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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 9, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and happening now, severe weather alert. eight tornadoes tearing through the heartland. gigantic hail hammering more than 200 locations as storms move east affecting millions. ginger will have the latest. new this morning the dash cam footage set to be released. the officer now behind bars and for the first time we hear from the hero who took that cell phone video. what he says happened before the shooting as protests erupt across south carolina. and right on the nose, the scary midair lightning strike jolting passengers and pilots. >> outside of the windows, the whole plane was an electric blue. >> puncturing the aircraft leaving a gaping hole. how the plane managed to leave
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land after that terrifying moment. the emperor is not as forgiving as i am. >> this morning, secrets of "star wars." we're going behind the scenes and we'll be hearing from the people creating a galaxy far, far away. did mystery of the light saber now revealed. the force is with you only on "gma." majestic music to get us on started on this thursday morning. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to including the boston marathon bombing verdict. boston's biggest newspaper "the globe" saying he should not be put to death and the bomber's mother speaking out overnight. >> yeah, the jury unanimous on 30 counts of murder. will they be unanimous on the death penalty? but we're going to begin with that severe weather in the midwest. millions affected by tornadoes, hail, flash floods, and our
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extreme weather team tracking it all. gio benitez in missouri. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. take a look behind me. 70-mile-per-hour winds ripped part of this roof off. we're seeing damage like this all across this country. >> tornado on the ground. >> reporter: overnight, wild weather across much of the country. >> look at that. >> reporter: funnel clouds forming across the heartland. a rainbow appearing in the midst of this tornado. in kansas, hail hammering drivers so hard, this storm chaser windshield shatters as they battle the elements. this morning in north carolina, they're cleaning up after hail cracked windows and damaged cars. in potosi, missouri -- >> it hit the transformer. there was like sparks. i like screamed. >> reporter: trees down, roofs damaged and reports of a possible tornado after a storm rolled through here. >> i was like freaking out because i saw a cloud going down in circles so then i started getting down real low and then
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started tucking my head. >> reporter: 75-mile-per-hour winds ripping trees from the ground in ohio. >> you can tell they're not small trees. >> reporter: in idaho, roads in need of a good plow after nearly 6 inches of hail hit the ground, drivers of cars and buses caught off guard. the st. louis skyline lit up with lightning. this bolt getting dangerously close to planes. and back here in potosi, the national weather service will come out here to see if this, if it was, in fact, a tornado. more storms on the way so we turn it over to ginger zee. ginger, good morning. >> gio thank you so much for being out there. you won't have to go far to find severe weather in potosi. more that 200 storm reports back from north carolina back to texas and it will be a large swath again today and we'll go through the morning with some severe weather and seen some overnight in chicago hail reported.
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but indianapolis, to louisville, memphis and little rock into far northeastern texas you're in that elevated risk area. it doesn't stop there. it moves east, so friday's forecast from philadelphia to houston included in that risk for severe weather. this is a big, large event, robin, and we will be following it for the next 48 hours. >> okay there, ginger, thank you. but now to new details in that south carolina shooting. a police officer seen on camera shooting and killing an unarmed man. officer michael slager now charged with murder. fired from the force, abc's steve osunsami is in north charleston this morning and we want to warn you again some of the video you're about to see may be disturbing to some viewers. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin, that officer remains jailed here and today authorities may release dash cam video from his squad car that might show more of what led to this shooting. in response to all of this, authorities here are ordering body cameras for every single police officer in this city. >> 223 dispatch, shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser.
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>> reporter: this morning new details about the police officer in this disturbing video. and new video of 33-year-old michael slager shortly after the shooting telling his account to an officer. the north charleston policeman and former coast guard member charged with murdering walter scott has been fired. >> we are doing our best here not only as a city but as a police department. we're going to continue to strive to do what's right. >> reporter: for the first time the man who took that video is coming forward. feidlin santana heard the sounds of the officer triggering his stun gun but as he told nbc, he, scott, never used the taser against the cop. slager lives just over a mile from the empty lot. where police said he went too far, gunning down this african-american father of four
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who has yet to enter a plea. according to police reports, scott and an unidentified passenger were stopped by the officer in a parking lot a block away from the shooting where the passenger remained. the officer has a family too. his wife is eight months pregnant and his two stepchildren are 11 and 13 years old. neighbors say they were a quiet everyday family. >> he was into his job. he said he wanted to go federal and that was his next step. >> reporter: slager's bosses say that despite his dismissal the city will continue to provide his wife health insurance until their new baby is born. >> we think that is the humane thing for us to do and we're going to do that. >> reporter: protesters are in the streets and at city hall demanding more answers from the chief of police. >> you're the mayor. we want to talk to the chief of police. >> reporter: with state authorities running the investigation local police could say very little. police are struggling to respond to so many other questions about that video. one big one, why does it appear that the officers failed to administer cpr as scott lay
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dying? robin. >> yes, there are still are many questions. thank you, steve. abc's pierre thomas joins us now for a closer look at the case and this story is resonating across the country. it's really adding to the fears that many minorities say they have. they are deeply, deeply concerned, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin, many people of color see a dangerous pattern. minorities engaged in routine encounters with police that somehow quickly escalate to people being shot, injured or killed and oftentimes we're talking about simple things, like traffic stops, for example, last year also in south carolina, a black man was pulled over by a police officer and was told to show his license and registration. when he attempted to comply, he was shot repeatedly caught on tape. the officer has been charged and is awaiting trial. and just yesterday, in miami, new allegations of excessive force by police from the family of a young man who they say was mentally ill. they claim he was running around in his underwear with a broomstick when he was fatally shot after being chased down by
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police. that case now also being investigated. the big question, why are these cases escalating so quickly? we're seeing more of them because there's so many cameras out there, george. >> boy, there sure are. pierre, okay, thanks so much. we're going to turn now to that verdict in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev guilty on all 30 counts. and now that same jury of seven women and five men will decide whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison. abc's tom llamas is tracking the case in boston. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. all it took was a little more than 11 hours for jurors to reach a verdict and now dzhokhar tsarnaev will have to fight for his life in court. it was incredibly emotional in that courtroom yesterday with victims and even some jurors wiping away tears before the verdict was read. prosecutors and even dzhokhar tsarnaev's own lawyers said it was him and the jury agreed. convicting him on all 30 criminal counts, he was charged with. the 21-year-old now facing the possibility of the death penalty.
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27-year-old rebekah gregory lost a leg in the first blast speaking out following the verdict. >> there have been children taken and parents that will never get to put them to bed at night again. >> reporter: gregory calling tsarnaev a coward for not looking at her when she testified. >> it's disheartening that somebody that took so much away from us doesn't even really care about what he's done. >> reporter: the parents of 8-year-old martin richard in the courtroom for the verdict, holding each other fighting back tears. do you hope he's put to death? i spoke with mike ward, a firefighter, who tried to save martin's young life. >> ultimate judgment will come to him. >> reporter: when the pressure cooker bomb exploded, liz norden's two sons were standing right next to her. norden making it clear that she wants dzhokhar to die.
