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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  March 28, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's saturday march 28. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. weatherwise another nice day across the bay area. just how warm will it get? lisa argen tracking temperatures for us. hi, lisa. good morning to you. hi, everyone. live doppler 7 hd looks clear but we have some fog sneaking into the livermore valley at a half-mile visibility. half moon two and a half miles. it lifts altogether. here is emeryville brilliant out there with 40s and 50s for most right now and around the bay today we'll see those cool, low to mid-60s at the shoreline but sunny skies from half moon bay to stinson beach. 74 in oakland. up upper 70s in san jose near
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80 again by the delta and we will warm up even more so tomorrow but we have a cooldown in our seven-day outlook. i'll have it all for you in a minute. >> lisa, thank you. a message of grief and gratefulness. san jose residents honored a police officer during two separate vigils. san jose police officer michael johnson died after being shot while responding to a call earlier this week. abc 7 news reporter janet has more. >> reporter: dozens of people turned out for a vigil to honor fallen officer michael johnson a few steps from where he was killed. the city's councilmembers, mayor and police chief, were also in attendance. they shared a few words. after the vigil amber golart shook hands with the officers, she's the niece of the man who killed office er johnson. >> we do care and are sorry. >> reporter: golart said her uncle was funny and who have
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gone but he struggled with mental illness and copd. tuesday night he was on the verge of not only taking his life but his wife's as well. >> my aunt does consider michael johnson home run her hero, the family considers him their hero. >> reporter: wounds still fresh police officers say it means a the lot for so many to show solidarity at a time they need it most. >> it helps all of us get through the process of grieving and coping with the loss of an officer who was doing his job. >> it shows everyone that officers are here to help us and to protect us and he did just that. he gave his life for it. >> reporter: here at city hall hundreds turned out for the second vigil of the night as people paid their respects. the vigil was another remind erer to thank those who serve every day. >> it's a little overwhelming in the sense that there are a lot of people out there that still do care about us. >> reporter: and donations have been pouring in for johnson is's family. meantime funeral preparations
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are under way for both johnson and dunham. the memorial service for officer johnson will be held next thursday at 11:00 a.m. we will provide live coverage of the the service and will stream it on spline on our website, communication equipment slowed to a crawl during the response to officer johnson's shooting. the department's mobile computer network got bogged down because of the increase in communication. officers' outdated computers couldn't keep up forcing them to ditch those computers and use police radios instead. >> the computers really enable us to communicate en masse. radio systems can only allow one person to talk at once, and when there's hundreds of people on the same radio channel, certainly that's not a possibility. >> officers say it's an ongoing problem and even happened again yesterday. the department plans to replace the mobile network some time this year.
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a man is dead this morning after getting hit by a car if in martinez. the crash happened before 8:30 last night just south of highway 4. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. the car actually ended up on the median. the driver is cooperating with police and has not been cited. 8:04 is our time. a landslide courtroom victory for a silicon valley venture capital giant. a san francisco jury rejected gender discrimination claims by former executive ellen powell against her one-time employer. tiffany wilson explains. >> reporter: three years of preparation, five weeks of trial and two days of jury deliberations resulted in a resounding loss for ellen pao but she did not sound defeated after the verdict was read. >> i have told my story and thousands of people have heard it. if i've helped to level the playing field for women and minorities in venture capital, then the battle was worth it the. >> reporter: in all four counts the jury found venture capital firm kleiner perkins caufield &
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byers did not discriminate or retaliate against pao. >> it never occurred to me for a second that a careful and attentive jury like this would find either discrimination or retaliation, and i'm glad to have been proven right about that. >> reporter: juror number one, steve, sided with kleiner perkins. was there one key piece of evidence that swayed the majority of you in favor? >> i would say there were a number of pieces the performance evaluations throughout the year. >> reporter: pao did well as chief of staff but weaknesses as an investor. ramsay thought there was retaliation and voted in favor of pao. >> by no means do i hope this sends a message to any other women who feel they've been wronged to not do it or that it's not worth it. >> reporter: both jurors say they deliberated carefully and never considered the broader implications of this case. >> i think the 12 of us did the
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best job we could could. >> reporter: their duty is done, but that doesn't mean the debate is over. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. the broader impact of the ellen pao case will likely be felt for years to come. >> the door is wide open now. ellen pao should be commended for that. she remains brave under very intense public scrutiny. now companies are going to think twice about leaving their eeo policy in a desk drawer. >> an attorney who specializes in discrimination cases says she believes this will set a precedent for fau tour legal cases involving women's rights in the work place. medina points to new lawsuits filed against twitter and facebook. calls for change in berkeley. this comes after homeless people and their advocates protested in the streets. their anger stems from accusations that two city ambassadors abused a homeless man they were hired to assist. abc 7 news reporter alan wang brings us the story. >> reporter: the homeless and their advocates kramclaim this.
