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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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in the past couple months, putting weapons in the hands of the wrong people. >> the chp officer was off duty when someone smashed the window of his prius and stole his loaded firearm inside a backpack. officers are encouraged not to leave weapons in vehicles and they are looking into the incident. san francisco police are handling the investigation. chief greg sur explains laws for his officers. >> their guns are to be with them. if they have to, for some reason, put them in a car for a brief period of time, it is to be secured in a trunk or a lock box afixed to the inside of the car. under no cirques are this to leave cars overnight. >> this isn't the first time a weapon got into the wrong hands. in august, a hayward police officer's gun taken from a park in oakland. uc berkeley's police chief found her gun and badge stolen from her state-owned suv.
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on pier 13 a gun was stolen from a federal agent's car. >> we are hoping law enforcement could be leaders in being responsible gun owners and storing their guns properly. >> alinson is an attorney to prevent gun violence. >> you have to keep that firearm in a lked container which can either be the trunk, a glove compartment or a separately locked containener your car. >> still, a lock box did not stop these drifters. accused of killing two people. police say they were found with a gun and lock box stolen from a civilian vehicle. that weapon did not belong it law enforcement. alisa harrington, abc 7 news. >> police swarmed a house after a couple was reportedly stabbed by their own son. sky 72 over the house shortly after police arrived to investigate a family disturbance when they got there the family's middle-aged son was standing in
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the front ignoring police commands. eventually subdued by officers. the elderly couple was rushed to the hospital with stab wound. no update on their condition. >> san francisco's police chief addressing the public to answer questions about a fatal shooting regarding two sergeant last week. his heart goes out to the family of the victim. he was shot to death at a busy intersection of 8th and market streets. the suspect grabbed a gun belonging to a sergeant. some were skeptical about that account. >> the herbert you're describing is not the herbert i knew when i would see him tuesday nights in bible study. and when we he got this news, i'm telling you, we are just speechless right now. >> the chief says had officers been wearing a body camera, it
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could aid in police investigations. >> three men accused of beating a 59-year-old man leaving him unconscious on the street. a fight broke out at a restaurant in north beach at vallejo and grant street. one of the men punched the victim in the face knocking him to the ground. another man jumped in and continued to hit him. >> police arrested a man they believe is responsible for slashing tires on 16 cars over the weekend. ab 7 news was at the park side apartment complex to survey vand list people app 39-year-old man visiting relatives is responsible for puncturing those tires some time sunday morning. he victims are understandably angry and say it will ruin their weekend. >> i have a lot of frustrated tennants around here. hopefully this is something we will never see again around here. >> police are trying to figure out motive. the man arrested will appear in court tomorrow on felony vandalism because the damage
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amounts to more than $5,000. >> authorities have identified the man who died after a car drove off the santa cruz municipal wharf saturday night. authorities say 19-year-old robert haltden from santa cruz was killed in the collision. the other occupant, 20 years man is in critical condition in a hospital. witnesses say the car was speeding before the incident. it turned into a parking spot on the wharf where he appeared to lose control, crash through a railing, then landed in the water. >> cat lovers and animal activists showed up in court for an accused cat killer's hearing. robert farmer is charged with n animal cruelty and other charges for hurting or killing cats. vick lee joins us with more. vick? >> most of the missing and dead cats came from a district in san
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jose and hats where most of the large crowd in the courtroom came as well. many of the crowd were angry. >> let me just ask you all it raise your hand if your cat is missing or you know somebody whose cat is missing. >> four people raised their hand when i asked if someone owned a cat found dead. the large crowd today including representatives from animal care and rescue groups. >> lalcats lives matter. >> the large crowd in the courtroom was disappointed but cambrien district member who rescued one of the cats from a tree said he felt safe as long as farmer was in jail. >> people can relax and not have to worry so much about somebody going out and killing either pets or, you know he, people. >> police arrested the 24-year-old son after former san jose police captain earlier this
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month sleeping in his car with a dead cat. police say he matched the description of the cat napener this security video who smached go go the cat, from a home in the district. after abc 7 news began start reporting there may be a cat napper, others told you they he have cats found dead of blunt trauma. this one was in ritualistic burial, in a box, wrapped in plastic with rocks on top. >> these are victims. just like human victims, all victims deserve a voice to be heard. >> the 24-year-old transient comes back into curt tuesday ouy to enter a plea. snrsz a secretary report of attempted abduction, around six months ago. three girls say a man tried to lure them into a van. the girls ran away and the man
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started chasing them, so they scream end that scared him away. he was driving an older model dark green or blue mini van. berkeley unified school district sent an alert to parents. >> a little frighten pg. i'm glad the school is on it. alerting families and making it a priority. >> willard middle school, a man tried to get two students into his van. fbi is investigating a an altercation aboard the southwest airlines flight on its way it san francisco to return to los angeles overnight. a witness believe the commotion began 15 minutes into the flight when a woman reclined her seat. mark curry, former star of "hanging with mr. cooper" shot video on his cell phone. he said he had just nodded off when the altercation woke him up. >> i remember looking behind me, i didn't know if somebody was on the floor. i was like what, what, what.
