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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. >> good morning i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday april 26th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. just a few more days of april. starting out clear and cool. atmosphere much dryer this morning from the exploratorium camera. >> we will look at temperatures cooler to start and warmer this
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afternoon. 6 degrees cooler in mountain view. a little bit of fog sets up along the coast, keeping temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60s. 80s not far off. we will talk about it all in the seven-day outlook coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. in developing news this morning plane loads of aid, doctors and relief work are arriving in nepal this morning to help the victims of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. the death toll now stands at 2200. a huge aftershock overnight sent people screaming and streaming into the streets. it measured 6.7. more than 5,000 people have been injured. at least 17 people were killed in an avalanche on mount everest triggered by the quake. it included a 33-year-old google employee from the bay area. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details.
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>> daniel fredinburg was on a expedition to mount everest. these are pictures from his group. the group he was in confirmed his death from the avalanche caused by the quake. fredinburg was there promoting his nonprofit called "save the ice." >> i've done a lot of good things in my life. >> he also launched a start-up accelerator in the mission district called "the laundry." we talked to people in his neighborhood and his death is still a shock. three other company employees traveling with him are safe and google is making arrangements to get them back home. the massive quake devastated the capital and surrounding communities. here in the bay area families are turning to social media platforms like facebook to track their loved ones. >> our family lives there, my cousin said i'm safe. >> his home office has become an information center for the 4,000 or so. he has been using the
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facebook's recently launched safety checklist to track people. sings land lines are down and power is scarce, they are using mobile phones to community. they are using viber. >> what is viber? >> viber is free. >> through those apps he's been able to see his family's pictures of the destruction and tents set up by their home. like many of the residents they are afraid the ongoing aftershocks will collapse what is left of the homes. >> he said the nepal community doesn't have a central temple so he's trying to coordinate an event in the next couple days for people to come together. as it continues, google has pledged $1 million for the cause. in the newsroom abc7 news. >> and two men from sonoma county dodged death.
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one survived an avalanche back in april of last year. this year rider was on everest again when the quake hit setting up avalanches. scott holder was on a different expedition. he spoke to us on the phone last night. >> in california the earthquake that i remember are sharp jets. they make up in the night and are gone. and then the ones keep going and going. this was one of those. >> he is safe. >> and another survivor is fremont resident jonathan koo who was visiting nepal. >> i wasn't too sure about how the building was built. and i thought maybe it was some trucks coming by but then it kept going and getting stronger and stronger. people started screaming. a lot of people ran out. a waiter and i hid under a table. >> and he tells abc7 news that he is hoping to return home
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tomorrow. the united states is extending a disaster response team and $1 million in aid to the himalayan nation. the emergency response included a california-based urban search and rescue team from the los angeles area. in other news, san francisco police are looking for a driver who hit a motor cycle and then sped away. the crash happened just before 9:00 last night on howard street in the market neighborhood. motorcyclist was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police are looking for a white toyota corolla missing part of the front bumper. authorities are investigating a fire that destroyed a vacant home in the walnut creek hills hours after partyers were kicked out. the fire started just before 1:00 yesterday morning. it took crews hours to put it out because of the home's secluded location. and investigators broke up a hidden party just hours before the fire. as many as 300 teenagers were there.
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investigators suspect arson. they and neighbors want to know if the party and the fire are connected. >> i do know people who are assigned to break in houses and throw parties. >> no one was hurt. police briefly shut down rail traffic in richmond after a man was spotted tossing a gun near the tracks. it happened at the richmond amtrak station around 6:00 last night. abc7 news was there while police investigated. they did find something. it turned out to be an air soft gun. the man has been arrested. >> investigators are searching for the driver of an s.u.v. suspected of tossing three guns as he fled from officers. it started when the officer tried to stop the mercedes for a traffic violation. officers ultimately captured the passenger but the driver got a way. the warriors took care of the
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new orleans pelicans last night, sweeping them in four games. draymond green and steph curry, as usual, did a lot of the damage. green on the receiving end of a shaun livingston pass and curry dropping a few three-pointers to wrap things up. he finished with 39 points. mike shumann is traveling with the team. >> you are the first player since baron davis, i believe that was back-to-back 30-point nights in the playoff. you must feel pretty good about your game. >> well, it's special obviously tonight to help the team close out the series. it's huge. pretty proud of the team and individually as well and then we go for the next round. >> scary because we knew they could beat us but i think it was good for us. it got us on edge and it made us get better. >> were you watching? it was a fantastic game. the final score, warriors 109 pelicans 98. golden state advances to the western conference semifinals.
