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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what is to blame for a gas line blast in fresno what we are learning about the safety inspection. >> the marijuana movement get as big boost as supporters rally for the 420 celebration. with support they are get asking how technology is looking to change the industry. >> dub fans are ready to rock as the warriors look for a win. we take you to the arena for a review. >> thanks for joining us on this monday. >> i am matt keller here for eric thomas. the traffic around the arena will be rough tonight but we will check with the morning commute in a bit. we will check with lisa for a look at the forecast. >> maybe a jacket through midday hour. the fog will pull back. this morning starting off milder with low-to-mid 50s. you will not need the umbrella. is system is offshore enhancing
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the low clouds and fog and keeping us mild. the breeze is slowing through the delta and by the afternoon we are sunny and milder and this morning, it does not fell too bad. we will look for the temperatures to stay cool at the coast and cloudy. we have a cooler work week ahead. >> thanks, lisa and now over sue. >> 7:30 start for the game hitting the afternoon commute around the coliseum so heads us, give yourself plenty of home. ace train rolling through treatment at 20 minutes delay because of a problem earlier and this is southbound 680 looking good to walnut creek interchange. better news toward castro valley westbound 580 the accident has been cleared from the laps but the damage is done with westbound traffic to castro valley area. >> breaking news fairfield police are sending for a missing
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child and amber alert was just issued for eight-year-old boy. this is the photo from the newsroom, he was sitting inside a car and the car was taken. we are told that guzman is 110 pounds with monday air and blue eyes and may have been wearing a gray shirt and blue pants. police are looking for a silver toyota license plate 5bwf072. >> we will follow that story and now we shift gears: the warriors are looking to keep the win streak alive in game two tipping off against the pelicans tonight and the excitement is building. our reporter is at the arena with more. lovin' the t-shirts. >> good morning. tickets are still available for tonight. there are great freebies for the
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crowd. the first 2,000 check-ins on facebook get a golden egg -- mega phone. and thunder sticks for when the other team is shooting free throws and everyone who shows up goes home with one of the official 2015 playoff t-shirts. there are 20,000 of the t-shirts draped over the seats at the arena. strength in numbers, that is the slogan. they come to game two on top. they won game one on saturday against the new orleans pelicans and they are will top seeded team in the west. game one starting strong and the warriors crushed pelicans in the first half and at one point the team was up by 25 points. the pelicans gave them a scare in the second half almost closing the gap. the final score was 106-99. the coach knows they know what
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to do better. he credits the atmosphere and the arena for keeping the players energized. >> people are excited. it is fun to walk around oakland and have people come up, clap clear, offer encouragement and we will try to keep it rolling. we would love to give them more to celebrate. this is the warriors third consecutive playoff appearance a very exciting team to be a warriors fan. the last time they won in nba title was in 1975. tip-off for game two of the series is tonight at 7:30 and if you are looking for a ticket they are lard to come by and it is expected to sell out but tickets are available on the warriors website withstanding room only starting at $215 happening today, a huge crowd people who enjoy smoking marijuana are expected to con grate at the golden gate park. that is because today is april
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20 420. referred to as a holiday by marijuana users. 15,000 people attended the event on hippie hill and the police will hold the drive between 3:00 and 5:00 today which is commute time. traffic will be horrific. amy hollyfield has a report from golden gate park at the bottom of the hour. >> 2-year-old colorado businessman said marijuana is the ticket to becoming the next facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg. he has launched a free social media network where users can share pictures of post and place on where to bay it. it is legal only in 23 states where a form of pot is legal including california because medical marijuana is legal. since launching a few months ago mass roots has raised $1.5 million and gained 275,000 users and they hope to hit a million users this year grow as localizing pot is more popular. >> an attorney for a sheriff will ask a judge to remove a
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domestic violence misdemeanor conviction from the sheriff's record. he notes that his three year probation ended march 19 and he successfully complies with alters without a problem. people convicted of misdemeanors routinely have climbs expunged officer the record if they stay out of trouble. he was arrested in 2012 for bruising his wife's arm during an argument. the video showing the injury was given to police would lunched a criminal express. he cut a deal with the prosecution to avoid jail time and he is in a tough re-election battle. >> a teacher died in spain, a local news outhealth say he was killed with a crow bow. the teacher who died was trying to protect the colleague from the attacker. police have detain add teen boy in the attack that wounded four others this bars lend. it is not clear if the boy attended the school. authorities in italy say it appears this are over two dozen survivors from an overturned
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smugglers boat that may have held hundreds of migrants. one fire said up to a thousand people may have been on the boat traveling to malta carrying my grands from africa and the middle east desperate to escape poverty and war. authorities in rome said a reported 20 people are dead on another smug lowers' boat packed with 300. >> one is decide after an earthquake near taiwan. the 6.6 earthquake was centered near islands off the coast of japan with half shaking in taiwan. the water inside a fish tank spilled out nearly. lights swung and t monitors shook. it triggers a tsunami warning that has been lifted. new details of massive gas line explosion in fresno. pg&e said the pipeline that spread on friday has been inequity interested twice in april for gas leaks and no leaks were found. authorities say the explosion
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occurred while a county equipment operator was building a dirt berm. >> search is on for the hit and run driver would was killed driver who killed a public radio figure. >> i am a single parent with a young son of color and westley was a role model for my son. >> family man. father. devoted father. when his kids had spring break he stayed home with the kids two days and his wife stayed hope two days. >> a campaign has raised $12,000 for his family. >> richmond police posted these poe toes on facebook after a car blew off the road and landed on a may ground. the car is upside down and it happened saturday on snow may.
