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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 27, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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s may be a death investigation, but we have not yet confirmed that. we are working on getting that for you. a live picture now from the scene. police investigators are gathering evidence. you can see the yellow tape there around that building, as well as an officer standing there. they're just getting started, so definitely expect that road closure right there to be impacting the area for a little bit. abc 7 news reporter jana doe is gathering information and she will have a little report for us. we think this is a death investigation in san francisco's knob hill. the death toll continues to rise in nepal following saturday's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. more than 3,600 people have been declared dead and that number is sure to rise as rescue workers reach the more remote areas. tens of thousands are sleeping outdoors afraid of the constant aftershocks. thousands more are jamming the roads out of the capital. the airport is filled with nepalees and international visitors desperate to get out.
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one new yorker tells abc news it's a complete mad house. for more, we go to abc news reporter susan sole knee live from washington, d.c. susan? >> reporter: good morning, eric. rescue teens are pouring into nepal from all over the world, racing against the clock to keep the death toll from climbing higher. tens of thousands across nepal are shell shocked and sleeping in the streets or makeshift tents as the death poll surges past 3,000 from the earthquake that ripped across the himalayan nation on saturday. kathmandu, nepal's capital is now virtually impassable. rescuers and aide workers are coming from as far away as virginia. >> the ability to get people who are en tumorombed, extricated. >> sunday an aftershock caused more buildings to collapse and more panic. >> it's really moving now.
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you can see everyone running through the streets. >> reporter: authorities warn the worst damage and higher casualties might be in the vulnerable mountain villages rescue workers are struggling to reach. many of nepal's ancient temples are in ruins. and on mt. everest, an urgent rescue response asthma rained climbers struggle to stay alive. this illinois woman's son is among them. >> the structure of the mountain has changed so the surfers going up have a path laid out, but that path probably is different now. >> reporter: the quake dislodged tons of snow. >> it's rather shaky. >> reporter: one of the climbers on mt. everest posted this video of the moment when the earthquake hit. at least 18 people were killed, including three americans. google executive dan freddenberg. an american military plane is on the way to nepal with tons of supplies and search and rescue teams. reporting live in washington,
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susan foal knee abcn 7 news. kristen? >> and this morning an earthquake structural engineer from sacramento is flying to nepal. he travels the world for his nonprofit. he has responded to earthquakes in haiti japan and new zealand, bringing his expertise and technology to improve buildings so if another quake hits more people can survive. he says he will work with the government and private sector to help nepal improve its infrastructure. 18 people, including three americans were killed in an avalanche on mt. everest set off by the massive quake. dozens of people are still missing and rescue crews still trying to pull survivors to safety. one climber caught the moment of terror as the wall of snow descended on his group. >> getting off the mountain will take the survivors at least four days. and you heard google executive daniel freddenberg is
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one of the avalanche victims. these pictures are from his instagram feed. he was an adventurer who lived his life to the fullest. an online fund-raiser is on the way for private orphans in nepal and a private vigil in san francisco. some members of the nepal community held a vigil last night in san francisco. they chanted slogans to rally support for family members in nepal. many are concerned about the disaster relief efforts so far. they hope to collect donations so they can send resources to the remote areas, and fast. one organizer says he plans to fly there next week to help deliver whatever is collected. if you would like to help the victims of the nepal earthquake, we have a list of organizations accepting donations. go to abc 7 and the information is on our home page. and we'll have continuing
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coverage of the nepal earthquake on-air and online on abc 7 get the latest developments any time on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. a santa rosa man has been arrested on suspicion of dui. authorities say he caused a head-on crash that injured a marin county sheriff's captain. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on highway 1 near valley ford in sonoma county. the suspected dui driver 21-year-old juan vonda collided with a van. a sheriff's captain was driving the sedan. crews had to use the jaws of life to get him out. he has serious injuries. families in discovery bay are leaving flowers outside the home of a 9-year-old boy who was stabbed to death. it happened on frost way. investigators say the suspect is friends with one of the victim's siblings. they say 18-year-old schultz stole a truck and left
