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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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guard gave them those momentos. >> sergeant lunger received a 21-gun salute. despite being outside the officers fired their rifles in the direction of the casket and above it as a special honor. >> as the procession for sergeant lunger made its way down foot hill boulevard, dozens of people lined the streets to show respect for the fallen officer. abc 7 news melanie wood row live where the tributes continue. >> report >>. >> reporter: they do. you can see the many flags placed at the police department. even a couple of moments ago we saw more people coming here to pay respects. we've heard that sargetant sergeant lunger loved hayward and loved protecting people in it. and today those people wanted to show their love for him.
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as the bright lights of the motorcade passed. 2-year-old addie grips the flag. >> we haven't talked to her much about it. >> reporter: her grandfather is a dispatcher. >> we can't believe that these things happen to the people trying to take care of us. >> reporter: referenceverence for those who go out everyday. >> you just never know what will happen to them. i feel for them. i respect them so much. >> i'm proud of residents today for just showing an lending their support. >> reporter: whether a sign of gratitude or salute the message is the same. >> i just love law enforcement and i support them. >> reporter: what were you thinking as the motorcade went by? >> it brought tears to my eyes. i was so welled up with so much emotion and pride. >> reporter: pride in the city
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and those who protect it. prayers that this loss so senseless never happens again. >> i just hope we will stick together and continue to be as one as a city and just show our support for our hayward police officers. >> reporter: in high ward, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> the 21-year-old man accused of killing sergeant lunger is will be back in court next month. he has been charged with murder with three special circumstances. he did not enter a plea in court last friday. estrada suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. he admitted to a doctor he was shot while sitting in the driver's seat of his truck in hayward but refused to to say who shot him. >> the teenager accused of killing maddy is 15 years old and is charged as an adult of sexual assault and murder of his
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young neighbor. chris nguyen is live with the latest. chris? >> reporter: dan gonzalez did not enter a plea this morning but he will return for a formal arraignment in mid september. dressed in green shirt and khaki pants and with a public defender by his side adrian jerry gonzalez should motionless waving his right it a speedy trial. >> our job is to review the efd, conduct our own investigation, and make sure that minor like every citizen accused, s receives a fair trial. >> reporter: special allegations are rape kidnapping and lewd acts with a child younger than age 14. gonzalez will be tried as an adult. >> we are in the position to go forward at a moment's notice on this case and we are confident that the jurors of santa cruz fairly hearing this. >>. >> reporter: outside the courthouse -- >> he did threaten suicide a
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couple of times but didn't feel super serious. >> reporter: katie carol, one of gonzalez's former friends, said he never seemed like the type of person who would harm anyone. >> not much empathy can you have for him. but i could -- i can feel empathy for the person i knew. >> reporter: meanwhile santa cruz school district is working with county mental health officials to provide services to student, staff and anyone in the community who needs it. >> i'm a mom. and a teacher. and a member of the community. and it's not something that any of us can make sense of. it is heart breaking. >> reporter: gonzalez is due back in superior court on september 21st. in santa cruz chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> we have breaking news now. in east san jose. we are getting reports of a brushfire near a homeless encampment. that's not far from the east ridge shopping center. we have a view on the way. we will have more information for you as soon as it becomes available. >> meantime, firefighters are keeping an eye on two new
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grassfires that flaired up in the east bay this afternoon. one started at about 12:30 near natalie drive. cal fire used two air tankers to fight these flames. put up a lot of smoke. no structures were burned and no one was hurt. but people could smell it for miles around. about 40 acres burned on a cattle ranch. the fire is now contained, as can you see. >> the other fire breaking out near livermoore, about 125 acres of grass burned there. no one was hurt. firefighters contained the flames about an hour ago. >> now let's head up to lake county where in just the last fire the rocky fire has grown to 8500 acres. this fast-moving fire is near clear lake recreation. this fire is giving firefighters the biggest challenge right now. several outbuildings are damaged. at least 650 people have been
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evacuated from their homes. the rocky fire is 5% contained. 630 firefighters are working a fire in lake county and some are from san francisco. early this morning the san francisco fire strike team loaded up and left the station at folsom and 19th in the mission district ahead to the clear lake area it pitch in. >> firefighters are worried this 7500 acre fire could keep growing even though it is 80% contained. can you blame that on triple digit temperatures coupled with extremely low humidity. residents still face evacuation orders in a few small communities. >> all right. well you know the weather has been hot and cold. literally here and there right? >> right. and the wind of course always a factor. firefighters got a bit after break from high temperatures the last few days. >> let's go to abc 7 meteorologist. >> dan and cheryl we have seen changes. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we will look at what's
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happening. fog has just banked up against the coastline. combined with this sea breeze. coming off the ocean. cooler water temperatures we are noticing that the temperatures are just about everywhere. dropped today. but still hot inland. we're in the 90s inland. 60s along the coastline. and near where that fire is burning up in the labeling county area. it is still sizzling. temperature of 100 degrees. still dry. 16%. and the wind has been increasing slowly but steadily. gusting out of the south to 16 miles an hour. live doppler 7 hd there picking up the fire on radar. i'll be back it let you know about humid weather that will be coming up in the next few days and your weekend forecast as well. cheryl? >> thank you. we have good news about our efforts to save water. water use in california actually dropped by more than 27% last month. ac 7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story.
