first ten cars are expected to go into service later this year. the full fleet of 775 new cars will be in place by 2021. while b.a.r.t. deals with the problems of the present san jose's mayor is leading a group in washington, d.c., looking for more money to bring b.a.r.t. to silicon valley. work has already started on b.a.r.t.'s extension from free monts to san jose. a coalition made up of 30 ceos will ask more funding to complete the link and pushing for money to electrify caltrain and double the capacity to carry commuters between the south bay and san francisco. boy, a driver in sonoma county is really lucky after a huge boulder crashed through the windshield of his car today. take a look at the video. we can show you. the man was driving this honda
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accord south on the highway near kidcreek road about 1:30 this morning. suddenly this huge rock came right through the windshield. >> what happened, he came around, turned and a rock came from the hill 40 feet up, went through the passenger side window and hit him in the shoulder. >> the driver veered off the highway and crashed into a tree. fire officials who shared this picture say the tree actually kept the man from flying into a creek. a rainy, windy start to the spring season. abc 7 news was in concord this afternoon when the wind was so strong and the rain was coming down outside the b.a.r.t. station there. but it didn't rain hard like that for long. when it did, it looked like a monsoon hitting the bay area. check out this downpour along san francisco's mission street. that was just past noontime. the umbrellas could not keep up with the pounding rain. right now let's get to abc 7
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meteorologist sandhya patel tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. >> kristen, there have been heavy downpours in areas. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. i'll show you where the evening commute is on the wet side. closer to the gilroy, highway 101, santa teresa boulevard, you'll notice the wet roadways. santa cruz mountains getting light to moderate rain. as we take you into street level radar, belmont, middlefield road, we're seeing the wet roadways. live picture from the san mateo bridge, see the rain drops on the ledge. san francisco, mission street. as we show you parts of the north bay and into the east bay around tiberon, light showers. in the east bay, dublin, pleasa pleasanton, 680 and 580, light to moderate rain. .012 in san francisco. about a quarter of an inch in
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santa rosa. far less in the inland east bay. the winds have been gusty. 31 miles per hour at oakland. we bring in our storm impact scale. all winter, now spring, we'll continue to track those storms, rate them from 1, light, 5, severe. this one for the rest of tonight through tomorrow morning is going to be a 1, remaining a light system with scattered showers. less than a quarter inch of additional rain. because we're expecting showers through tomorrow morning doesn't mean we're done with them yet. i'll be back with a detailed look. >> sandhya, thanks a lot. may not need apple's help hacking into the iphone of a san bernardino terrorist. the justice department asked to postpone tomorrow's court hearing on whether apple should be forced to help them unlock sayed farook's phone. it is now canceled. federal prosecutors say they have now leads on how to access it from someone outside of apple but still needs to run tests to make sure it works without compromises data on the phone. they don't want to do that. apple's ceo talked about his
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legal fight with the feds earlier today. during apple's big product release party at their headquarters. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom is life ve in cupertino w the company's other announcement. >> reporter: apple's iphones have been getting bigger. this is the new iphone 6s plus. the new iphone is now the smallest phone in apple's lineup and is not atten product that's shrinking. before we talk about those little gadgets, tim cook did talk about that one very big issue. >> i'd like to address something that i know is on the minds of many people this morning. >> reporter: for apple ceo tim cook, there was no dodging the headlines. >> he had to. it's the elephant in the room. it's possibly the biggest story in the country. over the past month. >> reporter: cook thanked customers who supported apple's fight against the fbi. >> we need to decide, as a nation, how much power the government should have over our
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data and over our privacy. >> reporter: he believes the promise of privacy is key to selling more iphones including the newest. >> as you may have heard, we're calling it the iphone se. >> reporter: replacing the iphone 5s, it looks nearly identical and has the guts of a newer and bigger 6s. is this a good move for apple? >> yeah, it's a really good move for apple. >> reporter: there's a reason 40% of iphones in use are the older models. >> for some people, they do really like that smaller phone size. >> reporter: at $399 it's also cheaper and free with a two-year contract. apple also made something else smaller. >> second member of the ipad family. >> reporter: apple is bringing new features, the ipad pro is almost identical in size to the older ipad air. >> a lot of people really wanted the ipad that has the keyboard and pencil and came out with that with the ipad pro in late last year. the problem was that thing is really big and really heavy. >> reporter: under a pound, the
