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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ with the fastest in-home wifi and millions of hotspots xfinity is perfect for people who love fast. don't miss furious 7 in theaters now. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. breaking news, a big-rig fire on 580 snarling traffic near the richmond-san rafael brake and leyla gulen has more. >> in hayward a driver crashed after trying to escape the c.h.p. and a power pole was bust asked lines down. that driver is morning to be found. more on the manhunt ahead. another launch day for apple. the apple watch roll out
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what you need to know to pre-order. i am eric thomas >> leyla gulen? >> this is the problem at richmond-san rafael bridge. the fire departments are trying to get this fire under control. the flames keep burning. plumes of smoke pour out of the trouble trailer and the u.p.s. truck that crashed at 5:26 account fire has been pushing since. we do hear there have been several explosions and there are packages inside. depending on what is in the packages could be contributing to the explosions. there are no injuries reported. you can see 14 miles arm -- away the flames are shutting things down and pocket of 580 eastbound and when.
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the alternate is the bay bridge to get you between the east bay into san francisco. back to sky 7 you can see the backup is builting on the richmond-san rafael as you come in in the richmond side headed in the westbound direction and traffic is diverted off at main street and back on at main street. in the eastbound direction you are diverted off at main and then back on. it is going to be a tough commute. we looked at the richmond-san rafael tolls. it is inchly. no one knows what is happening just a couple of yards from this. unfortunately, if you are still at home and you need to make the trip from the east bay to north bay use the bay bridge. from the north bay use the golden gate bridge and bay bridge to got around to the east bay headed into richmond. sky 7 is over 580 where a big rig is still burning on fire
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right now. >> call them and let you know you are going to be late. >> drew, the weekend? >> almost. smooth sailing on this friday morning. live doppler hd showing we are dry. from the camera at the studio you can see the sun is almost up. chilly in some spots starting in the upper 30s to low 50s around the bay. a lost sunshine on the way. by the afternoon we are in the upper 50s along the coast and mid-60s an the bay and low 70s inland valley. >> more on breaking news from hair this morning. police are searching for the driver would slammed into a power pole and knocked out power to people in the area. our reporter is at the scene. when he crashed the car, he had a woman and child inside. he left them behind. the scene right now shows a lot
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of cars making a right-hand turn because they cannot go down this street at ruus in hayward. it is shut down because pg&e is repairing the poll. the poll is if bad shape. they will be here until 9:00 this morning and look at the car, that is the car that crashed into the people at 1:00 o'clock this morning. c.h.p. pulled the man over for routine traffic stop at 880 and he took off and crashed soon after crabbing into the pole and he jumped out and ran away. c.h.p. arrived to the scene and realized had was a woman and child in car and they decided to stay with him and did not chase after the man. the woman and child were okay but they had minor injuries and treated then at the hospital. they said it was a precautionary measure to make sure they were okay. nothing major. no major injuries. the man did get away and they
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are still looking for him and the power is out in this area because he hit the pole 120 customers are out of power and in the dark for the day. pg&e estimates it will be continued back on at 3:30 in the afternoon. happening today, san francisco sheriff will give an update on two investigators taking place in the department. the sheriff will offer full disclosure on an inmate escape with prisoners escaping from county jail last month while on trash detail the second time in police than a career ain't mate was able to get away. the sheriff will discuss allegations of forced inmate fighting in the jail. >> surveillance video photos can help find the suspect in the death of a musician at a night club. at man and the woman on the right were with the man suspected of killing the
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musician at the golden bull. the gunman took off in the silver mercedes. police say the musician was shot by mistake by a gunman who had a run in with a different person. $5,000 reward is offered for information leading to arrest. >> a bill to open a third eastbound lane on the richmond-san rafael is moving forward. the bay area toll authority is overseeing project and say the regional population group of local businesses led to significant increases in traffic on the bridge. the authority has determined the congestion causes remark to backup on northbound highway 101 in marin. the lane could be opened in 2016. >> after two train derailments bart approved a new maintenance machine that will cost $3.2 million aligning and leveling the track to keep them more stable. crews have been using a
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22-year-old outmoded machine only used when a mechanic is on board. the district began the first of several projects to replace the warn tracks and rotted ties. >> family of a motorcyclist would plunged 50' to his death off a freeway is leading for help. anyone who my have information about the fatal hit-and-run accident on eastbound 92 at highway 101 a week and a half ago is asked to come forward. the driver lunged 50' over the concrete barrier and died. he was coming home from work when it happened and police are looking for a dark colored s.u.v. or jeep that hit the motorcycle and left the scene. the heartland shows a search-and-rescue information continues in illinois. at least one person is dead and seven others are injured after a tornado damaged every building in the village and captured on cell phone video moving through the area. a dozen homes were leveled.
