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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 2, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> check out the spring like picture in san francisco: the sunny, warm, dry as far as we can tell from sutro tower. conditions are changing right now. we are about to get rain for the first time in a long time. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am kristen sze. a storm is hours away from hitting the bay area. many more storms will follow. >> now the latest from meteorologist mike nicco tracking it all. mike? >> good morning, natasha and kristen. hard to believe with all of the sunshine i am asking you to find your umbrella. it has been nearly two weeks and here is a look at february. we only had measurable rain five
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days. last was 19th two weeks ago. this is live doppler 7 hd showing you right new we have the high clouds overtaking the murkyness left from the morning fog. if you are headed out from 3:00 to 9:00 no need to worry about the wet weather. enjoy the mild temperatures but overnight and through tomorrow morning's commute is when we will have the best chance of rain. i will look at our storm impact scale and give you an idea what to expect and the stronger storms this weekend in the big weather coming up. >> you can keep track of the storm where you live on the nos app tracking live doppler hd right on your phone. app is tree to download. enable push alerts to get the latest information. >> san francisco's medical examiner is work telling identify a body recovered if lake in golden gate park. % at scene on chain lake drive between the polo and equestrian field.
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we are there with the latest. >> someone walking through the park first spotted the body floating in the lake before 8:00 a.m. we just learned police are not investigating this as a homicide at this time. this is south lake long chain of lakes drive in golden gate park. when police and park rangers arrived they found the person dead. workers with the medical examiner went into the water wearing waders and pulled out the body. police say that this is nothing that hooks them to believe this is a suspicious death. there is no obvious sign of foul play. a man i specific to who frequents the park told me he recognized victim. he said it is a man who might live in the park and is often seen sitting on the bench above south lake. i saw investigators taking pictures of item on the bench. the rangers re-opened the area to the public. the scene is cleared. the cause of the death is "under investigation."
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thank you, appreciate it. developing news right new from indonesia, a major, struck early this morning measuring 7.8. the u.s. geological survey earthquake map pulled up right new shows the earthquake centered in the indian ocean off the west coast of sumatra. the earthquake did not trigger a tsunami. it is important to note the center is just south of the 2004 earthquake that triggered the deadliest tsunami killing more than 200,000 people. no immediate reports of damage or injuries from the latest earthquake but the video you can see throughs of people leaving their homes after the shaking started. >> new this morning, a san jose liver is recovering after getting hit by a car driven by a naked man. it happened at the police horse stables around 7:00 this morning. police say the man drove through a, thered front gate, hit the officer, and the pole and a
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police car. the officers say he was actioning strangely and refused to get out of the car. he was arrested after a struggle. the officer is expected to be okay. >> a disturbing warning to drivers in san mateo county. thieves could be watching you long before you leave car. the county sent out an alert packing their cars and monitoring people as they exit their vehicle. most of the break-ins have taken place in parking lots between 5:00 and 8:00 at night in san carlos and other communities. here is what you can do. shoppers should not stop to drop off packages and return shopping. cover the laptop or briefcase with a coat is a bad idea. you could think you are okay but thieves watch. the bottom line: do not leave anything of value in the car. >> the man accused of shooting and killing a richmond police officer inside the vallejo home is expected to be formally challenged. 30 career oath robert vega
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appeared in court on murder charges two weeks ago the father of officer gus vegas six-year-old grandson. a 50-year-old gun range is given a year to close. the par district voted unanimously last night to close the chabot gun club. the debate was controversial. leaders say they were concerned taxpayers would be stuck paying millions to clean up the pollution of the lead bullets. members called the issue overblown. >> will a local high school ditch the mascot for claims it is rooted in racism? the principal said we could know the answer in a few weeks. the debate is over this, rebel guy, because of his past. he used to be come until rebel when the school was dead rated with confederate flags which were removed in the knew ins and the mascot was renamed and
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redesigned. some say that is not enough. the principal hopes the board will vote on the future of rebel guy in march. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are the frontrunners and looking ahead to weekend primaries in caucuses after the big wins on super tuesday. voters across the midwest and says head to the polls next. stehpanie is in washington, dc, with a look at the campaign trail. >> super tuesday is over with both front runners in each party cementing the lead. >> this is identify. >> with these results the november election will likely be a matchup of hillary clinton and donald trump, sweeping a big win in seven states and making it much harder for the rivals to catch up. >> marco rubio winning only in one state, minnesota, and ted cruz grabbing the most votes in oakland oakland, alaska, and his home state of texas. >> we have done something that almost no one thought could be done.