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>> if there's a conflict and the ambassador for this person assaulted me, they will more leakly believe the ambassador. >> reporter: they were arrested for assault but after this video emerged ambassador jeffrey bail bailey was fired and his partner was suspended. one problem is the lack of housing are for the homeless. this man says he's been on a waiting list for two years. >> like they expect us to magically disappear while we wait and they attack and assault us while we have nowhere to go. >> reporter: business owners are pressuring the city to stop the homeless from chasing away their business. >> it's very tough to run a business here. >> reporter: but the business owner says ambassadors are not the answer. >> that's what happens when you have people who are not trained to be out there trying to may tan order. >> reporter: the ambassadors involved have not been charged. in berkeley, alan wang, abc 7
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news. new this morning police in haywood are investigating the attempted kidnapping of a teenaged girl. the 16-year-old says she was walking the airrea just before 4:00 yesterday afternoon when someone armed with a gun grabbed her and pulled her into a car. the girl was able to fight the suspect off and ran away. the suspect is described as a hispanic or east indian man in his mid-20s with a thinly manicured beard and goatee. his car is described as a white four-door vehicle similar to a toyota prius or chevy volt. they are looking into whether this is connected in two other kidnapping attempts. time is 8:08. tough break for fans of the annual maverick surf competition. the contest is officially off. mother nature wouldn't cooperate during the three-month window
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that started january 1. surfing legends gather in the waters off the coast of half moon bay for waves 40, 50 even 60 feet tall. but for now better luck next year. and weatherwise hopefully we can get some luck with our weather situation but no rain in sight right now. >> no, unfortunately, we're looking at a dry cold front that pushed through the bay area while you were sleeping. right now we're looking at a beautiful shot from our camera. 53 degrees. dense fog for our friends in livermore but everyone will warm up today modestly. the bigger warm-up that's the second hatch of your weekend. a cooler extended outlook is next. lisa thank you. still to come, the latest on that deadly plane crash in france. what we're learning about the co-pilot who intentionally slammed the jet into a mountain. plus, the pro event that has some big names flooding to the bay area this
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new details this morning about the man who deliberately crashed a passenger jet into a french mountain on tuesday killing himself and 149 other people. investigators found clues in that co-pilot's home including prescription and a note from his
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doctor saying he was too sick to work. abc news chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest. >> reporter: he was an avid runner, a picture of health and youth. now they say andreas lubitz had a secret that turned suicidal. the day of the crash lubitz left his amount in dusseldorf. neighbors say he shared it with a girlfriend. he went to the airport in the morning, flew to barcelona in the same plane he would later crash on the return flight over those same mountains. police searching that apartment again after their bombshell find, a torn-up note from a doctor determining that on the day of the crash lubitz was too sick to work and prescriptions for medications also trashed. that note never delivered to the airline. "the deceased hid his illness from his employer and colleagues," the prosecutor says says. an unconfirmed report that lubitz was seeing a psychiatrist as we learned he apparently
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struggled for years. back in 2009 as a flight student he interrupted his training for an extended period. german media reporting he suffered depression. at the little flight club in his hometown people who knew him saw no warning signs. >> if you're flying, you need to have some minimum intelligence some minimum respect for yourself, some minimum respect for the lives of others. >> reporter: these are the gliders of the local flight club. they're packed up for winter, but it was here in these that andreas lubitz first discovered had his love of love of flying. the club took those gliders on trips. lubitz came, too, to these same mountains with where he would have soared alone just a few miles from where years later he crashed flight 9525. and the associated press is reporting lubitz's file with the aviation authorities included a note that said the pilot required, quote, specific regular medical examinations. no word on a reason.
