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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight. wild weather. east coast slammed with severe storms from florida to new york. pelting rain. large hail. wind gusts topping 60 miles an hour. flooding closing major roads and interstates. more dangerous storms on the way. real life "fast & furious." a major crackdown on the streets of l.a. a police sting busting dozens of people involved in illegal street racing. impounding cars. abc news is there exclusively as hundreds of officers move in, shutting down those potentially deadly races. parents' nightmare. a panicked mother's dramatic 911 call. a mother's third grader swiped from the driveway. alone in the car for just a moment. >> someone stole my car and my son was inside of it. >> the desperate search for the little boy. three anxious hours until he was
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found miles away. how police finally tracked him down. and too sexy? drama on the dance floor. the judges calling rumer too raunchy. >> it's a ballroom, not a bedroom. >> did her bootylicious dance go too far? what the star is saying about it all. what about her dad? and good morning, america. what about her dad, lara? he wasn't there last night. maybe he knew it was coming. bruce willis. >> her dad, i'm sure, had something to say. michael strahan just had something to say about it. >> but they do that all the time. i don't see what's overly sexy more sexy than anybody else does. >> the judges had a lot to say. >> well, i had no problem. >> there you go. we begin, though, with the severe weather.
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the storm slamming 55 million americans up and down the east coast. look at this video from washington last night. incredible footage over the capitol. just lighting up. >> boy, look at that lightning. we had some here as well. the storm is bringing rain hail, powerful winds. rob marciano tracking it all. >> look at this damage out of ocala, florida. 1 of 55 homes that were damaged. just north of there and parts of georgia, this is the video that came out of there. also degree damage. winds gusting to 60 miles an hour in some spots. we had hail up to two inches in diameter in georgia and parts of south carolina. further to the north, the bronx river parkway outside of new york, seeing flooding. closed for several hours overnight. that has since been allowed to open. the showers, for the most part, are moving offshore. and we'll start to see a bit of drying. still, some leftover showers. a bit of ling anythingghtning, too.
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it was a very wet boston marathon. the storm threat across the south today. more across the plains. that fires up late day and into tomorrow. we'll talk more about that later in the program. lara back over to you. >> all right, rob, thank you. tension with iran. the u.s. is sending more warships that could be used to intercept iranian ships suspected of carrying weapons to rebels in yemen. martha raddatz joins us with the very latest on this. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, lara. among those warships moving closer to yemen's coast this morning, the "u.s.s. theodore ro roosevelt, "one of our biggest ships. the security situation in yemen, an al qaeda breeding ground, can be described as nothing short of chaos. all americans had to evacuate. and houthi rebels have taken over large swaths of territory, including the capital. the pentagon says the additional warships are a show of force. adding an aircraft carrier to the navy ships we already have
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in the arabian gulf sends a strong message to iran. a senior official says the ships could be used to interdict any iranian ships that are supplying weapons. this is a very tense situation. right as the u.s. is trying to get an agreement with iran over its nuclear program. george? >> okay. such a complicated situation there. thank you, martha. the latest on the death of the baltimore man while in police custody. freddie gray died after a severe injury to his spinal cord. cell phone video shows police dragging him into a van. six officers are suspended pending an investigation. david kerley is on the scene in baltimore. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. the u.s. justice department is considering an investigation of the baltimore police department and the death of freddie gray. a lot of questions this morning. how did this 25-year-old die in police custody? this morning, this video from citizen cell phones of the arrest of freddie gray still has
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not provided answers. why did he die? police say their cameras are inconclusive, too. >> we had no evidence, physical or video or statement, of any use of force. there was no physical bodily injury that we saw, nor was it evident in the autopsy of mr. gray. >> reporter: and yet, freddie gray suffered a severe spinal injury which, seven days after his arrest led to his death. a week ago sunday, officials say gray bolted when he saw police. he gave up a couple of minutes and a couple of blocks away. once put in a van, he asked for an inhaler. minutes later, he becomes irate. police take him out and put him in leg irons. a little more than 15 minutes after being put in that van, the driver asks for a medical check. but it's 25 minutes before a medic is called. >> medic 43 on the scene with a nonbreathing. >> reporter: do you think the injury was sustained in the van? >> i know that when mr. gray was placed inside the van, he was
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able to talk. he was upset. when mr. gray was taken out of that van, he could not talk, he could not breathe. >> reporter: overnight, residents taking to the streets for a second night, unhappy with answers from authorities. the family's attorney says police bear the burden. >> they're responsible to what happened to him because it happened in their custody. under extraordinarily suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: the family's attorney thinks there are other videos that the police should release to the public. the six officers remain on suspension. the investigation expected to go another week and a half before more answers come from the baltimore p.d. >> yeah david. a lot of questions there. thank you so much. turning to the boston bomber trial. the penalty phase begins this morning, one day after 30,000 runners took the streets for the boston marathon. jurors will now decide if
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dzhokhar tsarnaev will get the death penalty or life in prison. tom llamas has been in the courtroom. good morning, tom. >> reporter: lara, good morning to you. opening statements start in a couple of hours. the prosecution set to convince the jury the punishment that fits this crime is death. this morning, the same jury that found boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all charges begins their next task. deciding whether the 21-year-old lives or dies. federal prosecutors have a new problem. victims who testified in the initial trial calling on the government to bring the case to a close and take the death penalty off the table in exchange for a life sentence without parole or an appeal. >> part of us getting on with our lives is this ending. it's not going to end when it keeps getting drawn out like this. >> reporter: rebekah gregory, who lost her leg in the bombing, says her life changed just hours ago, by completing this year's marathon.
