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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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available >> good evening thanks for joining us tonight. >> our other top story rages. several masked men pulled off a low tech burglary of a large collectible showcase in the mission district. you can see these crooks left a big mess behind as they made off with valuable stuff. vic? >> reporter: it was a large group of thieves unlike the high profile store robberies they use cars to break in. these robbers used an old fashioned tool to break into the story. >> just hear more and more break ins. smash and grabs. >> it happened this morning at 4:30. some of the cameras captured it all.
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from 4 to 6 thieves were involved in the theft. >> they used people on the streets as look outs. they came up after someone let them know it's fine to come over. >> one robber uses a sling shot to smash the door. then they storm into the building and begin pillaging. the 1700 square foot building is rented to some 60 dealers. inside thieves are quick. haiko was hard hit. >> that shelf was removed that had to be rings and breeches and
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gold. >> there have been half a dozen robberies. thieves used their cars as battering rams the boldest is wells fargo heist in january. thieves drove an suv into the glass entrance. police are looking to see if it's linked to others >> we don't know if this is a copy cat. except this seems to be the latest trend. >> so far there have been no arrests in the robbery and done in others either. vic lee, abc7 news >> an emotional day at the capitol. senate bill 277 would require parents to vaccinate their children before attending public schools.
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>> senators seemed to prevent vaccinations. >> please vote yes on sb 277. >> she's in first grade. the 7-year-old made sure he sent a clear message to lawmakers requiring children to be vac sib sin yated. >> they do make sure kids like me don't get sick at school. >> he could not attend the school because 7% of the fellow students were not immunized. >> you put children together in a school, the vaccination rate isn't high enough the exposure will spread.
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>> i oppose this bill. >> others argue it should be up to parents to determine vaccinations. >> some senators voiced support but concerns about the current bill's pro visions for educating those not immunized >> are we going to be setting up a framework? >> the senator opted to teal yeah the vote. >> it's just part of the process you see, that is what i love about the democracy we have a luxury of living in america. we can understand issues. >> sb 277 may return to the senate committee for a vote next week. in sacramento, abc7 news >> protestors are demanding higher pay for low-wage workers. hundreds of people rallied at uc
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berkeley. organizers are calling it the biggest protest in history. >> they're now starting to move towards city hall. it all started as people gathered and marched here and at sometime, that crowd stretched over two city blocks they arrived to find mcdonalds closed. one marcher >> they needed to come to the table and talk to us about
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having unity. >> the fight is for a $15 minimum wage and ability to unionize. so many are out in the city today. you can see they're moving that truck which has workers whether in restaurant industry. so today, they're calling this success because of the amount of people that showed up and as i said they're heading to city hall, now. >> a fire burned this house to the ground. firefighters arrived around 5:00. officials tell us the fire started in a tree next to a shed, then winds blew it throughout the house the roof collapsed as
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firefighters were battling flames. no one was hurt at either location. >> a split second decision cost a construction worker his life today he's been identified as a 28-year-old jared overfield, working at this improvement project in petaluma. a huge pipe began rolling down the hill. this is video from sky 7 hd. overfield, who has eight and a half years experience jumped in front of the pipe apparently to stop it from rolling and was crushed to death by the weight. >> police arrested a man last month. a security officer questioned the man but let him go because of a miscommunication with one victim. connect detectives identified the suspect as a 36-year-old from east palo alto.
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>> state water officials said they'll erect a barer to keep salt water out of the drinking water supply. it will be built at the mouth of the west fault river in the delta. there may not be enough water to keep salt from flowing into the bay. >> people have been on the peninsula to witness a strange event. an endangered whale washed up yesterday, it's happening by morrey point. we're live with the story. >> good evening that whale is about three quarters of a way down. findings inconclusive and they didn't find any broken bones or anything to get too long out of
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the tissue. >> as if the beach weren't attractions enough it was not the kind of whale we like to see. the opposite. >> does anyone know what happened? >> the sperm whale appeared to be washed ashore in pacifica. it's a rare occurrence that northern californiains have seen only 18 times. and researchers arrived in force. >> long time day. bucket list day. >> really? >> yes. >> dead whales is not uncommon. having them float onshore is uncommon. >> when the tide went route
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researcher researchers dug in then blubber, then muscle tissue, then went looking for a cause of death. >> we're assessing hemorrhage, trauma bruising or assessing bone structure. and we want to get into their organs >> we did have a sperm whale out a couple years ago. that had 500 pounds of fishing net in his stomach. >> today, no clear answers. this crowd grew climbed and watch. i remember 120, 30 years ago. >> now there is this one. locals will remember the year for it. a reminder that there is more out there. another world off shore.