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new pro starts at $599. of course the keyboard and the pencil cost extra. accessories just like these new bands for the apple watch. >> the top smelling smartwatch in the world. >> reporter: that may be true but -- >> if you look at what actually is the top selling wearable, it's fitbit. >> reporter: in cupertino, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. the supreme court agreed to referee a patent dispute between apple and samsung. the justices will decide whether the court can order samsung to pay apple every penny it made from phones that copied patented aspects of apple's iphone. the cupertino-based company is seeking $399 million. the case will be argued during the court's new term which begins in october. and if you use an android product, a notorious bug is back for the third time. it is a new version of the stage fright bug called metaphor. security firm northbit discovered metaphor and says it is the worst version yet. the bug allows hackers access to a users' personal data and
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functions if the user visits a malicious website. to protect your phone or tablet, have the latest security updates. a warning from amazon to kindle readers. you need to update the older devices before wednesday or you won't be able to access the internet to download books from the cloud or kindle store. the update affects kindle models made in 2012 or earlier. users who wait until after tomorrow will have to manually add the update using a desktop computer to regain access. still ahead on this monday evens fing for you a key player says thanks but no thanks. ripple effect from a sex scandal at uc berkeley. and -- >> tourism is the launchpin. >> traveling to cuba suddenly gets real. what you need to know about
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cal's men's basketball team suffered another blow today. one of the top shooting guards in the country withdrew his commitment to the team because of, quote, the uncertainty at cal. last week the assistant coach was fired for violating the school's policy. live with details of this latest news. not good for cal fans. >> reporter: not good. his name is tyson jolly. he is a rising star, but now he won't be doing shooting, dribbling or anything for cal. tyson jolly first committed to the cal basketball team in april 2015. the university had even released this highlights video of the 6'4" shooting guard. but instead of coming to cal, jolly decided to improve his skills by attending an athletic prep school in florida. then this year, he told cal he was finally ready to make the move, that's until it was
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reported that the assistant coach, hufnagel, was fired over allegations of sexual harassment. late this afternoon cal's west malet issued this statement. a student athlete has a right to change his or her mind during the process. that is not unusual and it does happen. the team has since released jolly. jolly who was already given the number 25 tweeted, given the uncertainty at cal, i have decided to ask out of my letter of intention and re-open my recruitment. this was not an easy decision but the right one. there have also been reports that two cal freshmen may decide to turn pro. the team made it to the ncaa tournament but lost in the first round against hawaii last friday. garrett corcoran, a student, says he feels for the players. >> cross country team, we see these guys in the locker room every day. they put in a lot of work. it's real tough. >> for the university it's a bad look because of the things going on, it's not just him.
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they've had problems with the dean of the law school and other guys. >> reporter: the uc president now wants to implement new measures when dealing with the issue of sexual harassment on all campuses. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. it is day two of president obama's historic trip to cuba. this morning the president laid a wreath at the monument to cuban revolutionary leader jose marte and president obama met with cuban president raul castro. the president said the men had a frank and candid talk on human rights and democracy. mr. castro spoke later of lifting the u.s. trade embargo on cuba. >> translator: that's why its removal will be of the essence to normal ice bilateral relations. >> if we stay on this course we can deliver a better and brighter future for both the cuban people and the american people. >> obama also sought to reassure cubans weary of united states diplomacy. he says the future of cuba will be decided by cubans, not by
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anybody else. the white house's official photographer captured the moment mr. obama saw cuba for the very first time. posted today you can see the president seen kneeling by a window staring out along with his staffers as air force one prepared to land in happvana. many in the bay area have been traveling to cuba for years. new openness with the country will make it easier. cornell barnard is live with that. >> diplomatic relations for the u.s. are warming, going there is about to get less complicated for tourists and those in the bay area doing outreach in parts of cuba that need support. images of cuba not always seen by tourists. this is eastern cuba where water and other resources are often scarce. >> people walk up to five, six, ten kilometers to get water. >> reporter: ni they started the non-profit bay
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area cuban alliance phelping bring clean water and clean energy to cuba. >> solar panel. wind. you know, with wind, with water rp the group has already installed water filtration systems in several towns called colonies. new openness with the u.s. and cuba will make the job easier. >> we can send things and have a bank account and work with people on the ground there in a much easier way. >> reporter: as for tourism, going to cuba is about to get easier, too. >> the announcement has been made for reestablishing direct flights and my estimation is within the year, we will see that. >> reporter: until then, getting there is doable, says manny at cuba travel adventure group in tiberon. fly through mexico or canada under certain criteria but travel restrictions are still in place. >> you would have to fly charter which is very easy. >> reporter: charter flights through travel groups sell out fast so book well in advance. group travel will allow you
