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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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ica." robin's back. making news in america this morning -- demanding justice. people flooding the streets of baltimore after a man mysteriously dies after an arrest. his mother and sister, collapsing at a protest. carried away in tears. plus, the video being used to connect the dots in this curious case. safely home. a storm-battered cruise ship finally docking overnight. new video of the passengers now talking about their harrowing ride on the high seas. and the details of the ship's damage. affleck apology. the a-listing breaking his silence overnight. now explaining why he asked a show to hide information about his slave-owning ancestors. and manager meltdown. the pregame rant that everybody's talking about. what made a major league baseball manager so mad? >> we bring to the table every day.
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it's [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. well, good wednesday morning. we begin with the raw emotions in baltimore. a city demanding answers. >> a federal investigation is now under way into the death of freddie gray who died under mysterious circumstances. after suffering an injury while being arrested. bazi kanani has the latest on the protests. [ chanting ] >> all: justice for freddie. >> reporter: another community outraged. the protests growing in baltimore, where 25-year-old freddie gray was stopped by police for unclear reasons. then died after suffering a severe spinal injury in police custody. >> police brutality is at an all-time high. and, um -- it just needs to stop. >> reporter: the justice department now launching an investigation and several videos of the arrest may help.
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here, an autopanning police camera shows someone running down the street. gray is seen on the ground with two officers kneeling next to him. less than three minutes later, a quick shot as he's put into a transport van. police say they don't know when or how gray was injured. >> we had no evidence, physical or video or statements, of any use of force. >> reporter: but, a severe spinal injury is usually the result of blunt force. the family insists police are responsible. collapsing into tears, gray's mother and sister were carried away from the protest. the crowd calling for murder charges against the six officers involved in the arrest. >> we're not going to back down. it's a serious issue. it's a fundamental -- it's a fundamental institutional problem we're having with police departments across the country. from coast to coast. >> reporter: those six officers are now on paid leave. baltimore police say they'll complete their investigation by the end of the month.
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another independent panel, and now the justice department, will also investigate. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. well, growing outrage to tell you about in tulsa this morning as well. robert bates, the volunteer deputy facing a second-degree manslaughter charge is now free to go on vacation. >> bates pleaded not guilty yesterday in connection with the death of eric harris. he died after being shot by bates, who says he mistakenly pulled out his gun instead of his taser. after his plea, bates asked for permission to go to the bahamas for almost a month. bates' bail does not restrict his travel. harris's family says the trip sends a message of apathy about the case. new developments in the crisis in yemen. saudi arabia's called off air strikes against the rebels there. "the new york times" reports the decision came after pressure from washington. the u.s. has stationed warships off yemen's coast to stop arms shipments from iran. martha raddatz reports there is still potential for a broader conflict. >> reporter: the pentagon is
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saying if those iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons to rebels in yemen are interdicted, it's likely our allies, the saudis, who would board the convoy of ships. the u.s. ships are in the arabian sea largely as a show of support to the saudis. and to send the message to iran to stay away. the situation in yemen is so volatile and dangerous, as we have seen traveling there this recent years, watching it turn into an al qaeda breeding ground. now, with u.s. and iranian ships in such close proximity, it remains to be seen whether the tensions there will rise even further. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. breaking news overnight from france. investigate nrs paris have arrested man planning imminent attacks on churches. the 24-year-old student is described as an islamic extreme extremist extremist. they found an arsenal of heavy weapons in his paris apartment.
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he was taken into custody after allegedlykilling a woman and shooting himself. in boston, an emotional start to the sentencing phase for the convicted marathon bomber. prosecutors accused dzhokhar tsarnaev of being without remorse. and while showing a picture of tsarnaev giving the finger to a jail cell security camera, they called him unconcerned, unrepentant, and unchanged. he's not expected to take the stand. jurors will decide between a death sentence and life in prison. well, the major fallout this morning over the dea sex scandal. the agency's head is stepping down. michele leonhart's departure follows a heated congressional hearing last week. an investigation found agents attended parties in colombia with prostitutes paid for by drug cartels. leonhart told lawmakers she did not have authority to fire the agents. she leaves in may. the nfl, a big step closer to coming back to the l.a. area. now that the city council has approved the construction of a new stadium. >> bring 'em back. bring 'em back. bring 'em back! bring 'em back! bring 'em back!
