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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 30, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. he is charged with aggravated indecent charge. >> 50 women have accused bill cosby of drugging or sexually assaulting him and he was formally charged with sexual assault in one case. this is a month before the statute of limitations will expire. >> thank you for joining us. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. thank you is after years of accusations by dozen of women who say say he sexually assaultd them. >> they are all similar and pile up for months but today is the first time he has actually been charged in connection with any
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of them. >> our reporter is in washington with a look at new ever. >> good afternoon. more than 50 women have come forward accusing bill cosby of sexual assault, drugging or rape and until now no one has been gotten the case nerd a criminal court. >> prosecutors announce for the first time since he has been accuse evidence of assaulting dozens he will be arrested on charged in one of the cases. >> bill cosby is charged with aggravated indecent assault. this is a felony of the first-degree. all the decision to charge him come as month before the statute of limitations would have expired in the agencies -- in the alleges brought by the employ i who accused him of assaulting her at his pension mansion in 2004. >> on the evening in question he urge her to take pills and he provided them.
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and to drink wine. the effect of which rendered hour enable to move or respond to his advances. >> years ago when she reported the assault the prosecutor decided there was not enough today push sue the case and she selled with him in civil court, the prosecution said they re-opened the criminal case because they saw new evidence including incriminating statements made in a thousand page democrat mission released for the first time this summer. in it he admitted he gave quaaludes to women but insisted he did it only when consensual. >> our team reviewed the initial investigation. we interviewed some of the witnesses. we examined evidence from the civil case. we examined information from other alleged victims. >> her attorneys have released a statement open her behalf thanking the prosecutors and the investigators and said she will not comment further. >> thank you.
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we have break news, now, in san jose, v.t.a. light rail service slowed when a train hit a person before 10:00 a.m. at capital avenue. investigator say the person was crossing the street when the train hit. that victim is at the hospital. we do not know the condition of the victim. passengers are told to use the bus as the alternate between alum rock and that station. you can get updates an twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> a him in concord is devoid. it was gut by flames. the big question: what sparked the fire? >> our reporter is on the scene. you spoke with the homeowner and had have been a series of problems with this house? >> yes, natasha and reggie this is all that is least of the house. it was remember house and now an eyesore. i spoke with the own whoever did not want to go on camera. she said she owned it for 20 years and it has been vacant and
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blames squatters for what happened this morning. >> orange flames lit up the dark skies. the fire company got call after 2:30 about a fully engulfed house and could not threat right away. >> we had difficulty getting to the structure because there was a power drop on the ground. it was a safety hazard. >> peg arrived to shut east power to the house and the gas line that was leaking. original one neighbor next door was evacuated. others watched as crews finally knocked down the flames and got the situation under criminal. >> my mom said that at 2:00 a.m. she heard a "pop," big pops. >> neighbors say since the house has been vacant it has been nothing but trouble that the owner confirms to us. >> been a last problems at the house. in the last couple of months, it has been crazy over there. all the problem is, this are a lot of homeless squaters in
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concord. >> it has been a kern county-wide and they heard reports of squaters inside the house but after a thorough search they did not find victims >> yes, as you can see the house now is barred up and it is too dangerous for anyone to go inside and investigators will be back tout determine exactly what caused the fire. report live in concord for janet o. thank you. san jose police are searching for clues about a stabbing that left a man and a woman in critical condition. this happened last night at the carl's jr. restaurant in san jose when the victims were buying food. a group men condition fronted them and attacked. the suspects took off in a gray car. no more details have been released. >> san francisco police have released surveillance video of an attack on a muni bus. this footage is from november 3 weapon the bus was on mission and 6th street.