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>> i want to see the death penalty. >> reporter: jeff bauman who lost both legs testifying in court taking to social media writing, "today's verdict will never replace the lives that were lost and so dramatically changed but it is a relief and one step closer to closure." and this morning, abc news has confirmed that tsarnaev's mother has posted a message through her friends saying, "my sons are the best of the best." george. >> okay, tom. thanks very much. dan abrams right now about all this and talk about this next phase. this jury, same jury, guilty on all counts but now and they all said they were open to the death penalty coming in. what's the balancing test they'll have to apply. >> fundamentally different question now than answered the first time. the first time the question was do we think he's guilty of these 30 crimes? yes, yes, yes, yes, guilty on all counts. now, it's a fundamentally different question. which is, when you're weighing the aggravating circumstances, meaning the reasons to execute, do these jurors think those
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outweigh the mitigating circumstances, meaning the reasons not to execute, and it's not like a formula that says, well, if there are eight of these and three of these, it becomes just a gut call on the part of the jurors and, remember, the defense just needs one, if they can find one juror who doesn't want to execute, that means he gets life in prison. >> we already saw that "boston globe" headline, spare tsarnaev the death penalty. massachusetts is kind of an interesting place to have this. >> they don't have the death penalty in massachusetts. it's a federal case so federal law applies, but, when you think about the fact that the defense wanted this moved out of boston, everyone saying it's too emotional in boston, very different when it comes to the death penalty. not a bad place to be if you're the defendant and you're sitting in boston facing that possibility. >> like you say only one juror has to say spare him the death penalty. dan, thanks very much. george, now to a scary moment for passengers on a colorado-bound flight, lightning striking the plane midair, damaging the nose of the aircraft as you can see. abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: it's a striking
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picture, an iceland air jet parked at the gate at denver international with a hole in the nose of the plane, the result of a midair lightning strike. >> it's like a pop, just like a large pop. >> reporter: lightning struck the boeing 757 shortly after it took off from reykjavik, iceland, on its 3600-mile journey to colorado and the pilots immediately notified air control. >> they have advised that there are lightning strikes and they're not sure if the approach lights are working, but they are trying to find out and visibility is very poor. >> reporter: the passengers jolted. >> outside of the windows the whole plane was electric blue. >> reporter: the pilots inform the passengers the plane had been hit by lightning but would continue on. apparently not realizing how big the hole was. >> all their engine instruments showed everything is perfectly normal and it wasn't until they landed at daybreak that they actually saw the damage that it caused. >> reporter: lightning striking a plane is actually relatively common. just last week two jets were struck in seattle as they prepared to land. >> i was kind of in shock, i was
7:13 am
just thinking about how amazing that was to see. >> reporter: and jets are designed to take a lightning strike in this boeing lab engineers test to make sure the electricity flows outside the jetliner never entering the cabin but that doesn't mean parts of the plane can be damaged. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> always a frightening moment when that happens. our thanks to him. "gma" weekend anchor dan harris is here with the other top stories. starting big news the iran nuclear deal. big news, everybody, that nuclear agreement with iran may have hit a fresh roadblock. overnight, iran's president insisting he will not sign any deal unless economic sanctions imposed on his country are lifted immediately. meaning on the first day the deal goes into effect. so far the u.s. has promised to lift those sanctions only gradually. a new scandal at secret service, a senior supervisor is accused of making unwanted sexual advances on his subordinate, even allegedly trying to kiss her after a party celebrating his promotion, he's now on paid leave pending an
7:14 am
investigation. a major cyberattack overnight by a group that claims to have ties to isis. hackers knocked 11 channels of a french tv network off the air for a brief period. the network is calling it an unprecedented attack. violence is breaking out in panama ahead of the summit of the americas which president obama will be attending tomorrow. supporters of cuba's government scuffling with cuban exiles, some of them from miami. cuba's president will be attending this summit for the first time. and before heading to panama, president obama is visiting jamaica. overnight he took time out to visit the bob marley museum where the president revealed he still has all of marley's albums. he did not reveal whether he has them on vinyl or eight track. soon you may not have to sit through those ads before watching youtube videos but it'll cost you. youtube is planning to charge a monthly fee to eliminate the ads. they still haven't set a price yet. some expect it'll be around 10 bucks a month. and finally, you are about to see a moment, the moment when
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a long-held dream comes true for a mother of six boys. [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. >> that is cher lair screaming and falling to the floor after cutting the cake after her gender reveal party. the inside of the cake, pink. indicating that cher again the mother of six boys is finally, finally pregnant with a girl. >> that is awesome. >> even though the boys are all happy about this but one of them did say, quote, i love my brothers but i'm tired of all the dirt piles. can you imagine the first time this little girl has a date and the boy has to come over with six older brothers. dangerous. >> that's a lot of kids. >> hey, kept on trying. good for them. good for them, michael. well, now, we're going to talk about those directv ads that we've all seen featuring rob lowe, showing a real-life version of the star who uses the
7:16 am
service and his alter ego who doesn't. the commercials get laughs from a lot of people but they're not getting laughs from the competitor, abc's rebecca jarvis has the details. >> hi, i'm rob lowe and i'm poor decision-making rob lowe. >> reporter: this morning, those hilarious directv ads featuring a ravishing rob lowe and his awkward alter ego. >> i just ate this tuna sandwich i found on the bus. >> reporter: no longer on the air. >> with cable you get pictures and some sound. >> i love the smell of other people's hair. >> don't be like this me. >> reporter: directv's competitor, comcast, filing a complaint with the better business bureau saying directv's ad campaign contains false claims including having better picture and sound quality and more sports channels available than cable outlets. >> the ads featuring rob lowe are incredibly funny but comcast obviously isn't laughing. >> reporter: the better business bureau says that while some of the claims in the ads could be substantiated it urged directv to modify or discontinue the ads
7:17 am
concluding that humor and hyperbole do not relieve an advertiser of the obligation to support messages that their advertisement might reasonably convey." this morning, directv is running a new ad campaign featuring a talking horse. but it says it didn't pull the lowe campaign adding, we definitely reserve the right to bring back the rob lowe campaign. >> i saved 200 bucks by having motel room surgery. >> reporter: lowe himself tweeting overnight, recent events have underlined my belief that for something to be truly original, funny and subversive there must also be fallout. #life." for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, phoenix. >> that got a laugh out of everybody. >> we'll give you that. i have friends in maine and they're saying enough already. they are saying that, enough already, and it is snowing again this morning, that's right. we've got snow from manchester, new hampshire, this is a live --
7:18 am
look from yesterday's camera but a look this morning in portland, maine, they've got opening day for their baseball players and it's under this. average in april 2.8 inches of snow so it's not out of the ordinary but i know that you want it to be done. it will be done eventually here throughout the late morning and early afternoon and then flash flood watch in that same region we were talking about severe storms. i am drew tuma with the forecast. partly cloudy skies u.s. paralympic per 60s and lower 70 inland.
7:19 am
and around the bay upper 60s and at the coast topping out in the upper 50s. cool in the north bay in the 30s. 47 overnight in san francisco and dropping to 45 in fremont. here is the seven-day forecast, partly cloudy and tomorrow is mild with a few clouds and warm to saturday into sunday and our next chance of wet weather is on >> hand fulls of hail overnight in chicago. i'll show you who gets it next in the next half hour. >> not us. not us. >> not us. >> thank you, ginger. coming up on "gma" -- the man caught in sandra bullock's house in court. we'll have all the latest. also ahead, breaking barriers, the woman shaking things up in the nfl. sarah thomas is the first woman to be a full-time official in the nfl and she's here live. and "gma investigates," so many trying to get cold, hard cash for your iphones, now hundreds of complaints are linked to one site. what you need to know before you make a deal. and kurt cobain's daughter is speaking out for the first
7:20 am
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and coming up here on "gma," kurt cobain's daughter speaks out, opening up about her famous dad and revealing how she really feels about his songs. and exclusive, never before revealed secrets of "star wars." how they really created that unforgettable lightsaber sound. ive, never good morning i'm eric thomas. today the utilities commission will decide which penalty will be imposed on pg&e for causing the pipeline explosion and fire.
