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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 27, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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of san francisco. the grass roots effort city leaders will make this summer to make municipally a smoother ride. >> thanks for joining us on this monday at 6:00. i'm kristen sze. >> the weekend is over. sorry to tell you. but there's another one coming. leyla gulen is watching traffic for us. mike nicco on top of the weather. >> some of the warmth yesterday spilling into today's forecast. live doppler unlimited visibility so grab the sunglasses. you need them everywhere7b early thisr morningg0 as our exploratorium)' shows blue water and pink skyh!%m morning. temperatures already, we have añ little>= little bit of ar÷ micro climate spread. 48 at the coast 62 in other areas. by noon 64 at the coast 78 inland. the coast gets cooler and clouds gather during the afternoon hours. 60 there, 84 inland and then a pretty nice evening. cool at the coast. 54. but the rest of us in the mid 60s and 70s. >> looking good mike. leyla, how about traffic? >> it's really heated up in the
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bay area freeways. let's take a look,u now at some of our bay bridge toll plaza. we do have pretty heavy traffic near the metering lights turned on after 5:30 and it is packed inching your way into san francisco from the east bay. but speaking of the east bay a rather bizarre crash that has happened on the eastbound portion of highway 4 in bay point. we'll have more details for you. in you're traveling through richmond the drive there now starting to lighten a bit. we had a string of cars that have now passed through making their way to the north bay. so far pretty light here at least. >> okay, leyla, thank you. breaking news now in san francisco where police are warming a well-known area knob hill. they have been on the scene for several hours near stockton and pine streets, near the upscale ritz-carlton hotel, just a stone's throw from the hotel. police are investigating a death after getting an early-morning call. janet o is live at the scene. janet? >> reporter: and kristen police just cleared the scene. they did inform us they do not
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expect any foul play to be involved. but they still are trying to determine the cause of death. the medical loading the body no the vehicle. and fire crews are also here to clean up the mess on thero staircase. that staircase leading up to the apartment complex, that's where a witness reported finding a woman deceased there early this morning at 3:00. police were investigating for several hours before they left. how and why the victim ended up here is still a mystery. as you mentioned, we are right and that's the very latest from here, reporting live in san francisco. janet o, abc 7 news. >> janet, thanks. 6:02 now. we continue to following developing news from nepal. the death toll has grown higher following saturday's powerful earthquake. more than 3,600 people have now been declared dead from the 7.8 magnitude quake. three helicopters have begun to
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rescue up to 150 mountain climbers stranded on mt. everest above an ice fall caused by the earthquake. the kathmandu airport is filled with nepalis and international visitors desperate to get out. there are reports that some planes are unable to land because of the congestion on the ground. as the rescue effort continues in nepal, we are learning more about the american victims, which include a google employee. >> alyssa harrington is live in the news room with more on that and the tribute unfolding in the bay area. >> reporter: eric, kristen, we are learning more from people in the bay area who were either in nepal when the quake hit or worried about family members over there. here's video of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake captured on cctv and posted on facebook. many americans are stuck in the earthquake devastated region. some flights aren't leaving and those that are sell out right away. members of the bay area and nepalis community held a vigil over the weekend trying to
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connect with family members in nepal and say many of the rural and mountain areas are desperate for help. >> their houses are totally gone. totally gone. but have nothing to eat. there is no rescue team there. they can't help. nobody is going out there because it's up in the hill. >> reporter: a san francisco man was among more than a dozen killed on mt. everest. 33-year-old daniel fredinburg suffered a major head injury during an avalanche. he was a google exec, the head of privacy for google x. friends describe him as an adventurer and experienced mountaineer. this was his third time on everest. he was also an activist. a fund-raiser in fred en berg's memory is collecting donations for two orphanages in nepal. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. a rescue team from china pulled a quake survivor from underneath a collapsed building yesterday. the man had been buried under the rubble of a five-story
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building that came down during the shaking. the task was made more difficult, because of repeated aftershocks in the area. the chinese government has offered more than $3 million in humanitarian aid to nepal. a sacramento area structural engineer will be on his way to nepal today to help with relief efforts. kit miyamoto runs a nonprofit that responds to quake-ravaged areas. he brings expertise and technology to red tag and keep people out of vulnerable buildings so the should aftershocks happen, there will be fewer casualties. >> it's so easy to fix. this knowledge and this expertise and this technology we can share. >> miyamoto says he plans to work with nepal's government and private sector to improve infrastructure. as we said help is pouring in from around the world. the u.s. is sending cash and a 70-member team including search and rescue crews.