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the driver became distracted and hit a fence and slid down the banment and into the playground. there were no kids at the time and no one was seriously hurt. today, local members of the airline nag national guard dedicate a new facility designed to help then save lives. the california air national guard can respond to emergencies onland and at sea about anywhere. the unit is based at federal airfield in mountain view. construction began two years ago and included facilities tore training paratroopers. >> it is different this morning. drizzle. chilly. >> we had a beautiful weekend. it look like we have changes for the work week and we will check with lisa. what can we expect? >> we are starting out milder and you can see the bang of low clouds right here and the marine laser 2,000 foot toot deep and reaching into inland. 52 degrees at half moon bay and
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you may find mist and drizzle. oakland is 53 and same with san francisco. the exploritorium you can see all the low clouds and low-to-mid 50s to start and it will take until 10:00 or 11 o'clock until the east bay clears and with sunny skies on tap the bay is cooler at 66 in oakland and 70 in palo alto and you will have to bring the jacket along for the week. good morning, sue. >> we have a look outside right now at the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights on at 5:39 and stacked up twa the macarthur maze and c.h.p. is giving the first report of an accident 80 westbound possibly involve, six cars. that will be polled in the next ten minutes. approaching castro valley it went from red to orange to yellow so improvement with accident cleared and gone. westbound 580. we have very slow traffic up and over the altamont pass but that
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is typical often for a monday. solid case or likely to unravel? >> a beating case was caught on camera and the evidence that could turn the victim into the one that is convicted. >> blue box takes a might out of going healthy, kraft is making a change with macaroni and cheese. stay tuned. (mom) when our little girl was born we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what?
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nature valley, nature at its most delicious. covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. it is 6:14 on monday. if you were to climb mount tam and set up the camera this is a view you would get. i saved you a trip to the top. can you see we have a cloud deck with us the marine layer so we will check with our meteorologist coming up. >> new details in a case from
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southern california that landed ten deputies on leave. the "los angeles times" reports that a man they are accused of tasing and beating has a long troop sheet much the video could be stubbing to you. the man seen here was arrested six times in recent years according to the "los angeles times" including multiple accounts of resisting area and being aggressive to the officers. april 9 the deputies chased him while riding a horse and he fell to the ground they punch and kicked him and it was caught on camera by a news helicopter. now attorneys are saying that the arrest record is likely to be a major factor in how the case plays out and whether the deputies are re-instated at work. >> the centers for disease control is sounding a new warn of ebola. experts now say it is possible to transmit the disease through sex. the centers for disease control warning comes on the heels of a similar one in liberia after cases were transferred there. that is making them question if it is possible to spread ebola
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virus through breast make, too. now they are conducting more tests. kraft is emerging artificial provives from macaroni and cheese but the taste stays the same and is responding to consumer feedback from parents who want to give their kid as healthy investigation of kraft mack republican and cheese after three years of tests. kraft will replace the artificial dye with spies for coloring. >> if it looks different kids could family it does not taste the same. >> as a kid i enjoyed everything that was sin net -- synthetic. i always wanted the face stuff. >> good morning, everyone, the cool down will continue for the work week. the stratus is blowing through the gap and we are looking at map layer into 9 east bay valley.
