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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the search was underway for empty beds elsewhere. >> we identified the most critical paeshts to get them out of here first, to get them to facilities best-suited for their needs. we're working on some of the more distant locations now. so we're working on that part right now. >> the staff and the emergency responders have been able to keep folks very calm. we haven't had any real incidents of anyone getting too excited. >> all patients are reported okay. no injuries reported. we did speak to some relativings of a patient here who complained that they were not notified of the outage and the evacuation. they were not happy about that. but as we see here live the evacuation is very orderedly.
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we are live, david louis, abc 7 news. >> san francisco firefighters move quickly to put out an apartment fire that threatened an entire street this afternoon. a news viewer got this video of a fire truck rushing to the fire. another viewer shared video that she took from heroin doe. sky 7 hd also on the scene. the fire started in the rear of a three-story building. you can see that it is noud charred. firefighters were able to get all of the residents out, but they still battled those flames aggressively. they were afraid the flames were going to jump to nearby buildings. >> we risk our life for citizen's life. not for property. but when it comes to buildings,
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we have to be a little more aggressive because it's property. it will get from the next birding to the next building to the next building. >> nobody is hurt in this fire and they're still looking for a cause. >> let's take a look at the report that shows the heaviest water users during the drought. at more than 12,000 gallons of water a day, >> laura anthony joins us now. >> there are several big names right at the top who are neighbors.
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>> one day after his name appeared on the list, there's a leak detection truck outside of the home of a's executive billy bean. bean appears third on a partial list of top users. number one is former executive and averages more than 12,000 gallons per day. number two, mark pine, more than 8,000. and then bean, nearly 6,000 gallons per day. >> 12,000 gallons per day, 6,000 gallons a day. >> that's crazy. it's really selfish. >> in a statement being told multiple irrigation leaks and a significant pool leak were recently discovered. we are more than displeased and embarrassed by the usage and taking immediate action. >> the customers should have told us during their appeals period that they had a leak and
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they should have filed an appeal while we investigated the appeals. but they didn't. he today us he, too, had a leak. >> i turned off the supply to the water system, called my gardener and he came out on an emergency basis and fixed the leak. and i got a water bill from the district. it was $4,000. >> the average household usage for an east bay customer is about 250 gallons per day. >> for the entire list of the water wasters, go to abc 7 news dot com. if you think you're seeing water being wasted where you live, please e-mail us. we will check out as many tips as you can. >> you want to prepare for the possibility of a little rain this weekend.
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abc 7 was in palo alto when we saw this light rainfalling. we are expecting some showers as we head towards tomorrow morning. in san benito county, we're watching thunderstorms that are developing. they're starting to die down. just east, a little bit of a development happening right now. it's still not out of the question down there. just seeing an isolated shower or thunderstorm. this is the cold front we're watching. and that's the cold front that's going to bring in some spotty showers for your saturday morning and part of your afternoon. tonight, most of the activity staying well to the south of us. if you have early plans, 6:00 a.m., a little bit of drizzle showing up and then the showers develop as we head towards the noontime hours. we will see very light amounts, as far as totals are concerned. i'll take you through the rest
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of your weekend and let you know if they'll linger or be all wrapped up. >> two lanes on a major highway in southern california. rocks and mud slides shut down that section of interstate 5. look at that enormous back up. one of the few detours around it on highway 58 the latest now on the situation. >> jose hernandez. was almost stuck in this. water bringing with it mud. >>. >> hernandez says the load was late. if it had been on time, he would have been in the mess.
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cal tranz spent the day cleaning miles >> many are staying positive. they realize there's not much they can do. raphael says the situation is stressful. he's found a shady spot. raphael and dozens of other truck drivers drive the grapevine multiple times a year. they all say they've never seen anything like this. >> we hope that it's not going to rain again. >> the san francisco medical examiner's office has identified a man killed yesterday in an officer-involved shooting.