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running with a prosthetic leg. collapsing on the finish line. and then into the arms of her family. >> just to know that i was crossing the finish line on my own foot. and, i wasn't in a wheelchair like last year. and i wasn't laying on the pavement fighting for my life like the year before, i have come a long way. >> reporter: the richard family also trying to move on. tsarnaev's bomb killed their son martin, and took their daughter jane's leg. in an op ed in "the boston globe," they're calling for an end to legal proceedings, writing -- as long as the defendant is in the spotlight, we have no choice but to live a story told on his terms not ours. >> the defense will definitely find ways to use that. >> reporter: legal experts say this will help the the defense case as they try to humanize the terrorist. the prosecutors have to convince the jury that tsarnaev should die. >> if one juror votes for life,
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he won't get the death sentence. >> reporter: the penalty phase could last a month. if joedzhokhar tsarnaev gets the death penalty, he'll be the youngest person on federal death row. medical news now. a health alert for the millions of americans taking vitamins. taking too many supplements can increase the risks of some cancers. abc's rich besser is here. this was really eye-opening to me. in some cases, taking too many supplements can do the opposite of what you're hoping for. >> this is very important information. we know from many studies that people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of heart disease and many cancers. the idea was to give people more vitamins and they can prevent cancer. when they do these studies, they can find the opposite. it's hard to know what is safe. >> which supplements are linked to which cancers? >> just a few of them. beta carotene given to smokers increases the risk of lung cancer. selenium given to people with
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skin cancer can increase some skin cancers. vitamin e can increase prostate cancer. folic acid given to the elderly can increase colon cancer. >> we reached out to the trade groups representing these vitamin supplements. and they didn't respond to us. are there any groups of people that should take supplements? >> for the general public, the best way to get your vitamins and minerals is through a balanced diet. if you're a woman and thinking of getting pregnant or are pregnant, you need a multivitamin with folate. if you have a medical condition where you can't absorb all your knew treenutrient nutrients, you'll need something. if you're on a special diet, like someone who is vegan, you need vitamin b 12. >> you'll answer a lot of questions on twitter. >> i think there will be a lot. let's go to amy. more on the tragedy in the mediterranean. >> the captain of the boat that sank killing an estimated 900 ref rue -- refugees between libya and italy has been charged. they say he crashed his boat
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into a cargo ship that had come to help them, setting off the deadly chain of events. there are reports he may have been trying to hide to escape undetected. european leaders considering a new crackdown on smugglers to prevent more tragedies like this one. another case of homegrown terror is in the news. the fbi is increasingly concerned about americans recruiting other americans to join isis. a 20-year-old college student left her family in alabama, linked up with the terror group in syria, and is now urging others to do the same. it comes as we learn of another young recruiter, an 18-year-old american in syria connected to six minnesota men arrested this week. a major food recall this morning. blue bell creameries is recalling all of its products in 29 states including ice cream, frozen yogurt, and frozen snacks because listeria was found in two samples of ice cream products. the company issued a limited recall last month.
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after three deaths in kansas were linked to its ice cream. a big break in the case of the $5 million gold heist on a north carolina highway last month. the fbi has recovered this gold bar in south florida. worth about $500,000. agents won't say where they found it. they say it was among the stash stolen from that truck, traveling from miami to boston. the other bars are still missing. a $25,000 reward is being offered in the case. a wild scene on a pittsburgh highway with a man clinging to the hood of that suv for 11 miles. the driver says the man jumped on the hood because he saw him with his girlfriend, who was still, by the way, in the passenger seat. that driver now charged with assault. and finally, we should say there is no foul play suspected in the next story. but there is a fowl in play. you might say. take a look at what's dangling down into that fireplace there.
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yes, that is a duck that got stuck upside down in the chimney of a louisiana home. the fire department was called. it took them two hours to take apart the fireplace to rescue the little guy. it was released back into the wild. he wasn't left hanging. and his goose wasn't cooked. >> oh. >> oh! >> fire season is over. >> well done. well done. >> amy. >> thank you. you didn't leave me hanging. thank you. >> we'll let that one hang. >> well done, well done. moving on though. want to get to the real-life "fast & furious." it was a major street racing bust in los angeles. dozens of people arrested. their cars impounded. and abc's t.j. holmes has our story. >> lara, in the movies, the guy wins the race, gets the girl, drives off into the sunset. but in real life you get handcuffed and you get an impound notice. sometimes people get hurt or everyone get killed.
7:14 am
l.a. police seeing an increase in these illegal street races with these special cars, the high-end cars with modifications. and daredevils behind the wheel. like something right out of "the fast & the furious" this morning, illegal racers turning more and more california streets into dangerous playgrounds. 44 arrested in a major bust early monday in los angeles. hundreds of police swooping in, trapping nearly 300 vehicles from a contingent from the san francisco bay area. who arrived to participate in illegal street races. the popularity of the street races is on the rise. publicized through social media. often leading to dire consequences. this deadly race captured in los angeles two months ago. the mustang on the left swerving into a crowd, killing two people. >> anytime a person gets killed as a result of something like this, we're going to do everything we can to crush this type of criminal activity.
7:15 am
>> there. right there. >> reporter: abc news recently saw street racers and stunt drivers performing spinouts like these. known as sideshows. similar to what we have all become accustomed to seeing in those "fast & furious" movies. authorities say street racing puts the drivers and the general public at risk. >> they feel they don't have any responsibility for the chaos they're causing. >> reporter: spectators get cited, as well. because it's illegal to stand around and watch these things. they want to change the law to what would allow cops to give you a citation for the modification and also take your car. you can't get your car back until you agree to go have the modifications changed. >> it's illegal to watch as well. >> reporter: you're not supposed to watch these things. >> very dangerous. very dangerous. >> you have an incredible story. >> yeah, this story is every parent's worst nightmare. you leave your kid in a running car to quickly go back into your home. you return and find your car gone and the kid gone as well. this happened to family in california. the mother's 911 call capturing her terror.
7:16 am
and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> someone stole my car and my son was inside of it. >> okay. somebody took your car and your son was inside? >> yes. >> reporter: the dramatic 911 call capturing the panicked moment that suzanne realized her son brock was missing. the family car stolen from their northern california driveway monday morning. with the 8-year-old in the back seat. >> my husband just put him in there like maybe a minute. >> reporter: his father loaded him into the sedan to head to school, but then took a quick step back inside. leaving the car running. by the time he returned, he was gone. >> there was a bike there. i knew somebody took my baby. >> reporter: police issued an amber alert. scouring the street for any signs of the third grader. >> we had a citizen call and say they located hat they believed to be the vehicle. >> reporter: after three anxious hours, police located the car less than two miles away. >> the child is in the car. appears to be okay. just woke up. >> reporter: little brock found
7:17 am
safe and sound. sleeping in the backseat. his abductor, gone. >> he woke up, the guy looked back and said, i didn't know you were in the car. then pulled over, got out, walked away. >> reporter: minutes later, brock bundled up and reunited with his parents. >> it was absolutely amazing. i was completely overjoyed, with goose bumps. >> reporter: police still investigating. taking a person of interest into custody monday on an unrelated charge. as the guzman's make plans of their own. >> i'm going to get in bed with my son and we're going to snuggle and watch a lot of movies. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news new york. >> i would do the same thing. >> i know. >> that little boy. that's not bad. rob marciano, it's april 21st and you have snow? >> well you know we hit 80 degrees over the weekend. we have to change it up a little bit. here's a live shot of chicago. winds could gust to 40, 50 miles an hour. it will be below average.