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a 5 a year old passenger saw two men got on the bus thought they were acting suspiciously when they approached him and they attacked him the victim is hospitalized with head injuries. if you happen to recognize the attackers, please call police. >> we are rooting for the pregnant elephant seal who was released last night. a biologist will be at point reyes to check on her. she was safely removed from the mud flats near highway 37 and 121 after to days of trying to cross the road and get to the dry land. rescuers named elephant seal tulay after the waterway. >> and it was not just freezing but below freezing. if you out of practice with the ice scraper you are not alone. matt keller is along los gatos trail and campbell. matt, how is it going? >> it is chilly. my app said it is 46 degrees
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here in campbell. you better get used to the cold weather because it will stick around this week. the cold temperatures in san jose make it pretty comfortable for reindeer. you will not see a snowman, you will see note conditions. >> nothing says eling early with iced over windshields delaying drivers. >> do this every day, every morning since two wreck. all the photographer could not believe how cold it was this morning. >> that is up with the sweatshirt? >> heavy jacket. i am in denial. >> a nursecy recovered up their more vulnerable items. >> people think when you cover your plants can you put a blanket on them but you want it to be elevated's the flops it keep the trust from temperature touching the plant which can still happen if they are covered
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. you measure want to limit your wake if the early morning and bring if your roughed ones inside the house overnight. in the south bay, it was not the only place with forecasty conditions. look a this photo shared by concord on instagram with a sheet of his on a windshield. >> and you can see the frozen glass in san leandro. lisa argen is tracking the cold snap. >> i am envious of matter's -- matt's sunshine because we have mist and drizzle. in san jose, it is looking nice. but temperatures are certainly cool. these are the warmer numbers though, 46 in san francisco, 48 in oakland, and 50 in mountain view and san jose, and, still, cold in morgan hill and half moon bay. in the north bay, though, it is really cold, misty, drizzly and
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temperatures are barely at 40 degrees. we do have a little deficit lighter rain from concord and napa and santa rosa but it is low level moisture and not picked up bit radar. tonight we will look at the temperatures, again, into the 30s and not quite so cold with cloud cover to insulate us. but we are tracking the rain and we will have a couple chaps in the next few days. >> thank you. look at this video just in,.com water managers are surveying the snow pack in the sierra for the first time had season and we are expecting good news. the daughter content -- the water content is 112 percent of normal for this time of year, they are encouraged and there will be an update on abc7 news. >> we are learning the environmental damage from the valley fire could stretch beyond lake county. heavy rain this winter could
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watch toxic residue from the fires into streams that flow to the fire area and beyond. officials plan to mop for the water quality in napa and lake county. the fire bound more than 76,000 acres and destroyed 1,300 homes. clean up is expected to cost 104 million dollars. >> happening today, we are expecting an nfl deadline to come. and go. the city is supposed to submit a formal financing land for a new stadium to keep the raiders in town. the mayor schaaf did submit a five-page letter to the league updating progress and asking for more time to get to a deal. our media partner reports that raiders ower mark davis said it appears the city is not serious about reaping a deal to keep the team in oakland. the raiders are one of three nfl teams eyeing a move to los angeles. a teen on run from authorities is still in mexico and new video surfaces of what they does while
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they were going. >> a priest caught red handed enjoying a hot holiday seller and what he is saying at it went viral
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and now breaking news from dublin, sky 7 just arrived ahead of the scene right now and this is police activity on dublin boulevard, a traffic accident. we are zooming in so you can see the crushed c.h.p. motorcycle
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next to the red pickup. authorities are not releasing information regarding potential injuries but it looks bad and the intersection is shut down. well let you know when we know more information in breaking news at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. or on >> we low pressure for the best. >> and now, the woman charged with the deadly crash on the las vegas strip turns out she tested positive for mar juan showing lakeisha holloway hall had active marijuana in her system the night she slammed into dozens of people would were walking along las vegas strip. she also had a large amount of marijuana indication of previous use of marijuana. one person died and more than 30 others were hurt in the december to crash. >> there are new details in the affluenza teen with an official saying 18-year-old ethan couch has been grant add three-day
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delay in deportation. the fugitive from texas and his mother were to be sent become to houston today. look at this exclusive video, you can see him entering a butcher shop across the street from where he was staying in puerto vallarta. he dyed his hair black and a gone call for pizza led to the cap you are too. authorities say ethan couch and his mom planned to disaper after this video showing him violating parole at a party went environmental. he pleaded guilty in 2013 to driving drunk and killing four and was sentenced to probation ambassador it was said he was too legal to know right from wrong. you cannot take a hover board anywhere. now in the philippines, the diocese is say "no," to the priest on hoverboards. they were not happy with the
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father's spin on christmas eve mass and suspend him he now is apologizing saying it has been a wake-up call. i guess they -- this is a conservative group that is open line and they were not happy with the hover board or with the singing. >> many of you stepped outside and saw frost and lisa has weather, will with video warm weather cincinatti. >> we have to wait for more sunshine but that is on the way and the shorts. it is really cold out here in the north bay and you is rain, sunshine in the south bay and the temperatures will remain 5-10 degrees with the full forecast next. >> anyone who takes the gonna will want did know about a big change coming soon on monday. >> and a local animal agency is trying to tram down the siblings of these puppies, the warning they have about the man who sold
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>> and the spca is looking for the siblings of three adorable puppies just five weeks old, a pit bull mix, the owner illegally sold them before they were allowed to be separated from the mother. the spca wants to track down anyone with may is purchased the sin lanes warning that the opinion byes were not properly vaccinated. it is illegal to sell puppies under eight weeks old without prior approval from a vet. >> major changes on monday for those would use the golden gate bridge, the bridge managers say the current evening rush hour man is not working. starting next weeks crews will change the lane configure race on the bridge twice a week
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rather than every day. >> we pound that thursdays and fridays particularly we have an increased number of vehicles that are leaving the city trying to get out of san francisco and that is the time when it is most beneficial to have four lanes north so we are going to have four lanes north north and two lanes south. the rest the day, during the week, monday and tuesday and wednesday, three lanes south and three lanes north. officials say this configuration is going to aeleven eight congestion during peak hours. >> i get it. i get it finally with the graphic. >> and enjoy, lisa is on the roof monday to the conditions. is it as cold as it looks? >> we have mist falling right now and you probably cannot see it. the not bay has been plagued with light rain and visibility is an issue and continues to be.