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>> fans of the oakland raiders and san diego chargers getting a little excited. maybe getting ahead of themselves, too. they packed the city council meeting in carson last night. council voted unanimously in support of a nearly $2 billion stadium, where their teams could play. fans clearly excited about the possibilities. >> it's like christmas. you know, i mean, i ain't celebrated christmas in a long time. it's christmas to me. you knower my -- my raiders are coming back. the chargers. l.a.'s ready for this. we ready. i'm glad this is happening. >> what's the problem with christmas? come on, man? you gotta get into christmas. nothing is going to happen immediately. the next time teams can apply to relocate is next january. the decision would then have to clear a number of league hurdles. the carson stadium project is one of two proposals being floated to bring a team back to l.a. a separate group is planning to build a stadium in the suburb of engelwood.
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residents of northern minnesota may be wondering if they missed summer. last week was spring-like. this week, back to winter. some communities got as much as four inches. and yesterday, high temperature was 17 degrees below normal. somebody wake ginger zee up to explain that one. there could be more snow showers there today. as well in the northern rockies. but the real weather problem will be severe storms in texas, oklahoma, and the mississippi valley. heavy rain here and there in the west. just showers in the northeast. mid-atlantic, and south florida. a big day today. we're celebrating earth day. we're doing it by giving away some free stuff. we're not. but other folks are. we'll tell you where to get it. plus, back on dry land overnight. passengers on a cruise ship that was tossed and turned in the high seas, talking about their ordeal. and dr. oz responding to his critics. what he's now saying to other physicians calling for him to at least resign one post.
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looky, looky here. a new jersey community is on edge after multiple coyote sightings. at least two attacks. police are also warning parents to keep those kiddies and small pets inside, after the discovery of two dens near a local school. one coyote was captured monday night. police say a coyote may have attacked a man who was walking his dog. now to a carnival cruise ship's passengers, back on dry land this morning. and grateful to be so after extra time on choppy seas. a huge storm kept them from docking in sydney. the port was closed for safety reasons. but with 30-foot waves and 60-mile-an-hour winds, it wasn't exactly fun to have this extended vacation. >> we just decided, you know, just to remain calm. but it was scary. there wasn't a lot of sleep the last two nights. the closets in the cabin were off the hinges. you know, and, a lot of damage to the room.
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>> 2500 passengers, 1500 crew members were aboard "the carnival spirit." look at that. they look happy to be getting to land there. many seasoned sailors were getting seasick. the harbor master said it's the first time he's ever been refused permission to dock his cruise ship. >> glad they're all okay. a major recall from a top bike maker, the company trek. recalling more than 1 million bikes after an injury that left one rider paralyzed. the problem is with a lever on the bike's front wheel. it can interfere with the front brakes. the recall involves all trek bikes sold from late 1999 until now that have front disc brakes. and a certain quick release lever. well, several companies are offering environmentally freebies today. amazon, a free kid's book and discounts on tee shirts and nature videos. american eagle will give you 20% off a pair of jeans when you bring in an old pair to recycle.
