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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening now -- on the run. the world's most dangerous drug lord, the target of a massive manhunt this morning. the new details of his dramatic escape. the mile-long tunnel, complete with a motorcycle. the construction site where he emerged before disappearing. thousands on alert on both sides of the border for the man some are calling the bin laden of the drug trade. developing now -- severe storm threat. nearly 50 million americans on alert right now. storms striking overnight, lightning hitting this scoreboard on a high school field. another bolt setting this church on fire, tornadoes touching down, torrential rain triggering flash floods. putting this neighborhood underwater. beach blast. the woman thrown into the air by a mysterious explosion at the beach.
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>> she was like a human cannon, just four feet up, ten feet out, smacked on her torso. >> slamming down on rock. investigators with no clue right now. and this morning, the woman speaking out, sharing her incredible story. ♪ suddenly i see ♪ such a precious moment. the baby. the tiny glasses. and the moment she sees her parents clearly for the first time. the story behind an incredible gift. good morning, america. how about starting your week off with a smile? loved that happy baby. little piper getting her first pair of glasses. that's been viewed more than 12 million times on facebook. >> i think i've watched it 5 million. beautiful, beautiful. >> it's adorable. >> dan, you'll have more on that coming up. >> i don't know what i like better, the glasses or the hair cut. perfect. >> the whole thing.
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>> we will share that in a bit. we begin with the all-out manhunt right now for the world's most dangerous drug lord. joaquin guzman. known as el chapo. broke out of a prison for the second time over the weekend. officials say he escaped from this maximum security prison in mexico through a hole in his cell and down a mile-long tunnel. this is where that tunnel ended. inside a building in a nearby construction site. el chapo is also wanted here in the u.s. where he's charged with drug trafficking and murder. gio benitez is in mexico with the latest. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. this is a man who the mexican government said would never break out of prison again, but he did. and this time from a secure prison in mexico. this morning, an all-out manhunt. the powerful and dangerous joaquin guzman. best known as el chapo, on the run, after escaping from a maximum security prison again. >> el chapo is like the osama bin laden of drug trafficking.
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>> reporter: guzman escaping from this prison 55 miles outside of mexico city last night, taking 18 prison employees in for questioning. el chapo was last seen in the shower area of his cell. under that shower, a dug-out hole. 20 inches by 20 inches wide. authorities finding a ladder they belief he used to drop himself 30 feet below ground. winding his way through a elaborate mile-long labyrinth of tunnels. the tunnels, 5'6", as tall as el chapo himself. but well let and vented with pvc piping. the passage outfitted with a motorcycle. at the end of the tunnel, this gaping manhole, surrounded by corn fields on a half-built piece of farmland. nobody would have found it strange that someone was building a tunnel underground. take a look behind me. these are tunnels under construction all around this area. that's the prison right there.
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the man known as the most powerful drug trafficker in the world is the head of the sinaloa mexican drug cartel. a man so rich he's made the "forbes" billionaire list. so powerful, he's responsible for tens of thousands of deaths by overdoses or murders. >> whenever there's a community in the united states where you can find the presence of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, even designer drugs, those drugs connected to el chapo. >> reporter: he first broke out of a different prison in 2001 and wasn't captured for 13 years. the government parading him in front of cameras. saying the famous last words, that he would never escape again. and the mexican president now calling this an insult to mexico but says he is confident that law enforcement here will capture joaquin guzman again. george? >> let's bring in pierre thomas. u.s. officials anxious and angry
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about the escape. >> reporter: yes, good morning, george. el chapo is facing charges here in the u.s. and some u.s. officials were concerned this exact thing would happened. they wanted him extradited and that did not happen. given the amount of carnage and overdoses tied to this man, my sources were, to say the least extremely unhappy. if i can sum up their reaction, really? you let this man get away again? >> what is the u.s. doing to help mexico get him? >> reporter: the d.e.a. is working their informants. and sources to see what they know and it's likely that u.s. intelligence will likely get involved. this is a huge failure. it would be like al capone breaking out of prison twice. his cartel is responsible for more than 25% of illegal drugs in the u.s. marijuana, cocaine, heroin. this will reignite questions about corruption in the mexican law enforcement. according to one congressional study, the u.s. has spent more than $1 billion to help reform
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the mexican criminal justice system, george? >> all right, george. now to the dangerous weather. nearly 50 million americans on alert right now. damaging winds, hail, possible tornadoes from chicago to nashville. this after a night of severe storms hit millions. alex perez is in chicago this morning. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. the city right now coping with this storm, it's expected to pound chicago early this morning, complicated the community after a weekend of wild weather. a weekend of weather mayhem across the midwest. [ siren blaring ] four tornadoes touching down in minnesota. this rope tornado forming and lingering. >> wow. look at that. >> reporter: winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour. cars pulling off the highway and seeking shelter under this overpass while waiting out the storm. torrential rains triggering flash floods in kentucky. you can see from above, neighborhoods completely
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flooded. the suv pulling the boat, now more submerged than the actual boat. and overnight, in florida, blinding rain and then, this. that huge bolt striking a scoreboard on a high school field. >> water spout. >> reporter: check out this water spout. near tampa. that vortex is sucking water out of the gulf of mexico putting on quite a show. this storm is headed east from here. making flash flooding problems for areas that are already dealing with flash flooding, even worse. >> thank you. rob, you have more on the damage that can caused and where it's headed? >> yeah, that same line of storms did this. straight-line winds. only four reports of tornadoes yesterday. but the straight-line winds can do just as much damage. these are severe. gusty, possibly damaging winds through chicago during the morning commute.
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then it moves off to the east. we'll have a couple of rounds with this. it will reinvigorate. maybe even in chicago again this afternoon. the target zone, parts of illinois, indiana, parts of kentucky. tomorrow that pushes to the east. it doesn't weaken a whole lot. into tennessee and parts of the carolinas. as alex mentioned, there will be a flood threat with this. we'll talk about that in a few. >> thanks very much. we have the latest now on the high-stakes nuclear negotiations to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. they're inching to the finish line but still working through some final conflicts as the latest deadline hits tonight. martha raddatz has the latest from tehran. >> reporter: it's difficult to imagine this deal will not be agreed on. the question is when? after so much talk of it being done by today, it appears there may be a few final technical issues to work out. secretary kerry and some of his counterparts meeting in vienna, all looking far more serious than the relaxed pictures from this weekend.
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even the iranians, who were so positive, are now saying the timing is uncertain. the goal of the negotiations, to curb iran's ability to build a nuclear weapon for at least ten years. and for the iranians, to get the punishing sanctions lifted. everyone we've talked to on the street during this week we have been here are eager to see those sanctions lifted and we expect celebrations in the street if and when a deal is announced. george? >> thank you. we turn to the race for the white house. donald trump dominated the field over the weekend, drawing a huge crowd in phoenix. doubling down on his criticism of mexico and illegal immigration. jon karl covering the race. and, jon, he's jumping on this escape about chapo. >> reporter: sure does. sometimes it seems like donald trump is running against mexico in this campaign. he's accusing the government of intentionally letting el chapo go. in a tweet, he said, the u.s.
