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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the abc7 broadcast center, this is kgo news. >> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, april 12th. let's start with a quick look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there good morning to you. we are starting out with basically clear conditions. a little fog has settled into the livermore valley and along the san mateo coast. but it should burn off by sunrise 67:39. and we will be left with a sun my and warmer day today. 51 fremont. 50 oakland. temperatures from a degree to 6 degrees warmer this morning. 67 antioch. and the cool spot napa is at
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40 degrees. with high pressure building in and that on shore push backing off a bit we will see temperatures near 80 around the delta. upper 70s san jose. low 70s closer to the east bay shoreline and still some 60s on the coast. looks like a summer like spread setting up. i'll let you know if it spreads into next week coming up. carolyn. >> thank you lisa. we begin this morning with developing news out of richmond and the search for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run. one person is dead, two more in critical condition following a late night police chase and crash. it was around 9:30 that police tried to pull over a black corvette that was speeding, but the driver floored it. a chase began, ending when the corvette smashed into a car on 24th street and gainer avenue. a passenger in that car was killed. the driver is in critical condition. police say they also found another person on the sidewalk with critical injuries. they aren't sure which car he
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was in. the driver of the corvette ran from the scene and is the focus of a manhunt this morning. this morning san francisco police are still looking for a group of robbery suspects whose car hit and killed a woman in the city. 42-year-old bridget klecker was struck while walking in the financial district friday night. she later died at sf general. the suspects hit another person before hitting two cars and escaping over the bay bridge. we have the story. >> could be a mistake. she's going to come home, but it's not. >> samuel found out the person struck and killed during the police chase was his roommate and friend. >> seems like it's not real, that it didn't happen. i can't believe it. >> san francisco police say they attempted to pull over three men suspected of robbing people at gunpoint and the days prior but the men sped away.
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around 10:00 witnesses saw the pursuit. >> i looked up the hill and watched what appeared to be a black four-door sedan and literally coming over and hitting every bump while it was airborne. >> the suspects' car hit bridget in the crosswalk at california and kearny. her friends said she loved her job in the food industry. >> she loved her job and was passionate about it and worked hard. >> some question why police engaged on a friday night with so many at risk. >> because there was a violent felony involved and there was also the use of deadly force. officers were allowed to pursue this vehicle. >> from there the driver hit another pedestrian, who sustained nonlife-threatening injuries. at a third crash scene, the driver hit a car at 8th and harrison. nobody was injured. >> they need to be caught before they kill somebody else. >> the men ditched the car on treasure island and police have not made any arrests. now the worry turns to the puppy
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that bridget help raised. >> acting weird. when he figures out she's not coming home -- excuse me -- he's going to be pretty sad. >> abc7 news. >> bridget klecker's father spoke to us on the phone from his home in north carolina. >> she had a great sense of humor, was always fun to be around, the life of the party. just enjoyed living and enjoyed working for the food service group. >> he wants his daughter to be remembered for being full of life. investigators are trying to determine why a bicyclist was killed yesterday by an amtrak train did not move off the tracks as the train approached. police say the man was on the tracks in oakland near east tenth street and fruitvale avenue just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman shot and killed by emeryville police will be.
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remembered with a vigil and march this afternoon. it was back in february that a home depot employee called police to report a shoplifter with a gun. officers say they opened fire when 38-year-old yvette henderson turned the gun on them. since her death, protesters have demanded home depot release video of the incident. and they want to know why the body cams that the officers were wearing weren't turned on. expect more traffic delays along van ness believed today. it's closed in this spot as crews work to build an underground tunnel that will connect california pacific medical center's future hospital and medical office building. >> we are installing temporarily temporary structural walls. that's all we are trying to accomplish this weekend. those walls will be part of the temporary structure that will allow us to continue work all summer long underneath van ness and it's a permanent tunnel structure.
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>> lanes will reopen tonight at midnight. two more closers will take place april 24th through the 26th and labor day weekend. today is day five of the cleanup of a big cement spill in oakland. crews will be back out at glen echo creek at 8:00 this morning. abc7 news was there as they used pick axes and shovels to move the cement that spilled on wednesday. it will continue to week. >> there's a tremendous amount of works to do and it's picks and shovels and jack hammers. it's hot, dirty work. >> about 20% of the area still needs to be clean. a subcontractor for east bay mud accidentally allowed the cement to pour out of a pipe into the creek as they were putting the pipe out of commission.