7:25 am
state regulators are considering two proposals to punish pg&e. one would fine $1.6 billion and require share holdholders to pay $850 million for safety upgrades to the natural gas system. the other plan includes a $1.4 billion penalty but far less in terms of safety updates. we have some late risers so now the toll plaza looking busier now as you pull away from har harbor making it across the bay. we're going to take you right back into san jose where this crash that we reported said it was cleared. however, there's still a lane blocked cause inging a backup.
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good morning, we're welcoming sunshine on this thursday morning. we're going to have a a nice warm afternoon on the way. as the rangers take on the a's, 12:35 in the afternoon. as the game wraps up temperatures comfortable in the 60s. here's your seven-day forecast. partly cloudy today. temperatures topping out in the upper 50 toz lowerer 70s. mild through the weekend. next chance of rain comes on tuesday. now back to "good mornin
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7:30 am
good morning, america. right now, severe weather in the midwest affecting millions. tornadoes, hail flash floods in the heartland. and the storm is set to move east. also right now, sandra bullock's alleged stalker in court this morning. the man charged with breaking into her home forces had her to lock herself into her bedroom. "gma" vehicle, so many trying to get cash to old phones. hundreds of complaints linked to one site. they were offered top dollar but got way less. we say good morning, america. a lot to get to from yous francis bean kurt cobain's daughter speaking out in an upcoming documentary about her father and she's set to release it. >> also about her relationship with her mom courtney love. >> that is coming up but first the latest on sandra bullock's
7:31 am
stalker. joshua corbett arrested for breaking into her home and locking herself in her bedroom for hours. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: this morning, sandra bullock's alleged stalker, back in a los angeles courtroom charged with 19 felonies including first degree burglary stalking and possession of a machine gun. according to court documents last june the silver screen sweetheart was sleeping at home when loud bangs from inside her house woke her up in the middle of the night. the "gravity" star seeing joshua corbett walking down the hallway of her mansion wearing dark clothing. bullock dialing 911 locking herself into her bedroom until police arrived. >> corbett confronted sandra bullock in her home. >> reporter: police say they found him roaming screaming, sandy, i'm sorry, please don't press charges. according to a search warrant he was carrying handwritten note as
7:32 am
dressed to her call you go bullock his wife. corbett could have been in bullock's home for at least five hours before the star noticed. corbett who police say only lives 30 minutes from bullock's house was unarmed during the incident but after searching his home, police say they found an arsenal of weapons including illegal machine guns. corbett has pled not guilty. the judge increasing his original bail from $185,000 to over $2 million. >> corbett's high bail amount suggests that the court believes he is either "a," a flight risk and, two, that he may be dangerous. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson abc news, los angeles. >> and thanks to kendis for that. a frightening moment for one state trooper. his life changed in an instant when a routine traffic stop turned dangerous. abc's neal karlinsky has more. >> reporter: watching the video you'd never imagine the life-changing turn of events seconds later. oklahoma trooper gary sanders on
7:33 am
a return traffic stop returning to his patrol car when without warning warning, his car is hit from behind by a truck. the sort of high-speed disaster other troopers have encountered often caught on tape and with devastating results. in this case the impact knocked out his dash cam video, but not the sound. >> somebody come here please. you're not dead. you're not dead. >> good samaritans can be heard rushing to the crushed patrol car to help. remarkably one of them knows trooper sanders. >> gary oh my god, it's susan. where are you hurting? >> my gut. >> your gut's hurting. i need his pulse. nobody has a watch? really? >> reporter: all the while the dazed and critically hurt trooper can be herd in the background. >> you had a wreck. believe it or not, a highway patrolman had a wreck.
7:34 am
i thought i was seeing things and i just knew it was you. >> what happened? >> somebody hit you, honey. >> she was a shining light in a very dark time in that trooper's hour of need. >> reporter: this morning, trooper sanders is in serious condition with a long recovery ahead of him. a go fund me page has been set up to help while the highway patrol continues to investigate. the second accident like this just this year. >> you're gonna be okay. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, seattle. >> praying for a full recovery. susan, wow, you want her on your side. glad he's okay and really hope that he heals completely. time now again for the weather. >> i have some slight hailing to talk about in the snowpack in california so i want to start with this shot from yosemite. they went from 5% of their average annual snowpack. we knew it was dire to 8% so i use the #heyitssomething. this is as of yesterday. thanks to the yosemite
7:35 am
conservancy for those pictures. the mountain snow has unfortunately all but moved east. now we are drying out. redding, 72, 66 reno, palm spring, 85. l.a. in the low 70s. showed you flash flood watches in the middle of the country. so much rain already this mop and now more with these severe storms that will come through. these are pop up. get real high in the atmosphere and can drop heavy rains quickly. most will stay to the north along the canadian border but see rain through saturday. a half to one inch in that blue and a little less there. philadelphia down through d.c. all the way down to the southwest going to be included in i am meteorologist, drew tuma, with the forecast. partly cloudy skies lower 70s inland, and mid-60s an the bay and upper 40's along the coast much the seven-day forecast shows. dry pattern lasted through the >> all that weather brought to
7:36 am
you by missy's. again today, texas and someone is saying will it be bad in dallas? dallas up through louisville and chicago and cleveland all included in the elevated risk today. >> a lot of the country covered. okay, ginger thanks very much. coming up "gma investigates" cash for iphones, what you need to know before trading in your old cell phone. and the woman making football history is here live. she just threw a flag on me. what the first full time female official of the nfl is saying about her new gig. i didn't hold him!
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we are back now at 7:40 with "gma investigates" and this is a problem we face. what do you do with your old cell phone? there are a lot of websites that offer quick cash but at least one of those may not be living up to expectations. abc's linzie has details. >> reporter: selling an old phone? with so many options these days the website cash for is is just
7:41 am
one. >> just want to talk to you about those phones. >> reporter: so why won't the company's president talk to us? the federal trade commission recording more than 900 complaints from customers across the country who say cash for iphones offered to pay top dollar. but then once the company had their phones actually paid significantly less. chicago said the original quote, 131$131 but her final quote, just $11. the company says in the terms and conditions on its website, she has three days by phone to dispute the final quote. but when she finally gets through, it's too late. >> everything has already been recycled. >> reporter: "gma investigates" purchased three refurbished iphones and asked dan ackerman at cnet to estimate their market value. >> these look like they're in fairly good shape. he tells us we should get around $600. then we plug in our information on the cash for iphone website.
7:42 am
okay so the website is telling me i could make up $783 on these three iphones. it says the nonbinding quote is penning inspection. so we ship the phones. >> off it goes. >> reporter: two weeks later we receive our final price quotes just $114. nearly $700 less than the original quote. the reason for the massive difference? cash for iphones citing the condition of the phones although they don't give specifics. and up to the minute market conditions. we want our phones back so we try calling. >> got hung up on. >> reporter: and calling. >> can't get through. >> reporter: and calling. >> they just hung up. >> on day four we finally speak to someone about our phones. >> i don't agree to this lower quote. >> the representative telling us our payment has already been processed. we ask for an interview with cash for iphone president david krushin. his lawyer declined so tried to catch him outside his office.
