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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 23, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm dan ashley for sandhya patel all of us here we appreciate your time and will see you again at 6:00felt tonight, two massive fires burning as we come on the air. the family escaping. >> oh, my gosh. go. >> the famous national park, families, tourists sent racing. and the other giant wildfire, moving in on hundreds of homes, evacuations at this hour. also tonight, the crash-landing. the passenger jet slamming down onto the runway. passengers panicked. that video, and now the new conclusion. what happened seconds before? donald trump touches down and heads right for the mexican border. and just before, our cameras capturing this. authorities say two men trying to run across the border into the u.s. the trouble on the tracks. he tries to stop the train. the limousine with the sweet 16 party stuck. the train barrelling right into it. the unbelievable ending. and rushing out of the water today.
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multiple shark sightings. we have late details coming in now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin with the worsening picture. two massive fires we're following tonight. both growing in size. and we want to get you right to live pictures coming in at this hour from abc 7 in the bay area, northern california. they are right over the scene. hundreds of homes evacuated. meantime, we are also following another fire at a well-known national park. a family racing out of glacier national park, recording this moment. >> oh, my -- >> go! >> in fact, many families and tourists racing out of that park. evacuated at the peak of tourist season. we have both scenes covered tonight. and abc's aditi roy leading us off, with the race to get out of parts of northern california. >> reporter: watch. this building, consumed by flames, collapsing. one of 200 buildings and homes in the path of this wicked wildfire in napa county,
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california. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: this car that crashed and caught fire could be what started this blaze. the fire now nearly 7,000 acres. 15% of it contained. >> pretty active there for a few hours. >> reporter: the driest conditions in history fueling at least 18 western wildfires. three hikers rescued and families across two communities under mandatory evacuations. >> made me get up out of my chair, turn my tv off and get moving. >> reporter: the flames jumping this dirt road and sending these cattle and horses running. what makes this fire in napa county especially challenging is that it's so tough for firefighters to get to it. look at the smoke rising on the steep hills there. and the conditions? bone dry. david? >> aditi, thank you. the fire growing there tonight. and to the other nightmare, this time for families racing to escape that other blaze, this time, at glacier national park
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in montana. and you're about to see the raging flames captured right through the window of one family's car. abc's kayna whitworth is there tonight. >> yeah we got to get going, dad. >> reporter: a frantic son urge, his urging his dad, "we need to get out." >> dude, that can get over here really fast. >> reporter: just one of many families scrambling for safety at the world famous glacier national park in montana. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: larry duncan's 16-year-old son, lakota documenting the moment as his family tries to outrun a wall of fire. >> yes, go! i think if we had been there another five minutes, it would have been too late. >> reporter: panic kicking in. watch as they speed up. >> i don't want to die in flames. go, now. go. fast, dad, go! it just looked like it was going to engulf us very, very quickly. >> wow. >> reporter: for some families, it was too late. they had to abandon their cars, firefighters taking them to safety. tonight, the fire continues to grow. it's so complex and so dangerous, a new command team will be taking over tonight. and the small town of st. mary, not evacuated yet, but on edge.
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are you ready to go? >> you betcha. but i will be back. >> reporter: you can clearly see how the wind is pushing the smoke towards town. that's a concern for firefighters. also, it's no secret that it's bear country here and officials are telling me this fire is forcing them out of the wilderness. they know of several grizzles in the area. so, david, they are urging people to be extra cautious. >> all right, cautious on two fronts tonight. kayna, our thanks to you, as well. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano. rob, you were telling me, the weather is not helping this. >> you can see from kayna, it's windy out there. there's a storm moving through, and it doesn't have a lot of rain with it. red flag warnings still up, the west glacier fire, right on the fringe of that. so it's going to be a tough go here over the next day or two. as far as the napa fire is concerned, onshore flow that will help as far as humidity goes, but still breezy there. so, it's going to be tough conditions there, as well. severe weather across the carolinas. wilmington, myrtle beach, look out tonight. and also across parts of the northern half of the plains, much of nebraska and north dakota will be on guard. that energy moves off to the
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east, it includes minneapolis tomorrow, so, bigger sometimes getting into the mix, david. >> all right, we're tracking this right through "gma" in the morning. rob, thank you. a major new development tonight from the ntsb. a nearly two-year investigation into a crash-landing right here in new york city. authorities now pointing to the pilot. now, this was the landing captured by passengers. watch this. slamming into the runway. those passengers smelling smoke on that southwest flight. you could hear flight attendants saying, "stay in your seats." tonight, they have now determined that pilot wasn't even at the controls until the plane was just feet from the runway. abc's david kerley tonight. >> reporter: a passenger captured this landing, having no idea what they were in for. this is what it looked like outside. sparks as the 737's fuselage scrapes the laguardia runway. inside, passengers smell something. >> there is smoke here. >> hold on, hold on! >> reporter: tonight, investigators say the captain is to blame for this nose-first landing. >> the whole plane just went down very quickly and that's when the door blew in.