7:18 am
yep, on the map, there it is. snow mostly for the u.p. of michigan. 35 in minneapolis today. there's the breezy west and northwest wind that keeps things cool along the great lakes. the rest of the country, strong storms. they fire up across parts of texas. rain across southern florida. dry out west for the most part.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. next couple of days are partly sunny and breezy and cooler-than-average with an isolated chance of a shower. we have a better chance of thunderstorms in the sierra. clouds and mild with drizzle in the morning. upper 50s along the coast and san francisco and everyone else in the 60s until antioch at 70. temperatures tonight are mainly in the 50s again and seven-day forecast is warmer >> and speaking of snow, well, that's not quite snow. it's in alpharetta, georgia. it's hail accumulation. from yesterday. we're kind of in hail season. that can pile up. >> you can call it whatever you want. >> it still looks like snow. i got it. i got it. summer is on the way. coming up on "gma," dramatic testimony in the trial of the former honor student charged with killing her boyfriend. her mother takes the stand. dan and nancy are here to weigh in live. also coming up, the new investigation into smartphone apps. how free downloads could allow hackers to spy on you. and comedy legend roseanne
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just ahead on "gma," the latest in the honor student murder trial. the mother of the accused takes the stand. in her defense. dan and nancy are here to weigh in live. and royal baby watch. the question so many are asking right now, where is princess . . . good morning. i'm kristen sze. doctors at san pablo closed some hours ago after decades of serving patients. the hospital was forced to close because it was losing $18
7:25 am
million a year. a new lifelong urgent care facility opened in san pablo to fill the void. it is only open from noon until 8:00 for those with nonlife threatening injuries. morning commute, how is it looking, leyla? over the bay bridge toll plaza, as you make your drive coming in towards san francisco, you can see some gaps in the cars there. a 15-minute wait from the east bay to the city. we are going to take you over theover the
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good morning, america. right now, severe water slams 55 million americans on the east coast. heavy rain hail and powerful winds. and right now, the mother of the former honor student on trial for killing her boyfriend takes the stand tarksz defense begins its case. and a new investigation finds that hackers are using free apps on your phone to spy on you and steal your private information. good morning, america. a little nostalgia. one of the most popular sitcoms from the '90 sz coming back. "full house." uncle jesse going on "jimmy kimmel" and making the announcement.
7:31 am
right now, rego to the story of the honor student killing her boyfriend. dan and nancy are here the weigh in live after all the latest from gio benitez. >> reporter: the soft spoken mother of an accused murderer. taking the stand on monday. >> she graduated in the top 5%. >> reporter: sharon hubers says she was with her daughter on october 12, 201, the day shayna killed her on-again off-again boyfriend, ryane poston. >> hi knew he would die a very slow and painful death. >> reporter: prosecutors say she did it in anger, when ryan tried to break up with her. sharon says she got a call from shayna 18 hours before the killing. have she was in pain. there was fear in her voice.
7:32 am
>> reporter: she says she thought shayna was having a stroke. instead of seeing a doctor the mother-daughter duo went to the mall. >> she was a mess. >> what were your words to shayna? >> shayna call 911. >> reporter: she called 911 and said she shot poston in self-defense. her mother revealing shayna would often disappear without telling her. is there she tells you she's in indiana, she's in hawaii and asking row to put money in her account. >> reporter: at the time of his death, poston was involved in a lawsuit with his former business partner. his friend adam said he rarely got up set. >> i have never seen him angry at all. >> reporter: shayna human beingers has plead not guilty. testimony starts up again this morning. >> let's get more on this now from dan abrams and nancy grace,
7:33 am
the host of "nancy grace" on hln. the claim is self-defense. they haven't done anything to back it up. >> they haven't. she has to explain away a lot of potentially incriminating statements. they have to do more than just have her mother take the stand. and actually help the prosecution's case. >> how so? >> in terms of motive. the fact that their relationship was on the rocks. the motive is she was angry, he broke up with her. as a result she killed him. her own mother seems to be backing up that portion of the prosecution's case. >> nancy, dan thinks she has to take the stand. what can she say? >> i'll tell you this much. if her police interrogation was any indication of how she will do on the stand, i think it's better she remain silent. because in her police interrogation, she says yeah i shot him in the face. i gave him the nose job he
7:34 am
always waunted. that didn't go over very well. then she started laughing. another issue is, not only is she pound by her earlier statements, she bound by the blood evidence it shows blood spatter on the chair and his pants, nowhere else. he was clearly shot sitting down. also she'll have to explain premeditation. that she went over that day, specifically to kill him. cell mates say she threw things around in poston's apartment so the neighbors would hear it and think they were having a fight. she says she was coming over to get bath items. dan, really she went all the way back over to to tl to get her shampoo? go to the dollar store. why go back over there? it was to kill him. >> the premeditation part i don't think is particularly strong. i think the best argue mment she's got her, manslaughter.
7:35 am
he breaks up with her, she effectively loses it. she has to admit he broke up with her. >> that's starting a crime wave. if you can gun down your boyfriend every time they have a date that night with miss ohio. >> nancy. manslaugt sir not permissible under the law. it's actually a crime where you serve 10020 years in the state of kentucky. it doesn't mean you're getting off. it means you're convicted of another crime. >> nancy, if she can proof she didn't go over there with the intent to kill him, does she have a shot at manslaughter? >> she's got a shot. i think dan is right in sense that if the jury returns a lesser offense, it would be manslaughter. if the jury give use pass every time you and your boyfriend had a fight, because he had a date with miss ohio that night, you can shoot him dead, you'll have a crime wave. >> without the premeditation,
7:36 am
this tuz show as a classic manslaughter case. the classive example is we say someone walks in on their spouse with someone else. breaking up with your girlfriend -- >> she tells the inmates she threw things against the wall so the neighbors thought they were fighting sflp she'll have to offer up some testimony, when she admits that he broke up with her. i think testifying is her only shot here at a lesser included i don't think she has any chance at a not guilty. >> get ready for the cross-examination. >> we'll have you pack when it comes. time now for rob with the weather. >> dratmatic weather out of australia. look at this home being swept away in new south wales.
7:37 am
over a foot of rain in the past week. this home feeling the it. this shot just offshore. we'll see some storms, i think, across parts of california. not enough to relieve the drought in any way, but any moisture will >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, waking up to clouds and drizzle. well see sunshine breaking through the further inland you are. 66 to 73. mid-to-upper 50s at the cost and san francisco. the seven-day forecast >> at one point, it will be a dryer day across the northeast. this weather cast brought to you by samsung. it gratz day to sit and watch television yesterday if you could. coming up "gma" investigates. the apps hackers may be using to spy on you. and roseanne barr revealing
7:38 am
she's going blind. how the comedy legend is dealing with the diagnosis.