7:43 am
it's linzie from abc news can i ask a quick question? i sold you three phones. i want to talk to you about those phones. you won't stop and speak to us? >> our office started receiving a huge spike in complaints which now totals over 300. >> reporter: nevada's attorney general adam laxalt is investigates. he says there are legitimate companies that do this. but do your homework. >> look into the company's complaints. if a deal looks too good to be truitt probably not true. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, sparks nevada. >> do your homework. thank you, linzie. a better night's sleep. could these sunglasses be the answer? plus kurt cobain's daughter speaking out for the first time. what she's saying about her rock star dad in the upcoming documentary about the nirvana singer.
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7:48 am
father's legacy and how she's learning more about who he really was. dan harris has more on her story. dan. >> hey, guy, for people of a certain age by which i pretty much mean my age kurt cobain was a massive, massive cultural figure yet he is in many ways still a mystery. now comes this revealing new documentary and the first public comments yet from his only child. ♪ let us entertain you ♪ >> reporter: he became grudgingly reluctantly the voice of a generation. ♪ and 21 years ago this week suicide silenced kurt cobain's rocket-propelled career. now though it is the voice of the daughter who barely knew him that is making waves. in the new much "rolling stone" 22-year-old frances bean cobain is opening up about the legacy of her father even admitting to the magazine i don't really like nirvana that much. frances bean was just 20 months old when her father died and now in an effort to learn more about
7:49 am
the man she calls kurt she's taking on the role of executive producer of an hbo documentary called "kurt cobain montage heck." saying of the film for 20 years my dad has been this mythical figure. i want to present the man. also noting her unique perspective, i have no memory of kurt. >> frances said that she really got to know her dad better doing the documentary. she actually said she had been very angry at him and that this process helped her understand him. >> reporter: as for her rocky relationship with her mom courtney love after watching the movie together frances and her mom's lap, cobain says love apologized profusely for the first time ever about her troubled youth and that they have, quote, resolved a lot of our issues. i grew up and she grew up too. >> she wants to be her own person. it sounds like this -- it's let her address this legacy and kind of great detail and maybe now
7:50 am
move on. >> i think he says it well. while frances is clearly deeply interested in her dad she also clearly wants to chase her own dream. she says she thinks her dad would be proud of this new documentary but, quote, now i have my own life to pursue. the film will air on hbo on may 4th and in select theaters on april 24th and i can say i definitely want to watch it. >> it's interesting. >> rooting for her too. i'm sure it was very cathartic. >> no doubt. now, coming up secrets of "star wars" revealed. we're going to go behind the keeps and unlock some of the biggest mysteries from that movie. coming up "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card f ♪ ♪
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"good morning america" is brought to you by chico's. shop the season's must have fashions at chico's and the woman shaking up the nfl. how this mom of three is breaking barriers and making history. robin is talking to her one-on-one. could these glasses be the secret to a good night's sleep. dr. besser is here to explain. >> oh, oh.
7:56 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. doctors with the uc system across california will walk off the job today. they are negotiating their first contract since unionizing in 2013 and striking over unfair labor practices. the universities says health centers will stay open during the strike. here's drew tuma with the forecast. >> cool in some spots. 50 in downtown san francisco. oakland just warmed to 48 degrees. livermore at 45 degrees. partly cloudy today, upper 50s to e lower 60s and a steady warm
7:57 am
pattern through the weekend. let's talk about traffic and see what's happening on the roads. that's a look at berkley seeing a few extra cars. still light as you're coming into emeriville. tr
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ how you like me now ♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking barriers. the first full-time official in the nfl here live, one-on-one with robin. who she is and what she's saying about finally getting on the field in primetime. ♪ wake me up ♪ are you well rested right now? the real reason you might not be and the breakthrough technology in these glasses that could finally help you crack the code to a good night's sleep. dr. besser explains. ♪ and watch what happens live this morning as jedis take over times square. we're revealing never-before-seen secrets of "star wars" and those famous lightsabers. the force is with you this morning.
8:01 am
♪ and what is going on out there in times square this morning? oh, look at that. mr. michael strahan getting jedi training. >> yes. i'm right here training, george. we got it going on out here. i'm glad i got my coat. i'm a real jedi right now. it's cold out here. ginger, do something about that. but we got to practice some more and throw it back to you in the studio. >> okay, he's with actor and martial arts expert ray park. you know him as darth maul. >> that's darth maul? >> yes, that is. showing michael some skills. >> that's exciting. all right, so, we will see how that goes. i mean that with some concerns. also coming up, we're really excited to have our pal, "america's funniest home videos" and "dancing with the stars" star, tom bergeron. it's a whole theme. put that thing away. >> i -- i don't usually light my saber this early, but, you know --
8:02 am
>> sometimes it happens. >> it just came to me. >> i was just waiting. waiting in fear for what you were going to come up with. >> i think lara is blushing. >> i know, and that takes a lot. >> yes. >> okay, thanks, tom. we'll get back to you. >> all right. >> welcome back. as you can see, we have a lot of fun coming up. let's get news first with dan harris. we begin here with that an american has been charged with supporting isis. he was arrested in the airport in chicago. a relative of the boston marathon bomber says she remains convinced that he had nothing to do with the attack. >> this morning, boston's most
8:03 am
influential newspaper calls for tsarnaev of the death penalty. once again we want to warn you that the video, you might find it disturbing. today police could release new video from this incident from the dash cam of former officer slager's car. the dash cam video could shed new light on the traffic stop that led to the shooting and the witness who recorded the incident said they struggled before the incident but scott never used the officer's taser against him. meanwhile, today, forbes storms are racing across the northwest. most of the twisters in kansas. hail the size of tennis balls falling in some areas. president obama now says he will support a petition calling for a ban on so-called
8:04 am
conversion therapy for gay and transgendered teens. this practice is aimed at changing a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. in health news this morning, a popular brand of hummus is being recalled. random testing found listeria in some packages of sabra classic hummus. you can logon to on yahoo! for the product codes that are affected. and look at this. police in northern california are on the hunt right now for this bank robber. they're calling him mrs. doubtfire. he demanded cash from the teller while wearing a wig, glasses and hospital scrubs for some reason and also carrying a purse. police fear he's been checking out a second bank for another robbery. and finally this morning, an eye-popping revelation about jessica simpson. a majority stake in her shoe, clothing and accessories brand was just sold and it was revealed that sales now top a billion dollars a year. who needs a hit song when you're bringing in that kind of money. not bad for the woman who once famously could not tell the difference between chicken of
8:05 am
the sea and actual chicken. now back to you guys. >> doesn't matter too much. >> no. >> her clothes are everywhere. she is a mogul and congratulations. well done. >> a billion dollars a year. "pop news" and weather coming up. let's go to robin in the social square. >> we are having a great time here. in the social square we'll tell you what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." in "pop news," could "groundhog day" be coming back again and again? all the details ahead. i want you to meet this amazing woman, a fellow mississippian, sarah thomas, who will be the first full time woman in the nfl as an official and she's gearing up for her game day so we have a lot to talk to sarah about. did you see this guy over here? you know tom bergeron. tom, what are you doing with these glasses, tom? >> apparently i have more props than gallagher on today's show. >> yes, but we love -- come here, sarah. sarah, meet tom. >> nice to meet you.