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the 27-year-old died after being shot twice. police say he grabbed the veteran's sergeant's gun. . federal prosecutors indicted a reputed china town gang leader today for a notorious murder case. prosecutors claim the 2006 shooting death of young who proceeded chow as the leader of a chinese fraternal group. it's an exclusive interview back in 2007. >> at the risk of being rude, did you have any involvement with mr. long's death? >> no. >> the charge follows a
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multi-year racketeering investigation. >> a family spokesperson says the former basketball star has regained consciousness and is taunging. he was found unconscious and facedown at a brothel in nevada. a thumbs up from his hopt bed. authorities are still trying to replace his $75,000 three-day visit to the brothel that led to the medical episode. >> a small but bous rous group occurred. >> those drivers are demanding uber hike their fares and provide a tip option on the app. the protest is part of a three-day work stoppage by some who wanted a bigger cut from the company. they accuse uber of treating their workers unfairly.
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>> just because you label us ind pen den contractors doesn't mean you can treat us like slaves. >> only employees are able to organize an actual strike. >> we're learning some new details about an hour's long closure in the east bay. next on abc 7 news at 5, what caused this big rig fire and crash. >> plus, help crossing the street. crackdown on drivers who don't stop for pedestrians. >> first responders who help fire fighter who is lost their home. >> and forget the meat, who makes the best veggie burger.
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abc 7 news reporter is live with new information about the driver and the trucking company involved. cornell? >> yeah, reggie, the company says they run a safe operation. >> what a terrible mess this morning. it opened just a few hours ago after that big rig shut it down. >> sky 7 with smoke still billowing from a huge fire which erupted from a big rig on northbound 680 after the driver lost control. >> the driver claims to have had a blowout. one of his tires actually deflated.
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the big rig's gas tank ruptured spewing up chunks of concrete which slammed into oning cars. multiple drivers were injured. >> they took her and treated her. that's what i know about that. >> the nightmare commute went on for hours. traffic brought to a screeching halt. drivers out of their cars. >> this is an awful way to start my day. >> to make matters worse, the big rig was carrying tons of this. crushed gravel. it went all over the freeway, made quite a mess. >> the chp says the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries. >> he had a valid driver's license. he wasn't under the influence of alcohol or drugs. >> no affiliation where the food company. the department of transportation says the company has had a clean safety record for the past two years. the owner of the firm told us by phone the tires on the 18 wheeler were new. >> within two week, i put on
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brand new tires. >> you put on brand new tires in the last two weeks? >> yes. >> a chp investigation now underway. >> crews are still making repairs to one westbound lane. more than ten hours after a big rig crashed and burst into flames, you can see what happened. this is sky 7 video. the accident happened about 7 this morning. the big rig was hauling hey. today's clean-up says the law bans catching and storing property in public areas.
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>> police have arrested a man suspected of neighbors making hash oil. >> ufrs arrested alex watson. police in daily city are watching for people who don't watch out for pedestrians. this happened on park plaza drive. daily city has seen three deadly pedestrian crashes in just the last few years. in in the first two hours today, they ticketed 11 people and towed a car away. >> it's going to take up till
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next week to fix a gapele sink hole. workers are digging ten feet below alvarado boulevard trying to figure out what caused the sink hole. they suspect it might be a leaking sewer main. >> 30 firefighters whose homes were detroyed are getting some good news. they're getting help from some friends. >> joined by the fire fight ears first credit union. his wife and two daughters made it out okay. but not before stopping to help his daughter. >> my wife had to stop for the principal. he called her and asked if they could pick the dog up.
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>> each of those firefighters is being adon'ted by a fire department their members are going to help, you know, their brothers and sisters, you know, who they admire so much get back on their feet. >> good for them. >> gorgeous shot behind us. >> it is abshutly stunning out here. lots of sunshinement i am looking to the southeast. and i'll tell you why. let's check out live doppler 7 hd with some build-up there. we'll show you what's going on down around the big area in the mountains there. some of those containing heavy rape right now.
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we do have a couple of watches and warns. heading down south, we also have flash flood watches until 78:00 p.m. friday and on the southeastern portion of the state until sunday night, believe it or not. here are the build p-ups that i'm looking up. pretty dramatic views there. 77 currently in san jose. and half-moon bay, 63 degrees. lake tahoe, a pretty dramatic shot as well. this is showing you the rain that has been moving through. they'll have some nunder storms along with scattered showers. 88 degrees in livermore. we do have some low cloud, as well. cooler pattern this weekend. we're looking at sunnier conditions sunday with warmer weather going into next week. the rains have been slow-moving.