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who they will play and when will not be determined until the other series finish up. fans all over the bay area were thrilled with the win. abc7 news reporter janet o has the story of dub nation san leandro style. >> from the start fans never second guessed their team would win game four of the first-round series. >> not in my mind. not in my mind. >> the fans packed the sports club in san leandro donning blue and gold. riding on a high from game three. >> game three, we had a comeback. so amazing. this game here just showed us how good we really are. >> we knew we were going to win. they were shooting the ball and doing defense. they are an offensive killer and defense killer. i'm glad we could get the win today. >> the warriors maintained the lead over the pelicans throughout the game.
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still, every shot made had fans on the edge of their seats. strength in numbers could be seen and felt. >> my husband my uncle, my sister my sister-in-law, we are all out here. >> it's wonderful. everyone is having a good time. >> the owner has been home to dub nation so much so this week he had to call in extra staff and order extra food and it all starts again with round two of the playoff series. >> i think we are going all the way to the championship. >> so many fans celebrating all over the bay area, the warriors last playoff sweep in the nba finals was 40 years ago. in san leandro abc7 news. don't forget abc7 is your home for the nba finals. hopefully the years will be there and you can catch all the exciting action beginning june 4th. i had to wear my blue this morning. >> i love it. very exciting. good morning, everyone. we are looking at a very pretty start to the day, although it's
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breezy in higher elevations. low 50s in the city, but elsewhere much much cooler around the bay. a warmer finish for almost everyone. i'll have a look at the temperatures coming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead, another scandal of the archdiocese of san francisco. why parents of an elementary school want the parish pastor ousted. >> they finally figured out a fool-proof way to keep people off my lawn. [laughter] >> the jokes were flying fast and furious at last night's correspondents
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>> for all intents and purposes i am a woman. i was not born that way. i have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff, but we still identify as female. >> that candid and stunning 20/20 interview has gone viral. bruce jenner has been trending in the u.s. and worldwide since friday night's show and sparking a conversation about what it means to be transgender. here is lindsay janice. >> one thing that can really make a difference in people's lives was right here in my soul and i could not tell that story. >> bruce jenner's revelation igniting conversations around the world. before diane sawyer's interview just 8% of americans saying they
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know someone who is transgender. >> that female side is part of me. it's who i am. >> jimmy fallon citing neil armstrong, calling it one step for man and one giant leap for mankind. and transgender orange cox said it's always brave to stand in one's truth. like cox, there have been others before jenner. renee, another athlete, who sought to play professional tennis as a woman and won. the still active 81-year-old giving us her reaction from the golf course today." >> he's very courageous. i think he will certainly help the transgender community and other disenfranchised communities. >> that is shared by many who were apprehensive before jenner's big reveal. >> how big a moment was this? >> this was huge. even the transgender community
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took a moment to think, wow, things are really changing. in is our moment. i think people wake up with the sense someone i know is transgender. >> that story opening hearts and minds everywhere. abc news, new york. >> a lawsuit from 2005 is asking to remove a controversial pastor. the san francisco chronicle reports according to the lawsuit the pastor shouted at an 11-year-old girl at his former parish calling her a lawyer. this after she reported abuse by another priest. parents were already upset with the reverend by banning girls from serving mass and allowing an apportion pamphlet to be handed out to students as young as seven.