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will invite el chapo, the mexican drug lord who just escaped to become a u.s. citizen, because our leaders can't say no. this comes after that huge rally over the weekend. probably almost certainly, george the biggest rally we've seen in this campaign so far. donald trump attacking mexico, attacking illegal immigrants. some republicans are really worried about what this will do with the republican party. lindsey graham said he's a wrecking ball for the future of the republican party. >> and it's really something, the biggest crowds of the campaign donald trump and burnley sanders. the republican field will have a new candidate today. scott walker, wisconsin governor, will make the announcement today. he sat down with an exclusive interview with david muir yesterday. >> is jeb bush a name from the past or a name for the future? >> i don't think a name from the past beats names from the past. you need a name from the future. >> he's going to bet on his generational appeal and he starts out this race in a pretty strong position.
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>> he sure does. and just a short while ago, he made it official on twitter tweeting, i'm in. i'm running for president because americans deserve a leader that will fight and win for them. this is an incredibly crowded field, george. we now have 15 republican candidates. but if there's any one of them that could be seen as the front-runner now, i could say it's scott walker. take, for example, iowa. scott walker has had a lead in iowa the very first voting of course, in every poll since february. >> okay, jon karl, thank you very much. you can see all of david's interview on "world news tonight." now to one of the most highly anticipated books ever. the sequel to harper lee's "to kill a mockingbird," "go set a watchman." it's the most preordered book on amazon since the final installment of harry potter. spoiler alert. fans are already outraged to learn their hero has a dark side. tom llamas is here with more. good morning, tom. >> robin, good morning to you.
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on the screen, like in the book, atticus finch stood like a towering beacon of morality. now, the law who took on racism and justice in "to kill a mockingbird" is no saint. >> in our courts, all men are created equal. >> reporter: on tuesday, readers will open "go set a watchman" and meet a different, older, and yes, racist atticus. in the new book, which takes place 20 years after the classic "to kill a mockingbird" atticus reportedly has attended a ku klux klan meeting and questions the benefits of desegregation. >> there's a lot of ugly things in this world, son. >> reporter: lee actually wrote "watchman" before "mockingbird." it's led to questions of whether the 89-year-old author, who hasn't spoken publicly since the '60s, ever wanted this one published. harper collins said lee requested the book be published without any editorial intervention.
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"gma" obtained this photo of her receiving the first public copy of "watchman." the book, already a hit. >> this is the literary event of the decade, if not more. we had absolutely no reason to expect this was ever coming. >> reporter: smashing presale records at libraries and in store, including online retailer, amazon. academy award-winning actress reese witherspoon lending her voice to the audio book. >> it's awful hot up here, said dill. >> reporter: fans are her first book are already sounding off on social media tweeting any book where atticus is a bad gay, is not a book i want to read. he's revealed as a racist in the new book. maybe the hero is teaching us a new lesson. no man is perfect. now, "go set a watchman" hits bookshelves and is available for downloads tomorrow. guys the publishers were kind enough to give me an advanced copy here. it came in an armored truck. though there's no editor, it
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doesn't feel overwritten. but atticus is a different man. >> la, la, la, la, la, la. "p" i'm just telling you a little bit about it. i've only gotten half way through it. >> somebody else here got an early copy. >> i read it over the weekend. it's riveting. it's heartbreaking to see the portrayal of atticus finch. but the scenes between him and scout. any dad will read that and be absolutely gripped. >> cannot wait to read it now. and you can see exclusive new photos of harper lee on our website, on yahoo!. thank you for the review. very helpful. >> you did better than tom over there. >> i didn't give away too much. >> tom, you did a great job. >> you did. you did. >> i didn't even finish the book. and dan harris is here. good news for wall street? >> yes, yes. absolutely. breaking news overnight that will come as a big relief for stock markets around the world. european leaders have agreed to a last-minute deal to keep greece from going bankrupt.
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this is a massive bailout that allows the country to keep using the euro currency but it requires some of the strict spending cuts that greek voters recently rejected. this deal still needs to be approved by the parliament. a fatal drag race in north carolina. the driver of a mustang lost control, crashing into a group of onlookers, killing four people. the driver is under arrest. police are searching for another driver. the search resumes this morning in washington state for a missing plane with a family on board. a couple in their 60s and their teenage granddaughter are all flying from montana, their last phone signal was picked up late saturday. also in washington state, two wildfires have forced families to evacuate after the fires got close to 300 homes. the fires have burned 30 square miles now. now, from the stupid criminal files this morning. look at this video out of florida, thieves using a stolen
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backhoe to crash through a bank and haul the atm in their truck. the police spotted them and asked what they were carrying. the men said they were just collecting scrap metal. yet just happened to be in the shape of an atm that just happened to be filled with cash. the cops smartly did not buy that. finally this morning. something deeply awesome. this is a baby named piper getting her first pair of glasses the other day in ohio. a bit of a struggle at first. watch as she sees her mom clearly for the first time ever. it is awesome. and a couple of seconds later, she turns to see her dad. we will see that in a few seconds here. and then she spends just a few seconds magically swiveling between the two of them. i usually try to end my newscasts with a wisecrack. this morning, there is no improving on that. >> that was beautiful. >> good to have you back. >> thank you, great to be back. and thank you to serena williams.
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what a wimbledon, everybody. the sensational serena williams made tennis history. and novak djokovic proving why he's number one in the world. taking his second straight crown from the fan favorite. fan favorite roger federer had the crowd on their feet as he attempted to capture his eighth wimbledon title. >> 15 minutes of brilliant tennis by both men. >> reporter: but in the end, number one ranked in the world novak djokovic prevailed in a four-set nail-biter. and this morning, everyone is still buzzing around serena williams. i sat down with the six-time champ moments after her victory. number six. >> number six is special. i went for number six. actually, i don't think i went for it. i was competing for it for the past two years. came up a little short. so this year, just had a different approach of staying relaxed and staying in the moment and just focusing on one match at a time.
7:18 am
>> reporter: yes, you're here. holding that -- balancing the trophy on your head. >> doing everything i can with the trophy because they take it away so fast. >> so you just have to appreciate the moment. >> reporter: her victory over 21-year-old garbine muguruza makes the 33-year-old williams the oldest grand slam winner of all time. she credits her longevity to her mental toughness and support of family and friends, including a few famous ones in her player's box. >> i do. i'm the player that looks over, is that okay? is that good? >> reporter: and when you got a point, it was like -- >> in your face. >> reporter: right now, all eyes are on you. i know you haven't wanted to talk about it. so it's done. serena slam 2.0. >> i'm so excited. i still am like, i really won four grand slams in a row. i got another serena slam. it's an amazing feeling. i'm trying to enjoy the moment. >> reporter: looking forward, the u.s. open could mean so much. >> i look forward to the crowd. just being there.