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terry moran, abc news, germany. and this morning the airlines are facing some tough questions over how they screen their pilots for mental health. lufthansa announced two people must be in the cockpit at all times and other airlines are now following suit. abc news has more. >> reporter: with the airline industry still reeling after this chilling crash, lufthansa reversed itself hours after defending its policy of allowing just one pilot to fly a jetliner for short periods of time. it will now require two people in the cockpit. europe's aviation agency recommending that all airlines do the same adopt what is already policy in the u.s. this this as many ask how are pilots psychologically screened. andreas lubitz was tested by lufthansa and esh you'd a medical certificate by the faa. but getting a psychological clearance in i have aaviation often involved little if any actual
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screening or time with a psychologist. >> generally just conversationing kind of getting your impressions from conversation. >> reporter: in fact an initial medical clearance requires a physical exam and a questionnaire asking if there's any sort of mental disorder, depression or anxiety and there are at least annual checkups with a doctor but no face-to-face final with a psychologist. >> people slip through the cracks. there's no set standard how to evaluate these people. the first doctor or second doctor could vary on their interpretation are or perception of a pilot. >> abc news, new york. 8:16 is our time. italy's high court has overturned the murder conviction of amanda knox. the decision ends the ongoing court saga for the u.s. citizen from seattle accused of killing her college roommate. >> i'm incredibly grateful for what has happened, for the constituent i have received. meredith was my friend and she
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deserved so much in this life. i'm the lucky one. >> knox has been found guilty of murder twice, each time it was overturned. this is the final decision in the case because italy's supreme court did not order another trial. and liftoff. the year in space starts now. and with that a history making mission is under way this morning. a russian and an american took off from kazakhstan to spend nearly a year in space. the hatch opened and scott kelly and russia's astronaut entered about eight hours after blasting off yesterday. their 342-day stay is aimed at finding out how the human body holds up in space in order to prepare for a future journey tomorrow. back here at home a possible cheating scandal at stanford university. an investigation has been launched into what officials are calling an unusually high number of allegations of academic dishonest y dishonesty. as many as 20% of students in an
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introductory course may have cheated during the winter quarter. the information came to light in a letter sent to faculty members this week. penalties for violating stanford's honor code include suspension and community service. people from all 50 states and 40 countries around the world are in the south bay this weekend for the biggest event in pro wrestling, wrestlemania. 70,000 fans are expected to pack levi stadium tomorrow afternoon. yesterday they gathered at the san jose convention center to swap stories and buy souvenirs. they'll send big buck ss this weekend at the event and outside of it. the wwe said wrestlemania generated more than $140 million last year for the new orleans economy. >> kids watching hulk hoegan and mr. t. who knows if they'll come back so we had to do it. i've been saving for months, too. >> several legends are already in town. hulk hogan john cena and the diva twins were in san francisco yesterday to promote
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wrestlemania 31. you might say time flies when you're having fun. santa clara's great america will kick off today. the park plans to celebrate by having 40 employees who worked at the park back in 1976 take part in today's opening ceremony. former santa clara mayor gilmore will be on hand. he helped the city land the park. they first opened great america park in santa clara and outside chicago in 1976 to celebrate america's bicentennial and lisa, it will be a nice weekend whether you're enjoying the park or the transamerica half marathon tomorrow. >> yeah, that's right. temperatures warming up all around the bay. in fact, in the south bay numbers up significantly today. so yesterday was 69 in monterey and downtown san francisco. today going for a high of 70 here and san jose will be well into the 70s. here is live doppler 7 hd. the santa rosa airport 7:00 this
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morning reported some rain. yep, just a few light rain drops as a weak front alal band pushed on through the bay area, pushing that fog down along into the central coast and that's where it's sitting right now. mt. tamm was a little bit hazy but we are looking at a sunny day today with temperatures warm er than yesterday. in fact, it was 69 in napa yesterday. today you'll be into the 70s, as much as seven or eight degrees warmer and only 67 in mountain view. so big warm-up for you today as well well. 49 in morgan hill right now. 50 half moon bay and this is what it looks like down around santa cruz where the sun will come out later on with 76 for a high but boy, nobody there and the fog is dense. had a few rain drops or some moisture, i should say, on the lens. but this all will be scoured away. northerly winds warming us up in the north bay throughout the day and much of the bay. the fog is beginning to lift in livermore. five-mile visibility and also at half moon bay.
