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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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two of the world's biggest soccer clubs did battle toy. 70,000 die hard fans were there to see it. hello, i'm katie marzullo. we begin with soccer excitement and a sold-out game at levis stadium. cornell, rare opportunity for soccer fans. >> reporter: absolutely. the game is over, folks are heading home. but many fans say they wouldn't have missed this for anything. they were just thrilled to watch these two big teams take the field. but many say getting here was
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kind of a bummer today. >> barcelona fans were waving the flag outside levis stadium. johnny and his bud dyes for sacramento ready. >> once in a lifetime. >> don't ever see this unless you're in europe. we're over here to support our team. >> two giants in the soccer world, barcelona and manchester united meeting the bay area for a friendly preseason game. manchester united fans were cheering on wayne rooney, team captain. daniel white had his own cheer. he is from l.a. >> drove up from southern california this morning, left at 4:30 in morning. >> whan chester scored early against bars lon narks the reigning soccer champion of europe. these manchester fans came from huntington beach.
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he wears his team pride on his arm. >> manchester united all day long. all about the red devils. >> it's overwhelming. it's so amazing to have this on tv and now we're in the same space with them. >> many fans say just getting here was pretty tough. traffic and long lines at security gates. >> we were late for the game and it was just a bad -- they organized everything bad. >> get it together. it's awful. >> stadium officials say a large group of fans showed up minutes before game time, causing delays outside. but fans inside felt luck you to have a ticket. the game was sole out. quite a day. final score of the game, 3-1 manchester united winning it today. we'll have highlights of the big soccer match later in sports. abc7 news. >> thank you. to developing news on the wildfire burning near lake bare
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yes sacker it is now 47% contained and evacuation and road closures haveline lifted. calfire says the fire threatens 140 yuck tours. it's believed a car accident sparked the flames but official cause has not been determined. the fire has been burning near the cold canyon reserve since wednesday and has scorched nearly 11 square miles in napa and solano counties. one person suffered from smoke inhalation as five broke out to cosmopolitan hotel on he las vegas strip around noon. this is video of the fire burning on the 14th floor swimming pool, setting trees and cabanas ablaze. fire crews evacuated the hotel and shut down streets for several hours. the cause of the fire is unknown. the search is on for a killer after chp officers in san leandro heard gunshots and then found a map dead. they were investigating an
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accident on interstate 880 this morning when they heard gunfire nearby in the area of the marina boulevard offramp. officers followed the expounds found the victim. >> they did see a vehicle pulled over to the right-hand side shoulderrer just north of that overcrossing. they drove up to find this person who had been shot. rest assured this is not an incident of a freeway sniper. >> the freeway was closed four hours after the shooting. on the peninsula, the chp says man overturned his car while trying to escape from officers. these photos from the chp show the aftermath of this morning's chase at the millbrae avenue exit on highway 101. officers first tried to stop the driver in the south bay. the man sped away and then crashed and tried to run from his car. chp officers used a taser to subdue him. a three-month-old baby is back with his mother after vallejo police say two men
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kidnapped the boy. two men were. arrested. brumefield force my snatched the baby from his grandfather before handing the child to jones police captured the suspects in oakland. the men were headed to greyhound bus station. brumefield is in a relationship with the child's mother but a us not the child's father. investigators have not released the motive for the kidnapping. >> new details on the attack of a san jose state university football player. his teammates have been kicked off the team. hairston is accused of hitting a teammate in the head with a skateboard, fracturing two bones in his face. after a review of the on-campus attack the coach dismissed hairston yesterday. it's the second time this week san jose state dismissed a member of the incoming freshman class.
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san leandro police officers are remembering a colleague killed in the line of duty. [cheering] >> abc7 news was on hays street today as a sex was renamed dan neimi way. dan knee my was killed ten years ago today while responding to a call. dozens of officers, family and friend, gathered to celebrate his life. >> we lost a father, we lost a brother, we lost a husband, a friend, we lost a police officer. and we're here to honor his momentum. >> neimi left behind a wife and two children. the man who shoot him is on death row. >> turning now to the killing of an east bay police officers on wednesday. the sergeant scott lunger will be layed to rest on this. because so many people are expected to attend his funeral was been moved to oracle a reena. you can share this badge on
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social media. you'll find it on our facebook page or on twitter and instagram are in abc7 news bay area. president obama is making history as the first u.s. commander in chief to visit kenya. the president called this trip obviously personal. lindsey davis is in the capitol riff more. >> the people of kenya lined the streets saturday to cheer president obama as he made his way through the capitol of nairobi. >> let me say welcome home. >> those words from the kenyan president have dual meaning for the american leader. this is the nation's first visit from a signature u.s. president but for president obama it marks much more. obviously this is personal for me. there's a reason why my name is barack hussein obama. my father came from these parts. >> reporter: the visit,
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reminiscent of family reunion. friday night the president hugged his half sister. then he deaned with dozens of members of his extend family. president obama has been here four times before, but this is his first time as president. saturday, he ran through a list of official events, thing things got tense when the faced off with issues like terrorism and gay rights. >> the idea they're treated differently or abused because of who they love is wrong. >> but the are some things we don't share. our culture, our societied don't accept. >> one hilight is expected tomorrow when president obama will address thousands of kenyans directly in a sports arena. he is likely to talk about the symbolism of the trip and his personal connection with the country. abc news, nairobi. >> ahead, mad mothers. a look at a stroller ad that some say send this wrong message.