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>> some disturbing news regarding president obama's unclassified e-mails. the new york times reporting that russian hackers breached the white house's own classified computer system and red the president's e-mails that he sent and received. they apparently did not penetrate the servers that controlled the messages from his blackberry. some senior american officials say the breach is far more intrusive and worrisome a than has been publicly acknowledged. >> social media is lighting up at president obama's annual try at comedy last night. >> a few months ago a drone crashed. that was pretty serious. but don't worry. we installed a new state of the art security system. [laughter] >> california is bone dry! y'all see governor brown? he came here. [laughter] >> he needed a glass of water! >> you are a lot like madonna.
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you have given this country so much, but like in a year and a half you've got to stop. >> celebrities were in washington, d.c. for the white house correspondence dinner, essentially no one as the nerd prom. comedian sicily strong was the featured entertainer at the annual political joke fest. >> hillary clinton controversial relationship with money will be one of the topics on "this week." the author of the book entitled "clinton cash" will be interviewed about the former secretary of state contacts that became supporters of the privately financed clinton foundation. this week airs at 8:00 here on abc7 right after "good morning america weekend." >> now is the time for bay area commuters to take a hard look at options to reduce fog and air pollution.
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tomorrow morning marks the beginning of the 2015 spare the air season. the air quality management district is encouraging commuters to not drive alone. that's one way to reduce pollution. others are riding a bike or taking public transit, buses trains. monday also marks the beginning of air quality awareness week that runs through may 1st. spare the air health alerts are issued when ozone pollution is forecast to reach unhealthy levels. lisa, do you think we might expect some of those days this week because of the warm temperatures? >> we have breezes coming in from the ocean so actually the coast will remain clear. and pretty good air quality. we will take a look at live doppler 7hd. you can see the stratosphere offshore. high pressure is offshore and that element alone will allow for the warmup today, tomorrow. the fog will become patchy throughout the day today. you can see the flag from our roof camera and the breeze is picking up today.
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52 in san carlos. 45. good morning, morgan hill. 50 half moon bay and 52 in san francisco. so we are looking at a clear and cool start across the pay this morning. 46 in santa rosa. napa dropping into the low 40s we are 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. 45 petaluma and fairfield with 51 in concord. so 24 hours ago with the milder air mass, a little warmer. 11 degrees cooler napa. 6 to 8 degrees cooler in mountain view and san jose. by the afternoon a warmer finish. plenty of 70s. this wind will allow for dryer air to mix down to the surface. it will be breeze at the coast. upwards of 20 miles an hour. so clear and cool this morning with sunny and warmer day today. that carries over into tomorrow for most especially inland. the coast will remain cool. in fact, it's going to be hard to get all the low clouds to clear the coast tomorrow.
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right now high pressure offshore. that will allow for a nice, sunny day today and tomorrow. but then the trough is going to slide down to the south. there is a trough as the high pressure heads to the east. that will bring the cooler air mass our way come tuesday wednesday and then things should rebound after that. we have fog to speak of. 5:00 tonight you can see a couple patches of fog there. then look how it gathers together come monday. moves across the bay. then it pulls back by the afternoon. but really stays situated for marin county all the way down almost to santa cruz. this will allow for temperatures to stay cool at the coast while the inland valleys warm well into 9080s. tuesday is the cool down. high today 72 santa clara, 74 los gatos. a plenty ant afternoon for much of the south bay. mid-and upper 60s from milbrae. and kind of breezy in the hills. 54 downtown with a little bit of fog perhaps half moon bay.