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so concentrated along the central coast and that offshore flow in the upper levels of the atmosphere keeping everybody sunny, a little breezy at the coast today and the temperatures responding. the fog will be out of here for the entear weekend whereas in southern california it's the opposite story. the golden gate bridge has cleared out. we had some low clouds and fog, sunny today. sunny tomorrow and looking at the warmest day to be sunday with temperatures cooling off a bit as a weak front visits the north coast. for us it just means a cooldown and really not even any extra clouds. maybe just low clouds it at the coast. so the front is gone. it's all about high pressure sitting offshore. that means a mild to warm weekend. early on we had the dense fog in southern california and we are looking at the temperatures to be up and down the next couple of days. up today. it's 77. here is san jose. how about 81 tomorrow. and then here comes that weak front. do you notice it?
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not too much. by tuesday and wednesday temperatures at 70. the average high about 67 in san jose. coming back up thursday and friday. so highs today in and around the south bay, 81 in gilroy. 79 in los gatos. look for low to mid-70s to loss altoes with sunny skies on the coast. 68 in the south. 63 at the airport yesterday. your warm-up with the few indications of 80s showing up around clover dale. you can see the orange there. 78 in napa. near the east bay, san leandro check ing in checking in at 73 and 75 in fremont. you head inland you have low 80s again out by the delta and brentwood. 80 in walnut creek. the accuweather seven day forecast. and the fog returns to the coast on monday with the cooling trend, more so on tuesday and wednesday. you can see what's showing up on live doneppler 7 hd anytime with the abc 7 news weather app free
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on apple's app store or google play. we have more information on abc 7 >> spring really arriving big time here in the bay area. >> really you're right. >> lisa, thanks. still to come, passed out in the passing lane. what this chp officer found inside a car after ♪
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♪ ♪
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a chp officer had it to smash through a window to save a woman passed out in her car that had come to a did dead halt on a san diego freeway. just some incredible video. when the officer approached her and tapped on her window, the car started moving. after breaking the glass the officer yelled at her to hit the brakes. she finally woke up and stopped the car from rolling. inside officers found a bottle of booze. she was arrested. a heads-up about major street closures this weekend thousands of runners will take over san francisco tomorrow morning for the transamerica rock 'n' roll half marathon. the close use include lanes on the golden gate bridge. we have specifics on our web website, still to come, lending a helping hand. what some local youngsters are doing to keep a popular store
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welcome back everyone. i'm chris nguyen. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the forecast. lisa argen joins us now with the warm-up on the way. hi, lisa. chris, good morning to you. the picture does tell the story.
