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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 31, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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project to save water. >> hung up to dry. people in the by area prepare as mandatory water use reinstructions across california go into effect in a few hours. hello, i'm katie marzullo. we begin with historic mandatory water cuts that will affect us all beginning tomorrow. some of the bay area cities facing the highest water use reductions are here on this map. they include hillsborough, facing a 36% reduction. brentwood, 32% target. morgan hill, ordered to reduce water use by 28%. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in lafayette.
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seems like a lot of people are not getting the message to conserve. >> a lot of folks we talked to today seem to get it when it comes to saving water. case in point check this out. this landscape used to be a green lawn. water restrictions willing vary across the bay area but here in the east bay tough measures begin tomorrow. >> all kind of projects to save water. >> reporter: the family is saying farewell to their front lawn and hello to mulch. behaviors will soon replace the grass in the backyard. >> not going to look as pretty but we have to do our part. >> reporter: starting june 1st june 1st a million east bay mud users will be required to limit yard watering to twice a week, no watering between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. those who don't comply could face a fine. >> a $48 penalty on the billing cycle for customers who are
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using four times as much water as the average customer. >> the average customer uses 75 gallons per day. having a brown lawn is knew badge of honor during the drought. we found plenty in this oakland neighborhood. in fact, east bay mud is offering too lawn signs. golden state, golden lawn to tell neighbors you're conserving. >> this is a california native. >> he is showing us what is hot at orcharders inry in lafayette. suck lent plant sales. >> what will survive with low water. >> a little mulch goes a long way, keeping soil moist. the checkout line was long, people change upping gardens and a mindset. >> a good portion of our yard is dirt and so there's not a lot, and some flower wes didn't remain because it would take more water. >> conservation the new normal during the drought. >> one of the easiest ways to
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reduce water use is simply to turn off the faucet while you brusher teeth. you safe two gallons a minute. each minute you account from your shower shaves to and a half gallons gallons. visit for more advice on the simple steps to take to conserve water. now to developing news. a showdown in congress right now. we have live pictures for you of this rare sunday session happening right now on the senate floor. at least one u.s. senator vowing to shut down the nsa program that allows the government collect americans are phone records. glory ya riviera reports from washington. >> the clock is ticking in the u.s. senate right now. the nsa's controversial surveillance program set to expire at midnight. >> we're here now facing yet another manufactured crisis. >> and kentucky senator and run presidential candidate, ran
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paul vowed he will not lit be renewed. >> this is a debate over your right to be left alone. the president has been told that the program he is conducting is illegal. >> reporter: the agency's mass collection of american phone records falls under the u.s. patriot act and started after the september 11th attacks. it was third and continued in secret until edward snowden exposed it in 2013. the new bill stopped that bulk collection. something the obama administration has been trying to do for more than a year. but preserves other surveillance abilities, powers the fbi says are critical to terrorism investigations. >> it's time for us to do our jobs. to debate and then vote. don't duck. >> it passed the house bay huge margin this month. >> what's the problem? a small group of senators is standing in the way. this is a matter of national
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security. >> by sunday morning it was all the talk in politics. >> on a shred of evidence that the metadata program has violated anybody's civil liberties. >> i may well be voting for it. it doesn't go as far is a would like. >> unfortunately there's been little bit too much political grandstanding. >> senate leaders say they have the votes to pass the bill. out in it's a question whether opponent will let the vote happen before midnight. >> a legal heavyweight will join the team fighting to stop the warriors from gilding their new home in mission bay. the mission bay alliance revealed today that david boyce will head the legal efforts. he has argued several key cases before the u.s. supreme court including the successful fog to overturn proposition 8 the mechanics marriage ban open opponents of the warriors' planned move are that the it would be a night marry. in the saleaire ucsf is
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considering plans to build student housing near the mission bay campus. the chronicle reports the university is weighing options to construct two building that would house a thousand students. the land owner says there's a lot of interest but no deal has been reached with the school. a close call for a driver in oakland today. check this out. a car smashed into a house at 98th and bancroft avenue and a pickup truck end up on the front lawn. nobody was hurt. it could have been worse tomes words echoed by witnesses and rescuers after a large air conditioning unit plunged 30 stories to the ground in new york city. the heavy machinery dropped while being lifted bay crane above madison avenue. the miss have sent ten people to the hospital all are expected to survive. >> we're lucky this piece of equipment didn't fall directly into one of those setback roofs and go through the buildings.