8:06 am
pleasure, congratulations. >> you never know who you're going to meet here in the social square and you're going to turn the tables and you're going to interview us a little bit? >> possibly. will there be any other props involved? >> props are us. >> okay. >> we've been trying to give you the saber back. all that live on "gma" right here in times square. you got to love it. ♪ h is why no one wants insurance. so we go cheap. you know, because we're never gonna need it. until one day, we do. now that cut-rate policy is costing us big. makes you wonder if there's something better out there . see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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8:09 am
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8:11 am
♪ special guest tom bergeron helping us with "pop news" today. so welcome, everybody. >> can i ask you a question? >> oh, no. >> are these all your cups? >> they are. >> you're heading into dangerous territory now. she needs three because she knocks over one or two a day. >> and i also have different things depending on mood. thank you very much. now, that's all the time we have for "pop news," everybody. hey, there is some news to talk about. a new broadway show that we can't wait to watch again and again and again. it's "groundhog day: the musical" coming to broadway based on the 1993 movie starring bill murray and -- is that andie? >> macdowell. >> she's so beautiful. >> she still is. >> such a beautiful woman. >> and bill murray. >> he's beautiful. it's about the weatherman forced relive groundhog day over and over until he changes his narcissistic ways. now it's getting the musical treatment from the creators of the current broadway musical
8:12 am
"matilda" working on this. i'm liking this combo. >> the nice thing is they only have to write two songs they keep playing over. >> yeah. >> real easy work. >> and that should be coming to broadway in january of 2017. >> a dream come true for broadway, right? you got to -- >> here we go. >> years on end. also in "pop news" this morning, tom. one direction might be down to four members. >> so glad i was sitting down. >> and one of them, niall, has been yelling fore for a very different reason for this week. check it out, guys. he's moonlighting at the masters this week playing caddie for his pal -- >> get out of here. >> -- rory mcelroy. >> isn't that fun. >> great friends. he always wanted to do it. he was his caddie at the par 3 contest. niall managed to get a little swing in there and as the commentator remarked, his shot certainly went in one direction, left and in the water. >> oh, that's funny. wrong direction, yeah. >> yes. >> yeah. >> so you're not going to show
8:13 am
jack nicklaus' hole in one? >> that is incredible. >> i thought the one direction story was a little more -- >> the golden bear? come on. >> i love the golden bear. i'm just thought, oh, my god, one direction is caddying. >> jack nicklaus, hole in one, come on. welcome to demographic wars. >> yeah. >> that is amazing. i actually thought that was in your newscast so i was leaving that alone. >> so you're blaming me, in other words? >> it's all your fault. >> i'm used to that. i'm used to that. >> that's what three drinks will get you. throw your colleagues right under the bus. >> it is a three-drink minimum this morning. finally, i want to show you this video. two best friends, kanya and komry. they say they love each other and face their greatest fear and check it out. they don't call this ride the vomatron for nothing. >> oh, we've had these on quite often. [ screaming ] >> oh. [ screaming] >> make it stop.
8:14 am
>> so, meanwhile, her friend looks like she's fine, right? her friend is doing fine. [ screaming ] >> her friend looks like she's -- >> yeah. >> just more stoic. >> you know, that was one of those videos where everybody kept laughing and i was like i -- >> did you watch that before you put it on? >> george, i said to my team, i don't think george is going to like this. >> i didn't like that at all. >> really? >> so, so far i should have done the golden bear and you didn't like my video. >> yeah. >> you know what, tom, enjoy the rest of the show. >> i want to see what's actually in this. man, i thought it was water. >> that's "pop news." jack nicklaus, i love ya. >> we're going to have ginger save you. thank you. let's go to ginger. >> we all have lightsabers and we're all having a good time.
8:15 am
where are you from? >> marietta, georgia. >> marietta, georgia, saying good morning. how about we go to chicago first and look at one of the interchanges there. some fog, the storms rolling through overnight. you already had some and more to come. there's lightning surrounding parts of the suburbs there. look at this, violent storms possible all throughout that region so you can see parts of louisiana, northeastern texas through arkansas, western tennessee and western kentucky all included today. approaching records ahead of the front, though, in the 80s and the low 90s. th i am drew tuma with the forecast. partly cloudy skies u.s. paralympic per 60s and lower 70 inland. and around the bay upper 60s and at the coast topping out in the upper 50s. cool in the north bay in the 30s. 47 overnight in san francisco and dropping to 45 in fremont. here is the seven-day forecast, partly cloudy and tomorrow is mild with a few clouds and warm to saturday into sunday and our next chance of wet weather is on >> we got some big smiles in the
8:16 am
crowd this morning. we'll be back in a couple of minutes, guys, but for now let's get it inside. >> thank you. kicking off our "heat index," a woman making history on the football field. sarah thomas, a mother of three, now taking on a new role becoming the first ever woman to be a full-time nfl official. and here's her story. >> here we go. here we go. watch out now. come on now. ♪ >> reporter: so just who is sarah thomas, the woman making nfl history? the 41-year-old mississippi native is no stranger to breaking barriers considered one of the best in college football. >> put your guard up. put your guard up. >> reporter: she started officiating college games in 2007 becoming the first woman to work a major collegiate bowl game. >> make sure it's wide. >> reporter: and has spent the past two seasons officiating nfl preseason games and training camp practices. off the field the mother of
8:17 am
three is a pharmaceutical rep and becoming the first woman to be a full-time nfl official is a game-changer. come on now, let's give it up to the wonderful sarah thomas. >> thank you. >> i've been looking forward to seeing you. >> this is exciting. >> oh, you have worked really hard for this. for 20 years, high school, college, in the nfl program, doing practice games and all that. are you ready for this moment, sarah? >> yes, i am. yes, i am. excited to be here. >> and tell us about how you have worked. i mean, we go back. you're from mississippi, i'm from mississippi. we played some college basketball, and you really feel that growing up in the south and being there really helped you and prepared you for this moment. >> yeah. >> how? >> well, being from mississippi, you know as well as i do sports and basketball and football is just -- just key. and starting off in pascagoula area at the pass point association and thank goodness for those guys.
