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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 13, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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fresh step extreme... lighweight. good morning, america. it's official. hillary clinton hits the campaign trail. >> i'm running for president. >> road tripping overnight in a van she calls scooby. so where is she headed? what's changed from her last run? now her republican rivals speak out. new this morning, big questions about that other officer on the scene of the fatal traffic stop in south carolina. why did he file an incomplete police report and did he do enough to try to save walter scott's life. calls for this officer's arrest right now. deadly crash. the small plane plum mets from the sky after being cleared for landing. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> the fiery wreck caught on camera. smoke visible a mile away. investigators on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ golf's new golden boy,
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21-year-old jordan spieth roaring to victory at the masters smashing records along the way and wait till you hear the good luck charm that helped him to his first major victory. and we do say good morning, america. hope everybody had a wonderful weekend. we know that jordan spieth did. >> boy, did he. >> from start to finish he led the masters and he is a breath of fresh air. so unassuming. >> so unassuming but how about that focus when he moves from green to tee, he's fierce and held that lead the whole way. incredible performance. you guys ready for a white house race? >> it's on. >> hillary clinton got in yesterday afternoon. started out with a video featuring everyday americans and hit the road in that van on her way to iowa and cecilia vega will cover her all the way at clinton campaign headquarters in brooklyn. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you.
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hey, hillary clinton's headquarters are right here and an aide tells me she wants to start off small, ramp it up into high gear and will begin in iowa with one-on-one meeting with voters and already on her way there. this morning hillary clinton is already on the campaign trail. abc news learning overnight the former first lady, senator and secretary of state hit the road right as she made her bid for the white house official. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: now it is iowa or bust. the first stop, a pennsylvania gas station, clinton tweeting this picture saying met a great family when we stopped this afternoon. with a failed presidential bid in her rear view mirror, this time clinton joins the race as the presumed democratic nominee. with a youtube video making the pitch to voters through voices like these, moms, workers, black, white, spanish-speaking and gay. >> been getting this married
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this summer to someone i really care about. >> reporter: clinton isn't even seen in the video until halfway in. she says the theme of this campaign is not her, but rather people she calls everyday americans. >> everyday americans need a champion, and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: while daughter chelsea was quick to tweet very proud of you, mom, republicans reacted swiftly too. from likely opponents like jeb bush tweeting "we must do better than hillary. to those already in the race, senator rand paul saying, a hillary clinton presidency would be a disaster. senator ted cruz even releasing this attack video. >> hillary clinton represents the failed policies of the past. >> reporter: but for some, a new presidential campaign means a new era of late night laughs. >> hillary would make a great president. and i would make an even greater first dude. >> thank you, bill. >> reporter: "snl" already in on the jokes. >> you can't be your own vice
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president. >> we will see about that. >> reporter: undoubtedly with more to come. an aide tells abc news that road trip van, clinton nicknamed it scooby. and that aide tells me also that hillary clinton likes a good road trip. this whole thing was her idea but it is going to be a really long road ahead, george. election day still 574 days out. >> but who is counting? okay, cecilia, thanks very much. let's bring in jon karl to balk this. a few hours in and all kinds of clues from the clinton campaign about what they learned from the loss. >> she told diane sawyer last year that the biggest mistake she made was not telling voters she needed to earn their vote. last time she said, "i," 31 times. this time she doesn't appear until halfway through and wants to run as an underdog and wants to earn their vote. heck, she is driving to iowa which is all part of that message. >> in a commanding position going in.
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her campaign unusual in so many ways, especially because she has to contend with not just one democratic president but two. o' >> joked to her friends she has to distance herself from two presidents her husband and her former boss, but she, you know, make no mistake, bill clinton is not on this trip. won't be on her next several trips but her advisers describe him as her most important political adviser. i'm told he's been at every major strategy meeting she's had with her senior staff. she made it clear there is no benefit and need to distance herself from obama. they will not criticize him. >> have to hope he and the economy do well a year from now. meanwhile, another candidate making it official today marco rubio down in florida. >> he's got an announcement tweet that kind of played on the "game of thrones" theme. very much getting overshadowed by this but his people say they are glad. it gives a chance to set a generational contrast. he's only 43 years old and says he's the voice of the future.
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>> three first term republican senators right now. okay, jon karl, i'm going down to florida to interview marco rubio on "world news." >> you'll leave "gma" early to get there. all right, george. new developments in that fatal traffic stop in south carolina. new questions this morning about the actions of the first officer on the scene after the deadly shooting. some are now calling for his arrest. abc's steve osunsami has the latest, joins us from north charleston. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. after walter scott's funeral this weekend, now that other officer who was seen after the shooting, his actions are also being called into question and some are calling for his arrest and prosecution. this morning, new calls for the arrest and prosecution of this black police officer from north charleston, officer clarence habersham is seen in this round the world responding to the scene after officer michael slager is seen shooting walter
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scott to death. >> gunshot wound to the left side, to the back, one left side to the buttock. unresponsive. >> reporter: the country's oldest group of black lawyers and judges, the national bar association says he filed an incomplete police report that deliberately left out material facts. the group also says there is no evidence on the video that shows officer habersham or anyone else deliver cpr to walter scott. what happens after the recording is unclear. but in radio calls it does seem they're directing paramedics to the scene. they buried him saturday. city officials told abc they're still investigating. not sure if he will facing any discipline. >> i'm not the one that will make the charges. you're asking me to speculate.
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>> investigators interviewed people. the officer was too far away from the shooting to see it but may know why he ran away from the call. this morning new details from the dash cam video. the camera still recording the officer after the shooting. he gets a phone call that sounds like it's from home and then he and another officer discuss what investigators will do next. >> what happens next? >> they're going to tell you you're going to be off for a couple days. >> now there's this from scott's family. the lawyers for the family say they're not sure if race played a factor in the shooting. they're still suing the city in a civil lawsuit. robin. we'll turn to the severe weather. record rain and flooding in the south. more heavy rain, wind and hail. >> flash flooding along the gulf coast. this from biloxi, behind the wheel, what it looked like, almost impassable and from gulfport cars stalling.
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more than 7 inches of rain falling in just one day. in mobile, alabama, so that gives you an idea what happened but here's what's happening now. storms strong at this point with lots of rain included from lake charles to new orleans, flash flood watches to panama city. some flash flood warnings in there and the rain is not going to stop this week. check out the numbers. we're going rainfall 3 to 4 inches from new orleans up through birmingham and atlanta in that yellow swath. a little bit in western tennessee too. severe storms throughout the weekend in texas. it's going to happen again today, especially austin down to san antonio and laredo so i'm going to come back with a little more on the severe storms and, of course, look forward to the pacific northwest and another storm for them? thank you, ginger. now to a deadly small plane crash in florida. it went down in a wooded area after being cleared for landing killing four people on board. federal investigators on the scene trying to figure out what went wrong. abc's gio benitez is here with that. >> good morning to you, robin. the plane had flown more than 200 miles from orlando to ft.
