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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 24, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight. chaos as a stage collapses at a high schpeormance in indiana. as many as 60 students trapped below. more than a dozen injured, one critically. >> i got seven ambulances en route right now. >> the dramatic rescue and the singer who was right there talking to us this morning. breaking now. a plot against the pope. a huge terror ring taken down in italy. reports of a suicide bombing planned at the vatican. brian ross here with the latest. bruce jenner like you have never seen him before. >> i hope i'm going to be okay. 2015 is going to be quite a ride. >> the olympic champion talking about his fears for the future. diane sawyer is here today with the interview everyone is talking about, only on "gma."
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♪ where did i go wrong ♪ and "grey's anatomy" shocker. the sudden end to one of the's most popular characters. how mcdreamy's run came to an end. stunned fans reacting. and why the hunky "grey's anatomy" star decided now was the right time to say good-bye. and good morning, america. like you said, lara, a lot of stunned and sad "grey's anatomy" fans. we're not going to tell you exactly how it happened. we'll give you a look in a little bit. a lot of reaction. >> maybe it was all a dream? a lot of fans hoping. >> no, no. he's gone. he's gone. >> we'll get to that. first, a breaking story overnight. look at this video. a high school stage filled with students performing a concert. there it is. the stage suddenly collapses.
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abc's alex perez is in westfield, indiana, where it all happened. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, lara. that video hard to believe. no matter how many times we see it. the students in their spring concert final performance when celebration turned to chaos. ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> reporter: a group of students dancing on to the stage during the final number when suddenly, it gives way under their feet, sending the cast tumbling into the orchestra pit below. ♪ don't stop believing ♪ >> i just saw everybody drop in front of me. i heard a bunch of screams. >> reporter: from another angle, you can see the collapse happening so fast, the lead singer doesn't notice at first what's happening behind her. >> i got seven ambulances en route right now. approximately 50 to 60 people trapped below the stage.
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use the auditorium entrance. >> reporter: students on stage and in the audience rush into action. >> move, move. >> reporter: helping pull people from the fallen stage. >> we rushed right down there. i wanted to see if everyone was okay. >> reporter: local authorities say 16 students were injured and hospitalized in the fall. >> the incident was handled very quickly and very efficiently. a lot of organization has taken place. >> reporter: authorities now investigating what caused the stage to give way, causing this chaotic scene. >> i don't know how there weren't more injuries than there were. i'm very thankful for that. >> reporter: and officials say they are very lucky. all students walking away from this with only minor injuries. the school will be open today as investigators work to figure out what exactly went wrong here. george? >> we're joined by the singer who was on the stage, nicole gruszka, and sam grayhouse. who helped rescue many of the trapped students. nicole and sam, thank you for joining us.
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i know you had quite a harrowing night. nicole, you were singing there at the front of the stage when everything collapsed behind you. when did you realize what happened? >> um, as it was happening, because, unlike the audience, i had rehearsed that multiple times throughout the week. i knew that nothing of that nature was supposed to happen. then you just hear a huge crash. you know it's not supposed to happen. you know something's wrong. >> and sam, you were sitting there right in the front row. not on the stage. but you jumped right in and started the rescue operation. >> as soon as the stage went down, i just hopped up and started pulling people out of that hole. >> it's kind of incredible how orderly the rescue was. given how unexpected, how crazy this crash was. >> we really came together, i think, in this moment. and just worked as one unit. basically help everybody out and try to get everybody safe. >> and nicole, so many friends there on the stage behind you. what was going through your mind? what did you do?
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>> i kind of just shut down. i had no idea what to do. i didn't speak or move until i was forcibly moved. like, the microphone wasn't out of my hand until half an hour later because i just was in shock, basically. we thought the worst thing that could happen on that song was someone would miss their cue. >> what have they told you about why this went down, sam, and what actually was wrong with the stage? >> it was just too much weight. and with everyone jumping on the stage. but, i don't think it was a design flaw. i think it was just too much weight. simple as that. >> we had done rehearsals doing the same thing on the stage and had no issues. we had no reason to think that would happen. >> exact same thing? same number of people? >> same number of people. i have heard from people that got hurt that the girl who was in critical condition last night is doing much better today.
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as far as injuries go, the worst ones are comparatively mild to what could have happened. >> thank goodness for that. we hope everyone gets better soon. >> thank you. a major terror raid overnight. police in italy take down a network that may have been plotting to kill the pope. brian ross here with the latest. >> reporter: dramatic allegations. 18 people arrested in an overnight series of raids. authorities this morning saying the group had been plotting for more than five years a series of attacks in both italy and elsewhere, including one that may have included, according to authorities, a suicide bomb attack against the pope and the vatican. two of those arrested, according to authorities, had once served as bodyguards for osama bin laden. >> this comes after yesterday's revelation that two hostages were killed by the drone strike back in january.
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>> the cia are now under fire this morning after that admission that an american and an italian hostage were mistakenly killed in the strike against a suspected al qaeda stronghold. >> my name is warren weinstein. >> in his recent hostage video in 2013 american aid worker warren weinstein looking in poor health pleaded for the u.s. and president obama to negotiate for his release. >> it seems i have been totally abandoned. and forgotten. >> reporter: but weinstein, and an italian hostage giovanni lo porto were killed in january in a drone strike authorized by the white house thursday, three months after the attack, president obama took responsibility for their death. >> i offer our deepest apologies to the families. >> reporter: friends of the weinstein family said they felt the words were a slap in the face. in a statement, the family said u.s. government help was inconsistent and disappointing
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over the course of 3 1/2 years. there were no apologies for the two other americans killed in two drone strikes along the afghanistan-pakistan border. in january. both adam gadahn and ahmed farouk had become al qaeda leaders. gadahn grew up in southern california, became al qaeda's most effective english-speaking scare monger. >> the streets of america shall run red with blood. >> he was under indictment for treason with $1 million u.s. reward for him dead or alive. the white house is now conducting a full review of how the u.s. deals with hostage families who, again and again, have expressed anger like the weinstein family. officials say significant changes will be recommended in the coming weeks, george. >> you could tell the president was angry yesterday. now to a possible serial shooter on the loose in colorado. four attacks on the highway in three days, including a woman
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shot in the neck. this morning police are trying to figure out if they could be linked. ryan smith is here with the story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, lara. a series of road attacks that left the community shaken and the police with more questions than answers. they're on the hunt for suspects, as a woman lay in the hospital. apparently shot at random on a colorado highway. this morning drivers are on edge after a terrifying encounter on a northern colorado interstate. >> 911, what's the address of your emergency? >> um, i'm on the highway right now and somebody just it hit me and i'm bleeding from the neck and i'm scared. >> reporter: the 20-year-old woman isn't just bleeding. she's been shot. >> if you can, get a clean, dry cloth or towel or just anything you can. place on the wound. okay? >> i'm trying to. but it's on both sides of my neck. i'm just really scared. >> reporter: now, concerns the shooting may not be isolated. driving the same interstate tuesday, the window of a sheriff's transport prisoner van
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was blown out. two more drivers reported shattered windows. here and here. nobody was hurt. but it has the local sheriff worried about the possible serial shooter. >> we're reminding people, keep your eyes out. certainly anything suspicious, by all means, notify your local law enforcement agency. >> reporter: the sheriff says the woman who was shot underwent surgery and is expected to survive. >> having listened to how calm she remained with the dispatcher, i can tell you a very brave young woman. >> reporter: police have no suspects. and only a vague description of a dark suv. this morning, an investigation to find the shooter into high gear. police are advising people not to overreact. they're telling drivers to be aware out there on the roads and report suspicious behavior. so far, george, no suspects have been identified. >> thank you, ryan. the latest now on that midair mystery. three passengers passed out. more felt light-headed on a flight from chicago to connecticut. we're learning more about why it may have happened.