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trees and debris were strewn. 30 crews used dog to look for the victims. >> there is a lot of debris and some homes just pushed into a big home. >> 20 homes were destroyed including the home of the sheriff. 100 others have significant damage and the same dangerous weather could return moving to thedded with area or the philadelphia area. >> in california the rain may not relieve the doubt but it dumped snuff fresh snow to extend the ski season. up to 2' of new snow fell at the resorts, and heavenly and north star and kirkwood will stay open through april 19 because of the fresh powder. we will get to weather but we will give you the latest information on the accident that is messing up traffic near the
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richmond-san rafael. >> we will take a look from sky 7 h.d. so we can see exactly what is happening because the fire -- is on the scene would being hard to put this tractor trailer fire out. it is a u.p.s. truck traveled westbound on 580 as it was coming up on francis coe boulevard jumped the center divider and planned on the gas tank and are uptured the gas tank and that is causing the fire a stubborn fire with smoke still pouring out of it and flames pouring out of the bottom the truck. in fact we do know that the fire department has been trying to break on the trailer there to try and get better access. look what it is doing to traffic. can you get on the richmond-san rafael but you do taught want to the backup is seven miles also entire stretch from richmond to san rafael.
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you are advised to avoid this. it is empty and just a few yards ahead is where the traffic is stopping. you are advised to avoid the traffic and i wonder if c.h.p. is diverting traffic to the back because we see fewer cars trickling. take the bay bridge instead. if you are traveling along in eastbound direction you are diverted off at main street and back on at main street to get on to the bridge. it is right in that pocket where the freeway is closed. the bay bridge shows metering lights were turned on and it is busy. at sky 7 we have the fire department on the scene and the area of light is off to the left-hand side of the screen is fire still burning
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they are using a type of saw or something where the sparks are flying to open up the section to get better access to the fire but the flames just keep growing and growing and smoke is pouring out. traveling westbound on 580 you are diverted off of francisco. eastbound direction you are getting off at main and back on but it is causing major delays on the bridge and before you get to the bridge. we will have the details on twitter. how are the winds? >> calm? live doppler hd is doing so under mainly clear skies, temperature wise we are cool in some spots. petaluma, they are at 37. 38 in santa rosa and 46 currently in oakland and 49 in
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fremont and san jose has a temperature of 48 degrees. the three day pattern has a lot of sunshine and upper 50s to low 70's and sunday we are warming into the low 60 to the upper 70s. thanks drew. the wait is over if you want to buy the apple watch. it is now available for pre-order. this marks the first new product line for cupertino based apple since unveiling the ipad five years ago with prices starting at $349 and going to $17,000 for luxury watch. you can try on the watch in the stores starting today but must order them online and apple will ship the watches on april 24. two weeks from today. >> breaking news on the rich research -- richmond-san rafael bridge a double tractor rarely that hit the
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burst into flames. the merchandise involved in the u.p.s. truck could be why they are not putting water on the traffic. >> now a battle over breast make and a celebrity mother has a message to mothers. >> a new way to stretch. with a stroller. it lets you double team fitness and day care. >> more weather and more traffic for you all morning. be careful if you are headed to the bridge. take the golden gate and bay bridge and well will have all of this up on now through the commercial
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>> this is a picture of the u.p.s. truck that appears to still be on fire at least smoldering on the richmond-san rafael bridge. it is blocking all lanes, eastbound and westbound lanes. there are detours away from the bridge. people are expensing huge
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backups. we do have a c.h.p. officer on the phone, officer andrew barkley. officer, explain what the situation is now. good morning early this morning we had a u.p.s. truck crossing the michigan bridge and as it approached the square -- square of san quentin the driver lost control and high sided in the center divide. shortly after that a fire break out in the front area of the truck and quickly spread to the first trailer of the two. the cruise are still putting it out and working to get it under control and right now from what we understand the truck was hauling 50,000 pounds of household goods so as mentioned earlier we want to make sure we find out what is in the truck before we start throw water or anything else on there. the household goods, any danger to people with the smoke going