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>> reporter: the first officer was flying from nashville two years ago, but just 500 feet from the ground, the captain realizes the jet is not properly set for landing. at 100 feet, the jet is too high. the captain says, "get down, get down." then, just 27 feet above the runway, the captain takes control, saying, "i got it." three seconds later, the jetliner's nose slams into the runway, and the frightening skidding. the 150 on board evacuate down slides, ten suffering minor injuries. the ntsb says the captain should have aborted this landing and gone around. >> oh, boy. somebody was desperate to get that airplane on the ground. >> reporter: the captain was fired. the first officer given additional training, according to southwest. southwest airlines says it cooperated with the ntsb investigation and has gone through all its policies to make sure they are safe and that their pilots are okay to fly. david? >> all right, david kerley live
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in washington for us. david, thanks. now, to the race for 2016 tonight. donald trump flying to texas and then heading straight out to the mexican border. trump saying, of his visit to the border, it's a great danger, he said, but that he has to do it. and even before he arrived, our cameras capturing what authorities believe were two men trying to race across the border. but we wanted a reality check tonight. are there more people trying to cross the border now than just a few years ago? abc's tom llamas tonight with the numbers. >> reporter: donald trump emerging from his private jet. flashing a thumb's up. the words on his hat? "make america great again." >> hello, everybody. >> reporter: then, in a crush of reporters, trump was off. >> we're going to the border. and we'll see you later. >> reporter: he says his visit, not without risk. >> well they say it's a great danger, but i have to do it. >> reporter: we piled into the trump motorcade to ask him about that. fbi statistics show some of america's safest cities are on the texas border. since 2003, the number of mexican immigrants, both legal and illegal, has plummeted more than 50%. crime along the border is down. what danger are you talking about? >> we have a tremendous danger on the border with the illegals coming in. >> reporter: at the border,
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trump meeting with local officials behind closed doors. he was supposed to meet with the border patrol union, but they backed out. this morning, right in front of our cameras, two men running into texas from mexico. we just saw a takedown of what we think possibly could be some un undocumented immigrants. border patrol tackling that man right there. after he jumped this small fence. later in the day, we asked trump about the apparent border breech. what did you think of the video of the two men being taken by border patrol while we were recording -- >> i thought it was terrible. >> reporter: david, trump didn't spend a lot of time here on the actual border. he definitely spent more time with reporters. and he says he's considering a third party run, if the gop doesn't treat him correctly. that definitely would make republicans nervous. david? >> tom llamas in texas for us tonight. tom, thank you. now, to a mysterious case unfolding in oklahoma tonight. a 911 call coming in overnight, no voice heard on it. the first sign that something was very wrong. five family members were then discovered dead in their home. a mother and father and some of their children. but two of their teenage sons tonight under arrest.