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>> this is a rare site in the santa clara valley. and this -- is becoming a lot more common. >> you can get $2 a square foot for converting a lawn into low water landscape. >> it adds up to a lot of water saving. >> people are getting the message that everyone needs to do their part. >> south bay was doing so well. regulators worried that couldn't keep it up during june but the state just released numbers. >> we are up to 35% in june. some of that is terrific. >> some is used no are recycled water. not for drinking. >> but for landscaping and maybe flushing the toilets and that's what these student from downtown college prep wanted to do at their teacher's he house. this video is their entry into sam sung's solve for tomorrow contest. >> we had all these ideas and we felt the drought was the biggest. >> for under $500 the team
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built a system that saves a high percentage of the home water and reusing in showers. >> let's say you flush a toilet the pump directly pumped it to the toilet or for irrigating plants. >> the group won a grand prize for sam sung and 10th grader accepted not accepted an award from the water district. >> and looks like someone else is happy. >> building the system, i don't remember it raining that much in a while. >> maybe a sign from above? >> actually it was. >> in san jose, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> and still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00, a hit and run incident in san francisco that left two officers injured and a man dead in police custody. >> also the steps taken to make up for the lack of b.a.r.t. service across the bay this weekend.
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>> and are you tired of slow down loads? michael
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well, if you live in the east bay and don't have to be in san francisco this weekend don't be. caltrans except 20,000 vehicles on the bay bridge through the trans bay tube starting saturday at 6:00 a.m. through 1:00 a.m. on monday. crews will rebuild the nearly half mile section of track it allow for single tracking of trains in alternate directions. buses will shuttle riders between oakland's 19th street b.a.r.t. station and temporary trans bay terminal in san francisco. but it'll also be extra ferry service across the bay. again that bridge could be more crowded with a lot more cars. don't forget for help navigating around traffic problems get ways on your smart
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phone. download ways and join the abc 7 group for free from apple store or google play. >> facebook is thinking big in the way to deliver internet connectionvity to the world. they will have a solar powered drone, the wing side of 737 by the weight of less than 1,000 pounds. the drone is designed to fly up to three months. . >> that's incredible. great when it works well but streaming movies on line can bring delay and frustration. >> we have consumer reports to show you how to have a better movie night. >> frustration. that's the word i feel. kills me. no fun waiting for videos to load or worse the constant stopping and buffering.