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david kerley covering the story. >> reporter: a lack of pressurization could mean a lack of oxygen? or was it a chemical or odor in the air? could it be a clue where they were sitting? the three passengers who passed out were in the middle of the plane, just two rows, 11 and 12, over the wings. 15 of the passengers checked out by doctors. all went through a steep dive on the united airlines skywest jet. from 37,000 feet down to 10,000 in less than eight minutes. at first, the airline said it was just one passenger that lost consciousness. at altitude. they contend the jet had no problems. no loss of pressurization. a passenger and nurse on board, mary cunningham attended to one and then a second passenger and saw a flight attendant get lightheaded. >> at that point, i was thinking, who's next? i started to feel lightheaded,
7:12 am
dizzy, just -- i thought i was going to pass out. >> reporter: she and a total of 15 people were checked out. they were all released. this one is still a mystery. we don't know if it was depressurization or something else in the air system. >> thanks very much. let's go to amy with today's other top stories. starting with the new protests in baltimore. >> a fifth straight day of demonstrations. and several protesters arrested overnight. the governor now calling in state troopers to help. the issue is the mysterious death of freddie gray, after he was arrested, shoved into a police van in shackles, but without a seat belt. the police commissioner saying under no circumstance should a prisoner not be wearing a seatbelt. more protests are expected today. also breaking overnight, a former kentucky honor student found guilty of murder. it took the jury just under five hours to reach the verdict. prosecutors said shayna hubers shot her boyfriend, ryan poston, out of anger. when he tried to break up with her. she claimed it was self-defense.
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her sentencing begins today. breaking right now, a natural disaster in the making. a volcano likely erupting again in chile. scientists say a third eruption is all but certain. yesterday's eruption sent ash six miles into the sky. look at those pictures. lightning crackling through the red-orange sky. the few people that remained in their homes are shoveling ash from every surface. we will keep you updated on this developing story. a violent crash on camera. a car turning right into the path of a commuter train. the train slams into the car, toppling a light pole and trapping the driver inside. amazingly, this driver only suffered minor injuries. >> tempers flared at a chicago -- kansas city game. five players rejected. the royals won 3-2.
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an innovative and some would say strange way to make your dog more social media friendly by popular demand. pet groomers in taiwan are giving haircuts to small dogs to make their heads appear perfectly square or perfectly round. it's said to make them stand out better in, wait for it, pet selfies. >> that's a thing? >> they're already so cute. why do you -- >> now they're unique. >> yes, that is one word for it. >> my dogs would go on strike if we tried that. >> yes. it's a big day for tech lovers. the apple watch starting to arrive for so many people who preordered theirs. only one store in the country where you can go in and buy one. it's in los angeles. nick watt there right now. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, there really are people sleeping on sidewalk outside
7:15 am
this west hollywood boutique. if i had my apple watch already it would tell me there are still nearly five long hours until opening time. only four other places on the planet are actually selling the watch today. fashion forward boutiques in paris, berlin, tokyo, and london. >> this is the only place you have a chance to get apple watch. >> reporter: this is a fashion item, not just a geeky gadget. that's the message here. beyonce jumped the line. drake's matches his sweats. pharrell instagrammed his with sound effects. >> the development process was top secret. >> they didn't know what they were working on. >> reporter: now, we know this watch can be browser, plane ticket, heart rate, fitness monitor, and more. >> with a built-in speaker and microphone, you can receive calls on your watch. i have been wanting to do this since i was 5 years old. >> reporter: oh, and it also tells the time.
7:16 am
you can try them on in apple stores but must order online until june time. apple says we know many customers are still facing long lead times. and we appreciate their patience. the cost, $349 all the way to $17,000. the early reviews are generally good. some gripes about battery life and questions, how well will the apps work? diehards don't care. why are you doing this to yourself? >> i want my apple watch. >> reporter: you want an apple watch? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: oh, and don't call it an iwatch. it's an apple watch. now analysts say apple might sell 3 million of these watches in the next two weeks alone. how many does this place have in stock? well, they won't say. will everyone in line get one? george, if they don't, it might get ugly down here. >> i don't want to incur the wrath. but i already have one. it's kind of cool. i'm getting used to it. it's great, it gives you alerts all day.
7:17 am
i have already done 801 steps this morning. >> you say you didn't have your phone with you the first day. you used the watch. >> you can use the watch. >> how did you all get the hookup? >> yeah, really. >> yes, ali. yes, ali. >> mine, too. >> huh? >> i didn't notice. >> this is rebecca jarvis'. truth be told. she wouldn't give me the password. now to the heavy rain in texas. more rain and severe weather for that area. ginger here with the latest. when will it end? >> the severe weather threat is ramping up. go into the weekend a couple of pockets. first, stunning new video of that land spout in texas. look how close up these folks are. almost 100 yards or so. land spouts can be dangerous. probably not something you want to stand right there for. in parts of texas, a house crumbling. this is not from damaging winds. this is from too much rain.
7:18 am
almost a foot of rain in the last couple of weeks. there's a lake close by. the earth shifted and that's what happened to the house. now the areas of concern today. dallas up through southwest arkansas. northwest louisiana. a little pocket that does include wichita. it's not just today. but tomorrow. tomorrow, the threat from nashville up through parts of kentucky. for isolated tornadoes. big hail, two inches or greater.
7:19 am
good morning i'm abc7 news meteorologist. high clouds and sunshine this afternoon and breezy again. rain early to tomorrow morning and then warmer highs sunday all the way through next week. today, how about mid to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, low to middle 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland, take it to antioch, 71. start about 10 clack tonight through about 5:00 tomorrow, steady rain, a little drizzle >> just kept getting photos from people. like rochester, new york, saying, really? it's late april. it does happen. this morning, the wind chill is 34. in new york city. >> it's cold here. >> the wind is whipping. coming up on "gma," bruce jenner. diane sawyer here with the sneak peek of the big interview. also coming up, a remarkable story of a wife's intuition. how she raced home just in time to save her husband's life. and dr. oz going on the offensive. what he's saying about critics right now.
