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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the new options for transferring and who's stepping in to help out. good morning. it is thursday also april 30th. last day of april. boy, it's gone quickly. i'm kristen sze. >> the first day of the rest of your life with the heat involved too. leyla gulen is watching traffic for you and mike, let's talk about the heat out there. >> especially folks in san francisco we know we're going to hear from them layer this afternoon as we get tleer 80 the city. 14 miles per hour but the winds are not blowing on shore anymore. we have an offshore breeze. a little hazy out there. 12 hour day planner, pretty mild. cool. quick warming, 68 in the coast, 82 inland for your lunchtime spread. 90 inland and then back to 62 to 82 at 7:00. so yesterday we needed a coat during the evening hours. maybe most of us won't this
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evening. >> that means no seat warmers needed for the drivers out there. >> that's right. just ac. we had a tough start to the beginning of the week. i'm happy to say today is a big change. clear conditions everywhere. it's only nine minutes to get you to the bay bridge toll plaza. over the to tolls, you see we have plenty of cars trying to funnel in towards san francisco but not a single crash that i can see. chp has been kwie let. let's hope that it stays that way. >> we're following breaking news out of fresno where a major fire is burning at a company that makes power poles for pg&e. let's get to alyssa hairing tob who just listened in to an update from the fire department. >> this is a very huge fire. it is burning fast and it shows no signs of stopping. let's take a look at some video. the fire started at around 4:00 a.m. it ears burning near railroad track pps watch as a train actually passes by the flames.
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this is close to highway 99 near golden state boulevard. there's about 20 piles of those power poles on fire right now. firefighters say at first they thought this was an pg&e power pole plant. now this is actually a private lumberyard that stores the poles for pg&e. the inferno is sending huge smoke into the air. at this point firefighters say their biggest challenge is getting water to the scene. >> still having crews establish a water supply and we're using water tinders which are big tanks and establish as water shuttle operation. that's going to continue to be the challenge for the next 35 to 40 minutes. then the overhead team is going to put together a plan for the next period. >> firefighters say it could take several hours to put this out. another issue they're having is
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there is a lot of fuel to keep this fire going. there's also some winds. they want to make sure that this does not spread to any other properties. this is, however, in a remote area. no homes around. but they don't want this to get any larger than it already is. live in the news room alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. now to the latest in nepal. the government plans to reopen the routes up mt. everest as early as next week and encouraging people to go ahead with plans to climb the mountain. this is video of a tur rous capturing the moment that the quake hit the kathmandu. more than 11,000 people have been injured. three americans trek in the area of nepal survived the quake and stayed in a cave for five days before the u.s. military rescued them today. >> so you hid in a cave? >> a little cave. there wasn't enough room for all of us in the cave. so we had to kind of hide on
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this rock face, too. >> the three were able to e-mail their families back in the u.s. after the quake to let them know they were okay. an israeli family they were traveling with had a satellite messaging device luckry. >> the american red cross committed $1 million to quake relief there and more help is needed. chris nguyen is live at red cross headquarters in san jose with more on what we codo to help. >> reporter: good morning. we're inside the digital operation center where the local red cross is monitoring all things nepal. if you take a look behind me, you can see the monitors they have in place here. social media. there's a mapping system as well. i want to bring in cynthia shaw with the northern clarch coastal region area. what has the local red cross been doing to help? >> one of the things the local red cross is doing is doing social listening listening to what people are saying about the earthquake on the ground and
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surrounding areas to correct rumors, to identify needs and get the help where it's needed. >> let's talk a little bit about the need over there right now. thousands of people are homeless. they need tents basic supplies but that doesn't necessarily mean you want people going out there and buying the items and dropping them off at the office? >> that's right. it's expensive to ship items across the country. we can take the monetary donation and by incountry more supplies than we could ship. plus stimulate the economy. >> reporter: it's important to make sure you're donating to a legitimate charity. >> make sure the charity has been in country. they know the customs and the culture and they're certified with the better business bureau. >> reporter: we appreciate you time. if you'd like to make a $10 donation, text the word nepal to 90999 or call 1-800-red-cross.
