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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, biker brawl. a fight in a restaurant leaving nine people dead and several others injured. investigators releasing new details from the scene overnight. deadly crash. smoke pouring from the wreckage of an aircraft as rescuers rush to the scene at an air force station. what we're learning about the military members on board. wild weather hail and tornadoes hitting the plains and people evacuated after severe flooding with more in store today. we are tracking it all. and taylor swift dominates at the billboard music awards. plus, the bizarre performance from kanye west that got boos from the crowd.
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good morning. i'm marci gonzalez. reena ninan is on assignment. >> and hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. we start with an absolute bloodbath in waco, texas. a wild shootout between rival motorcycle gangs happened in broad daylight in a busy parking lot. >> nine bikers were killed after facing off with knives bats, chains and guns just outside a shopping plaza packed with families. abc's bazi kanani has the latest. >> reporter: investigators say this waco restaurant was packed with up to 200 bikers. members of five rival gangs who were trying to work out a turf dispute when something ignited a fight. >> one of the officers that was here said it was absolute complete chaos when they pulled up on scene. >> i just got a call from a passerby, they were going by twin peaks, thought they heard a gunshot, looked over and saw a lot of people running. >> reporter: knives, chains and guns in the fight and
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police on scene also opening fire on armed bikers. >> it was really, really scary. i crawled back towards the freezers with a lot of the waitresses and some other people who were there >> reporter: the deadly brawl spilling into the parking lot of the twin peaks restaurant just after noon after families gathered for lunch at another restaurant right next door. >> i saw bullet holes in cars. i saw windows shattered out of cars. there were police officers' cars that had been hit. it is amazing that innocent civilians were not injured here. >> reporter: police say incredibly all of the nine people killed and 18 injured were members of the biker gangs, officers and bystanders escaping shaken but unscathed. police detained more than a hundred people for questioning and made several arrests. this morning they have increased security around waco, concerned about the possibility of another violent outbreak among criminal biker gangs. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. and the other major story we're following this morning, a deadly air crash in hawaii that
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killed a marine. 21 others were sent to the hospital. some in critical condition. marines were on a training mission were on a training mission when their off industry aircraft made a hard landing. that's how the military is describing it stationed at camp pendleton in california but had gone to hawaii to train. secretary of state john kerry says he remains confident about the fight against isis despite this weekend's major setback in iraq. the city of ramadi fell sunday as iraqi forces abandoned weapons and armored vehicles. an estimated 500 soldiers and civilians were killed. 8,000 people fled. iraq's prime minister is now allowing iranian militias into the area to join the fight. another major focus we have this morning, extreme weather slamming the middle of the country. a weekend of severe storms triggered evacuations and rescues dumping inches of rain, softball-size hail and spawning dozens of tornadoes. and the latest radar shows those storms stretching more than 1200 miles now heading east with flash flooding still a major
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concern in the memphis area. one of those weekend twisters was caught on video tearing through elmer, oklahoma, on saturday. >> we do have numerous reports of damage and power outages but no reports of injuries. the threat is not over yet. here now accuweather meteorologist paul williams. good morning to you, paul. >> good morning to you, too, t.j., marci. what's been happening and will continue to happen throughout the midweek, the jet stream will position itself perfectly between the cold and moist air coming from the south. to the south a low pressure system, a classic storm setup with the warmer and colder coming in behind it causing thunderstorms to kick off. but then on the other side, who invited jack frost to the party? no kidding. and in the midst of may we're watching out for widespread frost and freeze to occur reaching into minnesota and to the dakotas, even just starting to nip the northeastern corner of nebraska, and that cold air will change how it feels and to combine that with a low pressure system that is counterclockwise in rotation