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today, you can make a difference. look for the fight hunger logo on select items at walmart. with each item you purchase, you can help secure a meal for someone through feeding america food banks. learn more about how you can join the fight at and coming up, diane and coming up, diane sawyer here with a first look at her interview with bruce jenner. so many people talking about that olympian right now. and where is tom brady? the superstar qb missing in action as his team visits the white house. . . . good morning. i'm eric thomas. 17-year-old connor sullivan a cooper tino teen appeared back
7:25 am
home safe and sound. they have fanned out for days in hopes of finding him. investigators want to know where he disappeared and what happened on the days he was gone. a check with friday's traffic. a beautiful day in the neighborhood. a look using our mobile 360 camera. san mateo as we head into burlingame. traffic on the el camino is nice and light. not too much traffic. i wish i could see what the gas prices are at the gas station. the other direction, traffic, almost stopped there. over to female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event! is ending soon! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, free set-up, and free removal of your old mattress
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if you want to see them i
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posted a picture on twitter. @mike nicco on abc 7. dropping down to about 55 tonight. mostly cloudy. look at this. leyla in san francisco, matt in san jose and i will be in pleasanton marching for babies for the march of dimes. temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s. here is what's going to happen tonight. starting around 10:00 up in the north bay, the rain will move in. it will exit the south bay about 5:00 tomorrow morning leaving at least a third of an inch behind. once we get to
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good morning, america. right now, more than a dozen students recovering from the stage collapse at a high school performance. also right now, bruce jenner breaking his silence about the headlines. diane sawyer here with a first look at her interview. and dr. oz going on the offensive. taking on the critics trying to get him fired from columbia university medical school. he posted pictures of some of them. >> "good morning america." a lot to get to this morning. we have seen a lot of shocking tv endings. i'm not going to say the word death. i'll just say endings in recent years for some very big characters. it seems like all good shows not afraid to kill off popular character. shonda rhimes not afraid. it happened again last night. mcdreamy written out of the
7:31 am
script on "grey's anatomy." before you write us about spoiler alerts, it's everywhere this morning. we're going to begin with bruce jenner. tabloid headlines. so much speculation. swirling all around him. but he's remained silent until tonight when he speaks to diane sawyer in a "20/20" special. diane right now with a preview. diane, everyone wants to know what's going on. >> ah, george. i think we can all agree that some things, some stories should only be told by the person who lives them. he wants to speak directly tonight. i'll let him say first what he wants to say. but we did talk over several days, long conversations. and toward the end, i said, did i miss anything? is there any question you think i should have asked you? i'll let you see what he said. what's the question you would ask you? what is the question -- >> if i were you, what question would you ask me? >> right. >> are you going to be okay?
7:32 am
you know? >> are you gonna be okay? >> yeah. i hope i'm gonna be okay. i feel like i'm gonna be okay. 2015 is going to be quite a ride. quite a ride. >> boy, you see a lot just in that 15, 20 seconds right there. that yeah. a little tentative. what do you hope people get out of all this? >> i hope people talk with other people, with families, with their friends. there is so much to think about. not just about what he's going to tell you. but about everyone's life. we talked to members of his family, including his little older sister, who tells us what she saw when they were growing up. and, i think you're going to learn about family love. this is a family love story. >> and the journey they have all been on. and as you say, it's a journey that a lot of the country is now looking at, as well. >> understanding.
7:33 am
understanding, learning tonight. >> cannot wait for it. diane's two-hour special. "20/20" special. bruce jenner, the interview. tonight at 9:00. right here on abc. thank you. we cannot wait. >> we will be watching. now, to a remarkable story. how a wife's gut instinct saved her husband's life. he was trapped under his car, praying for help. she answered those prayers. abc has the story. >> reporter: call it a wife's intuition. >> i just had this feeling come over me that i need to go home and check on my husband. >> reporter: that feeling saved her husband's life. if not for that gut instinct, this 911 call would never have been made. >> tell me what happened? >> he was, working on his car. >> reporter: scott mayhew was working on his car. when it slipped off the jack crushing him. >> i was on my side reaching for a wrench when the car started to
7:34 am
come down. i couldn't move at all. >> reporter: scott, laying trapped with six broken ribs and internal injuries calling out for help for an hour and a half. >> there was a lot of pain. i felt the car crushing into my chest. >> reporter: he began praying for his wife to come rescue him. a prayer that was answered. >> i knew if i just hung on long enough my prayers would be answered. she would be able to come home. >> i just kind of panicked. i was scared. but i did hear him. so i knew he was still alive. he said, help me, love. >> reporter: the mother of three and a neighbor racing to lift the family's suv off her husband's chest. >> i consider him extremely lucky. i really think that with her coming home as fast as she did, in the time that she did, he could have lost his life had he been under the car much longer. >> reporter: scott says he's alive this morning thanks to his wife's incredible sixth sense. >> she's a very strong woman. i'm lucky to have her. >> i think god was watching us that day. i'm so thankful for that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc
7:35 am
news, new york. >> the power of love. >> trust your gut. let's go to amy in the social square. >> trending on facebook, guys. a big no-show at the white house celebration of the new england patriots' super bowl win. president obama honored the team but the commander in chief becoming the comedian in chief. managing to get a deflate-gate quip in. take a listen. >> i usually tell a bunch of jokes at these events. but with the patriots in town, i was worried that 11 out of 12 of them would fall flat. all right, all right, all right. that whole story got blown a little out of proportion. >> ha, ha, ha, ha. the big story was the absence of super bowl mvp tom brady. otherwise known as supermodel gisele's husband. he cited a family commitment for why he wasn't there. lots of theories on social media. as to why the superstar did not appear. most of them saying to escape jokes like you heard from the president.
7:36 am
no word from brady. tell us what's in your feeds this morning. tweet u.s. with the hashtag socialsquare. why didn't he show? >> been there, done that. >> i think you may be right. let's get the weather from ginger. >> let's start in san antonio. look at this video we just got in. this is from the passenger seat, i believe, safe. i hope everyone is safe. the ponding on the roadways, up to 4 inches close to san antonio. texas getting drenched. the lightning in the background. with the severe weather will come some flash flooding. that's the area we're going to watch in red. anywhere from birmingham, alabama, back through mississippi, northern louisiana. all along that region, and this is through the weekend, 2 to 3 inches is what we're looking for. the big note, i know everybody is feeling it this morning. from the great lakes through the northeast. these are morning wind chills. it feels like 22 in buffalo. it feels like
7:37 am
good morning i'm mike nicco, going to transition from low clouds high clouds, breezy and cool than average from 50s to the coast, rest of us mainly in the 60s, accuweather seven-day forecast, 10:00 tonight to 5:0 >> all that weather brought you to by mercedes-benz. the weekend still cool. then we'll start to warm it up again. >> promises promises. a major ice cream recall. the popular brand pulled from the shelves because of a listeria scare. and dr. oz taking on critics. posting pictures of some of the doctors who accuse him of promoting quack treatments. doctors who accuse him of proemoting quack treatments. pulls you back into your lane... even brakes all by itself.