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i'm going to enjoy the moment and stick to it. >> can u.s. open make it five? let's go to rob. >> first, here's your select cities brought to you by verizon. we'll talk about the local forecast in a moment. >> good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. off to a picture perfect star at the golden gate bridge but the rest of us have more clouds and not a lot of sunshine and seasonal temperatures not just cooler-than-average
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temperatures. low clouds come back as do the mild temperatures off the warm ocean water and hot highs in the anything part of this week. today our summer spread is from 66 at half moon bay to antioch and livermore at 85. my seven-day forecast shows get ready for 80s and 90s thursday much more ahead this morning. the woman injured in the mysterious beach blast. ch blast. n minionese) this summer, come play like a minion! with minion mania at mcdonald's. peel your game piece to reveal instant win food prizes... trips to universal theme parks... and 4 weekly drawings for a chance to win $250,000. it's a summer full of minions and lovin', at mcdonald's. (minions): ♪ ba da ba ba ba ♪ look at us... ...a nation of checkers. missing this moment... check all of the other moments. really, mom? just one look. they'll never notice.
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the roads have wider lanes, safety shoulders and separate tunnels. speaking of traffic, let's check in with sue. >> you can see traffic here is looking good on the golden gate bridge. as we're headed north, two lanes and four lanes for your southbound drive. couple of problem spots. bart now back on time after earlier delays. we have the bridge for the bta light rail to also buck brinl from ocean beach to church. live shot 101 north 880 where we have a motorcycle down
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welcome back. we have -- santa rosa, 56 and 57 58. rest of us in the low to mid-60s. warm ocean water is the reason. even though, a small advisory. let's check out the ocean water. low to mid-60s. we should will in the low to mid-50s. little below average today and
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good morning, america. right now, the massive manhunt for the world's most dangerous drug lord. thousands on alert on both sides of the mexican border for el chapo, after his daring prison break. also right now, nearly 50 million americans in the crosshairs for severe weather from nashville to chicago. after torrential rains, dangerous lightning, and damaging winds strike overnight. and good news for your 401(k). stocks around the world rising. investors relieved by greece's bailout deal. good morning, america. a lot to get to today. including good news for "star wars" fans. a big surprise over the weekend. harrison ford made an appearance at comic-con in san diego. this is the first public appearance since the march plane crash.
7:31 am
>> he looks good. >> he does. fans were thrilled to see him. >> they got a new sneak peek of the movie. we start this half hour with the mysterious explosion on a rhode island beach. the blast so forceful it knocked one woman on to the rocks, sending her to the hospital. this morning, the beach is back open. we're hearing from that woman. abc's linzie janis is in rhode island. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. that woman was sitting in her beach chair with her toes in the water when suddenly, the ground beneath her exploded, throwing her up into the air and sending dozens of others scrambling to safety. this morning, the beachgoer thrown into the air by a mysterious explosion speaking out. says she has no memory of the incident. >> it was a beautiful day. the beach was busy. a lot of people there. the last thing i remember is reading my book. >> reporter: investigators trying to figure out what caused the apparent explosion on this crowded new england beach. >> people started screaming and
7:32 am
running. >> reporter: the blast occurring along this jetty saturday. seemingly coming from underground, launching 60-year-old kathleen danise into the air and slamming her down on to the rocks. >> she was like a human cannon. four feet up, ten feet out, smacked on her torso. >> reporter: paramedics carrying her away on a stretcher, with two broken ribs and a concussion. authorities evacuating the beach. calling in the bomb squad. >> we know that it wasn't man-made. >> reporter: officials mystified. >> there appears to be some ground disturbance. there's definitely something that happened there. >> reporter: some beachgoers said they smelled gas after the explosion. the gas company says there's no line under the beach. the u.s. geological survey saying there was no seismic activity in the area. >> you're not going to see an explosion like this from a
7:33 am
geologic source without a seismic record. is. >> but here family is concerned about safety on that beach. >> we went back this morning. there was no caution tape up and having kids climb the rock walls. >> reporter: this morning, it's open to the public. but danise says she's not going back anytime soon. >> that was my favorite location. until we know what actually happened, no. no. >> reporter: the blast left a hole in the sand. within 24 hours, authorities filled it in and reopened the beach, even though they have no idea what caused the explosion. right now, they won't say if they have a theory. >> hmm. >> so strange. >> very. >> thank you, linzie. >> gotta get some answers though. >> you would think. we turn to the missing mother of five in kentucky. crystal rogers disappeared five days ago. her boyfriend was the last person to see her. police say he's cooperating. her family is suspicious. >> reporter: over 100 people now searching for crystal rogers. her live-in boyfriend says she was up late the night of july
7:34 am
3rd and gone the next morning. the family says brooks houck's story is sending up red flags. this morning, the hunt intensifying. 35-year-old crystal rogers was last seen by her live-in boyfriend and father of her 2-year-old son, brooks houck, on july 3rd. the only sign of rogers, her car on this highway. >> i know she wasn't in that car. >> reporter: her keys, purse, uncharged cell phone recovered inside the car. police say houck has been cooperative, and he denies any knowledge of her disappearance. he took a polygraph test. officials telling rogers' family the results are inconclusive. houck defending himself on "nancy grace." >> i'm innocent. i want the emphasis to remain on crystal's safe return. >> reporter: her family not convinced by his story.