6:21 am
60 daly city. in the north bay mid-and upper 50s from bodega bay and stinson beach. northwest winds will keep us cooler there. mid-70s for santa rosa. we warm through the upper 60s for hayward and fremont today. nice afternoon on the east bay. you head inland another 10 degrees of warming here. big changes for you in the inland valleys with 74 in pleasanton. you head out toward fairfield you are close to 80 degrees. over in the east bay temperatures in the upper 60s by about 1:00, and staying there. mid-60s 1:00 and upper 60s at 3:30. warmer today bigger warmup tomorrow. low clouds and fog keeping the coast cool and bringing the numbers back down tuesday and wednesday. and they will go back up thursday and friday. you can see what is showing on live doppler 7hd anytime. we have more information at typically breezy and that's what
6:22 am
we will get all week. >> can you believe we are heading into may? >> i know, next friday. >> all right. up next, trouble at tesla. the twitter takeover that rocked the company this weekend. mmmm, they made french toast out of banana bread, then topped it with candied pecans and bananas? it's like a match made in heaven. like bacon & eggs... ...oh look, bacon & eggs. the new banana bread french toast slam. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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>> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at
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7:00 on "good morning america." good morning, paula. >> good morning, carolyn. hope you are having a great sunday morning and hello to everyone in san francisco. coming up on gma the staggering death toll is rising after the massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. toppling buildings and triggering a deadly avalanche on mount everest. rescuers are racing to pull people from the rubble. and another another powerful aftershock rocked the area overnight. we will bring you the updates as we learn more. and tensions boiling over on the streets of baltimore. demonstrators clashing with police outside the professional baseball stadium protesting the death of freddy gray. and now gray's sister is speaking up for the first time since his death. we will tell you will their message. and social media has exploded over bruce jenner's emotional interview with diane sawyer. could he be changing the
6:26 am
transgender attitudes? and finally on a lighter note. president obama brushing elbows with hollywood stars last night and starlets we should say, at the annual white house correspondents dinner. but the big question we all want to know, he put on his comedian hat, did he get a laugh out of the crowd? we have all the highlights for us this morning from washington. it's all coming up this sunday morning on gma. >> he normally does get laughs. i think he has some comedic timing there. >> he does have comedic timing. and there's been plenty of material as of late. we'll see. >> we look forward to seeing you at 7:00, paula. have a good morning. >> sounds good. have a great day. >> the palo alto automaker tesla had their twitter account and website taken over.
6:27 am
it appears they also attacked the twitter account of the founder ian musk. the accounts were restored late yesterday afternoon >> in san jose the tech challenge is on. we have this video showing children in hard hats stepping into the role of engineer. their goal is to build a miniature building that will stand up to at least three simulated earthquakes. the competition continues this morning. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. reaction from the nepalise community in the bay area and how they plan to help. and a special honor for a soldier 70 years after a historic meeting that changed the world. how
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>> this is abc7 news. >> welcome back everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. just 489 degrees here at the boardwalk. yesterday, even with the sunshine, it was a chilly day at the beach. it's still going to be on the cool side but warmer than
6:31 am
yesterday. we will see some 70s here and 60s closer to our neighborhood at the shoreline. 48 in san jose. 47 in oakland. everyone waking up to much cooler temperatures. wind is in the higher elevations. the wind will be transporting warm are air down to the surface. 45 in fairfield. good morning santa rosa. 46 for you. and finally from the sutro tower camera, highs downtown in the mid-60s with the wind up to 20 miles an hour. 50s at the coast. a little fog san mateo coast in the 70s in the south bay. we will talk about another warmer day before we turn it all-around again. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. developing news, the home ministry in nepal says more than 2,000 people have been killed in that matt i have earthquake. hundreds. thousands spent the night outside in chilly weather. they are tearized by aftershocks. many have lost their homes. abc7 news reporter has more. >> suddenly, without warning
6:32 am
the shock waves hit nepal. >> the ground shook quite hard for, i would say, about 30 seconds. >> a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake hitting the himalayan country. >> we felt it shaking. >> the capital city, scenes of devastation. houses disappearing into piles of rubbles and religion temples and historical monuments in pieces. everywhere people running for their lives. >> ran out into the street and heard screams. >> shaken residents then jolted by after shocks. the terror returning again and again. >> every time that there was a shock, everyone would scream "it's coming again, it's coming again" and the panic would rise. >> hundreds were outside. there is a desperate effort to pull survivors from the struck -- from the rubble. picks and axes but help coming too late for many victims. not just in city, but in the mountains where there were huge
6:33 am
avalanches. and burying mountaineers beneath them. one climber a google executive daniel fredinburg. google saying in a statement we lost one of our own in this tragedy. the heartbreak growing as more bodies are pulled from the rubble. abc news, new york. >> information is slowly get to members of the bay area about loved ones thousands of miles away. in berkeley the mount everest restaurant serves dishes from nepal and south asia. one employee has heard from her mother who was hurt in the earthquake. >> in my area it was like houses are down and there were like i think 12 people of that been killed already. >> there's a lack of any support in the sense that they don't have, you know, proper equipment or even simple bedding or a sleeping bag to sleep outside in.