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and people were talking and screaming. flight's tendants went into mode. it was tactical. they got tactic will. situation got tense very seriously. >> the man was taken off the plane by police. airline moved all 136 passengers to another plane and resumed their trip to san francisco. overcrowding is happening where parent are having a hard time finding room for their school in crowded schools. it turns out there is not a enou enough space for all kids who will enroll to the developer is suing the school district. >> reporter: you're looking at
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two of three little girls that go to different schools in fremont. >> it is juggling about three kids. three drop-offs. three pick-ups. we didn't plan on that. >> 6-year-old lila has been uprooted and transferred twice since the end of august. >> hae has always been the per fekt kid. she has always been the perfect kid. we met with teachers and they said, she is melting down. the stress of me trying to shuffle everybody. >> didn't get into the business of education to cause this hardship to families. >> soup independent dr. james morris said this is at its peak. it is a worry the ranch development will make the situation worse. 500 homes going up for move-in beginning early next year. the children will have a seat somewhere but no guarantee of a close neighborhood school. now the big developer, kd home, is suing the school district.
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they are using litigation payment and school boundaries as leverage. katie holm refused to go camera and said quote they abide by the plan they agreed to and signed off on in 2010. a superintendent says his hands are tied. >> our current reality is we are out of classrooms. we have over 2,000 student who aren't able to attend neighborhood schools. we don't have room. >> meanwhile, moms like amanda said they moved to fremont hoping for a great education for their girls. >> i wouldn't move to fremont. not until city council can figure this out. >> a shakeup at the top of the a casino may treks is is leaving one of the owners fuming. one of the owners is sling his wife, but not to his business
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partners. his share of the casino is worth $11 million. >> coming up, are you thinking of going solo at home. michael cane has a check list of things you need to know before you spend the money. >> pluz, port message on the anniversary of the
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>> sky 7 hd, where crews just funnished patching a massive sinkhole. that was last wednesday. eventually measures 35 by 40 feet. teams worked around the clock for several days to repair underground utilities and fill the hole. they hope to reopen the street tomorrow.
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>> another clean-up in southern california. where crews are using heavy equipment to move mud. that must buried about a hundred vehicles. workers removed the last of those buried cars today. storm damage forced interstate 5 to be closed for several hours last week. a portion of newport beach is close toed after a hammer head shark sighting. a group of people saw the 8-foot shark this morning. officials say the shark was not agrees you've. no one was hurt. this is the second hammer head spotted in the area this year. oakland looking back 24 years ago to the deadly 1991 fire storm with addition to prevent this fire. that fire killed more than 25 people and destroyed more than 30. losing their home in the winter of an ferno. >> so important we come together
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on days like today to remind people who did not live through that devastation that you have got to do everything you can to make sure that we never see that type of fire again. >> if there is a possibility that to get rid of your shake roof, so you knee longer have the shake roof on your home. >> are you thinking of going solar? if you are, there are things you need to know before signing pup. mick al finny partnered with consumer reports to find out if whether you should save the money. >> dropping almost 50% during the last seven years and you may be pressured by sales people to go solar before federal rebates expired near the end of 20016. >> there is a lot to consider before you sign up. >> nearly doubling last year. so our energy companies complain you can drastically reduce your
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monthly electric bill. customer hale says his testimony sea the cold high away way. snrs fz before you sign up for solar, here is the reality check. >> they are a big kmimt commitment. make sure they work on your roof. not every house is a good candidate. >> panels are usually on the south side of your roof and shouldn't be shaded by chimneys, trees or anything else alove the roof line. plus, know your roof's age. >> panels can last about 25 years, if you think you need a new roof during that time, listen to moving and reinsoul toing your contract. >> you can buy or lease your solar panels. while it may initially be more, it may save you moreover the life of the 20-year contract.
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>> it'll like lie pay for 15,000 to 20 thousand or more. and you get free electricity as long as they last. >> some may void the warranty on your roof and in some towns it may. >> check your homeowner's insurance policy to see he if you will be taken care of in a storm. >> a very big decision. big investment. you can't believe. i'm michael finny, 7 on your side. >> google and chevron are taking part in tonight's white house astronomy night. >> the high school freshman that was arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school, officials mistook that for a become. president obama invited him to the white house. he also got invites to facebook, twitter and going el. he will join nasa engineers and
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other students for star gazing on the south lawn. >> sounds great. >> spencer christian is outside right now. >> yeah. it was blue skies, now we have clouds streaming into the area. fairly stunning picture at the radar image. more than just shadows. thunder storms rumbling up north of clear lake and even some areas of light showers moving into sonoma county. here is the deal, scattered clouds over the bay area. . 66 degrees and open 69, 70. san jose, morgan hills. and maybe a damp spot or two. certainly dark spots, looking at the lake, continuing with 8,000. nevada 73, at 75.