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picking up this twist in the clouds and there is another one enhancing the low deck, and the marine layer is over 2 the' deep -- 2' deep. the deck is higher here and we have improved visibility with the clouds. 56 in san jose and temperatures are right now in the north bay at low 50s santa rosa and 52 in fairly and 54 in concord and livermore. the exploritorium could have miff and drizzle and more along the coast and midday clearing here in the city and another cool down shore line at 50s warm inland and wide range again but we will be narrowing to the end of the work week with a second area of low pressure. cooler days ahead and the weekend is looking different with images showing the atmosphere in two different twists and this is what will allow for the temperatures to stay in the 50s at the coast and 60 and 70s around the bay
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today and maybe 80 by the democrat that and (wood but you will have the southwest wind that blow through the delta where cooler conditions. by tomorrow more widespread drizzle in the santa cruz mountains and the coast popping up through the morning and we will look at another partly cloudy to mostly sunny afternoon and isolated showers coming to play in the sierra nevada tomorrow and in the higher elevations on tuesday or wednesday. that was tuesday. here is wednesday. you can see what is doing on from the northern to southern sierra through thursday but the bay area has clouds and maybe a shower or the diabolo range and otherwise, it is cooler and more spring like and 70 today in palo alto and 63 in santa cruz and 59 and clouds a the coast and mid-60s in richmond and accident in san rafael and the seven-day forecast shows a thickening clouds midweek and isolated shower and the cool of the day is friday. a warpup on the weekend.
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>> the bay bridge beyond the toll plaza before the metering heights, a big rig and a car collided. the emergency flashers are on. that will cause delays. cars are trying to containing lanes to get out of the way and the middle change beyond the toll and the metering lights right here so delays approaching the bay bridge this morning and beyond the norm. we have an accident now cleared west 580 and improving at grade but slow out of livermore. westbound 80, c.h.p. reporting six cars and an accident traffic now backing toward fairfield so if you are coming westbound out of the chairman area expect delays and c.h.p. truck rolling to that scene. there is a new alarm sound over a popular clothing item, ladies the spanx side i e
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than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
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>> good morning. how about a look at walnut creek with traffic on 680 starting to get busy. we talk to sue here for hail and
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get the commute where you need to go. >> now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> hello, next on "good morning america" an exclusive after landing the gyrocopter on the united states capitol lawn the flying mailman speaks out. we have brand new footage of the flight over washington dc, and hours before the house arrest in florida, doug hughes will speak one-on-one with george stephanopolis on "good morning america" next. >> going green has taken on new meaning in oregon where a law allows home brewers to use recycled sewer water. in beer. >> utility is showing off a if you water purification system around oregon. the group will make small much behalves of beer with the rized water to show it can be done. officials plan on testing the beer before anyone can drink it.
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>> you first. >> thank you. >> doctors are wanting those would like to wear shape wear clothing they are at health risk arrest prolong periods time. there is too much pressure on nerves running through the groin. spanx and compression tops and running tights for men have become extremely's particular and experts estimate it is the $680 million market. you have seem then on the road some call them hippie wagons and now vw is making a initial microbus gaining the biggest fame in the 1960. they stopped building the camper in 2013 and production costs play a role in determining if a new design is sold as the
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electric vehicle. >> tebow is expected to sign a one year contract with the philadelphia eagles today and espn reports that the 27-year-old is paid the minimum salary. he will be in place for the start of the philadelphia eagles off season program that starts today the he has not layed in the nfl nfl since 2012 with the jets and was released by the patriots before the 2013 season. he joins a crowded philadelphia eagles roster that includes sam bradford mark sanchez and max barkley. how much is a legal minimum compared to how much he used to marriage? >> or what he maybes in tv. >> we continue at 6:30 with the top stories. >> fire tears through southern california and what is blamed for the firefighter and what is helping firefighters gain 9 edge. >> busy san francisco street turned into a crime scene and what prompted a road rage base seeing uber driver face off with a bicyclive. >> a blanket of low clouds an
6:26 am
the bay that will reveal a sunny afternoon but cooler, 60s and 70s for most and cooler week ahead. >> in the traffic center, to the last screen you can see the plunging lights of a tow truck after a big rig and a car crunch up beyond the bay bridge toll plaza and before the metering lights, look at the remark now is picking beyond the macarthur maze.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good monday morning. a look outside this is the bay. a gorgeous picture. it is a grayer picture than what you are used to. hope you had a great weekend. i am kristen sze. >> i am matt keller. >> looks like we had a spider on the screen. traffic could be rough. we will check with sue in a minute here for leyla and lisa is here for mike.