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lauderdale but in the final feet of that flight when it crashed. just short of the runway yards from a busy street. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this morning federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly florida plane crash sunday. the fiery aftermath captured in new video. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the plane a piper pa-31 similar to this one heading from orlando to ft. lauderdale executive airport with four people on board. >> runway 1-3, clear to land. >> reporter: the plane cleared for landing by the control tower but just seconds later the pilot frantically signals for help. >> mayday, mayday. >> i don't know if it was the wind or speed but it nosedived. >> there was a loud explosion. >> reporter: the six-seater going down in a wooded area feet from the runway. smoke from the scene billowing so high, it could be seen on this video captured by an eyewitness nearly a mile away. >> it happened so quick. >> reporter: rescue workers arriving on scene minutes later closing down nearby streets and putting out the fire.
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the faa confirming all four people on board were killed. >> our crews make an aggressive attack on the fire, extinguish it within minutes. >> reporter: now the ntsb and faa are on the scene trying to figure out what brought down the small plane on a sunny florida day. and we've learned the plane was built in 1979. recertified by the faa less than two weeks ago but it'll take days to go through the maintenance records and weeks perhaps before we learn exactly what went wrong. robin. >> incredibly tragic. all right, gio, thank you. good to have amy back with the other top developing stories starting with new tensions between the u.s. and russia. >> that's right. the united states is filing an official complaint with russia after a u.s. reconnaissance plane was intercepted by a russian jet over the baltic sea. u.s. officials say the close encounter happened in international airspace and was, quote, unsafe and unprofessional. and the latest indication of aggressive behavior by moscow. breaking news from the crisis in yemen.
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140 american citizens have been safely evacuated from that country arriving by boat in the nearby african nation of djibouti. hundreds of other americans remain stranded and the u.s. is reportedly offering more support for the saudi-led military campaign against the rebels who have overrun much of yemen and are backed by iran. the manhunt for two suspects wanted in the abduction of a jewelry store employee caught on camera in philadelphia. their alleged accomplice has been tracked down in south carolina. abc's reena ninan has the latest. >> reporter: police say 31-year-old khayree gay and two others abducted and terrorized a jewelry store employee. >> i can tell you she's been through nothing short of torture. >> reporter: watch as this red van enters a philadelphia parking lot april 4th. ten minutes later surveillance video shows the victim, a 53-year-old woman, walking to her car, then hidden from cameras, police say three men forced her into the van before
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fleeing the garage with the victim still trapped inside. >> they put a hood over her face, they tie wrapped her. >> reporter: police say the men tortured her beating and tasing her multiple times all in an attempt to gain access to the jewelry store where she worked but according to police the woman didn't even know the codes. that's when police say the kidnappers stole her atm card and emptied her bank account before dumping her at this cemetery before she was rescued. >> there's a person screaming for a female supposedly tied up across the treat from the cemetery. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals and atf tracking gay to a hotel nearly 600 miles away in south carolina. the other two still on the run, police say gay has a criminal past and is scheduled to be arraigned later this morning. for "good morning america," i'm reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. this morning, new figures prove americans are growing more frustrated at the airport. complaints about airlines rose
7:14 am
by 22% last year. reversing four years of improvement. one reason because of flight delay, only 76% of flights were on time last year. that's down 2% from the previous year and the rate of luggage lost or stolen or delayed rose by 13%. well, a close call at a thrift store in phoenix. a van was turning into a parking spot when it suddenly sped up. you see there, driving into the store nearly running over a customer. the driver claims the car accelerated for no reason. fortunately no one amazingly was injured. finally a lot of people don't like their picture taken. that apparently holds true for chimpanzees, as well. watch as this drone camera is flying over a chimp's habitat at a zoo in europe. well take a look at one chimp looks at this thing with a stick. he's ready for it. he swats it, boom. he brings that drone camera right out of the sky. the camera fell to the ground and then this very interesting chimp selfie instead.
7:15 am
got to be weird. >> he means business. a stick ready for that. >> doing what we all want to do. get out of here. am i right? am i right? >> how about this weekend at the masters. >> that was fun to watch. golf's new golden boy, 21-year-old jordan spieth becoming the second youngest player to win the masters putting on that coveted green jacket. only tiger woods was younger but spieth did something that even tiger never has, leading from start to finish. abc's paula faris has all the details. >> one of the epic performances in the annals of the sport. >> reporter: overnight a new golf great grabbing that coveted green jacket. >> what a beautiful shot. >> reporter: jordan spieth just 21 years old outplaying phil mickelson and tiger woods becoming the second youngest winner in masters history.
7:16 am
>> the next generation is officially here. >> reporter: spieth was just 3 years old when woods won his first masters back in 1997. >> yes. 19 under par. for the first time in masters history. >> reporter: in some ways he's the typical 21-year-old. instagramming athletic hobbies like fishing, archery and even some adventurous cliff diving but he hangs out in this $2.3 million mansion decked out with two pools and a wine closet. perfect for celebrating. >> never seen anything like it. >> reporter: on sunday spieth celebrated his victory with his family. his high school friends, his high school sweetheart. >> most incredible week of my life. >> reporter: and his biggest fan, cheering on at home, his 14-year-old sister ellie who has special needs. >> she brings humility to our family. she allows us to realize the big picture things and to not stress too much about if i may birdie or par on that hole. >> reporter: his good luck charm
7:17 am
might have been the movie he watched in his hotel room the night before the big win. >> it was "forgetting sarah marshall." i think one of the greatest movies in the world. so i was really excited. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> that is a great movie. >> one of my favorite movies. >> it's nice to know good guys win. >> i know. his mother said, because of the daughter, sister, ellie, that they all have the right perspective and his life would not be the same without his sweet sister. >> probably the first of many to come. >> i think so. to ginger right now. big storm about to hit the west. >> yeah, tough golf game. let me tell you that ahead of storm. wind speeds up to 70 miles per hour in places like las vegas or salt lake city. there are wind advisories and watches that go for the next 24 hours or so. winter storm watches in some of the mountains because as this thing plows through the pacific northwest, it's going to make its way into the rockies, dropping snow, gusts again to 70. locally some snow going to get
7:18 am
to one foot so we're still seeing spring snows out there. especially in the northern rockies. and a little bit less of a temperature change than, say, vegas will see, some 30 degrees but here we go, 66, chicago after the front, 82 charleston. select cities now. >> good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. marine laser become. so are the cooling breezes today and tomorrow. it will be cooler at night. 30's and 40s and warming on
7:19 am
wednesday and some of that riches the coast. today, you are in the cooler areas, mid-to-upper fists around the bay shore and maybe some mid-70s around antioch. the sent seven shows 70s and 80s on thursday and we rarely get to see all this convection. thunderstorms forming like this, a time lapse in lubbock, texas, it looks beautiful. we just know what comes out of it, hail, damaging wind but from that perspective very cool to see. >> thanks for sharing that. coming up, the trial getting under way for a former honor student who gunned down her boyfriend. why she claims it was self-defense. also ahead a brazen jewel heist caught on camera. this gang makes off with hundreds of millions of dollars of gems. it's a real life ocean's 11. e-cigarette explosions. how you could be putting yourself and others at risk. robert downey jr. gets real with his fans. his words at last
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good morning, america. and right now, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail this morning kicking off her run for president with a road trip to iowa. also right now, jury selection begins for the former kentucky honor student who shot her boyfriend to death. >> and those maryland free-range parents are in the headlines again. their kids taken into custody by police after being found at the park alone. >> yeah, they had a long night last night. we have a lot to get to this morning. we say good morning, america. "game of thrones" is back. that means amy is very excited in the social square. >> that's right, george. spring may have sprung but we know winter is coming and no spoilers here but also not a big surprise that social media lighting up last night and it wasn't just fans tweeting about the show, we're going to show you who is getting in on the act, as well, cashing in on this whole "game of thrones" phenomenon.