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fairfield and concord. one more live view closer to home. scattered clouds over the bay. north ward from our emeryville camera. namely clear skies later tonight and one fall day for the remainder this week. bit cooler this weekend. here is the composite image. brought her light scattered showers evernight and may produce more sprinkles this evening. high pressure over the next few days. nice fall warm weather. let's travel down to the pacific where category 3 is spinning into the ocean. it is expected to take a track northwest for a day or two. then turning north ward before moving any closer but moving acrass over the weekend from hey.
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that's about news if it stays on that track. look for mainly clear skies. low temperatures in mid to upper 50s. tomorrow highs in south bay, mainly low will 80s. on the peninsula, low 80s from red kood city to mountain view and upper 60s, low 70s and mid 70s on the coast. downtown san francisco, with mid 70s. move together east, highs of 81 at oakland and castro valley. and right in the mid 80s, 85, 86 at most locations. here is the accuweather forecast. a week of warm afternoons and inland highs in upper 80s. low 80s on the bay and low 70s around the coast. temperatures will settle into a more seasonal range by the beginning of next week. all right, cheryl?
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>> spencer, thank you so much. >> up next, governor jerry brown's mansion makeover and the new accessories going into it. here is david muir with what's ahead at 5:30. forcing to land, a man accused of choking a well over a seat. what he said about the/11 and george w. bush and oprah and the unexpected boom here on abc 7 news. >> new at 6:00, new
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[majestic music] odysseo by cavalia opens november 19th under the white big top at at&t park. tickets available at . in mexico, a 16th century church sub murjed for years has emerged from the waters of a reservoir and the drought is to blame. an expert on the structure said a lack of rain cowsing the reservoir to drop more than 80 feet. the church was abandoned because of plague.
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this isn't the first time the church is revealed. in 2002 the water is so low people were able to walk inside of the building. >> chewy, we're home. >> tonight we get our first new exclusive look at the highly anticipated movie "star wars: the force awakens." the clip will be shown during halftime of monday night football on our sister station espn. tickets for the movie go on sale right after that clip airs. the united kingdom crashed the on-line booking sift many for most of the movie theater chain. >> zito's career is over. a heart felt first person's article in the players tribune. he won 165 games. he wrapped up his career last month as a late season call-up with the a's. tonight zito called his return to oakland a cherry on top
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moment. but he says he will never forget. >> a san jose charger known for helping at risk students will be moving. planning to relocate downtown college prep to a property that was once home for a lumber business. the district says a property deal involving the charter school and business will save taxpayers more than $8 million. the district the lease the land for 50 years and the charter schools will cover the cost of operating it. >> congestion relief will arrive tomorrow for drivers along south boun 880 in at east bay. if rs a three while hov lane will open between oakland an san leand leandro. this is an. tension of an existing hov lane. two or more passengers monday through friday from
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a . >> a state spokesman said the kitchen items are needed for dinners. he spent his first time in the house using a mattress on the floor. >>
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welcome to the hotel san francisco. ♪ livin' it up at the hotel san francisco ♪ tourists can check in any time they like, because we're being forced to leave. illegal airbnb hotels are evicting thousands of san franciscans from their homes and causing rents to skyrocket. prop f will crack down on illegal airbnb hotels and hold corporations accountable with common-sense rules. vote yes on f before we all get checked out of san francisco.
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open! . there's not going to be an extra northbound lane on the golden gate for the evening. the mobile vehicles you are looking at right now, move the spans median is broken. that means the lane configuration won't be changed in time for the commute. h is right now. the bridge recently launched a pilot program to go from three lanes in each direct to fourth northbound lanes and two southbound lanes but three lanes in each direction today. the morning commute will not be affected. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 tonight, waiting would be dangerous. tonight the local scientist who say the time is now to protect and restore the bay area's wetlands. also -- >> i think more people would -- >> a new look on market street. we will look at lanes getting a
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rice o rise out of bike riders. >> a plan to fix shotty roads that critics say will drive shoppers away. that's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> right now, a small midwest western town making a big impression nationwide with a promise to protect his daughter. >> check this out. she was heading to homecoming with her date and her father is jokingly said, whatever you do to my daughter, i will do to you. >> so they decided to commemorate the comment. everybody had a big laugh. >> they live in a wisconsin town of just 4,000 people. this facebook photo has nearly 37,000 likes. >> and after have story probably a lot more. >> yeah. all dads would be proud. >> yeah. >> that does it for us tonight. david muir is next. >> from all of us, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 6:00.
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see you then. bye-bye. tonight, the case of air rage forcing a jet to land. the mid-air flight breaking out. a man accused of choking a woman over a seat. the fbi on the case. the war of words escalating tonight. donald trump set to speak about what he said about president george w. bush and 9/11. jeb bush outraged. and the joe biden watch tonight. is there now a time line? and the head of the cia's personal e-mail hacked. a high school student that allegedly break right in. the personal lives of intelligence officials. the investigation tonight, did this driver act on purpose? suddenly swerving into the other lane? oprah's million dollar move today, sending stocks soaring. will her fans follow her? and we're in chicago. chicagos rolling as another anonymous c


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