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and we're back now with dr. oz. he's going on the offensive, attacking the group of doctors trying to get him fired from his job at columbia university medical school, directly questioning the integrity of those critics. linsey davis is here with more.
7:42 am
>> reporter: dr. oz's critics include eight members of the columbia faculty saying many of us are spending a big part of our clinical time debunking oz-isms. dr. oz is firing back. >> doctors should never fight their battles in public. now i believe i must. >> reporter: dr. mehmet oz taking his critics to task. >> we will not be silenced. >> reporter: for nearly 30 minutes, he not only defended, he attacked. posting pictures and names of the people calling him for him to be removed from his faculty position at columbia university. >> it's ironic that i'm being accused of a conflict of interest by these doctors, when, as you're about to see, some of them have their own conflict of interest issues. >> reporter: oz enlisting elisabeth leamy, formerly of abc news, to put these physicians under a microscope. saying some have big ties to big industry.
7:43 am
specifically producers of genetically modified food. which oz says should be labeled. linking four of the ten to the american council on science and health, which has received grant money. from companies that sell gmos. >> miller is involved with an organization here. american council on science and health or acsh. remember that name. you're going to hear it again. >> reporter: oz called out dr. henry miller, describing him as a vocal advocate for gmos. and calling dr. gilbert ross a convicted felon, having spent 22 months in prison for medicaid fraud. >> i support gmo labeling. >> oz says his critics are motivated now because of a bill in front of congress. that he disagrees with. >> shaming and bullying me is not how it should be done. >> reporter: dr. gilbert ross firing back after the show, telling abc news, instead of addressing the primary concern, that he often dispenses
7:44 am
questionable medical advice, dr. oz has chosen to evade responsibility. and when we retched out to the ten doctors who called for oz the be ousted, we received two written statements. the rest declined comment or did not return our call, george? >> thank you. coming up, more on the interview with bruce jenner. his emotional journey. and the "grey's anatomy" shocker. it's mcdreamy's final act. how fans are reacting to it this morning. it's mcdreamy's final act. how fans are reacting to it this morning. real cream, and no preservatives. and it's these real ingredients that give philadelphia cream cheese its delicious, one of a kind taste. when it comes to making cream cheese philadelphia sets the standard. so rich. so creamy. only philadelphia.
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7:48 am
all right. welcome back, everybody. 7:48, we want to give you a big spoiler alert. if you watch "grey's anatomy" if you missed it last night, if you're planning on dvr'ing it earmuffs right now. shocking plot twist last night. shonda rhimes proving once again not afraid to kill off major characters. abc's t.j. holmes is here with the story. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: look, we love shonda rhimes shows here at abc. everybody does. but sister, shonda, you got me nervous to watch your shows. she's willing to not just kill off any character, but the star of "grey's anatomy." if a guy named mcdreamy is not safe, then nobody is.
7:49 am
♪ how to save a life ♪ >> reporter: he saved hundreds of lives in his tenure. as resident hunk. in the end, nothing could save dr. mcdreamy. >> it's too late. you're too late. >> reporter: with those final words and barely a hair out of place, patrick dempsey's mcdreamy succumbed to his injuries following a car accident. >> you go. ♪ and if i lay here ♪ ♪ if i just lay here ♪ >> we'll be fine. >> reporter: viewers stunned and saddened. by the surprising death of one of the most popular characters, turning to social media to mourn. rip mcdreamy. this is the worst day of my life. another, i've never cried this much over a tv show. with his death, mcdreamy moves on to tv drama heaven, where he'll undoubtedly be greeted by matthew crowley from "downton abbey." zoey from "house of cards." >> i want to believe you,
7:50 am
francis. you know you're -- >> reporter: will gardner from "the good wife." all popular characters who met an untimely demise. in a statement shonda rhimes said, i absolutely never imagined saying good-bye to our mcdreamy. his loss will be felt by all. >> stay here don't move. >> wait for me. i'll be back before you know it. >> reporter: uh, he will not be back. >> oh. >> it's a dream. i want to believe, it's a dream sequence. >> they say it's a natural progression. it became time. she kills off characters. it happens in any show. >> it happens in "game of thrones" all the time. as was pointed out. >> who else can you remember? >> romeo and juliet. >> my goodness. >> wow, you're going way back. >> she's going to see him. he'll see her. >> we were here. you took us there. >> every time. somebody's going to agree with
7:51 am
me. >> shakespeare of primetime tv. >> thank you, t.j. coming up, everybody. huge, we're so excited. our huge "avengers" takeover in times square. the stars of the superhero blockbuster are live with big surprises you don't want to miss. >> no one's going to die. >> wherefore art thou? lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by purina. your pet, our packs. still ahead on "gma," health scare. the top ice cream brand pulling its product off the shelves. and our big "avengers" times square takeover.
7:56 am
all your favorite superheroes here live! big "avengers" times square takeover. good morning. i'm kristen sze, a little rain coming my way. let's check in with mike. all that's dry right now are the breezes that are the big store are i right now. breezes running up around 15-20 miles an hour. they have been around 30 in oakland and emoryville. upper 50s around the coast. mid to upper 60s inland. low cities in the bay. from tonight to tomorrow morning, best chance of rain, up to .3 of an inch. near sfo an earlier crash that did clear.
7:57 am
backups into burlingame. farther to the south, drive northbound 101 east palo alto just past willow road a crash there over to the shoulder. the drive coming in to the south bay at san francisco, pockets of slowing adding time to your commute.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and the real bruce jenner. olympic champion. reality star. and father. what he's revealing this morning about his emotional journey. >> are you going to be okay? >> yeah. i hope i'm gonna be okay. i feel like i'm gonna be okay. 2015 is going to be quite a ride. ♪ wake me up when it's all over ♪ and dessert danger. the new ice cream alert. recalls right now for popular brands. pints yanked off supermarket shelves. is your favorite brand safe to eat? and avengers assemble. iron man. captain america. the hulk. and hawkeye.
8:01 am
four of hollywood's hunkiest leading men live in our times square event. supersecrets from the set. what they're revealing about their costars, only on "gma." >> all: good morning, america. >> and what a massive crowd out here in times square right now. good morning, america. here they come, the leading men of "the avengers robert downey jr. chris evans. mark ruffalo. jeremy renner. they'll have to get through a gauntlet. >> so many down here to see these guys. so much to talk to them about. we have secrets from the set. we have an exclusive for you. and -- here they are. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. hey, guys. >> hi. >> got everybody here. >> how are you? good to see you.