7:31 am
robin. >> that has "the speed feed" written all over. first, the murder trial of a young kentucky woman accused of gunning down her boyfriend gets under way. she claims it was self-defense. prosecutors say she was angry he was going to break up with her. abc's linsey davis has to that story for us. >> reporter: this morning jury selection begins in the murder trial of 24-year-old shayna hubers, accused of killing her on again, off again boyfriend ryan poston in october of 2012. hubers told the court during a bail hearing she shot poston, a 29-year-old lawyer in self-defense. >> what did you believe would happen if you hadn't grabbed that gun first? >> i believe that i would have been hurt, that i would have been shot. >> reporter: but prosecutors say after her arrest hubers gave a different reason. >> you had said you shot him in the face. you gave him the nose job he always wanted.
7:32 am
do you recall? >> i've seen that on -- yes, i've seen that. >> reporter: according to court reports police said hubers shot poston in the face twice and put him out of his misery and end his twitching and moaning. according to reports the prosecutor will argue hubers murdered poston out of anger when he tried to break up with her. on the stand hubers read a text she sent to a friend days before his death. >> i want to turn around, shoot and kill him and play like it's an accident. >> reporter: hubers testifying the text was just a joke. >> the fact she indicated whether it be in guess or intended on truly killing him prior to the day she did shows her state of mind. >> reporter: overnight poston's family telling abc news we know ryan was a caring young man. as difficult as the trial will be for our families we look forward to justice being served. since her arrest in 2012 hubers has been held without bond because she's considered to be a flight risk.
7:33 am
investigators testified she told family members that if she saw an open door, she would jet through it and even referred to the harrison ford getaway movie "the fugitive." it's now up to a jury to decide if those six shots she fired were actually self-defense or murder. >> they'll decide. all right. thank you, linsey. we'll turn to one of the biggest jewel heists in british history. a gang of professionals made off with gems worth hundreds of millions of dollars over easter weekend. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: ripped from the pages of a hollywood script. >> money and jewels are safe to steal. >> reporter: this newly released surveillance video revealing how a gang of jewel thieves made off with an estimated $150 million haul over easter weekend. >> planned exactly what they were going to steal. >> reporter: british newspaper "the daily mirror" even naming six of the bandits appearing in the video that the paper exclusively obtained. there's mr. ginger, the red-headed robber appearing at
7:34 am
9:23 p.m. on the eve of good friday. carrying a large trash bag into the basement of the hatten garden safe deposit building in london's most exclusive diamond district then there's the gent, mr. strong, mr. montana, the tall man and the old man. over the course of four days the team is seen hauling all sorts of gear including a large monkey wrench and what appears to be bolt cutters. you can also see duffel bag, plastic bins, even the getaway vehicle. >> go. >> reporter: in a scene straight from "ocean's eleven" police say they descended down an elevator shaft before using a diamond tipped drill to cut through six feet of reinforced concrete to access the vault. like in the 2008 movie "the bank job," the crew raided dozens of safety deposit boxes. this morning, police here under
7:35 am
fire after admitting they didn't respond to the first alarm early good friday and now an internal investigation under way to find out why. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, london. >> my goodness. let's go to amy in the social square with that "the speed feed." amy. >> that's right. robin, two big premieres ruling social media. hillary clinton's announcement she's running for president and the return of "game of thrones." the long awaited return of hbo's fantasy got twitter buzzing and many big brands took the opportunity to get in on all the action. stonyfield organic showing us the game of spoons and charmin making this, the king of cleanliness will never be dethroned. even hostess got into the act about the end of the show's endless summer with this tweet, the snowballs in winterfell aren't as tasty as ours. winter is coming. for those who can't wait till
7:36 am
next week's episode, the news that four episodes of the series nearly half of the entire season were leaked. "forbes" reporting that the number of illegal downloads reached 800,000 the day they hit the internet. if you've seen them please keep those spoilers to yourself. tell us what's in your feeds at #socialsquare. time warner's ceo says he's not upset about the pirating and says it's better than winning an emmy. >> okay. >> everyone is talking about it. >> and thank you there, amy. >> they're not complaining after that. >> that's true. another check of the weather, ginger. >> panama city is under a flash flood watch. we have a camera there. to get an idea of what's happening. not raining yet but just northwest heavy rains, temperatures are in the low 70s now and the strong storms going to move on through in the next couple of hours and really keep you for a soggy day, temperatures ending up in the mid to upper 70s. back to the west, it's been a really rainy weekend. it moves into the midsouth. look at tennessee, atlanta, on up.
7:37 am
a lot of showers and storms throughout the day. highs going to stay down, rain cooled in the 70s. here's some cooling, look at this. behind that storm i was talking about, salt lake goes from 74 today. down to 45 on wednesday for a high, las vegas will be in the low 90s today and go into the upper 60s and low 70s by midweek. >> good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco. sunny and breezy this afternoon. ten degrees cooler from 58 at the coast and 76ants antioch. cooler tomorrow and look at the 70s and 80s on thursday and friday. >> so we did it. we made it to peak of the cherry blossoms in washington, d.c. and this was just about the prettiest scene that we could see. isn't it gorgeous? all that weather by the way brought to you by target. >> oh, that is so nice. >> matches my dress too so i was happy. >> right there. always thinking there, ginger. thank you. have you heard about this, e-cigarette explosions caught on camera.
7:38 am
"gma investigates" how the device could put you and people around you in danger. those free-range parents are under fire again. the children of that maryland couple taken into custody by police. ♪ ♪ ♪
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back now at 7:42 with "gma investigates" and this morning a surprising safety alert. about e-cigarettes. they've become a popular alternative for smokers but sometimes can explode like firecrackers, abc's ryan smith is here with the story. good morning to you, ryan. >> good morning, lara. millions are using e-cigarettes and those numbers are growing but vapors and those around need to beware because they're leaving some with serious injuries. e-cigarettes erupting in flames. burning mattresses.