6:30 am
we have a cool down? it has been seasonable. today is warm and sunny and later on, the low patchy fog and this system enhancing the marine layer over 2000' deep and low-to-mid 50s to start. by midday we have sunny start to the afternoon in the another bay with 60 and upper 77 should do it for the high end and upper 60s at the bay and we talk in detail about the week ahead. >> sue it feels like a monday morning commute. >> especially taking the bay bridge. we have a big rig and a car that fixed it up and traffic now is becoming beyond the macarthur maze and the lower left hand part of the scene shows the blinking lights of the tow truck trying to get the big rig out of there so expect delays, the bay bridge, and take bart to san francisco. other trouble spots cordelia junction westbound 80, c.h.p. has conflicting reports how many
6:31 am
vehicles are involved. originally they said yes and then two but you can see the traffic is slow from fairfield into the cordelia junction westbound 80. >> we continue to follow breaking news. >> amber alert in effect for missing boy taken from fairfield. this is a picture of brock guzman last seen sitting in his parents' car which was stolen while warming up in the drive at 4:45. guzman is 5' tall and 110 pounds with gallon area and blue eyes. he could be wearing a gray shirt and blue patches and people are looking for silver 2001 treat license plate our reporter is headed to fairfield. stay with us for updates through the morning. >> c.h.p. is investigating how and why a pedestrian was on a freeway off-ramp in san francisco. the person was hit and killed by
6:32 am
cars. it happened after 9:00 p.m. on the northbound 101 alameda off-ramp and police say the victim was hit by at least two cars. one lane of 101 was closed for two hours. uber driver is under arrest in possible road rage case. emerson hit bicyclist on north point and taylor in san francisco yesterday. witnesses say the bicyclist yelled at the driver, banged on the window and pushed the mirror in and the driver rammed interest him. the bicyclist has a bunktured lung and broken ribs and broken shoulder bone. >> and four people set out in a fish vessel on friday from bodega on a fishing trip. a search was launch when the group failed to return. the body of a man and woman were found floating near the debris. they are identified at 61-year-old diane kelly and
6:33 am
59-year-old we richard harley jr. of santa rose cool weather is helping firefighters battle a wildfire threaten 300 homes in southern california. people returned home yesterday after authorities lifted the evacuation order. unattended cooking fire sparked the place. a thousand acres have been burned and is 35 percent contained. >> another person has been arrested for climbing the finance surrounding the white house. the secret service agents arrested the man last night and he was carrying a package found to be harmless. but, still it happened again and this is the latest in a string of fence jumpers some more serious than others. in september a man armed with a knife made it inside the white house before being tackled. another man jumped the white house fence pleaded guilty on friday in connection with that
6:34 am
case. >> last week, florida mail map duck hughes landed a gyrocopter on the front land of the capitol carrying letters for congress members to protest campaign finance laws. he spoke exclusively with george stephanopolis this morning on "good morning america" and said that he had in fear of being shot down. >> it is up to the american people to decide whether they are going to catch the mail. if they pick this mail up it is in their power to fix the problem. then it is worth it even if i lose my job and even if i go to jail. >> he called his stunt civil disobedience. you can see the interview on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> security researchers because not allowed to board a united flight to san francisco after speak out about hacking the electronic systems on an ache.
6:35 am
he had to take another airline. he tweeted last week of making oxygen masks deploy while on the united flight to syracuse and the f.b.i. did not see the humidor and when the plane landed agents questioned him and seized his equipment and united bounded him from his flight open saturday saying he was refunded but could not fly. >> the tweet was blunt and probably should have been tempered in all honest city. >> united release this statement saying "given the claims that he has what anyone lated aircraft systems while in flight a clear violation of united policy we decided it is in best interests of our customers and crew he not be allowed to fly united." roberts hopes to lead to a dialogue between airlines and federal securities about risks of security. >> hundreds of thousands watch as 30,000 runners compete in the boston marathon. stop women runners have all right started and the top men
6:36 am
will leave the line at 7:00 a.m. officials plan to keep a close eye on the entire race court and are discouraging people from bringing large bags and cooler and drones banned. this follows the deadly terrorist bombing at the boston marathon two years ago. three died and 260 were wounded when bombs went off. tomorrow, the penalty face begins in the trial of the surviving bombing suspect. the jury will thy if he will face the death penalty. the panel convicted him on 30 charges last week. warriors fans get ready to rock for game two. >> we will take you back to the arena for a look at how tonight could set the stage for the playoffs. >> a look at what they are giving the fans. >> technology is keeping tabs on your baby a new type of oncecy that could take the stress out of parenting. >> comcast gives google a run with an upgrade that could change how we all connect. >> as we head to break if you
6:37 am
are driving through the emeryville area this is the view you might get. this is quite a bit of traffic and you can see overcast skies.