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san jose police arrested a 17-year-old suspected of burglarizing a blossom valley area home on tuesday. surveillance video caught the burglar outside the home around 2:00 a.m. the homeowner locked her bedroom door, called police and scared him away by screaming. a san jose teenager was arrested yesterday. salinas police were able to talk down a man who climbed on to an electrical tower yesterday morning. the 47-year-old was nearly three quarters up the tower and witnesses say he was yelling at police to shoot him. it took about 3 1/2 hours to get him down. the man fell the last 15 feet and was taken to the hospital with a possible fractured tailbone. cal state east bay officials say the rumored threat of a possible shooting on its hayward campus yesterday is unfounded but extra list police were on campus.
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it came as a student overheard a group of students talking about bringing guns to campus. students, faculty and staff were immediately alerted. 200 police officers, california national guard members and firefighters came together in richmond yesterday to learn how to handle a dirty bomb. they learned about decontamination, medical response, security and how to properly dispose of explosives. the goal, get agencies to work together if an incident happens. relations between the u.s. and cuba have been officially reset. it happened during a historic meeting yesterday at the summit of the americas in panama. for the first time in two generations the leaders of the two countries meet met. abc7 news reporter has the details. >> it's the handshake that shook up history. after a cold war wage for half a century the leaders of the united states and cuba breaking the ice. >> if you keep doing something
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for 50 years and it doesn't work, you should try something new. >> president obama sat down face-to-face with president raul castro of communist cuba. >> it's possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries. >> two countries at dagger points since 1959 since the castro brothers overthrew cuba. a history that includes the cuban missile crisis and brought them to the brink of war in 1962. the fond relations is expected to mean the removal of cuba from the state department's list of countries supporting terrorism. the opening of embassies close since 1961, and pressing cuba to allow its citizens basic human rights. the cuban president was conciliatory, but sounded a cautionary note. >> no one should entertain illusions. it's true we have many differences. >> even so havana has already benefited from the warming trend. u.s. tourism is up 15% so far
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this year. air b&b lists homes for travelers and the u.s. is anxious to invest. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. >> a first step of narrowing the gap between two nations. 90 miles that often seems like a million. abc news, new york. hillary clinton is expected to launch her second run for president today with an online video. the democrat has a team of clinton loyalists, plus top players from president obama's two winning campaigns. >> she was a formidable candidate in 2008. she was an outstanding secretary of state, she is my friend. i think she would be an excellent president. >> republicans have vowed to stop hillary with their own online video. early polls show clinton is well ahead of both her democratic and republican rivals.
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republican senators ted cruz and rand paul have formally launched campaigns. senator marco rubio is expected to announce tomorrow. the official entry by hillary clinton into the 2016 race for the white house will dominate the discussion on "this week." political experts and weekly contributors will give their take on the first democrat to announce for the presidency. you can see" this week "with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. this morning is your last chance to get in a round of golf at the pine meadow course in martinez. the owners are closing at 2:00 this morning. they were trying to sell it to housing developers but a petition from 3,000 residents stopped that plan. next year voters will decide whether to turn the property into new housing or open space. it might be a little warm on the course today, lisa. >> it should be pretty nice out
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there. the warmest weather in our inland valleys and not too many communities approaching 80. how about this for a scattering morning lights over san francisco. numbers in the low to mid-50s here. a warmup at the coast and a warmup for everyone. but for how long, i'll have the answers when we return. >> thank you. also next, changes coming to bay area parks after weeks of messes like that being left by revelers. what's happening to force people to clean up after themselves? and take a look at this bizarre accident in southern california. how that car ended up on top of the
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>> n.a.s.a.-ames research center in mofett field will have two space experiments launched into space tomorrow. it's a resupply mission to the international space station. they will be aboard the space x dragon spacecraft making its sixth commercial cargo flight. there will be microorganisms aboard the space station and the other will examine changes in muscle atrophy and bone density as part of rodent research. the launch is scheduled for 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. n.a.s.a.-ames will host a live launch.