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it's shaking a little bit and from mt. gusts at 35 miles an hour out of the east. there's sunshine but still a little bit of fog out there. so a weak cold front swept on through the bay area while you were sleeping and brought in some cooler, dense air. 53 in san francisco. 54 in san carlos and from emeryville, much brighter out there and we will look for a high today of 74 degrees in oakland. that's warmer. you are in the 60s yesterday. we'll have sunshine at the coast and inland temperatures topping off near 80 degrees. so it's all about a wind shift a warm-up over the weekend, a warmer sunday is on tap. we'll talk about that coming up. chris? lisa thank you. congress has gone on its annual spring break but that didn't stop president obama from slamming budget plans being forwarded by republican lawmakers in his weekly video address out this morning. mr. obama took a lack at new rules aimed at protecting consumers who take out payday
8:31 am
loans. >> as americans, we believe there's nothing wrong with making a profit. there is something wrong by trapping hard-working men and women in a vicious cycle of death. protecting working americans' paychecks shouldn't be a partisan issue. but the budget republicans unveiled last week would make it harder, not easier, to crack down on financial fraud and abuse. >> republicans currently control both houses on capitol hill. they want to balance the federal budget by cutting benefit programs. law make he is will resume hammering out possible spending plans when they return from recess. the head of the house committee investigating the benghazi attacks says former secretary of state hillary clinton has wiped clean her personal e-mail server. the committee asked the server be turned over to a third party in hopes that thousands of e-mails could be recovered. clinton has said that the messages were personal, but republicans have raised questions over whether she might have deleted messages that could damage her expected run for the white house. a clinton attorney says the committee should make the
8:32 am
documents they have public and call her to testify. governor jerry brown has signed off on a drought relief package. brown tweet this had photo in signing this package into law yesterday. legislators approved the $1 billion plan earlyier this week. nearly two-thirds of the mon y goes to flood protection and critics say it won't solve the drought. governor brown stresses this only builds on the need to conserve water. he's calling on all californians to reduce their water use by 20%. police are searching for at least two people still missing after an apparent gas line explosion leveled three buildings in new york city. officials say k-9s will be used to go through the rubble. they believe an explosion inside a building was to blame for thursday's blast that injured 22 people, four critically. imagine going through the adoption process getting very close to find inging a child, and then having your hopes disappear. that's what happened to several would-be parents who put their
8:33 am
trust in an adoption agency only to learn that it has closed without notice. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman met with one of the parents and has the story. >> reporter: in san leandro looks are deceiving. it has the office it has the materials, but after 32 years and hundreds of placed minority children it has no staff and for would-be clients no hope just -- >> heartbreak. tears tears. and questions that no one is willing to answer. >> reporter: for a year she and her husband went through qualifications hoping to adopt. as part of the process they made this book filled with photos. the agency returned it in the mail along with documents and this letter with a generic dear family salutation saying it was closing with no explanation and no offer of future help. >> why didn't you try to bridge us or have a call with us communicate with us and let us
8:34 am
know months ago that we're in trouble or we're going to close. let us have the opportunity to go to another agency. >> reporter: said letter was signed by board chairman barbara parker who serves as the oakland city attorney. she would not comment about this closure but did issue a statement which reads in part, a small number of families are in the process of applying for adoption. we understand this is difficult for them. this may make it more difficult. however, for those familiares, the process can be continued with another agency. meantime, an anonymous source said they ran out of money and donations because few people want to adopt older children or siblings. she and had he husband did which hurts even more. >> i know that there was a child or a sibling group out there that is now not going to get a placement. >> reporter: in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. today happens to be moving day for one of the district's police station ss. southern station has been
8:35 am
located in the hall of justice lobby for more than 50 years. today officers will will move to the new public safety building just south of at&t park. the new facility in mission bay will house the sfpd's new headquarters. station four opens for business on monday. the new stations will serve the rapidly expanding mission bay area. calling all nurses. san francisco will hold a job fair hoping to fill positions when its new medical center opens in december. the general runs the only trueauma center for san francisco and northern san mateo county. every year it serves 100,000 patients regardless of their ability to pay. today's job fair will take place during two session ss. the first runs from 9:30 to 12 thirt 12:30 and the second from 1:30 to 4:30. a struggling store in the east bay is scheduled to close today. but now children are taking the matters into their own hands, donating their own money to help keep the business open. abc 7 news reporter lillian kim
8:36 am
explains. >> reporter: the lee children came not to shop but to give their money away. >> we really love the golden apple and it's so nice because i had my birthday there. >> reporter: the golden apple learning center has been selling toys and teaching material for 36 years. but since word got out that it was closing, the owner says money has been strict willing in mostly from kids taking cash right out of their piggy banks to try to keep the store open. >> buy myself lunch or what i should do with it. i decided let's see if we can gather up enough money to open up again. >> reporter: he has since launched an online campaign. the goal is to raise $78,000 which could would go to relow relocating the store. he believes the golden apple would do better in an area with more foot traffic and his customers are behind him all the way. 3-year-old chloe gave $50. >> it helps them think outside, the world is much more important than just themselves.