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up in the air? >> not i have been informed of. fire is working. i am sure they are checking the shipping manifest so to we do determine there is any sort of danger we will put out an the advisory. >> what can you say about the backup? >> we are seeing the problems with this and we have both directions shut down pause we have fire on both sides of the freeway trying to battle this fire and get it under control. we have traffic diverted off on the 50 ramps around the fire so we are getting traffic through but it is a slow crawl. >> do you recommend people if they are going through the bridge since you have a detour and they are able to get around it do you recommend people go that direction or take another route? if it is possible to avoid it it would be good. we do not know how long it will stay closed. as we get further and further into the commute traffic will be
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worst. if you can use alternate routes do. >> the first priority is to get the priority out and thin move the truck over. any idea of getting one lane in one direction or in both directions open? >> our first thing is to make sure we can get traffic open. we want to make sure there is no threat to tin driving by. until we know for sure that the chemicals if there do not pose a hazard or the fire is out we can assess that and on the lanes. until then everyone will be shut. >> what are you learning from the driver? >> the driver was coming around the curb and lost control of the vehicle. we are still investigating and talking to him and trying to find out why. that is the best thing we have. he was uninjured and able to exit the vehicle get to safety. >> are there mandatory tests
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involved? does he have to take a drug test? >> our which will -- commercial unit is on the scene the officers that are highly trained to deal with the colleagues and they will investigate and check with the driver and going from there. >> officer barkley from c.h.p. we appreciate your time. good luck with getting this cleared. >> we will check with leyla gulen. adds we go back to sky 7 over san rafael you can see white smoke is pouring out of the first trailer. from what we understand the big rig jumped the divider and punctured the fuel tank and that is why the flames are pouring out. you can see that the smoke is being uplit by the blames in the first trailer and has been extremely stub on but the good
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news it is confined to the first trailer, a double trailer account one behind it appears to be fine. hopefully the fire will not spread. we still see plenty of flames in the first trailer. as we have been hearing we do not want anyone else to be hurt and no one has been injured. the only thing that is severely damaged is the traffic. panning up using sky 7 you can see what it has done to the traffic. right new the western span of the rip -- richmond-san rafael is barely moving along. i cannot calculate how long it will take you to travel between richmond to the north bay because no one is moving. if you are head along in 9 westbound direction traffic is diverted off at tran cisco -- 59 francisco boulevard. use the bay bridge. on the maps you can see all
6:22 am
red in the westbound direction it is bumper-to-bumper. away from 101 it is busy. traffic is diverted off at main and back on at main but take golden gate instead. these folks do not realize what is ahead so take the bay bridge ahead. >> with a fire you are concerned of the wind. live doppler hd showing we have clear skies and as far as the wind we have good news, calm in most locations and the strongest is an the area near oakland at three miles per hour so the fire is not going to spread. it is chilly in spots at 37 in petaluma and 51 in san francisco and 49 is current temperature in fremont. highs today, a lot of sunshine on the way with mid-60s an the bay and warmest inland vietnams top out in the low 70s.
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we have mainly clear skies, 41 in santa rosa and 48 in oakland and 45 in san jose. mild pattern on the way today warmer on saturday, sunday there are a few clouds. a touch cooler next week. watch what happens on when and thursday temperatures skyrocket, a warning trend into the mid-80s inland. >> straight ahead, another big night for the warriors and a player in particular. >> new details of the bay area -bound flight forced to return to the airport after a scare in the sky. a look at sky on the sometime burning ticket tractor trailer on the richmond-san rafael with no water being sprayed. you do not spray water on it because you could make it worse when you do not know what you look!