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visitors at the airshow of the legendary blue angels in south carolina this weekend may not be aware they are watching history in process. for the first time in the squad's 69-year-old history, a woman is in the cockpit. marine corps captain katie higgins said she was inspired to become a pilot when she saw the blue angels perform as a child. higgins said little girls have told her they never knew ladies could fly an aircraft. now they know. a strange car crash in hollywood yesterday afternoon is being blamed on road rage. as you can see, one car ended up almost entirely on top of the car behind it. a witness posted this picture. saying the driver of the top car had a case of road rage. after hitting the car in front of her, she backed into the car behind her, causing what you see there. remarkably no one was hurt.
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an effort is underway to make san francisco park people clean up after themselves. officials got fed up after seeing messes like this and they are now cracking down. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has details. >> these plastic bags become the latest accessory for this crowd at the park. volunteers passed them out and patrons used them. >> it's great. san francisco has a reputation for being a really dirty place and anything we con do to fix that is awesome. >> i imagine a lot of people are drugged, bring a lot of stuff. >> he spent his afternoon with the volunteers. >> we've had a lot of challenges in the park with people leaving enormous amounts of trash. it takes a village to manage a park. >> at fort mason park in the marina, national park rangers used a different approach. >> if you have glass here, you will be receiving a citation. this will it will be a zero tolerance policy. >> the chief ranger said his officers issued for 50 citations in a few hours.
6:18 am
glass is not permitted on federal park lands and that was the reason so many people were cited. last month the national park service took to social media to blast partyers who trashed the place. among those blamed were contestants for a charity passion called mr. marina. people in the park seemed to welcome the increased enforcement. >> i think the increased enforcement is good to keep people cognizant of keeping it clean. >> the national park rangers will keep up the patrols through the spring, or at least until people get the message to clean up after themselves. abc7 news. the art deco clock is finally returning to the golden gate bridge toll plaza. workers began reinstalling the clock this weekend. it was removed for refurbishment back in august. it's part of a $2 million toll plaza seismology fit.
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every year the state teams up with the national guard to fight fires. so far this year cal fire has responded to more than 600 fires, including more than 150 just last week. >> the last few years have all been considered very bad fire seasons. we are doing the same thing we have been doing, but it's a lot of preparation because we know it can be very bad. >> no water was wasted, by the way, in yesterday's training. everything the firefighters took from the lake they say was returned to the lake. lisa, you have no rain and above average temperatures. this is what you can expect with the fire season. >> yeah, but we do have the onshore push the next couple of days. the westerly windscology off the coast and keeping us from getting too, too warm around the bay. but today it will be warm in the inland valleys and tomorrow we will reverse the trend. in fact for the next couple of days beyond today, the beginning of the work week will be cooler. we will get to the details but
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first things first, live doppler 7hd. we have following along half moon bay and the san mateo coast and livermore and napa this morning. reducing visibility just temporarily. pretty soon it will be gone. we have a northern gradient along for better mixing and the clouds clearing out quickly. where we have a little bit of fog, a little bit of high clouds, they will not last. from our roof camera this morning, temperatures in the low 50s san francisco. it's 50 in oakland. 49 in san jose. and 45 half moon bay. everyone about a degree to 6 degrees warmer this morning. from our exploratorium camera we have the low clouds. and livermore one of the warmest locations today, approaching the upper 70s. a cool 39 with your fog in napa. here's sutro this morning. the sun coming up in about 20 minutes. so very pretty shot over the bay. warmer conditions for pretty much everyone today. cooler tomorrow. breezy winds up to 35 mariners
6:21 am
behind this system that exits. it wants to bring in a couple isolated raindrops to marin and sonoma late monday. you can see from the pacific satellite picture the big ridge across the western third of the nation. it's been the story all winter long. as it builds again today, temperatures will respond with that offshore flow and the onshore flow backing up just a little bit. we will still have the sea breeze in san francisco. 63 point raise, but everywhere else 5 to 10 degrees above average today. so as we look at san jose with about 78 degrees today, you will drop significantly into tomorrow. then by tuesday still a pretty nice spring-like day. look what happens as high pressure builds back. wednesday, thursday, friday of next week you are well into the 80s. we talked about a weak system headed our way tomorrow. you can see as we go through your monday, here's the front t