8:37 am
these are values that every parent wants their children to have. >> reporter: so far mcdougal has raised $5,000. he has a ways to go. if it works out he knows it was all because of the children. >> i will repay them with magic tricks and stories. >> reporter: if they raise the money it needs, the plan is to reopen in downtown pleasanton june 1. lilian kim, abc 7 news. some great kids. if you'd like more information on how to help, just go to our website, we posted a link there. the golden gate bridge and other world landmarks will go dark tonight in support of earth your hour. you'll see the lights on the upper part of the bridge, the cables and towers go dark between 8:30 and 9:30 this evening. the lights along the roadway will remain on as usual. the world wildlife fund organizes as a way to bring more attention to climate change. the other dimmed landmarks include paris' eiffel tower, manhattan's empire state building and the las vegas strip. coming up, credit reporting agencies are making changes.
8:38 am
7 on up side's michael finney explains how the changes will affect you. but first here is a live look outside from our emeryville camera picturesque conditions on this saturday morning. lisa argen returns
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to have you with us on this saturday morning, a live look outside at our golden gate bridge camera. the sun is out in san francisco some clouds hovering above. how long will those clouds stick around? we'll talk to lisa in a little bit. the three major credit report ing bureaus agreed to change their ways. they are supposed to be more consumer friendly but will they be? michael finney has been looking into that and has details. >> reporter: there were two lisa marie allens ours is in fremont, california, and another in texas. and they were sharing the same credit report. our lisa marie tried to get things fixed but couldn't get credit agencies to work with her. >> they would ask for my credit report so i would go online and try to pull -- >> a credit reporting agency asked you for a credit report? >> yes. they told me -- >> i'm laughing with you not at you. >> i know! it's absurd. it's absolutely absurd.
8:42 am
>> she eventually went to attorney mark anderson who got the two reports untangled and a settlement. as it turns out lisa marie was not the only one who couldn't get her credit report fixed on her own. this is a settlement between the new york attorney general and the major credit reporting bureau. they promised to be more consumer friendly and have highly trained employees available to handle major issues like lisa marie's. >> better trained employee, equifax, would have handled the problem problem. >> that's the good news. the bad? mark says it is too early to say if this will really work for consumers. >> the devil is in the details. it's fine to sign an agreement saying we're going to enhance our system, but -- and, by the way, they're going to take six months to a year to implement it. what's all that mean? i mean it's in the control of these companies and it's
8:43 am
unknown what it really means. >> however , there is another provision that the national consumer law center says will help consumers across the board. it does not allow medical debts to be posted for at least 180 days. >> a medical bill may not get paid because the provider made a billing error to the insurance can company or the insurance company wants more information and this goes back and forth. during this back and forth sometimes bills get sent to a debt collector and end up on the consumer's kredcredit report hurting their credit. >> michael finney, 7 on your side. 8:43 is our time. if you're a fan of the sun, you're going to love lisa's forecast. it's in the upper 40s in the north bay in santa rosa. 30 degrees of warming today for you. here is a look at mt. tamm. a modest warm-up today. bigger warm-up tomorrow. and then temperatures cooling back. i'll put it all together for you when we return in a few minutes.