7:43 am
this one even skyrocketing into the ceiling. >> i'm freaking out. i just had an electronic cigarette blow up in my hand. yeah, my hand is burned pretty bad. >> reporter: sales of this tobacco replacement more than doubled from 2012 to 2013 and are continuing to grow. nearly 5 million americans now using e-cigs. >> the popularity of e-cigarettes is exploding. >> reporter: sometimes literally. >> i just heard a pop. >> reporter: mike from texas says he was holding his e-cig at work when this happened. >> i'm pretty glad that i didn't have it up to my face. it could have been worse. >> reporter: this store specializing this them says these explosions are rare but when they do happen it's mostly during charging. >> so you can't just stick this into any old charging unit. >> no, that is the biggest issue. phone chargers come with very high output amperage. this is much smaller than what's in a phone. >> reporter: they urge customers
7:44 am
to be educated. >> education is probably the most important thing we can have to make sure the customer understands what they could do wrong to make the product dangerous. >> reporter: right now it's the wild, wild west for e-cigarettes and we're concerned about this. >> reporter: the fda telling "gma" investigates that it's getting involved hoping to regulate the health and safety of the product. >> we are in the middle of a rule-making process. we have a public goal of trying to complete this rule-making by the end of june of this year. >> reporter: the fda is also still evaluating the impact e-cigs could have on your health. as to the explosions the smoke-free alternative, while these incidents are taken very seriously, millions of former smokers continue to use these products as intended. proper care and safety dictate that people use the correct type of charger and follow manufacturer guidelines. in the meantime, they have a simple solution for staying safe. you have a product to guard against it. what is that? >> there are protection products
7:45 am
that have blast bags. >> reporter: to contain a potential explosion. >> they kind of work the way insurance is, you don't need it until you need it and then it's too late. >> reporter: this is a typical e-cigarette and experts say that you have to be sure to use the charger that comes with the e-cigarette and not your cell phone charger. also you got to treat it like any other electronic device. not a cigarette. keep it away from water and extreme temperatures. for beginners they're not just plug and play. you actually should go to the store and talk to an employee that works with these grenades and tell you how to use them. it's not as simple as it uses. >> would you sign these papers for me in the meantime. >> yes. >> looks like a pen. >> small and convenient but -- >> thank you. good tips. thank you very much. coming up here the new warnings about some popular wrinkle cream, as well. companies under fire for claiming they're making about anti-aging treatments like the ones we all love. and the three must have apps that can help you save big when it comes to shopping every day.
7:46 am
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did you watch this last did you watch this last night, mtv movie awards where the fans decide the winners. anything goes. one of the biggest moments of the night was a deserving honor, robert downey jr., abc's rachel smith has all the details for us. >> reporter: describe the vibe at this year's award shows from the carpet to inside the venue. what is it like? >> it's loose and fun. >> reporter: the mtv movie awards, where anything goes. >> kevin hart, how are you the same height as your kids? what's going on down there. >> reporter: in a night where young hollywood was crowned. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: veteran stars owned the stage. "furious 7" star vin diesel honoring his late co-star paul walker in an emotional moment. ♪ it's been a long day without you my friend ♪ ♪ and i'll tell you all about it when i see you again ♪ >> reporter: and the "avengers" cast giving fans a sneak peek of their new movie "age of ultron."
7:51 am
>> excited to give robert downey the generation award. >> reporter: the most iconic award, downey taking a moment to get real with his fans. >> i partied way too much. i've squandered, resisted, surrendered, repented, labored, so dream big, work hard, keep your nose clean, be of service and, yes, because you can, define your generation. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, los angeles. >> got it right. >> he did. he did it. we'll be right back. e variety we have? we get to do the same thing at petsmart with our pets. they have premium food at great prices. we'll go down an aisle and we'll say "gus, you know what... " you pick it out-the salmon is it going to be liver, is it going to be rice?" petsmart has really brought us together. we had a little trouble in the the many years back? ohh...well i'd say as recently as three weeks, but... oh i thought we were doing better than that. petsmart has a wide assortment of premium food choices to fit your kid's unique needs.
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good morning, america. it's 8 al and zoe saldana revealing her personal struggle after pregnancy. why she's saying her body was bent out of shape. what feels impossible and why she's not giving up. ♪ you know you lie ♪ warnings about some of the popular wrinkle creams you may use. the companies under fire for claims they're making about their anti-aging treatments. ♪ bang bang into the room ♪ it's movie day on "gma." our megamovie event live. >> good morning, america. i told you, i'll be back. >> the worldwide exclusive for "terminator genisys" right here. and times square is extra secure. you know him as mall cop, paul
8:01 am
blart. kevin james is with us live. ♪ 'not all as we say good morning, america. as arnold said he is back. terminator is coming back. our audience so excited for "terminator genisys." we've even got an electronic arnold schwarzenegger here with us. >> taking their selfies. a lot of excitement for the worldwide exclusive premiere of the trailer for the highly anticipated movie in a special times square viewing party >> also paul blart, mall cop, another huge movie and he's back. >> oh, yeah. this is it. good morning lara. good morning, gang. how are you? >> kevin james. >> nice to see you guys. >> a couple big thumbs up from my girls over the weekend. >> i'm excited for this one. big one for the family.
8:02 am
everyone will have fun. i get hurt a lot. >> you are one -- >> she is my steed. ready to go. >> we're looking forward to the lesson and a great chat coming up. >> that is all coming up. we have to get news first from amy. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with hillary clinton on the road this morning just as she announced her presidential campaign with this video, she hit the road climbing into a van she calls scooby heading to iowa. the focus of her campaign squarely on what she calls, quote, everyday americans. her first tweet showed a picture of a family she met at a gas station in pennsylvania. meanwhile, marco rubio is expected to officially enter the race today. at 43 rubio is offering himself as a leader to bring generational change to politics. well, a stunning report this morning as we approach one year since the kidnapping of hundreds of schoolgirls in nigeria. unicef says 800,000 nigeriian children have now been forced from their homes by the militant
8:03 am
group boko haram. many vic separated from their families forced into marriage or used in terror attacks. well back in this country a deadly accident at a disney world race car attraction is under investigation. a lamborghini lost control and crashed into a guardrail killing the driving trucker. the course allows racing fans to drive or ride in exotic cars. it is unclear yet what caused that driver to lose control. well new developments this morning in a story we've been following about so-called free-range parents. a maryland couple made national headlines after being criticized for allowing their kids to walk home alone from a park of the children were picked up by police on sunday and turned over to child services for hours. abc's reena ninan has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, free range parents danielle and alexander meitiv are under scrutiny once again by child protective services in maryland. their children were found yesterday at a local park near their home without adult supervision. they were taken into custody by
8:04 am
montgomery county police. the kids were due home around 6:00 p.m. yesterday when they did not show up danielle meitiv took to facebook saying we have been searching for the kids for hours. the children are now home again with their parents. >> they made us sign it that says we will not leave them un unattended until they follow up. and i'm not going to risk my kids being snatched again like this by cps. >> reporter: they recently made headlines for letting their 10 and 6-year-old walk a mile home from a park without adult supervision and were found responsible by child services for child neglect. >> never occurred to me i could get caught up in something like this. >> reporter: the couple say they know their style of parenting which gives their children more space and more responsibility is old fashioned, but they never thought it would come under investigation. but child protect sieve services says maryland state law states children under the age of 8 must be under the care of a person who is at least 13.