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>> democratic front runner hillary clinton increasing big wins in several delegate heavy states administration super tuesday wrapped up and with the commanding lead, taking on trump. >> rather than building walls, we are going to break down barriers. >> after a landslide, bernie sanders staying tune. >> he is not showing any sign of ending the campaign. >> after so many votes the g.o.p. fields do not have five candidates including ben carson and they say they are staying in the race. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and so much closer to the nominee status but her competition, bernie sanders, said he is staying in the race until the democratic national convention. in july. >> we have complete super tuesday election results and reaction from the candidates on our website at >> astronaut scott kelly is safely back on earth. he is still a few hours away
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from touch down in the united states. he is expected to reunite with his family in houston tonight. our reporter joins us with new details. nasa calls the mission a "significant step toward travel to mars." >> that is right. scott kelly has spent more days in space than any other american. nasa plans to study how much so much time without gravity has impact the his embody. >> after traveling 14 million miles in space, scott kelly is on the last leg of his long journey home. he landed in kazakhstan. >> back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> nothing like new cold air coming into the capsule. >> he answer add if you questions before boarding a 20-hour flight to houston. >> i believe the space station, to leave, it was bitter sweet. i looked forward to leaving but, at the same time, it is a magnificent place and i will miss it. >> he will reunite with his
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family tonight. he said being away from those he loved was the most difficult part of life on the international space station. >> the year is a long time. it felt like i was up there my whole life. after about the first six months. >> with the mission over, the science begins. when he gets to houston, nasa. spend a year testing both scott and his twin brother, mark, to determine the affects the life in space. comparing the twins' result of million schools. >> the mission to mars will last 2 1/2 years so this is important. nasa calls the trip "an important steppingstone to humans reaching the red planet." >> giving to mars one day it will make things better on earth. happy to be part of that. >> he is expected to touch southern houston at 11:45 eastern time. when he is home, he is very
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excited to jump in his pool. >> a new twist in the malaysian airline mystery and a discovery that could provide answers of missing flight 370. >> a viral video making everyone online take a double take and what happened moments after the toddler tumbled out of the moving van. >> gorgeous view of the bay bridge and the skies over the bay starting to turn gray. meteorologist mike nicco is. coming up with a look at the rain in the
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>> all the storm impact scale, today's storm is level "1" for light rain. keep the umbrella handy. drive safely. check this on the abc7 news corner. >> keep a close eye on the back of this van. can you understand why it is subsequent rating so much buzz this morning, this toddler in a pink coat tumbling out of the back of the moving van falling right in moving traffic behind it. the van? it keeps on going. this happened in china and first of all, the to the her is -- the toddler is okay. after the video surfaced we learned that this van was rear ended in a crash last month so the back door doesn't quite latch properly. it looks terrifying, but it has a happy ending. a good samaritan stopped, picked up the girlfriend and tracked
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down the van, returned it to the parents. thank goodness. >> developing news in the mystery of missing malaysian airline flights 370. investigators are examining debris just fund off mozambique. it would be the second part of wreckage found since july. flight 370 vanished two years ago this month on the way to beijing with 239 people on board. officials say that the new debris appears to be part of a stabilizer on boeing 777. it is the only anyone picing 777. >> happening now the supreme court is debating the biggest abortion case in a quarter century. protesters were outside the courthouse before deliberate rays were underway this morning. at issue is a texas abortion law requiring two things: that doctors have admitting privileges at local hospitals; two, that the clinics upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards.
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supporters say this is meant to protect women's help but open pops say it is a disguised attempt to hamper a woman's right to an abortion. if the supreme court lets the lower court stand it will essentially shut down all but ten abortion clinics in texas. >> parents, today is a big day if you have a child heading to college next year. at midnight the statewide deadline to file the financial aid form which is needed to get any financial aid awards including scholarships and federal aids and state grants. the form determines how much you can borrow from the government, make sure you meet the deadline. >> i would like to borrow an umbrella. i cannot find it. rain is headed our way and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. mike? >> good morning, again, the deadline for dry weather is up, also, we are going to ease back into the winter rain and our first storm is light, but wait until you see what is happening this weekend, it is a land changer with the -- it is a plan
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changer with the details ahead. >> back to the ballroom for "dancing with the stars" with the first celebrity to gin the season of the hit show. that is next.