8:44 am
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the chp is reporting an accident near the 685/80 connector. a tractor-trailer versus two vehicles affecting two lanes on 580 west. so if you're traveling in that part of the area in the east bay, just give yourself extra time to get by that accident this morning. all right, so weatherwise, lisa, we've been talking about the sun, the warm temperatures all morning long. and it's really a great time for the weather forecast to turn out that way with all the events happening this weekend. it will be a busy weekend. >> we have cool mornings so that's good for the runners tomorrow. we are starting out with live 7 doppler hd. a weak front moves through the area and of course you missed it if you were sleeping and it brought down a couple rain drops up at the santa rosa airport. otherwise pushing the clouds all the way down to the central coast and right now it's an offshore flow in the upper elevations. wind gusts over 35 miles an hour around mt. diablo, breezy around mt. tamm. a look from our east bay hills camera and we are looking at the
8:48 am
clear conditions. temperatures in the valleys here once again coming up to near 80 in some parts of the bay. right now morgan hill is at 51. good morning, half moon bay. the fog lifting for you. 54. the same deal in san carlos. san francisco has been sitting at 53 all morning long. oakland, sunny skies and 51 degrees. so here is a look from our tower camera. a little hazy out there and some of that fog, a few pops of it lingering. we will be looking at mostly sunny skies today from the coast to our inland valleys and down the san mateo coast even into santa cruz where it is really foggy right now. low to mid-50s right now and the fog was dense in the livermore val valley earlier. today you'll be well into the 70s thanks to those north winds and that means a big warm-up for you. 24 hours ago we were warmer. we had more cloud cover and this morning with the passage of that cold front, that cooler, denser air settling in behind it
8:49 am
allowing for the chillier start from napa and also mt. view. six degrees cooler now than you were yesterday at this time. here is emeryville, very bright and beautiful with the clear start, sunny days for the weekend. in fact that will last all into next week as well as april arrives. we do have a cooldown for the beginning of the month. we'll get to that in a moment. right now it's all about the pacific satellite picture which doesn't tell the story that well. the front you can't see it. it's gone. that pushed on through. --offshore. this is what it's all about with mild to warm conditions over the weekend. we will have that about 24 to 26 degree temperature spread from the coast to our inland valleys. though weigh don't have the fog it is like a summer spread. the record yesterday in fresno and los angeles. today they're cooling down with more of an onshore push. low 80s. we have the opposite happening, less of an onshore push. we're warming up.
8:50 am
83 in sacramento. 67 in the northern sierra, and we're looking at temperatures for the week ahead in oakland to come down throughout the middle of the week but today you're you up 74 77 tomorrow. and then here comes the weak front allowing for temperatures to cool back a little bit, still above average. highs today will be in the upper 70s for san jose. 73 for san mateo. 72 in richmond with 70 in san francisco. it was 69 yesterday. 78 in santa rosa. 79 in livermore. the acue wet seven-day forecast the warmest day will be tomorrow with mid-80s inland. mid-70s around the bay. mid-60s coast and then slowly trailing off with more low clouds and fog but not by much. in fact, more 60s and upper 70s by the end of next week which will almost be easter. >> and looking ahead tomorrow, lisa wrestlemania happening, santa clara tomorrow afternoon -- >> wrestlemania! >> 80s even in the afternoon.
8:51 am
>> low 80s at 3:00. turning to sports now the golden state warriors taking care of business last night cruising to victory in memphis. here is abc 7 news sports director larry beil with the highlights. good morning. one team the warriors had not beaten this season was memphis. they took care of that last night. actually the warriors made it look easy hammering the second best team in the west. the grizzlies were grounded to submission. eight turnovers in the first half. shaun livingston. however leandro barbosa swats him at the rim. this was smash brothers versus splash brothers. klay thompson, that would be your splash. he had 28. steph curry to david lee with authority. warriors up five at the half. some chatter about westbrook or harden getting the mvp. it's crazey talk, i'll tell you. look at steph. curry finishing with a sweet reverse. had 38 points. ten assists. 59 wins.