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still ahead a sensitive topic at this high school. >> why some parents object to having planned parenthood talk to kids about sex. >> there is more than basketball happening here tonight. coming up, how the kids are winning with the team. >> temperatures are rising and will reach almost 90 degrees. i'll show you
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a east bay school district received complaints about the content of the sexual education curriculum and the messen ger planned parenthood. how parents are trying to put a stop to it tonight. >> we're experts on sex education. >> planned parenthood is contracted to teach sexual education. and for the past 22 years in lafayette. that is why planned parenthood was surprised to find some parents there want the school district to drop them. >> it's a more liberal view than many parents are comfortable w >> wendy lack has been the voice of parents opposed to what planned parenthood is teaching. she says almost glorifying sex at an early age. >> the courses teach planned parenthood is the first and only stop for sexual health for the students.
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for a lot of parents, that drives a wedge between parents and family physicians. >> the district would not go on camera. planned parenthood did. >> every classroom a teacher is in there with us so we maintain a very high quality control. and know if something is not appropriate. >> my kid said it was a good program. there is a small minority that are against it. >> if you're unhappy voice positive actions for change rather than just saying stop it. >> in walnut week, abc7 news. >> and let's go out live to sky 7 following breaking news over
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berkeley. these protestors on the move protesting a national effort today to push for higher wages for low wage workers wanting $15 an hour. >> you can see them marking. they began on the cal campus then marched to mcdonalds we'll continue to follow the latest on air and online. abc7 and bay area. >> well, moving on golden state. there is a big difference for young people in the bay area too. >> they equal dollars. take a look at this check.
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big checks $440,000 being donated toond that serve local kids through hoops for kids. >> we can put a coach in each of our schools around the bay area. and those coaches are there all day, every day. playing with kids and teaching them important skills so they can go back to class focused and ready to learn. >> a lot of stuff to be connected by kids like a sponge. we're here to soak in positive things. >> including hoops for kids
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committed $1.5 million to youth development, saying it's wonderful they can use celebrity to make a difference. one more thing for fans, make sure i get numbers right. the warriors have scored 870, 3 pointers and the third most in nba history. >> i love it. >> yes. >> we did learn that the warriors playoff game will air here saturday afternoon. >> yes. abc7 will be the home. so tune in. >> it continues to warm up. here is a look at sunny skies right now. we don't have strong winds, however, we do have a beach hazard statement from thursday
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morning into friday evening. heights are higher than average right now. ocean temperatures cooling down to average range. we haven't seen the cold upswelling producing cooler temperatures we haven't seen ocean temperatures for nearly a year. so from coastal cooling that begins on friday cooler in all areas next week. here is the satellite image. it will be the controlling factor giving us warm days inland thursday through saturday. however, things are going to remain warm on the coast. a mild day on the coast tomorrow and warmest day in the seven day period around the bay and coast. we'll see up to about 70s on the
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coast. low 80s in bayside locations friday, that changes as fog returns, cooling down the coast and bay shore line areas but continues warming up inland upper 80s to near 90s on friday remaining in that range on saturday as well. on we go. a look at next week some hints of showers. overnight, you can get excited if you like. clear skies overnight. low temperatures mainly mid to upper 40s, 50 in oakland. 51 in san francisco. and highs to 81 in redwood city. 70 at half moon bay. 71 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 75