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poland, germany, israel and belgium are also sending crews. japan is sending in a 70-member team. they plan on remaining in nepal for a week. and if you would like to help the victims of the nepal earthquake we have a list of organizations accepting donations. go to abc 7, and the information is on our home page. this morning, a memorial is growing for a 9-year-old boy stabbed to death over the weekend in discovery bay. police say an 18-year-old is to blame, and he's in police custody. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live with more. >> reporter: here is an indication of how sad a day it will be for victims. classmates look at the flowers and balloons someone has left here at the front door of timber elementary school. this community is really hurting. now look at the memorial at the boy's home. it is made up of flowers, candles and teddy bears. this is where the 9-year-old was stabbed to death yesterday
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morning. police believe the victim knew his killer. this is the man they arrested for the murder 18-year-old william schultz. police have not said what the motive was behind the killing. they believe schultz is friends with one of the victim's siblings and had spent the night at the family's home. residents in this quiet discovery bay neighborhood say this is tough to comprehend. >> it's so out of the blue. as long as we have lived here as long as we have had kids half the time we wouldn't lock our doors. we weren't worried about anything happening here. so this has just been shocking. and, of course to have it happen to a child is just completely heartbreaking. >> reporter: police caught up with the suspect at a kaiser hospital six hours after the killing. a nurse treating the suspect in the er recognized him and called police. they haven't said why he was being treated. neighbors say they believe that the suspect suffers from mental illness. the family of the victim is not commenting at this time. reporting live in discovery bay, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news.
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the port of san francisco has served eviction papers to one of its long-time tenants. sinbad is located next to the ferry building and was given the notice last thursday. the restaurant is locked in a bitter dispute with the port over the pier 2 property. the port wants sinbad's gone so it can redevelop the pier. the owner filed a lawsuit saying it has the legal right to stay and accuses port officials of acting in bad faith. 6:08 now. time for a check on weather and traffic. we begin with the warmup and the cooldown and the warmup and the cooldown. >> you're making it feel like a ooover here. we'll check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> did she call me a yo yo? >> guess it's better than a roller coaster to get motion sickness. 46 at woodside and palo alto. redwood city low to mid 50s. low to mid 50s along the east bay shore and into the south bay. 48 at san ramon. 52 at concord.
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antioch, 65. upper 40s to low 50s in mill valley. the forecast this afternoon, quite a spread almost a summer spread. 7 4 to 82% añ along the bay. 79 in north bay to 79 inland east bay. 57 to bodega bay to 70 in san francisco. we'll be 5 to 10 degrees cooler wednesday, but there is the next warming trend thursday. more coming up. here is leyla. >> we are taking 360 on the road and traveling into your neighborhood. this is a look at 680 as we take the drive in the southbound direction and traffic is light here. so we're in very good shape. i'm going to use our 360 cam turn it around, see how traffic is moving along in the northbound direction. not too much. the bulk of the traffic in the east bay. let's go now to our camera. this is 680 southbound. you can see where the traffic is starting to bunch up south of tree boulevard. a real problem in bay point. eastbound side of highway 4.