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the scene. a nurse recognized him from pictures on social media. neighbors tell abc 7 news the suspect was being treated for mental issues. abc news reporter amy hollyfield is in discovery bay and will have a live report at the top of the hour. tens of thousands of bay area college students are uncertain about their futures after the college chain with four bay area campuses abruptly shut down yesterday. the government accuses the company of deceiving students. abc 7 news reporter lilian kim has reaction. >> i instantly started crying. >> reporter: melissa cabo was devastated when she learned her school is now closed. she has been studying medical assisting in san francisco since july and was set to graduate at the end of the year. >> it's not fair to students or faculty. the people who are getting punished in the end are the students. >> reporter: the college has four campuses in the bay area san francisco, hayward, concord and san jose. among 23 schools operated by
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corin than colleges now shut down. the for-profit college operator has been dealing with a cash shortage and fraud allegations including falsifying job placement data grades and attendance records. a spokesperson with the state attorney general's office says the closure of these california campuses will prevent future misconduct and should give current students the opportunity to seek relief from their dead burdens. the attorney general's office will work closely with their state and federal partners to ensure these students get the relief they deserve. yet despite those assurances, students are still upset. >> i told myself i would go until the pad locks were on the door. and i guess that day has come. >> reporter: students are being invited back later this week to pick up transcripts and discuss options for continuing their education. for rachel cox, her future is now up in the air. she was studying medical assisting at the concord campus. >> i have to go somewhere else and try to pay all over again or who knows what they're going to have to do what i'm going to have to do to support my family. >> reporter: in all, the closure
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affects 16,000 students. lilian kim abc 7 news. 4:37. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco and see if we'll have any warmup. >> a little today, but cooler tomorrow and wednesday and warmer thursday and friday. so that spring see saw definitely in the forecast. let's focus in on san francisco now. 51 at ocean beach. sunnyside, bay view at 52. glen park the warm spot, 57 followed by the ferry building at 56. financial district 55. we're in the upper 40s to low 50s around american canyon. low to mid 50s along the bay shore until you get to richmond at 57. santa clara 49. check out pittsburgh and tracy, 61 and 64 degrees. quite the micro climate this morning as most of us are warmer than yesterday except for san carlos, you're the same and half moon bay five degrees cooler. the way it looks from our roof
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cam, as we head into the afternoon hours, 79 in the north way and 89 in the east bay. coast will be in the 57 degree range in the north bay. mid 60s along the peninsula coast and 70 in san francisco. and 74 among the east bay to 82 in the south bay. we're going to have a dry cold front roll through. so it's going to be even breezy -- more breezy tomorrow. breezier, if you will. temperatures will hold steady through wednesday and then another warming trend comes thursday. and i'll show you if that lasts through the weekend coming up. >> mike take a look at walnut creek, the drive on 680 clear. no actions this morning. just nice and clear conditions. a little construction out there. good morning, everyone. hope you had a wonderful weekend. we're taking you into san francisco now, and vanness has reopened between gary and post street for the 72-hour closure over the weekend. it was a pedestrian tunnel construction project. traffic now moving smoothly. a wider picture of san francisco, the drive into the city off the bay bridge is
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clear. the skyway to the lower deck, also no delays. and drive time traffic now, 27 minutes. highway 4 westbound and concord 13 minutes. and a 17 minute commute. it's 4:40. san francisco's housing crisis becomes a parking crisis. next, the changes people living in city's neighborhoods may soon see on their streets. also, a major automaker recalls hundreds of thousands of vehicles. the defects that could be a deadly problem on the road. and a live look outside. abc 7 news. bay bridge toll plaza, light and moving
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covering los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. welcome back. it's 4:42. part of a southern california freeway will be closed until tomorrow after a gasoline tanker overturned and burst into flames yesterday. it happened on state route 710
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in bell in los angeles county. the fire sent a plume of black smoke that could be seen for miles. 500 gallons of gasoline fuel spilled. it took hazmat crews more than six hours to clean up. the driver of the truck was rescued. no word on his condition. san francisco city officials plan to take a look at a major issue affecting residents and visitors. parking, or more accurately, the lack of it. the municipal transportation agency is set to review the city's residential parking permit program in response to growing criticism over the expensive cost of those parking permits and the lack of available spaces. the program is designed to give residents a way to park in neighborhoods long-term and cap the amount of time visitors are allowed to park. this morning, ford is recalling nearly 400,000 cars to fix a problem with door latches. it covers 2012 to 2014 ford fiestas, fusion and lincoln nkz