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now consumer reports has some simple fixes that can smooth out those broadband speed bumps. like many families, the sadokas can't count on their internet working when they want to sit down and stream a movie. >> makes me feel frustrated. makes me feel like i'm doing something wrong. >> consumer report says one of the first steps is to make sure you're getting enough broadband speed from your internet provider. to stream an hd movie you need minimum of 5 mega bits per second. that's only for a home with a single user. for a home where several people are jn line at once consumer reports said you want faster speeds. from 25 to 50 mega bits per second. >> the internet service you purchase specifies the speed you're supposed to get. but what you actually get can vary a lot. >> for example, streaming can slow down in the evening when your neighbors are on-line. you can get a quick read of your speed by going to
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if you need upgrade your service, it should only cost another $5 to $10 a month to get to the next speed tier. be aware that the problem might be with the modem. which brings the signal into your house. >> if you are using an older modem, replacing it with a newer model can help improve speeds. if you rent your modem ask your internet provider if they will replace it with a newer model. >> if you have a router, make sure it is new enough. check technical speck so make sure it supports the standard. >> try rebooting modem and wireless router by unplugging it from power for about 30 seconds. this will often clear up issues you're having. >> we did that all the time at my house. >> if you need to upgrade your router consumer reports tested and named net gear model n 750 the best buy you want to try checking out. >> so good to know. >> thanks, mike. >> appreciate it. >> all right. sadly a man has died in police
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custody in san francisco tonight. two officers have been injured and a conference confrontation that started at car crash. it is in the marina district. carolyn? >> reporter: cheryl, we have information we just learned about the unidentified man who died in police custody. according to the courses with the sonoma county sheriff's department, they were looking for that man this morning for attempted murder. the victim in sonoma county is now on life support p. that sheds new light on the confrontation that started here. police chief says he believes his officers used a reasonable amount of force. to subdue a man who died moments later. the incident began at 5:30 this morning on richardson avenue when the unidentified man was driving a van that rear-ended a bmw. according to police when the crash victim approached the van
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it's driver was incoherent. >> he was speaking something about god. god's will. >> the police chief says the victim ran calling 911 while the suspect followed. a if you blocks away at lombard and pierce two female officers tried to detain the man. from a witness described at about 6'4" at least 250 pounds. >> one officers was thrown to the ground. and suffered head injuries. another was punched multiple times by the suspect. >> the man then ran to this restaurant pounding on the door but more officers arrived and handcuffed him. >> he was conscious, breathing and talking while handcuffed. immediately after the struggle. within minutes of this he went into distress. >> a guest at the surf motel next door said he saw the unsuccessful effort to revive the man. >> they were doing cpr and all that good stuff. >> police have video from nearby
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businesses to help with the investigation. from san francisco carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> we have a quick update on breaking news in the east san jose area. we have been following a small brushfire that was near a homeless encampment. it is out. the fire burned less than 10 acres where there are no injured injuries or damage. crews will stay on the scene for a while just making sure the fire does not flair up again. but that fire, we're glad to say, is out. >> with hot weather, climate and just not a good sidation. >> meteorologist sandy is following that for us and is outside with the forecast. >> yeah, there is the time of year we are concerned about fire. it has been hot even today antioch was up around the upper 90s. some of our inland spots in mid 90s. but not as hot as yesterday. still very dry. which is why the fire concern is still here. the breeze is coming across the bay. and it feels great out here compared to the last couple of
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days. live doppler 7 hd showing you fog along the coast and tracking thunderstorms north of ukiah up around the hay foerk area where a red-flag warning is issued for fire danger remaining high until 8:00 tonight. down in southern california they've been getting monsoon moisture again for the second straight day and so showers, thunderstorms, once again leading to flash flooding and lightning reported with heavy rain. live look here in the bay area, a lovely view looking at the financial district 67 in san francisco. 73 in oakland right now. it is in the 80s in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. look at the gorgeous view. they are getting some of that high cloudiness that we know as monsoon moisture. but so far, nothing in the tahoe area. they are expecting isolated thunderstorms tomorrow and scattered showers and thunderstorms over the weekend in case you are traveling there to do camping.
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86 in nevada. napa 79. in 90s from concorde to livermoore. we are all breathing easier as we look across towards mount diablo. better air quality. fog and high clouds tonight. it is getting muggy the next few days. you will really notice it. you will feel it. it is going to be a bit uncomfortable. so our hot air mass intense heat moving east as that high shifts east ward. tomorrow is a cooler day. and that will continue into the weekend. as we get more of an onshore wind flow. that will keep that cool down going. tomorrow we're going to also notice changes. let's start tonight at 7:00. monsoon flow continues across southern california into the sierra and for us, we will start to see an increase in the high clouds and humidity. so tomorrow morning, it will start out mild with the cloud cover and a bit on the sticky side. sierra will see the thunderstorms for your friday afternoon and again over the
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weekend. keep that in mind. tomorrow morning, mildest readings in the low 60s. upper 50s around santa rosa napa, half moon bay. looks like the san francisco fire department is going here. i didn't see any smoke out here. but just, a heads-up in case you are hearing that. 83 in san jose in south bay tomorrow. 89 in gill roy. mix of sun and high clouds on the peninsula. low 8 os for redwood city. mountain view beautiful day in san matteo. 64 on the coast and pacifica. and we will repeat that for daily city. 68 in downtown san francisco. and in the north bay 60s with fog along the coast. high clouds and sun, 82 in napa. 83 santa rosa and east bay. 82 fremont. inland spots coming out of upper 90s. 90 livermoore. weekend will feature mid 6 os to upper 80s so cool done continues but it will be humid.