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one mile visibility in santa rosa with to miles in napa and petaluma and we have the light rain as far sour as concord and at 10 miles visibility. 70s miles south of here and you are basking in sunshine with low 50s and still, a cool afternoon, and there is sun and 46 here. sfo will have cloud cover but we are looking at mist and drizzle, and check out the north bay and east bay numbers, barely in the 40s. so it will be a chilly afternoon in the sierra ever never where the sunshine now is best but the possibility of more cloud cover and spotty showers possible the rest of us sunny skies tomorrow and new year's day and it looks like part of the weekend will be dry, dry for the new area's celebration. we will check it out through the rest of the the afternoon at 1:00, a few spotty sures from santa rosa, and maybe into san francisco but the livelihood is the north by through the
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afternoon, and, by the evening, maybe in san francisco and on the peninsula, the santa cruz mountains keep that in mine, with slick roads and a cold system so we have had problems with black ice and maybe mixed precipitation. at 1:00 the north bay will get wet and at 6:00 we have showers on sunday. monday we are dry. news we have conditions getting increasingly wet with morning rain and afternoon rain and this could be a descents system with 1" of precipitation and possibly more the a last folks are going to the sierra nevada and to the southland with chilly morning conditions and 60s in the afternoon today and clouds in the northern sierra, unfortunately, mother nature is not helping with 9 know there and we manage at san francisco, and the rain chances for the next several difficulties, there is something coming in on sunday and it will be drying out on monday and the best rain chances are on tuesday and then
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wednesday of 2016. planning your new year's eve in san francisco is clear and milder in the 40s and cooler in the outlying areas for new year's eve. afternoon highs only in the mid-to-upper 40s in the in the bay and low-to-mid 50s in the south bay with more sunshine and chance of showers in the day. the seven seven sews starting to tomorrow with temperatures remaining below average through new year's day and a nice saturday to the weekend and rains on sunday night into monday and tuesday it looks like a number two on a storm impact scale which would bring us rain and much needed snow as well, in the sierra nevada. >> thank you. for the next story you are really happy you do not have smell-vision. look at this flower it smells like rotting flesh and thursday be running to see it. idea rush? you see it
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>> shakespeare wrote a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. what if it is not a rose but this? this is unlike the movie, a fascinating flower that is not deferring human flesh but it smells like it. this individual joe a rare giant plant blooming flown as the corps. flower because it smells like
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flesh or rotting fish. the botanic gardens in straightia is share this video that lasts four 48 hours but it lasts forever in video. haw is as close as i want to be. to that flower. >> thank you so much.
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>> one player, one dream, and 14 questions standing in the way. it's "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play? [cheers and applause] good, because today continues a very special show. we have a returning contestant. he's a family man who's dedicated his life to inspiring others to overcome personal obstacles. today, he's using some of his own advice to battle his way to $1 million. from louisville, kentucky, please welcome back patrick hughes. [cheers and applause] patrick, welcome back. >> hey, chris, good to be here. >> good to see you, man. welcome back to you and to also welcome back your plus one. tell us about him again. >> patrick is my oldest son.


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