6:34 am
>> local nepal business owners are beginning to raise money for the earthquake victims. >> despite a lot of activity authorities are downgrading the likelihood of another big eruption from a volcano in chile. they no longer expect it like they did thursday. a few flights were cancelled yesterday as volcanic ash spread over more of the southern half of south america. in baltimore, calm returned after a day and night of unrest. protesters are expressing anger with police after the death of a black man in custody. yesterday crowds swept through the streets and as night fell vandals set fire to cars and garbage bins. they blame it on outside agitators. this, after the death of
6:35 am
freddy gray. he suffered a spinal injury after being arrested. gray's family is calling for calm. >> we follow the old thing, an eye for an eye, then we all lose our sight and the path for justice is right in fronts of our eye. >> police asked baseball fans to briefly remain in their seats after last night's boston red sox-baltimore orioles game ended. that request came after a violent protest erupted near camden yard. >> thousands rallied against same-sex marriage in washington d.c. yesterday speakers at the march for marriage were encouraging states to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. the rally comes ahead of tuesday's same-sex marriage case arguments before the u.s. supreme court which deals with states' rights. an inmate has died at a contra costa county jail. the share i was office said the woman collapsed while receiving
6:36 am
medical treatment at the west county detention facility in richmond. staff performed cpr on her. paramedics later pronounced the 51-year-old antioch resident dead. the state's drought is forcing thecy of petaluma to talk about ways to cut water use. tomorrow city leaders will meet to discuss what conversation measures can be improved. from reducing water use to recycling water. one possible conversation measure leaders will not be discussing is a temporary building moratorium. petaluma was the first sonoma county city to publicly discuss a moratorium on development. but the city council backed off that idea. the city needs affordable housing and rental units, but doesn't want to overtap water resources. >> san francisco's russian counsell general honored a man and his meeting that took place about 70 years ago yesterday. he was among the u.s. soldiers
6:37 am
who played a role in ending world war ii. abc7 news was at presidio park in san francisco yesterday when they presented the now 90-year-old with a medal for the first meeting between soviet and u.s. troops. he helped clear a road where the historic summit took place. >> just a joy in my life and in my twilight years. i can't say enough for what they did to me today and honored me today. just a little old prief vat in the army. >> congratulations. the consulate also laid flowers at the world war ii memorial for those who fought in the war. still ahead on. a abc7 sunday morning news, turning dirty undrinkable water
6:38 am
into something refreshing. how this could mean the end of bottled water. and a live look from the east bay hills camera. really warm this week heading into may. especially tomorrow as we head into the mid-80s in parts of the bay area. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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>> trouble at three california refineries. two in the bay area are behind the rising gas prices according to industry experts. a flaring problem in richmond and maintenance issues in martinez have affected the state's oil market. some prices have jumped 20 cents a gallon and it's going to get worse. take a look at some bay area gas prices. san francisco drivers are paying $3.54 for a gallon of regular unleaded. oakland pumps showing $3.38 a gallon and san jose at $3.40. prices could jump a dime this week alone. temperatures are jumping too aren't they, lisa? >> yeah, and a big reason why is the clear start all around the bay. it's clear this morning but the warmer finish as the fog stays right at the coast and the winds will warm us up. right now in the low 50s here.