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unrestricted access to much of havana. copstein says cuba is safe for tourists, that's because punishment involving tourist crimes is severe. experts say don't expect your tablet or smartphone to work well in cuba, wi-fi is still spotty, and bring cash. u.s. credit cards are not widely accepted yet. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. more economic doors opened with cuba today. carnival cruise lines will start going to the island nation in may. air bnb will help people find places to stay in cuba. other local firms stand to benefit from the thawing of relations between the u.s. and cuba. mountain view based google will help set up wi-fi and broadband in cuba. and san jose's paypal will offer its money transfer service, zoom, in cuba. san francisco board of supervisors committee today showed unanimous support for
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legislation that would prohibit evictions of school employees, childcare givers and families during the school year. currently families with children under 18 are protected from owner move-in evictions during the school year. if the proposal must still win approval from the full board of supervisors. 90 new affordable housing units meantime opened at the mcarthur b.a.r.t. station in oakland today. the recently completed mural building as it's called is the first in a plan to build three or four new housing units. that plan has been in the works for 20 years. all of the units are for residents making 50% or less of the median area income. that comes to $46,000 a year for a family of four. all right. showers with us. just enough to keep us on our toes really. >> and drive carefulr rcarefull dan and kristen? it's slippery on some areas this evening. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. where we are seeing showers
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right now and how long those showers will last. as you take a closer look, most is concentrated across san francisco, the central bay and south bay. take you in a little bit closer here, san francisco, we are seeing light rain moving out of the bay view district. it's still wit around the sun st. district. as we head down toward the peninsula, pockets of moderate rain around the palo alto area, mountain view, 85. and we head into the east bay from dublin to pleasanton, out toward livermore area we're seeing lighter steadier rain. so your commute the this evenin could be slow going because of the showers. in the sierra, 80 reporting chain controls. all other roads leading to tahoe are just fine. expecting snow above 4,500. 5 to 10 inches. if you're heading up to the mountains, keep in mind it could be obviously slow going heading up there. this is great. as the statewide sierra snow pack is 88% of normal so we need snow up there. 12 inches expected at donner.
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14 inches at kirkwood. bay area right now, 50s, 60s with the cloud cover comfortable. a beautiful view. see light snow falling right now and nice blanket of snow on the ground. scattered showers tonight. isolated showers continue into tuesday. sunnier and nicer pattern setting up for the middle of the week. what's left of this system for tonight going into tomorrow, it's a 1, a light system. scattered showers. less than a quarter inch of additional rain is expected. don't be surprised if you do see a brief downpour between tonight and early tomorrow morning. so here's your hour-by-hour timeline. 6:00 tonight you're still seeing showers in the east bay down toward the south bay. and then those showers will pop up just about anywhere around 10:00 p.m. tonight only to continue 4:00 a.m. if you're an early commuter, you will see some slick roadways here, but then as we head into 5:00 a.m., not as many wet spots going into the afternoon. just isolated showers will be
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popping up. primarily in the mountains and it will wind down as we head toward the middle of the afternoon into the evening tomorrow. we do have high surf advisory for the coast. it runs until 4:00 a.m. wednesday. watch out for the large breakers, sneaker waves. swell heights out of the west 15 to 20 feet. right now the surf is anywhere between 10 and 11 feet. tomorrow morning, temperatures low 40s to the low 50s. probably a good idea to just have an umbrella with you. you may or may not need it for the morning hours. then for the afternoon, an isolated shower or two as i mentioned will be just about it. 59 tomorrow afternoon in san francisco. 62 oakland. napa. 61 in santo rosa. san mateo, oakland, san jose, livermore all in the low 60s. a look at the accuweather zem seven-day forecast. a dry forecast, milder one. this will definitely reflect a spring pattern. as you notice temperatures inching up low 60s to low 70s
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thursday, right on through the weekend. easter sunday looking great for the egg hunts for the little ones. kristen and dan. low 60s to the mid 70s. i don't think the bunny will get wet. >> what do you mean for the little ones? i'm going to go on an easter egg hunt. >> he's fearless. >> thanks, sandhya. astronaut tim peake tweeted out this really cool picture. he says every so often the orbit lets him enjoy a longer sunrise and sunset allowing more time to capture spectacular colors like these. >> that's nice. >> isn't that nice? meantime, we want to thank nam who took this one, right? another gun onood one-last nigh sunset from emeryville looking toward san francisco and the golden gate bridge. painted red and orange. the skies. >> share your pictures using #abc7now. we just love sharing them. all right. this little piggy definitely didn't stay home. but soon, she'll have one. up next, the wayward piglet swapping the city for the country. then at 5:30 on "world news