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6:27 am
firefighters are going into the trailer and looking to see what is there. second trailer is mostly intact but you can see what it has done to the traffic: it is a mess. look for alternates.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> it is 6 o'clock on a busy friday morning with the cause on the richmond-san rafael bridge a burning tractor trailer. not sure what is on it but fire smoke and several firefighters. >> thanks for joining us. firefighters are busy the c.h.p. officers and leyla gulen is busy and people are sitting if their cars in traffic. >> they are very angry. i am sure. back to sky 7. over san rafael. it is not a friday light. the u.p.s. truck was traveling when 580 at francis coe boulevard and it jumped the center divider and caught fire because of fuel tanks under the
6:31 am
big rig were punctured. right now the fire department has been on the john trying to put out the stubborn fire that has been smolder since 5:26 this morning. it is confined to the first trailer. there are two trailers it was carrying. you can see traffic is stacked up. no lane are moving next to the fire. traffic is diverted off at francisco boulevard and back on at francisco b a ribbon of head lights from richmond and bumper-to-bumper. you are highly advised to avoid this. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza by contrast, how the traffic is looking. over to the richmond-san rafael tolls you can see how light the traffic is. the folks do not realize they have a load of trouble just
6:32 am
ahead of them. looking to berkeley this is the best bay to get around. traffic is starting to slow but it is still moving and you can get to the bay bridge and at the toll plaza you still have the normal wait times making the drive from the e-bay to san francisco. if you are traveling along from the eastbound direction we are back from sky 7 as we look at the smoke pouring out of the first trailer headed along in the eastbound direction you are diverted off at main and on at main so traffic is backed up. you can still get by. >> thank you, leyla. we continue our coverage with abc7 reporter from san rafael with more on the impact. we are here at the off-ramp from eastbound 580 where traffic is diverted. this is where you can see the
6:33 am
cars are getting on-and-off at san quentin with major traffic delays around area. this incident happened at 5:26. i want to show you the u.p.s. big rig here stalled. c.h.p. said the driver lost control. the first trailer is where the fuel tank was that burst into flames for an unnone reason the smoke billowing into the air. the second trail is carrying 50,000 pounds of household goods under investigation still. you can see fire crews are here trying to contain the fire. trying to clean up the scene. sky 7 video shot a lot of there and you can see from overhead the traffic is backed up and this is exact happening. you can see all of that from above.
6:34 am
both eastbound and westbound lanes of 580 is closed and will be closed for several hours until they get this cleared. c.h.p. says this are no injuries to report and everyone made it out okay. for now, everyone is trying to get to work and where they need to go during the big mess. we have to worry about the smoke coming off there and where the wind is taking it. drew has more on that. >> that is an issue to we have strong winds. the good news an the san rafael area winds are calm. that will help the firefighters keep the fire contained and the smoke will go above and not across into other areas. that is good news.
6:35 am
the forecast, the sunrises at 6:42 and total sunshine with warms temperatures to the 60s along the coast and lower 70s inland. >> if hayward a driver is on the run. c.h.p. said he ran away after crashing his car into a power pole and left a woman and child mind. we are at the scene with more. good morning, we have a block of road here in hayward shut down and pg&e is on scene repairing the poll he crashed into and they will be here until 9:00 this morning with a severely damaged pole. look at the car. it was quite a crash. the man driving the car left a woman and child behind. he ran away. he live the woman and the child. the c.h.p. officers tended to the victims rather than chasing
6:36 am
him. >> the power is out to 120 customers in hayward because he hit a power pole. they are going to be in the dark for most of the day getting it turned on around 3:00 this afternoon. a man was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. he took off. he crashed. he ran away. he escaped. they still looking for him. more than 100 alaskan airline passengers had to wait for a new flight to san jose after a bird strike forced them to run to see at and the plan hit the bird after take off and the pilot decided to return to seattle international airport. no passenger or crew members were hurt. maintenance is inexpecting train and passengers and crew were loaded on to another aircraft last night. >> people are sleeping outside
6:37 am
in downtown berkeley to show support for the homeless after this recent fight captured on cell phone video showing two berkeley ambassadors clashing with two homeless men. advocates accuse the city leaders of crying to criminalized homelessness and want berkeley to have more affordable housing. >> new developments for tenants forced from their san francisco home yesterday. they showed up to try and get their belongings but there was a lock on the gate. the city declared the building a safe hazard because of overcrowding and raw sewage reported to be leaking through the ceiling. the owner has reportedly refused to make repairs. the attorney representing the tenants say the lawyer agreed to pay for relocation costs. >> the continuants relocated based on money for the hotels but the lap lord has stopped payment on the checks and they are invalid.