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we're live in san jose this morning. >> thanks you so much. the walt disney company, our parent company is also committing $1 million dollars in aid to victims of the disaster. it will be split among the red cross and safe the children. if you'd like to donate, join us in our help nepal effo text to contribute $10 automatically or call 1-800-red-cross. ♪ now friends of dan fredden burg are asking anyone who knew him to share memories of him like this video. the google executive died in the avalanche triggered by the quake. that's fredden burg dancing with friends at the summit of mt. kill man jaro three this morning livermore
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police are looking for a support in a sexual assault. it happened on tuesday police say a 29-year-old woman was walking on the trail when she was grabbed from mind. the suspect is a white male in his mid 30s dark eyebrows, unshaven 5'10" to 6 feet tall weigh 180 to 190 pounds. he was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark sweatpants. livermore police so it's the fourth attack in the past three years. there's in hope this morning for hundreds of hill college students who are trying to transfer their credits after the school abruptly closed. representatives from the school will visit the campus this morning and they plan to work with students to see about transferring their class credits and loans. the national university will visit the campus for a similar effort. happening today oakland mayor libby shaft will release
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the city's two-year budget proposal. additional funding for the city's police academy is expected to be part of the budget. the cities faces a $30 million budget shortfall. the mayor will host a public event to share details of her plan. las vegas is buzzing over what's sure to be the cash cow for the city the weekend. floyd mayweather and manny pack yaw. a rumored $120 million for pack yaw and upwards of $180 million for mayweather. if you're wondering what you can do with the cash you're if luck. a few fun facts for using mayweather's $180 million. it could get you more than 18 million burgers, nearly 11,000 gold apple watches and nearly a half million bottles of
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pair onshame pan. a lot of folks are making the plans to watch the fight. get a hundred of your best friends to support the cost with you. >> that's why those guys are making hundreds of millions of dollars on this fight. if they had fought five years ago, this could have been the trilogy. 45 at woodside, 49 in pal al to. good morning to you. look at that mountain view 58 degrees. we have the low 50s in the east bay shore. same thing at concord. mill valley 47. look at fairfield and antioch 65 degrees. this afternoon total sunshine and it is going to be warm to even hot. warm coast san francisco 72 to possibly 80 youb town. inland east bay 88 to 93. and the rest of
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the cooling hits the coast tomorrow. the rest of us saturday and sunday the marine layer returns. we're traveling through liver moore right now. this is westbound 580. we passed livermore avenue and traffic it is light. it has been light just about everywhere across the bay area this morning. we have a couple of accidents to report but before i get to that i want to swing 360 around and see you can see no delays. let's go to our maps now. traffic starting to build southbound side of 880 as well as a minor accident. nou not sure if it's blocking any lanes but we'll let you know. as we take you into the north bay, this is your drive along southbound a three-way crash. possible injuries involved. a medical break through poised to save
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s s s. >> and a shopping trick. listen up to help your family eat healthy. the one thing you can do before you go to the shore to make sure you get the freshest fruits and veggies. we have more traffic and weather for you all morning long. how about a live look at the bay. a gorgeous warm aday ahead. a picture of the lum before yard still burning
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watch abc is now available for xbox. you can use the app to see abc 7 news live along with episodes of all of our abc shows. to get started, download the app from the xbox store. it's 6:14 now. today marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of saigon. a parade was held this morning company rating the end of the vietnam war and the u.s.'s decade long involvement. on this day they seized saigon