7:35 am
speaking to us overnight. >> he's had no emotion. it's like -- nothing's changed to him. and us to, our whole world has changed. >> i can't understand how you live with the mother of your baby for 3 1/2 years and you don't report her missing. >> reporter: the family, actively involved in search efforts over the weekend. grateful for the outpouring of assistance. >> all the support from the community just means the world to us. >> reporter: and pleading for anyone with information to come forward. >> the reward is up to $71,000. we want somebody to bring her home safe to us. >> i just want to find her and bring her home. >> reporter: police are considering this an active investigation. they haven't released many details or named any suspects. as for the inconclusive polygraph, they're not pushing for houck to take a second one. but if it helps bring crystal home he should do it. robin? >> hope she is found safe and
7:36 am
sound. all right, thank you. now to dangers at the ballpark. a new england woman is recovering after being hit right in the head by a foul ball at a red sox game. it's just the latest incident at a baseball stadium that has some calling for more protection for fans. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> a swing and a foul ball into the seats. >> foul ball into the seats. >> reporter: this morning, boston red sox fan stephanie wapinski is recovering. after she got hit with a foul ball and got left with this star. >> the instant i saw the ball, it hit me at exactly the same time. it felt. there was no reaction time. i did see it coming. >> reporter: the 36-year-old and her fiance were celebrating their one-year engagement anniversary at the stadium friday. the same place where the jumbotron captured their proposal last year. this year, her experience quite different. hit in the stands, right between the eyes. needing more than 30 stitches. >> everything got quiet. sort of buzzy. >> reporter: this, after part of
7:37 am
a broken bat hit a woman in the face in the same section of the same stadium last month. leaving her hospitalized for a week. america's past time is a sport that allows fans to get close to the action. while many stadiums print reminders on tickets and print signs warning fans of the the dangers, some say it's not enough to protect fans. joe girardi said following friday's game, netting needs to be extended at all ballparks. a red sox representative is we're working with mlb on a study for fan's safety and working on netting for those areas. the red sox fanatic considering herself on deck for her next night at fenway. >> i might have a glove on each hand just to see if i can help my cause at all. but yes, it's hard to pass up those seats. >> reporter: for "good morning
7:38 am
america," reena ninan. abc news. >> i agree. you have to do more. >> she never saw it coming. more now on the weather. and, oh, this flooding. >> and strong storms in chicago. want to show you this shot. dark skies as you look up the lake shore drive up to the north. stormy morning across parts of chicago. might get flash flooding. prospect, kentucky, five inches of rain in four hours. that's tremendous stuff. flash flood advisories and warnings from chicago to lexington. >> ing, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the low clouds pulling back from the coast and breezy this afternoon and evening were high clouds and sun for the rest of us and 70s and 80s. my seven-day forecast shows summer heat wednesday thursday and friday. >> this weather cast is brought to you by kellogg's raisin bran. that's a kangaroo. that's a kid. you have kangaroos in southeast australia hopping through the snow. you heard of frosty hippity
7:39 am
hopping. this is unusual. they do get snow. but not this much to this elevation. certainly the kangaroos and kids are out enjoying it. >> we're waiting for the kangaroos. >> i wasn't -- more kangaroos. >> you gotta be quick on this show. a lot more coming up. "gma" is on the money. how changing things like your water heater and lightbulbs could save you hundreds on your electric bill. and later this morning, the women's world cup team about to make history again, after a huge weekend of celebrations. we'll tell you all about it in just a bit. come on back. dave's been working on his game, morning double bogie. hey, three putt. and starting each day with a delicious bowl of heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. how's your cereal? sweet! tastes like winning. how would you know what winning tastes like? dave loves the two scoops and that kellogg's raisin bran is one more ststep towards a healthy tomorrow. you eat slower than you play. you're in a hurry to lose, huh?
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clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. the time is the time is 7:43. we're back with "gma on the money." we have ways to save big on your power bills. they can sky-rocket along with the temperature in the summer. it turns out some small changes can make a big dififference.
7:44 am
here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: like so many of us, the merrick family is trying to beat the summer heat by cranking up the a/c. the power bill? so not cool. >> i wish i could say we had consistent energy-saving habits in our house. >> reporter: they pay a scorching $3700 a year in electric bills. enter energy expert ben bixby. to find the family some hidden cash. >> let's go do it. >> reporter: the first way to put money back in your wallet, replace your old thermostat with a smart one like this nest or honeywell controlled through your phone. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: he says it monitors the family's heating and cooling habits and turns off when not needed. giving them an estimated $173 back this year. >> oh, this is perfect. >> reporter: and that's not all. their old 65-watt lightbulbs
7:45 am
were not only making the house hotter -- >> temperature is over 107 degrees. >> reporter: -- but they were also zapping a lot of electricity. switching to 9.5-watt l.e.d.s nets them an extra 288 bucks a year. >> wow. >> reporter: and finally the hot water heater. just watch. it's set to a sizzling 145 degrees. >> it's much hotter than it needs to be. that's really costing you on your energy bills. >> reporter: turning it down 20 degrees nets them an extra 40 bucks. all in all, plugging an extra 600 bucks back into their budget this year. and you can also reduce how hard your air conditioner has to work by covering skylights and closing window shades. naturally keeping the house cooler. that one change got them an extra $20 a year. all money back into their budget. >> every little bit adds up and takes about two seconds to do. thank you, mara. coming up on "good morning
7:46 am
america," a lot to get to. harrison ford surprising "star wars" fans and the brand-new behind the scenes look at the new movie. plus we have a major parenting alert. the new warning about kids and technology. could your child be addicted? come on back. come on back. ♪ ♪ kids get to be kids. they're the luckiest. of course, they can't wait to grow up. but tonight, it won't take much to slow down the clock. if only for the next 86 minutes. low prices. every day. on everything to make tonight a blockbuster. walmart. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs. sure. (beep)
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e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪]
7:50 am
dan is here with the "speed feed." >> this was an earthquake in the nerd universe. a massive, positive move in the force. we've got a behind the scenes look in the new star wars movie. this clip released over the weekend at comic-con. the video, you see r2-d2. you see c-3po. you see carrie fisher. harrison ford. mark hamill, some of the of original cast members. you can see him behind the controls of the millennium falcon. he surprised the crowd at comic-con with his first appearance since his plane crash. >> looking strong. >> you feeling okay? >> yeah, i'm fine. >> good. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> ford said it should have felt ridiculous to be back on the set after 30 years. but it actually felt great.
7:51 am
i want to say i'm a huge fan. probably not the guy who will wait in line dressed up to get tickets. but my wife and i have been putting our son nin in "star wars" onecies. >> he's finding the force. >> yeah. >> we should say, happy birthday, harrison ford, 73 today. >> looking great. >> han solo looking great. much more ahead. prince william speaking out. as he gets ready to take on a daring new job.
7:52 am
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zblncht good morning. some commuters are driving into san francisco this morning on the new improved doyle drive. it reopened early last night and extended weekend closure crews opened tunnels and did retro fitting. here's mike. >> check out these temperatures at the ocean. 6 to 10 degrees above avrnl. close to average mid to upper 70s around the bay. 80s inland. not much of a change tomorrow, but check out that heat. 80s and 90s, wednesday, thursday and friday.
7:57 am
we've got a jam up, southbound 68 past monument. this is beyond the scene of the crash as you will work your way towards highway 24 and let's take a look at your drive times. >> thank you. news continues now with good morning america. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. major parenting alert. could you children be addicted to tech? glued the their computers, phones, ipads, and screens of every kind. the country that's already declared it a national health crisis. and how long is too long for your children to be online? ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ breaking this morning. a new interview with prince william. why he says he's feeling the nerves. and his daring new job just revealed. trapped. carrie underwood's baby accidentally locked in her car. her family breaking the window to get him out. how it happened. and the keys to rescuing your child from a hot car. ♪ suddenly i see ♪ the secrets to really understanding sunscreen before you hit the beach.
8:01 am
what's the right number? and one spot everyone misses. ♪ i can't remember what i did ♪ all that and r5 performing live, as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. >> yeah. and good morning, america. there you see some members of our audience. they're going to put on some sunscreen now. there they are. all trying to protect their skin. later, we'll show you a special uv camera that shows how well they applied it. and what you can learn from their test. >> they're all in. they're going for it. >> is that guy spraying it into his mouth? >> you can never be too safe. >> that's the wrong way. the dos and don'ts of how to do that. i don't know about you guys. everywhere i went this weekend, everyone wanted to talk about the world cup soccer team. the world cup champions.