6:38 am
>> the owner was named in a federal indictment for foreclosure auction big rigging to defraud mortgage holders the tenants can return to retrieve their items this morning. a work to remove cement from a creek in oakland will take longer than expected originally. it happened during a pipeline replacement project. 140 cubic yards of cement flowed into the creek and the crews say a subcontractor was filling the old pipe with cement account leak happened. half a mile of creek is dead and one bird was killed in the spill and a second was euthanizeed. fish and wildlife is investigating the incident. worker use vacuum trucks to remove the mess and east bay mud will restore the creek back to normal and biologists are taking samples and monitoring the model. >> we follow breaking news in the richmond-san rafael bridge a big-rig fire crippling traffic.
6:39 am
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>> welcome back, over san rafael, we are watching san rafael fire department pulling out packages from the u.p.s. truck. unfortunately this is not an empty truck.
6:42 am
it jumped the center divider and caught fire when the fuel tank was punctured. we have major backups and you and see solid traffic coming away from richmond right now. this is a sig-alert. no lanes are getting by. can you get off-and-on at francisco and eastbound traffic is affected. the toll plaza has heavy delays away from harper way and you are advised to take the bay brooklyn bridge instead. >> the winds are calm soar not concerned about this smoke. a quiet picture in terms of temperatures. we are cool in some spots. santa rosa is 38. 51 in downtown san francisco. 45 in concord. 48 right now in san jose. sun such at 6:42 a.m. we are
6:43 am
tracking a immediate afternoon. the warmer weather continues saturday and into sunday so plenty of sunshine. by sunday. the coast is in the 60s and inland valley in the upper 70s muscle in michigan, the form 49ers coach is influencing things at the new job. >> stay in the know with abc7 back to sky 7 view tractor-trailer still burning. they have sprayed foam on it but there is a lot of smoke pumped for the air and the effect on traffic is it took tennis legend serena
6:44 am
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when jim harbaugh coaches the 49ers he was not shy of sharing his opinion. he continues to do that as the head coach at michigan. he jumped into a campus debate after the university canceled a showing of "american sniper," with the university decision found that student led petition claimed the film was antiarab and antimuslim. harbaugh tweeted his team would watch "american sniper," and "if that offends anyone so be it." officials then decided to show "american sniper," this evening as planned. >> sprint is expanding wi-fi
6:47 am
calling for iphone users. >> forgettable start on wall street with nasdaq down and s&p down, sprint is rolling out wi-fi calling to four iphone models allowing someone to make calls thank you wi-fi signal if the sprint signal is too weak. we have had all kinds of trouble near the rip rich -- richmond-san rafael bridge. >> westbound 580 at francisco boulevard as you exit san quentin the smoke is here and that is because of a uptruck that crashed charred
6:48 am
packages from the truck. we will pull out and you can see the string of cars as they make it across the water from richmond into the north bay. they still letting cars on to the bridge because you can get off at francisco boulevard and back on but all lanes are shut down beyond the accident. eastbound remark is also being diverted at main street and back on so that position of the freeway also closed down. the fire department and c.h.p. has been say they do not know exactly what it is the trailers so they wanted to use caution make sure that no one else is hurt and no injuries were recorded. we did have chemicals involved in the fire because it was a fuel tank punctured and it is disturb on. the fire department was not putting water on it because they did not want to exacerbate the
6:49 am
situation but they are putting foam on the tractor-trailer and the first is the one that caught fire the second tractor-trailer is fine from what we can see. the traffic is not fine. if you travel southbound and need to get to the bridge do now do it. go south, take the golden gate bridge use the round around and the bay bridge and if you travel from the east bay to get into the north bay use i-80 it is almost empty through berkeley at 22 minutes from san francisco so that is the way to go. no word when it will clear. >> always a concern when we have any fire the wind and the spread of smoke. live doppler 7 hd showing you above, we have clear skies and in terms of the winds, we have encouraging news in san rafael the winds are calm and smoke will be contained to that area
6:50 am