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with david muir." >> my exclusive interview with president obama in cuba. what happened inside the room with raul castro. the president says change is coming. the awkward moment at the news conference. and we asked the president about donald trump and predictions of riots. after abc 7 news. >> david muir reporting from cuba. thanks, david. new at 6:00 the high-tech back surgery with less pain, faster recovery, and fewer complications. it's very promising. we'll
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the spacecraft carrying new residents of the international space station arrived today, two russian cosmonauts and american astronaut jeff williams on board. williams will spend six months on the station and become the america record holder for cumulative days in space, 543
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days over 3 missions. sevastepol is gets recognition in japan. an officer along with other community members traveled to takeo with world friends that connects city, educational and world programs. the officer took a picture of a sevastepol street sign installed to honor the long standing sister city relationship. the officer met with the city's police chief and other officers as well. the organization professional businesswomen of california will be changing the game at san francisco's moscone center tonight and tomorrow. that's the theme of this year's sold out conference, empowering women in their choezen fields. abc 7 is once again a proud sponsor of the 27th annual event founded by congresswoman jackie spear. she with one of several keynote speakers including venus williams as well. we have an update on the
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piglet that was found lost and scared in san francisco's mission district two weeks ago. brother damian joseph helped catch the piglet named janice. brother damian was at the city's animal control and care center today to see the little piggy go home. janice was adopted by a sonoma county reptile rescue and will be visiting schools as part of the center's educational program. >> it's hard to call snakes cute so we often bring other surprises and janice will be part of that and work with her to get her used to people because everybody loves a pig. >> indeed. and janice doesn't even have to worry that the last name of the director of the rescue center is actually wolf. >> isn't that something? >> he did all his huffing and puffing before he picked up janice as he got her new home ready. >> that's pretty cute. well, celebrities are getting ready for their big debut on "dancing with the
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stars." >> tonight the season premiere.
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coming up tonight, why can't phone companies put a stop to robo calls? 7 on your side's michael finney investigates tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. all right. and then at 6:00, new debate surrounding mcmath, what her family says changed since the teenager was declared brain dead after surgery in oakland more than two years ago. plus, san francisco's cuban-americans are all talking about the president's historic visit. we'll bring you their perspective. and -- >> this is "jeopardy." >> thousands apply but only a handful make it on to "jeopardy." see how it happens at 6:00. super bowl 50 mvp von miller tells us the last time he danced was in the bay area actually. >> really? he did a victory dance on the field, that is, in santa clara.
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>> i don't think i have a lot of -- whether i can do it here. >> oh, he's showing the moves. he demonstrated some of that shoulder shimmy. he's hopining it will help him during latin dances on "dancing with the stars." >> we spoke with miller and jodie sweetin of full house. >> how are rehearsals going. >> all of the fun and brightness, her personality and everything, she's one of the toughest coaches i've ever had. >> i have no ballroom dance experience. i have danced a little l bit growing up here and there, stephanie was a dancer on "full house." but this is unlike anything i've challenged myself to do before. >> "gma's" ginger zee will be competing and the morning team tweeted her this good luck message sending the mirror ball her way. >> that's fun. the two hour season premiere starts tonight at 8:00 on abc 7.
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>> a lot of good dancing ahead. "world news" is coming up next. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from cuba. the president making history here, proclaiming the united states and cuba are no longer enemies. standing side-by-side with president raul castro. the extraordinary moment. castro taking questions from reporters. pressed on human rights. and the uncomfortable moment with president obama. and right after, my exclusive interview with the president. we asked, what was said inside that room with raul castro? you were in that room, do you trust president castro? do you believe that he truly wants change here? we also asked the president about criticism back home and about the arrests of dissidents right here in cuba, even as he arrived, as he now prepares for his historic speech to the people of cuba. also tonight, donald trump, facing tough new questions about the violence breaking out at his rallies. trump defending his supporters.


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