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possibly giving us a couple of morning snow showers. marci, t.j. >> all right, paul, thank you so much. turn now to amtrak. resuming service between philadelphia and new york this morning for the first time since last week's deadly derailment as this investigation now continues. officials and first responders gathered yesterday for a moment of reflection. this happened a short distance from the crash site. they did this to honor the dead and wounded. a bell tolled as philadelphia's mayor read the names of the eight people killed. >> let us recognize that we still have many patients in the hospital. we have families who are burying loved ones. today is about respect for all of them. >> well, that automatic control system you've been hearing about that technology that could stop a speeding train, well, it's now fully operational along the northbound tracks where the accident took place. meanwhile, investigators are downplaying reports that a projectile hit the train just before it derailed. and now to our exclusive
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interview with elian gonzalez. he made headlines nearly 16 years ago when he was rescued off the coast of florida. the image of a federal agent with his gun drawn in front of a terrified gonzalez of course, becoming iconic. well, he sat down with abc's jim avila for his first ever interview as an adult. gonzalez had a message for everyone here in the u.s. >> to the american people, the first i say, thank you for the life they give me. >> gonzalez who is now 21 also talked about his family still living in america and his relationship with fidel castro. you'll hear that and much more from elian gonzalez and his father in jim avila's exclusive interview starting on "good morning america" later this morning. turn to the vatican now where pope francis canonized four nuns and among the new two saints two nuns from what was 19th century palestine. palestinian president mahmoud
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abbas and over 2,000 christian pilgrims some waving palestinian flags were on hand for the ceremony. the move is seen as a token of vatican support in the middle east. a bit of advice from joe buyen to the graduating class of yale university. the vice president told 1200 seniors to be careful about judging others and questioning their motives. he also discussed his support over the years for gay marriage and the work he's done to fight racial profiling. >> if your brother that can't marry the man he loves, you are lessened, and if your best friend has to worry about being racially profiled, you live in a circumstance not worthy of us. >> the vice president also urged students to find the thing that allows them to pursue what they love and think it still matters even 40 or 50 years from now. >> did you like the glasses? >> stylish. >> he was doing his "top gun" thing there. new this morning a first look at the trailer for the new steve jobs movie. and flames shooting from a building with people trapped inside.
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the survivors jumping to safety into the arms of firefighters. and high-tech lifeline. rescuers use a drone to reach people trapped by floodwaters.
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♪ babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks. a healthy baby is worth the wait. the summer travel season is just about here and the airline industry says it'll be the busiest ever for air travel. 222 million passengers are expected to take a flight sometime between june, july and august. that's up 4.5% from last year. air travel outside of the country is also expected to set a record. the industry credits the
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improving economy and more positive outlook. car travel going up in the summer as well. you're going to see some higher gas prices out there. national average this morning is seen this year. it's almost a dollar less than this time last year. if the current trend continues, this memorial day could see the cheapest gas prices in the last five years. shoppers may notice a subtle shift on the shelves at target. according to "the wall street journal," the retailer is not promoting big brands like general mills and kellogg's like it used to. instead, target is emphasizing the fresh and healthy-sounding options that consumers seem to prefer, so canned soup and processed foods will be lower on the shelf while fancy sauces, granola and oils will get more optimal shelf space. all right. well we turn to the movies now this weekend. a musical comedy hit a high note setting a record even. "pitch perfect 2" fared much better than expected in its opening weekend. the movie is about an all female
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a cappella group. it took in $70 million. that is the biggest movie musical opening ever. the testosterone-fueled "mad max: fury road" brought in a solid $44 millions. "avengers: age of ultron," not too far behind with 39 million bucks. all right. when we come back, a bus danging off an overpass. we'll tell you how it ended up like this. also a new clue in a murder mystery. some grainy video now at the center of the investigation in a deadly mansion fire. my school reunion. i don't know. who wants to play in idaho? gotta get milwaukee up to speed. we win in flint, we take the lead. we'll close the deal if we just show... when it's go, go to the new the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct.