8:52 am
107-84. ncaa action sweet 16. gone za fwa facing ucla, and they had no answer for 7'1" who had 18 points and look at the big man pass to sabonis. there's the replay. behind the back dish. and that's not a replay. that's another behind the back pass. he had 12. gonzaga in the elite eight for the first time since 1999. 74-62. they face the winner of the night cap between utah and one seed duke. freshman justice winslow, he's a grown man. denieses swright. he can stroke it as well. led all scorers with 21. wright, by the way, went to city college in san francisco. nice move right there. finished with ten. you have to guard the guy with the ball. don't let him dunk on you. two defenders retreat. jefferson says, all right, i'll three it down on your head. duke and gonzaga will face off in the elite eight. the dukies win 63-57.
8:53 am
sol other sweet 16 matchups, louisville beat nc state and michigan state continues their roll. they oust oklahoma 62-58. you don't want to beat the spartans. 24 for michigan state. it's the end of the line for stanford. they ran into one of the true powerhouses in women's college basketball, one seed notre dame and the oklahoma city regional and nobody, nobody was stopping lindsay allen who tied her career high 24 points in just the first half. she finished with 28. the fighting irish led by 11 at halftime. erica mccall with two of her 12 but notre dame too much. look at the touch pass. lloyd, one touch. and stanford is eliminated from the ncaa 81-60. notre dame on to the elite eight. giants and dodgers, vin scully doing into his 66th season with the dodgers. think about that. fourth inning after gregor
8:54 am
blanco triple tied it at 3-3. blanco is knocked in on a double. 4-3, giants. andrew andrew susac. the giants beat l.a. 8-4 and the a's over the rangers by a score of 7-6. that's a wrap on morning sports v. a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. 8:54 is our time. still to come we have smart phones, smart watches, and even smart glasses. but now the technical difference intelligence coming to a bed near
8:55 am
this is an allen family production. and here's why we love chex. one, we love choices like chocolate, vanilla and honey nut. two, we don't love artificial colors or flavors. does anybody? and's gluten free. so, chex is full of what you love.
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free of what you don't. doesn't say that on the box. maybe it should. chex. full of what you love. free of what you don't.
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how would you like to be able to turn on your lights set the alarm and even brew coffee from your bed? well the luna mattress cover will act as a hub for all of your technology. lighting speakers, anything that works with your smartphone will work with the luna mattress cover. it features temperature regulation allowing two sides of the bed to be controlled independently. the mattress cover will be available starting in august ranging in price from $250 to $300. i'm sure there's going to be some demand for that. >> wrefyeah, i bet. maybe a demand for warmer weather. we can deliver with temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80. way too warm for the end of march. 74 in oakland. 4 in half moon bay. breezy along the coast. some fog in santa cruz. 76 later. warmer tomorrow and the cooling trend for monday, also tuesday
8:58 am
and wednesday but no rain. so you knew i was going to say that, right? well, we'll enjoy the sun while we have it. thank you and thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. the news continues online, on twitter, face back and on all of your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues tonight at 5:00 p.m. as we say good-bye let's leave you with a live look outside. the golden gate bridge this morning, beautiful conditions to begin your saturday morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. >> hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." >> ohh! >> look at that. who's the fussiest eater in your house? do you have a little brother or sister, or maybe a finicky cat? today, you are going to meet 6 species that take picky eating to the extreme. like marsupials that munch on eucalyptus leaves. you couldn't even see them up there. >> yeah. >> it's like a little stuffed toy. >> a panda that brunches on bamboo. >> i can't believe how gentle he is when he takes the food. >> and hummingbirds that nosh on nectar.


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