8:02 am
they had fabulous weekend. they're on stage with taylor swift at her concert. gave her the trophy. and chants of usa, usa. this, after, of course, the historic parade through the streets of new york city. they're making history again. they're on the cover of "sports illustrated." this is 1 of 25 covers of "s.i." every individual player will be on a cover in the respective region of the country. >> that's so cool. >> that's phenomenal. >> because it was truly a team effort. >> it seemed like they were floating here on friday. >> i'm still getting chills. here on friday. then at city hall. and it was just -- they are so grateful. they are wonderful ambassadors. >> i was in london, everyone was talking about it. chrissie evert wanted to give a shotout. >> chrissie evert. congratulations to the ladies. >> such a great job. let's go to dan harris and the morning rundown. >> the manhunt for one of the world's most dangerous men. drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman is on the run after escaping again from a maximum security prison in mexico
8:03 am
through a mile-long tunnel that connected to the shower in his cell. the tunnel was well lit, ventilated, and equipped with a motorcycle on rails. american intelligence agencies may soon join the search. guzman's cartel controlled much of the cocaine, meth and marijuana that is shipped into the united states. good news for the stock market this morning. greece has cut a last-minute deal the avoid a last-minute collapse. or at least it's close to cutting the deal. this would allow them to keep using the euro currency. it does require spending cuts and reforms previously rejected by voters. the greek parliament has 48 hours to formally approve the deal. and a deal could be announced soon in the iranian nuclear talks. the u.s. and our allies want to curb their ability to make bombs for a decade. in exchange for sanctions that have cripple the iran's economy. the governor of wisconsin, scott walker, has now officially
8:04 am
kicked off his presidential campaign. joining a field very crowded field of republicans. he released a video calling himself conservative, bold, and decisive. as you may remember, he shot to prominence several years ago when he stripped unionized state workers in wisconsin of their collective bargaining rights. presidential politics overshadowed the miss usa contest last night. miss oklahoma won the crown. the contest was embroiled in controversy after donald trump, the pageant's owner, made comments last week. prompting boycotts. trump himself did not attend. prince william is now a pilot of a medevac unit. the future king's job is similar to the role he served in the military. even so he says he's quote, feeling the nerves about getting started. >> it's been a long time coming. there's been many exams and training to get here. i'm hugely excited to join a professional bunch of guys and girls. >> he's on call for nine-hour shifts. his salary will be donated to charity.
8:05 am
the nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai is celebrating her 18th birthday dedicating a school for syrian refugees in lebanon. she was shot by the taliban in 2012 because she fought for the right for girls to attend schools. she's calling on world leaders to invest in books instead of bullets. and finally an unusual residue story. if you look closely at the passenger in the front of this raft, it's a little baby bear. she was found by the side of a river in tennessee, malnourished, with no mama bear in sight. she hopped in the raft. she's in the care of veterinarians. doing well eating grapes and apple sauce. she will eventually be returned to the wild which is a good thing, because no matter how cute she look when she grows up, you will not want her around. i promise you that. >> sweet now. >> two excellent kickers this morning. thank you very much. >> very good. ♪ you make me feel good ♪
8:06 am
here's what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." a parenting alert about kids and technology. could your child be addicted to screen time? and a terrifying moment for new mom carrie underwood. what she did when she realized her baby was locked inside of her car. and "oprah" magazine saying only certain women can rock these crop tops. how so many of responding to that right now. and i'm walking outside. rocking times square, r5. don't go anywhere. "gma." we'll be right back. a hug. all right. group hug, group hug. fact. advil is not only strong it's gentle on your body too. no wonder doctors and patients have trusted advil... for their tough pains for over 30 years. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil. does your makeup remover take it all
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8:11 am
welcome back, everyone. time now for "the heat index." and this morning's hot button. kids addicted to technology. >> no. >> i know. that's the word on the street. the average american 8 to 10 years old spends almost eight hours a day. >> that's too much. >> uh huh, using screens. tv, video games. cell phone, tablets. now, there's a new documentary, it said shocking documentary. but we're not shocked by this. revealing on pbs tonight why one country is declaring screen addiction a national health crisis. jesse palmer is here with more on that. hey, jesse. >> hey, robin. they're called web junkies. for children in china, the addiction to electronics is so severe, they come to view the real world as being fake. spending hours a day consumed by the web. without eating, sleeping, or even getting up to use the bathroom sometimes. phones, tablets, tvs, video games. we're glued to digital screens
8:12 am
like never before. now, the ever-increasing number of hours we spend plugged in is being identified as a growing problem around the world. some experts labeling it a screen addiction. in china, these vivid images caught on camera of teens stuck to their computer screens, going hours without food and sleep so they don't miss a moment playing video games. in the new documentary "web junkie," airing on the pov series tonight on pbs, these young addicts struggle through in-patient rehab for an addiction now called a clinical disorder in china. >> these kids are disconnected from reality. they stop functioning in their own lives. this is for the parents, maybe, the last chance to cure them. >> reporter: in russia, an addiction hotline is now extending its services to selfie addicts. and in north america, this is one of only three rehabilitation centers that treats these
8:13 am
internet and video game dependencies with care. >> the more we use it, the more we crave it. >> reporter: this family unplugs to keep their family healthy. to hopefully avoid these worst case scenarios. >> you gotta put the ipad away. >> reporter: it's a lesson that kids don't always love. >> the kids were reluctant. we heard, can i have my ipod? can we do electronics? but it really was never that bad. >> reporter: a 2010 study found that the average 11 to 18-year-old consumes 11 hours of media per day or more. leaving many to fear that this overindulgence of screen time negatively affects school work, health, behavior. and social interaction. >> early childhood is when children really learn about others. they learn these very important social skills that will take them through life. >> reporter: "the new york times" says texting could be the next national epidemic. half of teens send 50 or more texts a day. averaging more than 3,000 a month. the documentary "web junkie"
8:14 am
which is part of the pov series premieres tonight on pbs. check your local listings for the time. >> dr. richard besser joins us. tell us the guidelines. >> the academy of pediatrics. they just put out new guideline this year. kids under 2, the number is zero. children that age, their brains are developing. they need the face-to-face time with adults to learn social cues. they shouldn't have any devices. for kids 2 and over, going through teens, they say for entertainment time, one to two hours a day. it's a big change. you said earlier, the average 8 to 10-year-old is on for eight hours. the average adult is on for ten hours. one of the hard things for adults here is that if -- if we're not willing to look at our own use and cut back, it will be hard to do that for our children. >> i'm so glad you mentioned that. we're talking about children. but the parents. adults, we're as guilty if not more so. and they kind of model their behavior after us. so what are the warning signs? >> the overuse we see we see
8:15 am