and not spread much further. at far as temperatures stepping outside on this friday morning we are cool in some spots like santa rosa and petaluma in the mid-to-upper 30s. good morning in fremont a temperature of 48 degrees. i will back out of this shot and you can soak it in from the exploritorium camera the sun is up on the friday morning and we will see a last it throughout the day with clear skies and the forecast ahead a spider is now crawling across the screen but it is clear and cool and sunny into the weekend. unfortunately there is no chance of rain the next seven days. two areas of high pressure right now splitting our jet stream and storms are going to the north and the south around california so through the weekend, plenty of sunshine and we will stay dry. in terms of high temperatures comfortable on friday and 71 for fairfield and 62 for downtown
6:51 am
san francisco and 68 for fremont and up to 70 in san jose. lows tonight are clear with temperatures in the mid-40s around the bay and 44 in san rafael and 46 in richmond and downtown to 45 in san jose and 48 overnight in san francisco. mild pattern and warmer phone saturday, a few clouds on sunday and temperatures are warm on the coast in the 60s and mid-to-upper 70s inland and we drop temperatures on monday and tuesday and back up on the roller coast are right temperatures off to the races and by thursday it takes hold mid-80s inland and mid-60s at the coast. >> abc7 news continues to track the u.p.s. fire on the richmond-san rafael bridge blocking all lanes.
6:52 am
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whether you are just joining us or headed out the door seven things to know. the number one, breaks news, sky 7 is in san rafael west of the richmond-san rafael bridge and you can see the u.p.s. truck caught fire early this morning on westbound 580 after hitting the center divide. firefighters are removing packages from the truck and trying to contain the fire to the first trailer and the driver got out safely. c.h.p. said he was transporting
6:54 am
50,000 points of house homed goods -- household goods. >> like the packages, the traffic is destroyed continuing with sky as the smoke and flames spew from the first trailer of the u.p.s. truck, and i slow you how the traffic is looking. seven miles of solid backup and maybe more with alternates for you to help you get around this because all lanes are shut down. you do not have to sit in this, what you can do is use berkeley drive instead and that is a better bet. it is almost empty, the bay bridge toll plaza shows manageable traffic and normal at 22 minutes from the east bay to san francisco. if you are coming in from the north bay southbound 101 you
6:55 am
have traffic getting heavy there as you pump in toward 580 and when you get to the golden gate bridge all is quiet and it is a round about way but use it as an alternate otherwise you are sitting in very heavy traffic and you can see the red often the map near san quentin it is bumper-to-bumper traffic trying to get across the bridge and entering it from the san rafael side. sig-alert blocking all lanes eastbound and westbound on a 80 with remark diverted off at francisco in the westbound direction off at main and the eastbound direction use the alternates. the sun is up and we are on the way to the warm afternoon at a cool start in some places by 4:00 this afternoon and temperatures are warming into the mid-50s along the coast, we will see the low 60 inland spots. >> police are looking if the driver would led them on a chase and smash his car into a power
6:56 am
pole running away leaving a woman and chide hype. -- a child behind. pg&e is trying to restore power. consumers can get their hands on apple watches for the first time today to try them on. the watch is available for pre-order only today and it is not available in stores. it will start shipping in two weeks. the prices start at $349. >> dream day for star wars fans you can download the first six movies legally for the first time costing $20 each or $90 for the entire self producers of star wars and abc7 are owned by the disney company. >> steph curry has shattered his record for the most three pointers and made the case for naming mvp scoring 45 points. they came from behind to beat portland for win 64 for the
6:57 am
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good morning, america. terrifying twisters. >> go, go, go! >> a truck topples over as deadly tornadoes tear through the heartland. >> please don't hit this town. please don't hit this town. >> one town completely destroyed as rescuers pull people from the wreckage. the severe weather moving east right now and ginger has all the latest. new overnight, tale of the tape. new dash cam video released from that fatal traffic stop showing the moments right before that south carolina officer shot and killed walter scott. and this violent arrest caught on camera. a high-speed chase to tackle this horse thief but did police go too far? what's your name? >> sandra bullock. >> home invasion. an intruder enters sandra bullock's house while she's inside. the horrifying 911 calls as she


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