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7:42 and we're back now with "gma" investigates. this mormg, smartphone security. some free apps on your phone can be a gateway for thieves to steal your personal information or listen in on your conversations. mar have a schiavocampo is here with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. some of the most popular free apps things like flashlights and even the bible may be designed just to collect your most personal information. and they're doing it mostly through the permissions that you agree to. smartphone apps. they make your every want or need just a download away. according to a recent study, most of us spend an average of two hours and 4minutes a day on
7:43 am
our phones. it's not just for talking. 86% of that time is spent using apps. but "gma" investigates learning you might be unknowingly opening a door to cyber thieves by downloading certain free apps that are designed to steal your identity your financial data even spy on you. most free aps make money by selling certain personal data. it's what you agree to. some free apps created by hackers embed spy ware or malware into the apps. with the sole purpose of stealing important information once this happens, your information could be hacked. >> it's spyingon pow. it's spying on the other's. >> reporter: using a phone with malware, gary playing the role of a hacker show use how easy it is for thieves to steal
7:44 am
personal data on your phone. he takes my photo. will it appear there? sure enough it's on his laptop. the phone was recording our entire conversation. >> right now, a command was sent to the phone. it's eavesdropping on the microphone right now. >> reporter: this is the conversation we were just having. >> we were being spied on. >> reporter: application developers alliance saying app developers are doing a remarkable job maintaining consumers' trust. they add consumers must protect themselves. experts say don't intall apps asking for more permissions than they feed. uninstall apps you don't use. opt for paid apps they ask for uer me missions than free apps. games. a lot of kids download things on parents' phones a lot of those are -- >> they down load i delete. >> i just delighted a few right now. >> and they put them right back
7:45 am
on your phone when you're not looking. >> you can unring the bell? >> you can uninstall. worst case factory reset. >> oh boy. need a tech adviser for that. royal baby watch. where is kate as she gets ready for the new arrival? and the new secret to staying strong. is chocolate milk the best postworkout snack? works morefor me. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman. when
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welcome back to "gma," everybody. now you all know the royal baby watch is heating up. princess kate is due any day now. many are wondering where she is right now. abc's sara haines keeping track of all of that in lond. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning, michael. normally when someone is having a baby you can safely assume they're probably at home. when you're duchess kate that could mean several places. her parents' home her and william's country home or kensington palace their primary london residence. this royal baby could come any time now.
7:50 am
the countdown is on. and britain again is coming down with a case of kate expectations as it prepares to welcome a new royal baby. the question on many minds, where is kate these days? do you know where duchess kate is? >> no i don't. >> she wasn't at our hotel. we ploongd. >> she wasn't at my hotel. >> she could be at kensington morales. >> reporter: she palace. she could be at her parents home. >> reporter: here's an inside look at the wing behind the exclusive maternity wards doors. many brits are counting down the days to the baby's arrival. >> just to experience a part of history. >> i hope it's going to be a girl and they name it lucinda. >> reporter: okay so i have heard tea is big here in london. i have my fancy lady hat.
7:51 am
my royal mug from prince george which i'll replace when the new baby comes. in the meantime, i'm officially on kate wait. >> it's a good gig if you can get it. >> how come it's not the great kate wait? chlt i'm hold miging my breath until they baby comes. the full house reunion. we have all the details coming up on "gma." at hilton, we say... play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. but mostly just play. with hilton's 12 brands you always get the lowest price. only when you book direct at
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"aún$7( tt2wút3n
7:57 am
gate bridge might create some droplets on your windshield. we do have this crash. westbound 5 of highway 4. if you come up to solano way. it is about 40 minut
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. roseanne barr's shocking revelation that she's going blind. the sitcom legend's one-two health punch and the surprising way she's dealing with it. and the new secret of staying strong after a workout. is chocolate milk the perfect key to refueling and rebuilding? we're milking it with our workout crew. live. and rumer willis ignites the dance floor with her partner, val. her mom cheering her on. did their "bootylicious" dance take it a little too far? we'll hear from them this morning. and that's not all. we have people working out here in times square this morning. there they are.
8:01 am
you're working out at home watching us, as well. we're trying to test something. they're sweating it out. we're going to find out if chocolate milk is the right way to recover from your workout. michael, you vote yes? >> yes, when i was a kid, i drank about a gallon of chocolate milk a day. >> gallon? >> and in a very unscientific study, you were telling us -- >> i'm bigger than all my siblings. everybody else here. so i think -- it possibly worked. >> the chocolate milk, for sure. >> you have a book there. >> i haven't had it in awhile. when i was a kid, it was something i drank. >> i feel an endorsement coming. >> no. no. >> cha ching. cha ching. >> nestle's quik. >> yep. we're going to get into that. we'll explain. also, trending everywhere right now. the big reveal overnight from john stamos. "full house" the relaunch is on. we have the new details on that. he told jimmy kimmel. and it's happening. >> can't wait for that. and guess what? jesse palmer also here this morning.
8:02 am
joining us. and i know, jesse, you have been bringing us the real-life superhero stories. today, you're delivering another one. >> and amy, i gotta tell you, i've been so inspired by all these superhero stories. you'll never believe this. i got my own workout in this morning. i scaled a building myself. check this out. this was early this morning. >> uh huh. >> it's not as easy as it looks. i can promise you that. really tough. dancing on a building. >> nice. >> actually way harder. i can promise you from here on out, i'll be taking the subway to work. that was actually the wrong building, by the way. >> you had a gallon of chocolate milk after that. >> that's right. >> we played together. i gave him some milk, too. have some of mine. >> it's working. right now, we have to get some news from amy. >> we begin with the next step for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. he's back in court this morning. as the penalty phase of his trial begins. the same jury that convicted him on 30 counts must decide whether he'll be sentenced to death or life in prison. several relatives of victims are asking prosecutors to take the
8:03 am
death penalty off the table. court gets started just hours after an inspiring finish to the boston marathon. a runner with muscular dystrophy crossed the finish line this morning, more than 20 hours after he started. he's a college professor from venezuela who has now completed five marathons. overseas this morning, the captain behind the biggest tragedy on record in the mediterranean sea is now under arrest accused of recks will homicide and human trafficking. he's among two dozen survivors from a capsized smuggling boat. an estimated 900 others were killed. most of them refugees from syria and africa. officials say the captain rammed the boat into a cargo ship that was trying to help. new tensions in the middle east this morning. the pentagon is moving the aircraft carrier "theodore roosevelt" into position. to intercept any ships from iran that may be carrying weapons for rebels in yemen. several other american ships are already in those waters. and back here at home, new
8:04 am
concerns about bird flu. a second outbreak in iowa has been confirmed in a farm housing more than 5 million of the state's egg-laying chickens. the virus is also affecting the turkey industry in several states and could lead to shortages. a childhood favorite is about to get a major makeover. starting next year there will be no longer artificial colors or preservatives in kraft macaroni & cheese. the color will come from natural ingredients. kraft has been under pressure to make the changes. speaking of a change this is a big one. and perhaps good news for all those kids out there who want to be jedi knights one day. look at this letter written by 7-year-old colin from sacramento. he was really concerned because he wants to get married some day. but those jedi rules that personal attachments could lead to the dark side were making it almost impossible. he wrote to george lucas and asked him to change the rules. lucasfilm wrote back and said, the force obviously is strong in
8:05 am
him and saying yes, jedi can marry because the qualities important to jedi are also important to a good marriage. if you can hear there, colin was very excited about this. saying yeah, i can get married. >> no way! >> thank goodness. now that we've worked that out. >> take it easy. a couple years. a couple years. >> whatever happened to the latency period? colin is ready to go. >> young jedi master. >> thank you, amy. >> "pop news" and weather coming up. but michael is in "the social square" right now. here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." in the social square, powered by samsung galaxy. in "pop news" -- all the details on the ultimate "full house" reunion that's about to be everywhere you look. plus "dancing's" incredible spring break showdown. rumer willis heating up the ballroom and the judges. patti labelle heads home. and real-life superheroes. the astonishing moments bystanders broke into a car on
8:06 am
fire to save family. and of course, the one and only tim mcgraw performs live all coming up on "gma," here in times square. tim mcgraw. >> daisy. they leave on sunday afternoon to grandma's house they're bound. the car is filled with music that classic disco sound. and on their little faces, only smiles could be found. goldfish crackers. the snack that smiles back. soil is the foundation for healthy
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8:09 am
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8:11 am
us saying have mercy this morning after making a big announcement on "jimmy kimmel live" last night, revealing the series is coming back on netflix as "fuller house." >> oh that's a great sequel. >> great sequel. very creative. here's what he had to say. >> it's a labor of love. we have been literally trying for so many years to do it right. and i think we finally got it perfect. they just five minutes ago said, you can give the exclusive to jimmy kimmel. so i've just -- >> oh, that's nice. thank you. >> and now we're taking his exclusive and making it our own. candace cameron-bure, jodie sweetin, and andrea barber will all return. stamos will produce. and guest star. and he said that bob saget, dave coulier, lori loughlin and the olsen twins are in talks to premier. cut that out. are you kidding me? >> i'm so up to date because my daughter loves watching the reruns.