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most health plans. rescue teams south of ft. worth, texas, used an unmanned drone to help flood victims. that drone brought a rescue line to a family surrounded by rising waters so a helicopter could fly them to safety. one of the rescued called it an experience he hopes he will never have again. there were a dozen other water rescues in the area from homes and vehicles. give you a look now at some of your morning road conditions. wet and flooding conditions will cover the eastern third of the nation stretching from south texas into new england. mountain snow, as much as 20 inches in some places, will blanket the northern rockies, and roads will be wet along the northern west coast. if you're flying, airport delays are possible in atlanta, memphis and new orleans. new details this morning, a star b.a.s.e. jumper is dead after a fall at yosemite national park. >> dean potter is the name. he along with another jumper,
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graham hunt, were attempting a 7500-foot descent from taft's point. they were wearing wingsuits on what was said to be a tricky jump. they were attempting the stunt at night. it's a good chance they were doing that because b.a.s.e. jumping is illegal in national parks. a new clue in the slaying of a family and their housekeeper in a washington, d.c. mansion. police are looking for a person of interest releasing this surveillance video showing that hooded figure there. authorities want to know if that person has any connection to the family's 2008 porsche that was found torched and abandoned in maryland. now, police say a wealthy businessman, his wife, their youngest son and their housekeeper were killed before that mansion went up in flames. also an amazing rescue for people trapped in a burning apartment building in alabama. you're seeing it there. you see on the right side we're spotlighting for you, several people were forced to jump to safety. as they landed, they fell into the arms of a waiting police officer. he was there to catch then. he rescued four people. some suffered minor injuries as they jumped from the balconies to escape the flames.
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the building has now been condemned by local authorities. several people now without a home. and an incredible scene in the early morning hours after a casino tour bus went off a bridge in northwest indiana. luckily, the driver was the only one aboard. police say he missed a turn and drove onto a section of road that was still under construction. it took about an hour to rescue him, but his injuries are not considered life-threatening. well, we got another frightening site at the indianapolis 500 prequalifying practice. ed carpenter appears to lose control of the vehicle here, flipping over, tumbling. you see this. hits that safety barrier. would you believe he was not hurt? walked out of that car, threw his helmet down in frustration though. he was trying to become the first driver to win three consecutive poles at the indy 500. again, just last week we were showing you video of helio castroneves, also same track, getting ready at the indy 500 and flipped around
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and was okay, as well. >> well, time for sports. busy time with basketball, hockey playoffs, even some baseball. >> so let's get all this from our guys at espn. alongside john anderson, i'm kevin connors. the clippers once up 3-1 in their series against the rockets entered game seven after a monumental collapse in game six. >> 3-1. nope. they lost the series, 3-4. rockets looking to close out to get into the conference finals for the first time since 1997. james harden, fear that beard. he was ready to go. closing sections of the third. harden's nifty crossover abused austin rivers. at one point in the third they were ahead by just three. they were up by 17. the final 12 and trevor ariza hitting six threes, that's the one that sealed it right there. rockets win it 113-100. bring on golden state and let's play to see who goes to the finals. >> they are headed to the western conference finals. how about the western conference finals in hockey. ducks and blackhawks. first period, scoreless game. ryan getzlaf mishandles the puck. patrick kane, golden opportunity, but frederik
4:19 am
andersen comes up big. and then third, how about the stretch pass, andrew cogliano initially denied, but nate thompson is there to clean it up. second goal in the playoffs for him. the ducks win it, 4-1. they are now 6-0 at home this postseason. court, ice, diamond. we got it all. pitching performance of the day. the dreaded near no-hitter. shelby miller of the braves gave up a sungle with two outs in the bottom of the ninth. he was an out away from history. braves beat the marlins, 6-0. afterwards the marlins fire their manager, mike redmond. so really bad day for him. >> really, really bad day for him. not because of what happened in the game but kind of an accumulation. >> the team is not very good and they would like them to be better and spending a lot of money. tune in live "sportscenter" 9:00 a.m. eastern, complete coverage looking ahead to the nba conference finals and then game two, rangers and lightning. have an excellent monday. kevin, john. see you. >> all right, thanks, guys. in college baseball, something you don't see very often at any level. >> okay. >> arizona state outfielder
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johnny sewald was hit by a pitch -- look at this -- and he caught it. he caught it. he tossed it back to the washington state pitcher. the ball i guess lodged between his arm and body, wasn't hurt. the tv announcer said it might be one of the greatest things he has ever seen in baseball which might be a little over the top, but the sun devils did go on to beat the cougars 6-5 in 11 innings. >> just tossed it back to him so casually. up next in "the pulse," the big winners at the billboard music awards and why no one heard kanye west's performance. also overnight, the first steve jobs trailer is released. you know the importance of heart health. you watch your diet, excercise... and may take an omega-3 supplement, such as fish oil. but when it comes to omega-3s, it's the epa and dha that really matter for heart health. not all omega-3 supplements are the same. introducing bayer pro ultra omega-3 from the heart health experts at bayer. with two times the concentration of epa and dha as the leading omega-3 supplement.