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there it is, folks. a quadruple rainbow. four of them captured yesterday morning. the picture taken on new york's long eye -- island and tweeted out. it actually went viral. plenty of people asking what the guy who famously described the double rainbow a few years ago would have to say about this one. >> roads on long island, most of the northeast will be wet. south florida, as well as the rockies. watch out for flooding along the gulf coast all the way to arkansas. and the lower mississippi valley. and if you're flying airport delays most likely in dallas houston, and new orleans. now to the guy arguably the nation's most famous doctor, at least he comes in a close second to our dr. richard besser around here. this guy, dr. oz is battling a group of other physicians accusing him of quote promoting quack treatments and cures for personal financial gain. >> dr. oz taped a show yesterday refuting the claims. his show released a preview clip in which he shows no signs of changing what he does. >> freedom of speech is the most
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fundamental right we have as americans. and these ten doctors are trying to silence that right. so i vow to you right here, right now, we will not be silenced. we will not give in. >> well, dr. oz accuses that group of doctors of trying to intimidate him. they wrote a letter to columbia university last week challenging dr. oz's position as a faculty member. we turn to ben affleck now, and he's backtracking on a story about his ancestors. when the "finding your roots" show researched ben affleck's family it found that somebody in his family once owned slaves. affleck said he preferred they not mention that relative and they did not. that has generated a lot of cries of censorship. on facebook, ben affleck says quote, i regret my initial thoughts that the issue of slavery not be included in the story. he emphasized he did not make the final decision on what was in the show. the producers did. pbs says they're now looking into the matter. federal authorities are reviewing an incident involving
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a u.s. marshal caught on cell phone. the armed marshal rushes toward a woman recording from a sidewalk. he snatches the device smashes it to the ground, and kicks it. he then walks off with a group of other officers. the incident was recorded by someone else across the street. a dramatic rescue in california. firefighters pulling a woman from her car after it plunged 150 feet down a hillside. it was embedded in a ditch. rescuers say, if not for that ditch, the crash could have been much worse. the driver was the only one in the car. she was treated on the scene and transported to the hospital for more evaluation. another rescue here. this one in a washington, d.c., metro station. take a look. there's a man that's going to come into your screen here. there you see it, he's on a motorized wheelchair, goes right off the platform on to the tracks. two men quickly jump into action. jump down on the tracks to save him. the man in the wheelchair only suffered a cut to his lip. metro officials do not know the names of the individuals who helped out.
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they're working to track them down maybe just to say thank you. to a homeowner's nightmare. look at that. that looks like a nightmare. half this home's backyard is gone. where is it? it's in the delaware river right about now. heavy rain earlier this week drastically widened that hole in the backyard. the owners say an abandoned storm sewer under their property is to blame. engineers will visit the site today, take a look, and decide with whether this house and the next one, the one next door, need to be evacuated. a washington man was attacked bay black bear. he encountered the latest animal while on a run with his dog. he ended up with more than 40 bites. severe claw swipes and deep bruises from the attack. incredibly, he was attacked by a bear while running on the same trail with the same dog four years ago. >> stay off the trail, my man. >> but he loves to run. >> run somewhere else. get a gym membership. >> by the way, we don't know what happened to the bear. from the bear from the recent attacks was actually captured and put down. >> my goodness.
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>> you're right. treadmill might be the way to go. time now for some sports. high-flying nba highlights. >> where else but from our guys at espn. nba basketball. we're giving it to you. he's stan. i'm neil. we're giving it. >> game two, mavericks and rockets from houston. in case you didn't see it. houston won game one. let's see what happens in game two. josh smith happened in game two. hooking up with dwight howard over and over and over again. six alley-oops. between the two of them. smith had seven assists in the fourth quarter. nine for the game, all of them in the second half. howard had 28 points, 12 rebounds. smith, 15 points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds. he only played about 26 minutes. we barely mentioned james harden. he did have 24. rockets win, 111-99. take a two-game series lead. j.j. watt really enjoyed game two. >> good to see i'm not the only guy who can't dance. lebron james.
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he's stylin'. and assisting. kevin love. lake oswego. this is the celtics that the cavaliers are beating. lebron, stop looking at my lemonade! everybody went crazy. avery bradley, you can't guard me. me, you can. lebron, you can't. james, 30 points, 9 rebounds, 7 assists. cavs win by eight. they're up two games to none over the celtics. >> the wizards beat the raptors in the nba playoffs. so that's all we have. >> bayern munich also won. >> now back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. up next in "the pulse." venting frustration. the baseball team manager on an epic rant. and brotherly love. the cubs who saved their sibling. the cubs who saved their sibling. t this special. ♪ i love it ♪ kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber... ... to help a body thrive. ♪ i love it ♪ folic acid and vitamin d... ... to make a body feel this good.