8:05 am
for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> reena, thank you. finally, college can be a special time filled with once in a lifetime memories look at what happened to the team from washington university. they will likely never forget this. they were rowing when hundreds of asian carp starting exploding out of the lake appearing to launch a full-scale attack on their boat. rowers tried grabbing the fish. they were too slippery. nobody injured but the biggest complaint was the lingering fish smell. apparently these carp have an exaggerated startle response and so that's why they come out leaping like that and people had been injured. thankfully these guys weren't. >> that was scary. >> have you seen those videos smacking people. >> you're right. >> thankfully they weren't coming that fast. >> "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go to lara in the social square. >> thank you, george. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." back to wally world.
8:06 am
all the details on the vacation reboot. zoe saldana opening up on her post pregnancy struggles and how she's bouncing back and she's also reaching out for support. then wrinkle cream warning. why some companies are under fire for claiming that they're making about how well their products work. and then this guy, kevin james james. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at and then speak with your gastroenterologist.
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8:09 am
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just checking to see if everything is under code here. you seem to be all right. i don't know if i approve or not. all right. that's fine. all right. >> kevin james. on patrol in our control room. >> he's so game. >> he always is when he comes by. what's popping? >> thanks so much for asking. happy monday. you know it's been a month since we last heard from cookie lyons on "empire." fortunately taraji p. henson who put the boo into boo-boo kitty. the streets aren't made for everyone. that's why they make sidewalks. triumphantly returned to "snl." up to her old tricks but up against the other cookie and a
8:12 am
few of his friends. >> hey, bert i'll trade my apple for half your sandwich. >> no huh-uh. he's trying to play you. >> but, but -- >> but, but, but. you can't speak english. >> you want to share a cookie. >> no baby cookie don't share. >> she's hysterical. >> that was good. >> killing it on "snl." the appearance should help us work through our cookie addiction until season two of "empire" comes back in the fall. >> ooh. we have to wait that long. >> we do. >> she is great. and then a different kind of match for tennis superstar andy murray. love, love was in the air as murray tied the knot with his girlfriend kim sears in his hometown of dunblane scotland dub the royal wedding of scotland. well wishers lined the streets as the wimbledon and u.s. open champ arrived showing more leg
8:13 am
than his bride wearing the traditional kilt and the new mrs. murray wearing a gown by jenny packham. tweeted out these emojis describing the day and the typical scottish weather. they included showers, glam church a ring kisses food drink, hearth and lots and lots of sleep. see the zs at the end. >> what is the glam one. >> all the rage right now. >> that i actually had to ask my producer what the glam emoji was too. which i still don't know. but trust me -- we're so heap we'll find out and then let you know. >> "gma investigates." >> look on my twitter feed later. it will be very glam. and then finally, everybody, you remember the 1983 movie that made this song famous. ♪ holiday road ♪ >> and the griswolds are about to hit the road again. are you guys ready for
8:14 am
"vacation: the reboot." >> yeah. >> bring it on. >> just makes you happy. complete with a trip to wally world. here is your first look at the griswolds family in 2015. there's chevy chase, beverly d'angelo. a grown up rusty played by ed helms. his wife played by christina applegate and now they're taking their kids to the legendary theme park. it's deja vu as the griswolds gather around the family truckster again. "vacation: the reboot" to hit theaters july 31st. that's "pop news" on this monday. >> thank you, lara. "heat index" coming up. to ginger right now. >> everybody out here is excited for that movie. we were just talking about it. happy birthday. what's your name? >> mary flanigan. >> happy birthday to you. how about we go ahead and both of us travel to philadelphia at least in the cameras. the benjamin franklin bridge over the delaware river and a really nice start here in the northeast. i was telling you, you get a good morning. wind advisory out ahead of the
8:15 am
cold front back in western new york where you're from right? >> yes, upstate. >> all right. and that cold front will bring showers in by tomorrow but really a mild one philly goes to a high in the mid-70s today. severe weather threat in texas. austin abilene, san antonio and corpus christi or just >> good monday morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. marine laser become. so are the cooling breezes today and tomorrow. it will be cooler at night. 30's and 40s and warming on wednesday and some of that riches the coast. today, you are in the cooler areas, mid-to-upper fists around the bay shore and maybe some mid-70s around antioch. the sent seven shows 70s and 80s on thursday and >> see, you don't have to really go all out on the signs for me
8:16 am
to make -- for them to get my attention of the she's 21 years old today. your name. >> kelsey newman. >> nice sign. let's get back inside. it has handles too. >> she's been out since bright and early this morning. kicking off the "heat index," actress zoe saldana stunned on the oscar, remember this how beautiful she looked on the red carpet this past year at the oscar, well this weekend she revealed that getting red carpet ready after having twins, not so easy. she shared her struggles to get back in shape on facebook calling on all moms to support each other. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: this guardian of the galaxy is being hailed at a new kind of superhero from moms everywhere. >> fool should have learned. >> reporter: the 36-year-old actress who in november gave birth to twin boys taking to facebook over the weekend posting a workout photo with a can dit tell-all of her momma
8:17 am
hardships after gaining 70 pounds of baby weight. my body was really bent out of shape after the boys were born. bouncing back feels impossible. but i know it's important as a woman and now a mommy to not give up. >> she was having a lot of thyroid issue, problems with her plate leis and she was really emotionally distressed. >> reporter: dazzling at the oscars february in a curve hugging versace just four months after having the twins, she writes -- "i'm not going to lie. it is slow painful and frustrating. i know many of you have gone through this or are going through it as we speak. let's do it together" the. >> fact that she revealed vulnerable things about herself humanizes her. >> basic body weight exercises, squats. >> reporter: we met up with steve moyer, zoe's trainer at hollywood gym in l.a. where he showed us some of zoe's exercises. >> another exercise that i like to do and i like to have zoe do is a plank because it works the
8:18 am
core. >> reporter: the "avatar" and "star trek" actress says she's making better choices with what she eats and will share her experience with fans in hopes it will help others. >> leave it to me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo abc news, new york. >> abc news senior and medical contributor dr. jennifer ashton will joins now. so what zoe was describing how accurate is that? >> there is no reliable statistic on this robin. but i can tell you in my 15-year experience of being an ob/gyn i bet it approaches 100%. >> yes. >> yes. i mean this is something that how you feel postpartum or after pregnancy depends on a lot of factors how you were before you got pregnant. what kind of pregnancy you had and then you know what to some measure how you take care -- >> a lot of hormones. >> it's physical and emotion? and you're tired already from the baby and trying to work out. >> there's a lot of misconceptions -- i know you're getting -- >> i'm taking it all in. >> yes, yes.