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all right time for us to check "the pulse" now, stories you'll be talking about starting with the big night for the music industry. >> the billboard music awards based on music sales -- no surprise here -- crowned taylor swift as the big winner of the night taking home eight awards for her chart topping album "1989." she had all her pals right by her side including her deejay boyfriend, calvin harris. >> sam smith, he's recovering from surgery on his vocal chords and he thanked everybody and did it the old school way. it was capped off by a performance by kanye west that was nearly impossible to either see or hear. he was not only hidden behind this cloud of pyrotechnics you see there, but censures had to drop out nearly half of the song because of vulgar language. the performance even got some boos from the crowd. >> he finds a way for us to talk about him the next morning every time. >> uh-huh. the world's fascination with steve jobs and all things apple show no signs of fading with a new movie about to hit the big screen. >> we're getting the first look at the latest biopic about the late apple founder and
4:24 am
fittingly it's entitled "steve jobs." >> you can't write code, you are not an engineer, what do you do? >> the musicians play the instruments. i play the orchestra. i am in the future. artists lead and hacks show for a show of hands. >> no one sees the world the same way you do. >> it is fast-paced trailer with just a glimpse of michael fassbender in the starring role. the movie written by aaron sorkin and stars seth rollingen, jeff daniels, kate winslet and due out in october. now we'll go to the ball game to snap a record-breaking selfie. this was all about the selfie this weekend as st. louis cardinals fans gathered to watch the game and click some shots. in between innings fans took out their phones and cameras and they set a new guinness world record by simultaneously taking 4,296 selfies to be exact. >> we don't know how you count thosem but they did it some kind
4:25 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good monday morning. it is 4:28. hope you had a great weekend. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. along with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> it will be breezy north of the bay bridge for the better part of the day. you can see we are start off with clouds as we look from the exploritorium to downtown san francisco. patchy drizzle is possible. especially the closer you are to the coast with a lot of cloud cover and cooler-than-average weather like yesterday. as we head to the 4:00 hour maybe a stray shower across the north bay but the key is being stray. mid-to-upper 50s at the coast and low-to-upper fists from the bay to inland and well into the
4:29 am
70s and 80 in some areas. >> so california. it sounds like leyla gulen it was a bumpy drive for some? >> keep both hands on the wheel and anything that is high-sided. everyone must survive bay to breakers. now, this morning the drive along 87 near julian street it is smooth sailing so we do not find any problems as we move over to the bay bridge toll plaza that is the east bay coming into san francisco a few cars paying cash and the rest of us are fast tracking into the city. >> at 4:29 our top story is breaking in the east bay police in berkeley search for the man would drove a stolen car the wrong way on a couple of major highways and put innocent drivers at risk. amy hollyfield is in berkeley with more. >> we just got briefed by the c.h.p. and it looks hike this guy got away. they searched back yesterdays and homes in a one-block radius
4:30 am
in berkeley and necessity have not found him. they are trying to tow the car out of this area. and get the area cleaned up. they want to were 100 the investigation. we are at california and hearst. this is writ ended. it started in concord the report came in as a stolen car and a high-speed chase began. he was going the wrong way on highways 4 and 80. at one point he told 9-1-1 tell your people i am not going back to jail. he crashed here in berkeley and he hit a car an s.u.v., and it flipped over. that is upside down in the middle of the street. the driver of that car is okay. he suffer minor injuries. the suspect ran away. they still have not caught up with him. they say for now. they are still looking for him. in idea where he is. they are were whering up their scene here and they


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