everywhere. there's a line you can cross over. where it's moving toward addiction. one thing to look for is if your children are no longer enjoying active inters they had fun with. they don't want to spend time with friends, not doing sports. they're skipping meals and missing sleep. children need eight to ten hours of sleep. if they're missing that, physical and mental problems are going to come with that. you're hearing from school that their grades are dropping off. they're not completing their assignments. a critical one is they've tried to stop and have been unable to. that's a sign it may be moving towards addiction. it's not a formal mental illness diagnosis. >> right. >> but it's being considered and probably will become one. >> is what do you recommend parents do? >> a number of things. first, it has to be a family plan. you can't just do it for your children. the first one is, no electronic at meal time. that's easy to do. you go to a restaurant and see everyone on a device. you got to stop that. no tv in the bedroom, no devices
8:16 am
after bed time. a power strip in your house for everyone to park their devices after a certain hour. that's a great way to go. there's apps you can get to monitor your kids' time. if it comes to that. >> i like this idea. kind of like park your -- >> a parking lot for everyone's device. everyone's playing by the same rules. >> everyone. mom, dad, everyone. everyone in the pool. >> if you think it's crossing over to addiction, ask for help from your doctor. >> you need to take it seriously. all right, rich, thank you very much. guys? >> we have to implement all those ideas. >> george and i were like, check, check. >> when i was growing up i wasn't allowed to watch tv. i got revenge. i'm working inside the box. >> we're going to move on now to our "heat index." carrie underwood's baby residue her 4-month-old son, isaiah, accidentally locked in her car. she tweeted, when your dogs manage to lock themselves, all
8:17 am
your stuff and the baby in the car and you have to break in to get in. abc's kayna whitworth has more. >> reporter: who knew carrie underwood's dogs were so mischievous. the two pooches giving the grammy winner a scare on saturday, when they locked themselves in her car with her 4-month-old son, isaiah, and her keys. no problem for mama underwood. ♪ i took a louisville slugger to both headlights ♪ >> reporter: this time, she had her brother-in-law step in and break her car window. baby isaiah and her dogs all thankfully okay. the star tweeting about the incident using the #cha the #whatarethechances. safety and self-defense expert jarrett arthur says if this happens to you and you have a child, a dog, or both locked in the car, stay calm and call 911. >> they have different tools they can use to unlock your car. >> reporter: arthur suggests this. sometimes called a life hammer. for just 20 bucks. they make a big difference. >> you want to wrap a towel around your hand. you can use these to break your window. you just tap the window with it. it shattered the window and you
8:18 am
can push it in or pull it out and unlock the car. >> reporter: another point you brought up was covering the outside of the car with blankets or towels. >> absolutely. to protect the sun from getting in. to keep the car a little bit cooler. >> reporter: she has a tip for how to avoid the ordeal entirely. i notice you have a carabiner on your keys. how are we supposed to go about using these? >> the best use is to keep them on your person. >> reporter: like this. i look just like my dad. it's perfect. for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. >> all right. do you want to share? >> my daughter elliott e-mailed me -- texted me during the last segment, saying based on your study, i am not addicted to the phone, so stop telling me i'm addicted. >> but based on the study. >> only one to two hours a day, elliott. sorry. >> it goes both ways. now she's rethinking. what she just did. also burning up the "heat index," "o" magazine issuing an
8:19 am
apology about crop tops, saying only women with flat stomachs should wear them. sparking a viral response. with #rockthecrop. mara schiavocampo is back with that story. >> reporter: lots of women are defiantly rejecting the advice. embracing the crop top for all body types. readers expressing disappointment in the magazine. that so many turn to towards emphasis on body positivity and encouragement to be your best self. the crop top. summer's hottest fashion trend. and now, "o" magazine is apologizing after publishing an article saying can you pull off a crop top? if, and only if, you have a flat stomach, feel free to try one. >> i was surprised to see this level of body shaming coming from oprah and "oprah magazine." >> reporter: those words launching a controversy that's gone viral. 36-year-old writer tamar taking to instagram to protest. writing in part, stop telling women what they can't wear. we can wear and do and be anything that makes us feel
8:20 am
strong powerful passionate and in charge of our own desty nice. >> i was shocked to see a hard and fast rule being set about women's bodies in a magazine founded and run by oprah, who is a woman who is no stranger to being scrutinized by her weight and size. >> reporter: women around the world responding by posting pictures of themselves in crop tops with the hashtag rock the crop. tamar even posting a picture of herself. marci robin is a senior contributing editor at xo jane. she says she's a size 10/12. and has always been a little bit selfie conscious. she and her co-workers decided to take the plunge and bear their midriffs. >> you're never going to please everyone with what you're wearing, with your body. you don't have to. you only have to please yourself. >> reporter: "o" magazine saying we support and encourage all women to look great, feel positive, and live their best
8:21 am
lives. in this case, we could have expressed it better. we appreciate the feedback and will be more mindful going forward. more than 4,000 women have now posted instagram photos of themselves in crop tops. many noting they come in a variety of sizes for a reason. for now, oprah herself hasn't said anything about the controversy. i think women have made it clear, they're tired of being told what to do. >> rock the crop if you want to rock the crop. >> whatever makes you happy. confidence is the best accessory. >> i like that. >> ooh. >> nice. >> t-shirts coming. >> that could be the title of your next book. >> i like that. let's kick it outside to rob. >> all right, guys. we have a good crew out here. a huge crowd. everywhere from texas, idaho. >> knoxville, tennessee. >> not quite knoxville volunteer orange. >> not quite. but i had to rep it somehow. >> lighter colors today because it's warm out. that will help in the heat. it will be warm in nashville. parts of central, western tennessee. humidities are high.
8:22 am
temps in the 90s. heat warning out for >> good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. off to a picture perfect star at the golden gate bridge but the rest of us have more clouds and not a lot of sunshine and seasonal temperatures not just cooler-than-average temperatures. low clouds come back as do the mild temperatures off the warm ocean water and hot highs in the anything part of this week. today our summer spread is from 66 at half moon bay to antioch and livermore at 85. my seven-day forecast shows get ready for 80s and 90s thursday >> this young man flew all the way from texas. help us out here. >> lara, back to you. >> thank you so much, young man. well done. we begin "pop news" with a tip for players at wimbledon. not encouraged to throw anything into the stands. especially not sweaty clothing into the royals box.
8:23 am
that would be under any circumstances. here's why. cameras caught camilla parker bowles. look at her facial expression when andy murray flung his freshly used and soaking wet sweat band into the fan stand. when a strong wind caught it. it practically landed in her royal lap. it all worked out in the end. prince charles' wife decided to put the dirty accessory to work. asking murray to sign it. she called it a piece of wimbledon history. she asked him to choose a charity. he picked the royal veterinary college animal care trust. the duchess put the sweatband on ebay where it's currently over $3,000. that is what we call sweat equity. >> ah. >> sweat equity. >> bring it home. >> he's like a god there because he's from the uk. he can throw almost any sweaty article of clothing. >> almost. >> almost, almost. >> he caught himself. >> of all the people to catch, i
8:24 am
just loved the picture. she's like, ew. no! i'm about four, five seconds from flying back to london to see this next story for myself. it's the apartment rihanna called home. and weirdly, so did tom cruise. it's on the market for a whopping $55 million. considered the most luxurious apartment in england's capital. it boasts six giant bedrooms. a gym. a thome home theater. a jacuzzi. six terraces. priceless views over hyde park. more than ten times the size of a typical english home. all of it on one sprawling floor. and after a long day on the job, you can retire to the music room, which has a bar lined with swarovski crystals. and if it's not been a great day, there's a therapy room to retire to. in my house, the bar is the therapy room, so maximizing square footage. >> i'm disappointed. only one jacuzzi. only one jacuzzi.