8:18 am
they brought me in and they really laid the foundation of what to be expected and then just growing up and getting into conference usa and then on to the national football league. >> now on to the national football league. this is the big show. and i was talking to michael strahan. i said, do you all really as players notice the officials that are out there? and he goes, no. they just want to you do a good job and that's how you feel. what does it take to be an official in the nfl? >> extreme focus, be very driven and dedicated to your job and training, just an immense amount of training getting around a great group of officials, you know, get a mentor and i've been blessed to have that. >> you've had some good people around you. >> yes. >> now, have any of the players, the coaches, anybody, the fans given you a hard time at all ever? >> well, of course. i mean -- >> you're officials. >> that's right, and it just comes with the territory but we're human, we make mistakes and we move on so -- >> yeah, and i know that you said that one time when you were
8:19 am
with conference usa, was it, that they wanted you to keep your hair underneath the hat. and not wear makeup. >> yeah. well, you know, that was kind of a shock to me being a female and ponytail just was what i had to do but i get it. gerald alston, the supervisor of conference usa just wanted me to blend in. and if you notice there's not many men who have facial hair so it was just a statement just to blend in but, when he did say no makeup, i was like, you're crossing a line there, i got to wear makeup. >> i know but you do as all officials you don't want to make it about yourself. and i mean that's why we appreciate you allowing us to have this time with you. i know that you would rather not. you're a mother of three, a wife, so how is the family handling everything? >> they're great but this is our journey. it's not just my journey. it's my husband's journey. it's my kids' journey. but they keep me humble. i'm mom and i'm a wife. my husband sometimes says i'm a drill sergeant at home making sure everything is just how it's supposed to be but it is our journey and they're so supportive and i couldn't do it
8:20 am
without them. >> and as i said, you have been very humble and very shy about all this and you said you didn't set out to be a trail blazer but you know it sends a very powerful message to many people especially women, sarah. >> yeah. it does. and i just say this, don't go out to try to prove somebody wrong. go and do things whether you're a female or male, black or white, just do it because you believe in yourself and you know you're there to do the job. >> that's right and do the best that you can at all times. >> that's right. >> we cannot wait to see you out on the field, sarah thomas, thank you very much. >> oh, thank you. >> all the best going forward, mississippi, right. >> that's right, mississippi. >> all the way. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, george. >> thank you, robin. can't wait for that. next up on our "heat index" take a look at our audience, let's see them decked out in those tinted sunglasses. there they are. actually it's not our audience but those are the sunglasses. some scientists say these shades could be the secret to a good night's sleep and abc's brandi hitt has the details. >> reporter: for the millions of sleep-deprived americans, tossing and turing at night using your cell phone, computer
8:21 am
or even watching television before bed might be the problem. some scientists now suggesting if you're going to be plugged in before you sleep, try popping on these while you stream, orange tinted glasses. >> everything is clear. they block out the sun. oh, yeah, i got to get me some. >> reporter: putting those old school blublockers back in the spotlight but instead of the sun blocking the blue light that comes out of your electronics. >> blue light during the day helps keep you awake. that same blue light during the night is interfering with the body's ability to sleep. >> reporter: for some it might be odd sitting in your living room watching television with a pair of these on. >> i know a number of gamers that swear by this. >> reporter: a recent study followed 13 teenage boys for one week finding that the teens who wore the blue light blocking lenses while watching l.e.d. screens before bed felt significantly more sleepy than those wearing clear glasses. >> we're regulating your melatonin cycle that lets you wake up naturally and go to
8:22 am
sleep natural. >> reporter: doctors say the glasses don't have to be orange. the key is making sure the lens has blue light blocking technology, bending the rules of fashion all in the hopes of getting a better night's sleep. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. and dr. rich besser here right now. he's got the sunglasses on. not the sunglasses, the screen glasses i guess you call them. >> that's right, yeah. >> i'm so glad you're doing this. we all know these blue screens at night keep you from going to sleep. >> yeah, it's a problem. more and more people are having trouble sleeping. it's not all about the blue light but if you think about it in prehistoric times the sun would go down, we get sleepy and we go to bed and a lot of that they think is the blue light component of sunlight but now the sun goes down and we have all of our electronic devices, anything with an l.e.d. is putting out blue light and what they found is you block it with orange, orange, orange filters and your hormones change. and you get sleepy.
8:23 am
>> you think this works? >> well, you know, there are only a few studies and small but it makes a lot of sense. melatonin is the hormone that makes us sleepy and blue light interferes with that. the other thing is there's not a downside. it's not like a sleeping pill so it strikes me as something worth trying. >> what else can you do to cut out the blue light? >> well, there are several things. when you're going to bed you want to make sure your room is totally dark. i like a sleep mask. that will help. you can turn off your electronics a couple of hours before bed. that's a good thing and then on your devices there's something that will invert the colors so that the black is white and the white is black. that will also cut down -- >> on any device. >> on iphones, ipads, most devices have that. give it a try and find you'll be exposed to less blue light. >> that's interesting. you'll be talking sleep all morning on twitter. >> i will. >> fantastic, rich. thanks very much. where are you, guys? there you are. >> thanks, george. time for "deals & steals." and today it's all about beauty and bling. tory johnson has scored some
8:24 am
major deals up to 60% starting at 1.50? >> can you believe it. brand-new table. first up, kris nations. what i love about these, there's three different collections you can choose from, the state collection, zodiac, either the zodiac symbol or a little word, and that comes in this cute adorable bottle. they're all made in america from recycled materials. what i love also these are great for grads. don't forget to wear that home state where you came from. normally $48 in that cute little bottle, these are slashed by 58%. 20 bucks for any necklace including free shipping. >> great graduation gift, great mother's day gift. >> so much talk about mississippi, so thimblepress is from jackson, mississippi, it's a woman-owned company and make so many adorable things, they're sold in anthropologie, urban outfitters, but only here on "gma" will you get an amazing deal. some of their really fun confetti, they make an eco-friendly confetti which can cornstarch. they clean up with water. my favorite every day i'm sparklin' tote. everything slashed in half starting at $2.50.
8:25 am
one of my favorite, favorite companies for all kinds of skin care products is called yes to and what i love about these, it's all natural, amazing scents, delicious, just delicious products. so imagine like little face wipe scrubs that have a great scent in cucumber or grapefruit. >> the gentle cleanser is fantastic. >> i mean, so beautiful. all of their products and huge discount today. only that you will find so normally these products range from $3 to 20 bucks slashed in half, so really just $1.50 to $10. >> nicely done and finally -- >> big, big deal from zoya, a "gma" favorite. it's a trio. three different bottles. big assortment not just the ones see here, normally 30, slashed in half, $15, free shipping from zoya. can't beat that. and last but not least. >> the sun is coming out. >> the sun is coming out. these are for men and women from a company called solar shield. these little glasses just either clip on or slip over your readers. so you don't need -- if you have
8:26 am
readers you don't need an extra pair of sunglasses, huge, huge discount, normally 18 to 25 slashed by 60%, $7.50 and free shipping. for all these. >> thank you, companies. we'll be right back. "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bankamericard cash rewards credit card for these deals and earn cash back. e deals and earn cash back.
8:27 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. san jose police are reviewing surveillance video after a brazen burglar broke into a woman's home. 16 cameras caught this man lurking outside the home around 2:00 tuesday morning. the man manages to get inside the home despite alarms going off and walks through the house going through drawers. a woman in her bedroom calls police and yells at the burglar through the door scaring him off. . he gets away on his skateboard. let's get a check on traffic. >> let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. starting to see gaps there as you make your drive into san francisco. let's go to our next camera and see what's happening elsewhere.
8:28 am
just before you get to the toll plaza, travels there looking at a little slower as you make it from university avenue. eastbound traffic is light as can be. when we come back female announcer: get on board for better sleep! it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event! get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster serta icomfort even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. you'll never find an interest rate lower than sleep train's interest free for 3 event, on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ oh no, we have a dress code here, and it's not see through. next! whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. so sorry - this lunchbox is already at capacity. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese.
8:29 am
a good source of protein and calcium, and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger! good morning temperatures warming nicely on this thursday morning. 48 in oakland. downtown san francisco at 51 degrees. san ramone at 45 degrees. here's your seven-day forecast, today, partly cloudy warm.