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>> adults are taking a few minutes out of the the day to read to children. in san francisco, they were there for "read across america day organization -- day," for dr. seuss' birthday. >> enwhen i announced it, they
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were happy and i gave them a pencil of dr. seuss. they love this day. >> more than 50 guest readers took part at school including a san francisco police officer who talked to the kids about staying safe and san francisco firefighter chief hayes-white. >> we should be reading about how to handle the wind. >> we have forgotten. >> meteorologist mike nicco do you have a dr. seuss seem find your umbrellas, something... >> i should work on that. i was thinking mostly cloudy with a chance of b bull. >> that is a good work. >> we are exited the rain is coming, and maybe we do not lick the timing. over the weekend, we have the potential for march and the latest information is in, we have several days of wet weather starting tonight in the north by and we could get next tuesday and wednesday off and next saturday but through the 15th it is looking healthy than
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february at one medical guided and the other is dry. i thought we would be optimistic and the big storm, notice it is spinning in the gulf of alaska and the energy is, the tail end of storm so you are seeing a last low clouds and the fog lifting to haze and it is sunny and dry. rainy in the morning, and unsettled on thursday, all the way through and at least on monday. the temperatures today are the 70s inland east bay and fremont in the south bay and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60s and, tonight, besides all of the rain you can see, it is going to be mild with low-to-mid 50s. we will talk about our abc7 storm impact scale, "5" is severe and "4" is major, none of those but a couple of strong ones. we will ease in, sightly, into the rain pattern, tonight and tomorrow morning less than 1" rain and the winds are light. that is one of the key ingredients. how does it unfold? at 5:00 the high clouds are thicker and by 10:00, light-to-moderate rain and green
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to yellow moving into the north bay and during the overnight hours, the cold front is sliding to the south bay by 4:00 and it falls apart is we are left with drizzle and scattered rain throughout the morning commute and even through 9:00, and, then, during the afternoon hours, just a scattered light shower here and there as the front will stay over the top of us and create the needed rain. the south bay is going to get the least amount because the storm is coming from the north at .1" and the resolution of us .25" to .5", maybe three-quarters of an inch in the north bay in the mountains. now, fast forward to the bigger storm that coming in, i wanted did show you what it is doing, when is the semi- coming back, i want to get one more trip, 1-2' of snow by monday morning. become at home, i have it as a (2) on saturday and sunday. as we are closer we may have
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have to change sunday to a "3" if the thunderstorms develop and the rain is as heavy and the wind as strong as the models right new. if that happens we have the potential for flooding and the possibility of power loss. right now, not going there but it is something we are keeping in the back of our mind. you should, too, for the weekend plans. enjoy the sunshine. it is almost gone. >> enjoy the rain. >> do you hear the music? it is become. 19 days away from the new season of "dancing with the stars" right here on abc7. and this morning we know of one star who will be joining the cast. >> the house star is following in the foot steps of her tv sister on the show in 2014. she stopped by the big reveal say she is getting a few tips from her sister. >> i am great and excited and shared with me it will be the most exciting and overwhelming physically and mentally
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demanding things i will ever do. >> i hate to break it, derek hough fans is not a fan performing on broadway and taking a break from the she. season 22 of "dancing with the stars" premieres on monday march 21 right here. >> getting your kids to eat the vegetables is not easy but this dad is getting the dad done and what he is doing differently to get his little ones to
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>> a tesla is going back-to-school and why the electric carmaker is teaming up with a local community college for high-tech training. forget the hassle of alonging for your wallet or phone at 5 o'clock, paying for the purchase hands free. >> nevada dad is making time with his son the best parts of the day with the meals. look at this. ♪ green on beans ♪ green on your soul ♪ i'll be your friend ♪ i'll feed you vegetables >> he hat his own twist on "lean on me," and it is working. " so sweet.
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>> the boy weapons eating the vegetables if his dad doesn't stop singing. hope his voice is strong and he can sing. for a long-term.
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>> can i guarantee that someone will win the million dollars today? no, but if they do, do you really want to go the rest of your life knowing you missed it? stick around. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire?" [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire?" [cheers and applause] good. because our returning contestant is a mother of three who's heart may be in the kitchen, but her mind is on the million dollars today. from norwalk, connecticut, please welcome back kathleen spellman. [cheers and applause] kathleen, welcome back. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> good to have you back. >> thanks. >> you know, you and i were talking as we wrapped up yesterday-- why you're here


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