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to reunify the country. 13 marines who were there that day returned to the city for a memorial ceremony at the site of the old embassy which is now the old consulate. doctors are turning to new technology. new at 6:00 emory health care in atlanta is testing 3-d mammograms, saying it allows for a closer look at breast tissues leading to a quicker and more accurate diagnosis. could lower fols reading by new at 6:00, the truck, eat and apple before you shop. a published study in the journal of psychology find that shoppers who do that buy 25% more fruits and vegetables than those who shop hungry. another tip to getting the best produce for your family, shop the perimeter. that's where the freshest items
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are typically stashed. >> they want you to take the stuff in the middle first because you're more likely to do that? >> well, that's one theory. i'm sure there are others out there. all right. if you don't like an apple. just anything else with fiber. i think that would do the trick. mike sorry to make folks hungry. but we should talk about the heat. >> if you work outside, maybe a lighter lunch today. 6:16 good morning. a little hazy along the coast but cloud cover we don't really have that. no marine layer this morning. a little haze as we look from the east bay hills across berkeley alcatraz and all the way over towards the golden gate bridge. this is at the golden gate with where we have a 6-mile-per-hour wind right now. warm at the coast hot inlan the rest of us will get it as we
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get back to average over the weekend. high pressure this one over the ocean steering the storms to the north. the one we talked about yesterday, it developed and now it's moving to the northeast and with the clockwise flow that's the warming wind shift we get. no free air conditioning today. we'll have to pay for it. mid 80s to near 90 through santa clara, that 90 in gilroy santa cruz 82 today. as you get to millbrae, a little milder, 77 degrees. low to mid 70s along the coast and we'll flirt with upper 70s to 80 around downtown. sauls lee to mid 80 to 90 degrees. 72 at the beach 20 degrees cooler there. oakland at 83 degrees today. castro valley 86 and move inland can cord low to mid 90s, same thing in livermore, far
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field. going to the game make sure you have the sunscreen and remember it will feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer if you're sitting in the sunshine. first pitch 76, warming to 81. temperatures tonight, mid 50s to near 60s. one of our warmer nights. but still pretty mild if you can have the windows open. 60s back to the coast tomorrow, 80s and 90s for the rest of us and saturday 50s at the coast and then from sunday all the way through wednesday, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, 50s, 60s and 70s. get the home run of a drive this morning. we're checking things out with mobile 360. there's a look at walnut creek and the drive pretty packed right now as you round your way up towards main street. moving on we've got this accident in napa. the drive along southbound 29
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right near highway 221 you night see some slowdowns because of a crash there. possible injuries are involved. you can see some slow in the northbound direction along 29. heading into hayward, southbound, a crash there involving four vehicles on the shoulder. generally speaking it is a pretty slow on 238. now ainge long 580 westbound, we're heading into castro valley right now and traffic quite manageable indeed. we're going to check out the slowing on 880 in just a moment. but checking out eastbound traffic moving along at top speeds. it's 6:19 now. putting bike helmets to the test. >> from avid cycle lists to your kids we'll we veal which helmets are best for safety. but first abc 7 news now showing you a gorgeous shot of the golden gate where traffic is light. and speaking of light we're getting more and more minutes of daylight each day.
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americans... ...83% try to eat healthy. yet up to...90% fall short in getting key nutrients from... alone. let's do more... add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. it's 6:22. we're bringing you back to breaking news out of fresno where firefighters are working a large fire at a lumberyard.