8:02 am
>> good to see you. >> how are you? >> so everybody here is getting in on all "the avengers" action. we want you to find out your superhero identity. take the quiz to find your identity. that's all coming up. let's go to amy with the news. >> we begin with may hem at a high school musical in indianapolis. a stage packed with teenagers collapsing without warning. injuring more than a dozen students. the cast had just piled on to the stage for the finale of the show. they were singing and dancing on the stage when suddenly, it gave way. plunging them into the orchestra pit below. horrified classmates and parents watching it all. the injury, thankfully, are minor. no word on what caused the collapse. overseas, a planned terror attack against the vatican. an italian prosecutor says wiretaps indicate militants planned the attack five years ago. a suicide bomber had even arrived in rome. it's not clear why those attacks never happened.
8:03 am
today, italian police are arresting 18 suspected extremists, including two body guards for osama bin laden. for the second time this week, an ice cream maker is recalling products and shutting down facilities after a random sample tested positive for listeria. jeni's splendid ice cream says it will not supply retail outlets until it can guarantee all products are 100% safe. blue bell creameries took similar action after its ice cream was linked to illnesses in four states including three deaths. and dr. richard besser joins us now to explain. dr. besser, tell us why listeria is such a serious, serious health issue. >> it can be a very, very serious infection. the cdc estimates 1600 infections each year. more than 200 are fatal. ice cream is not one of those foods we have tended to worry about. because pasteurization, where you heat the milk, can kill the listeria.
8:04 am
they'll look at the factories to find what went wrong. >> tell us who is most at risk. and what can people do? >> most people will not have a problem. three groups have to worry. pregnant women and newborns. older people. and anyone with an underlying immune problem. if you fall into that group, be careful. anyone with any of the jeni's ice cream or blue bell ice cream, throw it away or take it back to the store for a full refund. >> all right, great advice as always, dr. besser. thanks so much. dr. besser will take your questions all morning long on twitter. you don't have to be good-looking to work at abercrombie & fitch anymore. the retailer known for its buff models but now appearance requirements for store clerks are gone. it's part of an attempt to boost sales. after much speculation, the world will soon be getting an in-depth look into the life of bruce jenner. our diane sawyer sat down with the former olympian turned
8:05 am
reality star, delving into his appearance and past, present, and future. >> are you gonna be okay? >> yeah. i hope i'm gonna be okay. i feel like i'm gonna be okay. 2015's going to be quite a ride. quite a ride. >> diane's two-hour "20/20" special, bruce jenner, the interview, airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. 8:00 central right here on abc. and finally, a perhaps overly protective dad is taking extreme steps to ward off suitors. for his daughter. the jujitsu champ made a t-shirt for his daughter. showing his buffed tattooed body with the caption reads, stay clear, boys. this is my dad. he's obviously quite take within his own sense of humor. if you look at the daughter's face. if we can get that picture up, it's fairly obvious she would rather be wearing anything other than that t-shirt.
8:06 am
you have to take my word for it. i can imitate her face. it's like that. george, you wouldn't wear a shirt like that? >> i would not. absolutely not. "pop news" and weather coming up. lara has the "morning menu." over in the social square. >> i do, indeed, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the real bruce jenner. what you don't know. about the olympic reality star dad. and then "shark tank your life." two young entrepreneurs pitching their products made just for kids. so, will kevin o'leary bite? we'll find out. and then take a look at our superselfie cam view. thank you, mark. "the avengers" have taken over times square. superfans can't get enough of all the action. they're here. avengers, assemble. right here on "gma" in times square. behind every open heart... is a story.
8:07 am
a story about finishing the race... no matter what the obstacles. about rebuilding the bond between a mother and a daughter. or about helping build homes for others... because you remember what it felt like... not to have one. when you keep an open heart, amazing things happen. that's what the open hearts rhythm collection at kay jewelers is all about. the constant motion of the diamond catches light from every angle. keep your heart open... ...and love will always find its way in. every kiss begins with kay. while the world needs saving... prizes need winning, at subway. grab a 30-ounce drink or doritos snacks for a chance to win subs for life movie tickets, and more. and catch marvel's avengers: age of ultron, in theaters may 1st. subway. where super heroes eat. after brushing listerine® total care strengthens teeth, helps prevent cavities
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8:09 am
♪ coming up on "good morning america," i'm standing in what we're calling the "gma" superhero vault. where we have the actual captain america shield and thor's actual hammer. they're not copies. they're the real thing. look. whoa. that thing is heavy. our superfans are here getting a first-hand look at these amazing "avenger" artifacts. look at this, guys. i think we have something going on. there's this door with a big "a." oh, my goodness. look who's here. what a superhero surprise. hello, guys, for our superfans. get your cameras ready. we'll be right back. >> nice hammer. >> thank you very much. whoa. >> thank you very much. >> whoa.
8:10 am
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8:12 am
♪ i'm so excited and i just can't hide it ♪ look at that crowd out there in times square this morning. everyone here for "the avengers." we're going to be talking with the guys in a little bit. right now, we start with the big story this friday. bruce jenner, before he became a star. his life, a remarkable ride from olympic champion to reality star. chris connelly here with all that. good morning, chris. >> good morning, george. it's a true story. you know, in reality tv, you sometimes hear the expression famous for being famous. that's not bruce jenner's story. nearly 39 years ago, he won his way into american hearts with a spectacular performance in the summer olympics' most grueling event. those used to bruce jenner on "keeping up with the kardashians" may think of him as an overmatched patriarch of reality show superstarlets. >> i'm bruce jenner. and i am a pushover for my family. >> reporter: yet on july 30, 1976, a 26-year-old jenner waved a u.s. flag after winning the olympic decathlon. a gold medal performance.
8:13 am
earning him the title of world's greatest athlete. >> there was probably 500 people out there wanting an autograph. wow, things have changed here. >> reporter: things would keep changing. in the mid '70s athletic era big on rebels, the clean-cut, congenial jenner was a main stream marketer's dream. >> the guy goes, congratulations. you're a millionaire. i was living on $10,000 a year. okay? >> reporter: he endorsed cereal. cameras. an additional deal with abc sports would make jenner an on-air fixture for battle of the network stars. >> billy "hot shoes" crystal calling them around there. >> roles on "chips," and on "the love boat." all of it stemmed from his olympic stature. he spent some of the '90s doing infomercials. with his wife, kris. >> you can pick it up. but you control the pace. >> reporter: yet during the 2000 games, from sydney, his youngest daughters, kylie and kendall, were unaware their father had once been the world's greatest
8:14 am
athlete. >> i gave my girl a hit here. i go, you know, daddy's got one of those things. no way, really? i said, do you want to go get it? yeah, let's go. for every night after that, i had to get the medal out so they could wear the medal, okay? >>rn to the public eye in the 21st century. as kris constructed the kardashian empire. her daughters redefining stardom and reaping the benefits. but on this night, the focus will be back on their celebrated dad. by winning the decathlon, jenner knew he was part of a great trad in that event. they took justifiable pride in his great achievement. an amazing athlete. >> you can see it in there. that was great to bring us back to it. diane sawyer's two-hour special, "20/20" tonight. bruce jenner the interview airs tonight 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central, right here on abc. right now t.j. has "pop news." >> i have lara and chris here. i feel like you all should do doing this. i'll give it a shot. reese witherspoon taking on a new role. not behind the camera.