8:19 am
>> ali was tired. >> believe me he felt it too. he felt it. >> there are some misconceptions out there. let's go through some of those. one being if you're carrying twinning you'll deliver early. >> right. this is false. it is true that the majority of twins do arrive a little bit early, about 60% are born by 36 weeks which is four weeks before the due date. if you're carrying a singleton which is one baby like duchess katherine you can go on a launching pad any time from three weeks before your due date so people say early, but if it's really early that's, you know a different story. >> playing on what amy was describing, true or false that these are symptoms that are going to absolutely happen. >> lay earth on me. >> irritability fatigue, lack of energy aches and pains, all of the above? >> i don't remember any of that. >> i felt like that this morning. this is a trick question because these can be common after some -- a woman delivers but the key here is if they're severe and persist it could be a thyroid dysfunction so get that
8:20 am
checked. >> i had that so i had that experience after my second one so it's a big problem. >> you deliver, what 1500 babies. >> it's up there. don't i look exhausted? >> whether you're a celebrity or not you have to be patient. give yourself time. >> thank you, jen. next up in the "heat index." a warning about wrinkle creams. a way to turn back time? now the fda is cautions consumers about unrealistic expectations. abc's aditi roy has this story. >> reporter: to appeal to our quest for flawless younger looking skin some cosmetic companies are selling anti-aging creams that can sound like the fountain of youth in a bottle. but doctors warn there can be wrinkles in some of those claims. >> it's not a magic wand. it's not going to take away your wrinkles. >> reporter: dr. tyler holmig at stanford who tried out an over-the-counter wrinkle cream on me said it can help the skin to a certain degree. >> i think they can certainly help pit gait and minimize wrinkles. >> reporter: according to the fda a cosmetic may never claim
8:21 am
to do such things as treat a disease like acne increases collagen or revive cells. >> if they're picking up a product that's too good to be true it probably is. >> reporter: in an ongoing effort to keep companies in check the fda sends warning letters to cosmetic companies, one of them to the ceo of strivectin in february targeting two of its anti-wrinkle products including the potent wrinkle reducing treatment. the letter pointed out strivectin's website described the product as clinically proven to change the anatomy of a wrinkling. >> welcome to the science of beautiful skin. >> reporter: a spokesperson for vie trystrivectin tells abc news they've reworded it and future communication to the public about their products will comply with the fda. >> guaranteed results in would weeks. >> reporter: the website for the treatment now reads that it's proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkle length width and number. neither the fda nor strivectin would comment further as to
8:22 am
whether the company is now in compliance. >> the manufacturers need to make sure their labeling is clear, understandable and not misleading. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news san francisco. >> expert advice. dermatologist dr. rosemarie ingelton joins us. you get a little science. how wrinkles form and how these products can help. >> what i want to start by saying there's no way to reverse 20 years of aging with a product. let's just start there. >> bottom line. >> wah-wah. >> i'm hoping to explain how a wrinkle forms this. is a schematic of what young skin looks like so you see the upper layer, the epidermis in pink nice and plump then the deeper layers your building blocks the collagen nice and plump. by converse when we get older you start to see a thinning right. so the upper layer gets ship the lower layer gets thin so things look like they're getting flatter. we're trying to show you a
8:23 am
wrinkle. a wrinkle is formed when there is a depression. what anti-aging products are trying to do hydrate so i'll pour this. see what happens when you pour moisturizer/fluid on a product you get nice plumbing but you're seeing a little -- >> there's so much hope there. >> there's hope. >> hope in a jar. >> i'll take two, please. >> you see there's a difference in the level right from here to here so your wrinkle looks less indented. less apparent. this is where most of the anti-wrinkle products are working, working with moisturizers to plump but like with any sponge, it's going to dry out again and you're going to go back >> i've seen that one. >> by olay. this product is great because it has a lot of moisturizers a lot of great glycerin and dimethicone and good ingredients. i don't want you to focus on the products on the front but look
8:24 am
at what's in the back, when you flip your package around when you buy things. this is mostly marketing. this product also has a sunscreen. that is what you'll look for. if you go to a product like this the neutrogena product this is great because it has retinol, you'll only know that if you flip the package around. >> you have to read the fine print. >> you have to read the fine print. >> and then this last one -- >> all over here. >> most moiz risers have anti-aging benefit. >> great advice. >> i hear you. i got you. move over to amy. >> all right, thank you, next up on our "gma heat index," hillary clinton announcing she's running for president again. and that means the spotlight is on the clinton family once again. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. >> reporter: from former first lady to secretary of state to grandmother in chief, this morning hillary clinton is making another case to american voters. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: only this time around she's added a new title to her resume, grandmom.