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we're told crews right now are in defensive operation mode because they do not have adequate water supply to fight these flames. the lumer yar makes poles for pg&e and the fire is still burning. luckily it's in a remote area so no evacuations are needed. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington is following the story. she'll have more in a live report in just a few moments. we'll check in with amy ro batch. >> the latest from baltimore a new report from another prisoner suggesting that freddie gray may have intentionally hurt himself in the police van. and robin be speak with stephanie rawlings-blake getting her take on the allegations against police and on keeping peace in her city. all next on gma. cycling is a very popular
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mode of transportation especially here in the bay area. but a with all of the traffic the risk of a crash is very real. >> we've partnered with consumer reports for exclusive coverage of these bike helmets to see which one stacks up best for your safety. >> good morning. 90% of the bicyclists killed in the past two decades were not wearing a helmet. consumer reports just tested 23 mel mets. joseph cologne never rides a bike since a helmet especially after a serious accidents two years ago. >> broken my collarbone and punctured by lungs. i'm luckied hayed the helmet. >> consumer reports crash tests helmets to see how well they'll protect you in an accident. a sensor detects how much force would be transmitted to the rider's head in a crash. a second consumer reports test
6:25 am
checks the strength of the chin strap. one helmet didn't pass. may pose a safety risk because it could come off in an accident. on four of the five samples tested, the buckle snapped or broke into pieces. >> the company stands behind its independent third party test results but we don't recommend buying one. >> top rated the scott arks plus for $150. >> it scored excellent in impact resistance and fit adjustments. it was very good in ventilation and it's also a lightweight helmet. >> and consumer reports found several ore best buys, the cost far has less the laser for $45. they also tested children's helmets were a top rated helmet for $45. >> consumer report says if you're ever in and accident even if you can't see any
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damage, replace the helmet. i'm michael finney. the abc 7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the day's top story. >> tesla touting new technology. the anounment today and how it will make life easier for every californian. a golfer making a difference for nepal. how the most recent champ in california is turning the tides. men low police are looking for a third suspect from a home invasion robbery but they're telling visit dents not to be alarmed. we'll tell you why coming up next. it's thursday, and that means the heat is on. 13 to 18 degrees above average. i'll tell you how long it's going to last coming up in your accuweather seven-day forecast. in the traffic center looks like the sun about to rise in the east bay hills over some pretty heavy traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. 21 minutes will get you through the maze into san francisco. i'll have all of the details
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coming up when abc 7 news retus.
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good morning. it's 6:29 on this thursday. boy, the day is starting out on a gorgeous note from the explore tore yum camera. we can see the if view of the sunrising in the east and the bay is glistening with some of the orange glow infusion. nice way to get out of bead. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. you know which one of us is the art historian now. leyla gulen is checking traffic and mike knee coconicco is here with our forecast. >> good morning, everybody. live doppler 7 hd showing a little haze along the coast but otherwise we're fog and cloud free this morning. this is the way it looked from our roof cam. your 12-hour day planner. temperatures in the mid-40s to mid 50s. this is as cool as it gets. get the windows open and trap the air. noon we're 80 mid land upper 60s at the coast. your 4:00 temperatures. 0 at the coast 90 inland and
6:31 am
then we'll be in the low 60s, 70s and 80s in all three of those areas by 7:00. thank you mike. we all know who the real artis artistic director is around here. >> stop it. i don't think so. i can't wear that hat. the san mateo bridge, you can see heavy traffic there in the westbound direction. about a traffic is about nine minutes to get you to highway 24. we also have mobile 360 on the ground. all the details straight ahead. right now new details on breaking news we've been bringing you from fresno. power poles are burning at a company that makes poles for pg&e. the fire broke out around 4:00 and has been burning fiercely ever sense. you can see there are railroad tracks nearby. this is a rural area in the
6:32 am
northwest part of the city. we're starting to see reports on twitter of people picking up the heavy smoke all the way south. if you know the area that's about 40 miles away. fire officials plan to let it burn out. calmer winds show blow in around 9:00 this morning and help with the effort. we'll have a live report coming up in a few minutes. firefighters in oakland are looking into the cause of a one alarm warehouse fire. it broke out in the 1 clock hour. crews are knocked it down and they're keeping an eye out for hot spots. officials say there was a marijuana grow operation inside the warehouse. investigators are not said what started the fire and they're not ruling out an electrical cause. happening now men low park police are looking if are the last of three home invasion supports after a chase that stretched from the east bay to the peninsula and ended in gun fire. abc 7 news reporter amy
6:33 am
hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: men low park say even though one man is still on the run, people should not be afraid. they chased the expects over the brinl and into men low park. that is where the suspects ditched their car and started running. they did fire at the officers. they didn't hit any of them but they did hit one of the police cars. police did catch two men and recovered two guns. but the third one got away. >> at this point there's really no reason to be alarmed in this area here. you know again, we have some leads of where we believe we may find the suspect. and we're actively pursuing those leads. >> reporter: police even searched a vacant home hoping he was hiding in there. no luck. they'll be looking for him again today. they're also going to check surveillance video here in men low park.