8:15 am
scoring big now narrating harper lee's new novel, "go set a watchman." lee wrote -- you have been hearing a lot about this -- lee wrote the sequel back in the 1950s. it was recently rediscovered. it will be released july 14th, along with reese witherspoon's audio version. reese is from new orleans. she says it's an honor and privilege to voice the characters who inspired her love for reading. isn't that great? she gets to do this. >> a good listen. >> i'm going to need y'all's moral support for the beginning of this next story. all right? stay with me, folks. lady gaga on the edge of glory caught in a great romance. >> there you go. nicely done. you're getting the hang of this. >> that great romance with her fiance taylor kinney, of course. the pop star announcing she and her fiance taking their relationship to the next level. how do you do that? with chickens. a brood of chickens.
8:16 am
lady gaga making an announcement with this photo on instagram, saying that it's time to lay eggs in the kinneys' coop. they have chickens. >> maybe that's -- other news. >> it could have been something else. she called it the kinneys' coop. is she going to take on the last name? some are speculating. >> or is she a connoisseur of eggs? she likes scrambled eggs, maybe. >> we don't know. >> we do not know for sure. but is she going to take on the last name? >> you're on the story for us. >> we are. okay. am i 2 for 2? all right. now to lingerie and supermodels. so 3 for 3. how do you -- this is a sure fire way to get a viral hit. the formula. yes, you take a supermodel by the name of heidi klum. throw on some lingerie. yes, that would be viral enough. then you throw in supersinger sia. that would be enough as well. now throw in the star from one of tv's hottest shows, you can't miss with this thing. heidi klum burning up the internet, set to sia's "fire
8:17 am
meet gasoline." >> or fire. >> that arkansas came out for a second, didn't it? and she's with "game of thrones" actor pedro pascal. it's showing off klum's new lingerie line. getting more than a million clicks a day. >> add a couple of puppies, you're set. >> i have no puppies. >> that's what george is saying. that would take it over the top. >> it's okay, man. way to go. >> i got applause on this. that was kiddie applause. thank you. let's get out here where the crowd is going wild. we have got such a great crowd here this morning, on a chilly one. only the upper 30s. what do you say about going somewhere that's 40 degrees warmer. >> i would love that. >> austin, texas, in the low 70s. but they're stormy, too. look at that. the showers and lightning.
8:18 am
look at that. that's the severe weather threat for today. dallas, parts of wichita. the enhanced risk areas have a better chance of seeing tornadoes, where you saw that kind of blinking light. in the pacific northwest you have got numbers in the 50s. 50s in portland. 59 medford. in the sierra, the snow level dropped to 6,000 feet. i want to show you mark ruffalo was just doing jumping jacks to stay warm. that's how cold it is out here. good morning i'm abc7 news meteorologist. high clouds and sunshine this afternoon and breezy again. rain early to tomorrow morning and then warmer highs sunday all the way through next week. d to upper 50s along the coast, san francisco, low to middle 60s around the bay mid to upper 60s inland, take it to antioch, 71. start about 10 clack tonight through about 5:00 tomorrow, steady rain, a little drizzle afte >> i will not take one more moment of your time. george, amy?
8:19 am
>> we're right over here. they've taken over times square this morning. the u.s. premier of "the avengers: age of ultron" just a week away. everyone here. before we -- how did you know to wear a warm coat today, jeremy? we're all dying out here. >> he actually watched ginger, i believe. we should mention who these four lovely guys are. our four favorite -- or four of our favorite avengers. we should say that right? we have, robert downey jr. we have chris evans. mark ruffalo. and jeremy renner. all with us. welcome, guys, on this warm, balmy april morning. this movie really ramps up the intensity level. what was it like getting back together again? >> a lot of f-u-n. glad i spelled that right, too. >> the degree of difficulty goes up over the course of the interview. >> i think when the first in a franchise is supersuccessful, it's always a little daunting.
8:20 am
you don't want to let down the audience. at this point, i think we all just know each other well. we worked hard. we had a good time. >> give us a little bit of the story here. tony stark responsible in some ways for the title. for the ultron. >> right. well, the idea is, every time i look at you i feel like cap's jumping me. >> darn it. >> trying to protect the world from outside threats and in so doing, i create a problem. and then i need these guys. i need you to help me to solve the problem. >> we'll help you. >> we'll bail you out again. >> chris, captain america takes on a leadership role? this time around. >> i suppose. he's comfortable in that environment. that's what he knows. he's a military guy. now that there's no more s.h.i.e.l.d. and we're depending upon each other, he doesn't mind stepping in and trying to create some sort of order. >> now, we're missing the black widow. scarlett could not be here today. we got a sneak peek of some of
8:21 am
her scenes. >> under the overpass, i've got no shot. >> which way? >> hard right. now. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> she can ride a cycle. >> that looks so good. >> i think they like it. >> it is pretty great. and we all want to see, we hear a little bit of chemistry between the black widow and the hulk? >> yes, there may or may not be a little chemistry between black widow and the hulk.
8:22 am
>> that's all he's going to give us. hey, jeremy, i understand, no spoilers here. but we see a different hawkeye this time around. what can you tell us? >> i can't tell you anything about it. >> come on. >> everything i do is a spoiler. i have to be careful. no, but a lot of fun, interesting things are revealed. what i love about the movie, a lot of the relationships are the best thing about it for me. they deepen, they splinter. there's new goodies. new baddies. and i'm just glad to be a part of it. >> we also love what you all have been doing. as you have been promoting the movie, you've been helping so many kids, good causes. out here last night. we did the story on the little boy with the prosthetic arm that you got to meet as well. you've been doing some good work. >> well, these opportunities arise. we have all been talking about this the whole tour. we always fall short. the characters we play represent something. it's great meditation for us who recognize that we can aspire to be like these great characters we play. we'll never attain it.
8:23 am
but, in giving back to the kids is something that keeps us in check. none of us, you know, would turn that down. >> you have superhero status. we were really impressed by that. and we want you to impress us some more because we want to do a lightning round. you ready? it's all about quick thinking. >> all right. >> first of all -- >> just kidding. >> the name of it is called secrets from the set. >> uh-oh. >> the first one? >> this is from -- >> who wants to trade places and play someone else's character? >> hmm. >> i don't. >> no. >> no. >> i like who i play. >> i want to be hawkeye. >> i got a good-looking costume man. >> i want to be robert downey jr., is that allowed? >> who has costume envy? >> i have costume envy. >> me. >> i think just about everybody. [ laughter ] >> you guys have so much fun here. who's done the most pranks on the set and gotten away with it? >> they think it's chris.