8:12 am
>> my kids, too. >> stamos hasn't changed. >> that's all right. >> the man is ageless. >> we need whatever he has. i need it. >> it's the greek genes. >> you look like you're 17 over there, george. you never seem to age. >> older than stamos. we have more big reunion news out there. "seinfeld's" elaine and jerry are joining forces. get out! yeah. there you go, amy. jerry seinfeld announcing that julia louis-dreyfus will join him for season six of his internet show, "comedians in cars." getting coffee. their seinfeld cast mates, jason alexander and michael richards have appeared in other seasons. also this season, stephen colbert, steve harvey, jim carrey. the show kicks off on june 4th on crackle. we know seinfeld and louis-dreyfus will get coffee. but no plans yet on if they're going to have the big salad. >> and no soup for them. >> no soup for them. stay away from that soup right now. >> she is so funny on "veep" right now.
8:13 am
>> great show. >> and that show jerry's show is fantastic. the day i knew it was like, a big hit, was when ali wentworth was having coffee. >> she had fun. >> i gotta go back and watch that and see if i can find anything about george and how he doesn't age. okay, everybody. can you feel the rhythm of the music getting stronger? because the heat is on at the memphis grizzlies games. you don't want to be caught not knowing how to bongo when the miami sound machine hit song "congo" starts. this lady's made a name for herself as the ultimate bongo lady. go get it, girl. "the new york times" profiling this long-time fan who can work wonders on the imaginary drums. look at her embarrassed son next to her. he's so embarrassed. but apparent lirksly not so embarrassed not to accept her
8:14 am
offer to go to the game. >> bongo lady. >> i smell a halloween costume next year. >> please, can i be bongo lady? >> she's a lawyer and part-time judge. >> go on. >> so i wonder when you're getting a verdict if she's like, oh, innocent. guilty. she's delivering the verdict. that's all i got. that's all "pop news." >> you killed. >> that was pretty good, michael. way to go. "heat index" coming up. let's go to rob for a check of the weather. >> all right. sorry. we're inside playing the bongos. you guys like playing the bongos? who doesn't? all right. let's go to where they do that. miami, where that song originated from, right? temperatures in the 70s. cloudy. you'll see storms. thank you, wplg for that shot. 84 will be the high temperature. i tell you what, you can use the rain. it will be kind of a wet day across south florida. you're below average. the cooling trend on for the northeastern third of the country, 50s today, 40s in some spots. 60s in boston. after a wet day yesterday. storms across parts of texas.
8:15 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. next couple of days are partly sunny and breezy and cooler-than-average with an isolated chance of a shower. we have a better chance of thunderstorms in the sierra. clouds and mild with drizzle in the morning. upper 50s along the coast and san francisco and everyone else in the 60s until antioch at 70. temperatures tonight are mainly in the 50s again and seven-day forecast is warmer >> this is daisy. daisy, toss it back to george. toss it back to george. george, back to you. >> thank you, rob. first up in our "heat index," the stunning admission from roseanne barr. in a new interview, she says she's going blind. dr. jen ashton is here. the cause the glaucoma and macular degeneration. explain that. >> it's a one-two punch. for two of the top causes of blindness that we see with increasing age. the first one, macular degeneration causes a loss of vision in the center of the
8:16 am
visual field. you may have trouble recognizing someone's face. glaucoma, a pressure buildup, which compresses the nerves that feed the eye, causes us to lose vision from the outside in. >> do they always go together? >> no, they don't. a one-two punch. a really, really unfortunate diagnosis. >> can you treat it? >> well, that's the good news. i just got off the phone the last hour with the chief of wills eye hospital in philadelphia. the treatment for both more exciting than ever. according to her. there's new drugs. new medication that can be injected into the eye in some cases. they're using stem cell therapy. and new surgery, telescopic implants which can help restore some form of vision. so again, it's an exciting time. the key is early diagnosis. >> how about preventing it? in the first place. >> the things that are good for the brain and the heart also good for the eye. if you smoke, stop, and don't start. that's the most important thing for eye health. if you have high blood pressure, control it. for the average person without a
8:17 am
family history of any eye disease, you want to get a dilated eye exam yearly. starting around age 50. and earlier if you have a family history. >> thank you, jen. you'll take questions online? >> yes. next up on the heat index, spring break night on "dancing with the stars." a big old beach party. the final bash for patti labelle and her partner, artem. melissa rycroft caught up with them backstage after the show. ♪ >> reporter: the ballroom was hot, hot, hot, with spring break fever. ♪ rocker riker lynch's striking samba leaping into first place. but the dance floor not without drama. ♪ body so bootylicious ♪ >> it's a ballroom, not a bedroom. >> oh. >> obviously, it is spring break. but, i actually agree with the judges as well. i have a very high expectation of myself. and, doing these kind of dances is very different from the ballroom thing. >> i'm sorry, bruce. >> reporter: and the spring
8:18 am
vacation was cut short for one couple. >> for the past six weeks, it's been an incredible journey. i had so much fun. >> i have done so much i didn't think i would do. i'm so happy. i am. i'm proud of patti. >> reporter: she was the belle of the ball from the start. patti labelle receiving a standing ovation for her lady marmalade fox-trot on week one. >> they love ya. >> reporter: and keeping her cool during this one-shoe quick step. you're known for kicking off your shoes, right? >> of course i am. >> reporter: now tell me what happened. was that on purpose? >> no. it was designed for me to kick both shoes off. >> reporter: it was? >> oh, yeah. one got stuck. >> reporter: the grammy-award winning singer dancing through the pain of a knee injury all season. what do you think helped propel you to push through it? >> because i have this great spirit. and even if i'm hurting inside, i'm going to get through it, because i can. >> reporter: for "good morning america," melissa rycroft, abc news, los angeles. >> she went out with a smile. >> she did.