6:22 am
false apart. by 11:00 monday night you can see a few showers offshore. waking up tuesday morning to maybe some mist and drizzle with the clouds. but then those winds kick in quickly behind it. in the south bay 77 78. santa clara san jose, 73 redwood city. look for 69 san francisco. cherry blossom festival today japan town. north bay mid-70s to upper 70s from santa rosa to cloverdale and the east bay. hayward nice day at 68. fremont warming to 73. you head inland and 80s from pittsburgh to fairfield today with 79 in walnut creek. the accuweather seven-day forecast cooler tomorrow for everyone and into tuesday. that's what spring should be. wednesday we are back where we are today with near 80 inland and thursday friday, saturday it's well above normal. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free at catch he will's app
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store or google play. we have more information on our website. >> is this the last month we can hope for any kind of rain? >> no, we get rain. we still could see some. but i'm not seeing any. [laughter] >> not on the computers? >> no, not on the computers right now. >> thank you lisa. up next a music festival invades a california desert. what are organizers doing for
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>> some music fans at this music festival are shock to see so much green grass. organizers said they did not have time to make changes after governor brown ordered a 25% reduction in water use across the statement they said they have made changes to try to help. festival is using toilets that function without water and they are using river water instead of the underground aquifers to reduce water waste. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. a toddler falls into the cheetah exhibit at a cleveland zoo. why the zoo wants to file charges against his parents. and also sleep can be an elusive thing for many
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>> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7
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news. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. good morning. just ten minutes until sunrise. we are looking at a mostly clear start downtown at 52 degrees. oakland checking in at 50, as well as san carlos and the mid-40s half moon bay. all these temperatures a little warmer than they were yesterday. but the fog has been an issue from the livermore valley, up to napa and also half moon bay. some of this stratus will create some problems as you head out this morning. but it will be eroding very quickly. we have a northerly gradient and that will evaporate the moisture in the air and allow for a warmer day today. with a few 80s out by the delta. 59 san francisco, upper 70s for san jose. low 60s in oakland. we will talk about the cool-down on tap as soon as tomorrow. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. authorities are investigating after a man with a gun shot himself at the u.s.
6:31 am
capitol, forcing a lockdown. we have the latest from washington. [sirens] >> sirens and police shouting as emergency crews put the u.s. capitol on lock-down. >> came over on the loudspeaker that the capitol was on lock-down. >> the officers were immediately on the spot. >> it shows the scene surrounded in police tape. a massive response on the west front of the building after a man shot himself. >> one girl started to ask me something. she looked over my shoulder, heard it, and i turned and saw him fall. >> he had on a blue backpack and a sign taped to his hand. there was also a briefcase nearby. bomb techs reported to the scene. capitol employees were told to take shelter and stay put. the capitol and the surrounding area off-limits. >> we cleared the area and reopened the united states capitol. >> they are professionals and they know what they are doing to make sure we are all safe.
6:32 am
>> the lock-down and related street closers bad news for a busy weekend in washington, who is playing host to the annual cherry blossom festival that draws in tens of thousands of tour e from around the world. >> you are coming here with your family and you are not expecting to see this scene. makes me nervous. you are aren't secure any longer. >> they say there is no connection to terrorism and the capitol building is open again. abc news, washington. police officers accompanied the hearse carrying the body of walter scott to his south carolina funeral service yesterday. he is the 50-year-old black man shot and killed while running from a white police officer during a traffic stop last weekend. scott's family and friends spoke about the life of the father of four and said they hope his death will be a catalyst for change. >> this is hard to lose anyone. so, yes, it is stressful.