8:25 am
no wine cellar. rihanna is better than that. >> we missed you last week. >> i missed you, too, robin. >> oh and serena says hi. >> thanks. finally, everybody. ow. i just really hurt myself. it's monday, if you feel like you're having a hard time this morning, look at this video and feel better. this guy is having a rough day. >> nice. >> oh. >> unclear whether the pooch is seeking revenge or maybe just helping his owner cool off. it is summer. the dog days to be exact. >> this is why i have cats. >> isn't that great? >> he's just trying to help. maybe his owner needs a shower. >> that's "pop news," everybody. happy monday. >> you were with chris evert and johnny mac. >> always happy to be with the home team. thank you to espn. thank you for everything. great to be at wimbledon. >> welcome back. a lot more to get to this morning. a new warning about sunscreen coming up. okay, america. we love sharing good mornings with you so much, we had to say
8:26 am
thank you in person. so we invited 100 fans. >> oh, this is going to be good. >> y'all ready? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i don't like it, no i love it ♪ >> i love to watch you every morning. >> thank you. >> it's good. >> got it. >> come on, sing it, girl. >> best morning ever! >> good morning, america.
8:27 am
good morning. a new doyle drive the opened for business. crews wrapped up a weekend project at 9:00 last night. the more than $1 billion parkway took 15 year of planning and prep. how's it going, sue? >> so far, so so good. we have a couple of trouble spots. san rafael, where traffic is bogged down. an accident south 101 and a problem on southbound 280 at woodside road and reports on 101 with an accident there as well. >>
8:28 am
8:29 am
we're looking at temperatures. good morning. lows in the mid 60s. 57 in santa rosa. plus gusty winds along the coast. 6:00 this evening through 6:00 tomorrow evening, but temperatures are running about 6 to 10 degrees above average. mid to upper 60s. seven-day forecast tomorrow, we're going to be just about the
8:30 am
same as today. but then the air mass will modify the warm ♪ ♪ alone tonight ♪ ♪ hey, let's not be alone tonight ♪ welcome back to "gma." r5 you see them up on the screen. there they are in times square right now. >> selfie stick. >> a lot of fans lining up all morning. >> and there's the selfie stick cam. we have every possible angle covered. we have much more on the u.s. women's soccer team and the incredible "sports illustrated" covers. we told you about them. 25 in all. there's hope solo. there's a few of them. each player receiving their own cover and the coach, jill ellis. and a group shot. the new issue will be on newsstands on wednesday. how incredibly fitting. >> how do you choose which one?
8:31 am
>> how do you top friday? that day was so incredible. they got the keys to the city. what an incredible moment when abby wambach got up to speak. >> i believe that is the reason we won. none of us ever stopped believing. neither should you guys. thank you guys so much. we love you, new york city. >> we love you! >> we love you, abby. >> robin, right in the middle of it all. let's look at that, too. >> are you ready to meet the team? are you ready to see the team? let's bring them out. >> the confetti at the end like that and singing, it was an incredible moment. it was just electric. little boys little girls, men, women, all together like that with it just brought tears to my eyes. i said this to the audience. being a proud product of title ix and all those struggles.
8:32 am
to have this kind of recognition for this team was a true moment in time. people felt that way. we thank them for their poise, talent and strength. we have important information on summer sun screen. recent reports showing people are pretty confused. 1 in 3 don't know the difference between uva and uvb. half wonder what spf is. >> reporter: every morning, sabrina makes them brush their teeth, get dressed and -- >> put their sun screen on. >> people are not using enough. they're not reapplying often enough. >> reporter: sun screen is confusing. only 51% of americans understand what spf means. there's a bit of spf confusion
8:33 am
here. what you to get from the higher number? >> that is a good question. i actually don't know. >> reporter: spf stands for sun protection factor. an spf of 15 blocks about 95% of uv race. an spf of 30 will block out 87%. an spf of 50 will block out 98%. next how you apply it. >> i start with their cheeks and their nose. i move upward with the forehand. i like to get their ears. and then we start coating their bodies in moving it up their next. >> reporter: lots of good coverage. the nose first approach often leads to forgetting the ears. and this area on the cheeks. >> we see skin cancer in sun-exposed areas mostly. you apply sun screen here you feter it out. run out by the time you get to the periphery and you let it go. >> reporter: don't forget about your hands. the kids are lathered up. what about the parents? only 34% of women and 18% of men
8:34 am
use sun screen on their face daily. you did a great job getting the sun screen all over them. what about you? >> i'm not so good. >> reporter: i recognize this move. using the kids' leftover sun screen to cover yourself. >> apply yours before leaving the house. then apply it to your kids. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley abc news tiburon, california. >> thanks to becky for that. dr. whitney bowe is here. make it simple. >> you think about uvb rays think b for burn. uvb race pen strait superficially. they're responsible for a sun burn. when you think about uva, think a for aging. uva rays penetrate more deeply into the skin and cause wrinkles. both uva and uvb can cause skin cancer. >> and that's why you need the
8:35 am
screen. we need to worry about a lot more than the spf. >> it's not all that matters. it stands for sun protection fact person the big myth is that it covers you from uva and uvb. but spf only has to do with the b for burn. nothing to do with the a for aging. >> we did a test before. let's go to steve, yolanda, and ashley. what did they do wrong? >> we have a special camera that show you how well you applied. the biggest mistake people make with a spray is this. after they spray their body they close their eyes and spray the face. you don't want to do that. you don't want to smell the fumes. you want to put it in your hands and rub it in. people don't use enough lotion. you want to imagine a shot glass
8:36 am
full of product. people miss the hairline. the tops of the ears. they miss their lips and all those places are prone to skin cancer. people of color need it as well. with a stick, people miss blocks of skin at a time. >> that's what ashley is doing. >> you're looking for an spf of 15 or above. you're looking for broad spectrum. you want a product you can apply every two hours. >> thank you, whitney. had to come out, this wonderful crowd on a monday morning with us. a lot of people celebrating birthdays. i want to tell them about two power house actors, emma stone and quau weanjoaquin phoenix. >> your paper was quite good. >> am i blushing? >> reporter: hollywood heavy weights, emma stone and joaquin phoenix. starring in irrational man.