6:42 am
beaches barely at 60 today. we will have the full forecast when we return. >> thank you lisa. also next, the warriors complete a four-game sweep of the pelicans. steph curry had another huge game. collin resch has the highlights
6:43 am
6:44 am
in sports warriors playoff tickets for the western conference semifinals go on sale to the general public on
6:45 am
thursday morning at 10:00. last night what a game! golden state advancing to the second round by sweeping the pelicans. here's collin resch. he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> after a dramatic comeback win in game three and the warriors staggered the pelicans. it happened against the wolves. then finished them off last night in game four. golden state with their first series sweep since the 1975 nba finals. positive thinking. green had a game. beat steph curry for the first three. draymond two shy of a triple-double. the warriors liking all game. shaun livingston to draymond. warriors up 13 at the half. third quarter steph. over the shoulder to harrison barns. and steph two rebounds, one shy of a triple-double.
6:46 am
the 30-point lead heading into the fourth. new orleans one last look. ward, and the lead cut to ten. curry answered. anthony davis, and steph goes for 39. davis 36. love that move. the lead is down to 7. green, an attack. he had 22 points. splash brothers 10 of 15 from downtown. klay thompson goes for 25. this is how you close a team out. 109-98, the final. warriors moving on to the western conference semifinals. >> i thought tonight was our best effort of the series and i'm very pleased with the effort and i'm very pleased that i don't have to see anthony davis until november at the earliest. >> everybody showed up. everybody had a piece of it. and we knew we would need that. they are a very good basketball club. everyone was going to have to contribute and tonight everyone did that. >> 16 wins to get to the postseason.
6:47 am
four down. and the composure they kept, a huge comeback last game and the run in the fourth quarter tonight to close out the series, it's a big deal. we have to learn a lot from it. our confidence is pretty high right now. >> an impressive first-round performance by the warriors. the giants have won four out of five. the big reason why? big justin maxwell. giants in colorado last night. the 31-year-old continues to play the hot bat. opposite field two-run homer in the sixth, or was it? stopped at home plate. they want to review it. this is what they saw. clearly got over the wall. bottom of the nine, one out. the ball for matt duffy, what is he doing? to brandon crawford. it's double play, isolates over. 4-4. going to extra innings. 11th inning. joe, the bunt. he is safe and giants hang on for the 5-4 win in 11 innings.
6:48 am
>> a's division leading club playing houston. jose, a three-run blast. they give up 6 runs in 1 2/3. john reddick, and former a chris carter knocked in louie. 9-3 finals. a's lost three straight and four of their last five. next stop for golden state either memphis or portland. the grizzlies took a 3-0 series lead on the blazers last night. they can close out that series tomorrow night. with a look at morning sports. i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone! >> well, whoever they face," we know they will do well. >> right right. and we are looking at a much warmer day today. in fact, yesterday -- it was a cool night with this system leaving us. skies have cleared. temperatures are much chillier to start but a warmer finish.
6:49 am
we will see that again tomorrow for some of you. here's live doppler 7hd. we don't have any fog to speak of, in fact, if you stick your head out the window you notice how clear and cool it is. here's san jose. we are looking at temperatures across the bay significantly cooler. 52 san carlos. 47 in oakland. good morning morgan hill 43. a little built of wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. emeryville nice and sunny throughout with mid-40s in petaluma. only 41 napa. 51 concord and warmer air on the way for the entire bay except if you are way up the coast. this morning waking up to a chilly start in napa. 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. hayward and livermore 7 degrees cooler. low 50s downtown. mid-60s today. plenty of sunshine but as you head guard half moon way and pacifica, it will stay cool there. we have warmer days for the
6:50 am
inland valleys. in fact the beaches should warm after the middle of the week somewhat. but it's summer heat for tomorrow. well into the 80s east of the caldecott tunnell. high pressure offshore today and tomorrow. then the high drifts to the east a trough will come in tuesday and wednesday. then the models kind of diverge. i'm going with the warmer outlook that shows warmer weather into the end of the upcoming work week which, of course, is the beginning of may. 52 today in yosemite. looking at the cooler start 30s in the northern sierra. 56 for the afternoon high. today the coolest day of the week out of the next 7 in tahoe because it will be well into the 60s to the middle and end of the week. monterey 06 and still very breezy from southern california with some advisories through the mountains and passes. 89 degrees in palm springs with 80 in chico today. back to the warmth there. fresno 76 degrees.