6:33 am
but it is -- we have to turn this into a blessing and learn from it. and the community will come together. >> north charleston police officer mike slager stopped scott back on april 4th for a broken tail light. relatives think he took off in fear of going to jail over missed child support payments. slager has since been fired and charged with murder. a two-year-old boy is recovering after falling into the cheetah exhibit at the cleveland zoo. parents said parents held the boy over the railing into the exhibit yesterday and then accidentally dropped him. parents quickly went into the exhibit to get their child. he suffered a leg injury. according to the zoo, the cheetahs did not approach the boy. abc news has learned the cleveland metro park zoo is now seeking to file charges against the boy's parents for child endangerment. hip-hop artist nelly is free on bond after being booked on
6:34 am
felony drug charges in tennessee. nellie's tour bus got pulled over because it wasn't showing required transportation stickers. officers say when they approached the bus they smelled marijuana. a search turned up methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana, they say. nellie was arrested, as was another passenger for possession of a handgun. >> a growing number of teenagers say they regularly sacrifice sleep because of studying. but for one group of bay area high school students sleep recently became their curriculum. abc7 news anchor sheryl jennings has a look. >> a growing number of teenagers say they regularly sacrifice sleep in the name of studying. but for one group of bay area high school students, sleep recently became their curriculum. >> from acquired lifestyle to the increasing demands of homework. bay area high school students have more distractions and
6:35 am
responsibilities than ever before. and for many it's taking a toll at night. >> typically i get like six, seven hours of sleep. when i wake up i'm usually tired. >> people fall asleep in class. >> why add one more class to the mix? >> the reality of sleeping is something you learn how to do. you are taught how to sleep. >> this doctor is a clinical professor at stanford and the university's sleep center. today he's conducting a crash course with students from this high school on the dangers of sleep deprivation. >> it affects your memory, academics, performance, athletic performance, it affects the whole household. >> in fact, recent studies found that 87% of high school students in the u.s. get less than the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep. and 28% reported falling asleep at school at least once a week. >> so i think we figure out why it works, and why we are wired that way. >> during the class students experience the same kind of high-tech sleep monitoring techniques researchers use to probe the patterns of problem sleepers. in a control room a few feet away, technicians display readings taken during recent clinical studies showing what really happens during sleep.
6:36 am
>> and we are looking here, they are having obstructive sleep apnea where they stop breathing altogether. >> the reason we look at teenagers in particular is because teenagers need more sleep than adults. many are getting less sleep than their parents. >> but it may be easier to change patterns earlier rather than later. they said the class the high school students are auditing has been offered to undergraduates at stanford for years with lasting results. >> they often tell us they remember it. hopefully if we start it at the high school level we will have a greater impact on the kids. >> and perhaps help them to better chase their dreams in both sleep and in life. cheryl jennings, abc7 news. one recent study even suggested high schools avoid early start times before 8:00 a.m. to give students a chance to sleep a little bit longer. still ahead, taking it to the streets. hear from cal students who are embarking on the test drive of a lifetime.
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a car that may be able to get 1,000 miles a gallon. they will show you their secret ingredient. and here is a live look from our san mateo bridge camera. in the city itself, low 70s today. a sunny sunday everywhere today. above average temperatures this week. lisa argen along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. ♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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lake tahoe's clarity has improved again. the u.c. davis lake tahoe environmental research center reports the average clarity last year was 77.8 feet up 7.35 feet from the previous year. it represents the most year to year improvement in more than a decade. researchers attribute it to the four year drought and an ongoing environmental restoration project in the tahoe basin. i guess that's one benefits of the drought. >> i suppose. 23 degrees right now in truckee, and we are looking at a mild day there with 63 for a high. this is a shot from our lake tahoe camera. beautiful. we have fog around livermore. it's a little tricky in our inland valleys. we will talk about our own local
6:41 am
weather and have the extended outlook coming up. >> also ahead, another mvp-like performance by steph curry. but the warriors let a big fourth quarter lead slip away against the timberwolves, but they still came out on
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>> welcome back. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. a beautiful day is ahead, and you will not believe the temperatures this week. lisa argen along shortly with a full accuweather forecast. in sports, 21-year-old jordan spieth will try to become the second youngest player to win the masters. only tiger woods won at the age of 21 at augusta national. yesterday he set the 54-hole record at 16-under par. collin resch has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> can the kid hold on? jordan spieth set a masters scoring record for a second straight day. but because of the way he finished the third round, money -- no one is handing him the green jacket just yet. past major champions taking advantage of perfect scoring conditions saturday. that included tiger woods, the signature fist-pump. three time masters champ phil mickelson.