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degrees tomorrow, 71 sunset district. north bay, low to mid-80s, santa rosa to napa. highs into low 80s from oakland down to fremont. 82 walnut creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. after three nice, warm toasty days inland four throughout thursday, we'll see a bit of a cool down monday. a sharper cool down tuesday and wednesday, clouds increase and there is a slight chance of showers on wednesday. we're hoping it becomes more than just slight. >> right. >> thank you. >> coming up san jose takes another swing at stealing a's from oakland the supreme court could be the city's last resort. >> going outside to talk about traffic. our camera on the road is bad because of a terrible accident. a motorcyclist skidded and was killed, a big rig ended up
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>> abc # news is on the story. >> an jose is hoping the supreme court will take a difference position an the lower courts. at stake is a 1922 exemption given to baseball from antitrust laws a shift given multi million dollar player salaries and revenue from tv broadcasts might see scales tipping in san jose's favor. >> there are cases around the country testing the exemption. it's going to be governed like football, basketball hockey are. >> one justice called baseball a monopoly in a decision. another wrote the exemption is outmoded a decision whether to hear the case should be made by fall. if san jose prevails it doesn't
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mean it's >> does he want to deal with oakland? >> lou wolf turned down an interview. he does have an agreement another six and a half years to buy this site near sap center. leaders met with the nfl today. >> just ahead a closure of this pediatric unit. >> why did a man fly on the
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grounds of the u.s. capitol? the statement he was trying to make. >> you cancel a reservation. the company says you
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in santa clara county employees at two hospitals are devastated after learning about planned cuts to patient services. hospital leadership told abc7 news it was the right move to make. a tale two of hospitals. >> it's sad that people are going to lose a job here. and we've worked hard. >> officials worked to cut the neo natal care wing. but the biggest impact could come in gilroy. services will be phased out in the next few months forcing families to drive to have
6:31 pm
babies. this >> the executive says 60% in the service area go up for delivery. nurse jobs will be on the chopping block santa clara county is hoping to purchase both hospitals. >> as county we're going to be aggressive to try to do what we can do >> it will be business as usual as employees try to stay focused >> we have to be very responsible and caring for the
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family. and everybody else. >> a major develop pt tonight in a story abc7 news brought you here yesterday a auction of items from internment camps that outraged many bay area japanese americans was just cancelled. some felt it commercialized family memories collected by people forced into world war ii internment camps. >> a dramatic escape from yemen. the wife and two children braved a 16-hour boat trip this week.
6:33 pm
he has been working in fresno, able to get his family out of yemen. and says it's been terrifying. >> the airport is one of the targets that they've been bombing. so every strike air strike would shake our house. kids were crying all the time. >> he and his daughter are now waiting until visas come through. . >> i man forced capitol to go on to block down today. this is the man flying above the national mall a robot was brought in. the pilot is identified as doug
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hughes who wanted to bring attention to campaign finance reform. >> in google they claim they give arrangements to separate investigations into android mobile systems. google now has ten weeks to respond. >> a southwest airlines passenger hoping to get a refund for a flight cancelled ran into tush yu lance. >> he contacted michael finney. >> this guy is from san jose. he says he and his family are frequent flyers so what happened
6:35 pm
to him caught him by surprise. >> to celebrate his friend's birthday. so jeff cancelled the fight. so he thought. >> they told me great. all set. >> southwest read all funds from the reservation are forfeited he called southwest. >> they said you need to prove to us you called. >> you'll recall he was at a off site meeting. tracking down that call would be impossible. >> i felt like i'd done what i
6:36 pm
was supposed to do. i called and cancelled. i didn't feel like i had to put people out to solve the problem. >> now there would be no refund he remembers the time he turned to 7 on your side. 3:00 p.m on a wednesday. >> and so thank you for that. it's helpful. >> southwest told us exceptions are considered on a case by case basis and may require related documentation. records indicate the department worked with mr. schwartz to resolve this particular issue. >> so advice document it by getting a cancellation number. most will give you that.