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you see that red that's all because of some police activity as bailey road, not just a crash here, but also some suspects were seen taking a bunch of bags out of their car and taking off. b.a.r.t. police has also been roped into this. we'll keep you .2ñupdated as to what is happening but now really causing the jam out of pittsburgh in the westbound direction. eric kristen. 6:10 now. a b.a.r.t. board director wants you to know who to call to give your two cents about the transit system. according to the chronicle, board member zachary mallen wants to put up display photos of all nine board officials in train cars along with the districts they represent. the posters would also go up at b.a.r.t. stations. mallen says he wants passengers to know who their b.a.r.t. director is. the chronicle reports colleagues are less enthusiastic about the idea. it would cast cost the district $13,000. san francisco leaders are launching a grass roots effort to improve rides throughout the city. new at 6:00, the san francisco examiner reports seven supervisors have accepted a challenge to ride muni for 22
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days in june. passengers issued the call, hoping for city officials to really get a better understanding of what a daily required experiences. muni currently faces a $12 billion budget shortfall over the next 20 years. but mayor ed lee and other leaders still hope to make the service more reliable. 6:11 now. a puppy treat pulled off store shelves. why it's dangerous for your dog and your family. plus saving for college starts this summer. why this year could be the best yet for your teenagers to get a jump on the competition. and celebrating tv success for abc from kelly and michael to many more stars. we'll unveil the big winners of the daytime emmy awards. and more weather and traffic for you all morning as abc 7 news now looks live from our tower camera across the bay at the sunrise. it's going to be a nice one today. we'll be right back.
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covering cupertino, con ward, wine country and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. good morning, everyone. 6:14 on the abc 7 morning news. our view from mt. pam, looking back to the east. that's mt. diablo there and you can see just behind it, that ribbon of orange beauty. that's the sun rising in the east. we'll have more on the weather, the traffic, coming up in just a
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few. crews are back on the water in alabama this morning, searching for five missing boaters. this video shows the search sunday. authorities have found survivors after a storm capsized 100 sailboats participating in a rig ata saturday. two people have been found dead. crews have searched more than 2,500 miles of coastline and will use helicopters to help that effort today. a potentially game-changing development in hiv testing is hitting the market today. new at 6:00, the first legally approved self-test kit is on sale in the uk. according to the huffington post, the kit offers a result in 15 minutes by using a small amount of blood from a finger prick to detect hiv antibodies. the kit is only sold online so users can be discreet. dog-lovers listen up. a popular treat you're giving your furry friend could actually be making them sick. new at 6:00, the fda is
6:16 am
recalling puppy chews. the maker says they are concerned about possible salmonella contamination, which may not only sicken a dog but spread to any owner handling the treats. the chews being recalled are starter kits with an expiration date of march 2018. a banner year for summer hires. a large number of positions in retail hospitality and food service. that's according to the employment website snag a job. that's good news for teens looking for temp work since these industries cover more than 40% of all summer youth employment. job coaches recommend they start looking now, because the available positions will be highly sought after. there will be a lot of competition. >> handing out teddy bears when kids win a prize at carnivals, a big smile. yeah. >> i handed out hamburgers and fridays.
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>> did you get smiles? >> yeah. >> sometimes at the drive-thru. more smiles than when i was lifeguarding. >> maybe today with the forecast. >> let's take a look and show what's going on. live doppler doing okay. no need for the umbrella today, unless you want to get yourself shade from the strong sunshine. light and variable winds this morning, thanks to high pressure that's going to bring us more warming. here's a look at san jose. you can see the sun about to wash over 87 near the shark tank. another gorgeous picture as we back light mt. diablo there with a whole lot of yellow. wow, that's the yellowest i've seen the sky in a long time. warmer. that's our first forecast highlight. cooling breeze will warm thursday and friday and be down to seasonal levels this weekend. so it's going to be a temperature forecast for the better part of the next seven days. no rain in the forecast. 63 at half moon bay.
6:18 am
this is one of the warmer spots in the coast. bodega bay at 58, how big our summer spread is today. 70 in san francisco. across the bay bridge, 76 in oakland. highway 24 to walnut creek and highway 4 to antioch, mid to upper 80s there. the south bay where you live low to mid 80s from milpitas. 77 in santa cruz. mid to upper 70s on the peninsula today. low to mid 60s, but clouds gathering at the coast. downtown south san francisco around 70 degrees. in the low to mid 80s through the north bay valley. petaluma 85. the east bay shore 74 in berkeley to union city and fremont at 78. and inland mid to upper 80s today. the cooling trend tomorrow keeps the air conditioner on if you can. upper 40s around half moon bay napa. everybody else low to mid 50s.