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>> it's a little concerning because i walk this dog all thyme and you are concern if something falls from the sky. >> e. experts will examine the crane for defects. crews often perform big lifts on sundays in new york because the streets are less crowded. secretary of state john kerry is staying at a swiss hospital overnight after breaking his leg in a bicycle crash today. this is video of kerry cycling earlier this year in switzerland. he was airlifted to a hospital in geneva and has had to scrap the rest of a four-nation trip that included an international conference on combating the islamic state group. >> democratic presidential candidate martin o'mall he weapon on the attack of hillary clinton. >> i don't know what secretary clinton's approach to wall street might be. she will run her own campaign and i will rein mine. i am not beholding to wall
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street interests. there are not wall street ceos trying to participate or help my campaign. >> the form mayor of baltimore spoke this morning on abc's this week with george stephanopoulos. he is casting himself as a new generation leader who will reform wall street and rebuild the economy. up next some relief for flood ravaged texas where the cows are coming home. the unusual equipment cowboys are using to move herds through the floodheart. and modern love. the high-tech twist to this couple's love story. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're ending the month of may on a cool and breezy note, and as we welcome june we'll do so with some wet weather. i'll have details ahead.
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in texas cowboys are herding cat toll higher ground as water is rising east of houston. the used a hovercraft to guide the animals. severe weather is blamed for 27 death necessary state. ten people are still missing relief is on the way we clear weather expected this week. aviation's past met the present in concord today. abc7 news was in concord at buchanan field airport where aircraft historians check out this b-17 flying fortress. the world war ii era aircraft helped the allies defeat nazi germany. several planes touche america
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each year to teach people about the sacrificeses of military veterans. they met on twitter, dated on skype and their high-tech romance reached a decrees shen dough who fallers watched them say "i do" on periscope. they got married before 50 guest on site in new york yet but periscope enabled hundreds of others to watch in real time. >> we have a lot of friends and family in other countries. she's got familiarfully costa rica and puerto rico. >> and by watching the wedding on the periscope app their guests did not have to pick chicken or fish for dinner. making a warriors championship a family tradition. and now is your chance to take a shot at attending the world's most expensive lunch, that is if you can afford it. why people are willing to pay
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seven figures. a live peek outside. feel the chill. drew tuma well let us know when to expect warmer weather and here's a look at what is head on abc world news. >> coming up, the crane accident, 30 stories high, the danger and the damage. singer enrique iglesias getting sliced and bleeding on stage and a witness co gives away a vintage computer that turns out to be a treasure.
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get your checkbooks ready and be prepared to write a lot of zeros if oyou want to win a lunch date with one of the world residents richest men.
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bidding began to have a power lunch with warren buffett. part of an annual fundraiser for glide memorial church in san francisco. the winner and seven friends get to dine with buffett at new york steakhouse. last year the lunch went for nearly $2.2 million. >> turning now to the warriored and the dub nation. we're celebrating the best fans in all of basketball. take a look. this proud dad is today's fan of the day. we think he and his family could bring the team some luck because dad was just one year old the last time the warriors won the championship. now his own son daniel, is the same age and the cubs at it again. can't be just a coincidence. so thanks for thus lucky family photo. you can get in on the action, too. share your warrior fan picks using the hash tag dubs on 7 and include your city. the next fan of the day could be you. game one of the nba finals tips off thursday evening at
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6:00, right here on abc7 followed by abc7 after the game. join larry beil and hall of fame night thurman and mike shumann live from oracle arena in oakland. shu will be along shortly we sports. now over to drew. take a look at the forecast. awfully damp. >> this evening we're dealing with breezy conditions conditions and cooler temperatures and tomorrow morning wet weather, live doppler 7hd showing you the bulk of the viewing area is dry but ahead of the cold front we're seeing pockets of light rain, cloverdale, west of 101 sporadic light showers at this hour that are erupting ahead of the cold front. the wider view will show you the front itself off the cost. the bulk of the precipitation going to go well north of the area, but as the front moves through overnight tonight tomorrow morning it will bring
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widespread drizzle to the bay area. live look outside from our mt. tam cam, decent amount of sunshine on this sunday evening but the clouds will slowly start continue crease ahead of the cold front, and then after midnight we can and can the drizzle to arrive. it is dusty out there 23 miles-per-hour in novato 21, sfo. fairfield, a breeze at 33 miles-per-hour. so certainly making it feel colder out there than we were this time yesterday. so, current temperatures, a lot of 80s on the board yesterdayment today, low 70s. it's a cool 58 in downtown san francisco, and san jose right now, temperature of 68 degrees. so, satellite and radar here's the setup we're tracking. there's the area of he pressure and the cold front progressing to the east. not a lot of moisture with the system so not expecting soaking rain unfuneral. but future weather has you covered tomorrow morning 5:00 in the morning,