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>> pedal power. we'll take you to the east bay event that celebrates all things bicycle. then oakland libraries have something new on their shelf. the offerings to help children learn and play. >> a winner of a forecast today. sunshine comfortable temperatures, but i am tracking some changes that does include near record-breaking heat. when it a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ take advantage of our summer offers. lease select cts models in stock the longest for around 399 per month.
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abc7 news what as oakland's jack london square where bicycle enthusists came out for feddalfest. there was entertainment and live music and pedal powered ice
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cream and coffee. it raises awareness for bike east bay, dedicated to provide enjoyable beaking for people in the east bay. >> tomorrow is the 38th run offering the san francisco marathon. the race now sanctioned as a u.s.a. track and field qualifier for the 2016 olympics begins and ends at the embark dare roar and mission street after wining through the city. street closures begin at midnight, run through 2:45 in the afternoon. for a complete list of closures go to and good luck runners. the stroller company has ignited a growing online debate with an ad featuring a woman jogging with her baby. they posted this facebook photo showing a barely clad model pushing her daughter in a stroller. the comments keep coming with some saying it's an unrealistic representation of motherhood. at least one person was more concerned with the stroller's price. it costs more than $800.
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oakland library just got a lot more fun for kids. we'll tell you why ahead. a man who spent his entire baseball career playing with the pittsburgh pirates is being honored in the east bay. willie stargell's text to the -- connection to the east bay is next.
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you can now borrow children's toys from oakland public libraries. all branches now have toys designed for children up to six years old, like dolls, dump trucks and rattles. the library sap tieses the toys. librarians say children learn through play and see books and
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toys as a beneficial combination. >> abc7 news was in alameda today where national baseball hail. er and alameda legend willie stargell now has a monument on the island. the power hitter played for the pittsburg priorities from 1962 until his row timer 20 years later the dedication ceremony took place today at tar gel plaza where the monument stands as fifth and willie stargell avenue. >> he was great for the community, wonderful representative for the city of al immediate darks through until he was done with baseball. >> stargell nicknamed pops by his teammates died in township from stroke complications while living in north carolina. he was 61 years old. time now for a check of the forecast. we'll send it over to drew and what is this, drew word of a warmup? >> a warmup. i know you like the cooler temperatures, the weekend is for
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you and tomorrow it's a comfortable day it's mid-week, the the upcoming week we see he heat increase. outside we go. lots of blue japan stairs few coastal clouds and temperatures today in terms of july numbers on the very comfortable side. currently 82 in concord. 75 fremont, 68 in oakland, downtown san francisco, 63. 73 in napa. san jose, comfortable temperature of 72 degrees. live doppler 7hd, along with satellite, shows you lots of sunshine today, a few coastal clouds at this hour. we'll widen the picture and up to the north you're seeing a thin strip of cloud cover moving through portland. that's a cold front. it's going to brush by us to the north and bring us below average temperatures for the second half of the weekend. so overnight tonight, we'll have the coastal clouds fog inland. there could be some coastal drizzle. otherwise it's 59 overnight in oakland, 57, san jose napa, 48.
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san francisco, overnight, dropping to 58 degrees and tomorrow, the san francisco marathon gets underway. the first event the ultramarathon, kicks off at midnight tonight. we'll have low clouds 59 degrees. the bulk of the activities for the runners happening between 5:00 and 8:00 tomorrow morning. cool temperatures in the upper fives in and then by 11:00, partly sunny skies 62 goings. to gilroy, the final day of the gilroy garlic festival. sunshine no intense heat, but will be a warm afternoon but not a hot one. very warm at 4:00. a temperature of 88. then cool off to 78 by 7:00 as the event wraps up. so highs for sunday across the bay, below average for july. we'll go 2071 in oak -- 71 in oakland, 79 san jose, 88 ability county, 81 napa. so this cool pool of air we have over us right now will be shifting to the north.