6:19 am
spilling into the bay tomorrow the high pressure is going to hold today. but as the cold front comes in closer to tomorrow sea breeze redevelops. the marine layer and actually in the cooler weather wednesday. so is 5 to 10 degrees cooler. thursday and friday, temperatures close to today and saturday and sunday sunshine and cooler. 70 around the bay and inland. enjoy. here is leyla. >> look at this drive. it is a beauty. we are traveling northbound on 280, just past 101 and now heading up closer toward highway 87, 85, and continue our drive into cupertino, takes a little while. i'm going to swing this around and that is your look at southbound side of 280, and it is gorgeous. nice clear conditions. and accident-free. let's go to our maps now. and other parts of the bay area not quite as pretty the macarthur maze traffic stacking up out of berkeley towards
6:20 am
emeryville and the maze. the drive, though, if you're taking into oakland shouldn't be too bad. heading right back into bay point, now we've got some heavy conditions. because of police activity. the sheriff's department is on-scene here after a crash occurred and it sounded like there were possibly some stolen goods being taken out of the vehicle. westbound traffic certainly looking heavy there. also got a pocket of slowing through antioch. the drive in the westbound direction from antioch to concord, 24 minutes. the 580 also slow. the stars of daytime television honored their peers last night including a few notables. >> that's right, kelly ripa and michael strayhan among the award winners in los angeles. they won best entertainment talk show hosts. the abc show "general hospital" picked up three top awards, including anthony geary for best dramatic actor. mara west for best actress and chad duel for best supporting actor. "jeopardy" won the best game
6:21 am
show award and the hosts of "the crew" won for best informative talk show. >> congratulations. and you can watch live with kelly and michael every weekday. and general hospital at 2:00 p.m. all right here on abc 7. a closer look at bruce jenner's journey. up next a never-before-seen clip of his exclusive interview with abc's diane sawyer. and more on how his children are adapting to his new life as a transgender. first, abc 7 news now showing the golden gate bridge. weather
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the abc 7 weather app. abc 7 weather lives where you live. good morning. 6:24 on this monday morning. of a live look from our exploratorium camera. checking out the bay, sunrise about to rise. it is a gorgeous morning to be out there enjoying the bay view. now to that ground breaking interview with bruce jenner. nearly 17 million people watched diane sawyer's exclusive one-on-one as the olympic gold medalist reveals he identifies as a woman and is now making the transition from male to female. it sparked a national conversation about transgender issues. this morning, we have new parts of the interview that have never been seen before.
6:25 am
jenner says if he were ever to write a book he would call it "the 11 event" overcoming life's obstacles. >> life is much more difficult than running a decathlon, i guarantee you. >> but ultimately, you win or lose from what's inside. >> exactly right and being honest to yourself. everybody has got stuff. everybody hazard got their things they have to deal with. this happens to be my thing i've dealt with all my life. i'm trying to do something about it for the good. >> we'll have more on jenner's journey coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00, right after the abc 7 morning news. an arkansas woman has reason to celebrate this morning after a weekend adventure turned up an amazing discovery. susie clark uncovered this rare diamond at a state park. the diamond is about the size of a pinto bean and is nearly 4 carats. park officials say more than 75,000 diamonds have been found in a crater at the park over the last 100 years but clark's find is the largest ever at that
6:26 am
arkansas park. leyla and mike are both craning their next and looking. visitors get to keep what they find. there is no estimate yet on how much that diamond is worth. wow. 6:26. the abc 7 morning news continues, starting with the day's top stories, including devastation in nepal. what we're learning about the american victims in the wake of a massive earthquake and the help on the way today. plus a bay area shore's captain injured on the job. the decision deputies say a driver made that put one of their own face-to-face with the jaws of life. check out all the sunshine this morning. but check out our temperatures this week. san francisco an example of what we're going to deal with(mt we roller coaster all the way through the weekend. the constant, it will be dry. i'll show you the numbers for your neighborhood coming up in the accu weather seven-day forecast. and our leyla gulen in the abc 7 traffic center. it is a gem of a drive on the golden gate bridge coming in