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here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: broken arrow, oklahoma, has one, maybe two murders a year. but tonight, this community is reeling from five. the worst crime anyone here can remember. >> it weighs a lot on us, especially when the victims involved are juveniles. >> reporter: 11:30 last night, the 911 call comes in. it's silent. no one on the line. when police arrive to investigate, they see two young men running out of the back door of the home. canines soon track down 18-year-old robert beaver and his 16-year-old brother in the woods behind the home. inside, horror. five members of the brothers' family found stabbed to death. their parents, david and april beaver, their 12 and 17-year-old brothers and their 5-year-old sister. two siblings survived the rampage. a 13-year-old sister is in the hospital tonight, and the family's baby a 2-year-old girl, the only one left unhurt. neighbors say this family has
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been a mystery for years. >> they weren't real social. their kids were homeschooled so we didn't see their kids in school. >> reporter: tonight, five of them are dead. two accused of their murders. police don't yet have a motive. one calling this, "the worst single criminal event in this town's history." ryan owens, abc news, katy, texas. we have major developments tonight in the case of sandra bland. autopsy results now on the young woman ordered out of her car during this routine traffic stop. we all watched as that confrontation escalated quickly, landing in jail, found dead in her cell three days later. well, tonight here, what the medical examiner is now saying. and why they believe it was a suicide. here's abc's ryan smith. >> reporter: tonight, new details from the autopsy of sandra bland. authorities revealing why they believe she wasn't murdered. >> at this particular point in time, i have not seen any evidence to indicate that this is a homicide. >> reporter: according to preliminary autopsy findings, bland's hands didn't show defensive wounds. something authorities believe
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may be present in a homicide. and her neck wounds were seemingly consistent with a suicide. and now, this fellow inmate of bland's coming forward. housed in the cell across from the 28-year-old bland, telling our houston station, ktrk, jail was taking an emotional toll on her. >> she was crying and i could barely understand her. she was like, i'm not equipped for this kind of life. >> reporter: bland's case sparking outrage. >> get out of the car! >> and then you're going to stun me? >> i will light you up. get out! >> reporter: raising the question, what are your rights during traffic stops? we showed the video to joseph giacalone, a former nypd sergeant. >> you mind putting out your cigarette, please, if you don't mind? >> i'm in my car. why do you have to put out my cigarette? >> reporter: if they order you to put out that cigarette, do you have to put it out? >> no, you don't have to. but if you want to make things so they don't escalate, you would be beneficial if you just put it out. >> reporter: and he says the law is clear if an officer orders you out of your car. >> if they tell you to get out
5:42 pm
of the car, you have to comply. >> reporter: our experts say people do have the right to film, as bland did, but added, in situations like these, the officer should have given a ticket and walked away, david. >> but they say you can record with a camera if you want to. >> reporter: in that case, yes. >> all right, ryan, thank you. now, to the explosion right above an american warship. a missile malfunction. video showing the blast during a recent test fired off the coast of virginia. the missile exploding moments after launch. the uss sullivan slightly damaged. no injuries reported. there is an investigation into the malfunction tonight. this evening, a new and troubling case. a little girl left in a scorching hot car. she survived, but authorities say there have already been ten deaths this year in this country. we have already seen it, pictures like this. the good samaritan in kansas, using a tire iron to save the toddler in that car. well tonight here, a new case. a mother who authorities say knew what she was doing, heading into a walmart, and you're about to see the surveillance tape showing her going in and out of the store. abc's gio benitez tonight with
5:43 pm
what she's now been charged with. >> reporter: you're looking at an arizona woman walking into a walmart for a little shopping. the only thing is, she's left her 2-year-old in her locked car on a hot day. listen as someone in the parking lot sees the little girl and calls 911. >> are the windows cracked? >> no, not at all. >> does she seem in distress? like, sweating? >> yeah she's really -- she's sweating a lot. >> reporter: mom keeping shopping for 20 minutes. police arrive to break open the window of the car. while mom walks out of the store, officers confront her. the video blurred to comply with arizona law. >> the hottest spot in that car with the doors open was 117. >> reporter: recently, we tested first-hand what a hot car can do to an adult body. i'm wired up. let's go. in just 30 minutes, my body temperature soared. >> 105. >> reporter: wow. a child's body temperature can get dangerously high in just ten minutes. every year, 37 children die from heat strokes in cars. the little girl in arizona is safe. her mom is charged with child abuse.