6:51 am
70s in livermore today. here's the big jump up tomorrow and then slightly cooler midweek. and this model shows the numbers warming back up thursday and friday. oakland today the game in the afternoon with mid-60s and upper 60s. mid-70s for monday. a bit of a drop-off come the middle of the week and looks warmer again thursday and friday. and just to cool off perhaps by next weekend. 68 today in fremont. 73 san jose. schmid upper 70s as you head out toward the valley. 77 concord. mid-70s with the north wind in santa rosa. but bodega bay still in the 50s. a nice warmup today bigger warmup tomorrow and looking city fog, keeping the coast cool. moderating temperatures midweek and more of a warmup thursday and friday. >> seems like you have upped the numbers just over the last hour or so? >> i just did that, you are right. >> okay. >> i'm paying attention. thanks lisa.
6:52 am
americans spend billions of dollars a year on bottled water. and unfortunately many of those plastic bottles end up in landfills. now a bay area start-up is hoping its own bottle could be the end of bottled water all together. jonathan bloom has more from almeda. >> it's not the kind of water you typically choose to drink. >> dirt, rock, sand. >> unless you have this trick up your sleeve. no matter how disgusting the water you put in, what comes out is crystal clear and filters out what you can't see. >> basically takes out all bacteria from the water as the water is flowing threw the filter into your mouth as you drink it. >> the secret is in the cap. the start-up liquidity call it the make-it filter. and they make it in alameda. >> it will taste just as good as the bottled water at the store. no reason to throw all that plastic away. >> much of the bottled water in california comes from this plant in hayward where pepsi takes tap water from the hetch hetchy reservoir and filters it.
6:53 am
they filter it to make aquafina. >> we have access to some of the best water in the world. hetch hetchy water continually seems to be among the cleanest highest quality. so lisa of the blue planet network hopes cleaner alternatives catch on. the filter will be sold first here in the u.s. but soon after they plan to release it in the developing world, places where water filtration could be a matter of life or death. for countries where electricity is scarce, the new filters use only gravity. they are inexpensive compared to the alternatives. >> the big water trucks that come into small villages and charge people up to 25% of their monthly income for water. >> but they provide an opportunity in those countries. >> they are targeting school-age children ages 4 to 14. when they leave the home they don't have access to safe drinking water. >> means kids don't have to get friendly with these. >> this is e. coli and this is one of the real bad
6:54 am
guys, and salmonella, which is also pretty nasty. it also filter giardia that's a relief to campers at home. it's sold for $25 including filters. it will ship in july. in almeda, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> up next, all things weird will be celebrated in the bay area today. where the annual street fair will be held.
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $15 million power ball draw. no one got all six so wednesday night's jackpot climbs to $60 million. happening today, san francisco is going to get a little weird. well weirder than usual. it is time for the how weird street fair. people get dressed up in all sorts of weird get-ups and do their own weird thing. it starts at noon on howard street between first and montgomery streets. there will be food, music and dancing and weirdness only in san francisco. nice weather for getting weird today. >> yeah, i like it. the temperatures a couple degrees warmer today by the afternoon. starting out still pretty chilly. the afternoon sea breeze will kick up. low to mid-60s in the city. upper 60s at the coast. inland you will feel the warm even around the bay. 69 oakland, 73 san jose and a bigger warmup tomorrow and the cool down midweek to warm back
6:58 am
up again the end of the week. i like that trend. >> we will. thank you, lisa and thank you for joining us on abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online on twitter facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is up next. have a great sunday and a wonderful week ahead!
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good morning, america. breaking now, reduced to rubble. aftershocks rocking nepal this morning in a city devastated by an earthquake. >> quite a big few avalanches coming down. >> american climbers atop mt. everest among the thousands dead. many more trapped. parts of base camp obliterated and the desperate rescue efforts under way right now to get them off the mountain. also breaking overnight, violent protests. demonstrators in baltimore smashing storefronts, fighting with police, damaging cars. the major league baseball stadium on lockdown.


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