8:30 am
mild tomorrow, a dry padpattern through [ playing the theme to "star wars" ] >> welcome back. look at that. look at ginger and dan there with ray park. you know him as darth maul. he's teaching them jedi lightsaber skills. we've got never before heard secrets of "star wars" coming up. look at -- ginger plays the part. you too -- no dan. we've got more ahead. george and lara. >> play golf like jedis first. >> one direction golf. >> i know when can we -- >> as can you see we're here with tom bergeron. you know him from "dancing with the stars," "america's funniest home videos." we love having him here. >> you may notice a new prop. we'll try something different and we're concerned about it but we're going for it. this is called the reverse
8:31 am
button where tom, you are allowed to reverse the interview at any point so we're going to interview, standard style and if you want to you hit the button then you can ask us a question. >> go for it. [ bell rings ] >> here that bell you get to ask the question. >> that's the first prop they've had me use today that i like. >> it's like the 19th one. >> yes, it is. really. >> you got to talk about "america's funniest home videos." do you know what the staying power is? >> i think it's just humor. it's slapstick is eternal. you go back to what i used to love, silent film comedies with chaplin, et cetera. it's done with your neighbors and the baby stuff and the animal stuff and they are so good. in the 15 years i've done the show and wrapping up my tenure sooner so good at packaging that even in an age of youtube and still making it relevant. >> really you guys did it
8:32 am
before anybody else and we all owe you thank you. >> can i tell you it's a little creepy to have big pictures of you staring out like -- >> well we happen to love you. so do your colleagues that you did mention. i can't believe this is it for you on "america's funniest -- in this is it. >> i'm going down. >> do we have the picture from twitter. your colleagues -- >> oh that's right. tom, was it something we said? no, you know it just felt like at 15 years of doing it that it was time -- i was telling dan during the commercial break, he goes why are you leaving. i want to get nervous again and that was one of the key things. >> you're what ten years into "dancing". >> our tenth anniversary. >> is it true you almost turned it down. >> i did, well because and my agent at the time said abc wants you to do a summer series and you're going to do it and i
8:33 am
said, well what is it. she said it's live and you love live. said okay. what is it. she said it's a big hit in england. i said what is it. i said you got to promise to look at the british show before you answer. >> what is it? >> yeah and i said okay that's fair. you know i'll look at the british show. what is it. she said it's celebrity ballroom competition. i said seriously and it has been one of the great gifts of my career. >> i bet. >> i still to this day live tv like this like "dancing" is what i most enjoy. >> and i don't know if everybody remembers but you actually hosted "gma" for a short time. >> yeah back in '97. that's my agent. laughing. yeah for -- >> look at you. >> oh my gosh. look at that. wow. much darker hair. >> what do you miss most about it? >> well you know what i love and i love about this format is that you have to be very quick on your feet. in that sometimes like in the
8:34 am
first hour of the show is more of a news focus and then you get into, you know talking to hosts of dance shows. we only have a minute. so if i'm going to do this -- [ bell dings] what's your favorite thing about me? [ laughter ] >> you just saved us from the perils of the reverse interview by asking that question. that was perfect. yeah well done. >> i'm happy to answer that. >> what's your favorite thing about you? >> sitting next to lara. >> oh. wow. >> how nice. >> do you trust him? >> implicitly. >> really? >> yep. >> he's the best in the business. >> that's true. that's true. >> reversing back. >> okay. back to you now. what do you hi is happening on this season of "dancing with the stars" in terms of the chemistry in terms of all that you've seen in seasons past? >> well i really like -- i mean it's a wonderful group. we're into the part now as we get to the halfway point where every time we say good-bye to a
8:35 am
couple it's going to be hard. because we've really got a sort of the cream of the crop here. >> you know they're always game when they come in but you can tell the disappointment is really will. >> i was on the flight actually with michael and peta monday night and, yeah we were talking about that and, you know they had just done a really good dance and to have to say good-bye right after that was disappointing but that's the way it works. >> we have to say good-bye now. >> we do. >> there's one -- [ bell rings] >> that means throw to ginger. >> ginger i have a question. are you ready? >> lara if you guys are saying anything to me i can't hear you. we're so excited about our lightsabers. my new friend ben you are so pumped up to be here. >> yes, i love it. i love it so much. >> all right. i want what he's having. let's start with the forecast across the nation. some of the pictures that you are sending us. scott kaye enjoying snow in
8:36 am
vermont. the skiers are so happy with that or were. winter weather advisories i am meteorologist, drew tuma, with the forecast. partly cloudy skies lower 70s inland, and mid-60s an the bay and upper 40's along the coast much the seven-day forecast shows. dry pattern lasted through the weekend and our next chance of >> this weather report brought to you by tracfone. can i wear this cloak every day? do you think it's a good look? goes with my heels. all right, michael. >> all right, thanks ginger. i'm here at jedi training kicking off "gma's" secrets of "star wars" series the celebration of the "star wars" movie collection. i have my cloak on my sabre. i'm ready to go. for the first time ever in dij it will hd tomorrow never before seen secrets from the film and abc's nick watt learned how they make the lightsaber famous sound.
8:37 am
take a look at this. whoo-whoo. >> reporter: now for the first time ever you can download all six "star wars" and for the first time hear the filmmakers spill the beans. >> find them full of surprises. >> reporter: how do they make that iconic lightsaber swoosh? wonder no more. it's a movie projector. >> this is the projector motor hum. >> reporter: and in the back of an old tv set. >> the blend of those two is -- is the basic bed that's under every lightsaber. >> reporter: okay the lightsaber with the two funny bits coming out the side. you've seen it in the trailer for "episode 7." >> is that your idea. >> it wasn't mine but i helped finish the design on that. >> what are they for? >> i can't tell you. >> reporter: doug chang worked on the last trilogy and right
8:38 am
knew is the concept artist for "the force awakens". >> i can't even tell my wife what i'm doing. >> reporter: your wife? >> yes. >> it seems a bit ridiculous. >> the problem eremperor is not as forgiving as i am. >> reporter: some of those asteroids are potatoes and one sound engineer remembers recording penguins and fruit bats in australia. >> you were mixing those together to become the gionosians. >> peg wins and fruit bats. >> reporter: doug making it on the fly. >> i'll do some kind of robot form. >> this looks like that thing that rolls along in the trailer for -- >> yes, okay but it's not going to be that. >> reporter: are you sure? >> yes. >> reporter: where did you get the inspiration for that. >> that i can't tell you. >> reporter: until then may the force and the classics be with us all. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, san francisco. ♪ >> now we're here with actor martial arts expert ray park who
8:39 am
famously played darth maul in "the phantom menace" giving pointers to special jedis in training. welcome, ray. >> good morning, how are you doing? >> i'm good. good morning to you too. now, we just saw a lot of the secrets that were revealed in that piece but is there anything about darth maul that we didn't learn and we don't know. >> we're not -- at the end when i had the famous cut in half scene, well actually hi to go to the bathroom -- >> okay. >> so that facial expression you see, darth maul doing like -- ah, i really needed to get out of there, you know. >> that is definitely a secret i didn't expect to learn. now, how do you feel being a part of such a stellar legacy with the movie series? >> i grew up with "star wars." that was the first movie i saw when i was a kid at 7 and feel honored and really truly lucky to have "star wars" part of my life. >> now, i know you've been here and teaching our young jedis how to fight but in the movie you had a double saber. any special techniques that you
8:40 am
had that -- can you show us something? >> yeah. yeah. are you ready? are you ready, guys? >> are you ready. >> here we go -- left and then to the right and then over the top like that. easy peasy. >> easy peasy. >> want to try again? one to left. two to right and over the top. >> how long would i last in the movie if i used that technique. >> a little bit. you'd be okay. you need to do a little bit more than that. you did really well there. >> from you i'll take that. i feel good about myself. kids are you all having fun? you learning some moves? [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah? all right. y'all ready to -- show everybody a few of our moves. what have you learned? show everybody what you learned. >> asbers up guys one two and over the top. good. and again, ready, one shgs two --
8:41 am
>> tell you what -- >> three, good. >> we have all these jedis in training out here. everybody is looking good. i think i'm the biggest jedi ever from "star wars" but "star wars," the digital movie collection available starting tomorrow and for more secrets including a never before seen interview with carrie fisher aka princess leia go to on yahoo! ray park thank you so much man. >> thank you. coming up how to look royal, the most spectacular looks you can steal inspired by princess
8:42 am
brookside chocolate now has a crunch. brookside crunchy clusters - crispy multi-grains and sweet fruit-flavored pieces dipped in rich dark chocolate. discover brookside crunchy clusters.