8:19 am
she did a great job. and we were saying that rumer -- >> it didn't look any more provocative than any other dance i have seen. >> every other dance. >> and her outfit was tasteful. i don't get it. >> maybe went a little too far. >> maybe bruno was feeling shy last night. >> you can see all the action on "dancing with the stars," monday night at 8:00. eastern, 7:00 central, right here on abc. so we have been talking about this all morning long. michael is a big proponent of this. next on "the heat index," the ultimate post workout plan. it's a story we first saw in "the new york times." one that michael has apparently known about his whole life. it's about how one of your favorite childhood treats could be the key to refueling. we have a full-on boot camp going on. dr. jen ashton has more to yahoo! your day. ♪ yahoo! ♪ >> reporter: this rowing team has a secret. when the cornell university team finishes a brutal training session, they're not picking up
8:20 am
a protein shake or banana. their choice? chocolate milk. >> helps us recover. when we're training up to 20 hours a week. >> low-fat chocolate mill sk really the gold standard. it's got all the nutrients that the body burns through in training. >> reporter: clint, cornell's coordinator for sports nutrition came up with the idea when he saw athletes undereating during the day, training hard, and overeating at night. >> getting good nutrition around training is critical. the recovery window starts within 30 minutes of training. it continues for 24 to 48 hours. the body needs nutrients throughout the day to repair optimally. >> reporter: here's why some say chocolate milk is a great recovery aid for certain people. research shows the protein from the milk rebuilds muscle. the water rehydrates. the sugar and carbs replaces glycogen. that was burned as energy. plus, young athletes like the taste. is it good for all of us? we asked michelle from yahoo! health. >> chocolate milk is a great recovery drink if you're an endurance athlete working out
8:21 am
intensely for an hour. if you're the average person working out for 30 to 45 minutes, you're probably okay with just some water and healthy meals. >> so i know michael strahan believed in it. but it was surprising to us. we want to ask our workout crew. what do you guys do after a workout? >> i have a banana and water. >> all right. >> i'm addison, i have a protein shake. >> and it's working. it's working. >> one water. one protein shake. >> i'm cecile. i do coconut water and a meal. >> i'm a coconut water person, too. were you surprised about the chocolate milk idea? >> yes and no. >> let me show you a demonstration. in the sports world, athletes have been doing this for a couple of years. it's just now becoming main stream. the key with chocolate milk is not just the hydration, it's what else your body needs. imagine this is your sports drink or regular water. the filter is your body. you drink it. and as you can see, it just goes right through. very good at hydration, which is important. if you consider chocolate milk.
8:22 am
mine would be darker. you pour it in. the sponge is your muscle. watch what happens to the sponge. >> and i asked dr. jen, why chocolate? what about the sugar in chocolate? >> a lot of the chocolate milk secret has to do with the fact that it tastes good. the palatibility. you're more likely to actually drink it. but look what's happening to the muscle. this is the glycogen storage getting repleted. with the combination of the sugar, the carbs, and the protein. and you need that. >> right. >> don't worry about the calories. what should we tell people? >> listen, sugar is not all bad and all good. your body needs sugar when you're working out. this is not just for the elite athlete. if you want to feel good with your workouts, you should start treating yourself as an elite athlete. a couple of tips. the power hour. get this in in the first 30 minutes, ideally within the first hour. eight ounces. not more. low-fat chocolate milk. and if you're lactose
8:23 am
intolerant pb & j on whole wheat. >> pb and j on whole wheat. there you go. i'm so excited. we gotta get over to amy. and jesse palmer is back with us now. and this week, he's been bringing us stories about real-life superheroes. as we count down to friday's big "avengers" cast event. it's about ordinary people who pull off extraordinary feats. this morning, not one but two amazing people who pulled off a superhuman rescue. >> thank you, amy. what could have been a devastating tragedy for a family near rochester, new york, had a happy ending thanks to two fearless superheroes acting faster than speeding bullets to save the day. no one should have survived this crash on november 23, 2013. terri was driving home from a birthday party with all four of her children. marianna twins maddox and dante, and the baby adelai just 6 months old. then, the unthinkable. >> as i was turning, the other
8:24 am
guy ran the light and hit us. >> the impact was so hard. the vehicle was immediately on fire. >> reporter: in the car behind terri was off-duty police officer and mother of two, christine wilson. >> i heard babies, babies, i just reacted to it. >> reporter: also nearby, frank destefano, a father of two, was headed out for work as a snowplow operator. both sprang into action. christine is the first to reach the car. >> i grabbed the first child. helped her unbuckle. >> reporter: christine gets marianna, baby adelai, and maddox you can buckled and to safety. but she's struggling to get dante out of his car seat. >> the smoke started getting thick. it was heavy. it was dark. i couldn't see nothing. everyone was saying, it's about to explode. i didn't hear none of that. i guess i just went into tunnel vision. >> reporter: the heat and smoke was too much. >> i knew i had that last child in the car. and i just didn't want to leave him. and i'm just yelling and
8:25 am
screaming for somebody to help me. i didn't get the last child out the car. >> reporter: frank rushes to the burning car, knowing his only option is to somehow break the safety glass off the back windshield. >> i just, with my elbow, i took a shot at the window as hard as i could. for some odd reason, the whole window just blew apart. my adrenaline was pumping so hard. i probably could have ripped the back door right off if i had to. >> reporter: using sheer strength and adrenaline, frank gets dante out. >> i just jumped through the window. i reached over. grabbed the harness on the child seat. >> reporter: amazingly terri and her children walked away from the crash with little more than a bruise. today, they have a chance to say thank you to their real-life heroes. >> thank you. >> yeah, you're welcome. >> wow. both of these people are so brave. and when you think of how frank broke that back windshield with just his elbow. recently, the story of chris
8:26 am
masters, the wwe wrestlers, who lifted a tree out of the ground to safe his mom from a burning apartment. scientists who have studied this say under stress, the body can create a chemical reaction that may boost energy levels and actually motivate us to get close to our absolute power level. it's an unbelievable story. get ready for big screen superheroes coming your way. the entire cast of "the avengers: age of ultron" will be live right here in times square this friday morning. it's going to be exciting stuff. >> jesse, thank you so much for that. it was an incredible story. >> the human spirit. an amazing thing. >> thank you. >> you got it.