6:34 am
but they say no one was hurt in what they're describing as a very violent incident. amy holly field abc 7 news. happening today, the family of a nine-year-old boy who was stabbed to death in his home in discovery bay is expected to speak out for the first time. the suspect, 18-year-old william schultz faced ararnment yesterday and a judge ordered him to return to court in three week to enter a plea. his attorney says shult family repeated he tried to get him help. the victim was the younger brother of shulths's best friend. the victim's family said they were and i ware of any mental health issues when they invited schultz over to sleep the night of the murder. three americans who were trek in nepal were rescued by the u.s. military this morning. they survived the 7.8 magnitude
6:35 am
quake and actually stayed in a cave for five days. they say rock slides destroy the village they were staying in. they were able to e-mail their families in the u.s. after the quake to let them know they were okay. an israeli family they were traveling with had a satellite messageing device. >> the death toll now stands at 5500 with more than 11,000 injured and the aftershocks continue. more than 70 shakers stronger than magnitude 3.2 have been recorded in the himalayan region since saturday's quake. five search and rescue dogs trained in gilroy are on their way to help look for more survivors. tonight a candle light vigil will be help to show support for the victims. it will be held at the fremont hindu terp l on delaware drive from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. the world's top female golfer is donating her earnings
6:36 am
this week. 18-year-old lydia ko is playing in the tour's north texas shootout. he's fresh off a win here in the bay area over the weekend where she earned the title at the swinging skirts classic. now she's vying for $195,000 grand prize if she wins in texas. and even if she doesn't finish first, she says she'll donate every dime of what she makes in the tournament. if you want to support relief and recovery efforts in nepal through the red cross, text the word nepal to 90999 to donate $10 or you can call them at 1-800-red cross. >> it's 6:36. placing blame for a deadly blaze in the mission in san francisco. what we've just learned could be the cause for what left this building destroyed and dozens homeless. more fallout for ford. the brand-new recall pulling vehicles off a road to keep your
6:37 am
family out of danger. and as we go to break check this out. abc 7 news now looking a the the bay bridge toll plaza. you can make out there are a lot of cars there waiting to pay their tolls. and on the right upper screen there, that is the scene of the fresno breaking news a fire at a lumberyard sending smoke as far as 40 m
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welcome back. coming up on 6:40. quite a difference today. tpc harding park for the world golf championship. 65 at 11:00 with total sun shine. top out at 71 and fall back into the mid 60s by 7:00. today will be the warmest day there. check out the beautiful sunshine. unfortunately nothing has changed, tree pollen is high grass pollen is moderate. upper 70s to mid 80s, san diego. low to mid 90s in the central valley. here's leyla. >> things are heating up. good morning. we're starting off here in san jose. this is your drive along 280. northbound side as you make your commute from 17 to cupertino. notice the fast lanes starting to slow count. southbound, pack the sunglasses. it is a bright one. we're going to go to 880 out of
6:41 am
hayward. that's where we'll find mobile 360. we just got on the freeway. traffic is starting to slow down quite a bit getting closer to highway 92. as i turn this around northbound traffic moving along without any problems. you might start to see a little slowdown once you get into oakland getting closer to the maze. 6:41 now. apple admits a problem with its apple watch. >> up next, the glitch causing the company to scale back on how many people can get their hands on the device. tesla's big announcement. how the latest invention will do some good for everyone californiian. checking out the san mateo bridge, traffic moving along
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welcome back. happening now. look at this. sky 7 abc over san francisco. where you see the silver car, there is a sea lion right there. we're just getting a view of it, right at the passenger door. it's lying there. we understand -- this is by the way at the marina in san francisco, could be one of the many sea lion pups who sometimes get abandoned by their moms so