6:27 am
towards san francisco. not too much traffic there. a new serious crash in solano and activity on highway 4 and bay point. all the details and more=099 w abc 7 news continues. we'll be right back. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. oh what a beautiful morning. >> what a beautiful day. >> thank you very much. 6:30 on this monday. we are all together, and nice to have you here. thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> everything is going our way. i'm eric thomas. leyla gulen with traffic and mike nicco with the forecast. >> my, oh my, a very sunny day out there. i'm going to take a look from a different perspective. check out live doppler 7 hd showing how clear it is even at the coast this morning. look at that beautiful treasure island, looking backlit by the sun. your 12-hour day planner, mild this morning. low to mid 50s out there. the coast will warm up to 62. but then the sea breeze kicks in and the clouds start to gather. in the upper 60s and 70s around
6:31 am
the bay and inland for our noontime temperatures. and mid 60s to mid -- or excuse me, mid 70s to mid 80s by 4:00. >> thank you very much. let's see if drivers think everything is going their way. >> singing the blues. taking you into san jose, where this drive is the better of the two. you can see there traffic slowing pretty well. but we are now starting to see a steady build up of slowing especially here at the macarthur maze. backups as you round your way toward the toll plaza. we have a crash in solano possibly blocking lanes on the 780 freeway as well as highway 4. more details straight ahead. >> thank you leyla. breaking news from san francisco's knob hill this morning where police are investigating the discovery of a body found on an apartment building staircase. the body was found just after 3:00 on stockton street between pine and california. that is directly across the street from the ritz-carlton hotel. police tell abc 7 news, they
6:32 am
don't believe there was any foul play. the medical examiner's office has taken the body away so an autopsy can be performed to determine a cause of death. the death toll continues to rise in nepal this morning, fog a devastating earthquake on saturday. more than 3,700 people have now been declared dead from the 7.8 magnitude quake. rescue workers are still struggling to reach vulnerable mountain villages two days after the disaster. many are camping outside. thousands of nepalis are fleeing kathmandu, fearing aftershocks, as well as shorjs of food and water. the airport is filled with folks from the country and international visitors all trying to get out, and more aftershocks struck today. the largest ranging between 4.2 and 4.6. abc news reporter susan saulny has more. >> reporter: tens of thousands are shell shocked and sleeping in the streets or make shift tent cities this morning as the death toll surged past 3,000
6:33 am
from the earthquake that ripped across the himalayan nation on saturday. kathmandu, nepal's capital is now virtually impassable. rescuers and aide workers are responding from as far as virginia. >> digging capability, people en tombed in rubble extricated and handed over to qualified medical care. >> reporter: aftershocks bigger than most earthquakes caused more buildings to collapse and panic. >> reporter: you can see everyone is running through the streets! >> reporter: authorities warn, the worst damage and higher casualties might be in the vulnerable mountain villages rescue workers are still struggling to reach. beyond kathmandu many ancient temples and cultural gems are in ruins. and on mt. everest an urgent rescue response is under way as marooned climbers struggle to stay alive. this illinois woman's son is among them. >> the structure of the mountain has changed, so the
6:34 am
going up have a path laid out but it's different now. >> reporter: it dislonged tons of snow. one climber posted this video of the moment when the earthquake hit. at least 18 people were killed, including 3 americans. google executive dan fredinburg, film maker tom kaplan and dr. mariesa eaves gearlong. that was susan saulny reporting. and the devastation in nepal has hit close to home for many in the bay area. alyssa harrington is live in the news room with more details. >> among the victims, a san francisco man. google executive daniel fredinburg was the head of privacy for google x. the 33-year-old was caught in an avalanche on mt. everest, triggered by the earthquake. his sister wrote he suffered a major head injury. fredinburg was climbing everest for the third time. his friends and girlfriend describe him as an adventurer and activist. there is an online fund-raiser