8:24 am
>> just take it. >> just take it. >> we nominate you. >> pranks per se. we have a good time. >> who has the hardest -- >> when i hear him laughing, i want to be near that. >> who has the hardest time keeping a straight face when people are cracking jokes? >> mark. >> mark. that's what they're saying. they know you better than you know yourself. >> i guess so. is it me? >> it's you. >> and taken any souvenirs from the set? >> i took -- my moral compass. >> oh. >> i have the big avengers "a." sorry. >> someone stole my glasses from set. >> anybody want to cop to that? >> let me see. are those them? those are my glasses, man. >> we know we have a lot more questions from all the fans coming up. we'll take a bit of a break. you got one, eddie? >> another minute. >> we got another minute going on here? >> we got a minute! [ cheers and applause ]
8:25 am
>> do you have any questions for us? >> yes. >> where are the heaters? >> what time did you wake up this morning? >> 2:22. how about you? >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> we have a big question for you. look at that up on the jumbotron. how would you describe this movie in three words? >> in three words. um. bigger, badder, better. >> ooh. >> mark. >> mark ruffalo. three words to you. >> next question up on the big screen. who would win in an argument, you or the hero you play? that's from emma. >> i think i would win. steve would never argue. [ laughter ] he would just let me have it. >> he's such a nice guy. >> so easy going. >> a lot more coming up. we'll be right back with more of "the avengers." [ cheers and applause ] with more of the avengers.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the golden state warriors pulled off a come enter behind victory against the pelicans. tied it up with seconds to spare and won it in overtime. they ended up taking the game 123-119. they could clinch the round with a game four win on saturday. let's see what the winning commute is for you this morning leyla? we have an accident in the east bay if you are traveling westbound on 80 at cutting boulevard involving a motorcycle. two lanes are currently blocked. we have other cars that are helping to assist in the situation right now. we have delays. it is slow through albany. take a look at san francisco. shut down between g
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. so far, the breeze is 24 miles an hour. delays earlier. double digits just about everywhere else. they will continue during the afternoon and evening hours. heading over to 56 at 7:00. the astros in town to take ons a's. tomorrow, leyla is san francisco. matt in san jose and i'll be in
8:30 am
pleasanton. we are going to march for babies. steady rain over by 5:00 drizzle possible during that [ cheers and applause ] some chris evans fans here. a lot of "avengers" fans here this morning. they've taken over times square. it's all a countdown to the premier of "the avengers: age of ultron." coming out next week. >> i don't know. i think word may have gotten out that you were going to be here. amy and. the j. having trouble making their way out. where are you? >> die hard fans. "the avengers. er savengers" and their fans. officially taking over times square. >> i haven't seen it like this before. it doesn't feel cold out here. we have questions coming from
8:31 am
the kids and here. oh, my goodness. >> wow. not that you would be able to hear those questions. by the way, "shark tank's" kevin o'leary is here too. we're checking out these kid-tested pruks. we'll see if kevin bites or not. in the meantime let's go back to you, lara and george. >> thank you so much amy. we also have magic performing live in times square. hey, magic. great to see them. let's get back to "the avengers." look who has joined us. the black widow herself. >> totally. it's me ginger in here. the beautiful wig i've got. you have a question. let's go for it. >> i'm robert and i'm from queens. >> from queens. what is your question? >> this question is for robert. great name, by the way. um, what's the best advice you
8:32 am
have ever been given? >> well, first of all, queens rox. [ cheers and applause ] the first place i went to from university hospital was forest hills. i'm there with you. best advice i have ever been given is when it's freezing outside, wear layers. >> you wouldn't suggest neoprene. name and where you're from? >> i'm megan. from delaware. >> what is your question? >> it's for chris evans. do you ever feel pressured to live up to the legacy of your character? >> uh, i'm not doing a good job right now. i'm shivering. such a baby about it. yeah, absolutely. um absolutely. but, you know it's a good bar to set. he's a fun character to play. if any any way you take a little bit of him home with you, that's a good day. >> no pressure. here or here? i'm sure you have questions,
8:33 am
too. name? >> i'm felix from brooklyn. >> what is it? >> my question to mark is did you ever meet with lou ferrigno to play the hulk? >> i did. i met him at comicon this year. and, um -- and i asked him, um if he could give me some tips on my hulk growl. >> what did he say? >> he said -- [ growling ] >> a good tip. >> awesome. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> let's move on. okay. >> i'm ian, from connecticut. i have a question for captain america. in the movie, you're a hero to so many who is your hero in real life? >> oh man. you know it's a generic response. but it's my parents. and mark ruffalo. um yeah. for me my parents were a big
8:34 am
inspiration. i would vice president anything without them. so so they're tops for me. >> oh so sweet. i can't believe this group loves comicon. >> i'm jonah from new york. and what i was wondering is what do each of you take? you take something from each marvel film you have done. what did you take from this one? and can i have an autograph? >> you can have an autograph. >> we'll get to that. >> jeremy will respond to that for you? >> i took away friendship with an amazing group of people. that's what i took away. and yes, you can have an autograph. [ cheers and applause ] >> we'll get you that soon jonah. do we have one more? one more question? yeah, right over here. let's see. >> rick from long island. will you be returning in october to comicon? >> i don't know. >> i don't know.
8:35 am
>> will we? >> probably? i wouldn't be surprised. no one's told us but maybe. >> probably yes rick. >> thank you so much for your questions. let's get back to lara and george. >> we do have a special announcement. >> we do. thank you so much. we know you all probably wanted to ask the guys questions. we don't have enough time. what we do have for you are these vouchers for all of you to go see the new "avengers" movie. imax. every one of you. thanks to the guys for doing that. >> they're all happy. >> the movie opens nationwide next friday. thanks guys. that was really great. thank you. >> thank you. >> back to ginger for another check of the weather. i have not done weather in a red wig yet.