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and with southwest if you don't have something, you're wrong. >> yes. >> coming up next a company coming up with a solution for an uncomfortable pr female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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checking traffic we just went through the toll plaza. now, you can see we're moving smoothly into the sun. soy thought i'd turn it around. and not a lot of cars heading into san francisco. >> thank you very much. >> tonight, as abc7 reports it work was out medication or traditional surgery. >> if you're a man of a certain age, chances are you visit the rest room more often. for some the situation can get out of hand. >> i was giving up 4, 5 times
6:41 pm
per night. and unfortunately, i'm the individual when i get up and feet hit the floor, i wake up. >> ken stayed if shape. he developed a condition called bph. >> it's a common condition that we see. >> ken turned to doctor edward carpman. he recommended a new option he says it's a minimally invasive procedure. >> a scope is an instrument used
6:42 pm
to look inside a prostate and bladder. >> as seen in this animation the device is run through the scope. they can pull the tissue away from the urinary tract. it avoids risk of side affects. >> when guys are considering surgery they'll void it because of the concern. >> the lift is manufactured by a pleasanton company. >> within about ten days to two weeks i was just having to get up one time per night.
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the final bird rescue ready from the goo in the bay is back in the water tonight. he is the last of 165 birds after being found coated in a sticky substance in january. it's still unclear how it got into the water. >> many areas have dried up. from the central valley an unlikely alliance and a duck hunting group. >> these birds are flying from winter homes in south america back to the arctic. and have stopped here to fuel up
6:47 pm
for the long trip. >> this is to be able to make a journey north. >> they need wetland areas but those are increasingly hard to find. the drought continues. >> without water and places to land, you run risks of overcrowding. >> that is kw they're now partnering to create more than 1500 acres of new habitat. >> land owners keep these flooded from august through march. then, start growing food but now, they've agreed to keep areas wet about a month longer.
6:48 pm
>> this is just fantastic to provide habitat as shore birds are my greating through this area. >> feels great to see partners getting ready to stretch water and provide this habitat that is needed by the birds. >> time to turn to weather. >> that is true. i've been talking about this warm up. this shows today's highs and third shows how much warmer it was today. santa rosa, 13 degrees higher in san rafael.
6:49 pm
highs approaching 70 degrees around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. mid to upper 80s inland, throughout the weekend. >> thank you spencer. >> there is a lot to talk about with sports. >> yes. >> there are good people out there. >> we should go there, now. >> you're either getting ready for playoffs or trying to figure out if you want to keep your coach like the sharks. a's go for a sweep in houston
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good evening woorers head coach said everybody will go tonight against denver nuggets how many minutes they get will depend on how the game is going.
6:53 pm
please no injuries. some warriors have not been razor sharp lately. and they have a lead and haven't had meaningful games in weeks. scored 42 points but shot just 39%. >> shots sometimes don't go in. a guy will usually stop shooting to see it. >> if the score, world surprising leading spurs in the 4th. and okc is crushing timber
6:54 pm
wolfs. the first time since 2003, sharks did not qualify for playoffs. tension in the locker room. and whether coach will be made this year. >> they said their goodbyes and signed autographs and look back to be a tough day for the man in teal. >> we did great. you know we didn't perform. and i think who knows what the answer is. >> when you don't read your needs from a team you're a scapegoat.
6:55 pm
he wants to talk with his family. >> the answers you're looking for today, you're not going to be able to give them to you. that takes care of that. >> saying players win games. >> it's going to need to improve. >> i feel good about coming into the locker room. and moving forward. >> gm doug wilson claims the team was not that far away. >> in san jose abc7 sports. so far, so good. a record going for a series sweep tonight in houston. every player wearing number
6:56 pm
42. and billy butler up the middle. he would score and josh reddic continuing to combine highlights on a nightly basis. and many showed up on time not 90 minutes late. the back man hoping to defeat floyd. and abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> join us tonight on cable
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channel 13. rubbing elbows with a tech leader. how to win a lunch with team cook >> what police say this man did to a little girl on a crowded street just steps from her mother. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. >> from all of ugs thanks for joining us. >> see you at 9:00 and 11:00. at subway, a great meal starts with a great sandwich on the new "simple 6 menu." with six of our best six-inch subs, like the tender turkey breast plus any bag of chips and a 21-ounce drink for just $6 every day.
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