6:35 am
in his memory for two orphanages in nepal. >> you might say it is the one thing i will take away from knowing him, is that just happiness is important. and that's what he strived for. >> i've never met someone with more stamina more endurance, more strength more intellect. >> meanwhile, many of those in the bay area nepalis community want to help family members in the earthquake-struck region. they held a vijel i will at the ferry building in san francisco over the weekend. although most of the damage we have seen is in kathmandu they say the rural and mountain regions are in desperate need of help, as well. many are using social media to connect with loved ones over there, using the hash tag missing in nepal. live in the news room, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. bay area tech giants have been quick to step up. facebook safety check and google's person finder aim to
6:36 am
help find friends and check on the status of loved ones. apple is making it easy for itunes users to donate to the american red cross. the red cross has a website as well. for anyone looking for a status update on a person they haven't been able to reach. you type in the person's name and they either come up as missing or i am alive. if that person is checked in. we posted a link to this website on our site abc 7 >> for example this is an aid michelle page, still listed as missing. if you would like to help the victims, we have a list of organizations accepting donations. go to abc 7 and the information is on our home page. >> and, of course we'll have continuing coverage of the nepal earthquake on-air and online at abc 7 get the latest d bay area. a santa rosa man has been arrested on suspicion of dui.
6:37 am
the accident happened yesterday afternoon on highway 1 near valley ford and sonoma county. according to the santa rosa press democrat the suspected dui driver, 21-year-old juan vonda, collided with a sedan going the opposite direction. off-duty sheriff's captain rick navarro was driving the sedan. crews had to use the jaws of life to get him out. he has serious injuries. 6:37. up next a teenager turned accused killer. what we're learning about his troubled past and connection to the 9-year-old victim. and protecting your baby from cancer. it's possible, thanks to the food they eat. why switching to solids sooner could save their life. and abc 7 news now at 6:37. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up and moving slow. as the sun rise is behind these drivers in the east. the complete look at news weather and traffic when we come back.
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we're back on this monday morning, opening the lake tahoe weather window. a little breezy but also some of the fresh snow fell over the weekend. back here at home nothing really changed with our air quality, other than the fact that today begins the summer spare the air season. windy around l.a., with northeast winds at 25 to 35 gusting 55 to 65 through early
6:41 am
this afternoon. a little bumpy and warm. mid to upper 80s through the central valley mid 60s in at that tahoe. safe travels. >> secure the umbrellas outside. a look now at 360, our mobile camera as we head northbound along 280 as we make our approach past steven's creek boulevard. closer towards cupertino. going to be like this as you make your drive right up to highway 85. turning 360 around, you can see southbound traffic pretty light. let's go to our map now. serious conditions here, now hearing about three accidents reported bay point traffic has started to ease up in the eastbound direction. as we go back to 780 eastbound, second street, that's where we have this accident slowing from 680. kristen and eric. >> thank you. 6:41 now. a danger on the road putting your families and others at risk. the problem with hundreds of thousands of fords leading to a massive recall. then a benefit for your baby. why switching to solid foods
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. coming up on 6:45 on this monday morning families in discovery bay are leaving flowers and candles outside the home of a 9-year-old boy who was stabbed to death over the weekend. >> investigators say the suspect is friends with one of the victim's siblings. abc 7 news reporter amiy hollyfield is live in discovery bay. >> reporter: kristen, look what is greeting administrators and students here at the victim's elementary school. someone left flowers and balloons at the front door of timber elementary school. the death of this 9-year-old really has impacted this community. now look at the memorial that is growing in front of his discovery bay home. the 9-year-old boy was stabbed to death inside the home yesterday morning. police believe his attacker is friends with one of his siblings and has spent the night at the home. police have 18-year-old william schultz in custody. they have not said what they think the motive was behind the