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right on through sunday morning. and then next week, hopefully firefighters will get a break in california. temperatures in the mid 60s to mid to upper 80s. a nice break from the hot dry conditions that we've been dealing with. cheryl, dan? >> okay sandy, thanks very much. >> just ahead, what researchers say is leading to an increase in hooka use among american teenagers. >> on flight 370, what we learned about the piece of that wing with the position of the flap reveals about how the jet might have gone down. also breaking fbi's plea for help tonight. bank bandit with ak 47. four banks, six states. and the beloved tv actress rushed to the hospital. >> and a convent up for sale.
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eight eight people who chained themselves together in the office of senator diane feinstein were arrested this afternoon. they were rallying in opposition to what they say is senator feinstein's support of anti-immigration legislation following the murder of kate steinly at pier 14. organizers say legislation proposed by feinstein would cause serious civil rights violations. >> keep the progress going and -- [ inaudible ] >> part of senator feinstein's statement issued after the pier 14 shooting is quote we should focus on convicting criminals not setting them loose on our streets. she did not answer to those on the streets in front of her office today. >> the program's 50th anniversary in oakland today -- the california nurse's association helped organize today's rally at frank ogala
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plaza outside city hall. they would like to see medical to all-americans. currently it is for seniors and disabled veterans. >> there is an increase in hooka use among american teenagers. 12,000 sweets mer day last april included positive reference to hookas. which is a type of water pipe, as you know. the cdc calls it a dangerous trend. since smoking a hooka has many of the same health risks as smoking cigarettes. >> we have news in sacramento county. several mobile homes started burning after the grassfire. this is along the dealt why south of sacramento. we are going to continue to bring you updates as this breaking news develops. >> when abc news at 5:00 continues, the names coming together to help a 49er legend.
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>> and many feel it is long overdue. >> when it happens where you live -- >> shows a grassfire -- >> abc 7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> berkeley city hall. >> on the pier. >> your story. >> 7 on your side. >> this building is not very old. >> just eight years ago. >> your everything p. >> try 7 hd. >> news that matters where you live.
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to the most homes, the company that keeps making fast faster is doing it again. introducing multi-gig speeds from xfinity. the future of awesome. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00 6:00, a prisoner found dead. why wasn't he on suicide watch? and the midnight deadline that could free one of the men convicted in a decade's old bus kidnapping. plus are travel agents too old school? we look at pros and cons and what they can do for you.
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all coming up in a half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> former 49er players went to correct what they see as a wrong today. >> san francisco chamber of commerce gathered legend like gene washington and cedric to support john hardy. >> he was the league mvp in 1970. team owner john york said he became a 49ers fan when he was 12 years old because of john garvey. >> he has the credentials and statistics to be voted into the hall of fame. but mostly, i want to see john brodie in the hall of fame because john brodie is my first san francisco 49ers quarterback. >> whether he gets inducted or not, john brodie will be honored next friday at pro football hall of fame super bowl luncheon. >> let's hope he gets in. >> yeah, he was great. >> that does it for us. world news tonight with david muir coming up.
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>> from all of us, we appreciate your time. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. breaking tonight, flight 370, what we now know about that piece of wing. the new clues washing ashore, the number on the wing, and the crucial information it reveals. the positioning of the flap, how the jet might have gone down, and now the suitcase. the other plane emergencies today here at home. the smoke, the chutes deployed, and a second plane, a fire as it touches down. we have just learned two more officers put on leave tonight after that routine stop, shooting a driver dead, rolling away in the car. the new video coming in tonight. our joint investigation from orphans to children locked in cages. we're with the team trying to help them, and tonight a major development. and an urgent plea from the fbi, the bank bandit with an ak-47 on the move across this country. six banks, five states already.


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