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cars made in mexico. the car maker is concerned that fault latches can allow doors to fly open while the car is in motion. ford dealers are fixing the latches for free. japan's prime minister is in the u.s. this morning on a week-long visit that will bring him to the bay area. shinzo abe will speak at john f. kennedy school of government later today. tomorrow he will become the first japanese leader to address a joint session of congress at the u.s. capitol. and later this week he'll visit los angeles and san francisco. while in california abe is expected to meet with state high-speed rail officials to market japanese-built rail cars. japan is home to the world's first bullet train network. this morning, the warriors will begin practicing ahead of the western conference semi finals. >> yes. yesterday, the nba announced golden state's first game of the second round. it will be sunday, may 3, if the memphis portland series ends in six games or less. if it goes seven, they won't play until may 5. on saturday, they completed a
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four-game sweep in new orleans. playoff tickets for the next round go on sale on thursday morning at 10:00. and don't forget, abc 7 is your home for the nba finals. you can catch all the action beginning june 4th. cool to see them move without the ball like that. you know? just passing, passing,. way to go, guys. >> the way the game was invent to be played. >> exactly. >> great to see them finish, too. to not let the pelicans have any sign of hope. that's a sure sign for a team that young. >> shut the door. >> exactly. >> see ya later. >> nice way of putting it. >> shut the front door. >> let's talk about warm weather today. good morning everybody. here's a look at our winds as a small bubble of high pressure will dominate our forecast today. you can see most of us are calm to around 3 to 6 miles per hour. now, it will be breezy along the coast as we head towards the afternoon hours and the clouds more stubborn there. so we have quite a spread today. 63 at half moon bay. 70 in downtown san francisco. oakland, 76. 10 degrees warmer at walnut
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creek and highway 4 pushing 90 near antioch this afternoon. as far as other areas, there you go, 58 at bodega bay so quite a spread along the coast there. san francisco, about 70. and then we'll have mid to upper 70s around the bay shore. to low 80s down in the south bay, like san jose at 82. morgan hill, 82. low to mid 80s across the north bay. san rafael at 81. napa 85. easily the warmest weather in the east bay. concord, 87. antioch 89. tonight, some clouds along the coast will remain. some will break off and move into the bay. so we'll go mostly cloudy along the coast with upper 40s for you. and partly cloudy around the bay and up in the north bay some fog. pretty clear same as the south bay. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. here's what's happening. we have an area of high pressure that's going to bring us warmer
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weather today. but right behind it, here's the cold front that's going to induce a sea breeze tomorrow which will drop our temperatures dramatically, and the cold air behind that front will keep us about average. look at this. we're going to drop 10 degrees inland from 88 to 78 monday to tuesday. about the same around the bay 78 to 68. we'll be in the mid 50s in the coast tuesday. low to upper 70s around the bay and inland and some of our warmest days besides today will be thursday and friday with mid 60s at the coast upper 70s around the bay and mid 80s inland. hope you enjoy. >> mike we're starting here at the golden gate bridge. everyone taking a look now making its way from the toll plaza right up to marin to widen the southbound lanes and traffic there moving nicely. so it will take about ten minutes, i would say, to make it across the entire span of the bridge. nice wide picture of the bay area, and mostly green on this map. so we're looking at nice clear conditions in terms of speeds, we don't have too much
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construction. as we take you into san jose, the drive in the southbound along 101 past the 880 freeway up to the san jose airport, not finding any delays to highways 85 17 87. also moving along just fine. here's a look now at my drive time traffic. traveling along 680 southbound from walnut creek to dublin, a 13-minute commute. 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco, 50 minutes. and highway 17 through the santa cruz mountains, that drive also moving along without a hitch. >> all right. >> all right. >> a busy girl this weekend. >> absolutely. i was a busy girl, mike was a busy guy and so was matt keller. and we had a wonderful time, because thousands took to the bay area streets this weekend to support families with babies who need some extra help. and i did take part in this event. it was wonderful. thousands came out. they braced the chill and the drizzle and raised millions of dollars. this is a march for babies. march of dimes. they hold this annual event every year here in the bay area
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and across 900 other cities. and it's a wonderful cause. because it raises money for families who are helping to raise premature babies. and a lot of babies die every year or suffer severe health problems because of this. so it's a really wonderful cause. and i just want to thank everyone for coming out. it's wonderful to meet everyone at ft. mason where this was taken. but matt was in san jose and mike in pleasanton this weekend. they're all out there. >> big kudos to all of you for your efforts and kristen sze also had a program with babies. >> that's right. i want to thank the fund-raiser, help a mother out, raising diaper donations for bay area babies. >> it was a baby-themed weekend. >> yeah, it was. >> good work. thank you so much. 4:49. samsung is struggling to keep up with demand for its newest smartphone. >> here's this morning's tech bites. >> tech giants and the nepal quake aftermath.