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walt replaces it mid-week, big area of high pressure dome of heat sets up by tuesday and wednesday, talking about knee record-breaking temperatures especially inland at the century park. so cooler temperatures to end the weekend and then the week we heat up. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow we're mild to warm out there and then on monday the heat really builds. by tuesday, and especially into wednesday, we go into the triple digits inland even around the bay. it is warm in the low 90s, mid-70s look the -- along the coast. the heat drops off on thursday, and the moisture could touch off a shower on thursday or friday morning, otherwise by saturday back to seasonal and lots of sunshine out there. >> i heard the h word, humidity. >> can't deal with that can you? >> we talked about it. >> not your favorite. >> i'll try to keep my complaining down. colin resch is in with sports. your about to pick a fight with drew here. >> why is that?
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>> i just -- >> uh-huh. >> a relative? >> do you know him? what hid dedo this time? can use he did nothing. he wasn't in chicago. the philadelphia phillies have had very little to smile about until today. cole
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interplay in the national league parks the american league side usually at a disadvantage with pitchers having to hit. the a's were facing the best hitting pitcher in baseball, madison bumgarner today.
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not disadvantage magnified. scoreless until the third. bumgarner at the plate facing chris bassett. smacked to left. this bud's for you. his third homer of the season ninth of his career. gives himself a 1-0 lead. a's counter in the fourth. josh begley, doubles down the line smolinski scores and ties the game. mad bum's only mistake in seven innings. matt duff's with the game winner 2-1 the final. giants for the series sweep tomorrow when tim hudson take this mound. >> phillies and cubs. cole hall mel, a lot of trade rumors. bottom eighth, herrera makes the catch. inch froze the i'vey, hamels no-hitter. in the ninth, 13th strikeout.
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the cubs have not been no-hit in 50 years sandy koufax the last one to get them. herrera turns this into an adventure. he caught it. it's the 1st no-hitter in phillies history, two walks from hamels prevents the perfect game. 5-0 phillies. here's hamels on the final out. >> i hung that pitch, and looks like the pitch was going out of the yard ex-especially with his power. fortunately the wind was in my favor today. herrera made who phenomenal catches, definitely picked me up and just exciting to pick the team up. >> that was a crazy final. despite lacking star power with the absences absences of messe fc barcelona and manchester united took the pitch at levi's stadium this afternoon and didn't disappoint unless you're a barcelona fan. sellout cloud. wayne rooney, corner kick.
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heading it in. 1-nil. 2-1 game stoppage time man uforward --s off a defender. manchester united takes down the reigning european champions and win the preseason friendly. >> u.s.a. in panama the americans are up 1-nil until clint dempsey scores. this game ended in penalty kicks. mark speedily has to score to extend it. denied. the u.s. missed they lost three pks. to golf. third round the canadian open. not an easy game. not an easy game, bubba watson destroying the par-5s. tied at second at minus 1, jason day, 13-under. long birdie putt on seven. day was 7-under and then birdies
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six of his last seven. watson trailed hearn. hearn has been on the tour for years but looking for his first career win. >> giants are rolling. won ten of another 11. a's have lost 5-8 since the to are all-star break. >> a question for everybody out there. what has 12 eyes and apparently two faces? >> it was creepy. there's no other words than just it was creepy. >> ahead look at one
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at 6:00, deof an explosive fire. a new amphibious vehicle for san francisco police on displayty be bay bridge series. >> in washington state a cat piller has become a celebrity. check it out. a man found this cater pill ya with what appears to be a face on his back. he shared photos with bug experts but so far no one has been able to tell him what he found. a lot of people have opinions about who the caterpillar looks like. popular comparisons include edgar allen powe and robin williams. i kind of see it. that does it for us here at 5:00. thank you for your time. remember you can watch answer 7 news on all of your favorite an
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shows, live or or canned with watch app and is now available for xbox 360. see you at 6 welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news from the las vegas strip. a raging fire at a luxury hotel, flames and thick smoke on the pool deck of this high-rise. the details coming in at this hour. a first look inside the movie theater shattered by gunfire, plus, the shooter. how he got that gun and his troubled past. tonight, we go inside the place he once called home. two drivers on a collision course. the deadly case of road rage recorded in dueling 911 calls. >> my gun is already out, cocked and locked. >> families right there watching in fear. and the champion surfer who battled a shark on live tv. saying he'd never get in the water again. well, tonight, never say never.


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