6:46 am
murder. but neighbors tell us they believe schultz suffers from mental illness. investigators arrested schultz about six hours after the murder. he was found at a kaiser hospital. a nurse treating him in the er recognized him and called 911. they haven't said why he was being treated there. the family of the victim is not commenting. reporting live in discovery bay amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. apple headline earnings on wall street. and another buyer swooping in to buy time warner cable. those stories and more on today's money report. >> hi, eric and kristen, good morning. green across the board here. so more if we close at these levels, record highs. the dow is up about 50 s&p and nasdaq each trading up just moderately. apple reports its quarterly earnings after the closing bell. and it is still all about the iphone. so we'll hear how many iphones
6:47 am
have computers in the last quarter. it includes the holidays. don't expect any information on the apple watch sales. apple says it won't break those numbers out. okay, that didn't take long. time warner cable charter communications considering making an offer for the cable company. charter has pursued time warner in the past. in fact, back in 2013, comcast with drew its offer for time warner friday after it became clear it would not get approval. and ford recalling nearly 400,000 cars due to bad door latches. they may not latch properly, and could actually open while the cars are in motion. the recall affects certain ford fiestas, fusions and the lincoln mkz. 2012 to now 6:47. this morning, new reason to get your baby to put down the bottle and make the switch to solid food. according to a new study out in the live science journal they need to start eating solids by
6:48 am
age 7 months to avoid being high-risk for cancer. doctors found babies who started at 7 to 9 months saw triple the risk. the findings line up with current recommendations from the american academy of pediatrics which suggest babies breastfeed until 6 months and then switch to solid food. >> but here's the confusing part. you don't want to start too early. >> some doctors say 4 months is too early. have you ever watched a top athlete and wondered how much skill is in training and now genes? researchers at stanford are studying the fittest people on earth to discovery which genes make them run faster and jump higher. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 a look at how that study can help the rest of us live healthier lives. >> whatever that gene is clearly i don't have it. >> but the warriors seem to. don't they? >> abundance. the warriors begin practicing this morning. >> yesterday the nba announced golden state's first game of the second round will be sunday may
6:49 am
3, if the memphis portland series ends in six games or less. if it goes seven games, the warriors won't play until tuesday, may 5. on saturday, the warriors completed a four-game sweep of the pelicans in new orleans. playoff tickets go on sale thursday morning at 10:00. and don't forget, abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. you can catch all the action beginning june 4. do you still have your broom handle ready for the sweep? >> it's in the closet. more than happy to bring it back out. >> we should mount it on a plaque. put it up over your man tell. >> right next to a pelican? >> yes. >> love that! >> a pelican flying south. >> yeah. >> and fast. how do they make it look so effortless, the way they play and move the ball around. >> keep it up. >> it's so much fun to watch. morning, everybody. we're watching sunshine this morning. live doppler showing unlimited visibility, except for at half moon bay. hazy at three miles.
6:50 am
check out the sun as it's starting to warm. our inland east bay neighborhoods, towards the 24 connector, where we had cooler temperatures. upper 40s. cupertino, low to mid 50s in the south bay until you get to -- san jose at 53 degrees. mt. view and los gatos 53. danville, 48. half moon bay, 43. and look at brentwood, 63 degrees. that's why you guys will be near 90 this afternoon. check out this beautiful -- look how calm the ferry ride is this morning. gorgeous sunshine. a light breeze. and a whole lot of calmness for a monday morning. warmer away from the coast today. middle week cooling breezes. warmer thursday and friday. back down to seasonal temperatures this weekend. the constant dry all week. 63 at half moon bay. 70s downtown san francisco. 76 in oakland. 86 in walnut streak.