8:36 am
what is the pose? what type of pose should i do? how about we get some weather, too. clouds that were looking very avenger-ish in wichita. you can see there from kansas over to the east. this is for saturday. the enhanced threat level from nashville up to louisville tomorrow. saturday is a big day. could see tornadoes, hail. and the warmup it will happen. i promise. it will good morning i'm mike nicco, going to transition from low clouds high clouds, breezy and cool than average from 50s to the coast, rest of us mainly in the 60s, accuweather seven-day forecast, 10:00 tonight to 5:00 tomorrow wa >> it's this weather report brought to you by petco. an exciting announcement this morning. take a look at my wrist. that is the abc news apple. it's coming up. now available on the apple
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watch. it will help you stay connected on the go wherever you go. breaking news alerts september right to your wrist. and the app is personalized. if you want to hear more about any story, you just click the follow button. we'll send you the latest as it happens. you can even use it to open live video coverage. start abc news radio while you're in the car or out on a jog. or make it apple's most personal device even more personal. right here from abc. jing amy? >> maybe people can look at their watches to see when the baby will be born. the world is on watch. sara haines is live at buckingham palace with the latest. good morning, sara. what's it's like there right now? >> good morning, amy. i'm hoping you join me because it's any time now. abc news has learned that william and kate are back at their residence here if london. and the lindo swing right up the
8:38 am
road. so it's just a matter of time. this morning, all eyes are on prince william and kate as the royal baby countdown continues. it could be hours now. will it be a baby brother or sister for prince george? >> we're so close to the due date. william and kate are at kensington palace. a short drive from the lindo wing. >> reporter: who could forget that moment from two years ago. >> he's got a good set of lungs on him for sure. >> reporter: the royal groupies are back waiting for the arrival of a new royal babe. you sleep here? >> yes. >> reporter: they let you? >> of course they do. >> reporter: have you slept outside for anything but the royals? >> no. >> reporter: no one is closer to william and kate than will qualm's brother harry. this week end, he's making his way back to london to be on hand
8:39 am
for the london marathon and, with any luck, to meet a new addition to the family. whether it's a boy or girl remains up in the air. a girl would be far more lucrative than a boy, boosting the the frish economy by $100 million. $37 million in souvenir sales alone. kate's been making headlines try trying to get if some last minute one on one time with prince george before the baby's arrival. will prince george visit his sibling like william did 30 years ago to see a newborn prince harry? as we mentioned, listeneded is gearing up far marathon on sunday. we're gearing up for baby watch. i figured this getup would work for either. whether we need to run. i have my royal baby number two number and my stopwatch so william and kate, if you're watching,ky time your
8:40 am
contractions if you want. >> i like the gun show sara. i was going to ask you what you were doing with your time there. i know i took a few runs in hyde park. did a little shopping. you dpt some time on your hands. another great kate wait >> i took a run in hyde park. following your lead. i braided my hair this morning because what you to do when you have extra time on your hands? a little slumber party with the hair people. it's been fun. i'm excited for you to join me. >> my bags are packed. literally. i brought them with me to the studio. while we're waiting, we're going to shark tank your life. will these kid-tested products sink or swim? and then we have magic
8:41 am
(mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru
8:42 am
is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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♪ and it's time now for a new edition of "shark tank your life." two young entrepreneurs are about to go head to head in front of the one and only kevin o'leary here. all for a spot on or "shark tank" wall of winners. our products today are marketed towards children. so what is the best investment parents can make to set up their kids for success? >> any toy or activity that advances math or reading scores
8:44 am
at ages 3 to 5 is a fap it's aic investment. the world's gotten good at making them. that's the first challenge the school system. >> we'll get right to our pitches. both entrepreneurs think their products will help kids learn and have fun. first up we have lucy ravitch. a book that lets kids pretend they own a restaurant. >> hi, shark. every parent knows how much kids want to play restaurant. i want to tell you about the pancake menu. an interablgtive book that lets kids do that. they order from each other and complete sales using play money and other fun materials. plus you can help your kids make the menu come the life with the tasty recipes. it's a hands-on math experience for family and friends. %-pthat's whati callmart, and sweet. >> well done lucy. and kevin will keep his thoughts
8:45 am
to himself until the very end. in the meantime we brought together a team of kid testers. let's hear from our kid testers at home. >> all these recipes, they have to be baked with a parent. so i think i'm going to give this toy a thumbs down. >> it can teach little kids how to do math and really how to cook. i give this toy a thumbs up. >> all right. we have very critical kid there is who loved it or hated it. we're going hear from kevin in a bit. thank you, lucy. next up, we have sara sakowitz. she's coming on in here. all right, there's sara with her big name tag. with a science experiment kit that you can have delivered at your house once a month. take it away. >> hi sark. i'm sara the 19-year-old cofounder of blue moon box, the hands on way to get young boys
8:46 am
and girls excited about science. every month, a new kit arrives filled with the materials that kids need to explore science. it focuses on interactive stories from erupting volcanos. everything is a safe and easy cleanup. so every blue moon pox is bursting with science fun. order your subscription today. >> it is so cool. i would give this blue moon box a thumbs up. >> it was so much fun. i give it a thumbs up. >> all right. got lots of thumbs up there from the kids at home. sara and loseucy are back. kevin speaks. >> they're both great ideas because they're both advancing education at an early age. helping kids pass those scores. i'll tell you about sara's deal. there was a deal on "shark tank"
8:47 am
that nobody gave money to. it was boxes every month for new families with kids. it was a huge hit. it's one of the once that got away. it's a proven model. no shark was an investor of the other product. >> before you do the big reveal. i want a drum roll. whoever wince today is going to be on our wall of winners. kevin, who takes the prize today? i'm going with what i learned works. sara's deal. science in a box. >> blue moon box. congratulations, sara. lucy a wonderful book to you as well. hand this over to you, sara. hold that proudly. put your -- your face is on our wall of winners. great job to both of our entrepreneurs this morning. thank you, kevin o'leary. tune in to "shark tank" tonight. coming up we have more. magic is
8:48 am
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time now for a little magic. the band famous for their hit song rude touring in europe soon. right now, they're performing no way no. from their debut album, "don't kill the magic." ♪ >> yeah, now. ♪ ♪ hey baby bay bye your heart's too big to be treated small so please don't blame me blame me ♪ ♪ to try to be the one who could have it all you no that it's stupid stupid telling you it's dark when you see the light ♪ ♪ and i know you airport foolish just give me one chance i could treat you right so i said ♪ ♪ will i have be too far away
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8:52 am
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8:53 am
no way no ♪ ♪ will i ever back down my sword to protect our home say no way no ♪ ♪ will i ever spend a day not telling you you're beautiful say no way no ♪ ♪ say no way no way no no way no way no ♪ ♪ no way no way no no way no way no no way no way no no way no way no ♪ ♪ no way no way no say no way no way no no way no way no no way no way no ♪ [ cheers and applause ] female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is ending soon. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] how great was magic? that was terrific. have a great weekend. >> have a great week end. tgif, everybody.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. let's check out your forecast with meteorologist, mike nicco. >> made it to friday. a breezy one today. mid to upper 50s along the coast and san francisco. low to mid-50s around the bay. antioch, may make it to 71. clouds thicker in the north bay. starting athe 10:00 tonight through 5:00 tomorrow morning, we'll have that rain move from north so south through the bay area. by the time we march for babies, pleasant weather. coolest tomorrow by dry by noon. spring warmth next week. leyla. sounds like restless riding may have contributed to this motorcycle crash. you still have two lanes blocked. ten miles per hour is going to be your top speed. to make it between highway 4 up
9:00 am
to the hoffman split. going to take you 45 announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, superstar superhero robert downey jr. and giving us the inside scoop on the big interview with bruce jenner, diane sawyer. plus a performance by "american idol" finalist quinton alexander. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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