8:27 am
123w4r. >> good morning, i'm kristen sze. >> redwood city police are investigating an attempted kidnapping. a woman was taking things out of her car when someone grabbed her. she yelled and fought off her attacker. the suspect took off in a dark-colored vehicle driven by another person. anyone with information is asked to call redwood city police right away. your morning commute going smoothly, except in some troubled spots. >> this is 87 past julian street. take a look at the cars. they are not moving very much. are they? stop and go if you are heading into concord. this drive is pretty ruined because of an earlier sig alert
8:28 am
that has canceled. it is coming out of bay point to get you from concord right into the east bay. you are going to find at least a 45-minute
8:29 am
good morning. i'm mike nicco. we are still under a thick deck of clouds. temperatures haven't moved because of the lack of sunshine, low to mid-50s.
8:30 am
highs in the mid to upper 50s along the coast in san francisco. low to mid-50s around the bay. maybe a 70. [ cheers and applause ] we're back now with the man of the hour. tim mcgraw, come on out. [ cheers and applause ] so happy he's here. as the audience is as well. he'll perform live in a bit. >> how are you? >> nobody looks better than this man in the black hat. >> i was just bragging about you. not only a terrific singer. amazing band. also a movie star. big new picture coming out, "tomorrowland." alongside of oh just george clooney. >> the trail sir awesome. >> we got it?
8:31 am
>> you're going to get to see it. it's awesome. >> i swear to god, if you're on drugs. >> i'm not on drugs. it will all be explained as soon as you touch this what is -- it's not working. ♪ you're not seeing this? >> casey stop it! >> oh that looks amazing. we should mention "tomorrowland" hits theaters in may. go to our onewebsite to see the whole trailer. we're looking forward to hearing tim perform. we'll talk to him later coming up this morning. can you tell we're excited? >> i'm excited. i can't wait to play. >> and then also on the show, blake lively a brand-new
8:32 am
another movie. "the age of adaline." i think george is coming up with her. and there's master chef dan churchill. here to make us some dude food. can't wait to try the basic bro bugger. george back to you. i'm here are our friend diane sawyer. bringing us the story of ashley white. the first female soldier killed serving in afghanistan. the new book "ashley's war" comes out today. reese witherspoon has bought the rights to the book. >> we were saying we didn't know what these women were doing back in 2011. the book is about all of us finding more strength than we knew we had. out of the night, female soldiers in combat zones with the best of the best. they were tall they were short.
8:33 am
from all kinds of lives. >> yes, i mean, the common denominator was athletic fierce, and absolutely determined. >> reporter: gayle had written a book about the women responding to make history. emily miller. former plat toon leader in iraq. >> i wanted to prove i could be valuable. >> reporter: female soldiers needed because special operations forces couldn't penetrate the muslim homes where women held so many secrets. >> i knew how the say, i'm a womaning don't be afraid. i would call out to them. >> reporter: the first test for all of them physical. training at the limits of human endurance. 20 miles a day, suffocating temperatures. >> we were carrying all sorts of objects. your buddies. >> reporter: among them the quiet plopd, ashley white. >> the military strength is so
8:34 am
revered. ashley would -- ashley had it. >> reporter: then october 2011 ashley on a routine mission. suddenly the night lights up like roman candles. it was a nest of improvised es ploesive devices that claimed her life and the lives of two rarngs. for the first time a lot of americans learned that these women were also right there in the dark. when the community heard, they poured into the streets for the funeral of a valiant warrior. and her band of sisters keep the memory of a time when they were called and showed everyone how women serve. >> i had never been with a group of women like this -- accomplishing a mission like this that was so important. with the best of the best. >> when america in the army asked for women to do this mission, she felt the need to say, send me. and i think that that level of
8:35 am
selflessness is extraordinary. and uncommon. >> i'm so glad you did this. this is a story that hasn't been told. >> that's right. in so many way, physically spiritually, love of country, they're teaching everybody. >> a loot more tonight on "nightline." thank you, diane. let's go the rob. >> all right. it's starting to sprinkle. it's not compared to yesterday. these folks are in good spirits. we have a good threat over parts of texas. the action will include big city dallas just north of the red river. we'll be watching that carefully. a bit of break today. dryer air moves in. eventually to the east coast. 6 6 in los angeles. onshore flow. maybe a thunderstorm across parts of california. we certainly will take that. no more >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco, waking up to clouds and drizzle.
8:36 am
well see sunshine breaking through the further inland you are. 66 to 73. mid-to-upper 50s at the cost and san francisco. the seven-day forecast show >> all right. sir. we got -- you brought me a starbucks? oh it's -- i'm sorry, it's yours. there you go. nice and warm. perfect for today. you know what else is perfect? maybe a bro burger? i would be psyched about that. >> a light rain is always a perfect time to make a bro bugger outside. we're with the ultimate dude. dan churchill. the breakout star of master chef australia. a new cookbook out there for guy who is like food want to cook maybe be intimidated. it's called dude food. that's how you're supposed to say it right? >> 100%. >> can you roll the video that we have of dan, because when he's not cook, you can find him
8:37 am
doing this. in australia. he loves to surf. how did you turn a passion for surfing into food at 1 years old? >> every person wants to eat. guys get hangry. my mates were getting upset that i was getting more attention from their girls. >> it would be great if you could cook and surf sflp that's a chapter about impressing girls, right? >> there's a whole chapter. there's a chapter called getting out of the dog house. so if you're ever in trouble mate. >> we're going to make the basic bro burger. what goes into it? >> over here, toe may toast. we're making things from scratch. to make yourself look extra special, just from up high.
8:38 am
salt pepper. >> what will this be? >> the tomato chutney. >> toe may toast on a pan with fresh herbs or herbs as you say. garlic oil, into the oven. out of the oven into the blender. a wicked bit. >> i see a lot of green going on. >> next level the food right? bring in other lefrls. we'll put ground beef epic mince is what we call it. parsley. coriander. cilantro. i'm getting there. >> i thought we spoke the same language in australia. >> no, dude. >> will you taste one? i need to know from a dude how the bro burger is. >> absolutely. >> the patty. cheese on each side. fwarnish how you want. an aioli on the bottom.