8:37 am
woody allen's latest picture. >> i can't write. it wasn't convincing. >> i love working with woody. >> reporter: were you nervous? >> a little bit. that's what happens when you look to the left. you suffer from despair. >> i liked working with woody. i think he's adorable. >> that's a-number one. >> are you aware of what's goinging on at this table. >> reporter: the onscreen couple with code names. >> ella is a professional. >> yes. katink. you're one of the finest actors of your or any generation. >> reporter: joaquin's character, abe lucas, falls for his student. and finds a new lease on life when he makes a decision that changes everything. >> and in the batting of an eye, dark clouds part. it's astounding. >> reporter: what kind of message are you hoping people walk away with?
8:38 am
>> i found it interesting reading the script the idea of creating your own moral code and being above sort of society. don't look at me. just look away. >> reporter: joaquin admits he may never watch the film. >> a part of me is curious. there's a big part of me that just feels like it will be devastated. >> reporter: while emma has already seen it twice. >> i feel incredibly lucky to get to work with people that i have admired for a long time. it's a lucky thing. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau abc news los angeles. >> "an irrational man" opens up in new york and l.a. op friday. nationwide shortly after that. how do you decide where to go with a great crowd like this? go to this side? that side? >> somebody's turning 70 today. we're going here. 70 years old. born on friday the 13th. that turned out good for you. >> yes, it did sir. >> how are you enjoying your
8:39 am
birthday? >> it's my first trip to new york. it was a surprise. >> we have close friends here at "gma." happy to have you here. want to show you a picture of portland oregon. the rose city. cooler today. rain this morning. first time in 39 days. you'll take it >> ing, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the low clouds pulling back from the coast and breezy this afternoon and evening were high clouds and sun for the rest of us and 70s and 80s. my seven-day forecast shows summer heat wednesday thursday and >> it's wanda's birthday. she turns 50 today. >> that's me! >> already been on. >> that weather cast brought to you by next guard. >> i feel like a politician working the line. working the rope line here. lots more ahead this morning. we're taking you on location for your next
8:40 am
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8:42 am
tt2war@1/kú:o j# ss8 tt2war@1/kú:!!án #sp tt2war@1/kú:4!j# ue$ tt2war@1/kú:x#á&ú:rkp tt2war@1/kú:t#j'ú:fk4 tt2war@1/kú:t#j)ú:m+p tt2war@1/kú:p#jáú:z0l tt2war@1/kú:p#j,ú:;j, tt2war@1/kú:l#á.ú:2c tt2war@1/kú:l#á0ú:)uh it is time now for "gma's" on location vacation. and can we say thank you for spending some of your vacation time with us here in times square. we appreciate that tally from dallas. yes, all week we're turning your summer holiday into movie
8:43 am
magic. showing you how to get away in your favorite movies. this morning, some of the places that helped make did you love "the devil wears prada" a huge hit. rachel smith is here. that's all. >> our first destination is in "gma's" own backyard. new york city. the stylic favorite "the devil wears prada" is the set for this on location vacation. this one-day itinerary takes you inside the movie for an experience like no other. in the 2006 hit film "the devil wears prada" anne hathaway plays andie sax. >> i cam to be a writer. >> reporter: she becomes an assistant to meryl streep's
8:44 am
character. >> no no. that wasn't a question. >> reporter: the film's other star? new york city itself. the top six filming locations. to help you spend a day vacationing in the movie on your next trip to the big apple. at number six, erin mckenna's bakery. >> did someone eat an onion bagel. ? we have cookies, brownies bagels. it's vegan, gluten free. ♪ suddenly i see this is what i want to be ♪ >> reporter: up next number five runway magazine's offices. located within walking distance of radio city music hall and the empire state building. ♪ suddenly i see ♪ >> reporter: coming in at number four, fashion avenue. >> she neesd skirts. >> calvin klein. >> reporter: a shopper's paradise. home to the fashion walk of fame. >> are you there?
8:45 am
>> i'm about to walk in. >> reporter: at number three, smith & wollensky. >> i would like my steak here in 15 minutes. >> we've been here 14 years. our creamed spinach and hash browns. >> if that ps at all possible. >> reporter: coming in at number two, the pond in central park. it was used as a wac drop for a runway magazine shoot. >> when you is time people love to go into the center of the park around the mall and bethesda terrace. >> reporter: finally, at number one, end your day seeing stars of a different kind at the american museum of natural history. >> oh my god. and dooe looks so chic. >> reporter: it was used for exteriors in the film. six must-see spots to help you
8:46 am
vacation in true "devil wears prada" fashion. look at robin. already digging in. check this out. one of the must-stop filming stop erin mckenna's bakery. they didn't serve bagels until recently. now they're flying off shelves. perhaps it's something inspired by the film. they have cup cakes, cookies, doughnuts, brown nooesiebrownies all to keep you fuelled. >> this was a wonderful idea. they didn't serve bagels in recently? >> no. they're nighing off. and doughnuts as well. >> dig in. >> heck yeah. >> to get details on these low cases and create your own vacation go to our website, on yahoo!. sfwhmplt you know who's up next? r5.
8:47 am
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♪ and we dance in the streets till the morning never sleep when the city is calling ♪ ♪ hold tight a little bit of love will change your life change your life ♪ ♪ she said i'm outta my head i'm going outta my mind ♪ ♪ and when i'm out on the edge will you save me save me ♪ ♪ can we live for the moment can you live for tonight can we forget what was broken and say say say ♪ ♪ we'll be all right cause even if we change we'll always be the same ♪ ♪ all night i promise if you stay we'll never fade away all night ♪ ♪ we'll be all right we'll be all right ♪
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♪ we'll be all right we'll be all right ♪ ♪ and we got nothing but time we'll be all right ♪ ♪ to make the most of this life we'll be all right ♪ >> there you go. ♪ take on the wrongs and the rights we'll be all right ♪ ♪ forget them all and just say say say oh won't you say it now ♪ ♪ we'll be all right ♪ ♪ all right cause even if we change we'll always be the same ♪ ♪ all night i promise if you stay we'll never fade away all right ♪ ♪ cause even if we change we'll always be the same all night ♪ ♪ i promise if you stay we'll
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you guys were great. thank you, all. have a great day, everyone.
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some commuters are driving in to san francisco on the new and improved doyle drive. it opened last night and gave crews time to pour concrete over tunnels and do retro fitting. let's talk to mike. >> thank you so much. good morning, everybody. look at these temperatures. mid to upper 60s along the coast of san francisco. mainly 70s around the bay and 80s inland. check out my seven-day forecast. stuck in the same air mass tomorrow, but 90s on the way for wednesday, thursday and friday. hi, sue. >> we have slow traffic now. if you're headed down the peninsula, earlier, a motorcycle accident near wide side road. southbound 280 normally, a beautiful, nice drive, but traffic backed all the way to highway 92 and coming in on the new doyle drive or going out we are seeing considerable slowingis morning.
9:00 am
kristen? >> thank you. now it's time for live with >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film, "mr. holmes," sir ian mckellen. and host of the new reality series "knock knock live," ryan seacrest. plus, performing their new hit "two hands up," o.a.r. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: hi!


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