6:51 am
90s in antioch. temperatures make up a 32-degree spread. bodega bay 57. cupertino and san jose 82. sunshine and 77 in santa cruz. palo alto, 79. low to mid 60s along the coast with cooling temperatures this afternoon when the clouds and sea breeze come back. before that happens, 70 downtown. close to that in san francisco. we also cool into the upper 50s along the coast. but near the low to mid 80s inland and the east bay shoreline, mid to upper 70s with oakland at 76. look at the mid to upper 80s throughout the neighborhood. the sea breeze is going to keep developing tonight. so will the marine layer. clouds along the coast and some spilling into the bay and fog in the north bay. high pressure holding today. but the cold front that will roll through wednesday is going to induce that sea breeze tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday about 5
6:52 am
to 10 degrees cooler than today. thursday and friday, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. temperatures about the same as today. and then we pull back to seasonal levels saturday and sunday. have a good one. here is leyla. >> mike let's see if our mobile 360 is headed into your neighborhood. we are traveling now on 280 the most beautiful highway coming away from flint hill. we have continued on northbound 280 heading into los altos and woodside and the drive there spectacular. let me turn this around. i don't know if we can see the southbound traffic because of the center divide. it doesn't appear we can. but the traffic behind us moving quite smoothly. let's go to our maps. i want to take you back into venetian where we have this serious crash. we thought maybe it was involving an overturned vehicle but at least serve of seven cars are involved. three separate accidents here at 780 and second street. we saw slowing as you approach 60. the drive along 680 and the core delia interchange gumming up.
6:53 am
i-80 through the hercules and up towards the bay bridge toll plaza to go from highway 4 to the maze 25 minutes. kristen and eric. >> thank you. 6:53 now. we're back with seven things to know before you go. first its abc 7 news now. traffic and weather up through the entire commercial break so you don't miss a thing. in fact couldn't you stare at this all day? >> i could. but
6:54 am
check out my breakfast! i got eggs... sausage... ham... bacon... cheese... and toasted sourdough bread. uh, mine's easier. mmm... (eating sounds) do you know that guy? get a load of jack's loaded breakfast sandwich. what's on it? what's not on it? two freshly cracked eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, and cheese all on toasty sourdough made just for you. it's like a big ol' breakfast buffet right in your hand. it's 6:5 had.
6:55 am
here are serve things to know before you go. number one, san francisco police say foul play is not suspected in the death of a woman in the knob hill neighborhood overnight. officers were called to an apartment building across the street from the ritz-carlton hotel on stockton street just after 3:00 a.m. the medical examiner is now working to determine the cause of death. number two the death toll from the nepal earthquake has risen to 3,700 overnight. authorities estimate more than 6,500 others were injured in the 7.8 magnitude quake. the kathmandu airport is filled with visitors desperate to get out. >> number three, a memorial is growing in front of a discovery bay home where a 9-year-old boy was stabbed to death yesterday. the childs attacker was friends with one of his siblings. 18-year-old william schultz is in custody. no word on a possible motive behind the murder. number four this morning, students will encounter closed signs after corinthian colleges
6:56 am
announced it is ceasing operations at several career training schools. 16,000 students attend the college and vocational schools run by the college. diane sawyer's exclusive interview with bruce jenner ranks as the most social friday telecast of all-time, excluding sports. and is still trending this morning. coming up next on gma at 7:00, new clips of the interview that have never been seen before. all right. b.a.r.t. riders, number six, let's look at your stations. low to mid 60s, pittsburgh 59. plenty of sunshine today except for this afternoon at the coast. 50s there to near 90 inland. and number seven speaking of b.a.r.t. we have 59 trains running on time. trains 3, 5 and 7, just a couple minutes late but looks like the san mateo bridge 15 minutes across the water. >> thank you for joining us. abc 7 news continues online, twitter and facebook and all your mobile devices.
6:57 am
>> we'll be back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic. you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kill fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is the #1 choice of vets for their pets and yours. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus.
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the vet's #1 choice.
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good morning, america. new this morning, race against time after that deadly avalanche on mt. everest. the frantic efforts to rescue more than a hundred climbers stuck on the world's highest peak. supplies dwindling fast as scenes of absolute devastation emerge from that massive earthquake, thousands stranded. the death toll rising. happening now, high alert. twisters, huge hail, flooding tear through the south as the monster storm system threatens to wreak havoc on millions this morning. an abc news exclusive. what happened when you went into the house? kidnapped and held hostage inside this cleveland home. amanda berry and gina dejesus speak out for the first time


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