8:39 am
you can go avocado. >> do you do all three? >> absolutely. 100%. no rules to cooking. whatever you're feeling is suitable do it. >> hey, dude. awesome. awesome. >> the bromanc serks alive. >> let me help you sell your book. dude food is available online and in stores starting today. dan, thank you for bringing it to us first. you can find dan's recipes on on yahoo!. thumbs up guys? >> thumbs up. coming up a lovely lady blake lively dishing on motherhood and her new film. and then tim mcgraw performing live. what a show. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
tt2wút+o@pd4 bt@q;
8:42 am
dztq vf< tt4wút+o@pd4" entq &bé tt4wút+o@pd4" gzt& ?e$ tt4wút+o@pd4" hnt& /kh tt4wút+o@pd4" iztq e"0 tt4wút+o@pd4" jntq wrp tt4wút+o@pd4" lzt& o?, and we're back now with blake lively who stars in the new film "the age of adaline" playing a woman who mysteriously stops aging. >> am i late? >> no more than usual. >> happy birthday mama. >> thank you, darling. i'm so happy to see you. you know you don't have to still give me cards.
8:43 am
i love you. >> i love you, too. >> and welcome back to blake lively. i love that scene. it makes just turning your head around and breaks your heart. >> we were nervous to shoot that because ellen and i obviously are not the typical mother daughter age gap. or at least not in the traditional sense. she came to set and was so open vulnerable pure. a woman so is toic intimidateing intimidating. >> she convinces you she's the daughter and you're the mom. >> we had a fun time together. we became buddies. >> i love the whole idea behind the movie. we all think, oh it would be great to never age. live forever. it shows the burdens of that as well. >> yeah we're always naturally chasing the thing that we don't have. since the beginning of time people search for the fountain of youth. here's someone who has it.
8:44 am
time is only valuable because of love. because of the people you have around you. if you have infin it in amounts of time but you're alone, that doesn't sound very appealing. >> you get to work with harrison ford. >> come on you have to say that more excited. harrison ford. i mean, i know it's early. but holy goodness. >> is that the first time you worked with him? >> i'm sure it's the last. i was so geeked out. >> we both have girls with boys' names. james. how is she doing? >> she's good. thank you. she's keeping me up but -- good yeah. >> where did the name come from? >> it's a family name. i liked having a boy's name. i thought pass it on. >> a whole bunch of questions coming in on twitter and social media. one from tilly. if you could give your daughter any advice for when she grows up, what would it be? >> oh boy. um oh that's like a lot to
8:45 am
throw at someone. i have a whole diary written for her. if i could give her advice it would be don't let anyone tell you no. if something hasn't been done before it doesn't mean it can't be done. you can be the first one. it's empowering to see that. we always say my mom never accepting no. it was not appealing when we said no to her eating our first or last bite of dessert or every bite in between. it is a good trait. >> that could cause trouble for you later on. >> i take it back. cut. this is not live right? >> we'll fix it later. >> please delete this. >> blake lively thank you for coming in. great move si. "age of adaline" it opens on friday. coming up tim mcgraw performing live in times square. >> oh, tim mcgraw. ♪
8:46 am
8:47 am
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[ cheers and applause ] we're having such a fun morning here on "gma." now, we have country superstar tim mcgraw here gearing up to hit the road for a blockbuster summer tour. it's called shotgun rider. 2016 kicks off in june? >> yes, june. it's getting close. >> and you're known for giving it everything you got when you're on tour. what can your fans expect? >> it's a lot of fun. we're going to go back and do things we have been doing this nor almost 20 years. we're working on a new album. i get to play with these guys every night. >> thanks for being here too. so fantastic. when you're not busy working with these guys you're a movie star pip was asking you, you did get to work with the one and only george clooney. that's a lot of good-looking man on the screen between the two of you. >> the best thing of working with him is walking on and not
8:49 am
being the ugliest guy on the set. >> was it a great experience in. >> a good guy. great cast. great bunch of people to work with. brad byrd directed it. it was a lot of fun. >> you like this whole movie star thing? >> you know i don't -- i only get to do this because of music. music is my first love. it's given me everything good in my life. i'll have fun with whatever comes along. >> well can we hear your first love please? >> let's do it. >> tim mcgraw, shotgun rider, off his latest album. here you go. ♪ ♪ ♪ roll won't you come roll with me slow fast full speed ♪
8:50 am
♪ girl whenever sweet time takes us hang with me down this old road ♪ ♪ only god knows where we'll go don't matter long as i've got your love ♪ ♪ i don't ever want to wake up lookin' into someone else's eyes ♪ ♪ another voice calling me baby on the other end of the phone ♪ ♪ a new dpirl putting on her makeup before dinner on friday night ♪ ♪ no i don't ever wanna know no other shotgun rider beside me ♪ ♪ singing to the radio whoa oh ♪ ♪ whoa oh ♪
8:51 am
♪ slide slide over nice and close lay your head down on my shoulder ♪ ♪ you can fall asleep i'll let you dream life airport nothing but a dream ♪ ♪ don't wanna be cruising through this dream without you ♪ ♪ i don't ever want to wake up looken into someone else's eyes ♪ ♪ another voice calling me baby on the other end of the phone ♪ ♪ a new girl putting on her makeup before dinner on friday night ♪ ♪ no i don't ever wanna know oh oh no other shotgun rider beside me ♪ ♪ singing to the radio whoa oh ♪
8:52 am
♪ i don't ever want the wake up looking into someone else's eyes another voice calling me baby on the other end of the phone ♪ ♪ a new girl putting on her makeup before dinner on friday night no i don't ever wanna know oh oh no other shotgun rider ♪ ♪ beside me singing on the radio whoa whoa ♪ ♪ no other shotgun rider ♪ ♪ whoa whoa ♪
8:53 am
[ cheers and applause ] thank you.
8:54 am
8:55 am
i think they liked hearing you sing. thank you so much. want to play one more? >> sure i'm all game.
8:56 am
>> how about something like that. >> something like that. >> let's hear it. ♪ >> all right. ♪ it was labor day weekend i was 17 a bought a coke and some gasoline i drove out to the fair ♪ ♪ and i saw her for the first time she was standing there in the ticket line it all started right then and there ♪ okay buddy what's your favorite kind of cheerios? honey nut. but... chocolate is my other favorite... but apple cinnamon is my favorite too... and fruity... oh yeah, and frosted!
8:57 am
okay, but...what's you're most favorite of all? hmm... the kind i have with you. me too.
8:58 am
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good morning. i'm chris stan ze. it looks gray. mike, how long is it going to stay that way? looks like about noon. temperatures below average thanks to a stout sea breeze and a drizzle. half moon bay 58. only 59 in san francisco. lou to mid-60s around the bay. it will be breezy and cloudy. here is my accuweather seven-day forecast. stray shower possible today all the way through friday. a little bit warmer and dryer leyla? the motorcycle crash is causing delays on the east bay bridge. going to take you 25 minutes. you can see on the east bay, lanes blocked and plenty of
9:00 am
activity. a still shot on the san mateo bridge bumper to bumper traffic announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "age of adaline," actress blake lively. and earth day is around the corner. so check out these easy and surprising tips for living greener. and we'll announce the semifinalists in "live"'s top teacher 2015. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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