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gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> gio, thank you. and tonight, a scare at some popular beaches here in new york. swimmers huddled on shore today, scanning the water for sharks after two were spotted just feet from shore. thousands of swimmers ordered out of the water for a time. and abc's linzie janis is at the beach. >> reporter: on a normal day, this long island beach looks like this. but around noon today, it looked like this. hundreds of swimmers evacuated, like a scene out of "jaws." a lifeguard spotting two six-foot long sharks just 15 feet offshore. quickly calling 911. police helicopters confirming the sighting, saying the sharks were heading up the coast. lifeguards clearing everyone out of the water at two more beaches. >> very close to shore. yeah, so was scary. the kids all saw it. >> reporter: authorities taking no chances, after eight shark attacks in north carolina already this summer. david, just a few hours ago, those swimmers were allowed back
5:45 pm
into the water. many of them feeling on edge. david? >> linzie, thank you. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. trouble on the tracks yet again in this country. the freight train barrelling right into a limousine. watch this. the bystander desperately trying to stop the train. the limo with the sweet 16 party. they all got out just beforehand. this was incredible. also tonight, the headline coming in involving the mail. are you missing crucial letters, bills? the important discovery. that headline coming up. and take a close look at this tonight. nasa revealing what it says is the closest thing yet to another earth. what they have learned about this new planet that they say makes it a lot like ours. is there life? it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain
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next tonight, the collision on the tracks in indiana. accidents that happen every day across this country. this one caught on camera. the freight train barrelling into a limousine. teenagers celebrating a sweet 16, escaping as a bystander tried to stop the train. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: this sweet 16 turned instantly bitter. this white stretch limo cantilevered over the tracks. >> not going to stop. not going to stop. >> reporter: this man desperately waving that handkerchief. watch that crunching collision again. the wheels screeching against the track, steel on steel. luckily, more than ten passengers managed to pile out of the limo before it was impaled and pushed hundreds of yards. accidents like these happen on average six times a day, with a fatality nearly every day. in indiana, that limo driver sprints up to the engineer, asking --
5:49 pm
>> did you see me? >> i sure did. i got 10,000 tons behind me, though. >> reporter: david, the experts tell us it would take a freight train moving at about the same speed as that train a full mile to come to a complete stop. that could take two minutes. david? >> matt gutman reporting in from california. when we come back here tonight, he was accused of five bank robberies. nicknamed the snowbird bandit. the unlikely suspect, we've just learned of the arrest tonight. also, look at this. the victim trapped. the good samaritans in dallas, helping rescuers lift a car. and the big discovery from the post office tonight about thousands of letters, apparently lost in the mail. we'll tell you where this happened. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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5:53 pm
hair. relatives turned him in after seeing his picture on tv. to dallas tonight. a motorcyclist trapped beneath a car, gasping for air, crushed by that car. good samaritans rushing to the scene, and just listen. all of them together, lifting the vehicle, pulling her to safety. she does have serious injuries, but she survived. and you've got mail, or maybe not. tonight, a postman in philadelphia accused of hoarding 22,000 pieces of mail, discovered in his car and his home. that mail was supposed to be delivered to zip code here it goes 19135, in and around philly between may of 2014 and january of this year. if convicted, he could spend up to six months behind bars. when we come back here, we are about to show you nasa's amazing new discovery. it's the new planet that they are now saying is the closest thing yet to earth. could there be life? so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution.
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finally tonight here, nasa with a new discovery. a new planet that they say might be the closest thing yet to earth. what's so similar about it? here's david wright. >> reporter: in the world of astronomy, this is a holy grail. the nearest thing yet to another earth. kepler 452-b, circling a sun slightly brighter than our own. the discovery announced today, the second big news in a week from nasa. last week, mission control burst into cheers as nasa's new horizons gave us our first close-up view of pluto, including an animated flyover of pluto's icy mountains and plains. today, this new earth from the
5:58 pm
kepler space telescope, launched six years ago. kepler's mission? to find what astronomers sometimes call goldilocks planets, where conditions might be just right to sustain life. kepler 452-b is bigger than earth, it could have water and atmosphere, we just don't know. and it's 1,400 light years away, but possibly, some day, a new home. david wright, abc news, new york. >> to be continued. thank you for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night. hayward police announced they're
5:59 pm
looking for a vehicle caught by a surveillance camera that may be related to the shooting death of sargent scott lunger. his casket was taken from the alameda county coroner's office to chapel of the crimes mortuary in hayward. tonight, we're at police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. katie? >> reporter: many of us know how difficult it is to lose a loved one. hayward police are grieving the loss of a dear friend and combined with investigating his murder it's a terrible task they're facing. police obtained surveillance footage from the area of 107th avenue and beverly street, after
6:00 pm
officer lunger was scott. they're looking for a four door with chrome rims. as investigators are busy following those leads, other officers and a community lined that procession route. they lined the route on short notice. you can see it spanned from chapel of the chimes where sargent lunger's coffin will be placed for viewing next wednesday. the community is united in its grief as people come to terms with the loss. >> it was very traumatic. i couldn't sleep anymore after that. you know? >> reporter: that man lives near the


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