6:45 am
they got searching for food. this is not far away from the bay there. a so officers are on the scene. they're trying to corral the sea lion and keep it safe until marine mamel workers can get there to make sure that this little guy can stay safe and get back to the water where hopefully it will be happy and stay safe. right now, this is a live picture of a sea lion in the neighborhoods in the marina. >> they will be checking that sea lion for injuries to see if that's one of the reasons it crawled out of the water. let's move on now. back to the breaks news in fresno, a massive fire has engulfed a lumberyard. >> alyssa harrington has been monitoring this in the newsroom. >> the fire is burning in a rural area where there are no fire hydrants. it's making it difficult for the firefighter to put it out. they're working to establish an adequate water supply. the huge fire started around
6:46 am
4:00 a.m. close to highway 99 in northwest fresno at golden state boulevard. smoke can be seen from miles away away. it >> we arrived and determines there were 15 piles of power poles that were actually burning at the time. without an adequate water supply they're determined they're going into a defensive operational mode. >> the fire is burning the power poles near train tracks. you can watch as a train passes by the inferno. firefighters are watching the winds saying they usually shift around 9:00 a.m. that would help them out a bit. so the objective now is to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. live in the nauz room alyssa harrington. new details on the massive fire that destroyed a mission district building in january. investigators now say it was accidental. according to the chronicle,
6:47 am
saying it could be caused by faulty wiring. hard wire smoke detectors did not work. one person was killed and 58 others were left homeless when the fire destroyed the three-story building. 6:47, ford issues another recall. and tesla is set to make a big announcement today. jane king is live with the nasdaq with those stories and more. >> good morning to you. well we're trading a little lower on wall street this morning. weekly jobless claims come in at the lower in a 15 years. but we have all three of the major indexes just slightly to the down side. ford is recalling vehicle for four separate issues. the largest involves 2013 with to 2015 fusions, bolts that hold the steering gear motor can corrupt. tesla is going to spind off
6:48 am
another business. the new batly would be stationary anpower homes, officesance industrial spaces with stored energy. the ceo treated about a big announcement a month ago and the anunsmentnouncement is coming today. apple found a problem with the apple watch. a chinese component of the watch was found to be defective causing the company to limit availability. it's designed by apple to produce the sensation of being tapped on the wrist. it was found to break down over time. the journal says apple scrapped some completed watches because of it. the company was not available for comment. i'm jane king. back to you. in case you're wondering what we're enthralleds by, the live story that we were bringing you with, the sea lion, they just corralled her, got her
6:49 am
safely underneath that car at marina marina. animal workers and the police are the pup there looking uninjured. >> they called the marine mammal worker to capture this what looks like a sea lion pup came out of the water and was hiding under a vehicle just to the left of the police officer you see. police were on the scene to make sure that he didn't get away. and now of course he will be taken up to the county and checked out for any health problems that might have brought him out of the water or even curiosity. >> it took a little stroll this morning. usually they want to stay on the warm rocks or pavement, you know. >> they definitely did a good job. they were careful with him. just steered him into the net. didn't have the manhandle him or anything. let's take another quick look and show how they're trying to get him into -- they got him in the crate and now they're going the take him back where he needs to go and hopefully feed him
6:50 am
too. usually they're hungry. let's show you what's happening with live doppler. fairfield, 14-mile-per-hour off shord win. you're 12 degrees warmer this morning than you were 24 hours ago. we're in the upper 40s to low 50s through most of the south bay. 58 and 59. low to mid 50s everywhere. danville at 50. but we have low to mid 60s fairfield, some of the areas that will hit 90 this afternoon. telegraph hill looking prominent in the early morning sunshine. then's what we're going to have everywhere today with warm to hot highs. cooling hits the coast tomorrow and that will hit the rest of us and bring us back to average over the weekend. high pressure out over the ocean, steering currents well to the north. no rain in this forecast. high pressure cloak wise flow, that's the warming wind shift we're dealing with. let's start down south, 90 at