8:25 am
since their granddaughter's birth the one subject bill and hillary can't seem to get enough of is little charlotte. the former president gushing to ellen last fall. >> i told hillary, right when we were going to the hospital for chelsea to give birth, i said now we have to remember this is not our child. >> when they willry is with her is she presidential with her or is she more -- [ laughter ] >> she's doting dlirsously happy grandma. >> reporter: and hillary clinton releasing this epilogue to her book over the weekend about being a grandmother saying "rather than make me want to slow down it has spurred me to speed up." these recently snapped photos show the new parent chelsea and marc mezvinsky taking 6 6 1/2-month-old charlotte out for a stroll in new york and now
8:26 am
chelsea clinton on the may issue of "elle" magazine opening up about motherhood saying she would like to see the first woman elected president. who sits around the table matters, she wrote. and who sits at the head of the table matters too. >> citizens you will elect me. i will be your leader. >> reporter: whether hillary clinton is elected president or not, late night comedians will still have their laughs. ♪ >> oh who am i kidding. buckle up america. because the clintons are back. >> reporter: all the way to election day. >> yes and "snl," you know the writers there are so excited. all coming back for them. all right, move to come. thank you, cecilia. and she will and by the way with hillary throughout the rest of her campaign. in the meantime, we've got kevin james, securing our studio. we'll chat with him about his hilarious new mall cop sequel.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ bang bang into the room ♪ ♪ i know you want it ♪ oh do we have a last half hour for you on this monday morning. we have a megamovie event just ahead. the new "terminator" and the new "mall cop 2." lara, amy, ginger riches this morning. >> very exciting and have our exclusive "terminator" trailer ahead. this crowd is pumped up for arnold's big terminator comeback. hey, watch out. kevin james on patrol and it looks like ginger ginger is being pursued by mall paul -- we've been having so
8:31 am
much fun with him all morning. i'm looking forward to talking to you. >> am i in. >> yes. >> not yet. >> i'm not in yet. i'm not in yet. >> good luck with that by the way. we want to turn to the worldwide wait for the royal baby. prince george is about to share the spotlight. everyone is wondering who that baby's godparents will be. abc's linzie hasjanis has the scoop. >> reporter: while the world waits for baby number two so many questions brewing. chief among them who will be the new prince or princess' godparents. a royal godparent traditionally makes his or her first big appearance at the christianing. prince george's in 2013 was quite the to do and expected to play a pivotal role. >> there's a feeling that because of their role as members of the royal family that they need as many cav dances as they
8:32 am
can apart interest their parents. >> reporter: many would like to see photogenic pipal middleton and uncle prince harry but royal experts say that would mean a break from pote cole? tradition is not to choose members of the family. >> reporter: still, william's step sibling camilla's daughter laura lopez and tom parker bowles are possibilities as are the duke's first cousins, princesses eugenie and beatrice the daughter of the prince andrew and sarah ferguson. friends likely to make the cut his long time pal or one of kate's bffs. >> it's possible she might choose another one of her close school friends. >> reporter: the wild card some say are fun but highly unlikely. victoria and david beckham, the former spice girl and her ex-soccer star hubby were at the royal wedding and are friends of the duke and duchess. whoever kate and william pick
8:33 am
one thing is certain. >> they are putting them in the spotlights and some of their friends don't want to be so it will definitely be somebody who is willing to kind of take that on. >> reporter: a royal responsibility. linzie janis, abc news, london. >> thank you, linzie let's go back inside. >> time to yahoo your day. all the hot new high-tech ways to save money while you shop and just a click away. abc's rebecca jarvis has everything you need to know. the new must have shopping apps. ♪ yahoo ♪ >> reporter: forget coupon clipping in the age of the smartphone, it's all about cash saving shopping apps. there are a million ways to save money. >> this is true. the beautiful thing about these apps is they collate not only all the prices from stores into one app but they know what the
8:34 am
deals and superbs in coupons happening right now. >> reporter: david pogue is vice president of yahoo! tech revealing his three must-have mobile apps you should use daily to save money. just about knowing which ones to use and when. >> it is. >> reporter: first up retailmenot, an app that helps you make online purchases from home as well as spot online deals before heading to the store. >> let's say i want to go to the gap, is there anything on sale? why, yes, there is. here's a complete list of all of the coupons and deals and discounts rounded up from all over the web. >> reporter: this is every coupon on the internet for the gap. >> right now, free shipping on $50. if you have this card free shipping. this is where you find it all out in one place. you can save so much money. >> reporter: next up red laser, a barcode scanning app to use in-store. >> in those stores that say we'll meet any price. i'm going to scan the bar code with my phone. i hold it up to the bar code like that. it tells me exactly what i
8:35 am
scanned. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> local price and the online price is less and i if scroll down here's every book store, every place that's got it and all the different prices. >> that took about two seconds. >> two seconds. >> reporter: finally an app called shyp that simplifies the process from making returns from home. >> if you bought it from a store and returning here a list of the on up line shops and take a picture of what you're returning, can i return your shoes? for $5 they'll come to your house, pick it up pack it up and ship it for you. plus the shipping costs. >> reporter: easy to use free apps that help get you the most bang for your buck. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis abc news, new york. >> three great apps. our thanks to rebecca jarvis and ginger is on the move again with the weather. ging. >> i'm still on my segway. kevin, get in here. i wanted to show a trick. >> you want to do a little
8:36 am
spinny. spin it lean it that way. >> i'm not quite as gazeful as you. >> rocking the baby. >> weather on segway every day but we don't think it works in the snow. it does in rain. that's what we start with in atlanta. let's begin with a look. hartsfield airport tule fog so visibility down to a mile. he keeps doing really great tricks. i wish you could see it and you will. atlanta, flash flood watch south of them. flash flood warnings in red in parts of alabama along the gulf so, yes, lots of rain coming at you for the rest of the week through the midweek, the yellow, >> good morning i am meteorologist mike nicco. sunny and breezy this afternoon. ten degrees cooler from 58 at the coast and 76ants antioch. cooler tomorrow and look at the 70s and 80s on thursday and friday. >> and all that weather brought to you by samsung.
8:37 am
amy. >> all right, ginger. i have to ask, are you guys ready? is everybody ready? all right. because this is the moment we've all been waiting for, arnold is back and he's pumping everyone up for his highly anticipated action packed film "terminator genisys." he's got an exclusive first look at the trailer. everyone turn your eyes toward the big screen for a special message from arnold schwarzenegger. >> hello, good morning, america. as you all know the terminator is coming out again on a big screen. you'll get something very very special. the exclusive look the first look at the terminator trailer so have a good time. enjoy it. >> my whole life i prepared my son to lead humanity in the fight against the machines. but there was one thing i could never prepare him for. >> the machine sent a terminator back to kill my mother. >> let me save her. >> we've been prepping for you to arrive for over a decade.
8:38 am
>> we? >> the terminator. >> it is nice to meet you. >> i've been trying to teach him to blend in. >> john. >> hi mom. >> how can you be here? >> what have they done to my son? >> i'm not machine. i'm not man. i'm more. >> i've been waiting for you. >> whoa! and so i was just going to ask kelsey if she liked the first one but i realized she's too young. she doesn't remember it. what are you looking most forward to the next one, it'll be your first. >> i'm excited to see what arnold has in store for us with this movie. >> new arnold and old arnold. who do you think will win? >> new arnold. >> good answer, kelsey.
8:39 am
"terminator genisys" hits theaters on july 1st. did you see the first. >> i did. one of my favorite movies of all time. >> the hilarious kevin james live. >> it is. (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey, cooked thoroughly to 165. (mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you.
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tt2wmrst/! po j# +:é tt2wmrst/! p!!án [:4 tt2wmrst/! p4!j# -,@ tt2wmrst/! px#á&ú:á"4 tt2wmrst/! pt#j'ú:>"p tt2wmrst/! pt#j)ú:5b4 tt2wmrst/! pp#jáú:"y( tt2wmrst/! pp#j,ú:c#h tt2wmrst/! pl#á.ú:jád tt2wmrst/! pl#á0ú:q
8:42 am
so we're back now with kevin james. as you've seen during the show he is a master on the segway. also on patrol as our favorite security guard in "paul blart: mall cop 2" and this time around he's attending a convention in vegas. 'trying to have a nice vacation with his daughter not long before his talents are required. he shows us once again how it's all done. how he knows his way around a segway. let's take a peek. >> let me just nudge it to whisper mode. oh. ooh. okay well i see you know your way around a p133. >> i do. oh yeah. >> please be careful, sir. >> i guess you wouldn't want me doing this ah. ooh, yeah. >> please don't.