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well, time now for "the pulse." we start with the manager of the cincinnati reds. bryan price. he got a lot of attention. he had a lot of things on his mind i guess i should say. >> yeah, he really knows how to express himself. before monday's game, he met with reporters. he let them know he's upset about one writer's disclosure that one player wasn't available to play. here's the audio from what can be described as, well, an outburst. >> i'm sick of this [ bleep ]. it's [ bleep ] hard enough to [ bleep ] win here to have every [ bleep ] opponent knowing exactly what the [ bleep ] we bring to the table every day. it's [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> would you say it was a pep talk? >> i don't know about a pep talk. he liked that one word. he went to it 77 times. yes, 77 f bombs. there were other curse words he threw in for good measure, as well. he's apologizing for the language, but not for criticizing the media. >> there are 148 more games to go. since the outburst, the reds have actually won both games they've played since the
4:24 am
outburst. >> profanity works. i've been screaming this for years. it works. >> my mama would not agree. >> sorry. and a dog who was cut from the iditarod team is heading home after quite a trek of her own. >> the alaskan husky developed a sore shoulder. she was replaced during the famous race. she then escaped from her handlers. disappeared. the musher didn't expect to see the dog again. but then the sightings began. >> after the 3-year-old dog was spotted in the backyard, a minister started putting out food. finally, the dog was caught 50 miles from where she disappeared. she's fine, though a little thin. >> a happy ending there. finally, brotherly love between youngsters at a zoo in tokyo. four white tiger cubs born in january. let out of their cages the other day. >> one of them ended up in the play pool and couldn't get out. his brother trying to pull him out. it took a couple of tries. once mama got there, the little guy was already out of the water. good to see them looking out for each other. that probably won't last long. they're brothers. >> oh, it's a good start to their young lives.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good wednesday. it is hump day. and earth day. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla gulen is watching traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> there is a little drizzle. >> i ran into a little. >> a little more than yesterday. >> the marine layer is still there and full of moisture and giving it up at a greater clip. there is not much fog on live doppler hd. in our camera you can see how ahead it is over san francisco. our 12 hour day planner shows temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s this morning. we will stay in the 50s at the coast as we hit the upper 60s to low 70s with increasing sunshine this afternoon. a little bit more than yesterday and still a chance of a stray
4:29 am
shower across the north bay and otherwise after the morning most of us will be dry. >> we will watch out for that with drizzle not impeding the drivers. >> just mist. it is not going to cause a problem. the san mateo bridge shows traveling moving nicely as you head between hayward and foster city and eastbound direction there will be some construction. that will last until 11 o'clock today. the bay bridge toll plaza shows a few cars collecting in the far right hand lane to pay their cash and head across to san francisco. a few cars and no delays. >> thank you leyla, at 4:29. the 49ers are spending to cars for park at levi stadium but the plan could push out some kids would play soccer nearby. the team is getting an earful from the soccer parents andayers who thin it is a bad idea. our reporter is at levi stadium in santa clara. >> the battle is over the 11 acres of soccer feel next to the stadium. the 49ers would like to use it
4:30 am
for parking but the people who use it right now are fighting to keep it. last night at the santa clara city council meeting it was a packed house. soccer supporters filled the room and are upset over proposal to lease the land to the 49ers. levi stadium has a documented parking problem and the organization is offering to pay to take over the soccer field. the chief operating officer presented a $15 million cash downpayment to the city, $3 million to the schools a percentage of parking revenue and a 39 year lease plus options. soccer community wants an equal or better field location. >> the soccer park facility is worth $70 million and the land alone. what we are looking for as a soccer league is for the 49ers to stand up to their commitment and provide a facility in a soccer place of equal value for the league. >> it is a start. now the final. >> for several hours players, and parents and small business


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