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>> we have a gray start to
6:40 am
monday, with low cloud to the inland valley and as a result it is a warmer start at 52 in morgan hill and 56 in san jose and a cooler finish and low clouds and fog will pull back by mid-day and heading out, bring a jacket because when the fog pulls back it will be breezy around the bay at 66 in oakland and 70 in palo alto and upper 70s inland and a look ahead we are looking at a cooler day tomorrow and maybe mist and drizzle to start. >> ace train one late into santa clara and ace train three getting off on time out of the central valley and it looks like ace train seven, as well but, expect delays for the first train we had an early accident with a big rig and a car just beyond the bay bridge and before the metering lights it is pushed to the shoulder and traffic now is stacked up behind the macarthur maze and the junction we had an early accident westbound 80 a couple of cars mying it up is pushed to the right shoulder and things are improving but still very
6:41 am
slow. >> are. >> "star wars," fan? >> big time. >> the fan favorite is making a record setting month. >> you can decide which silicon valley star gets immortalized in wax. >> stay in the know with traffic and weather together during the entire commercialre
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covering walnut creek, burlingame campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it will be a packed house in oakland tomorrow at the warriors tip-off in game two of playoffs. they are looking to keep the win streak alive against the pelicans. the warriors get home court advantage yet again tonight in game two. it will be a sell out cloud with 20,000 people will fill the seats. there are the official playoff 2015 worses -- "strength in number," hoping for a victory. the saturday victory was a good start dominating the first half. they led by 25 points at one
6:45 am
point. curry pup up 35 points but the we warriors stumbled in the second half. and anthony davis scored 35 points and 20 in the 4th quarter. >> there were nerves. distractions. game two will be more comfortable. >> we believe we can beat the team. there is no doubt we can. we will come out and play the first half like we played the second half. >> with the first game out of way both teams now have the better idea of what to specific and of course what players to wash out for. the warriors are going to get one more practice in today and if you are looking for a ticket they hard to come by it is expected to sell out tonight but there are tickets available on the warriors website going for a few hundred dollars each i for standing room only.
6:46 am
thanks. we nice looking shot. >> she made it with the pressure. >> dribble wow. and now, check this out you are never too cringe to show your warriors ride. and these 19s are showing off support for blue and cold hash du -- # disney gets $2 billion boost. >> and comcast has something new for silicon valley. >> here is the money report from jane king. >> good morning. we have a big sell off on friday but a different story today. the dow is up 200 points. we haved s&p 500 and nasdaq will trading well in the green and 1 percent higher across the board so certainly nice to the see the losses being recovered the
6:47 am
trailer for star wars, exploded on the internet after being released in los angeles. the action packed trailer gave fans the first look in a few decades and it has $2 billion being add to the disney share price. comcast has the new program in the bay area with speeds up to twice that of google. they did not say what they would charge for the super fast internet but at&t is charging $110 a in in san jose. >> and the public gets to pick the next technical leader to be preserved in wax and nominees must be living or their company must be based in the bay ar thank you jane. we have more on the breaking news we have been following from fairfield. c.h.p. has issued amber alert
6:48 am
for 8-year-old boy brock guzman taken from fairfield area. look at his picture. investigators say he was in his parents' car and when it was stolen from the driveway this morning. guzman has blue i didn'ts i didn'ts -- blue eyes -- monday -- blond hair. >> beautiful weekend and maybe you got such burn and could not get out of the of bed. >> maybe. inland east bay, it has been summer like with the 80s and now came down yesterday with the temperatures just managing 80 around livermore and today, further cooling compliments of a couple areas of low pressure east coast that are deepening
6:49 am
the marine layer and it has done that while you were sleeping traveling all the way to the east bay develop. here is the roof camera 53 in san francisco and morning san jose 56, and 5 half moon bay and five miles business -- visibility and this lake tahoe showers and storms are a possible all work week. they could use the water. 52 by the delta. 52 in concord and santa rosa. the gray sky here from our exploritorium camera, mist and drizzle for some along the coast and more of that tomorrow morning, and looking at a cool day there with only 50s and clouds and sunny for everyone but cooler by a few degrees and cooler, the cool of the day of the week looks to be on friday. this system here and yet another offshore will really impact the temperatures all week long and i want to bring in a few showers here and there in the higher elevations monterey and also