8:43 am
>> ooh. >> do you love segways? do you enjoy them as much as it looks. >> you have to become one with her and i did. she's great. >> does very have a name. >> she does. i can't tell it to you, though it's a private thing but, yeah she's fickle. you got to get along with her. that's all. it's a dance. >> you said she's your trustee steed. >> yes she is. this time we get a much bigger one. >> you souped her up. >> that was a different one which i didn't like. woo he did not get along. >> you like the classic. >> yeah. >> you're a classic kind of guy. congratulations on your big world record. >> thank you. >> we witnessed your prowess on the segway -- >> two of them by the way. >> two world records broken by you. share with our audience. >> meryl streep has been nominated, what 19 times winning, what three academy awards and i've got two world records so we're both doing good. >> the first world record was
8:44 am
people simultaneously performing a 360 on segways, congratulations. >> thank you very much. that one is not getten broken ever. >> and the other one was the largest segway lesson. >> right, yes. that was us. we also set the record for most people throwing up. >> that's a little known world record. >> yes. >> so congrats on that one. you need to brag. >> thank you very much. >> you wrote "mall cop 2" and i know you said this character is near and dear to your heart. your inspiration was real security guards. >> long island, growing up. long island, the malls. i had look at these guys and these -- they would have to uphold the law and had no lethal weapons with them or anything like that and didn't have the skill training that police did and so i always felt bad for them in a way. kind of got abused a lot so i wanted to you know be a hero for them. >> and paul blart has been called the rocky of security guards in that's right. that's right. i hope -- that's what i want to be that inspiration for them.
8:45 am
>> why did it take six years to bring our beloved paul back. >> because, you know i didn't want to do something that nobody was asking for but people were. the fans were all -- that was the only thing we heard from people. they wanted to see this character again and family kids were loving it so i was like if we can come up with an idea to make it bigger and better and more fun on a bigger platform we would do it. >> we saw in the scene he's in vegas. >> yeah. >> trying to have a perfectly nice time but he just can't stay away from helping. >> he can't. he can't help himself. safety doesn't take a holiday for him and so he can go on vacation but he's got to get involved and it's a massive, you know art heist in the hotel and everything like that and it's great. it's big physical comedy and fun for everybody, kids and families. >> loni love is in it. >> incredible. i have a lot of comedian anna gasteyer gasteyer everybody is in it and it's incredible. just so much fun to work off them to have them to bounce off
8:46 am
of. >> i'm glad you mentioned the art heist. so we were playing off that and we have come up with our own versions of some very famous paintings and we will like you to name them if you will because you're involved. paul is involved. so can we show painting number one. >> okay. oh, yes. >> this is a revamped venus -- actually -- >> de blart de milo. >> the venus de -- >> i hate to say it but the chest is very accurate which is unfortunate. >> works of art. >> yeah. >> vermerr's classic. girl with the pearl earring. >> wow, that is nasty looking. that is just horrible. i don't know what that is. i know a lot won't see it. girl as a mall hero. i like that. that's good. i like that. >> and finally, the famous on easter island. what would you call them with
8:47 am
paul blart's mug. >> i like that one. what happened to the middle two? not me? i think that one -- it's not going to get visited very much. i like the mustache. it is pure stone. i like that. that's a nice one. >> we call it mall-eyes. >> maul-eyes. >> we want to say thank you for making us laugh and teaching ink goer safely how to segway. >> she was pretty good on her own. she didn't need me. >> we have segways and thought it would be advertise to finish this with a race around the studio. you guys good? everybody. we want to point out that "paul blart: mall cop 2" opens nationwide this friday and this man is a skilled athlete. >> ready to go? >> but i am not afraid. coming up we should tell you because i'll be gone the fierce fishermen from "the deadliest catch" are here live. on your mark, get set, go. >> yeah! we'll be right back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
"the deadliest catch" is back. now it's season 11 and the fishermen facing some of the biggest storms and hopefully paying off with some of the biggest crab. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you okay? >> reporter: they're the most fearless fishermen to sail the seas. ♪ we're in the money ♪ >> reporter: for the crews of discovery channel's hit series "the deadliest catch," every dayen 0 the bering sea could mean life or death. i even got to join in on an epic expedition. whoo. good morning, america. >> nice. >> reporter: and now in their 11th season they are battling the bering sea like never before facing colossal storms even a super typhoon all for that ultimate catch, the prized alaskan crab. >> are they big? yeah! >> reporter: oh that one we
8:51 am
were joined by some of the biggest crab i've ever seen. deckhand jake anderson we're so happy you're here after a rough season. >> it was tough. yeah. >> the season 11 this is huge that you made it this far. what can we expect? what can fans expect. >> like anything else it's "deadliest catch." we are back alive. >> thank goodness. >> it was a really bad year for weather. so -- >> we had -- what was it hurricane nuri -- >> i was watching and dm'ing with some of you. we're about to crack in. i think i'll be better at this part than i was the others. >> do it. >> give us some tips. if we get -- we're lucky enough to get one of your king crabs -- >> you were with us last winter weren't you? >> yes, i was. >> you got sick. >> i got -- >> she was sick as a dog. >> oh. >> ginger.
8:52 am
>> they had to take her back in. >> no. >> i was sick for three days. okay. so let's do it. how do we do this? you have to get in. >> break off a leg. >> break it off. this is the best way to eat it right? >> be careful. watch your fingers. >> wow. >> what you want to do is like on the soft side not the shell -- not the spiny side but you can crack it pretty easy like that. >> then you can just peel it off like that. >> this is the leg. this is the money right here. >> then you just shake it out. >> wow. >> oh wow. >> i got that part. >> dip in butter. dip in butter. >> other favorite way to eat it? i like it on toast in the morning. that's an expensive food. >> do you ever -- do you love itty do you get sick of it? >> put my kids through school. i love these. >> you still love to eat it all the time. i love it but i didn't know if you -- >> that's good. >> how did you do that? >> i do for a living. >> oh okay.
8:53 am
peel that. >> so this season we're going to see you in that big storm but it's all about brotherhood, right. >> yes, ma'am. >> it's going to be a lot of fun. you guys get anything. >> no. >> high-five. high-five. cheers. >> be safe. please be safe. we love the show. we know you put your lives at risk for this delicious food and -- >> we can't wait to eat it. thank you very much. >> tomorrow night on the discovery channel, we're going to be right back. >> so good.
8:54 am
ha, you better have a jet pack under there turtle. tortoise, actually. on your marks, get set...go! later road kill. huh, huh. on your left, coming thru! hmm. plot twist. woo hoo! who's your turtle? (huh?) introducing the hair-raising power and performance of the mercedes-amg gt. it's no fairytale.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the newly refined mazda cx-5. >> what a wonderful way to start the week right, lara? being chased by kevin james on patrol. >> he's fast. >> yes. >> and these young men are from rochester, new york. have a great day, everybody. >> happy monday.
8:57 am
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announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, the man who introduced us to paul blart, actor kevin james. and from the new film, "ex-machina," oscar isaac. plus, performing their new hit "worth it," fifth harmony. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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