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♪ all right, everybody, time now for a royal edition of yahoo! your day. all about princess kate's incredible style. yahoo! style editor in chief joe zee. you'll teach us how to princess your closet. >> isn't that a way great way to start your day. >> what do you mean. >> when you look at kate middleton and the middleton effect. anything she puts on, her fashion is incredible. her style is incredible. she has the ability to really make people stand up and take notice with something that's timeless and classic. >> there are ways in your own closet where you can at least capture that style so let's get an example. >> absolutely. so and the great thing is to know we're on baby watch. this is applicable whether pregnant or not and happens, you know, every which way so our first model and her name is
8:45 am
katherine and british and total coincidence, i love the printed dress in yeah me too. feels like spring and have had long winters. scary, i can't do it a lot think. it's not the most flattering. >> first of all i think florals can be a little too sweet. i love it when it's more abstract. think of it as an accessory. put on an earrings or bracelet just do a print and a great way to be that statement. >> that's a great tip, everybody. the print is your accessory. our second look this is princessing your closet in a different way. >> absolutely. >> so i think number one when you talk about kate middleton you cannot forget about the coat. she made the coat a fashion statement. >> i like the coat. >> i designed this coat from my qvc line inspired by kate. you can wear a traditional coat and soft jersey with a bit of a design detail but also the printed dress which is an alternative to the little black dress. >> is what you're saying when you get to the party you don't have to take your coat off.
8:46 am
>> you can button and belt it and make a dress which kate has done in a lot of her public appearances. >> another way to princess your closet. our final look a picture of kate. let's look at this. >> how cute, though. >> so pants, and these are specifically a little short. you like that look. >> i love the crop pant. something very classic about that. i think that is sort of the synonymous word when you talk about the kate style there is something classic and timeless and throw around the word modern princess but she is and look at this. how adorable is this number one. i mean she always does it with denim but i love the idea that denim now can be color, color, color. >> i also like the clothes with a pump and the top. >> a little blazer. it's very like preppy and put together and casual at the same time. >> we all have jeans. we all have that sort of white blouse in our closet. just throw a dale lohred blazer on top. >> thee great ways to princess your closet. thank you very much to this guy, mr. joe zee.
8:47 am
always great tips on yahoo! ladies you look gorgeous your highnesses. coming up, lecrae performing live and stay with us and let's dance. ♪ yeah. from a city mass
8:48 am
8:49 am
we have been looking forward to this right now. he is a grammy winner talking about lecrae. making history with his latest album, "anomaly" and it's great to have you here. first of many performances i predict here on "good morning america." your music is about just bringing joy, life it's very uplifting, isn't it? >> absolutely inspiration, hope and authenticity. that's the angle. >> you keep true to yourself. >> absolutely. >> it shows in your music. right to the music. he is here performing his grammy nominated single "all i need is you ♪ lecrae.
8:50 am
>> this is for all the people that know there's somebody out there they need and that's all they need, right? ♪ uh yeah say all i need is you ♪ ♪ keep me in my mind zone and flying home and stressed out tempted to get that styrofoam you know what's up know that ain't going to solve nothing i mean lord forbid i might fall or something and i'm all or nothing cause to hold me down like bed straps to the psych ward it's killing me but you still with me when i fight hard you digging me when i igging you and get with me when my cars pulled could dealt with me but you fell for me for i fell for you to keep me on that right path and the right math cause you plus nothing is everything you my everything saying all i need is you ain't gotta question my allegiance
8:51 am
cause the way you love me i could never leave ya i need ya. by my side thick and thin highs and lows don't let go we gone ride we gone win don't know how all i know all i need is you you're you will i ever needed. how did i fall in this no condition that get a mention but you offered this ♪ ♪ unconditional love i swear i sell it all for this ♪ ♪ i'm trying to keep it together forgive my awkwardness ♪ ♪ but often this issue in me often is valley of shadows and i know they're trying to pick me off in this ♪ ♪ but all i need is you it's funny just how off i get when i ain't riding with you no adjectives for you awesomeness ♪ ♪ they burning one for that burn out this life in god i'm all turn the out took time out to put time in so i turn to you when i'm worn out all i need is you slow me down cause you know me now with my phony smile and i'm acting like it's all
8:52 am
copacetik it's so pathetic so juvenile know what you do you keep me cool in the summer when they be dressing less and i be wanting to show off and stunt there ain't nothing to want you give me all that i need all i need is you to keep that fire burring for me all i need is you by my side thick and thin highs and lows don't let go we going ride we gone win don't know how all i know all i need is you, you're all i ever needed ♪ ain't nobody gone get in the way. put that on my money in the bank ♪ ♪ cause you do what them others can't and i love that yeah ♪ ♪ we gone ride till the rips fall off above it all we can never fall yeah hold my hand we can have it all ♪ ♪ hold my hand we can have it all ♪ all i need is you by my side thick and thin highs and lows don't let go don't let go we gone ride we gone win ♪
8:53 am
♪ don't know how all i know all i need is you ♪ ♪ you you're all i ever needed you know that you're all i ever needed ♪ ♪ you you're all i ever needed you're all i ever needed you always pick me up all i need is you that's true ♪ ♪ you make et better for me that's true because all i need is you ♪ ♪ all i need is you indeed ♪ >> love and respect. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. start the search for your next car at carmax. start here. ♪ it's funny ♪ lecrae definitely keeps it real. going to be in concert. best buy right across the street but you're here with us this morning. thank you for that. not unashamed, indeed. >> unashamed. >> outstanding v a great day, everyone. more "star wars" tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning i'm eric thomas. first up, a check on the weather forecast. here's drew tuma. >> we're warming up nicely on this thursday morning. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 51 in fremont. 52 in san jose. 49 in livermore. downtown san francisco current temperature of 51 degrees. here's the seven-day forecast. you notice it's partly cloudy today. a mild pattern on the way for friday with plenty of sunshine out there. over the weekend, we are dry with little change. the next chance for rain is coming on tuesday. we do have an advisory for a delay on the fremont line. you might be better getting in the car. take a look at the bridge there. it's a quick drive to make it over to the pe nis la. we have one disabled vehicle at gilman street really gumming up
9:00 am
the commute. you can see heavy traffic as you come away through the maize. >> time now for live with >> it's "live with kelly and michael." today award-winning actress edie falco. and from the new film "the longest ride," scott eastwood. and a performance from the husband-wife recording artist johnny swim. all next on live! [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [applause] ♪


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