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>> google's person finder aimed to help friends and family check on the status of their loved ones and apple makes it easy for itune users to donate to the american red cross. the galaxy s 6 edge is a big hit. >> samsung can't make enough of those unique curved screens. so it's expanding production at a new factory. the move will allow the company to roll out 5 million screens a month, rather than 2 million. and those high-end gold apple watches can cost $17,000 maybe more than you're willing to spend. but youtube star, casey mestat has come up with a cheaper alternative, spray paint. this video blowing up over the weekend looks quite a bit like the real thing. >> just saved about $15,000. >> those are your tech bites. 4:50. watching too much tv could be worse for your children than you think. coming up, the health hazards just one hour of tv a day could pose. also the hundreds of care packages headed to troops
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overseas thanks to bay area baseball fans. and as we head to break, abc 7 news now a look at the almost deserted embarcadero. a couple cars making their way to the north there. we're watching spots all over the bay are dude totino's blasted rolls. sweet. totino's blasted crust rolls... yeah. flavor at full blast you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh
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it's 4:53. the giants are hoping to en veil revised plans for their mission rock development across from at&t park in the next couple weeks. the previous plan called for a $1.6 billion complex that included two high-rises, as well as housing, retail entertainment and open space. but it would likely face opposition from the no wall on the waterfront movement. the san francisco chronicle reports the revised plan will include smaller buildings with affordable housing units. the team hopes to put the revised version on the november ballot. hundreds of care packages are headed to troops overseas thanks to bay area baseball fans. abc 7 news was at the municipal
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stadium as the san jose giants hosted operation care and comfort. volunteers boxed up care packages yesterday. some are veterans who wanted to give back after receiving the packages themselves. the boxes contain clothing and food, including those beloved girl scout cookies. >> always. always beloved. 4:54. time for a check on weather. mike? >> hi there, thank you very much. breezy in the oakland hills, especially around berkeley. that's where we're seeing some gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour. those will stay mainly in the higher elevations. a few will just dip down. but the coast is going to be the breeziest today. tree pollen high again. grass, moderate. pollution today is the first day of the summer where we start to find ozone as a bigger problem. wind advisory around l. a. today a northeast wind at 35 miles per hour. gusting 55 to 65. so watch out if you're headed that way. as far as their temperature 82. mid to upper 80s through the central valley.
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66 today in tahoe. safe travels. in san jose 87. and traffic is light. not finding any delays as we move over to the altamont pass, where it is starting to build. the traffic there slowing down as we make it along 205 32 miles per hour barely jumps up at north land road and then clear from the amount mont pass into livermore. 680 moving along at 68 miles per hour. and 84, isabelle avenue slowing down. your travel through san ramon clear and accident-free. you get into the caldecott tunnel no problems. a big first for a major u.s. restaurant chain. chipotle says it is now gmo-free. that means now the ingredients used in its products will be genetically modified. they are using nongmo corn rice
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and salsa. cooking oil is now gmo-free sunflower oil. the pork and chicken come from animals that eat gmo feed. the beef from pasteur raised cattle. when it comes to tv and kids, even an hour in front of the tube might be too much. according to researchers at the university of virginia kids who watch as little as 60 minutes of tv a day are at least 50% more likely to be overweight. regardless of sex, race, family income or amount of computer use. they also found children who watch an hour or more of tv are 80% more likely to become obese between kindergarten and first grade. the study was at the pediatric academic society meeting in san diego. it's official what you've always thought. drinking alcohol makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. >> but we're not talking about beer goggles. a scientist found that having one large glass of wine
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increases facial flushing and confidence, making the drinker therefore more attractive to others. researchers say that's not the case for people who have more than a glass of wine. that did not make research participants anymore attractive. perhaps you might guess opposite could be true. the study suggests drinking in moderation is best. >> indeed. 4:57. we're following breaking news in san francisco. police swarming streets around one of the city's deluxe hotels. what a homeowner found that has police on the scene. also water users in the north bay face new restrictions. the one thing lawmakers have already taken off the table. a quick break now. but abc 7 news now, a live look at the oakland maze and we see traffic there is light moving right along early on this monday morning. that's it. it's early on a monday morning. we'll see what happens w
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. it's 5:00 a.m. on this monday morning. thanks for joining us. >> i'm kristen zusze. it was cool this past weekend. will that continue mike? >> a warming trend today. and it will be cooler and warmer and cooler. so the spring seesaw this whole week. good morning, everybody. a warming trend has filled in for the overnight hours. mainly clear out there, cloud cover along the coast. but no fog to speak of now on live doppler. traffic clear over walnut creek southbound 680. your day planner, 48 to 62. so micro climate this morning. it gets cooler at the coast as the breezes kick up while the rest


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