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meteorologist mike nico will be tracking light showers dotting the landscape and by 10:00 monday morning, a peppering of drizzle around the region win. the afternoon the drizzle is out here but the clouds will hang on. so it will be a cool and cloudy end to our monday across the region. in terms of rainfall it's not a lot of rain but will bring some damp roadways in terms of the amount we're thinking generally less than a tenth of an inch across the bay area by monday afternoon. so overnight lows tonight, we say mainly cloudy skies. the drizzle is arriving after midnight. temperatures in the mid-and-low 50s thanks to the cloud cover acting as a blanket. then highs for your monday we have the morning drizzle moving through, then afternoon clouds. some peeks of sunshine but it's a cool start to the month of june only 63 in san francisco. 71 concord, 61 the high in napa. antioch, 74678 here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow we track the
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morning drizzle. tuesday, partly cloudy conditions wednesday, brighter and a steady pattern into thursday. friday is a warm day inland with 80s on the board and then next weekend, all indications right now for both saturday and sunday we could see some light rain once again move into the region which would be great news because june is not known as a wet month. >> thanks, drew. over to shu now. a preview of sports. >> a little bit of everything today, giants and a's with big days at the plate. home-run derby action with different results and an update on klay thompson who is taking in an a's game. that's good
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the a's are starting to heat up after a horrid start to the season, taking 3-4 from the yankees with today's win. manager bob melvin has had an open invite to any war users player to take in a game and klay thompson took him up on it. i you're cob cussed you can't take the light of day or the noise at a ballpark so this is a good sign. top three, chavez blows a fast ball past alec rodriguez impressive outing. chavez have not been getting run support. city february vogt says no more. a's have a 2-0 lead. 'bottom nine. tyler clifford in relief. strikes out brian mccann a's win 3-0 take 3-4 from the yanks, first series win since april. >> this young lady and her dog hoping for a flash hit from the
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giants. almost got her wish with back to back jacks. a two-run shot in the seven gave the g-men a lead and crawford turns this play but didn't make it. hunter pence not a bad angle on the ball but not a good one. three runs score braves 7-5, third save for casilla and they have a 7-5 victory. >> we mentioned klay thompson seem bows recovering from his concussion, taking in the a's game. he expects to play against cleveland on game one on thursday. splash bauers -- brothers intact. the warriors have to stop lebron so who has the task of stopping steph curry ammann shumpert and he is ready to go. >> just try to keep him uncomfortable, play my angles
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and make sure i use my team around me. that's the best thing about playing with this team is i never feel alone when guarding somebody on an island. always got people communicating with me and send them to the rim and trust them to contest. it will be handful and i definitely will spend time on him. >> the finals tip off thursdaylight, 6:00 p.m., right here on abc7, and larry beil and nate thurman and yours truly will be live from oracle arena. final round of the byron nelson championship. steven will tap in for par on 18 for the four shot victory. his second career pga tour victory. >> cal rugby looking for their third straight title in a rematch o last year's finals.
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two minutes left. we have a 12-12 game. sudden death overtime. where senior, jake anderson playing his final game at cal, takes tot the house for the win. cal wins their third consecutive title. >> at 6:00 we hear from draymond green. see you then. >> concerns like they don't want to beat them too lad by? >> sweep or six games. >> want to make it interesting. thank you. up next took her longer then the slowest runners but a woman has a lot to be proud of for finishing the race. we showed these kids some items from a nearby store, whoa!
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he at 6:00, why a women's tech summit in the south bay is expected to draw more attendees this year. how much your paying to help our state senators find designated drivers anytime day or night. join us at 6:00. meantime a 92-year-old cancer survivor just became the oldest woman to run a marathon. harriet thompson finished the rock 'n' roll marathon in san diego with an unofficial time of seven hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds. the north carolina mother of five is a three-time cancer survivor, this was her 17th 17th marathon. thompson started running only when she was 76. >> wow. >> just can't say congratulations enough. she overcame so much.
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>> unbelievable. >> that does it for us here on abc7 at 5:00. see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." crane crash. the high-rise scare. a giant piece of equipment breaking free, falling 30 stories. the damage and the injuries. gathering storm. heavy rain moving across the east. millions bracing for possible strong winds and flash flooding. remembering beau biden. the vice president's son. a husband, father, veteran, and promising political figure. his brave fight against brain cancer. drone danger. singer enrique iglesias, reaching out, getting sliced. then bleeding on stage. all caught on camera. the risky move that backfired. and trash to treasure. the very old computer a widow gave away. and the rare find it turns out to be.


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