6:50 am
mt. diablo and here we are on tuesday afternoon, tuesday morning, so fast forward this low clouds and folk are back tomorrow morning and mist and drizzle and more widespread tomorrow and that is it. partly cloudy skies and we are looking at the sierra nevada as i mentioned with showers tomorrow and on wednesday another chance and thursday, still kind of here in the southern sierra and by the weekend we are milder and more sunshine so, maybe the possibility of an isolated shower tomorrow or wednesday. 70 in fremont today and 74 and sunny in san jose and 62 in the city and mid-60s in oakland and the seven-day forecast is cooler tomorrow and partly cloudy skies and breezy midweek and dry and sunny through the weekend and a slight chance of showers inland with higher elevation on wednesday and thursday. we go to the macarthur maze and we had an early problem approach the bay bridge and that is cleared from the lanes where traffic stacked up getting into the toll plaza from 80 588
6:51 am
880, it and generally a mess getting to the bay bridge so maybe bart is the great alternate. to add insult to enjoy westbound 80 to the maze and a.c. transit and the car in the center divide this so just a nightmare and avoid it if you can with bart coming from the central vietnam it is bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy up and over the altamont pass into livermore and beyond the dublin interchange allow yourself plenty of time and warriors tonight. at 7:30. expect major traffic beyond the coliseum starting at the commute and north 87, three cars pass sky port drive in the right hand shoulder area. >> thank you. we tell you about a onesie that parents hope their babies do not burn on. the boston based again has a high-tech one to keep a closer eye on babies. >> and get more sleep. it is a smart onesie a wearable baby monitor with two sensors on
6:52 am
the front and it shows mom and dad in the newborn is awake or asleep and monitors breathing and temperature and body position and parents can track the baby in real time on a smart 15 or tablet and the kit costs $200 and commodities -- comes with three onesies. >> if you need them. >> or four. >> stay tuned. wow. sweet new subaru,
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huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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>> good morning on 6:54 and a look at mount tam camera a gorgeous picture but under the cloud deck it is gray. as you wake up this morning. >> whether you are just joining us or head out the door, number one, breaks news amber alert for a missing eight-year-old boy. brock guzman was taken from fairfield while sitting if his are pa helps car when it was stolen from the drive. he is 110 pounds and 5' tall. c.h.p. is looking for a silver toyota. >> oakland police want to find a driver who killed a father of three young children, a speeding car struck wesley burton while he was driving home on saturday morning. he co-host add weekend radio show at kpfa radio in berkeley. >> three, today is 420 so that
6:55 am
means the traditional day to light one up. the 15,000 people are to come to golden gate park and the evening commute is expected to be slow. this morning assemblyman and transportation official plan to announce legislation to transform ride share companies like uber and lyft to use on demand car pooling service that reduces redundant trips while helping the environment while taking cars off the road. >> warriors republic for the second playoff game again new orleans trying to defend home court before the series shifts to new orleans on thursday. a few tickets are available. golden state has the lead over new orleans on saturday. starting out with clouds. temperatures are in the 50s. a little bit mild are right now. cooler in the afternoon. the fog cheers -- clears back to the coast with sunny and mild and temperatures in the 70s
6:56 am
inland and 60 an bay. >> at the macarthur maze we had a couple of early problems and it is stacked up. we have an early accident in san jose area northbound 87 beyond sky port with three cars on the shoulder the expect delays there. also the warriors tonight 7:30 right there on 880, you know it will be just jammed starting the afternoon commute. give yourself plannive time. >> hopefully we can get another home victory to celebrate. >> we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. >> back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" and if you have warriors pictures you can post them using # >> see you tomorrow.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, new threat. a major terror takedown down at home. at least six people arrested for ties with isis. the fbi investigation cracks open a nationwide ring. as the terror group pushes to recruit more americans into its ranks. the florida postal worker who landed the gyrocopter on the capitol lawn tells his story this morning. why he says he did not fear being shot down. the incredible new video of his journey high over washington. he's speaking out only on "gma." dramatic rescue. the harrowing 911 call from a 13-year-old boy trapped in his burning home with his sister. >> we're going to die! >> how he helped lead firefighters to save them with only moments to spare. and standing up. the show stopping moment at last ni


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