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it's just stalled right over california. it's finally going to be moving out. this cold front will be moving in with a little bit of moisture. tonight just some cloud cover for the bay area. noontime, still a few showers. 2:00 p.m., focused in the south and east bay. it's out of here by 7:00 p.m. are you going to the art and pumpkin festival? well, tomorrow, you'll start out with fog and mist. temperatures in the low 60s and peeks of sun throughout the afternoon. if you're taking your kid to this event, make sure that they do have an extra layer on and don't be surprised if you run into a few showers, perhaps take the umbrella with you. mid 50s through the low 60s, areas of drizzle, here's how
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it's going to look. 76 in the southbound, 80 in gilroy, showers there. 64 in pacifica, downtown san francisco, 68 degrees, cloud cover will be heavy will. in the north bay,east bay, a few showers, 73 oakland, 75 freemont. 79 in livermore. accuweather 7 day forecast, we are going dry and cooler, especially bay and ind land. warming begins next week. we get you into the upper 70s and 90s with bright sunny skies on tuesday and wednesday. you know, autumn does bring warmth, as well. we'll get the showers and then some warm weather coming in. >> all right, thank you so much. >> best veggie burger. those who can't eat meat now have more choices next on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the dramatic fall from grace,
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the man once second in line to the presidency, tonight, his decision. years after he was a popular high school wresting coach. don trump and his new threat tonight. a lot to get to tonight. >> and a great worry. new at 6:00, how a great
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ja. >> americans love red meat, but a consumer study find widespread bacterial contamination. if you want to leave hamburgers behind, consumer reports found some tasty alternative.
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>> i do not eat beef because i don't trust that it's not full of hormones and antibiotics. >> many people like hamburgers but don't want to eat red meat. consumer reports tried to find one that comes close to taste and texture. >> included in the test, the new beast burgers. consumer reports sensory panel blind tasted the burgers plain and then with a bun, lettuce tomato and catchup. >> the spongeness makes it very non-meat like.
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>> i think this is the best option that we've tasted. the patties cost $1.25 each. are veggie burgers better for you than meat? >> we found that many have the same amount of protein and a lot less saturated fat. >> not all veggie burgers are low in saturated fat and sodium. it's a good idea to read the labels. >> all i can think about is eating. >> next on abc 7 news at 5:00, the free event that combines nature, performance and public transportation.
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>> this is abc 7 news. >> i'm alma dates. coming up, new, at 6:00, beating the high cost of rent. >> the tech kills trying a life on the bay and why some have to sneak around to do it. >> also, senator barbara talks with vice president biden and his possible run for the presidency. she has some choice words. and an inside look at the new ronald mcdonald's house and the
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new children's hospital and the tireless leader who helped make it possible. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> alma, thank you so much. >> a muni bus pass needed. >> abc news along the mission bay and bayview neighborhoods. >> given a bus pass and you can catch them all. >> the companies that are performing will set their pieces to the environment that the occurred then. is that's probably what makes it so different. >> she is dancing on a dock. she's good. performances are free. the tours begin at 11:00 a.m. and they leave every 45 minutes from the bayview book club. they should perform in a very small space, obviously. >> it will be fun to see. all right, that's going to do it for us. world news tonight is connelling up next.
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>> thanks for watching tonight. we'll see you ne we have breaking news tonight. trapped in the mudslides. the rescues and this evening, the massive traffic jam. after raging storms unleash crushing mud. a 45-mile stretch of highway shut down. drivers, families, crawling out of their cars. also tonight, the stunning collapse. the scaffolding crashing down in a major american city. firefighters and the frantic search for victims under the metal. the deadly traffic stop. this unarmed teenager pulled over. >> officer, what are you doing? >> the struggle, the teenager then shot seven times. tonight, his family now fighting. breaking news in the race for 2016. what donald trump is now saying about 9/11. about the world trade center and president george w. bush. jeb bush blasting trump tonight. and hillary clinton, with new words about joe biden. and, just in tonight.


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