6:51 am
gilroy. san jose at 87. santa cruz at least 82 degrees today. a lot of low to mid 80s on the peninsula. 77 in millbrae. low to midwest 70s along the coast. but we'll flirt with the upper 70s to even a few low 80s around san francisco today. 80 in sausalito, but mid 80s tow the valley. it won't be a brisk day with the 0e7 70 upper 80s to mid 90s inland east bay. going to the game. sunscreen needed. it feels 10 to 15 degrees warmer if you're sitting in the sunshine. warming to 81 degrees. all right here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the cooling in the afternoon dropping you into the 60s. still some 80s and 90s. 50s at the coast. saturday 70s and 80s as the
6:52 am
marine layer becomes more dock innocent. 50s, 60s and 70s sunday through wednesday. this is a live look at the bay bridge. that is the eastern span. you see how very slow traffic is. as we take a look at the camera toward treasure island, just past treasure island is where we've got a stalled vehicle. we're going to san jose where we have the full freeway shut down, highway 85 in the southbound direction. started off at as a stalled vehicle, turned into a car fire. we're seeing the slow in the northbound direction as you come away from highway 87. union city, that white arrow, it indicates the mobile 360. we're southbound side as we approach whipple. you can see the traffic really slow there. northbound traffic not much better. very busy conditions. 6:52. we're back with seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
>> but first abc 7 news now favorite toll plaza you see right there. and in the upper right-hand corner rescue of a
6:54 am
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6:55 am
shut down. what's burning? we're talking about power poles made for pg and eshlgs. no word yet on the cause. and number two, firefighters are looking into the cause of the one alarm warehouse fire in oakland. crews say there was a marijuana grow operation inside. >> number three, japan's prime minister shin do abe will be in the bay area today to speak to experts about tech innovation. number four thousands of nurses with sutter health are holding a one-day strike due to issues over unsafe staffing and cuts their health coverage. the marine mammal center just safety captured a sea lion that wandered on the streets. you watched it live moments ago right here on abc 7. it is now in that pickup truck waiting to be transported. this is at the marina across the street from the bay.
6:56 am
>> we're as cool as we're going to get right now. sunshine and warmer temperatures on the way today. everybody else, your b.a.r.t. stations in the low to mid 50s right now. check out how sunny it is already. you'll need the sunglasses everywhere today. from 72 at the coast to 80 at san francisco to mid 80s the shoreline. 90s inland. >> it's a sig alert, highway 85 all lanes are blocked after a stalled vehicle turn into a crash and a car fire. the slowing is in the northbound direction. you can see the read there as you head towards the scene of the accident. you've got a wait on your hands in san jose. >> this is one of those eventful mornings. i'm glad the team was all in place. abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. >> we'll be back in 2r5 minutes with news, weather and traffic during good morning america. how about a chamber of commerce
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- thousands of demonstrators take to the streets in america's major cities. as anger over baltimore spreads. the city still on edge. that bizarre scene as the orioles play in front of an empty stadium. and new questions this morning about what happened to freddie gray while he was inside that police van. we talk to the mayor under fire this morning about the state of emergency. also breaking right now -- miracle rescues. searchers pulling this teenager from the rubble and destruction, five days after the devastating earthquake. new scenes of a baby pulled from the ruins. the frantic search for more survivors right now. we're on the scene this morning. deadly shark attack. a snorkeler attacked in the water off maui. injuries to her upper


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