6:45 am
look at this birdie putt on 16. 67 for lefty. finishes 11 under, 5 back. spieth, not to be outdone, birdie putt for 189-under. at that point he had a 17-shot lead. 17, his worst hole of the tournament. double bogey 6. he doesn't look invincible there. minutes later on 18, justin rose, left to right birdie putt and equals him. he is at 12-under. he will have to make up four strokes, not three on jordan because spieth, a miraculous up and down to save par on 18. look at that. yes, he would make the par putt from there. spieth, a masters record 16-under through three rounds. look at the leaderboard. tiger, rory, phil, and there and only charley hoffman hasn't won a masters. should be plenty of drama later today >> at times it wasn't pretty but
6:46 am
warriors registered win number 65 saturday night. they are now 50 games over .500. steve kerr so excited to be playing minnesota in their third to the last game of the season. the two-man game. pass behind but andrew packs it. minnesota's angie wiggins will be the rookie of the year. blows past him for the dunk. curry, four threes, 20 points in the opening half. then the rest. third quarter, steph running baseline. seeing the hoop isn't necessary for him. catch and flip in one motion. any is fouled. then to end the quarter, steph the three. warriors up 3. and t-wolves playing with half a roster last night played with no excuses. zach lavine, 37. minnesota within one. four minutes to go. warriors respond, an 11-2 run. klay the steal, finds seth and the basket. warriors with a franchise record, 37th home win. world series rematch last
6:47 am
night, madison bumgarner and james shields facing off in san diego. shields no longer a royal, now a padre, and getting a much better result. the popcorn bucket for this dude, the bucket bigger than he is. his shortest outing in almost four years. you heard me right. a padre hit parade. take your cracks while you can san diego. bumgarner, he is human. five runs on 10 hits in three innings. giants blown out. a's in the fourth. thinking a walk off two-run homer. how close was it? that close. he's going to try to score from first. waved home. shouldn't have. he applies the tag and a's get nothing. next inning, brad miller, he made the throw home to nail him. down the line to play logan morrison. 5-4, seattle gets the win. rubber game of the three-game set is this afternoon. sharks and kings playing a meaningless season finale.
6:48 am
both eliminated. who would have thought that. 1:38 into the game. final shark goal of the season courtesy of brent burns. sharks not in the stanley cup playoffs for the first time in ten seasons. a season to forget for san jose. with a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. have a great day, everyone. >> so we've got the a's today. great baseball weather there in oakland. >> very nice. 70 degrees pat 3:30 today. this morning we have a good deal of fog east of oakland. as we head out right now? check out live doppler hd it looks pretty clear. that fog is really low lying. be careful around the sonoma. and this fog won't last long. the view from mt. tam shows a pretty quiet start with the calm, glassy bay. 49 degrees in san jose with some clouds. 43 half moon bay.
6:49 am
52 downtown. and 50 for you in oakland and san carlos. here's a look at kind of a sleepy san jose with some cloud cover this morning. but today temperatures will be as much as 10 degrees warmer for much of the south bay. it's 49 over in concord and 50 with all of that fog throughout the livermore valley. so the visibility just a half-mile there. worst than that up in napa. you can see it here along the coast. the onshore winds will be with us today. they will be backing off a bits. really they won't get going until the afternoon. and that's why we will see another day well into the 70s here in santa cruz. warmer today for everyone. cooler tomorrow and into tuesday, as well. as the winds kick up behind a front we could see winds from 30 to 35 mariners. so a couple of spring-like averages ahead. today we will start out with this big ridge of high pressure building. that means more of a summer-like spread today. as we get the cool sea breeze at
6:50 am
the coast, the warmer air inland and that brings the temperatures up from 5 to 10 degrees. looking statewide look at the 80s from chico sacramento and fresno today. very warm there. 66 at the coast in monterey. in japan town, a beautiful afternoon. in oakland we talked about your temperatures near 70 degrees. so a nice day. we should be in the 60s but with warmer than average temperatures today, it shouldn't be too bad around the bay. in fact, very pleasant. the warmest weather will be just out by the delta or inland east bay. then it's just for a day before we go back to spring for a couple averages. 71 in san mateo and oakland today. up toward richmond, closer to the water, 68. looking at 69 in the city. 76 in santa rosa. you head up toward cloverdale about 80 tore you. little around fairfield today and antioch could see about 80,
6:51 am
81. the accuweather seven-day forecast is cooler tomorrow with clouds and breezy winds on tuesday. maybe a sprinkle or two from sonoma to napa monday night into tuesday. we are looking warmer as high pressure builds on wednesday. thursday, friday and saturday it's about the mid-80s inland and near 70 at the coast. the warmest day should be on thursday. >> i'm just shaking my head. it's hard to believe those late-week temperatures. >> i know. >> yeah. all right. thank you lisa >> what kind of mileage does your car get? it may sound ridiculous of getting hundreds of miles per gallon but some u.c. berkeley students will be racing through the streets of detroit today on just a few drops of gas. here's abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom. >> this is the fuel bottle we used last year in texas. >> you can hardly call it a gas tank. not measured in gallons, but milliliters. >> 16.25. >> it's remarkable how little
6:52 am
fuel we are using in this competition. >> that's the whole point of the shell ecomarathon. >> what we are competing for is notice miles per hour but miles per gallon. for this team it's down to the wire. >> building a car from cutting-edge materials with just hours before they have to leave for the race. >> how much sleep have you been getting this week? >> next to none. last night was three hours and everyone else got none. >> he's the engine guy. the one-cylinder engine guy. he's taking this seriously. >> just like you are pulling an all-nighter for a termpaper, you are pulling an all-nighter for a car? >> i wouldn't pull an all-nighter for a termpaper. this is way more important to us. >> together they learn about light weight composition its that start off with the fabrics. and specialized tires. >> when you are driving on this you feel every bump on the road. >> they needed serious safety gear. >> a breaking battle. you feel cool wear these. >> and a driver who can squeeze into tight spaces. >> this is kind of weird. >> but the biggest technical achievement is one the judges will never see. in order to build it from scratch the team decided they wanted to build this computer-controlled power tool
6:53 am
from scratch. >> we built our very own cnc router which enabled us to make our molds in house. everything this year is made in house. >> instead of ordering molds they can make them at 3:00 in the morning and make future teams more productive. >> next spring we are hoping to produce two cars, maybe an electric vehicle and a gas one. >> win or lose they say the important thing is getting their hands dirty. >> it's incredibly fun. we join these groups because we love working on these things. >> >> in richmond, jonathan bloom abc7 news. >> up next, a beautiful day to explore the second sunday streets of the year in san francisco. the special screenings that will be held at today's event. .
6:54 am
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here are the winning numbers from last noose's power ball draw. there was a ticket in florida that matched all six. wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million. and the winning numbers from last a night's $24 million super lotto plus. >> happening today san francisco's sunday streets event will focus on having a good time, as well as dental health. sunday streets will begin at
6:57 am
11:00 this morning in the bay view dog patch district. it is on 3rd street between 18th and yosemite avenue. the ucsf school of dentistry will offer free dental screenings to children 17 and under. early detection is key to diagnosing potential tooth decay. this morning's event also offers free haircuts, lessons on how to ride a bicycle, as well as free bike inspections. a great day for that. >> they have got it all right there. >> yeah. >> we have a pretty shot framing the city this morning. you will see some of the low clouds from our sutro tower camera. you can just make out the city there. some low clouds at the coast. also over into our east bay valleys right now. that's not going to stop our warmup. in fact livermore should see a high of 79 today. the fog burning away quickly and evaporating the next couple of hours. 27 san rafael.
6:58 am
the look ahead a cooler day tomorrow and tuesday looking at the warmup coming back in full force wednesday through the end of next week. kind of a summer-like spread today. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. our news continues now online on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is up next. have a great
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. happening now. and she's off. hillary clinton making it official today. her new white house campaign. "snl" is all over the story. >> buckle up, america, because the clintons are back. >> and so are her opponents. >> and it will not be hillary rodham clinton. caught on camera, a violent abduction at a jewelry store. a worker followed, thrown into a van, tied up, and beaten. >> she's been through nothing short of torture. >> this morning, the tip that led to an arrest. and the suspects still on the loose. the next tiger woods? 21-year-old golfing phenom jordan spieth poised to claim victory at augusta.


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